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black friday walmart ads

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Walmart Black Friday Ad Preview Event 1 November 7th-13th 2022

to my channel and it is time to start,sharing with you Walmart's Black Friday,deals now from what I've known or from,what I read Walmart is doing four Black,Friday deals,um it looks like they're doing them on a,Monday if I think that is the day it,says uh November 7th so that is actually,on Monday so that is one week today,um it says you guys have access to get,them at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time or,you can if you're a Walmart plus you can,get it at 12 p.m Eastern Standard time,so I'm just gonna share with you guys,the deals,um this is the Black Friday,website it's called Black and friday.com,but you can Google it and you'll be able,to find it however so here we got the,electronics so we got a 65 inch TV for,188 a Chromebook for 149 Chromecast with,11. I'm just gonna quickly go through,these so you guys can check it out I I,that last year they did do them in three,different sales which was nice but I did,try to make some online orders and it,wouldn't let me because everything like,sold out super fast so,I don't know if you can be I don't know,if you'll be able to get these at all,early but here we have a tablet for 79 a,Google nest for 19.98 another Google,Chromecast so just a lot of electronic,deals here we have a Roku,um as you see it's from 2021 so a lot of,these are like older items uh but we,have that then we have a Spider-Man 3,pack for twenty dollars a Pokemon,I don't even know how to pronounce it V,Star box for twenty dollars and then a,buggy for 49.,then we have some LOL a surprise change,mega pack there's no picture but it's,seventy dollars then we have some jigsaw,puzzles for six bucks and then a five,doll set of Barbie for seven dollars,then we have an inflatable mattress for,39 a vacuum for 59 a shark 258 and a,shark pet,stik vacuum for 144,if you guys need some pots and pans 35,dollars we have a air fryer for four a,Keurig for 35 and an instant pot Duo for,fifty dollars then here are some little,things right here that they have,um it looks like don't miss the,pre-event deal so I don't know if you,can do these deals,now or not but here is just a couple of,things that you can grab,repeated these,um I mean I swear that we just saw some,of these deals so,yes here we have a Wii sports game or,Nintendo switch sports game for 47.99,Disney Descendants you it looks like,it's a four pack for twenty dollars a,Hot Wheels Mario Kart rainbow race track,for 55 they look like they got some play,school or preschool toys for five,dollars a gaming desktop Tower 749,dollars,an advent calendar of beauty products,for 59 and then they have a shaving kit,for,119.94 so these are just the sales oh I,forgot one then they have the games for,six bucks we got Candyland Connect Four,then we have again a lot of the repeater,deals there's a Star Wars for 79 Paw,Patrol Deluxe big truck for 39.97,we have rainbow high Junior it looks,like I don't know how many dolls there,are five for 70 another LOL tweens five,pack for 70. another LOL surprise so,this is that mega pack right there as,you see a little different thing so a,lot of this stuff is repeating,themselves here are more games for ten,dollars we got Monopoly,for 10 bucks the floor is lava and some,puzzles kids socks five bucks,and then this looks like it is the last,page of it and here we have some,washcloths for two dollars mixing bowls,for ten uh candles for six dollars and,that is it so this sale is going through,November 7th through the 13th,um and I know there is a deal that I saw,for Walmart plus that you can pay 50,bucks for a whole year,um so it's up to you if you want to join,I just opened up my app and something,popped up but those are the ad that is,the sale that is going to be on I don't,really see anything popping out at me so,hopefully something else comes out,better but I hope they have in-store,deals instead of just online but make,sure you guys follow me for more deals,and I will see you guys later bye-bye

Black Friday Walmart Deals 2022: Top 30 Walmart Black Friday Deals this year are awesome!

