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black friday 2022 ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Harbor Freight Black Friday 2022 Ad

yes, it's here, it's not. it's not uploaded on the website. I try looking for it and the website is not uploaded in the website yet but courtesy of black fridaycom they do have it. so you guys, I'll, um, I'll give big credits to them for posting it. you got the main event. it says Black Friday. uh. it says inside Track Club available Monday to November 21st. so as if, uh, yeah, yesterday, today, so, uh, you guys got Tuesday and Wednesday for inside track club members and then everyone else saves from Thursday through Monday. so everyone else, from November 24th, which is Thursday, 25th, 26th and 27th and 28th. so, uh, and then inside Track clubs they do get, uh, Early Access. I personally just wait. but unless you will run like a specific color on a cart like this or something, or a specific color on something else, then you might want to get the inside track club membership and you know, shop early. but other than that, you know you should be fine. I mean, if you have multiple stores that you're at your city, then you should be fine. don't forget to help out this channel by subscribing, hitting the liking, the Bell icon, so we can buy more tools like this, make more to review videos. that's the way YouTubers, the platform by subscribers, like to help out this channel by doing so. all right, so, starting here, we got the Pittsburgh three-ton low profile floor jacks rapid pump. I personally do have the uh, the Daytona version of this thing. this thing's a beast. I really do like it. my brother has uh another Daytona. he already has several different years with it. I already toked to several different uh auto shops and tire shops and they swear by these things. you know they'll they. they use them all day, every day, and you know they they're pretty good. they know what they're doing. so, yeah, these are solid. definitely check it out. it is one of the best deals. I'm not, from my point of view, uh, 119. you can go wrong with this price. it's hard to get this price now these days. so 119. if you think that's expensive, that is cheap because it is the low profile. if you guys don't know what the low profile is, if you got, you know short uh. you know lower the vehicles, or you know newer the newer Vehicles, the newer cars are lower to the ground. it's hard to get under there and, plus the lower profile, Jack actually lifts higher than a normal Jack. all right, so we got the Predator generator for 779. yes, these are crazy, crazy expensive, but now they dropped it to 779 it's not too bad. I know we've seen better deals out there, but there's just like one in a lifetime type of thing, um, and you're not gonna see the deal that you used to see before. so 779 is going to be the lowest on that one. 20 bucks. on the reciprocating saw: if you're a DIY, you don't want to invest in a tool- uh, you know battery platform- then this is going to get you and get it done for lighter Duty use, you know, just DIY stuff. this 20 bucks should get the job done. uh, the blades- I want to trust though I would, you know, get some fresh uh Diablo home. go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get yourself some nice reciprocate install Blitz. even here, I believe the, the Hercules and the bower are pretty decent. I don't know about these, these I, I don't know. I couldn't recommend those. all right, you got the easy flux 125 welder- this is 169- is going to be one of the cheapest and best. if you want to put two pieces of metal together, this is probably going to do, um, it's job and you know you're going to learn to weld and all that stuff. so this is a good little starter machine. I mean, you're not gonna get the best welts out of this thing, obviously, if you're starting out not even you know you're not gonna, but this will get the job done, uh, basically all right. so you got the Portland. I've used this before. this thing's a beast, uh. the only down part, uh down thing or you know thing that I don't like is that you do have to carry an extension cord, uh, but then again very inexpensive- at 49, like I said. same thing with this one extension cord on that. all right. so you got the 30 inch five drawer mechanics guys, they dropped it. so this is a really, really good deal on this one. I would definitely recommend that if you were waiting for that cart, go get them guys, because, uh, who knows when we're gonna see this price again. I personally uh been seeing the 200 range um, ever since I. I got mine for 150, not 149, I believe I got it for- and I never saw it for that price