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black friday ads 2015 kmart

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Black Friday Madness 2015 !!!

hey guys, what movie one. back here again for yet another black friday madness video for you guys today. right now I'm in the parking lot of best buy. there's a little bit of a line of people over here by this location, but most of the parking lot is kind of empty over here and I mean there's, there's cars and things, but it's really kind of empty. the store opens and a little less than an hour and it's kind of strange because usually where i used to live it would be packed all over the place. i'm going to be a you know gonna wait in line now to find some deals today. so come along with me and let's see what we find today. alright, guys, the lines started moving a little bit and start opens in about 10 minutes. right here, i'm here with my mom right now and we're about to go in there too hard up like crazy, right you, betcha? yeah, oh man, it's cold out here. I think I started to feel like raindrops. yeah, oh yeah, I'm glad I brought my hoodie today. my little creep show one, but we could be heading on in there. hopefully we find something cool. I hope don't really do by like some TV. I know you want, I know you want Xbox, don't you? oh, you bet your video game theme. alright, everyone on inside. best buy we go, we're gonna fight, we're gonna scrap. look at our. knock people out to get the blu rays we want, right, oh yeah, yeah, right, golden, but don't you have Golden Gloves back in the day? oh yeah, something like that. yeah, but it's time to get our blu rays on baby. alright, guys, i'm the best buy right now. looking at some of the deals people are going crazy over, like the hundred and fifty dollar TV which sold out in like seconds over here. I don't have that 40 of them for sales. like Toshiba for 150 bucks but you can get the new jurassic world movie for 10 bucks in the same thing, fast 7 and inside out and things. i have these ones already. but i'm just trying to make my way, you know, to this other section over here to try to find, you know, different ones that are on sale. i'm not even sure, to be honest, you know which ones are on sale and which ones are not. I'm sort of looking around like a douche and the movie section is kind of empty and stuff, if I guess people are mostly downloading, but me trying to find something special. man, guys, my best part has these little carts over here, you know, just full of like DVDs and blu-rays, but I'm not really sure like what the prices are and some of these things that they're just like a mishmash of like new releases, just like random steal books and things like nothing's really priced over here. it's kind of crazy, like I'm sure, all these ones right here like 10 bucks, like these newer releases like Maggie and stuff like that and you know the age of Adeline and just other things, but like I don't really see anything like price under. think it's kind of weird. i don't know what the hell is going on. yeah, guys, this is really weird, man. they usually have like bends, like you know, like little bends, but in order to get the movies at for the deals, oh, here, like these things, there we go. this is what I was kind of looking for, these things, this is what I'm used to seeing like every year and thinks the TV shows and the blu-rays and things for 399. so I'm gonna look through some of these things and kind of see what they have. they have the new edition of The Terminator for three bucks. here are some of the 599 of blu rays and dvds that they have here, like American sniper, the new Hobbit movie over here- gone girl, I might be getting this right here, I'm not really sure yet, but I know originally came in a red case with a slipcover. but I've always wanted to see and I believe it won best picture from from what i remember. but just kind of looking at you know some of the different deals that they have, even some of the 399 ones you know that they have here, like Don. oh, no, that, no, that's a DVD I'm. if I good, i'll probably get a blu-ray that if i found it somewhere. alright, guys, look at all the hordes of people looking up over the DVDs and blu-rays over there. who knows what they're gonna be scavenging for for their snatch up, what i'm looking for, who knows? they also have a 199 section over here for some dvds. i would have thought I DVDs by now would have been like a dollar or maybe even less. so the movie companies can get rid of them, to be honest. but I still look anyway because you never know. alright, guys, I have a couple of things in my hands already, but I found an ad over here which I should have looked at first before I came to the store just to see if I see you know what kind of titles you know that they have- that I may be missing out on. you know anything? who knows? i'm just looking through here just in case. alright guys, we're online now to check out a Best Buy. did you find anything in here? is it kind of crazy for you over here? okay, yeah, I got a handful of things in my hand here, well, some of which I'm a wittle down before I get to the end of this thing. alright, guys, out of best buy got a handful of things up in there. so right now, its head on over to walmart. they opened up in about 20 minutes. alright, guys, just made it on over to walmart with about 10 minutes to spare before