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billboard ads near me

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

Does Billboard Advertising Make Sense | Explanation with Math

if you are in digital marketing, at some point in time, a client, somebody is going to ask you about billboards. should you still advertise on billboards today in our digital world? this episode- i'm going to go through some math so that we can solve this problem once and for all- stik around. let's go right now. i feel like i was a little too excited for that intro, guys, but i am in victoria, british columbia, canada. i've had an amazing day. i've been shooting some youtube content, checking things out here, really excited, going to announce some things soon coming up for victoria. stay tuned for more information on that. now billboards: i was driving down the vancouver island and even through bc, there's a ton of billboards on the side of the road. i'll get some gopro footage in a second here where you'll see some of the ones that i passed and it came up again. i've i've answered this question a lot in my career is: does it still make sense to advertise on billboards in comparison to digital ads? the answer is yes and no. let me explain. all right, let's start with billboards first. when i look at and break it down, i've always said: with advertising, we're looking for a couple things. one we're looking for is it to the right demographic? two is what is the per impression cost? and three is what is the conversion value from that advertising spend that we're going to put into it? so, on a just a per impression basis, let's say that a billboard is going to cost 1 000 a month- 1 000- yes, we can do a lot on digital with that. but at the same time, the metrics of that billboard is going to have 50 000 people see it. we do the math on that. that comes out to a two cents per impression number. it's gonna cost two cents for every person that drives by our billboard. now there are some other factors you have to factor in. like, not everyone's going to see the billboards. some people aren't going to pay attention. some people aren't going to see your billboard, they're going to only see the one that's beside it. maybe we don't factor that in today, but it is factors you're going to have to consider when getting that billboard. where is it located? is it highly visible? is it digital or is it still old print billboards? what are those options? now, what i'm going to do next is i'm going to take a screenshot from my recent youtube ads that i've been running. now let's look at this campaign right here. it gets roughly 2 cents per view in north america and the cost per impression is a lot lower than that because the ad serves to a lot of people before they view it. so maybe we're looking at about a quarter of that, or half a cent, maybe a quarter cent per impression. so if we try to compare apples to apples, the cost per impression is a lot cheaper on digital still. but if we're looking at and saying that everyone driving by is going to have a pretty good view of the billboard and we look at the views on my youtube videos, it's about the same. we're comparing about two cents to two cents. so if we look at it that way, billboards can make sense in today's world, in today's digital world. i could still buy a billboard if it made sense for a client. one other pro billboards is the relative cost per impression has stayed relatively level over a long period of time. billboards, depending on location, will cost anywhere from two cents to five cents per impression. that has stayed stable. on the other hand, with digital ads, digital ads are becoming more expensive. the more people get on it, the more people are trying to advertise. what that means is in the next five to ten years, if digital ads keep coming up, you're gonna see a lot of businesses go back to buying billboards, where that cost per impression is still going to be around two, three cents. so i'll ask the question again: should you buy a billboard right now? yes, no, maybe. i'm going to put one more thing in consideration. with billboards, it's very hard to track the conversion, which, at the end of the day, is where you can present roi to a client, or, if you're in a marketing department, where you're going to present roi to your company. the only way to do it through billboards is either having a unique url on the billboard or a unique phone number that can be tracked, something that allows you to track how many calls, how many leads you're getting from it. with digital we can measure everything: how many clicks, how many people actually converted into a sale. we can capture them in audience, get more value from it. try to get them to subscribe. there's more opportunities to add them and get them into that conversion point. get them into our crm then through a billboard now. does that mean you should never buy a billboard again? no, there is a time and a place. there are specific businesses and niches where a billboard makes sense. if you have a business that's been thinking about putting out billboards, put that niche in the comments below. i'll let you know what i think about your niche and if it makes sense. and whatever you do, whenever you're negotiating for a billboard, make sure you're comparing that cost per impression to what a digital ad would be on the platforms of your choice. just make an informed decision. it's going to help you get more out of your marketing spend. i know marketing dollars are tough in this pandemic coven 19 type era, so utilize them well. pick really good marketing spend. it's going to help you keep that business, keep those leads coming right down the pipeline. that is it for this episode. coming at you from again, victoria bc, canada. i'm going to shoot a couple more youtube videos in this location. i hope you guys are getting value. if you have any feedback for me, make sure you put in the comments below and smash like or dislike whatever you guys think. hope to see you guys in the next episode. that's all for now. you.