Black Friday is one of the best,opportunities to pick up discount gifts,and gadgets before the holidays the,major shopping event will take place on,Friday November 25th the day after,Thanksgiving many major U.S retailers,launched Black Friday sales with,thousands of discounts on clothing,electronics and more,has extended the sales event by,introducing Black Friday deals for days,and sales have already started on tik,devices like laptops gaming consoles,mobile devices robot vacuums TVs,headphones and more as New Deals roll in,we will keep updating our description to,cover the best early Walmart deals,available we've also been keeping an eye,on deals from other retailers like,Amazon Target and Best Buy to find the,best early Black Friday deals happening,everywhere,links to all deals mentioned in the,video are in the description below you,could also find a more detailed analysis,and a comparison tool on our website,legitpic.com,[Applause],[Music],LG 55-inch 4K OLED Smart TV save 603,dollars current price 996 dollars,original price 1599 dollars,one of the top Walmart deals ahead of,Black Friday is on the 55-inch LG TV the,smart TV comes with a 4K UHD OLED,display and a refresh rate of 120 hertz,the TV contains an A7 AI processor for,enhanced picture and sound quality plus,it's more than 600 off right now,Samsung 60-inch 4K Crystal LED smart TV,save 151 dollars,current price 447 dollars original price,598 dollars,an alternative TV offer available at,Walmart before Black Friday is on a,larger 60 inch Samsung Smart TV,discounted by over 150 dollars this,model comes with a 4K Crystal Ultra HD,display a 4K processor for image,enhancement and a 60hz refresh rate,Samsung 49-inch Odyssey gaming monitor,save 400 dollars current price,1195 original price,1599 dollars,there's also an excellent monitor deal,at Walmart the Samsung 49 inch Odyssey,gaming monitor is the type of curved,monitor suitable for gamers who want a,large screen to accompany a top end rig,while not cheap The Odyssey offers a 49,inch curved qled display,quantum.tiknology and a 240Hz refresh,rate,shark ion Robot vacuum save 110 dollars,current price 139 original price 249,dollars,we've seen many Robot vacuum deals,during Black Friday sales in recent,years ahead of the shopping event,Walmart is offering a 110 discount on,the shark ion Robot vacuum a,budget-friendly Wi-Fi model that can be,controlled via voice assistant or your,mobile device you can expect up to 120,Minutes of cleaning on a single charge,give your gift of hassle-free cleaning,this holiday season,Razer Barracuda X headset,save 50 current price 49 original price,99 dollars,headphone products appear in Black,Friday sales every year without fail and,ahead of the event we found a decent,deal on a gaming headset you can,currently save 30 on a Razer Barracuda X,headset suitable for gaming and Mobile,use there is a detachable microphone and,the headset is compatible with PC PS5,Nintendo switch and Android Lenovo tab,M8 save 40 current price 79 original,price 119 dollars if you're on the hunt,for a tablet ahead of Black Friday,Walmart has a fair deal available on the,Lenovo tab M8 this 8-inch tablet comes,with 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes,SSD storage and while the specifications,aren't very high they are fair,considering a price point of under 100.,the tablet runs on Android 11. Apple,10.9 inch iPad Air save 120 dollars,current price 349 dollars original price,469 dollars not many Apple deals appear,during Black Friday or at any time of,the year for that matter but we found an,iPad Air discounted by 120 dollars at,Walmart this model comes with a 10.9,inch liquid Retina Display an A14,processor and 64 gigabytes SSD storage,excellent specs for one of our favorite,tablets HP Pavilion 15.6 inch laptop,save 150 dollars current price 599,dollars original price 749 dollars we,also found a Windows laptop deal for an,HP Pavilion at Walmart this laptop comes,equipped with a 15.6 inch fhd display,and AMD ryzen processor 8 gigabytes of,RAM and 512 gigabytes SSD storage both,sport earbuds save 50 current price 129,dollars original price 179 dollars if,you need a pair of earbuds suitable for,exercise and gym sessions Walmart has,you covered you can save 50 on a pair of,those Sports earbuds which are Wireless,the set comes with soft silicone cups so,they don't fall out during rigorous,activity like exercise,Apple watch SE GPS Plus Cellular save,110 dollars current price 199 dollars,original price 309 dollars we've also,found a decent deal on an Apple,Smartwatch over at Walmart you can pick,up a first generation Apple watch SE,complete with both GPS plus similar,connectivity for 199 dollars plus the,wash comes with an abyss blue sports fan,airpods Pro was 169.99 now 159 at,Walmart save ten dollars this is a,return to the lowest price we've ever,seen for the airpods pro which offers,solid noise cancellation adjustable,silicone ear tips and a handy charging,case the second generation model,launched earlier this year the number of,upgrades but is almost 100 more,expensive so this is a more affordable,way to get some Apple's premium earbuds,HP 11.6 inch Chromebook was 98 now 79 at,Walmart save 19 laptops don't get much,cheaper than this of course you only get,a very basic device for this sort of,money but this is a smart buy if you,need a capable machine for light use or,school work there's enough power to,handle that a real plus shell to keep it,protected and a 10 hour battery life,means that it'll last the day Kira k,Express Essentials K-Cup Pod coffee,maker was 55 now 35 dollars at Walmart,save twenty dollars you can get the best,selling Keurig K Express coffee maker on,sale for only 35 dollars the single,serve coffee