it's, you know, before six o'clock when they start doing the deals. but the thing is, but with this walmart go to all the time is 24 hours, something like. i don't know how it's gonna work out of here because, although the warmer side went to before for other black fridays, you know we're ones that would open up. you know exactly at that certain town, like midnight or five o'clock, six o'clock or whatever time it was. so i don't know how it's going to work out if the move is already, you know, on sale, all on sale right now, if they cut up on those, those big boxes full of movies. my mom's having a cigarette break right now, so hopefully, you know, we don't lose. you start to lose each other in the madness. alright, guys, i finally found the line to where the movies and games are. it kind of like wraps around, like the little, like you know I toilet paper, aisle paper, towel, roll I'll and goes into the freezer section, because usually the walmart I used to go to, you know, for other black Fridays they would have it like in the movie section itself and things like that, or maybe just a little bit away from it. over here it's Anna, totally, completely, completely different section. okay, guys, I'm standing in line store at walmart for the movie section and look what I came across over here: a Justin Bieber, a body lotion. who the hell is gonna come out here, running out here? i want to buy this thing. people got a bite. people gotta buy them by the pound. oh jesus, i don't want to smell like justin bieber's bunghole. alright, guys, it looks like the line is moving to get into the walmart bluray section, game section, what have you? why am i waiting in a big old line for some movies? and i made a video, you know, a couple weeks ago toking about how i need to downsize my dress collection. I don't know, that's a hoarders life for me, I guess. alright, guys, they're finally letting us into the dividend section over here. of course they're color-coded from green all the way down to whatever red to 996 and is looking around the different promo code ones and you know seeing if I can find anything cool. I have no idea where my mother is right now. I who knows what's going on, but it looks like there's a lot of the same titles from all that previous years, like a skate plan- and you don't I mean an exodus, I believe I was here before. maybe I know Hunger Games was, but hopefully I find something cool in there, because there I always goes all the way, all the way down and we only have five minutes to look at some of these. all right, guys, I found the 396 section over here where they have a couple of like older titles here- not all, not all older- like machete one. that's kind of a good deal if you guys haven't picked that one up here, project Almanac blu-ray 396 Titanic. I don't know. it's a lot of sort of the same stuff I already have already, but there's a handful of other 396 ones right here, if you guys haven't gone to your walmart ye.

KMART Black Friday Ad 2019--*HOT* Doorbuster Deals!

hi everyone and welcome to Highline couponer. since today I'm here with the Kmart Black Friday ad for 2019. if you haven't already seen, I put up a bunch of other Black Friday ads today- I mean previously. so so far we have Kohl's, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, JCPenney and Best Buy all up on the channel. there's a whole tire playlist called Black Friday 29th- seen wrap. all that laid out so you can easily compare, get my thoughts and see what you think. and I will continue to post Black Friday ads as they come out because there's lots of really awesome ads. so we're gonna tok Kmart today. I so miss Kmart. wish they would not ever have closed. like I love that store, wish it would come back. but if you still became art, go get these deals. so the weird thing, the thing to remember: if you're in a, you still got Kmart, but they are going out of business. these deals will not be valid at this closing stores because is a liquidation sale and they are run by a liquidator company, so it's not run by Kmart. so Kmart will not have these deals at your store. if you do the liquidating Kmart, you know you don't watch. check it out and see what you can find. so Kmart will open Thanksgiving Day at 6:00 in the morning, which is whoa. that is crazy. I don't think any other store opens at 6:00 am. to me that's a little much. but um, that's K Mart's method here. so they're opening at 6:00 am and they will we have until midnight on Thanksgiving and then they'll open back up a Friday at 6:00 in the morning and then a really cool promo. this makes Kmart so unique. it's just kind of like cools cash, except it's money. you use it Kmart. so you have $15 back and shop your waypoints when you spend $40 at Kmart. so it's not that hard to do. it's almost like 50% back, almost like- not 50% exactly, but you know it's kind of close to that. let me give you the exact so I can be factual. so you're gonna get back thirty seven and a half percent on your money. so when you do that, I'm not sure how that works. how many times can you do that? it doesn't really say points could not be used till December 2nd, so you'll have to go back. I don't know if you spent $80 out and if you get 30 or not. that's kind of confusing. have to see. alright. so doorbusters- not everything here is a deal like this. the holiday chocolate two for five. would not call that a deal per