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bitlife no ads apk

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Hey everyone, just a quick video today to introduce the latest update of the BitLife Plus Plus mod. I'm going to show you how it works and how to get it, so let's get started!

- This new update includes the Business Update, which adds a new career path.

- I'll be demonstrating on my iPhone, but don't worry, it also works on Android.

- To start, just click on Become Buddhism and select the options you prefer.

- The main benefit of selecting Bit in God Mode is that you can get it for free.

- Not only that, but you can also add as much cash as you want. It adds a million dollars at a time, which is pretty cool.

- God mode also switches off ads and everything else, so it's completely free.

- Now, let's move on to installing the mod on your iPhone.

- Go to Settings, then General, and click on Background App Refresh. Make sure it's enabled for Wi-Fi and mobile data.

- Next, go back to Settings, scroll down to Battery, and make sure Low Power Mode is switched off.

- Android users can follow along at this point, as the settings part is the same for both platforms.

- Open up your browser and visit getmods.cc.

- In the search box, type in BitLife and select the download option.

- The download should only take a few seconds. Please note that you'll need to download and install some free apps to register for the mod.

- Once the download is complete, click on Install to proceed.

- Follow the instructions to register and complete the offers required in your region. The first app is Cleanfox, and the second app is Candy Crush Saga.

- Download and install both apps and run them for 30 seconds each.

- Once you've completed the offers, the registration will be complete, and the mod should download automatically. If not, click the install button.

- And that's it! It's that easy to get the BitLife Plus Plus mod for free.

- Usually, you only need to download and install two or three apps, but sometimes it may require up to four. But don't worry, it's still pretty easy.

- I hope you enjoy your free BitLife and Medici chip. Thanks for watching, and I'll talk to you again soon.

iShowSpeed Plays BITLIFE..

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Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great day today. Today, I'm going to show you guys how to get free God Mode and Bitterson on BitLife using a brand new app called BitLife Plus. This app works on both iOS and Android, and it's super easy to use. Let's get started!

First, let me show you guys the app. It's called BitLife Plus Plus, and it's working flawlessly on both iOS and Android. I'm currently running it on the latest version of iOS on my iPhone.

To get started, open up your browser and go to this website: storeboxplus. This website has a bunch of free tweaked and paid apps, including BitLife Plus Plus. Once you're on the website, just look for BitLife Plus Plus and click the install button.

If you're on iOS, it will download a profile. If you're on Android, it will download an apk. Just follow the instructions and allow the download. It's important to be patient with the method, but trust me, it's worth it.

Once the app is downloaded, it will be in sandbox mode. To get the additional files, click the Go button. This will take you to the installation wizard. Install all the apps on the wizard and follow their instructions.

After you've installed all the apps, it will initiate a break in the code, which will transfer the files for BitLife Plus Plus to your device. Within 30 minutes of completing the installation, you should have the app on your device. If not, you may have missed a step and need to go back and install more apps.

And that's it! You now have free God Mode and Bitterson on BitLife for iOS and Android. Enjoy all the benefits of this modded version of the app. Thanks for watching, and I'm out!

bitizen and god mode for free in bitlife! boss mode?

Welcome to the Vibeus channel on the internet! Today, I'm going to expose a bunch of criminals who are getting free stuff on their Android devices. I'll show you exactly how these degenerates do it.

First, they open their browser app. I'm using Opera GX, but they can use any browser they want. They simply Google HappyMod and click on the first link. This takes them to the HappyMod website, where they can download this bootleg app store.

HappyMod is an illegal app store that allows you to download hacked games and get unlimited free stuff. BitLife is one of the games they can download from there. Once they've downloaded the HappyMod app, they need to allow their browser to download apps. This step is necessary because there are hackers and cheaters out there who do this stuff.

They click on the settings, go to the browser, and click Allow from this source. Then, they go back to their files app and find the HappyMod app in their installation files. They deliberately install this illegal app and open it.

Inside the HappyMod app, they use the search bar to find BitLife. They click on the first result, which claims to be a working version. They install it and open the app. As you can see, it's not the real BitLife app and it looks sketchy. However, in this modded version, they have access to all the features and don't need to buy anything.

But I want to make it clear that I do not support or encourage this illegal activity. I am an anti-crime advocate, and I actually bought Bitizen and G mode on my iOS device to support the developers. I'm making this video to educate you and prevent you from doing anything illegal.

Now that you know how not to get free stuff illegally, let me show you the correct way to get it. First, uninstall the modded app. It's not safe to download apps from outside the Play Store. Reinstall BitLife from the Play Store and open it. This is the real app, and you can see it by the tutorial it provides.