maker features a compact,design for easy storage and uses gate,cups to brew a fresh hot cup of coffee,in minutes,today's early Black Friday deal is the,lowest price we've ever seen and we,predict it will go fast instant pot Duo,6 quart 7 in 1 electric pressure cooker,was 79.99 Now 50 at Walmart save 39.99,instant pots are always Black Friday,favorites and Walmart has the six core,Duo model on sale for fifty dollars the,lowest price we've ever seen and 39,dollars less than Amazon's current deal,the best selling pressure cooker,combines seven popular kitchen,appliances into one device and features,13 customizable smart programs Roku,Streaming Stik 4K was 49 now at 24.98,at Walmart,save 24 roku's latest faster Streaming,Stik is now half price,simply plug it into your TV for an easy,and affordable way to get access to all,the major streaming apps such as Netflix,Disney plus HBO Max and more you can,stream video in high quality 4K,resolution with HDR support for Superior,brightness and contrast while the,long-range Wi-Fi receiver means a smooth,streaming experience and fast loading,times Google Nest mini was 19.98 now 18,at Walmart save two dollars here's a,cheap smart speaker alternative to the,echo Dot from Amazon it delivers many of,the same functions including the ability,to play music set timers read the news,and remind you of upcoming events,you can use it to control other devices,around the home such as the TV lights,and Heating at this price it's a great,first step into Smart Home tik,shark pet cordless stik vacuum was 259,dollars now 144 dollars at Walmart save,115 this is a big discount on a powerful,and versatile cordless stik vacuum from,shark,it offers powerful suction and a,specially designed brush roll that's,suitable for carpets and hard floors the,anti-hair wrap tiknology is a big,convenience boost too so it won't snack,in the roll in a home where hair is a,problem this is a massive Time Saver,worth investing in especially now it's,over a hundred dollars off LG 65 inch up,7050 series 4K UHD Smart TV 398 dollars,at Walmart,another incredible Black Friday TV deal,from Walmart is this LG 65 inch 4K Smart,TV on sale for a record low price of 398,dollars the LG 4K TV delivers a premium,picture experience thanks to the 4K HDR,sol

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thank you guys so much for clicking on,the video,so the first black friday information,has become available,it looks like they're doing this in,three separate sales,which is a little bit different than,they normally do,we already just had that sales event,with them not too long ago,the next one is going to start 7 p.m,eastern standard time,online on 11 4. a lot of the deals that,are going to be black friday this year,are going to be online deals so just,make sure that you check,and see it does say in each individual,post here if it's online or not,so just keep an eye out for that because,that is different,than we've gone through in the past the,first things here on the screen,actually let me just pull this out right,here,we have for 49 instapot six quart,pressure cooker it was 99,online only black stainless steel that's,going to be available on the fourth,7 p.m the next item we have is the eight,quart air fryer again online only for,this item right here,number fourth at 7 pm lol we have,surprise it's the bigger,one right it's a bigger surprise box,it's going to be 40,online only the airpods are generation 2,online only they were 129 now they're 99,down here on your screen right here,we have a special buy of 88. for the,omni,42 inch tv,online only and then right here behind,it,we have the omni 65-inch class,4k roku tv and this is going to be 228,again these are all online deals that,i'm about to show you this is the second,page,of the flyer that was released so up,here on the top,we have a gaming laptop,it was 979 dollars at 799 dollars,and it's going to save you 180,180 it's 15.6 hd display 8 gigabyte of,ram,412 gigabyte of ssd storage,down here we have another laptop,it's 449 you're going to save 140,it is also gaming it has 4 gigabyte,graphics,was 589 down to 449.,intel core 9300h,processor i don't know a lot about,gaming,laptops i'm kind of more just here to,give you pricing,i'm not an electronics guru that's for,sure but i will absolutely give you the,information that's provided,so here we have true wireless earbuds,and they're j lab ergo they were 29.88,they're on,sale for 20 you're saving 9.88,here we have the noise canceling,headphones for 30,they were 59.88 down here we have the,rca 480 projector,it was 79 and now it's down to 49,and over here we have a karaoke machine,bluetooth,39 as a special buy,so page three of the online deals starts,off with the hot wheels up here on the,top,it's a hot wheels tracker builder system,it was 29.97 it's going to be 15,looks pretty cool look at this it goes,all the way around all the way out,up here we have a hot wheels power shift,racer track set,online only was 24.88 15,we have the craze art b inspired craft,kit for ten dollars,we have the styling heads here we have,the unicorn the troll,and frozen for ten dollars special buy,here's another special buy right here on,your screen of the,hatchimals and these are going to be,twenty dollars a piece,they're mystery hatchimals i think they,all are mystery aren't they,uh twenty dollars for the adventure,force diecast 50 pack,so 50 of these cars here,down here and i'm going to insert,pictures,just to help you guys out see these,things a little bit closer,uh down here we have 20 disney princess,doll,and dress so there's a different variety,here for twenty dollars,we've got a special buy of 35 for the,giant tumbling,towers so basically jenga but like a,super large