again, like ever again, and uh, for the longest time it was 200 bucks and then they raised the price to like 280 something, or there we go, 289, which is ridiculous. uh 219, I would definitely pay for that. this thing's worth it, this thing's great. even the professionals use these little carts. like I said, let us know down in the comment section, guys, if you guys got any of these tools. uh, whether you like them, you hate it and you think it's trash, you think it's really good tools, let us know in the comment section. I'm sure you would help somebody else you know, make a decision whether to get it or to not, to get it all right. so you got the earthquake. these are solid. it's only down part of on these is the. you know they're aired, so they're not battery. the battery tools will go over them in a second, if there's any here. so 99.99 for that one. this is a solid deal here. on this lamp, you guys, you know, got in a garage or or you have a port or a carport or something. uh, this is great for that. 16.99, that's a great deal. it is 5000 lumens, four feet hanging shop lights. you got some batteries- the blue ones. I. I think that's a really good deal for the blue, the blue ones. don't don't even buy the Yellow Version of these. the, the blue ones are the ones to go, all right. so we got the tool case with 300. this is, uh, this case, kind of cheap. the tools are kind of cheap. but for a truck, I mean for emergencies, uh, that's fine, it should work. you know, for emergency situations. I see so many people you know let him borrow some, some sockets or pliers or whatever they needed with this kit. and it's been solid. I mean, there's a little rust on the tools obviously because they've been sitting there forever, but they probably have like 10 years already in there. so, all right. so we got- uh, this is a TV wall mounts- heard nothing but good things about these. so, yeah, trust them guys, because they, they do make metal and they, they do make it pretty strong. so, 29.99 up to 80 inches, that's uh, a solid platform, a solid uh Mount. there you got a 12 000 winch. uh, this is not gonna be the upgraded model. just keep that in mind. they do have an upgraded model, which is the Apex, uh, the Badland Apex or something like that. uh, this will definitely do its job. but, uh, if you want to- you know, if you do a lot, off-roading a lot, just go with the better one they offer. I mean, you're gonna pay 200 bucks more, but you know, if it's on sale, it's usually around 500 bucks. so I would definitely go for the other one. but you know what, if you just have it for every once in a while, I think this should be fine. uh, this is a 4K single cable wired security system, one terabyte. I don't know about this one, I haven't used that. so, uh, these magnetik though, these are great guys, if you guys got, if you guys haven't checked out my video. I did a video a long time ago, about a few years ever since I started YouTube, I guess. I don't know if you guys want to go back on it, but yeah, there's I. I actually put two of these back to back together. what I did is I I screwed them. I put a screw on this side and on this side, like a screw and nut, basically on both sides, and I screwed them back to back and just just stik them to your toolbox. you know, that way you can, you don't have to draw into your toolbox, but you actually do need two of these. so if you guys want to check that, check out that video. it's an old school video and I do apologize for the quality. it's not the best. uh, back in the day, and if this thing loads up, we can move on to the next page. there we go. oh yes, guys, remember I was telling you guys about the upgraded winch. well, here it is. uh, this winch is one of the winches that everybody uses, as in YouT.

Top 5 Coolest BLACK FRIDAY Commercials

[Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. so [Music] dodge power dollars to all and to all. out of my way, you better watch out. power dollars are coming to town at the dodge black friday sales event. yo, i'm going to macy's black friday sale. yeah, i know it's pretty cool. it starts at midnight. is this the right way? i'll take that as a yes. i guess you're excited too. get justin bieber's sunday gift set and we'll donate two dollars to the make-a-wish foundation. only at macy's. the black friday sale starts at midnight. this black friday deals week, let the deals come to you. here it comes, the deal that called out to you from amongst thousands of others with amazon's deal notifications. you knew right when it was ready to feel your warm embrace: it's black friday deals week at amazon. let the deals come to you. rated rp2m now, starting at 199..

