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black friday 2015 ads lowes

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

It's happening, people! Today, we're going to talk about some Lowe's pre-Black Friday deals. Let's dive in and see what they have to offer:

- Porter Cable deal: Get 15% off on a 4-tool set, but hurry, it's only until Wednesday. Not a bad deal, but it comes with small batteries. You can invest a little more and get the Milwaukee fuel with a free brushless circular saw or impact wrench.

- Cobalt toolset: Check out the 4.5-gallon portable horizon and the cobalt workbench with a drawer. These are great additions to your toolkit.

- Drill bits: Lowe's has some good deals on drill bits. You can get a 14-pack for $15 or a 23-pack impact-ready for $17. Both are worth considering.

- Screwdriver bit set: They have a 47-piece cobalt screwdriver bit set available.

- Construction combo pack: This includes a 10-inch circular saw blade set for $30. Not a bad deal at all.

- Brushless drill driver: Lowe's has a brushless drill driver with two batteries and a charger for only $99. This is definitely worth considering, especially if you don't need an impact driver.

- Tool kits: They have various tool kits available, ranging from 5 to 10 tools. The prices vary, so take a look and see if any of them catch your eye.

- Brushless kit: Lowe's has a great deal on a brushless kit for $129. It includes a brushless drill driver and impact driver, both with batteries. This is probably the best deal you'll find at Lowe's so far.

- 24-volt system: They also have a 6-tool 24-volt system for $299. However, I'm not sure if this kit is worth the price, considering what you get.

- Cobalt set: Another cobalt set is available for $10 more, and it might also be brushless. This is worth considering, especially if you're interested in trying out the cobalt brand.

- Angle grinder: Lowe's has a brushless cordless angle grinder for $139, or you can get the adapter kit for $119.

- Finish nailer: They have a 15-gauge finish nailer available for $269, which is a good price considering the savings.

- Metabo batteries: Lowe's is offering a 15-amp 18-volt finish nailer and a 15-gauge brad nailer kit for $269. Their batteries are small and compact, making them a great investment.

These deals are valid until November 22, so make sure to grab them before they're gone. Remember, if you use your credit card, you can also get an additional 5% off. Head to Lowe's and take advantage of these pre-Black Friday deals. Happy shopping!

Now, let's move on to the conclusion.

Lowe's Black Friday 2018 Ad - Appliance Sale Now Live!

Happy Halloween, everybody! It's Eric here, coming back to you again from your number one Black Friday rumors website, BlackerFriday.com. The kids are getting ready to go trick or treating, but before we head out the door, I wanted to give you an update from Lowe's. Their Black Friday appliance sale just went live, and you know what? I can't believe it. We're not even in November yet, although November starts tomorrow. But still, we're still a few weeks away from Black Friday here, so it's incredibly early this year. But hey, that's good for us. We've got plenty of time to shop, browse the deals. We're not complaining here.

In terms of Lowe's Black Friday appliance sale, it's pretty similar to what Home Depot just posted a few hours ago this morning. Actually, let's jump in. I have it open here separately so you can take a look at that. So, both Home Depot and Lowe's, like I said, have pretty much the same sale with up to 40% off select refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, etc. And both stores are offering savings on top of the lowest listed price, where you can get up to $600 extra if you buy two to six appliances or more all in the same shopping cart. It really depends on how many you purchase. If it's only two together, it's an extra $50 off. Three, $100. And then it goes up all the way up to six or more, which is a pretty big purchase. But maybe if you get together with a friend or a family member, it might not be that bad. Just keep that in mind.

The only difference, though, is that Home Depot's extra savings is applied immediately to your order, so you end up paying less at checkout. So that's really good. However, Lowe's rebate comes in the form of a Lowe's gift card, and you have to print out and send out a rebate as well. On one hand, that's much worse. We'd rather pay less and not have to worry about any mail-in rebates. However, Lowe's has a higher bonus savings as well. If you end up buying six or more, you might actually get an extra $100 off because Lowe's caps it at $600, while Home Depot caps out their extra savings at $500. So something to keep in mind. It's probably a good idea to compare the two stores. Either way, we'll include both links to both the Home Depot ad and Lowe's appliance Black Friday ad in the description so you can check out both to see which is a better place to shop.

What else? It's worth mentioning that Lowe's has a store credit card offer where you can get an extra 5% off your purchase or get 12 months financing if you don't want to fork out the cash upfront. That offer is right down here. There are some exclusions to keep in mind, which you'll find in the terms and conditions. We'll also include that on the side as well so you can have quick and easy access to that.