How to start a billboard advertising company if you only have $500

so i've been getting a lot of questions on how to get financing for billboards or how to get started within the billboard industry. if you don't have any money- let's say you only got 500 bucks, but you want to start a billboard advertising company- how do you get that done? so this is a video for you. i'm gonna show you exactly how i did it with this location right here. this was actually my first ever lease location- land lease location- so what i did was i only had 500 bucks. i was pretty much broke, didn't have any money. i was driving an old 19, like 96 ford festiva or something like that. if you don't know what that is, google it. it's a brutal car, but a little small, small, small car. but anyway, um didn't have any money, but i knew i wanted to try to start my own business. so what i did was i went and researched the code, figured out where i could build a billboard. if you haven't watched my other video on, uh, the first step to starting a billboard advertising company, watch that first, then come back here and then, once you've researched where you can build a billboard, then you- uh, you already know you. you can pull your permits. um, you can contact the landowner here. so let's see if i can get a good view here. so this is a four lane road. right out here it's a big gully that goes down. you can't really see it that well, but, um, it's probably 40- 50 feet below the surface of the road and i knew that the structure to build this structure right here is going to be extremely expensive, because not only is it, you know, 50 feet just to get to the surface of the roads, this is probably a 70-foot structure, but the ground, with it being a gully, it's a creek at the bottom, the ground is real soft, so you're not going to be able to do your typical drilled foundation. you're going to do a whole footer with rebar and all kinds of stuff in it, and that starts getting really, really expensive. so what i did was i went ahead and contacted the guy who owns this land. it's not a guy, actually it's a corporation and they have multiple businesses in multiple states. so they have a location here, where i'm at, in virginia, they have a location in tennessee and then their headquarters is actually in ohio. so i mailed a letter over to ohio and didn't hear anything back, waited a couple weeks, mailed them another letter. finally, they gave me a call and said: you know what? we actually have a billboard over in tennessee. we've got a statik billboard and uh, you know, i think we're getting 400 bucks a month for that statik billboard. so we're a little bit familiar with billboards and leasing land there. we'd consider leasing you property here if you're interested- 400 bucks a month. so, um, i said, okay, yeah, i'll tok to you about that. the the thing is 400 bucks a month for a statik board here in pretty much rural area where i'm at is a lot of money. you know we don't pay that much for statik boards here. the other thing is, if you build a statik here with the location being in a big dip and that foundation, you know you're gonna have a ton of money in the board itself. so it's really not gonna be worth it to pay 400 bucks a month and build a super expensive statik board there. so what i did was i put in the lease. i said, hey, we can build either a digital or a statik board here. this location, you know, is good for either one at the same rate amount. so it doesn't matter. if we've got a statik- a digital, one-sided digital side statik. we're gonna be paying the same amount, flat rate lease, each and every month. so basically, i'm sure you know in their mind they were probably thinking: you know, i'm sure they, they saw it on the lease, but then they were probably thinking that their other board in tennessee is a statik. so that's what we're going to be building here. but thankfully, with putting digital or statik in the lease, i had the option to do either. or. the downside is, um, i still had 500 bucks, so i didn't have enough money to build this big old sign out here. so, um, this is like a 10 by 36, which is a pretty standard size