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black friday ads scan 2021

Published on: February 23 2023 by pipiads

The Walmart Black Friday Ad Preview Event 3 will take place from November 21st to November 25th, 2022. The deals will be available online on November 21st at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. Walmart Plus members will have access to the deals at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. The ad includes deals on electronics, toys, home products, clothing, and more. Here are some highlights:


- 65-inch Roku TV for $228

- Kids tablet (32 GB) for $69

- Gateway laptop for $149

- Google Nest hub for $49.98

- PlayStation 5 for $559 with God of War game

- Nintendo Switch console with Mario Kart Deluxe 8 for $299

- Xbox Series (click for latest price)


- My Life as a doll for $15

- Lego Star Wars 660 pieces for $40

- Bounce house for $30

- Paw Patrol for $20

- Sonic for $29

- Mini Euro style electric scooter for $248

Home Products:

- Egyptian towels for $6

- Serta soft Pro six-piece sheet set for $15

- Serta soft three-piece comforter set for $29

- Shark Robot vacuum with mop for $199

- Air fryer for $60

- Ninja blender for $50

- Food storage containers for $20


- Women's sleep sets for $12

- Two-time and true sweaters for $10

- DC Joe boys slippers for $10

- Baby and toddler two-piece pajama set for $7

- Pajamas for $6


- Trampoline for $159

- Inflatable hot tub for $298

- 270 piece tool set for $98

- Blackstone steel outdoor pizza oven for $159

- Xbox games (click for latest price)

- Apple watch for $199

- Apple airpods for $149

- Off-brand airpods for $27.50

Overall, the Walmart Black Friday Ad Preview Event 3 offers a wide range of deals on popular items. Shoppers can save on electronics, toys, home products, clothing, and more. The deals will be available online starting on November 21st at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. Walmart Plus members can access the deals earlier at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time.

BLACK FRIDAY 2021 AD SCANS: Target & Walmart!

Back from the Dead: Black Friday 2021

It's that time of the year again, Black Friday 2021 is just around the corner. This year, things may be a bit different due to the impact of COVID-19. Nevertheless, the excitement for the biggest shopping event of the year is still there, as people are eagerly anticipating the best deals and discounts from their favorite stores.

Key Points:

- Black Friday deals are starting earlier this year, with sales starting as early as November 21st.

- Physical media collectors, video game enthusiasts, and toy lovers will find great deals this Black Friday.

- Target and Walmart are offering amazing deals for shoppers, with Target having a 60-page ad and Walmart having a 36-page ad.

- Customers should be cautious when purchasing certain items, such as TVs and laptops, as they may be made specifically for Black Friday and may not have the best quality.

- Best Buy has not officially dropped their Black Friday ad, but leaked information shows that there are some great 4k deals.

- Horror game enthusiasts will find great deals on video games at Target.

Black Friday 2021 may not be as exciting as previous years, but shoppers can still expect great deals and discounts. Customers should be careful when purchasing certain items and do their research to ensure they get the best quality products. With sales starting earlier than usual and great deals from stores like Target and Walmart, shoppers are sure to find something they love this Black Friday.

Walmart Black Friday Deals 2022: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

Walmart's Black Friday Deals for 2022

- Walmart's Black Friday plans for 2022 have been revealed

- How to score the best deals this year

- Personal story about saving up for Black Friday deals

Walmart's Black Friday Timeline

- Deals for days will be weekly events with unique deals slated for each week

- Event 1 starts November 7th at 7 pm eastern time and starts in stores two days later on November 9th

- Event 2 starts November 14th online at 7 pm

- Event 3 starts November 21st at 7 pm online

- In-store events begin two days after the online begins

- Deals for Days event ends with a big blowout on November 28 which is Cyber Monday

Top Deals for Event 1

- TCL 55 inch 4K TV for $188

- HP 11 6 inch Chromebook for $79

- Samsung Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer for $99

- Shark Pet Cordless Vacuum for $144

- Airpods Pro for $159 (first generation model)

How to Score the Best Deals

- Walmart Plus members get early access to all of the deals online

- Best deals will probably come during event three

- Be prepared to shop as soon as the deals go live

Personal Expenses as a 21 Yr Old Entrepreneur

- No information provided.


Walmart Black Friday Ad: Get Ready for Incredible Deals!

Hello friends, this is the Black Friday ad for Walmart! Are you ready for the biggest shopping event of the year? Get your wallets and shopping bags ready because we have some amazing deals for you!


There were two previous Black Friday events, but this is the main event for the week of Black Friday. As you can see, online deals begin on Monday, November 22nd, and in-store deals start on Friday, November 26th. Please note that Walmart stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Early Access:

If you are a Walmart Plus member, you will have access to these deals four hours before they go live to everybody on their website. So, make sure to sign up for Walmart Plus to get your hands on these incredible deals before anyone else.