You'll be able to shop the sale both in stores and online, and free local delivery will be included on all major appliances purchased of $396 or more. The sale ends on November 29th, 2018, or while supplies last, whichever comes first. But you can probably expect some of their most popular sets to sell out before we reach the end of the sale, so just keep that in mind. If there's something you really like right now, you can pick it up and not wait until Black Friday comes around. And actually, Lowe's does have a price match guarantee that's worth checking out as well. So even if you find the same machine elsewhere or if, for some reason, there's some other offer that comes up, you can always have them price match that too. Nothing really too much to worry about if you shop early.

I think that's actually about it here. Just keep in mind that we're still waiting for Lowe's to leak out their full Black Friday ad for 2018. It's not out yet, but it should come out pretty soon. That ad will include the usual deals on power tools, hand tools, home supplies, Christmas decor, lights, their popular poinsettia flowers, and a whole bunch more. So stay tuned for that. We'll bring it to you live on the site as soon as that happens.

So from myself and the entire Black Friday team, we wish you a fun and safe Halloween and, in a few weeks, a very nice Thanksgiving weekend as well. And of course, good luck bargain hunting this Black Friday. I hope we have some great hauls this year!

Walmart BLACK FRIDAY AD 2018!!!

Music, alright! YouTube, we'll come back to another video. This time is going to be a little different. It's gonna be a Black Friday sale. It's gonna be pretty much Walmart Black Friday for all of you that are there looking for those specials or and stuff like that. So, welcome to the channel! If you're new, don't forget to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, hit the bell icon, and let's go ahead and get started.

As we can see, we have a Black Friday deal from Walmart. So, that is the first page there. As you can see, the first thing that you see up on the top is a cell phone, iPhone 6, for $99. And then, if you have a child or if you want a Playstation, there's a Playstation combo with Spiderman for $199. And then, we have a 65-inch TV for $398. It's a 65-inch class 4k Roku smart TV. So, these TVs have been made specifically for Walmart. They just pile them up and send them out for this day.

In the middle, we have Light up Black Friday begins Thursday 11/22 at 6pm in stores. Usually, if you're going to do Black Friday, I recommend you go out to the suburbs or places where there's not a lot of people. If you're in the downtown area, there's going to be a lot of people rushing and throwing boxes, so I tend to get away from the city as much as possible to avoid all that.

It starts at 6:00pm on the 22nd. And then, we have a 40-inch TV for $99. It's a high sense class TV 1080p. If you have a child that wants a hoverboard, here's your chance. They've become a lot cheaper lately and now they're $99. That's not a bad deal at all. Then, you've got a Google Home Hub for $99. It says Make your shopping easier. Get the Storm app now.

Moving on to the back, we have a general section of where you're going to be lined up so you're not looking for items all over the place. And usually, TVs are on the left side of the store.

In the electronics section, we have some Samsung TVs. This one should sound okay. I have a Samsung and it works pretty good. Then, we have the mount here for $27. And then, we have a Samsung TV for $178. It's a 32-inch smart TV. We also have a Samsung 55-inch class 4k smart TV for $398. This is a good deal, especially because it's a Samsung.

Moving on, we have a Vizio TV for $498. It's a 4k 60-inch smart TV. Then, we have a Blu-ray player for $49. We've got Roku with ultra JBL headphones for $48. We've got Roku regular for $20. Oh my god, what is this? A movie for $7? Here's an RCA projector for all you movie theater lovers.

In the computer section, we have some laptops. HP Pavilion gaming for $599. We also have some printers, HP and RCA. HP is really good on printers. You can go on Amazon and buy cheaper ink for them.

Moving on, we have some tablets. iPad 6th generation for $249. Samsung Galaxy for $28 or $129. Here's a good deal for music and video lovers. You can get a $50 Google Play card for $45.

If you have a child or if you want to start flying a drone, here's a good one for $69. It comes with GPS, so it's not going to fly all over the place. Make sure to learn how to fly it on YouTube before buying it.

In the home section, we have some LED bulbs that you can connect to Wi-Fi and change the color with your phone. We also have some security cameras for a good deal.

In the phone section, we have a Fitbit Versa for $149. We also have headphones and some cell phones without contracts.

That's it for the Walmart Black Friday sale. Don't miss out on these great deals!

Black Friday Ads 2014!

Hey guys, it's Heather from passionforsavings.com and today we're going to talk about Black Friday ads. I've been getting a lot of questions from you guys about when the Black Friday ads will be released, and I'm super excited to tell you that the first ad is already out. Over the next few weeks, we'll be seeing more and more ads, so I wanted to give you some tips on how to use the Black Friday preview ads to create your shopping list.