version of it,then here we have the special by v-tik,myla the magical unicorn,for thirty dollars then the rapid,strike uh cs18 blaster so nerf gun,rapid strikes are the best rapid fire is,the best,any of those you gotta pull those are,not fun times,twenty dollars and we have twenty five,dollars for the cross collision,battle set again remember these are,online,only deals the next page up here on the,top,we have the power xl smoker grill for,forty nine dollars,we also have an instapot six quart duo,crisp for seventy nine dollars you're,saving,fifty dollars this is a special buy this,is a savings of,fifty dollars they are also going to be,offering hotel style bath towel or,bundle,four pack online only i'm just gonna say,it a lot because sometimes i think,um as you're watching a video it can,kind of all,like kind of run in together so it's,just a nice little reminder,so the bundle includes two hand towels,and two washcloths it's got these,variety of colors,for five dollars now that's a good deal,i have to be honest so far i'm not like,overly impressed i'm,like oh my god i have to make sure i'm,available november 4th at 7 00 pm,not yet if you are let me know in the,comments let me know how you're feeling,what you're thinking,hopefully it'll get better 98,now that okay 98 you're saving 101,on this shark navigator upright vacuum,self cleaning brush roll anti allergen,all right i can save a hundred dollars,and be happy i just bought a vacuum but,that's you know that's,that's more black friday-ish to me,this right here is the hoover wind,tunnel pet upright vacuum online only,carpet and,hard wood floor cleaning it was 89,down to 48 dollars you're saving 41 on,this vacuum,down here in the left hand corner they,have 29,for the heart 6 gallon 5.0 hb wet dry,vacuum,includes a seven piece accessory set,there's no savings amount on this,it is just saying it's a special buy,down here we'll give the irobot,roomba vacuum three stage cleaning,system works with voice assistant it was,244 dollars it's down to 177.,and down here we have the wi-fi robo vac,by anchor,cleans for up to 100 minutes it was 149,it's down to 99,so the next set of sale starts,starting september september starting,saturday november 7th online at 12 a.m,eastern standard time and in store at 5,00 a.m locally,okay so saturday november 7th 12 a.m,online,5 a.m in your local store saturday,november 7th,here up here we have the gourmia,airfryer toaster oven it was 89,it's down to 49 now,this vacuum is going to be 29 right here,for the dirt devil power express upright,vacuum,vacuums are always a good deal on black,friday to get if you need a vacuum,down here we're gonna have the yankee,candle large dark,jar jar candles um,you're gonna save 6.88,it was 16.88 so these are all,ten dollar buys so yankee candles are,going to be ten,dollars saturday november seventh in,store and online,super adventure coloring kit variety of,characters includes markers crayons and,activity books,ten dollars we have special buy of,crayola activity kits that are going to,be available as well,and then right here we have the sharpie,markers 30 count these are going to be,10 so this little section here is 10,bucks,down here we have 450 the night owl for,camera home security system,works with voice assistant was 259 so,you're saving 109,for four cameras in the system here we,have the,monster smart led light strips i know,the light strips are pretty popular,on black friday 788 so you're saving,five dollars a piece on those the,roku ultra lt voice remote,it was 79 it's going to be 48,i want to say last year i mean it wasn't,this fancy roku but last year i got a,roku for 19 bucks,for black friday here we have a special,buy of an acer 32 inch curved gaming,monitor for 155,dollars i love the five dollar deals,right,so again online and in store children's,storybooks variety of titles up here on,the top left hand corner,character wood puzzles they have the,game bundle three pack of the lol,variety of characters five dollars i,love that,so much melissa and doug giant floor,puzzles,we've got paw patrol vehicles we've also,got gone fishing game,we have select fisher price toys that,are gonna be five dollars,they have a little train here,they also have over here some lol,surprise pet,toys pj masks motorcycles are going to,be also included in the five dollars,kinetik sand special by barbie,fashionista dolls,another special buy of disney princess,dolls and then the master chef toy,appliances,i love five dollars these are great,donation items as well,and awesome filler items for under the,tree,so next w

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hey guys running come in here so the,elusive Walmart black friday Ad finally,dropped last night so we are gonna be,looking at the best steals and deals and,this ad very tiknology-based driven on,electronics specifically people are,excited by this and there's a lot of,electronics that is gonna be really,inexpensive we're gonna go through this,ad some of the stuff that I find are,really hot deals and steals and as you,can see on the cover it says online on,Wednesday November the 27th at 10 p.m.,Eastern Time and in stores starting on,Thanksgiving which is November the 28th,at 6 p.m. so depending where you're,living you're gonna have to check,because I know like some tiny towns you,know it might be an online-only,but hey at least with online only you,might have the opportunity to score a,couple things online and sometimes on,Thanksgiving Day they might have like a,little hot chocolate stand stuff for the,customers who are outside waiting in the,frigid elements and also I just want to,be a thousand percent transparent in,this video instead of saying run to the,store run to the store run