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The Only 3 Ad Creatives You Need for Black Friday

what's up? marketers, I feel like most people really over complicate Black Friday- Cyber Monday, so today I'm going to tell you the only three ad creatives you really should be running this Black Friday- Cyber Monday. I'm also going to answer some of your most common questions that I get about this time of the year, like: should I do an auto discount or a promo code, what types of offers run back, and a big piece of advice that I have for All Brands who are going to be partikipating in Black Friday- Cyber Monday. so let's go ahead and dive in. and the first type of AD creative- which I'd actually venture to say is probably the most important- is a really simple image graphic that very clearly communicates your brand, what you're all about, and also the discount code. now, this is not something that I'd normally recommend during any other time of the year except Black Friday- Cyber Monday, but I always see images do really really well this time of the year, and here's why I think that is number one. this is the only time of year that people are actually on Facebook and Instagram looking for stuff to buy, so you need to make your offer in your best selling products really front and center. I also find that cpms tend to be a little bit lower on image creatives. that's why I always like to keep those into the mix, and I'd say almost more than 50 of the time it's these really simple image Graphics that tend to really be the best performers, year after year after year. so if I were a brand, I would make sure to have something that's a little bit more studio photography driven, because those tend to perform really well. but if you tend to find that ugc images work pretty well for you, then go ahead and slap an offer on something that's already been performing well. but more on that in a little bit. now. the second type of ad that I recommend runs running during this time is a ugc ad, but the very important wrinkle here is that it has to be a gifting angle, and this is something, again, that I really don't try to over complicate as much, because during all of the other times of the year, that's when you're doing all of this robust creative testing. you're testing all these, oh my God, though now this is the one one time of year that I'm not really recommending you to test out too many different types of creatives. so when it comes to ugc, ideally throughout the year, you've already been testing different types of ugc hooks, different types of creators, and you should have an idea of what type of creators and what type of content does best for your UTC. so something that I'm recommending several Brands to do is actually reach back out to those top performing creators and see if they could do a gifting angle for their brand. and I'd say too, depending on your brand, you could do a compilation type video so that you can have content from several different types of creators, or it can be from one Creator. it really depends on what works best for your brand, but I would suggest, if you haven't tried a ugc compilation with a gifting angle, this is something that I would highly recommend trying. depending on the product. I often find that the ungifting or boxing type of content tends to do pretty well. so that's just a little suggestion for me. now. the third type of ad is so, so simple that I almost feel a little embarrassed saying it to Brown. that's when I do, but here it is. it's to Simply take your top performing ad, creative over the last year or six months, and simply putting a headline or a DOT whack. that's like a little stiker that shows your offer front and center. so there's really no additional creating of new creative that needs to happen here. simply take what's already worked and put a headline, put a dot whack on it and just run that. I also tend to find that, in addition to the image style Graphics that tend to work really well, this is also the thing that tends to be the second in terms of the top performance in ad creative. I think that any brand that was running at least these three creatives for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, would be in a really solid position. now, another type of AD creative- if you have a ton of products and you're not really sure which product to focus on in your ad creative, that I would suggest running is be sure to run some Dynamic product ads, so daba. so Dynamic ads, broad audience, that kind of thing- but be sure to have specific copy or primary tik, that toks about your offer. now you can also run that as a single ad inside a general conversion campaign. so that's another type of AD creative that I would definitely ride. this is something that would also launch a new campaign for, specifically for retargeting. again, this time of year is mostly going to be all about retargeting. it's not really about finding net new audiences. so, depending on what type of products your users are interested in, I would be sure to have that DPA style retargeting and also go ahead and try it as a dynamic ads broad audience test, because I have seen that surprise me a little bit in the past, so it's worth a try now. here are some of the most common questions that I get about Black Friday- Cyber Monday. number one: when should you launch your ads? so this is something that I feel like I've actually changed my mind about this year, because over the last few years, partikularly during the height of the pandemic, I felt like Black Friday- Cyber Monday was happening earlier and earlier every single year. now I find that for a majority of thesis clients this year, they're going to be launching the week of Thanksgiving. we have some clients that are going to be launching on Thanksgiving or Black Friday itself and then changing up the offer a little bit for Cyber Monday. but I'd say that for a majority of Our Brands, they're just doing a broad Black Friday- Cyber Monday type of offer and they're not changing up that ad created, which I think is the right call. you actually want to get as many learnings as possible from this time of year and I find that by switching out the ad creative right after Black Friday and then changing it up for Cyber Monday just tends to not actually have any benefits. another question that I always get is: should you change your ad copy? and, yeah, and frankly, just keep this really simple. I would simply just put the offer front and center. don't try and write something that is long-winded and complicated. you don't want people to have to work to find your offer during this time of the year, so make sure that it's not only on the ad creative if you're doing a promo code, but is also in your primary text, and try to keep it pretty short. remember that only two lines of text shows up on Instagram and you anyways, keep it short and sweet. go right to the goods, AKA that discount. uh, this is a good question that I always get every year: should you do an auto discount or should you do a promo code? now I hear a lot of Brands always say: oh, you should do the promo code because someone's gonna forget, and then that's just a little bit of origin that you're making up from the sale. I've like never seen that, but I I also understand that some websites don't really have the capability of doing an auto discount. I don't really think it matters. I think that this is something that's more of a brand decision versus an agency decision. we have Brands this year that are doing both. I think that if I was running a brand, I would just go ahead and have it be auto discount. as a user, I really like that ux of not having to worry about what the promo code was that I saw on Instagram or Facebook or tiktok and just being able to go right into my cart and automatikally see those savings. I think that's really cool and that's generally what I would recommend. but again, I don't really think that there's a performance reason to do one way or the other. but if you don't agree with me, let me know in the comments. uh, yes, what type of offer works best? I had a Instagram live with Savannah recently where we toked about what types of offers were going to be best this year and honestly, it just has.