First off, head on over to passionforsavings.com. At the top of the page, you'll find links to all of our Black Friday pages. We've already started posting Black Friday prices on some amazing toys and deals that you don't want to miss. Make sure you check out that page. Additionally, we have a whole page dedicated to Black Friday ad previews. We'll link to all the ad scans and tell you about the best deals at each store.

Sometimes, these ads can be overwhelming because there are so many deals. But we're here to help you find the best deals at each store. We'll show you all the best deals in each ad and provide you with a printable shopping list. This shopping list is a game-changer because it allows you to pick all the items you want to buy from different stores and creates one organized list for you. You can email it to yourself or print it out. It's that easy.

Now, let's talk about Black Friday store hours. Last year, we saw a trend of stores opening earlier and earlier. But this year, the bad news is that some stores are opening as early as 6 pm on Thanksgiving. So if you have a late Thanksgiving dinner and can't make it to the stores by 6 pm, don't worry. You can shop online on Friday or Thursday morning. Black Friday sales typically go live at midnight Eastern Time or Pacific Time. We also see a lot of sales on Thanksgiving Day, so make sure you're following us on passionforsavings.com and on Facebook to stay updated on when those sales go live.

Now, let's talk about making your shopping list. There are two ways you can do it on passionforsavings.com. You can go to each store's page and look at their list of items on sale, checking the ones you want to add to your list. Alternatively, we're offering a new feature this year. You can search for specific items like iPhone, iPad, Lalaloopsy doll, or Keurig brewer. It will pull up all the deals at different stores, allowing you to compare prices and find the best deal near you. You can then add those items to your shopping list.

We're constantly looking for ways to help you save even more money, and I hope these tips and features on passionforsavings.com will do just that. I hope you have a fantastic holiday season and enjoy your Black Friday shopping!


Music hello YouTube, welcome back to another video. Today we've got a Lowe's weekly ad video. Don't forget to hit the like button, hit subscribe, and hit the bell icon for more deals, more Home Depot loaves, and Harbor Freight videos, tool reviews, and DIY solar projects. Alright, let's go ahead and get started. I do apologize for my voice getting over this cold.

Here we've got Lowe's prices valid 12/13/18 to 12/24, just before Christmas.

- Wall to toolkit 20 volt max lithium-ion cordless combo kit with soft case. You get a bag, two batteries, two drills, an impact, and a drill driver for $140. Not a bad deal, probably not brushless.

- Milwaukee tool kit for $149, same thing but it's Milwaukee, not brushless.

- Brushless drill kit for $99, with a parity in a soft case, charger, and a 1.3 amp hour battery.

- Cobalt kit for $99, a 227 piece standard metric mechanics toolkit set with a hard case.

- Cobalt two-tool 24 volt max lithium brushless cordless combo kit with soft case for $129, brushless drill, one battery, and a charger.

Seasonal clearance only about 50% off Christmas and holiday decorations while supplies last. Normal returns accepted after 12/26.

Craftsman 220 volt max lithium-ion compact cordless combo kit with soft case for $149, includes a drill, 1/4 impact driver, reciprocating saw, two 1.5 amp hour lithium-ion batteries.

Pro combo price for $778, you get a 26 drawer steel tool chest and a 52 inch 10 drawer rolling tool cabinet.

20 volt max lithium cordless impact driver for $469.

Craftsman your choice for $798, you get a 24-piece screwdriver bit set or a 14-piece gold oxide twist drill bit set.

Combo price for $778, you get two 8 drawer steel tool chests and a 52 inch 10 drawer rolling tool cabinet.

83 piece standard metric mechanics tool set with hard case for $69.98.

25 feet 1/4 inch lock tape measure for $9.98.

Miter saw, Craftsman 10 inch 15 amp copper miter saw with laser for $191.19.

Buy one get one free tool deal, buy one for $299 and get one free.

Cobalt 63 piece standard metric mechanic's tool set for $29.90.

Craftsman 106 piece drill driver bit set with a hard case for $18.90.

15 amp 10 inch table saw with folding stand for $179.

Two batteries for $40.

6 tool kit for $479.

100 piece tough grip screwdriver bit set for $22.98.

Craftsman 12 inch 15 amp 349 miter saw.

20 piece standard metric combination wrench set for $49.98.

89 piece household tool set with hard case for $89.89.

20 piece ratcheting multi-bit screwdriver for $4.98.

