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BJS 2021 Black Friday Ads: Huge Savings Await!

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Today is the start of BJ's Black Friday steals deals and the store is already crowded. The author is at BJ's and wants to show the viewers some of the deals they might want to grab before the actual Black Friday rush. She is also giving away a $25 Starbucks gift card on the site.


- Look for the little tags indicating Black Friday steals deals.

- VTech is on sale for $23.99.

- All toys have a clipless coupon for 15% off.

- Huge scrapbook is 50% off for $10.

- Legos are on sale starting at $14.44.

- Bearpaw hats, scarfs, gloves, and Knowles are on sale for Black Friday.

- Christmas decorations such as LED candles and laser lights are on sale.

- Rachael Ray cookware set is on sale for $80.

- TVs such as Philips 65 inch LED are on sale for $200 off.

- Bella appliances such as air fryer and pressure cooker are on sale.

BJ's has many great deals for Black Friday steals and viewers should check out the little tags indicating the deals. Additionally, the author is giving away a $25 Starbucks gift card on the site. Remember to take advantage of these deals and share any other deals found at other stores.

Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2022

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year and Best Buy has some amazing deals to offer in 2022. From laptops to TVs to smart home products, there's something for everyone on your list. Here are the top 10 deals you don't want to miss:

1. Lenovo Chromebook - 60% off

- 11.6-inch HD laptop with 64GB of storage

- 4K Samsung 60-inch TV - $150 off

- Hisense 40-inch LED Smart TV - $100 in-store only deal

- DoorDash gift cards - $20 off for $100 purchase

- TCL Smart TV - $230 off

- Samsung 75-inch LED 4K Smart TV - $270 off

- Samsung 2.1 Channel Soundbar - $150 off

- Lenovo Flex 3 Chromebook - $90 off

- HP Victis laptop - $300 off

Bullet points:

- Dyson V12 Detect Slim Cordless Vacuum - $150 off

- Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum - $100 off

- Shark Cordless Pet Stick Vac - $100 off

- Tineco 3-in-1 Mop Vac - $170 off

- iRobot Roomba i7 Plus Self-Emptying Robot - $400 off

- Shark Robotic Vac - $220 off

- Microsoft Xbox Series S512 All-Digital - $50 off + $50 gift card at Target

- PlayStation 5 Game Bundle - in-store only

- Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Mario Kart Bundle - $20 off

- Up to 80% off video games for PC gaming, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo

Best Buy's Black Friday deals for 2022 are some of the best yet, with discounts on everything from laptops and TVs to smart home products and gaming consoles. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for others, there's something for everyone at a great price. Don't miss out on these amazing deals!

Dancehall Pregame Party Mix Vol 1 - Dj Shinski [Koffee, Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel, Konshens, Mavado]

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10 Things You Should NEVER Buy at BJ's Wholesale Club

- In this article, we will be discussing the 10 things you should never buy at BJ's Wholesale Club, along with some deals to avoid.

- By avoiding these products, you can save yourself a lot of money and get better deals elsewhere.

1. iPads and Other Apple Products:

- These products are usually cheaper at Best Buy, with discounts of up to 80% off.

- BJ's may offer only 10% off, which is not as enticing.

- Additionally, limit 3 per member policies may not be worth it.

2. Cooking Oil:

- Large quantities of cooking oil may go bad quickly, even within 2-3 months.

- Unless you have a large family, it's better to buy smaller quantities at a grocery store.

3. Luggage:

- While BJ's may offer some decent brands, comparable or better luggage sets can be found on Amazon at a similar price.

4. Blu-ray Movies and DVDs:

- Most movies advertised at BJ's are available on other streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, or Crackle.

- Save money by streaming your favorite movies instead of buying them at BJ's.

5. Diapers:

- Large quantities of diapers may not be necessary, especially if your child grows out of them quickly.

- Walmart or other diaper subscription services from Amazon may offer comparable prices per count.

6. Bleach and Laundry Products:

- While bleach has a shelf life of around a year, it may degrade faster than that.

- Large quantities of bleach and laundry products are not worth it at BJ's.

7. Probiotics:

- Many probiotic products require constant refrigeration, which may not be practical for BJ's shoppers.

- Additionally, refrigeration concerns may arise when the product is moved from the stockroom to the shelf.

8. Bread:

- While BJ's may offer some good bread discounts, grocery stores may offer better deals, especially on one-day-old bread.

9. Canned Goods:

- Canned goods and jarred foods may be cheaper at your local grocery store.

- Promotions passed along to grocery stores by the Canned Food Alliance may be more aggressive and come with a higher velocity.

10. Condiments:

- Condiments, especially those in larger quantities, may have shorter shelf lives.

- Unless you are hosting a large party or barbecue, it's better to buy smaller quantities at a grocery store.

- By avoiding these products at BJ's Wholesale Club, you can save yourself a lot of money and get better deals elsewhere.