se, but, um, you know it's alright, we might have a dollar off to coupon, because Kmart does take manufacturer's coupons. buy one, get one. 50% off on the Disney frozen toys: um, I don't think Bob will get one half off. is that great? honestly, I don't want to be like throwing shade. it came out here because I love Kmart but, um, there are some good deals in here but Bob won't get one half off. is not that amazing? and then this is actually a good deal here: $19.99 for the X her bow or X shot regenerator nerf guns. that's a great price. there are really 40 bucks, so it's definitely a good time to buy them. 50% off. sleepwear for the family at Kmart- pretty good. and then 50% of woman's robes. it says. now this is probably the best, one of the best deals in here. it's $29.99 for a Christmas tree. that's an awesome price. haven't seen anywhere cheaper as of yet. not only seen a whole lot of the big discounts stores, I guess we've seen Target, but that's pretty good at Kmart. $24.99 for this Sedona house weighted blanket: 15 pounds. that's the standard everywhere so far I've seen on Black Friday's 25 bucks. so hey, why not? if you want to grab the Kmart, you know, if you want to work towards that, get 15 back in points, get at Kmart, because it's the same that I've seen a CVS so far. we've not seen Walmart yet. that's pretty good today's sale at Kmart. so these deals are run for two days only, Thursday and Friday. they have lots of clothing deals. so $5 for some women's pants- regularly 18 bucks. $5 for some sweaters or pullovers. $12.99 for some boots. I've seen cheaper on the fleece throws. they're saying 279. go get that elsewhere. they're cheaper at Walmart places like that. they're not Walmart CVS. we've not seen Walmart yet. they need to hurry up. they're the one I really, really want to see. five dollars each for some men's athletik fleece coupe pants- regularly ten. lots of just like good door Busters here. on clothing: if you need clothing, go to Kmart. okay, these are gonna run for four days, so they'll run from Thursday through Sunday. they have some point steals here on gift sets and seasonal foods- their bobbin- get one half price. so it might not be too bad for you. everyone seems to have Barbies for five bucks. I'm not sure what's up with that. and then um select toys and games and puzzles, or five bucks. that might be a good deal for you, as those play-doh sets are gonna be 10 bucks there regularly, $24.99 or $19.99. so that's good savings. um, yes, what else? those sets down there, the chef's kitchen and the little workbench thing- 15 bucks are girlie thirty. so hey, that's 50% off right there. Newberry dolls, Baby Alive- all that stuff is on sale at Kmart and keep mugging these deals online as well. I don't think you'll get free shipping unless I just didn't put in the ad: target is doing free shipping, so that is one advantage. I don't have a target in my town, but I can make any purchase and get free shipping. so that really makes a difference with where you're gonna buy stuff, because the Kmart free shipping is not unless you spend like 50 bucks. so I'm a little annoyed. I'm hoping they're gonna do this. this page I'm not so excited about it's buy one, get one half price. you're still gonna pay full price for one of them. not a huge fan of that cool thing about Kmart. if you can do layaway, so let's say you don't have the money to put out today on these products or on Black Friday when they're on sale. you know the money. you can do a layaway so you can layaway the Black Friday sale price and pay on it over payments at Kmart, which is a really, really cool thing about Kmart. Walmart will do that now to Kmart's- a lot more chill about it, I feel- and they do it year-round. so, uh, when I think of layaway, that's what I think of, but we don't have a Kmart anymore, so it doesn't really matter. oh, this, 30 bucks for a bed in a bag- I'm not too excited about that, honestly. I have already seen cheaper at Kohl's. I'm Emily JCPenney as well. I can't remember all the ABS off the top of my head. but don't do that at Kmart, I'm not now. that's not worth it. Kroger even has a bedding bed in a bag for cheaper right now, right now. so I don't know what that's all about. Kmart I'm. lots of Christmas items are on sale, so these ornaments are bottling it with free, 50% off of some decor and 60 bucks for another treat, and then the village sets the lights. pretty much everything Christmas is on sale. I think that's awesome. you go Kmart, that's great. interested to see what Walmart's sale is on Christmas, okay, and then they're back to two-day deals. I'm not sure why they bounced around in the ad and they have these women's puffer coats for $14.99. we route 66 jeans- 10 bucks more. boots for $12.99. they have a trampoline. it's regularly $349, it's down to one $49.99. they also are having air mattresses on huge sales: $9.99 for twin, $13.99 for a full and $17.99 for a queen. whoa great price for an air mattress. they also we're gonna have these dogmas. they've done this like every other year, every single year I can remember- for eight bucks. so Kmart's- yeah, that's kind of short, but there are lots of stuff here. make sure to come back at 12 pm today for the Sears ad- their sister store, live or Sears or M by the same people. see what they got going on and that's all I got. so thank you guys for watching and I hope you enjoyed.