3 piece locking pliers set for $9.98.

3 piece folding hex keys for $9.80.

55 feet self-centering tape measure for $9.98.

LED flashlight for $9.87.

Circular saw blade for $7.98.

16 ounce hammer for $4.98.

47 piece screwdriver set for $9.98.

Piece magnetic bit screwdriver set for $6.98.

Folding utility knife for $4.98.

Gator machete for $14.98.

5 piece plier set for $19.98.

Nice workstation for $39.99, supports up to 5500 pounds.

High top workbench for $89.

Craftsman storage rail system.

These are all the appliances they've got.

More New Deals Dropped 🎄 Black Friday 2022 🎅 Holiday Shopping @ Lowes

New Black Friday deals have just been released at the stores you love. Make sure to subscribe to this channel, hit the like button, and click the bell icon so you can buy more tools like this. Don't forget to watch the review videos to navigate the platform that my subscribers enjoy.

In this video, I will be discussing the new Black Friday deals for brands like DeWalt and Milwaukee. I have separate gift sections for each brand, so make sure to check them out. Let's get started!

- Power tool kits are on sale for $99. You can choose between an impact driver or a drill driver. The legendary 840 impact driver is highly recommended at this price.

- Drill bits are also available for $25. This kit includes four inch bits, two inch bits, and one inch bits.

- The Cobalt case stack is priced at $199. While it is a nice option for homeowners and DIYers, professionals might want to consider the Cobalt Flex system for more durability.

- The Tough Build XR rolling massive toolbox is a professional-grade tool bag with rolling wheels. It is rugged and has pockets both inside and outside. Though it is a bit pricey, the quality is worth it.

- The Tough Build Quick Set Workbench can hold up to 1000 pounds and is on sale for $69. This is a great deal for those in need of a sturdy workbench.

- The pressure washer is on clearance for $224. It is a medium-sized 2800 PSI washer, which is a good deal considering its power.

- There is an eight-inch 20-volt tool available for $37. While it might not be worth the original $80 price, the clearance price makes it a good buy.

- The chainsaw kit, priced at $139, includes a battery. This is a great deal for those in need of a chainsaw.

- The outdoor cord is on sale for $22. It is a black, red, and blue cord that is 25 feet long.

- Cobalt offers a 1500-pound capacity dolly for $9.97. This is a great clearance deal for those who need a dolly.

- The Borasaw Plates, which act as guides, are on clearance for $34.98.

- A 14-inch tile cutter is available for $22.24.

- The impact driver and drill driver with two batteries are available for $99. These are brush tools, so keep that in mind.

- A 243-piece mechanic tool set or a vacuum is available for $99 each. These are great options for DIYers.

- A 268-piece homeowners tool set is available for $99. However, a 257-piece set might offer more value for the price.

- A 100-piece drive set with security bits is available for $14.98.

- Cobalt organizers are available for $32. While they might be a bit pricey, they are of good quality.

- Bosch offers a 100-foot self-leveling alignment laser for $107.

- A self-leveling 39 laser is available for $99.

- Craftsman offers a buy one, get one free deal. When you buy a four amp hour starter kit, you can get a select Craftsman power tool for free.

- There are also great deals on other brands, so make sure to check them out.

These are just some of the great deals available during the Black Friday sale. Make sure to visit your local store and take advantage of these discounts before they run out. Happy shopping!

Menards Black Friday Sale Ad!

Hey guys, welcome back to the Circle Viayoutube channel! Finally, here we have the Menards Black Friday ads. Let's go through them in this video. There are six-hour deals that are good from 6 am till noon, and there are also deals that are good for two days. Just so you know, Menards is closed on Thanksgiving Day. Before we get into this video and all the Black Friday deals from Menards, let me mention my website, strugglevennett. Make sure to check it out every week to find the best deals that Menards has in their sale flyer for that week, including free stuff and some really good deals. Also, if you ever need an 11 percent off rebate or the 11 percent adjustment rebate, I do post that on my website. Sometimes, if you're even just a day late at the store, they're not going to give you the rebate, even though it's still good, and it's annoying. So, it's on my website. Alright, let's check out the Black Friday ad.

- For any electronics at all at Menards, I would always, always, always look up reviews on the specific model of the item. Sometimes they have real junk in their electronic stuff, and then sometimes they have really great stuff. So, just any time, always look this up before you consider buying anything that's electronic at Menards. I learned that from buying some Polaroid tablets a couple of years ago, and Monica will never let me live it down because she bought three and they were absolute garbage.