to the store,deals deals deals run to the store run,to the store tails,sometimes they only have like five of,those TVs for the entire store so you,got to really pick and choose what you,want and that being said it's just,really planned smart and if looking for,something online it might be the way to,go,cuz it can be misleading sometimes some,of these door Busters are so fantastik,and then you come to learn at the store,that they had two in stok and then,you're like oh it must be nice,um and I've been there too and I know,how frustrating it is so we're gonna,tok about a couple things here and,there but we're predominantly going to,tok about the ad in this video now for,a lot of this ad you know if you're just,really strapped for cash I would,absolutely recommend to sign up for one,of these two rebate apps fetch rewards,fantastik or the ibotta app they both,have the denomination of a fifty dollar,Walmart gift card so the signup links,are in the notes and with both of them,when you use my referral codes you're,either going to get a $2.00 bonus with,fetch or a $10 bonus with,baaaaa so please check it out and,between now and Black Friday you,probably if you really stik to it and,do little rebates here and there you,probably could get like at least a $20,gift card rolling for you so just,throwing it out there in case you know,you're like look but don't touch for,this ad but you know it's just a way to,get around this with gift cards so link,in the notes if you're interested for,both of the apps okay so looking at the,cover this is the world of 4k 2k TVs one,hundred and forty eight dollars for a,50-inch or oh my gosh a 65 inch TV for,two seventy eight that's a fantastik,deal and 98 dollars for a 40 inch or,absolutely 4k is the way to go as you,could see they work with the Netflix HBO,the Vudu Roku all that stuff so I mean,that's that would be a really awesome,Christmas gift the only thing I'm,concerned with because I have been,snagged with this before is how many,they have in stok so that's why if you,really want one of these just giving at,6 p.m. on the nose you're right at the,store to get one of these because in the,past like I've you know strolled in,there on Friday and they're like I'm,there I'll God and I'm like what so yeah,it's just one of those things,um but online it might be a different,story if they have more in stok so,sometimes online is the way to go just,throwing in that in your back pocket,okay so let's keep this moving looking,at some of these awesome deals we have a,phone and it says get up to $700 in,ecards when you buy this Apple phone,we'll have to definitely go into story,get more info on that $249 for seventh,generation 36 gig iPad that's a,fantastik deal the Apple watch at 129,another sizzling deal and then those air,pods 129 another fabulous deal on my,husband's had an a set of ear pods for,like three years,swears by them and that's his absolute,and total favorite so you know it's just,a fantastik price point okay guys so,there is a $99 phone with straight tok,so you obviously have to sign up for a,plan with them but that may be something,to consider if you're in the market for,a phone Black Friday usually is a good,day to go and,new cellphone $149 for some virtual,reality goggles 90 199 for a ps4 the,bundle so I'm guessing that some gaming,and a station $89 for a hoverboard that,looks super fun especially if you have,like you know a teenage daughter or son,who might really be into that and then,we have a record player for 30 and 15,dollars per record and then a disney,castle for 40 dollars how cute is that,all wonderful items to put under the,christmas tree they all look like you,know really nice gifts and then they,also have like a little map at the front,of the flyer so you might want to look,for this in your store so if you're,specifically looking for entertainment,or kids toys or something like that you,could just go to that part of the store,without it being like you know you being,overwhelmed in the store because,sometimes you know what I get,overwhelmed I grab everything and,anything and just buy it like without,really thinking that's how I typically,used to shop and now I'm very,intentional when I go shopping in his,store but sometimes you know looking for,the store map is maybe a smart thing to,do or maybe scouting the store like a,day before or the you know just to say,you have an idea of what you're doing,and where you're going in the store okay,that being said more electronics that,include televisions we have a 55 inch or,4 328 a 50 inch or 4 278 and a 65,venture for 400 bucks or 398 now I don't,know if I want that 65 inch TV for our,basement it kind of looks like a really,like it would take up half a wall and,that might be kind of cool,these are that ones by Vizio a whole,bunch of sound bars other things as well,and then we have projectors this is,quite interesting the Roku for 48,dollars are usually close to a hundred,dollars my husband and I have bought a,couple in the past and we like that or,the Apple TV one and then there's some,sort of remote control and some little,box 18 dollars for fast streaming you,know for Roku that sort of stuff so,that's also something to think about if,you are into like streaming television,shows through the different apps we have,the beats for 129 that's a,really great price point considering its,Wireless I think I bought a set a couple,years back and it was like $300 and then,the knockoffs of those earbuds for $15,that looks pretty good and the JB lab,studio for $15 a pair of headphones,other electronics that are really cool,is a home security system for a hundred,and fifty dollars that includes four,cameras and that looks really,interesting if you wanted to set that