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Black Friday Ads 2014!

hey guys, it's Heather passion for savings calm and we are toking about black friday ads. I have been getting so many questions from you guys about when the black friday ads are going to come out, and I am so excited because the first ad was already released and we're going to start seeing these ads over the next few weeks. so I wanted to kind of give you a few pointers on how to use the Black Friday preview ads to make your shopping list. so the first thing that you want to do is you want to go ahead and head on over to passion for savings calm. at the top of the page we have links to all of our black friday pages. we are posting Black Friday prices already on some amazing toys and deals that you don't want to miss, so make sure you check out that page also. we have an entire page dedicated to black friday ad previews. we're going to link to all the ad scans for you. we're going to tell you what are the best deals at this store on black friday. so a lot of times those ads are overwhelming because there's a thousand deals right at kohls. well, come on, we want to know, not just how many deals are at kohls. we don't want to know just what's on sale at kohls. we want to know what's the best deals at Kohl's, and that's what we're going to tell you. so we're going to link and show you all the best deals in that ad and then we're going to give you a printable shopping list that you can use to make your Black Friday plan. here's the beauty of this. this shopping list allows you to pick all of the items that you want to buy at all of the different Black Friday stores, and it's going to make one shopping list that you can email to yourself or you can print out, and it's going to organize all of your items by store. okay, so you can make your entire black friday shopping plan. on passion for savings: calm. all you have to do: go check out each of the ad previews, check the box for the items that you are get planning on buying, and then it's going to create one list with all of your stores in one place. you can sync it to the Favata app on your phone. it's a free app called vivado fa VA do on your phone, iphone or android device and then you can email it to yourself or you can print out your list. so you're ready to go and you can hit the stores, check out the items that you want to buy and get the best savings at each store. so that a new feature that we're super excited about this year. make sure you check it out. on passion for savings calm. the next thing I want to tok about is Black Friday store hours. so last year was kind of the year of the early opening. right, we started to see a lot of stores opening it like they've gone from 10pm one year and then it's 8pm will this year- bad news- it's like 6pm. so I really want to encourage you: if you do Thanksgiving dinner late on thanksgiving day and you can't hit 6pm sales on thursday, make sure you're shopping online on friday or thursday morning. so black friday sales typically go live all throughout the week at like midnight eastern time or midnight pacific time, but thursday morning we see a ton of get your black friday sales early, kind of like shop online on thanksgiving day and the Thanksgiving Day sales are fantastik. so if you can't make it to the store has 6 pm on thursday, make sure you're following us on passion for savings calm and on facebook because we will be telling you when all those black friday sales go live and you can get up early thursday morning and do a lot of shopping early, ok, so the next thing that i wanted to tok about is making your shopping list. there's two ways that you can make your shopping list. on black friday, on passion for savings- calm, so you can go, and you can go to each store and look at each stores list of items that are going to be on sale and you can check the items that you want to add to your list. or the other thing that we're offering this year is you're going to be able to search like iphone or ipad, or let's say, you want to get a lalaloopsy doll or whatever. you're wanting to get a keurig brewer. you can search by keyword and it will pull up all the deals at all the different stores so you can compare the prices and find the best deal at the stores near you, and then you can add that to your shopping list. so we're going to give you different ways that you can search all of the deals, which hopefully will help you save even more money, which is always our goal. on passion for savings- calm, I hope that you will check it out and I hope that you have a great holiday season.