- Always compare prices and promotions before making a purchase, and consider the shelf life and practicality of buying in bulk.

Top 10 Sam's Club Black Friday Deals 2021

Black Friday is just around the corner, and Sam's Club has some amazing deals that you won't want to miss. From small appliances to big-ticket items, Sam's Club has something for everyone. In this article, we will be highlighting the top 10 Black Friday deals at Sam's Club, along with some gift ideas that are truly epic.

Top 10 Black Friday Deals at Sam's Club:

1. PowerXL 12 Quart Air Fryer - $100 (down from $150)

- Ninja Coffee Maker - $129.98 (typically retails for about $70 more)

- AirPod Pros - $149 (best and lowest price on Black Friday)

- Video Doorbell - $139 (exclusive scan and go deal)

- Television Deals - LG NanoCell TV and Vizio M Series TV

- Oculus Quest - $379 (includes gift card and other accessories)

- Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 - $159.98 (using scan and go)

- Electronically Locked Safe - $599 (triple-sealed against fire, water, and smoke)

- Italian Creme Cake - $18.98

- Fruit and Cheese Platter - $22.98

Gift Ideas:

1. Foaming Bath Bomb - $14.98 (comes in five different scents)

2. Age-Defying Exfoliator - $59.98 (popular brand Dr. Brandt)

3. Microdermabrasion and Pore Extractor System - $29.98 (dermatologist recommended)

4. Revlon One Step Hairdryer - $44.98 (hairdryer and volumizer built into brush)

5. Worx Auto Care Bundle Pack - $109.98 (includes hand vacuum and buffer)

6. Five Way Candle - under $20 (great gift idea)

7. Viking Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set - $24.98 (multiple sizes for holiday baking)

8. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells with Stand - $319

9. Fresh Reef - $18.98

10. Fresh Garland - $17.98

Sam's Club has some incredible deals for Black Friday, including small appliances, big-ticket items, and epic gift ideas. With something for everyone, you won't want to miss out on these savings. Don't forget to sign up for the Insider Deal Guy Texting Club to stay up to date on all the major Black Friday deals this year. Happy shopping!


black or white and includes threeseven-inch frames, two eight-inch frames,one 11-inch frame, and one 14-inch frame.Now, let's move on to the conclusion.While Walmart's Black Friday deals may not beas extensive as in previous years, there arestill some great deals to be had. FromChromebooks to smart TVs to children'stoys and household items, there issomething for everyone. It's important toremember that due to the currentcircumstances, supplies may be limitedand not all items may be available inall stores. So, if you see something youwant, it's best to act fast. Whether youdecide to shop online or in-store, make sureto stay safe and follow all necessaryhealth and safety guidelines. Happyshopping!

Top 10 Target Black Friday Deals 2022

Black Friday is around the corner and Target has some amazing deals for everyone. Here are the top 10 Black Friday deals at Target in 2022 that you should not miss.

1. Acer 11.6-inch Chromebook for $100

- Best bet is online

- Black model on sale

2. TV Deals:

- Hisense 50-inch 4K TV for $270

- Samsung 50-inch Smart 4K Ultra HD TV for $299

- LG Smart 4K TV for $349

- GIFT CARD: Free $25 Target gift card with LG Smart 4K TV

3. KitchenAid Stand Mixer:

- KitchenAid 5-quart stand mixer for $250

- Good price assuming you want the 5-quart version

4. Gaming:

- Xbox Series S for $249 + free $50 Target gift card

- PlayStation 5 bundle for $560

- Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $300

- 15% off gaming gift cards

- PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch game sales

5. Smart Home:

- Google Nest Hub for $50

- Ring video doorbell for $60

- Blink Mini BOGO deal for $30

- Altec Lansing Nano buds for $34.99

6. Headphones:

- Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones for $100

- Beats Studio buds for $90

- Beats fit Pros for $160

7. Toys:

- Up to 40% off select Lego sets

- 50% off select LOL toys

- Up to 50% off art and DIY kits

- BOGO mix and match for 12 well-known brands

8. Home:

- 7.5-foot pre-lit artificial tree for $75

- 100-count warm or multi-colored LED lights for $5

- Matching family sleep sets for $15 each

- Cricut Explore Air 2 for $169 + free $20 gift card

- Levoit Core HEPA air purifier for $70

9. Clothing:

- 40% off all styles and brands options for the whole family

- 40% off all outerwear options ranging from $3 to $39

- Up to 25% off select Beauty and personal care gift sets


- HP Wireless all-in-one printer for $50

- Jetson Mojo light up hoverboard for $99 (60% off)

- Razer kick scooters for $20 (79% off)

These are the top 10 Black Friday deals at Target in 2022 that you should definitely check out. From electronics to toys and clothing, there is something for everyone. Don't miss out on these amazing deals and happy shopping!

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