up,at your house we have the Lenovo it's,some sort of clock a digital smart clock,it looks quite cool and then the Google,Nest for $19 ok moving it along we have,this Nighthawk router for half price so,it's $99 I recently had to go buy one of,those and it was just under 300 bucks I,think they are not cheap we have some,smart Wi-Fi LED strips like a different,type of lighting and some mood light,bulbs to also looks super cool and a,computer for five hundred dollars and,for at night more headphones a mouse and,then some gaming desktop and another,monitor so if you have a gamer this,looks like everything they would want on,their Christmas list okay and other,goodies include a $59 laptop you know,just a little thing maybe toss in your,purse we have a tablet another tablet,for 28 bucks Wow and then we have a 10,inch tablet and DVD player that looks,quite interesting at the very end for,$59 and now we have a couple HP,computers we have one for 149 at 239 399,to 9999 bucks and then we also have a,cool little flash drive for seven,dollars obviously if you buy some of,this stuff and say you were gonna give,it as a Christmas gift and the person,you gif


what's up OCC gang what's up guys today,we are in Walmart for Walmart's Black,Friday deals for days events Walmart has,tons of great deals right here in store,and the good thing is you can actually,shop these deals online and sometimes,the online price is going to be even,cheaper so let's kick this off with one,of the top deals that you can get today,at Walmart right here behind me accurate,if you've always wanted a Keurig which,most people do if you're a coffee,drinker this Keurig is only 35 here at,Walmart's Black Friday deals for days,and if you want to get it online instead,of coming in store you can actually,click the link in the description box,and I'll have it linked for you they,have it in tons of different colors only,35 and you can get in the curated game,now at first glance some people might,not see the value in this set but once,you kind of read everything that's,included and the material it's made out,of you might start to see the value,let's get closer and take a look right,here you see that we have a five pack of,food storage containers and they come,not only with the container but the lids,as well resistant and stay improved and,that goes a long way if you're a person,that uses your containers a lot and you,can see right down here everything that,it comes with it has five containers the,different shapes and they're all durable,shatterproof and stain resistant and,they're made with this Triton material,these are on the list coming in at 11,this one is at the top of the list just,because of the value check this out 35,for this entire set look at this,Farberware easy release durable,non-stik cooking set this says it's an,11 piece set for only 35 so if you've,been looking for a cooking set or you,want to give one of these as a gift at,only 35 dollars this is one of Walmart's,top Black Friday deals for days deals,this is one of the hottest deals that,you're going to see at Walmart's Black,Friday deals for days let's get closer,and take a look at this mix measure and,storage set y'all 23 pieces you can see,right here there's 23 pieces it's got,three mixing bowls five prep bowls five,storage Lids four measuring cups if you,love being in the kitchen and you've,always wanted to follow recipes but you,never have the right stuff to store and,measure and you're always wondering it's,probably expensive to get these types of,things this set would be for you only,ten dollars y'all check out these Primo,water dispensers definitely one of the,hottest deals that they have at Black,Friday deals for days here at Walmart so,not only do you get the water dispenser,but if you look really closely right,here it says that you have a coupon for,a free five gallon bottle of water with,purchase and to redeem this all you do,is take it to the front of the store and,you can get your free five gallon bottle,so only 79 already a discount but they,don't start you out empty-handed you get,a free 5 gallon just make sure you have,that coupon on your box now this one,isn't on the list for Walmart's Black,Friday deals for days but it's so cool,that I had to show you check this out we,don't get character tool sets too often,but this is a Black Panther Marvel,Studios tool set this one right here is,82 pieces and you can see it has all of,these things inside a household tool set,I mean it is not a toy it says right,here in the corner this is not a toy so,this is not for kids so even if you're a,fan yourself check this out cordless,power screwdriver set is black panther,definitely very popular definitely very,hot right now and it would make a great,gift now if there's one thing I know,about American families we love our,board games and right here Walmart,steals for days has board games starting,at only six dollars and a lot of them,are the favorites that we already know,and love games like clue sorry trouble,Candyland and Connect Four if you're,into some of the bigger board games,check this out Monopoly operation,Battleship and even Monopoly fortnite,Edition all only ten dollars even games,like speak out these could be a lot of,fun at a family game night especially if,you have relatives visiting from out of,town I definitely wanted to show you,guys this one because it's only 15 and,when you see what this toy does you're,gonna be excited about it now most,people most people love Star Wars but,this is super cute and it eats it's like,a snacking toy boy like you see the you,see the mouth right here it eats that's,so cute look at the back right here you,can feed it that's adorable for fifteen,dollars this type of fun something