- They've had these exact same Barbies a couple of years ago. Plush animals, as long as those aren't like the beaded stuff in there, I always give those to my dogs. A good thing, these ladders are amazing! If you've never had one of these, you need to pick it up. 58 bucks is really cheap, and it can hold up to 300 pounds. You can even put it on stairs because you can just lift one side or just lift the other side. It can be an extension ladder or an A-frame ladder. The only downside is that mine is heavy as hell, but I really like those.

- Look at that, they even gave us a little map of where things are at. You know, I don't know if it's really telling me anything. I don't know if the damn numbers mean anything.

- Let's get into some of the two-day deals. There's a bigger multi-position ladder, Tool Shop screwdriver. It looks like about the same thing that Harbor Freight has. It's the same price. That's the normal price for Harbor Freight when you have a coupon, so that's not a great deal for you.

- They had this drill bit kit a couple of years ago at the exact same price in their ad. I like it just because there are a ton of pieces. While it says 333 pieces, you've got wood bits and metal bits, and there's all sorts of stuff in there.

- This light here is awesome! I bought two of these. Super bright white light LED, so it doesn't get hot, and it doesn't use up a lot of power because it's LEDs. If you have any use for lights like this at all, that's a really nice light. I actually have one right next to me right now.

- Let's move on to the next page. It's not a good deal there. This thing, $30 for a cordless digital inflator. It's interesting.

- You can see they've mixed in six-hour sales and two-day sales, which Farming Fleet does the same thing, and I just find it really annoying. So, you have to figure out which one you're looking at.

- Very important, this thing is awesome! I bought one of these on Amazon, and I don't know if it's the exact same brand, but it sure looks like the exact same thing. I love this thing. It folds up flat, and it extends out. There are spots for drink holders, and I paid $50 or $60 for mine, so that was a pretty good deal. I love that little wagon. That thing is awesome!

- That's funny. Big R stores have had that plunger for a couple of years. I'm aware. Elsewhere in Europe right now, I'm seeing 30 years ago. I don't go to Big R stores anymore, though, because they kicked me out.

- The toy section at Menards is a lot like the electronics section. Sometimes they have some good name-brand toys, but they also have a lot of no-name, kind of off-brand stuff that's really cheap but also made really cheap. If you happen to look up some of their off-brand toys on Amazon or something, you'll see a lot of things have bad reviews. So, just be careful with buying some of the toys. If it's a brand you've never heard of, do a little research on your phone or something before you pick it up. Just make sure you're gonna be happy with what you get.

- I did not know they still made Stretch Armstrong. I had one of those when I was a kid, and it's tempting to buy one just for the fun of it. That's funny. I used to love that thing.

- I can pretty much guarantee the SmartWatch is gonna be garbage. Would never consider it.

- Is that really what someone wants? Headphones with flashing lights on them? It's like you can't even see the lights yourself, and you're just trying to draw attention. Look at my flashy lights. I don't get it. It's not interesting.

- The price of little power banks like this is really going down, but $14.99 is a pretty good deal. Twenty thousand milliamp hours is a pretty good size. Did it say how many times it could charge your phone? We regret not doing that a bit. Anyways, that could be a good pickup.

- These little alarm clocks have been around for a couple of years, but I don't know about this specific one. But other ones I've looked up, people complain that they break. Well, it runs away if you haven't got a nightstand, and you have like hardwood floors or even carpet, I guess. But it runs off your table, so you have to go chase it to turn it off. As the entire ID, you have to get up. So, as a novelty, I think it's pretty neat. But obviously, how many times can that thing fall off a table before it's going to break?

- Farm and Fleet had the exact same air fryer in their Black Friday ad. I don't remember the price, but during the market, I remember it being a good deal. LCD screen shows temperature, and I know that was something that was needed. It just tells her it's hot.

- Looks like they have the pet beds again. They've had these the last couple of years. Looks like a bunch of this pet stuff on the end is repeats from last year. These little paw print ornaments were from last year also. Little doggie sweaters and things from last year. These toys where there are balls inside their mouths. It's weird to say all this stuff. This is all of it. It's repeats from last year, same with these guys here. These I think are new, but these things are repeats.

- That was the last page, you guys. So, that is the Menards Black Friday Ad. Hope you found some stuff you like. Make sure to give the video a like, subscribe if you're not already a subscriber, and be sure to check out my website, struggle.net, if you are a Menards shopper. Get all the best deals each week for the 11 percent rebates. If you missed out on the price adjustment rebate, thanks for watching, guys!

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