We have a 20-page ad, and here are some of the deals you don't want to miss:

- Up to $500 gift cards when you buy selected Apple or Samsung phones

- 70-inch TV for $398

- $69 air fryer ovens

- Apple Watch at 50% off

- Xbox for $299

- PlayStation 5 for $499

- Nintendo Switch for $299

- AirPods Pro for $159

- Gateway computers for $149 and $179

- 70-inch television for $548

- Roku media player for $15

- Google Nest for $49.98

- Instant Pot for $59

- Magic Bullet personal blender for $15

- Pioneer Woman set 30 piece for $79

- iRobot Roomba for $230 off

- Men's Wrangler jeans for $5

- Pajamas for the whole family for $10

These are just some of the incredible deals we have for you at Walmart this Black Friday. Make sure to check out the ad for more deals and don't forget to mark your calendars! Happy shopping!

Walmart Black Friday Ad Preview Event 1 November 7th-13th 2022

Walmart Black Friday Deals: What You Need to Know

Walmart is offering four Black Friday deals, which will be available on November 7th. Customers can access the deals at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time, or at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time if they are a Walmart plus member. The deals include electronics, toys, games, and household items.


- 65 inch TV for $188

- Chromebook for $149

- Chromecast with Google TV for $11

- Tablet for $79

- Google Nest for $19.98

- Google Chromecast for $19.98

- Roku for $20.21

- Inflatable mattress for $39

- Vacuum for $59

- Shark 258 for $144

- Shark pet stick vacuum for $144

- Pots and pans for $35

- Air fryer for $40

- Keurig for $35

- Instant Pot Duo for $50

Toys and Games:

- Spider-Man 3 pack for $20

- Pokemon V Star box for $20

- LOL Surprise change mega pack for $70

- Jigsaw puzzles for $6

- Barbie set for $7

- Wii sports game or Nintendo Switch sports game for $47.99

- Disney Descendants four pack for $20

- Hot Wheels Mario Kart rainbow race track for $55

- Play school or preschool toys for $5

- Gaming desktop Tower for $749

- Advent calendar of beauty products for $59

- Shaving kit for $119.94

- Star Wars for $79

- Paw Patrol Deluxe big truck for $39.97

- Rainbow High Junior for $70

- LOL tweens five pack for $70

- LOL Surprise mega pack for $70

- Monopoly for $10

- The floor is lava for $10

- Kids socks for $5

Household Items:

- Washcloths for $2

- Mixing bowls for $10

- Candles for $6

The Walmart Black Friday deals are available from November 7th through the 13th. While some items are repeating, there are still many great deals to be had. Walmart plus members have the advantage of accessing the deals earlier. Be sure to check for in-store deals as well, and follow for more deal updates. Happy shopping!

Black Friday 2021 - Target Ads

Hello everyone, it's David Ayqua here and I'm excited to talk to you about the Black Friday deals for 2021. I have already checked out the deals at Target and I'm here to share my thoughts with you.

Deals for Toys, Video Games, and Clothes:

- TVs for $299

- Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart bundle for $299

- NBA 2K22 for $29.99

- Resident Evil Village for $19.99

- Life is Strange and Final Fantasy VII for sale

- 50% off on a colorful Death Star and other toys

- 4% off on selected toys

- Buy two get one free on movies, books, and TV series

My Thoughts:

Personally, I'm interested in toys, video games, and clothes. I'm considering getting NBA 2K22 for my Nintendo Switch and Resident Evil Village, which is one of my favorite games this year. I'm also eyeing the colorful Death Star and other toys for my nephew, who loves Paw Patrol and Hot Wheels. For my niece, I'm considering getting the Paw Patrol truck or a remote control car. I'm also on the lookout for workout clothes and sweaters for myself.

Other Deals:

- Board games

- Baby Yoda plush

- Jurassic World Indominus Rex toy

- Legos and Nerf guns

- Luggage for upcoming trips

- Buy two get one free on selected books and movies

Overall, Target's Black Friday deals for 2021 are impressive, especially for those who are interested in toys, video games, and clothes. I'm excited to check out Best Buy's deals next and see what they have to offer. Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you next year!

❗Kohls Black Friday ad 2021| Check out these deals❗

Hey everyone, it's Anna from The Licious Budgeting and I'm back with another video. Today, I'll be reviewing Kohl's Black Friday ads and highlighting some of the best deals. Here's a breakdown of what you need to know:

- California weather is weird

- Kohl's Black Friday deals start from Sunday, November 21st to Friday, November 26th

- Closed on Thanksgiving day

- Earn $15 Kohl's cash for every $50 spent

- Extra 15% off in-store and online


- Fitbit on sale for $120

- Nest thermostat for $179 with $45 Kohl's cash

- Disney princess dolls for $7.99

- Ninja Dual Brew Coffee Maker for $99.99 with $15 Kohl's cash

- Food Network Pre-Season Cast Iron Skillets for $12.74

- Character blankets for $8.49

- Yankee Candles for $17 with 15% off coupon

- Walmart, Amazon, and Macy's have better deals for kitchen appliances

- Kohl's has great deals on Fitbit and toys

- Don't forget to use Kohl's cash before it expires

- Consider personalized gifts like picture frames with family photos

Don't forget to hit the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up. Thanks for watching!

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