To access all the features, like becoming a Bitizen or using G mode, you need to purchase them. Go to the settings and click on Get It Now for Bitizen and G mode. Enter your credit card information and buy it the right way. This way, you support the developers and the free market works as intended.

If you ever see someone promoting illegal activities in the comments, set them straight with facts and logic. Let them know that developers put a lot of work into their games and they deserve to be paid for their efforts. By spreading awareness about piracy issues, we can discourage people from cheating the system.

That's all for today. Remember, I could be anyone. Love you guys, peace out!

God Mode & Bitizen for FREE | Bitlife Tutorial

Yo, what's up guys? Today, I'm gonna show you how to get all the BitLife things for free. I'm talking about every purchase in BitLife for free. You never have to pay for another purchase on BitLife ever again. How does that sound? Good? Favorable? Fun? Yeah, well, I know how to do it. Okay, hear me out. There's an app called BitLife Plus Plus that you guys can get. I found this app because I was sick and tired of paying for stuff on BitLife. Like, ads are popping up and it's just not fun. Playing BitLife without paying is not a lot of fun. So, I went ahead and downloaded BitLife Plus Plus. I'm gonna show you guys how it works and how you can get all the purchases for free.

Right now, let's get into it. As you can see, I got BitLife Plus Plus on my iPhone. It also works on Android and iPad. I'm gonna go ahead and open up BitLife Plus Plus. As you can see, it's asking for $4.99 for a monthly subscription or to remove ads for $2. You guys understand how it is with the money. Anyways, you guys are probably like, Oh my gosh, I want to become a business, let's go. I want to be a citizen. Well, that's super easy, guys. Look at this, ready? Boom, all in-app purchases unlock for free.

Um, okay, so then it should close out of the app and then I just reopen the app and... yep, boom, boom. Alright, guys, we get literally everything for free. Completely for free. We can get Bitizenship for free, which is exactly what we want, guys. Exactly what we need. So, let me show you guys how you actually get BitLife Plus Plus for free because I'm sure that's what you guys actually care about.

So, you're going to need two apps. One of them is just going to be any internet browser, like Google or whatever. I'm just going to use Safari because that's the easiest, that's just what I got. And also, we're going to need the Settings app to change around a couple things in our settings. Make sure everything looks good. So, yeah, let's go ahead and open up our settings and let's go ahead and head to our battery section.

We're going to need to make sure that our low power mode is turned off. So right now, it is turned off on my phone. No worries, that low power mode right there is turned off. But if it's turned on, you're going to need to turn it off because your phone is actually going to be running too slowly to be able to get BitLife Plus Plus. You don't want that. You want BitLife Plus Plus, I imagine. So, we're just not going to have that happen right now. And how we're not going to have that happen is by doing this.

Make sure you turn off your low power mode. After that, we're going to hop into General and go down to Background App Refresh. Right here, guys, we need to make sure our Background App Refresh looks exactly like this. Everything turned on. And under Background App Refresh, you should see the word On. Dope, that's great. We're going to go ahead and click on that and hit off right here, guys. And so, if it is turned off, go ahead and refresh it by hitting Wi-Fi and cellular data again. And we should see that it is on again. This kind of refreshes our Background App Refresh. Make sure everything's running tip-top shape on our phone's software for all of our apps, including our BitLife app, guys.

Now that that is done, that is good, that is fair, that is fine. We should be good to hop on over to the next step. This website right here, this is like a hacked version of the App Store, almost. WeTweak, that's the website. This is like a hacked version of the App Store, like I was saying earlier. And it's got a ton of hack apps. This one even charges your AirPods. But, let's focus on BitLife Plus Plus. Just go ahead and hit that install button right there. And what this is doing is installing something called a configuration profile, which we can configure in our settings to turn into the hacked app.

Why don't they just call it a hacked app? Probably because Apple probably would not get away with putting free BitLife out on their App Store. BitLife would probably be like, Yo, what the heck? So yeah, you have to get it through these websites online. But I found that WeTweak is the best. It's also free, which is dope. So that's really nice. But this should go ahead and give us a little spinning circle of success. Should get a little loading thing right there. And we should get a little notification asking us if we do want to download this configuration profile. Boom, boom, there it is. So yes, we do. We're going to go ahead and hit Allow. We do want to allow that configuration profile to download. And now, our profile has been downloaded, which is exactly what we wanted. And we are good to hop back into settings for one last little thing.