that,will keep your kids attention or,something that could maybe in the future,be something that you hold on to like a,collectible this would definitely be it,there are tons of really good vacuums on,sale right now at Walmart's Black Friday,deals for days but this Shark cordless,pet vacuum is a pretty good deal because,the discount is pretty nice guys this,one used to be 259 but at this sale it's,only 144. so if you've always wanted a,Shark vacuum something really nice that,gets the job done you can see it has,tons of features if you're a fan of deer,phones then you might want to take,advantage of this deal on their big cozy,comforters and quilts they're all on,sale for forty four dollars which is,definitely cheaper than the regular,price would be and these things are,super cozy and comfy if you're looking,for a gift for the gamer in your life,you might want to check out this chair,check this out it lights up it's a,rocker and it has volume inputs and,outputs look at all of this so tons of,features you can see on the chair and,the price is what's really going to,shock you right now at Walmart this is,only 59 for this huge gaming rocker so,this would definitely make a great gift,for yourself or someone else so check,out this deal 44 for a queen size 18,inch queen mattress with a built-in pump,check this out it's queen size it's,really tall that 18 inches you can kind,of see it here you can see the 18 inches,how big it is is pretty thick you can,see from the picture she's got a lot of,room going on only 44 dollars this is,great to have for the holidays if you,have company coming over or maybe if you,don't even have a mattress of your own,this is a really great way to start,check out these huge remote control,trucks they have Bronco over here they,have a jackal so much to choose from,guys and they're only check out this,price 49 at Walmart's Black Friday deals,four days so if you were looking for one,of these and you don't want to pay full,price this will be the time to get it,because this is maybe as low as they're,going to get just get in a little bit,closer you'll see they have lots of,features even the suspension you can see,they're very detailed the wheels are big,there's just so much included in here,you can even see USB you can charge it,with USB over here you can see that all,batteries are included and it's good for,ages six and uh check out this set of,the LOL twin dolls they have a couple,different varieties but these are the,twin dolls a five pack of LOL dolls only,68 dollars definitely a steal because a,pack of LOL dolls like this typically,goes for like 99 or more so if you can,get it for 68 this is definitely a Black,Friday deal that you want to do now this,one is an online deal that I want to,tell you about this one is cheaper,online only 25 dollars for this five in,one game center it's a five in one it,does all types of things you can do,basketball football baseball soccer and,hockey for only 25 online see the online,price for this one is only 25 you can,see right there in store though it's,still marked for 49 and I stand it and,it shows that in store is still 49 but,this is one I wanted to show you if you,want to get in I'll link it in the,description box below only 25 online,that one is the Black Friday steal so,here's another deal that's actually,better online this shark Freestyle Pro,is 99 in store the regular price let me,show you what th

Walmart Black Friday Ad Preview Event 3 November 21st-25th 2022

welcome to my channel I just got a,notification from black friday.com that,the Walmart ad for this coming Monday on,online for November 21st at 7 pm Eastern,Standard time so that means these deals,are available on Monday at 7 pm Eastern,Standard Time uh 6 p.m Central,but if you are a Walmart plus member you,actually get access to it at 12 p.m,Eastern Standard time but for me it is,11 A.M Central Standard time but I just,wanted to give you guys a heads up I,think I like it when I can see the ad,early because number one if I'm buying,something I can you know rely on okay do,I want to buy it or not towards Walmart,waited literally till the last minute,this past week to show their deals but,here it is for the Walmart event number,three for Black Friday you can check the,Black Friday just black friday.com ads,and it shows it on here so here we have,a 65 inch TV a Roku TV for 2. 2.28,228 which is a pretty good deal a on uh,kids tablet 32 gig 69 Gateway laptop 149,here is an on 50 inch TV for 148.,some Booth or sound uh sound bar for 59.,now I haven't checked the Walmart ad yet,or the Walmart website yet but this is,all that I have right now but here we,got some more laptops TVs here is a swag,board for 99,a Razer adult foldable portable electric,scooter for 2.99 here we have a Google,Nest hub for 49.98 a Meta Meta quest to,advance 349 a curved screen for 165.,now this is the sale for the gaming so,if you guys are looking at gaming,definitely want to check it out but here,we have PlayStation 5 for 559 and it,comes with the God of War I'm assuming,game Nintendo switch console and,accessories the uh Mario K Mario Kart,Deluxe 8 so this is 299 great deal and,it comes with a game and then it says,the Xbox series click for the latest,price so they're pretty much gonna,probably price match whoever else is,that price now we got some games here,are the ps5s for 35 we got Madden 23,Gotham Knights 30 fight FIFA,um 23 and then Call of Duty again click,for the latest price so more games PS4,PS5 we got uh Nintendo switch games,that's what I'm all in for Mario Party,29,all that fun stuff,more games I feel like a lot of this,stuff is the same sales from last year,but here we got Nickelodeon cart Racers,15 Tiny Tina's wonderlands 29 Hot