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Black Friday 2015 ► Best Black Friday Deals: Tech, Apple, $35 Tablets ► The Deal Guy

- Every major Black Friday deal - Delivered right now. - Hi, I'm the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite - And I am intern Amy - Look who came back to be here all week. We missed her. She's so precious because she moves boxes and does manual labor for free, but don't worry, we're gonna give her freebies. Also, on Cyber Monday, we're giving away everything you have seen here to subscribers. We have a very important message: right now, The best door busters are online and right under this video window, And that includes the $34.99 Amazon Fire tablet, brand new for 2015.. We were the first deal channel in the country to list this, And there are more than 100 exclusive deals and doorbusters right under this video window. before we get to that - I don't get paid and Matt doesn't get paid. None of these are paid products, so don't worry, All the Black Friday deals and door buster deals are located right under this video screen. just click the "Show More" tab. - But there are some deals I would not buy, including a few Black Friday myths that we want to dispel right here. right now Should you focus on Black Friday and what's the deal with Cyber Monday? So I want to set the sales record straight: Black Friday is your best bet, and so is Cyber Monday. Thanksgiving is really a bit of a write-off in terms of sales. TVs, gaming, movies, multi-media, laptops and appliances are best on Black Friday. Cyber Monday is best for the store-wide sales for your favorite major brands. portable tik, smaller appliances, desktops, entire home wireless speaker systems are gonna be under 90 bucks. yeah, from $350, a better buy on Cyber Monday. - Matt will have an awesome Lenovo tablet deal on Cyber Monday, but kid's tablets are good on Black Friday. - And we are just getting started. Around the clock, Cyber Monday coverage begins Saturday night into Sunday. We're not sleeping - No, not at all. That's what I get on break. - It's gonna be amazing. We really appreciate you being here, and if there's something that we haven't covered for Black Friday or a deal that's missing and you think "Whoa, Granite, where are all those deals? "I expected to see", We've skipped specific categories that were not in your best interest today. Toys: again something that we really didn't want to focus on when there are better deals right around the corner. - Thank you so much for being here. We would not exist without you. You're amazing. - And remember, with Cyber Monday right around the corner, don't forget to turn your channel alerts on. We've got many more deals after Cyber Monday. This is a daily deal effort that would not exist without you.

2000s BLACK FRIDAY Commercials

this thanksgiving holiday, there's only one place where every family ought to be [Music] and that's toys r us, because friday morning from 6 to 11, you'll save big with over 75 off. monopoly pokemon, harry potter mystery game or cootie jitterbug- big savings at toys r us. turkey- no, thanks, no. leap eater, oh yeah, turkey coma. hey, snap out of it. i know what you need. joe boxer, women's two and three piece pajama sets are all: buy one, get one free. this friday and saturday only, plus thousands of other items on sale. kmart, this season shine. [Music]. david taylor: dress shirts and ties: 50 off this friday from 6 to 11 am, only at sears. where else? hi, hi, do you have a jvc camcorder? no too bad, jvc camcorder- 249.99. friday, from 6 to 11 am only at sears. where else? this friday, all tires are on sale at america's number one tire retailer, sears. where else? imagine if everything at kohl's was on sale. it is at cole's main event sale. everything's on sale- every sweater, every toy, every gift, plus extra savings during power hours late friday and early saturday. an extra 10 off outerwear already. 50 off. big savings on every toy. 50 to 60 off dress shirts and ties for him and even more on sportswear for me, plus an extra fifteen percent. i'll find jewelry already sixty percent off and amazing savings on all kitchen electrics. everything's on sale at cole's main event sale this friday and saturday. only kohl's expect great things. the after thanksgiving sale at lazarus starts friday at 6 am with the best gifts, incredible prices and doorbuster coupons. it's worth getting up early. [Music]. circuit city's tours open 5 am friday with huge savings on the gifts everybody wants. don't miss our incredible six hour specials. save 180 on this sharp 19 inch lcd hd tv just 249.99. save 50 on this canon digital camera with face detection tiknology- just 149.99. and save 105 on this magellan gps- just 124.99. be here early for incredible savings. it all starts 5 am friday at circuit city. target 2 day sale starts friday and i will be first in line for those deals. what's my secret? well, when