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black griday ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Black Friday is one of the most awaited shopping events of the year. It is the day after Thanksgiving when retailers offer massive discounts on their products. People wait for this day to get their hands on the coolest deals and offers.

Top 5 Coolest BLACK FRIDAY Commercials:

1. Dodge Black Friday Sales Event:

Music Applause Music dodge power dollars to all and to all out of my way you better watch out power dollars are coming to town at the dodge black friday sales event yo.

2. Macy's Black Friday Sale:

I'm going to Macy's Black Friday Sale, yeah I know it's pretty cool. It starts at midnight. Is this the right way? I'll take that as a yes.

3. Justin Bieber's Sunday Gift Set at Macy's:

Are you excited to get Justin Bieber's Sunday Gift Set? We'll donate two dollars to the Make-A-Wish foundation only at Macy's. The Black Friday sale starts at midnight.

4. Amazon's Deal Notifications:

This Black Friday deals week, let the deals come to you. Here it comes, the deal that called out to you from amongst thousands of others. With Amazon's deal notifications, you knew right when it was ready to feel your warm embrace.

5. Rated RP2M Now Starting at 199:

It's Black Friday deals week at Amazon. Let the deals come to you. Rated RP2M now starting at 199.

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to buy products at discounted prices. With retailers offering massive discounts and deals, it is a shopper's paradise. Keep an eye out for the coolest commercials and make the most of the Black Friday sales event.

Harbor Freight Black Friday 2022 Ad

Black Friday Deals: Tools and Equipment

Black Friday deals are finally here! Courtesy of BlackFriday.com, we have the scoop on some of the best deals on tools and equipment available this year. From low profile floor jacks to welding machines, read on for some great discounts.

1. Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jacks Rapid Pump:

- Solid and reliable floor jack

- Low profile lifts higher than normal jacks

- Great deal at $119

2. Predator Generator for $779:

- Expensive but dropped to $779

- Unlikely to see a better deal

- Great for powering tools and equipment

3. Reciprocating Saw for $20:

- Good for DIY projects

- Not recommended for heavy duty use

- Blades may need upgrading

4. Easy Flux 125 Welder for $169:

- Good starter machine for welding

- Cheapest and best option for putting two pieces of metal together

- May not produce the best welds

5. Portland Electric Chain Saw for $49:

- Extension cord needed

- Great deal for a reliable and powerful saw

6. 30 Inch 5 Drawer Mechanics Tool Cart for $219:

- Solid cart for professionals and DIY enthusiasts

- Rarely seen at this price

- Grab it while you can

7. Earthquake Impact Wrench for $99.99:

- Solid tool but needs air supply

- Not battery operated

- Good deal at $99.99

8. 5000 Lumen Four Feet Hanging Shop Lights for $16.99:

- Great for garages, carports, and workshops

- Reliable and durable

- Blue ones are the way to go

9. TV Wall Mounts for $29.99:

- Trustworthy and strong

- Can hold up to 80 inches

- Good deal for a solid mount

10. 12000 lb. Off-Road Vehicle Electric Winch with Automatic Load-Holding Brake for $299.99:

- Not the upgraded model, but still reliable

- Good for occasional use

- Better to invest in the upgraded model for frequent use

Black Friday deals on tools and equipment are not to be missed. From reliable floor jacks to powerful generators, there's something for everyone. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to help us bring you more reviews and tool-related content. Happy shopping!

The Only 3 Ad Creatives You Need for Black Friday

Hey there marketers, Black Friday Cyber Monday can be overwhelming, but don't worry, I've got you covered. In this article, I'll share the three ad creatives you should be running, answer common questions, and give advice for all brands participating in Black Friday Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Cyber Monday can be a hectic time, but it doesn't have to be. In this article, I'll break down the three ad creatives you should be running and answer common questions to make sure you're set up for success.

Ad Creatives:

1. Simple Image Graphic - Communicate your brand, best-selling products, and discount code in a clear, studio photography-driven image graphic. These tend to perform well and have lower cpms during Black Friday Cyber Monday.

2. User-Generated Content (UGC) with a Gifting Angle - Use your top-performing creators with a gifting angle to showcase your brand and products. A compilation video with different creators can also work well.

3. Top Performing Ad with a Headline or Dot Whack - Take your top-performing ad creative from the past year or six months and add a headline or dot whack that shows your offer front and center.

Additional Tips:

- Use Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) for retargeting with specific copy about your offer.

- Launch your ads the week of Thanksgiving for the most learnings.

- Keep your ad copy simple and put the offer front and center.

- Consider using an auto discount for a better user experience.

By focusing on these three ad creatives and following the additional tips, your brand will be set up for success during Black Friday Cyber Monday. Don't overcomplicate things and remember to put your offer front and center. Happy selling!

Facebook Ads Black Friday Strategy & Ideas [2022]

As sail season and Black Friday approach, it's important to have a strategy in place to crush it in Q4. People naturally spend a lot of money during this time of year, so it's crucial to know the right way to make the most of it. This article will cover offer creatives, strategy, and overall account structure to help you succeed.

Offer Creatives:

- Simply calling out the sale in multiple different ways can be sufficient enough to catch people's attention.

- Use a single image with a price slash, a simple GIF slideshow, or repurpose your best performing videos from the year and add a sticker announcing the Black Friday sale.

- Keep it simple and clear to avoid hesitation or confusion.


- Be clear about what your sale is in your headline and primary text.

- Use capitalized letters and emojis to make it obvious and avoid clickbait.


- Start building brand awareness and assets a few weeks before Black Friday.