Wheels,Unleashed 20. uh PS4 Paw Patrol 20 and,then controller again click for the,latest price more PS4 and PS5 games we,got some for 15 35 29,again check for the latest price I'll,have to check the website to see if it,says it any differently but here it is,Sonic 29 PS5 Zelda 29,sorry I can hear my kids coughing in the,background now here is a My Life as a,doll for 15 bucks I do know they have a,grinch one I don't know if the Grinch,one is included but that'd be cute for,um for a little gift we got a Lego Star,Wars 660 pieces for forty dollars a,bumper car for 79 and a mini Euro style,electric scooter for 248 dollars for,kids,toys uh we got a bike 38 bucks,um Spider-Man building toy uh doesn't,say how many pieces I think it's 466 for,40 bucks another girl's bike 38 a bounce,house 30 uh 99,more bumper cars the purse pets,interactive 15 bucks we got Cody from,Coco melon 15,Bluey juice truck so we got Bluey,figurines for 25 remote control truck,here's a cool little Fujifilm insta in,in Stacks camera for 55 bucks needs some,Play-Doh 55 and then they have a,squishmallows and travel set backpack so,it looks like it comes with like a mini,suitcase or a mini suitcase and a,squishable backpack for 38 dollars,now we're in the Home Products so we got,some Egyptian towels for six bucks great,price I want to know how soft those are,then we have a Serta soft Pro six piece,sheet set 15 bucks I'm gonna say this,right here is an awesome deal I got,these sheets last year and I absolutely,love the sheets they are so soft and,comfortable so I'm definitely getting,more of these sheets right here for 15,bucks Serta soap salt soft three-piece,comforter set for 29 so looks like you,get a comforter and two pillow shams for,29 that actually looks like a pretty,good deal my daughter needs a comforter,that's pretty comfortable so maybe we,can get something cute like that shark,Robot vacuum with a mop for 199.,here we got that Squishables thing again,we have a corded lightweight stik,vacuum for 20 bucks here is a mattress,topper for the Serta so we got one for,30 bucks or 25 dollars another iRobot,here is some comfy pillows for six bucks,great deal I always get the pillows at,Kohl's but if these are just as,comfortable and for about the same price,as I get them at Kohl's I'm gonna,definitely check them out because I can,throw away all my old pillows and get,new ones here we got an air fryer for 60,bucks a mini fridge for 25 so those are,just like a little tiny little thing,knife black 89 a chefman barista Pro,espresso machine just 99 bucks,we got an acre hockey glass 11 piece,bakeware set for 20 bucks plus measuring,cups that's actually something that I do,need,um that'd be a perfect little thing to,get for 20 bucks mini waffle Mako,griddle donut maker omelette maker for,25 bucks I feel like that is a little,bit high but I'm assuming it comes with,all four of them so,here is a coffee maker for gourmia 12,cup for 15 bucks a Ninja blender 50 and,then here is some food storage,containers for 20 bucks also great deal,I'm all for you know keeping your food,fresh and organized in the fridge so yes,Paws boots we got ankle boots 20 bucks a,Reebok hoodie for twenty dollars uh baby,and toddler two-piece pajama set seven,bucks and then we got women's sleep sets,for 12 dollars,um some jogging pants 19 we got some two,time and true sweaters for 10 bucks,great deal here is some really cute,slippers if you guys need some they got,the Encanto and then they also have the,Disney Princess for ten dollars now,we're looking at some more clothing,apparel,um some DC Joe boys slippers for 10,bucks and some more clothes,um,if you guys need to check that out,definitely check out their website,because they'll have more available,trampoline 159 a black stone steel,outdoor pizza oven for 159 dollars,a inflatable hot tub 298 another big,trampoline for 159 and then a 270 piece,tool set for 98 dollars so that is the,Walmart ad for the Walmart website and I,did check here so again this starts on,November 21st but here they have a,little bit more deals to share with you,guys like I see they have a Apple watch,for 199 they got apple airpods or 149,they have the Apple air pods with the,charging case for 79 they have another,projector for 137 so this is stuff that,does start on the uh 21st so right here,it does say the Xbox is 4.99 and I will,click the games when I come back here is,an air blown inflatable ELF car buddy,for 14.98,um we're gonna scroll down more of the,bed and the bedding for 15 here's a,different squishable option you can,choose from they will have a qriket,Explorer for 169.,they got a nice cool little reclining,racing table or a chair for 99 dollars,I'm just gonna click keep on going down,to share with you now now this is what I,want I absolutely love getting these,pajama deals and here they have them for,six dollars so you're gonna definitely,want me definitely want to check those,out here is some off-brand uh air pods,or,27.50 here is a little tykes cottage for,seventy dollars some more bikes they got,some for 48 bucks,and we're just going to keep on going,here we have cry Berry cry babies tiny,cuddles music three pack for 15 bucks,more pajamas toddler pajamas 17 hey,there's Santa look at that so I'm gonna,click on the pajamas because I actually,want to see what they have because I,always love getting the pajamas which,they're not going to take me but here it,says they got Care Bears for six dollars,and then you got your Disney princess so,we'll have to definitely check that out,um more clothes and then I'm gonna go,back and click on the game option so,bikes bedding top fashion so let's just,see what games they're gonna have,um so here is a lot more games that,they're gonna have on h