you wear a red shirt and khakis, sometimes you just end up at the front of the line. wink, if you see me there, call me derek. hi, welcome to target. can i help you find something? yes, ma'am, the line starts right over there. i'm first here. at the big lots north pole, we open at 6 am the day after thanksgiving, cause that's when santa does his shopping. one of our best customers- friday only. record your favorite tapes to dvd with this dvd vcr combo recorder- just 79.99. only at big lots. this friday sales is opening early with an extra 100 to 300 savings from 8 to 10 am, like this: 3.99. one carat diamond bracelet- now just 199 at sales the diamond store. [Music]. up at the crack of dawn, the johnsons wait to shop for early bird specials. it didn't matter. before they got through the door the store ran out of stok. out of stok we could have slept in. case number 843- a job for hh gregg's holiday savings team. forget the so-called early bird specials. sleep in tomorrow at h greg. everything's on sale all day tomorrow through next wednesday. we could have slept in, that's right. everything's on sale all day tomorrow at h greg. [Music]. this friday from 5 to 11 am. come to walmart for the best items and our best prices. spring rate 600. thread count sheet set- just 39. adventure portable dvd player- just 49.87. and levi strauss signature jeans: 10 for girls and boys, 12 for men and women. 5 to 11 am- friday only. and check walmartcom on thanksgiving for secret items that'll be in stores friday.

What's in Junt's Cart? - Sears: Black Friday 2015

you could move small plants, you could move yard waves. there are cause on the road. it's like it's about 9:15 but it's actually 11: 49. they're going to Sears. they have some good deals. the real reason is because it's funny. yeah, it's funny. there's some thinness in the inventory if you walk through search, especially in electronics, whether it's just like there's no products. i'm messiah. look at all the people at the mall. this is gonna be a big affair here. oh, my goodness, is a big line to something. is it David's Bridal? no, it leads into the actual mall. this is not what I signed up for, God. no, we can line up. it's even got caution tape. what y'all over here? what's the big gadget? what's the big show? neem oil found it. there's a small line for Xia's. it's got a few people waiting in the cars, but there's really no reason well, to hold your spot in this line. so most stars now are opening 6 pm- Thanksgiving Day. however, in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and in name, you cannot open at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day. you have to wait until midnight or in most places in the US, you can't even experience a midnight opening anymore. only 2 days get this set of rules in three states and that's Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. there is in the Massachusetts general law about 70 businesses, business types. it can be opened. look at the the mall traffic. it's 11:50 pm. do you think this is Sears last stand? anyway, everybody was waiting in their cars, decided the threshold was crossed, then they needed to get in line. there's a tool set. I had the opportunity to order it online and pick it up tonight and I didn't do it because I thought they won't be enough to manage. now I'm concerned. yeah, I've got a $7 plastiks that I've been using for my Kia and they've gotten pretty funky. some of them smell like tomato sauce permanently. keep in mind this price is only about two dollars better than the best price I've seen for the science. so discount. no, the items that I'm gonna bar are not limited one. those items in the Flyers say: average of two per store. I even joined the environment and that's what they come up. the environment now, right, it's a spectator sport. the reason the Sears line is so long, as they thought it was the mod properly, I for some reason thought the mall wouldn't even open the way. they have to take a walk through the mall. there is just a little bit and Yankee Candle is. often it looks like the huge line. it is Victoria Secret. yeah, lady after lady continues. I think it's all for Victoria. what is going on there? Vickie's big secret- they gonna have to count them off. and then JC Penney's got a little bit of action. what kinds of things are bringing people? the JC Penney and Victoria's Secret? they have the entire store up to 75% off. who wouldn't want to go too crazy? I don't even know a crazy ass- the person in my ever. you know it's true, because they're crates of suck. they're actually buying CDs, actually nothing. boom, i portly sons. I don't know what. they giving away a vase or a secret, but they got the business. I don't know what the secret is. it's hers the key. it kind of makes you want things less, doesn't it? yeah, it makes me wonder not buy anything. why are you the young set? young people, yeah, they want those