sun, you know. that's well over a hundred thousand dollars just for the digital part. and then you've got the super expensive structure. that could be another 60 or so, um, maybe even more than that, because you got a expensive foundation too. so you're toking pretty good pilot cash and that's just a one-sided. you do two sides. you're toking 250 grand. so, um, that's gonna be a lot of money and i only had 500 bucks. so what i did was i went ahead and got my permits. i knew already knew 100. sure, this was a legal location. there's actually a stop light on the other side. there's another stoplight here, so it's between two stoplights, right hand read. it's a good location. so i, um, i took the permits and the lease and everything and, uh, i contacted the other billboard companies in the area and besides, at this point, you know, i didn't have any billboards, i didn't have anything. i was just working as a, as a diesel mechanic somewhere, so no other billboard companies had ever heard of me. um, i reached out to them and i only got one response back. really, uh, i reached out to lamar, they weren't interested. i reached out to another local company: they weren't interested. and they reached out to another local company and they were extremely interested. so i was kind of hit and miss. but the one local company that was interested, we came out here, we checked out the site, yeah, everything looks cool. he checked out all my paperwork, met at his office and then he goes: well, how much do you want for the, the paperwork? how much do you want for the lease, the city permit, the state permit, how much do you want for all that? and somehow- i guess i researched it before i got there- i said: um, you know, i don't know if this is the going rate or not. but what i told them was one year gross revenue of what the sign would bring in is what i want for all the paperwork, the lease, the permits, everything. and he said, well, how much is that? so i uh, just did the math. i was like, well, at the time everybody was doing six ads. i think a lot of people are doing eight ads now i'm doing eight ads, but at the time, uh, if you do six ads, two-sided sign, um, you know, i just think i just went off the regular rate card. it came out to be like 100 grand. um was one year's gross revenue off off of the sign. so basically i told him, like i want 100 grand for direct, for the paperwork. and, uh, he goes. well, you know, you can want that all day long, but i ain't getting you nowhere near that. i said, all right, man, no worries. i said, well, how much is it worth? how much is it worth to you? and uh, he's like, uh, yeah, probably most i do is 40.. so as soon as he said that, i knew that i had a deal, because he didn't know this, but i knew that nobody else really showed any interest in it. um, so he was really the only one that was interested in it and i knew that i didn't have enough money to build the sun. so i knew that, regardless of what we ended up with, i was probably going to take it because i needed the money. so, um, anyway, we kept negotiating. i said, well, i could do 80.. he said, well, you know, i might could do 60. and then i said, well, i'll tell you what, i'll come down to 70.. so at this point we're ten thousand dollars away from the deal. and uh, actually, i got up and reached my hand across the table to shake his hand and said: hey, i'll tell you what i mean. i'm, you're at 60, i'm at 70.. i meet you halfway at 65.. reach my hand across the table and he goes: oh man, i just don't think i can do it. he leans back in his chair and, uh, felt like forever, but i'm sure it was 10 or 15 seconds. i'm still standing there with my hand out. i was going to shake him on 65. and uh, anyway, forever goes by, i'm still standing there and finally he gets up, shakes my hand: i'm 65.. so i sold the paperwork, the land lease, all the permits, everything. um, that was the only physical thing that i sold, sold that for 65 and that's how i got enough money to build my first location. of course, you could do that a few times if you wanted to and build up even more money, but i just took that and built my first location, the th.