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Walmart Black Friday Ad Preview Event 3 November 21st-25th 2022

welcome to my channel. I just got a notification from black fridaycom that the Walmart ad for this coming Monday on online for November 21st, at 7 pm Eastern Standard time. so that means these deals are available on Monday at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time, uh, 6 pm Central. but if you are a Walmart plus member you actually get access to it at 12 pm Eastern Standard time, but for me it is 11 AM Central Standard time. but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I think I like it when I can see the ad early. because. number one: if I'm buying something I can, you know, rely on- okay, do I want to buy it or not? towards Walmart waited literally till the last minute this past week to show their deals. but here it is for the Walmart event. number three, for Black Friday: you can check the Black Friday just black fridaycom ads and it shows it on here. so here we have a 65 inch TV, a Roku TV for 2.. 2.28- 228, which is a pretty good deal. a on uh kids tablet 32 gig 69. Gateway laptop: 149. here is an on 50 inch TV for 148.. some Booth or sound, uh sound bar for 59.. now I haven't checked the Walmart ad yet, or the Walmart website yet. but this is all that I have right now. but here we got some more laptops, TVs, here is a swag board for 99, a Razer adult foldable portable electric scooter for 2.99. here we have a Google Nest hub for 49.98, a Meta Meta quest to advance- 349, a curved screen for 165.. now this is the sale for the gaming. so if you guys are looking at gaming, definitely want to check it out. but here we have PlayStation 5 for 559 and it comes with the God of War, I'm assuming- game, Nintendo switch console and accessories, the uh, Mario K, Mario Kart Deluxe 8. so this is 299 great deal. and it comes with a game. and then it says the Xbox series, click for the latest price. so they're pretty much gonna probably price match whoever else is that price. now we got some games. here are the ps5s for 35. we got Madden 23, Gotham Knights 30, fight FIFA um 23, and then Call of Duty- again click for the latest price. so more games. PS4, PS5. we got uh, Nintendo switch games. that's what I'm all in for. Mario Party 29- all that fun stuff, more games. I feel like a lot of this stuff is the same sales from last year. but here we got Nickelodeon cart Racers: 15. Tiny Tina's wonderlands: 29, Hot Wheels Unleashed: 20.. uh, PS4, Paw Patrol: 20, and then controller- again click for the latest price. more PS4 and PS5 games: we got some for 15, 35, 29- again check for the latest price. I'll have to check the website to see if it says it any differently, but here it is: Sonic: 29, PS5, Zelda: 29. sorry, I can hear my kids coughing in the background. now here is a My Life as a doll for 15 bucks. I do know they have a grinch one. I don't know if the Grinch one is included, but that'd be cute. for um, for a little gift, we got a Lego Star Wars, 660 pieces for forty dollars. a bumper car for 79 and a mini Euro style electric scooter for 248 dollars. for kids toys: uh, we got a bike- 38 bucks. um, Spider-Man building toy: uh, doesn't say how many pieces, I think it's 466 for 40 bucks. another girl's bike: 38. a bounce house: 30. uh, 99 more bumper cars. the purse pets interactive: 15 bucks. we got Cody from Coco melon: 15. Bluey juice truck. so we got Bluey figurines for 25. remote control truck. here's a cool little Fujifilm insta in in Stacks camera for 55 bucks- needs some Play-Doh 55. and then they have a squishmallows and travel set backpack. so it looks like it comes with like a mini suitcase or a mini suitcase and a squishable backpack for 38 dollars. now we're in the Home Products, so we got some Egyptian towels for six bucks- great price. I want to know how soft those are. then we have a Serta soft Pro six piece sheet set- 15 bucks. I'm gonna say this right here is an awesome deal. I got these sheets last year and I absolutely love the sheets. they are so soft and comfortable, so I'm definitely getting more of these sheets right here for 15 bucks. Serta soap salt soft three-piece comforter set