boots they can put over the legging so they can look like everybody else. there's people already in there. they're population controlling people in the building so when somebody leaves they can let another person in this fragrance filled to total nine piece set- $25, goodbye. I have too many candles already. is it disproportionately women into men, I think so 17 to 23 women. we got your buzz. that continues to be the line for Sears after the mayhem we just walked through. that's a representation of serious business percentage compared to most places. they did another path, telling people if they wanted something limited, they have to. as a merchandise pickup entrance, I'm on their website. I can order the items I want right now and pick them up and with the deals apply. yeah, it's on sale right there. is that the one? that's the one I need, a cart, all right, this is actually a really good deal. there's a bit and drill set: 12:49, normally 29 nine, you know. so maybe sears wasn't the laughing stok. what good deal. it warms my heart a little too soon as soon as this flowing good thing that's a Christmas decoration is a forty percent off. you know it's Christmas season now you gotta check it out. this tree is a magic tree. you can change it and it actually looks not like crappy LEDs, it looks like real Christmas lights. it's new innovation, Frankie. today it's half off up to 49 to 49. some serious tiknology there. craftsman theme, Donald's. it's kind of cute. no one in the Christmas Department at all, just us. I do need a Christmas skirt. these have been triple reduced. I think you'd look really good in a Christmas. Kurt, this is the better ornaments Department. they're kind of cute, some Christmas hooks- Christmas hooks. they're not on sale, but I need a minute. I want out brows and mosey through electronics. nothing excites me more than a completely unstuck electronics department. Alan used to tell me he would always come here to buy his video games because no one came to buy them, so they'd always have the newest. a little stok, even if they were sold that everywhere. right, is there anything worse in the world than a universal remote? I'd rather have 10 than one of those. 25-foot cat 5e cable. yes, $10 off. yeah, it's 15 bucks. I could. I could buy that on the open market for about three-fitty 32 gig memory card for nine bucks, and this is uhs-1, so this could be used for HD video. so I'm not a bad place. save $20, save $21. a Cumberland Farms level. selection of standard def TVs- only the oldest person would falter. 17 movies- I don't recognize any of those films. TV purchases: going down there negotiating in Hertz- they do negotiations. we already owned all our TVs, that's right. we don't need me new TVs. look really good. appliance deals- Black Friday, but that's not something one would normally, you know, come out for this starts at 6 pm because all of their promo stuff is made for the other stores, so I'm sure there's probably the hours are probably a little different around here. even the local flyer has the says that they open at 6 pm, which clearly they do. there are many places that sell appliances anymore. maybe the one thing this place can still do your pulses into seven bucks off 20 bucks for a year or more is worth of laundry. I'm not good for your clothes. that roughs up your fabric. that's how it gets softer. don't do it, they're not gonna last. I want a new, a new gas stove, but I don't have gas service in my house yet, so buying a gas that would be pointless. it's fun to look at me gas stove Indy to be so much quicker than cooking Mack on mama Ellicott. so, Center burner, you could make pancakes someday, Frankie, someday. gut dream problem: that promo is not working. so that is money your company's produced. it's a little ql3, 20 bucks. it's cold, mean it. what do you get? so I've considered buying a wheelbarrow for a long time now, but it seems cumbersome than unnecessary and my projects really aren't that intensive. you could move small plants, you could move yard waves. plus, we get card each other around it. Hey, we haven't even checked out the appliances or towel section. there's the whole boring story ahead of us. no, we buy pool cues, Frankie, that's what I want to know. well, kind of nice, but I have a phone. how much? six bucks. I'm gonna grab one of those 32 gigs- nine dollars. and we better go get one. it could be gone soon. you cannot get a pillow that's cheaper than that- about as basic as a pillow goes to fix them. I bought the last two of the 32 gig. yeah, SD cards for nine dollars each. they're sold out now because of me. I picked up something out while you were away - this little digital multimeter for $9. we just flip flannel sheets on our bed and I don't love them really. is it too warm for me, even in the, even in the height of winter? well, we don't pull them over us, that we lay on top of them. I think what a nice coarse.