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Broker digital billboard ads? You’ve got to see this…

it's your Mamata. it make you so much for coming out and watching this video log. I appreciate you coming out. originally this was going to be a short video log but after digging into this is looking like it's gonna be a lengthy one and it has to do with billboard ads. okay, before I get into this video live, please do me the favor: hit the thumbs up. for me it's super, super important. you don't even know like it's so important that you hit the thumbs up on this video so I can keep the content coming. the more engagement I see on my videos, the more can keep the videos coming on to you daily. also, leave your thoughts down on the comments down below. any other details pertaining to this video log you'll find in the description alongside that. make sure to tap that subscribe button and when you subscribe, make sure to hit all for the Bell icon. so whenever I upload a video like this- regards to like anything, marketing, local marketing, whatever- you get it first, you get it first. so let's dive right into this video log and why this caught my attention. so earlier today I was just, you know, doing some work and I found this post. okay, I'm gonna make the picture of the figure. you can see it on your end. bear with me one sec. alright, there we go. um, so this post was made by a company there called the small business store. you may have heard of them. they made a post not too long ago in relation to digital billboard ads, so this automatikally caught my attention. I've done some homework and it's looking like they charge per display, like however many times that they display your ads. that's what they're gonna charge you. so, according to this, 16 to 20 cents per display. that's not bad, right, like. so here they're giving you the breakdown on the fees. so 75, they'll display your, your ad 75 times 15 bucks. that's not bad. so I started digging deeper into this, okay, and I'm gonna bring up the screenshot in a sec. but then I started looking for- you know what's that? to a price. like a lot of what I do is local, but it's also 85 percent digital, okay, so I went online just to get just a breakdown on the pricing. so it's pretty pricey. there's some big companies up there that are brokering a lot of these ads. so then this automatikally, because you know I'm in the in the local space and we monetize a lot of things here- I just had to bring this to your attention because this is definitely something that you can monetize locally for your clients as well. okay, now, what I did here was simple. I went to Google and I typed in billboards, Tampa. okay, this company popped up billboards- billboards- I am calm, not sure if they're legit or not. I just happen to run into them and from the looks of it, it looks like they might actually be legit. you know, they give you a breakdown on on Tampa and things like that and you know, look, you can see here average per ad 15 to 5k a month, like it's pretty pricey, and someone not that bad- average per ad three to eight hundred bucks. and then they can use poster or small billboards like they give you all of those breakdowns here. so I thought this is pretty cool. so I just wanted to bring this to your attention. I definitely think this is something that you could broker yourself and it could be an added service. you could definitely broker and and sell this. so, for example, if these guys are selling per display 15, you know you could really blow some clients, some prospects away with these numbers here. 75 displays for 15 bucks- okay, make it 25, making 50 bucks for 75 displays for the week. you'll be winning and you'll Bowl them away, cause it's like: wait a minute, wait, you could do what. you could get my whole banner. we're in Orlando somewhere. absolutely, let's do it now. that's the cool part, that's the fun part, right? but when we're toking about the actual ads, you gotta be very, very careful, because you can blow this money like nothing. okay, here's a couple of this is coming from me, okay, so this is a couple of things that you can apply to the actual banner. all right, don't use long keywords. definitely don't do that. don't do any of that. what you want to do is obviously have something that captures your attention. number one, number two: have a number that's really easy to look at and easy to just remember, like 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, whatever, whatever you can find them anywhere in a short number. another thing is text messaging, and which brings me up to this platform that I'm working on right now. I don't want to tok about it too much because the space is competitive, guys, like you know. I don't want to say you're toking about it, you'll hear more about it and sometime next week, but it's crazy. anyway, text messaging works super fast, cuz you get a short number and then you know you text message from there. okay, another thing is short urls- short URL, so it could be like my car's dealers, whatever. like, make it short. so when someone is driving they see your banner, boom. maybe they're walking somewhere. they see a banner- boom. it's easy to remember. the easier you make things, the easier things will be, the more results you get. don't make it too difficult. don't add all these little text and all that stuff. so I just wanted to bring this to your attention. let me know your thoughts on this. are you currently SPRO kurung billboard ads? let me know your thoughts. I think this is awesome. I think this is pretty cool. this is something that I'm definitely gonna be adding to my services and the reason I say that: if you go on Facebook and there's a bunch of small business groups on Facebook, you'll find people you know selling these billboard ads. I'm not actually own and they just want to swap them out with something else. so it's pretty cool. now you got these digital ads where they just keep swapping ads. he goes: they're gonna be those giant highway ads that you see and they just keep switching and switching and switching. so here you go: 75 displays for 15 bucks and you got 150 for 27, 3 for 52. that's not bad at all. so, um, yeah, definitely make sure to check out. wow, I just found them. you know the small business store. I'm not affiliated with them at all and if I get any other news on this, I'll definitely make sure to keep updated as well. so leave your thoughts down in the comments, don't forget hit the thumbs up. I got some new tiknology coming. I promise you're gonna see better video locks coming from me shortly. the site is gonna be improved. there's a whole lot of big changes coming. we got a platform that's coming out next week. make sure to let me know that you're excited for this down on the comments down below. I'm excited to show you this is my- my first project that I've worked on this year. I'm super pumped, super pumped, so can't wait to share this with you. I hope you got value out of this. this is Guillermo. I'll speak to you soon. take care.