for 29. so looks like you get a comforter and two pillow shams for 29. that actually looks like a pretty good deal. my daughter needs a comforter that's pretty comfortable, so maybe we can get something cute like that shark Robot vacuum with a mop for 199.. here we got that Squishables thing again. we have a corded, lightweight stik vacuum for 20 bucks. here is a mattress topper for the Serta, so we got one for 30 bucks or 25 dollars. another iRobot. here is some comfy pillows for six bucks- great deal. I always get the pillows at Kohl's, but if these are just as comfortable and for about the same price as I get them at Kohl's, I'm gonna definitely check them out, because I can throw away all my old pillows and get new ones. here we got an air fryer for 60 bucks, a mini fridge for 25, so those are just like a little tiny little thing. knife black 89, a chefman barista Pro espresso machine- just 99 bucks. we got an acre hockey glass, 11 piece bakeware set for 20 bucks, plus measuring cups. that's actually something that I do need. um, that'd be a perfect little thing to get for 20 bucks. mini waffle, Mako griddle donut maker, omelette maker- for 25 bucks- I feel like that is a little bit high, but I'm assuming it comes with all four of them. so here is a coffee maker for gourmia- 12 cup- for 15 bucks. a Ninja blender- 50. and then here is some food storage containers for 20 bucks- also great deal. I'm all for, you know, keeping your food fresh and organized in the fridge. so, yes, Paws boots- we got ankle boots- 20 bucks. a Reebok hoodie for twenty dollars. uh, baby and toddler two-piece pajama set- seven bucks. and then we got women's sleep sets for 12 dollars. um, some jogging pants- 19- we got some two time and true sweaters for 10 bucks- great deal. here is some really cute slippers, if you guys need some. they got the Encanto and then they also have the Disney Princess for ten dollars. now we're looking at some more clothing apparel: um, some DC Joe boys slippers for 10 bucks and some more clothes. um, if you guys need to check that out, definitely check out their website because they'll have more available. trampoline: 159, a black stone steel outdoor pizza oven for 159 dollars, a inflatable hot tub: 298, another big trampoline for 159, and then a 270 piece tool set for 98 dollars. so that is the Walmart ad for the Walmart website and I did check here. so again, this starts on November 21st. but here they have a little bit more deals to share with you guys. like I see, they have a Apple watch for 199. they got apple airpods or 149. they have the Apple air pods with the charging case for 79. they have another projector for 137. so this is stuff that does start on the uh 21st. so right here it does say the Xbox is 4.99 and I will click the games when I come back. here is an air blown inflatable ELF car buddy for 14.98. um, we're gonna scroll down more of the bed and the bedding for 15. here's a different squishable option you can choose from. they will have a qriket Explorer for 169.. they got a nice cool little reclining racing table or a chair for 99 dollars. I'm just gonna click, keep on going down to share with you now. now, this is what I want. I absolutely love getting these pajama deals and here they have them for six dollars. so you're gonna definitely want me, definitely want to check those out. here is some off-brand uh air pods or 27.50. here is a little tykes cottage for seventy dollars. some more bikes: they got some for 48 bucks and we're just going to keep on going. here we have cry Berry, cry babies, tiny cuddles, music three pack for 15 bucks. more pajamas, toddler pajamas- 17. hey, there's Santa, look at that. so I'm gonna click on the pajamas because I actually want to see what they have, because I always love getting the pajamas, which they're not going to take me. but here it says they got Care Bears for six dollars and then you got your Disney princess. so we'll have to definitely check that out. um, more clothes, and then I'm gonna go back and click on the game option. so, bikes, bedding, top fashion. so let's just see what games they're gonna have um. so here is a lot more games that they're gonna have on h.