Okay, guys. We're going to go to VPN in Device Management. Just go ahead and click on that. And then we should have BitLife Plus Plus under downloaded profiles. Go ahead and click on that and then hit the install button in the top right. And type in your phone's unlock password, just the normal password you use to unlock your phone on any given day. It should have no special permissions and no signed profile. And it doesn't, which is dope. That's exactly what we needed. So, we should just go ahead and hit this install button right here, hit this install button right here, and then hit done. And guys, if I am not mistaken, and I rarely am, BitLife Plus Plus is ready to go on your iPhone. Completely for free, guys. Let's go. You guys can become a business. It's all right there for free in BitLife Plus Plus. You guys are welcome for showing you how to download this. So yeah, thanks so much for watching all the way through, guys, and enjoy BitLife Plus Plus.

Bitlife How to Become a Septillionaire! 2022 Infinite Money Tutorial - Richest Royal Family Glitch

Welcome to the vibiest channel on the internet! Many of you have been asking me how I managed to get Drip Johnson one septillion dollars. I've made this tutorial a few times before, but you guys keep asking, so here's the video right on the front page of my channel for everyone to see.

First off, let me assure you that this method is completely legit. No jailbreak, roots, hacking mods, or anything like that. It's all within the game. You can easily tell the amount of money by counting the commas in the number and subtracting one. So, for example, if there are eight commas, it's septillion. If there are nine commas, it's octillion, and so on.

Now, let's get into the tutorial. We're not going to start with septillion dollars right away. We're going to start a new life in Monaco. This method works for Android users too, unlike before when they didn't have the royalty feature. If you have g mode, set it to count or countess. If you don't, check out the video in the top right corner to see how you can become royalty without it.

It's better to start your life as a male because you can continue having children even when you're older. Females can only have kids until around 40 years old, so it's easier to continue your generations as a male.

In Monaco, you start with around 54 million dollars, and each time you age, you get around 10-15 million. This is usually enough for most people, but we want to become ultra-rich with billions, trillions, and quadrillions. To do that, we need to age as much as possible and wait for our parents to die.

Once your parents die, you'll inherit most of the money, especially if your father was the prince. You can speed up this process by hiring a hitman, but it's not necessary. Just keep aging up until your parents pass away.

Now, you have a choice. You can either find love and have a child right away or age up to get as many years as possible for certain achievements. If you don't care about those achievements, go ahead and find love on the dating app. Make sure they're not on birth control, as it's better to have children for our strategy.

If you have g mode, make sure their fertility is 100 and craziness is down to zero. If you don't have g mode, you'll need to get lucky with this. Once they're pregnant, get married before the child is born. The citizens don't like it when you have kids out of wedlock.

After the child is born, edit their attributes and maximize all their stats if you have g mode. You can continue aging them up until they're 18 or switch to them right away. Keep in mind that if you switch right away, you'll only get half of the inheritance, as the mother keeps the other half.

To get the full inheritance, hitman your father first. Then hitman your mother to get her inheritance as well. If they run off with the money, exit the app and try again until it works.

Once you have the money, you can continue this method for multiple generations and accumulate septillion dollars. Just make sure to hitman the father first and attend the funeral to collect the inheritance.

So there you have it! With this tutorial, you'll be able to become a billionaire in no time. Have fun and enjoy your wealth!

IShowSpeed Plays Akinator And FREAKS OUT (FULL VIDEO)

In this article, we will be discussing a conversation transcript that involves various elements of language usage, such as contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, colloquialisms, and more. The transcript showcases a dialogue between individuals playing a game and highlights their reactions, thoughts, and interactions. Let's dive into the conversation and explore these language elements further.

Conversation Transcript:

- Already? Music? That's dumb. Now it's too loud. Yo, shut up!

- Oh bro, So Chella, what do we do though? What do we do?

- Turn the music off? Oh, y'all want the music all the way off? Alright.

- Damn, I didn't know y'all, bro. Like at least a little music, no?

- Now, that we got at least have like a little music, like that right there.

- Not, you know what? Turn, you know, turn it all the way off. I don't want to hear the song.

- Find a character. Yo, I think I played the game like this before.

- Alright, okay, oh okay, alright, alright, alright. I think I'll play the game similar to this, yo.

- I think I played a game similar like this before. Alright, okay, okay.

- Oh okay, alright, alright, alright. Alright, alright, alright.

- So basically, you gotta find, okay? So look, I gotta think of a character, and it's gonna pop up.

- Anybody? Anybody? Anybody chat? Anybody?

- I could think of any character, and they'll pop up. Swear to God, I swear to God.

- Anybody? In stream? No one's care. Shut up, bro. Y'all lying, bro. I swear to God.

- Hey, look, and look where the hell, wait, I'm not gonna tell y'all. I'm not gonna tell y'all. I'm not gonna tell my chat.

- I'm not even gonna tell my chat. I might be gonna tell my chat. I'm not gonna tell my chat.