- Use a lead campaign to collect emails and offer exclusive access to the sale.

- Warm up your email list with drip campaigns leading up to the sale.

- Switch to a conversions campaign once Black Friday hits.

By following these tips and strategies, you can make the most of the Black Friday and sail season to maximize your success. Remember to focus on building brand awareness and assets ahead of time and keep your creatives and copy simple and clear to catch people's attention. Happy sailing!

If People Who Sell Stuff Were Honest About Black Friday - Honest Ads

- Roger interrupts Thanksgiving dinner to remind people about the upcoming Black Friday sale

- Black Friday is a day invented by retailers to lure customers away from their families with marginal discounts

- Retailers spend millions on advertising to convince customers that Black Friday is the only day to buy gift items

- The article aims to highlight the absurdity of Black Friday and the pressure it puts on customers to buy unnecessary items


- Retailers create a competition among customers by arbitrarily limiting the time these bargains are available

- Customers turn into bloodthirsty Vikings, battering and trampling each other for the privilege of paying slightly less money for items they could buy online for an even better discount

- The article cites a crock pot as an example of an item that customers may buy on Black Friday despite never thinking about it before

- Retailers have gradually started kicking off Black Friday earlier and earlier to let customers get a jump on other bargain hunters

- Some retailers even open their doors on Thanksgiving Day to ensure customers get the best possible price on frivolous items

- The experience of Black Friday is overwhelming and unpleasant for everyone involved

- Retailers have another sale at the end of the month, giving customers another chance to buy the items they really wanted instead of whatever they got on Black Friday

- Black Friday is a crock of nonsense created by retailers to convince customers to buy unnecessary items

- Retailers induce anxiety in customers by convincing them that everyone else is shopping earlier, faster, and smarter than they are

- The article encourages customers to question the pressure to buy items on Black Friday and to focus on spending time with their families during the holiday season.

Walmart Black Friday Ad Preview Event 3 November 21st-25th 2022

Hey guys, welcome to my channel! I just received a notification from blackfriday.com that the Walmart ad for this coming Monday will be available online on November 21st at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. If you're a Walmart Plus member, you get access to the deals at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. I wanted to give you guys a heads up so you can plan ahead.

Here's a rundown of some of the deals that caught my eye:


- 65 inch Roku TV for $228

- Kids tablet 32GB for $69

- Gateway laptop for $149

- 50 inch TV for $148

- Swag board for $99

- PlayStation 5 for $559 with God of War game

- Nintendo Switch console and accessories with Mario Kart Deluxe 8 for $299

- Xbox series (price not listed)


- PS5 games for $35

- Madden 23 for $30

- FIFA 23 for $23

- Call of Duty (price not listed)

- Zelda for $29

- Paw Patrol for $20

Home Products:

- Egyptian towels for $6

- Serta soft Pro six-piece sheet set for $15

- Shark Robot vacuum with mop for $199

- Air fryer for $60

- Mini fridge for $25

- Squishables travel set backpack for $38

- Mattress topper for Serta for $30

- Chefman barista Pro espresso machine for $99


- Women's sleep sets for $12

- DC Joe boys slippers for $10

- Pajama sets for $6


- Trampoline for $159

- Blackstone steel outdoor pizza oven for $159

- Inflatable hot tub for $298

- 270 piece tool set for $98

These deals will start on November 21st, so mark your calendars! Keep in mind that the Walmart website may have more deals available. Happy shopping!

Get Black Friday Ready with Google Ads in 2022

Preparing for the Silly Season: Top 4 Tools for Google Ads E-commerce Campaigns

Every year, businesses rely heavily on the two to three month period leading up to the end of the year to achieve high levels of success. This is due to various sales and holiday periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, among others. To maximize profit and success during this period, it is essential to use all available tools in Google Ads campaigns. This article shares the top 4 tools to ensure the highest level of success in e-commerce campaigns in Google Ads.

1. Countdown Timer:

Adding a countdown timer to responsive search ads for search campaigns creates urgency among users, thereby speeding up their decision-making process. The timer dynamically updates to show the number of days or hours left for the current sale or promotion. This tool creates a fear of missing out (FOMO) among users, encouraging them to cash in and save on products. To add a countdown timer, go to the edit section of your responsive search ads, type in the brace, select the countdown option, set the end date, and the number of days or hours before the countdown begins.

2. Promotion Extensions:

Promotion extensions can be used in search and performance max campaigns to highlight sales or promotions. They increase ad real estate and create a sense of urgency among users. To add a promotion extension, go to ad and extensions, select extensions, add a promotion extension, choose the account, campaign or ad group level, select the occasion, set the discount, add a URL, and set the start and end dates.

3. Price Extensions:

Price extensions display the price of products or services and provide extra information such as a description or unit of measurement. They are ideal for e-commerce campaigns during sale periods. To add price extensions, go to ad and extensions, select extensions, add a price extension, select the currency, add the product or service, the price, the description, and the unit of measurement.

4. Callout Extensions:

Callout extensions highlight unique selling points (USPs) of products or services. They encourage users to click on ads and increase conversion rates. To add callout extensions, go to ad and extensions, select extensions, add a callout extension, choose the account, campaign or ad group level, add a text that highlights the USP.

To optimize e-commerce campaigns in Google Ads during sale periods, it is essential to use all available tools such as countdown timers, promotion extensions, price extensions, and callout extensions. These tools create urgency, highlight sales and promotions, display prices and USPs, and increase ad real estate, thereby increasing conversion rates and profits. Use the above checklist to optimize your Google Ads e-commerce campaigns and ensure the highest level of success during the silly season.

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