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Billboard ad design

hi class. this is jerry jankowski. this is a lecture that i'm doing off of a compilation of slides i've done for a powerpoint presentation and this is going to apply to several of my classes that i'm doing. that aren't? you are doing billboards at the same time, so it really doesn't matter whether you are doing a product packaging for a carton or even a beverage- soda or beer- or if you're doing a billboard to let somebody know where you're at, in case you are a, a gardens or maybe a animal shelter. billboards- all advertised. they buy for your attention and they try to get you to do something. that's the basics of advertising: calling you to do something. so billboard advertising uses large-scale print advertising to market a company, brand, product or service. all right, it doesn't have to be a thing you can hand- excuse me, that you'd hold in your hand. it also can be a service. all right. billboards are typically placed in high traffic areas that make sense, so they're seen by the highest number of drivers and pedestrians. all right, billboard advertising is effective for building brand awareness. we spoke a brand a lot in this semester. billboards are just a continuation of some of the things we've already worked with: logos, brochures, 3d packaging. okay, because they're in such busy areas. on purpose, billboards tend to have the highest number of views and impressions when compared to other marketing methods. all right, so if the product you have that you're advertising on a billboard is yours, you want that brand awareness. you want as many views and impressions as you can get. so even though advertising- billboard advertising- is quite old- it's been around since the 1800s and perhaps earlier than that- it still is effective now as far as costs go. the cost of billboard advertising does depend on many factors, including location of your billboard- i, i think that's probably number one- the total traffic in the area and how many people are estimated to see your advertisement. okay, billboard advertising costs a range of anywhere from 250 dollars a month on a rural highway somewhere, say, you're in oklahoma or montana, some place where it's much more rural, and then it goes upwards to about 22 000 a month. uh, in times square in new york city, and here we go, and then on the right, here toys are back is the type of billboard that we'll be working on. obviously, a lot of these here are electronic. now, uh, there's still some print. uh, advertising too. so billboard design, the cost of billboard advertising doesn't just stop with- quote unquote- renting an ad space. clients must also consider the cost of designing the billboard. that's what we do, that's us, as well as printing and installing. so it involves other people, which is great. it gives us all work. the expense of your billboard design will vary on the agency that represents you, or how much you are billing them in case you are your own, uh, small advertising agency, like i am. so keep these three things in mind when you're designing a post. one is: tell a story. to be creative. three: be bold and simple. okay, all of these seem pretty simple in themselves, but not not that easy to do all of these things. but if you do you're you will be very successful. so if you're going to invest in it, uh, in an advertisement potentially seen by millions, you want it to do its job. in other words, you want it to be as effective as possible in every aspect of advertising. your, the photo or illustration you have there, um, say something else that you bring in, that, the copy that somebody is writing for you, something very clever. you want it all to be spot on. so i have a collection of here throughout this, this lecture, of billboard designs and tips that will ensure your billboard is effective and kite and eye-catching. again, tell a story. that's number one. successful billboards take viewers on a journey, if that journey is a four second glimpse over the steering wheel. most billboard designs tell this story with imagery and possibly some text. again, i'll show you some examples. in fact, most drivers stop reading after a few words. so my advice: no more than six words on a headline, a some blurb, something you want to say about your product or what's up there. all right, limit it to six or less. use your billboard to convey the essence of an idea or campaign, rather than describing it with text. don't get into that. describing it, don't describe. show, all right, an essence of an idea. that's the, that's what it's about, the guts of it, the vibe- okay. so do you need texa? tell a story? not really. i love to write, i love to come up with clever stuff, so i would put text on mine, probably, or try to sell it to the client, but not always. no, look at this one. here you go: uh, this is from- uh, obviously from- mcdonald's. it's got very, very minimal uh text on it. all right, so it's not completely no text. i think there are some others here that are, but very minimal. all right, you see part of the arch here. you're driving along on the left. well, what the heck is that on your right, next exit, just missed us. it's showing you the locations of where mcdonald's are. i think this is really clever, absolutely minimal, and it's humorous too. you know, it's on your left, oh, it's on your right, oh, you just missed it. so, uh, pretty clever. this is hard to read, but this one here is a billboard for audi. you can barely see the logo here, and tok about clever. after this was installed this billboard, bmw put up this billboard. so imagine, this one is there a few months ahead of time and it says: your move, bmw. i can't honestly read this copy, but basically it's like a chess match. it's your move, bmw. audi challenging bmw. bmw installs this billboard down the street: checkmate. so it's like: sure, bmw, yeah, we're bmw checkmate, we're checkmating you, audi. so it's pretty clever. uh, hopefully you know uh chats, otherwise you're not gonna get that. make it memorable. your billboard has to be creative in order to stand out and be remembered among all the hustle and bustle of a regular commute, plus what's going on in your head about what's today going to be like and all that? all right. your billboard needs to share a call to action in a way that's interesting and re and memorable. remember, we toked toked about that from the very beginning of this discussion, about that call to action. that's what all ads do. what does the ad on the billboard, on the web, whatever- what is it really wanting you to do? whether you use humor, anger, empathy or cleverness, you use emotional marketing tactiks in your billboard design to make it memorable. all right, is that manipulative? of course it's manipulative. advertising is manipulative. it always has been. all right, it's absolutely. if you don't like that type of thing, don't get into advertising, um, stay into graphic design, stay into some other animation, some other areas. but we buy a lot on emotional triggers and marketing tries to find those and use them for its partikular demographic. okay. so take a look at some examples of some eye-catching, creative billboards that i have here coming up. here's one: tailgating isn't worth it. all right, it's hard to see here, but the logo i believe is for a- uh might be for a police agency in uh and down here again, i can't quite read it. but basically, warning you: uh, don't tailgate. oh, you know what this might be. it might be for truckers, yes, a trucker's organization, that's it. that's it says trucks, trucks here. yeah, so that would be for a truckers organization not to tailgate a semi because you're going to lose if they have to hit the brake, right, all right. so what is the emotion on here? what is the emotional impact? this is definitely saying you're going to die if you rear end a semi. so read the copy. it isn't worth it, don't do it. okay, here's something totally different. uh, maker's mark is very well known. uh, for a whiskey, high quality whiskey in this country. it's got this telltale: uh, red um wax that's melted over it. it's not, i think it's actually made of plastik, but anyway, it's their mark. that is maker's mark. you know this. and they also has this little, this little, uh, wa.