Target Black Friday Deal's Ad Preview 2022

well, hello, my love. so today we're going to hop right into the video. we are going to go over some of the Black Friday deals for Target this week. and yes, Target Black Friday deals are alive, so don't forget that you can sign up for the red card, the credit card or the debit and get this 40 off 40 coupon. we also have 10 off discount for military personnel through November 12th here at Target and the most important thing is a holiday price match. you guys, I want over this and anything that you purchased from October 6th to December 24th- guaranteed pricing, so let's hop right into it. so we are going to be looking at this. uh, the first thing I'm looking at is this curack for 49.99. that's really a good price, especially if you get that 40.. uh, 40 coupon, it'll be 9.99. they have buy to get one free on a bunch of these mixed Max books, board games, videos and things like that. so if that's something you guys are wanting to grab, also got this. what is that? the? I wanted to say pressure cooker, not the pressure cooker- um, juices, what is this thing had a brain fart. the air fryer for 44.99. they got these little containers up here for 8.99. um, I think that's better deal than the ones that they had at Walmart. but yeah, you'll have to compare and figure that out for yourself. and then some other household kitchen appliances. so I'm looking at here. they got some little earbuds for 17.99. it's like they're giving away beats but you save 200. they have beat headphones for 149.. looking at some other headphones over here as well. and then I notiked the refrigerator down there for 99.99 with a free uh 20 Target gift card back with a purchase. so that makes that 79.99. if you guys have babies or about to welcome babies, look into some of the baby deals. baby stuff is expensive, lowered, all right. so I'm glad to see that they have some personal care items. these are spin 25. get a five dollar gift card. you know you can flip the gift card. then we also have some holiday Decor starting at five dollars. you guys know we're at Target. the quality should be a little bit better. um, but that'll be your judgment. 20 off select artificial trees and outdoor holiday Decor. if you are looking to decorate outside. one of my favorite things during the holiday are the gift sets, although I'm cheap and I like to see what's coming out, so I know what to be looking for after the holidays so I can pick them up on clearance. yeah, so looking at this one, the 53.99 for this um Hot Wheel attraction- whatever it is, um, and then it comes with a five pack of cards, so I thought that was a decent deal. some more toys for the kiddos if you guys are looking to do shopping. I saw movie deals- five dollars. that's some good movies in here for five dollars. five to ten dollars. Netflix keep going up on them prices. I'm gonna be purchasing some movies, all right. so here are more appliances I was looking at, like the little Buffet set for 39.99. I thought that was a decent deal. it has some other appliances here. if you want to pause it and take a look, then we have this TV here and I just showed this TV in my Walmart video. If you haven't I seen it, make sure to go back and check it out. the CLC 55 inch is definitely a better deal at Walmart for 188, compared to 3: 19.99 right now at Target. foreign [Music] [Music] [Music]. come on.

Get Black Friday Ready with Google Ads in 2022

every single year. the level of success that many businesses see rely on the core two to three month period leading up to the end of the year, and this is because in that period, there's a lot of different sales and holiday periods that greatly increase the amount of spending in the e-commerce and retail area, including black friday, cyber monday, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas and new year, just to name a few. and if you don't know of and use all of the different tools that you can in your google ads campaigns, you can be severely limiting the level of profit and success that you're seeing with your google ads campaigns. so to make sure that you're prepared for the upcoming silly season this year, i want to share with you the top four tools that you can use in your google ads campaigns so that you can see the highest level of success- and, as always, by success i mean highest level of money and profits- and to make sure that you're not missing out on any of these important steps or extensions or tools that you can use in your google ads campaign, and so that you can go about optimizing your e-commerce campaigns in google ads the right way. why don't you go through right now and grab my checklist for e-commerce campaigns in google ads, and this is a checklist which not only lists all the different options that you can use for your google ads e-commerce campaigns, but it also lets you know how often you need to optimize your campaigns, including whether you need to complete actions every 72 hours, every week, every month or every 90 days. and if you want to get your free copy right now, all you need to do is follow that link in the description below. but right now, without wasting any more time, let's get into those top four things that you need to be adding to your google campaigns, and the first one is the countdown timer, and this is something that can be added to your responsive search ads for your search campaigns, and the reason for why i love the countdown timer is because it allows you to bring some really high levels of urgency to your ad copies, because you're creating a fear of missing out or fomo amongst your users, and it speeds up the decision process, because with the countdown timer, you can let people know very clearly how many days or hours are left for your current