- All right, let me think of a character. Anybody? Anybody?

- I already bet, does your character have?

- Yo, I ain't gonna lie, this is kind of weird. Like, I need to have a little bit of music, ain't gonna lie.

- Now, so what the? What the? Man, what the? Yo, who is this Indian guy? How the? Does he know this? What the?

- Yo, I swear, the guy, I need your chat. Did I tell y'all? I ain't even tell my chat.

- Yo, you? Yo, Angel Selish, get off my dick, man. Seriously.

- Yo, hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold on.

- Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold up. Hold up. Photo. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

- Hold up. Photo. Photo. Photo. Photo. Photo.

- What the? Hold up. What do I gotta do?

- Shut up. Shut up. Music, I swear to God. I swear to God if you get this right.

- Yeah, dumbass. Let's just say take a new era. Chat, shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

- You dumbass. You're about to say. Y'all, bro, I'm about to get scared, bro.

- Oh, I'm about to get scared. And yo, yo, yo, yo, if that would have got that right.

- Oh, god. Yeah, yeah, he can't do that one. Holy. It was being, though. It was talking, bit. It was talking being. It was talking being, bro.

- Dawg, that was crazy, bro. You can't lie. Yo, I didn't. Like, I swear to God, a lot, yo. Yo, if yo, yo, if you would have got that right, I wouldn't be like, oh hell nah, dawg, this crazy.

- Oh hell nah, I wouldn't, like, yo, this is crazy, bro.

- Oh my goodness, my, oh my god. Do you know? I'm not in this. I'm not in this game, y'all.

- Oh, what? To be like, oh no, dog. Who should I do next, bro?

- He did talk. Yo, chat, Ben doesn't talk on, yo, chat. Ben doesn't talk. Ben doesn't talk, bro.

- Yo, I'm not in this game. Stop spamming, y'all. Too low, Goku. Uh oh, my god.

- Umi told you I'm not in this game, y'all.

- Hey, I'm gonna keep going, though. Told you, y'all. I'm not in this game.

- No, that wasn't it. Continue, yes.

- Is your character American? Yes.

- Is your character black? Yo, you racist.

- Yo, kill this. Hey, check, you this? Y'all, what the? Bro, what the? He can hear me. That's why he can hear me.

- What the? He can't hear me, bro.

- Bro, I'm dealing this out, bro. This can't hear me, bro. That's illegal.

- Bro, that's illegal, bro. This can hear me, bro. This weird-ass chat, yo.

- Chad, I'm not gonna say one word, alright? Hey, look, I'm not gonna say one word, alright? I'm not gonna say one word. I'm not gonna say one word. One word at all. Okay? One word, okay? I'm not gonna say one word.

- How does he know this? How do we know this? How do you know this?

- Chad, what if I think of him? How does he know this? Hello, like how does he know this?

- He can read your mind. That's why.

- I knew it. Like it's like, there's no way. It's like he gotta read my mind. He has to read my mind. He gotta read my mind.

- I think I played the game like this before. I can't remember, bro. It was like months or years ago. I forgot when it was, bro. This is crazy. I'm about to do him. Oh god, I'm about to do him, bro.

- Yo, this is crazy, bro. This is actually crazy, I swear.

- This is actually crazy. Yo, y'all taking this game. I think this little funny, and that's not fun. It's not funny. This is like, that's weird, as have like, or you're not thinking about how this nigga's getting the answers. Like, you are so blind, or y'all not thinking how is this whatever this? What is ghost? Y'all don't, like, or y'all not thinking about how this is getting an answer? I think this shit's funny. And wait, the how is this guy getting the answer?

- Bro, it's my mom, dog. Bro, there's no way he has my mom. No, Chad, there's no way. I swear to god, if you get my momma right, nah.

- Does the character personally know you? Yes.

- No way.

- No.

- Yes.

- Yes.

- No.

- Yes.

- Yes.

- No.

- How do we know my mother?

- How did he know that was my mother? How the? How the? They know that was my mother.

- Oh hell nah, bro. What the? How do you know that was my mother?

- Bro, what the? How did, how do you know that was my mother?

- Bro, what the? How the? They know that was my mother?

- Bro, what the? How the? They know that was my mother?

- Oh hell nah, bro. That? You got me up, man. Hell nah.

- Get the? Up outta here, man. Hell no, bro.

In this conversation transcript, we observed the use of various language elements such as contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. The conversation highlighted the interactions and reactions of individuals playing a game, showcasing their emotions and thoughts. However, it is essential to be mindful of the potential risks and privacy concerns associated with online games. This conversation serves as a reminder to approach such games with caution and be aware of the information shared and accessed.

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