Billboard Today: Take Your Message Further | Lamar Advertising Company

billboards help advertisers take their local marketing message further. with their larger than life presence and mass reach, billboards surrounded, immerse consumers, extending the message where most other media just can't go away: from home, where people spend 70% of their waking hours, coverage no other media can match. billboards communicate continuously, reach all demographics, deliver huge impressions and generate maximum impact. near retail locations, billboards are the most viewed out of home format, with 60% of travellers having viewed a billboard ad in the past week. billboards dramatikally improve the reach of other media when included as part of an integrated media plan. billboards can extend the reach of TV by 17%, radio by 41%, Internet by 65% and mobile by a whopping 303 percent audience. research called ta be out of home ratings make it easy to plan, buy and measure the performance of billboards. just like any other local media, advertisers can use audience measurement to help deliver highly valued target consumers. billboards drive consumers to local businesses. 39% of consumers who viewed billboards in the last month reported visiting the store advertised and 24% recommended a product advertised. advertisers can select billboards in their immediate trading area to dominate, share a voice against competitors. one of the latest innovations in billboards is the digital format, which allows the advertiser even more options such as instantaneous updates of copy and creative, and 32% of all consumers have viewed a digital billboard ad in the past week. another important innovation is the way billboards can work to media billboards- big messages- can lead consumers to small screens by driving people to online interaction and commerce. 26% of consumers who view billboards in the last month reported visiting the website advertised. in fact, a recent Arbitron study revealed out-of-home delivers the highest online activity per $1 spent of all offline media, outperforming TV, radio, newspaper and magazine. today's billboards- forward-looking, relevant, innovative, high-impact, engaging, creative messages wherever consumers work, shop, travel and play- that's what you'll find with billboards today. if you haven't considered out of home lately, take another look. you may be surprised by what you see.