sale or promotion, because what the countdown timer does is it dynamically and automatikally updates to let the searcher know exactly how many days are left in the sale, and then when you get to the last day or that last 24 hours, it counts down and lets them know how many hours they have left. so if you're not aware, let me right now show you how to add these to your campaign. now, when you're in the edit section for your responsive search ads, when you go into the individual headlines, you just need to type in that squiggly bracket or the brace, and then this brings up some different options: keyword insertion, countdown or location insertion- and obviously right now we want to use this countdown timer. and then from there, you need to add in when you want this countdown timer to end. so let's put this in for the end of the month, and then we say how long before we want this to start. so let's put three days before. and then we click apply. now i'm going to pin this into position three so you can see this appear here and you can see that it says two days. now what we also want to do is we want to add in some text beforehand. so we want to say sale ends and you can see from here: sale ends in two days. and then if we were to change that so that we're saying that this is actually going to end today. you can see that this has changed and now it says sale ends in nine hours. so by using that countdown timer, you're giving a really clear and strong message to your users of how long you've got that sale lasting- whether it be a couple of days or a couple of hours left- so they can cash in and save on your products. and now let's move on to those next two tools that i want to let you know about that you can use across your google ads, ecommerce campaigns, and these are two different types of ad extensions that can be used in your search and your performance max campaigns, and they are promotion extensions and price extensions. and let me show you how both of these work and how you can set them up. so you want to be going into ad and extensions and then go into extensions and then, from here, use this blue plus button and add promotion extension. we then go through and select whether you want this to be set at the account campaign or ad group level, and let's just set this at the account level, and what that means is it will automatikally be displayed across all of our individual campaigns and ad groups in this account. if you want to, you can actually add in the occasion. and because we've mentioned black friday, you can see that there is a black friday option, and then we have to go through and choose of whether this is going to be a monetary discount or a percentage discount. and let's just add in a percentage discount of, say, 30, and then from there we've got 20 different characters where we can say whether this is for partikular products or we can just say site wide, and then you can see it's displaying black friday, 30 off site-wide. from there we then go through and add in the url. now there's two options: you can send them to your home page or a sales page or even the individual product page, and then from there we go down and add in some extra details. now, one thing that i do like to add in is that if we're starting this, say, for example, for black friday, we can select a date of when this is going to start, and we know that this year black friday is on november 25th. so we can say that this is going to start on the 25th and we're also going to say when it ends, and we're going to end this one on the sunday the 4th, and what you're seeing in here is that this black friday is now valid from november the 25th to the 4th of december, and then also what you can add in here when it comes to the promotion details. you can also add in whether there is an on order is over, so let's just say you want it to be on orders over 100, or if there's a promotion code where you could write black 30 to communicate that this is a black friday sale and they're saving 30, and then we can go down into these advanced options. if we want to take it a little bit further now for these advanced options, it's important to note all of this section up here. this is visible to the user, but when we go to these advanced options, these are things that only you see. so if we wanted to set this up now but not have it display until the monday before black friday starts- so the 21st of november- this doesn't change anything in this promotional bar. but what it does do is that it means that this promotion bar won't appear on your ads until this date, the 21st of november, and this is a great tool for your black friday planning in that you can go through, set this up a week or two before and it can automatikally start on the given date and the given time, and that's how it looks in your mobile ad. the other reason why i do like this is that it increases your ad real estate, so it increases the size of your ad, and this is especially powerful for mobile ads because it pushes the second and third position ads further down the page. and then for your desktop ads it also appears in a highlighted section underneath the main section of the ad. and then the second extension which is great to use through sale periods for e-commerce campaigns is our price extensions, and these ones take a little bit longer to set up, but they are very easy process and by this you just need to go through and select your currency. for this example, we'll keep it in usd, and then on each individual product you just need to type in and for here we might say we just put in the price and if this is for a service, so it's not for a fixed price. you can even add in whether this is per hour, per day, per week or per night. we then type in an extra description and t.