Billboard Advertising

[Music]. welcome to sales funnel mastery. today we're toking about how to advertise on a billboard for your sales funnel. I'm Brandon Stiles, I'm a digital marketer out of Atlanta and a sales funnel expert, and today we're toking about billboard advertising. so there is a science and an art, as with everything with marketing, to advertising on a billboard, and I feel like when I'm cruising down the highway, cruising down the highway, whatever, a lot of companies get it wrong. so let's go over some simple strategies for advertising on a billboard that make it effective. so let's just use this whole whiteboard as a billboard, alright. so you're driving down the road and this is like 10 times bigger than it is right now and cars see this. so think about it. you've got a car going down the road, probably at 50 miles an hour, so they don't have a lot of time to a region billboard because of the speed and also because they're not just looking for billboards on the side of the road. also, you're dealing with kind of advertising blindness, so people see billboards every day and they kind of tune them out. so what can you do with your billboard to make it stand out? well, one strategy is to go down the stretch of highway or stretch of road where you plan on putting your billboard and seeing what they're doing right now- sofe, a lot of them are blue with pictures of smiling people and huge yellow letters- then you might want to get away from them, because if you can do all white with no pictures and maybe just simple black letters or whatever, yours will automatikally stik out because it doesn't look like everyone else. so think about that. but to get a little bit more nitty-gritty on your billboard, you're only going to want to use about seven words. seven words is right in the sweet spot where people will have time to read it and still drive and not crash into the person in front of them and die. so you're trying to get your billboard down to seven words. so it's a headline, basically. now I'm going to study the other day and when I was creating this video, what I was gonna say was: make sure you put a tracking link for your website on your billboard. however, I'm not convinced that's still the case. for example, let's say, long URL, all right, and it was like plastik surgeon man in Atlanta: dot-com, call us today. so, because that's specific, you could use it as a tracking link to check how effective your billboard is. but the thing is people aren't going to be like I'm gonna remember eyes that real quick, long driving and doing 100 other things- close today. they're probably just going to see your logo- maybe that's your logo right there and the company name and just google that. so they're probably not going to go to a specific action page. now that's a little unfortunate because it makes tracking your billboard a little hard, and I thought of a, an alternative, what you could do. you could set up a totally new splash page for this. so if your company is called plastik surgeons of Georgia, what you do, instead of directing people to that site, you could set up an alternate page so you could give this billboard and name. so if the Billboard was about getting a, let's say, rhinoplasty surgery, then you could say where you could write rhinoplasty idea- dot-com, and only put this website address on this billboard. so that way people will go to this and you can still test the effectiveness of your billboard without just being like, oh, we'll see how many, because you still need to know if people are going to your billboard. if you get a hundred thousand impressions a month and you get three clicks to this website, you'll probably want to mix that billboard. okay. second thing to do is test your billboard, and this is how you do that. my advice would be to create five variations of what you think your billboard is. so here's one variation, two, three, four, five and, if possible, put these out online, put these, with your synonym, to your friends or your colleagues, your co-workers, and run a visual eye inspector test. think of it like how crazy egg does or how hot jar does, so they can track mouse movements- and I've movements- and see what people look at first. this is a great way to see what people are looking at on your billboard, because if your logos here and your call-to-action is here now people are looking like all the way over here because maybe you've got like a laughing baby. then in those three to four seconds you've got for the people to pass by, they're not even seeing this stuff. so use eye tracking test. there's tons of stuff out there. just google eye tracking tests and you'll be able to upload your five or seven billboard variations and see which one's work best in terms of people looking at. you weren't logos. so if you get one where people look here first and then look there, that's your winner. that's the one that's going to convert best. so when you put billboards up on the highway- so there are a few tips for using a billboard to advertise. I think it's always good to you smiling faces. people connect to that. it's gonna be the first thing they look at, maybe have the eyes looking over your head- loud, something like that. that stuff is important when you're doing this because you only have like three to five seconds to make an impression with a billboard. so I think you can still get a lot out of it. I had a friend recently tell me that if a lawyer puts up a billboard, he's going to see a ton of boom in his business immediately. see, I thought billboards were kind of dead, but when I heard that and then did some research into effective billboard advertising, it changed my mind a little bit. you know, you learn something every day. so anyways, those are some tips on how to create a successful billboard that actually build your business. [Music]- you [Music].