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black owned dropshipping suppliers

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads


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How I Got Tricked by a FAKE Wholesale Dropshipping Supplier

hey how's it going guys welcome back to,the channel this is Jason from,dropshipping University come back at you,with a brand new episode today's episode,is gonna be a little different I'm going,to be toking and showing for you guys,step by step the exact mistake that's,right I said a mistake that I made very,recently when getting set up with a,quote-unquote wholesale supplier I,always toked to you guys about avoiding,posers those are going to be dropship,suppliers that make themselves seem like,they're legit wholesale suppliers when,in fact they're not,I actually got sucked into one just the,other day they did a very good job of,tricking me I'm gonna show you exactly,the information that I acquired that,kind of sent me down the wrong path and,I'm gonna hopefully show you guys,exactly how you can avoid a similar,situation this is gonna save you a lot,of time a lot of money and certainly a,lot of headaches so if this sounds good,to you guys make sure to smash that like,button at the little subscribe button,the bail notification that way every,single time I put out new content just,like this you will be notified also down,in the description below is a link to my,new Instagram profile go check that out,I put up a ton of exclusive new content,every single day drop shipping tips,motivation and everything else in,between every single day give that a,follow and without further ado guys I'm,gonna get right into this I'm going to,show you the trail of evidence and red,flags that I just missed when going,through this suppliers website and I'm,going to show you exactly what you guys,should be on the lookout for when you're,in a similar situation which will happen,if you guys are going to be doing,wholesale drop shipping in 2020 here we,are inside in my computer and before we,get into this guys make sure to,subscribe to this channel hit that,little Bell notification that way every,single time I put out content just like,this and guys there's really nobody else,putting out these live demos just like,this make sure to hit that Bell,notification so you will know every,single time I put out stuff just like,this so here we are and I'm gonna go,through the entire path of how I got,here I was looking for home decor,furniture wholesale suppliers us-based,wholesale suppliers and I came across,this company called home roots Co okay,first thing is that they have a dock,Coast,mean it's not necessarily a bad thing,because there are some wholesale,suppliers that have dotnet or dot IO but,it's much more common to have a dot-com,domain so I guess that is the first red,flag which I completely missed but one,thing that I did notike was that this,right here says welcome home routes is a,b2b furniture and home wares platform,that redefines the character of personal,interior creation blah blah blah and you,can also see there's a link to an about,us shop FAQs all that good stuff but the,fact that it says b2b furniture and home,wares platform made me believe that this,was for business-to-business,transactions only and that makes a lot,of sense when you're looking to deal,with a wholesale distributor that's,definitely a keyword you want to be on,the lookout for so clearly they are,putting in some information in this,section right here which is known as,your meta description that could be,thought of as good information so here,we are inside of their website and it,looks like a pretty standard website but,it looks pretty nice honestly it does,look like a very modern-looking website,and it kind of does look like a retail,website at first glance but I never rule,any companies out because I've seen,terrible websites that were very good,suppliers that I've seen great websites,that were also great suppliers so I,don't really try to make up my mind too,quick without getting into some more of,their policies and the inner pages,further as we go so one thing again as I,notike we see kind of this mission,statement in the here image it says home,roads enables professionals in the trade,to purchase furniture home decor and,lighting in an easy-to-use platform,we're making b2b shopping as easy as b2c,shopping so they're saying,our whole part of this is that we're,making it really easy for you to buy,products but this mission statement is,vague and we're gonna go back and look,at this in a second after I kind of,showed you some of these red flags that,I should have picked up on we go into,here and again they're toking about a,b2b market leader but they're not saying,that they're a supplier anywhere on this,ok they don't say that we manufacture,our products we don't say we are a,wholesale distributor nothing like that,it just says a more,leader but this word b2b really makes,you think that they probably are a,wholesale supplier and let's get into,this so right here we see a link that,says become a supplier so that's if you,are a manufacturer and you want to deal,with them again another reason why I,thought they were a supply we see this,phone number always you want to be on,the lookout for phone numbers if a,suppliers website does not have a phone,number that is an automatik red flag but,they do have a phone number which we'll,tok about later we have this privacy,page here Terms of Use page a Contact Us,page we'll click and open that an FAQ,page we'll click and open that and this,what is homewards is pretty much in,about Us page so let's take a look here,based in Upper Saddle River New Jersey,home routes here to make the b2b online,shopping experience as the be to seek,online shopping experience again they're,really reiterating that they are,addressing problems such as long,delivery times overall logistiks they,can help you out with tiknical issues,all this stuff making it seem like they,are a leading industry wholesale,distributor we got the FAQ page and I,always look at the FAQ pages because,this is where a lot of information about,getting set up with them lives is where,you're gonna find it and right here it,says to sign up as a buyer please go,here by our registration page sign up,and we will contact you with your login,credentials after one of our admins,approves your a counsel there is some,level of vetting new dealers like myself,so they're going through apparently and,making sure that you have a you know an,EIN number a website and let's take a,look at that here so this is what the,buyers registration page looks like it,looks very very standard this is what,most wholesale registration or wholesale,inquiry pages look like it asks for very,basic information name last name company,name your EIN number your email address,they'll even ask you for a link to a,website or a marketplace profile so I'm,thinking alright these guys are going to,be doing wholesale drop shipping for us,because we know it's a wholesale site or,quote-unquote a wholesale site because,if we go back to here and start looking,at some of these products and let's go,to a product,we're going to see that we can't even,see the price of the product and this is,known as a gated portal and a gated,portal means that only somebody who has,a registered account is able to see the,price of the product and that's a really,good sign when you're a retailer like,myself because we know that this is a,barrier to entry and that other people,who are not legitimate businesses and,have not gone through the processes of,getting a wholesale application getting,it approved will not be able to purchase,from this website that's why it's called,a gated portal and I'm always looking,for gated portals it's a really good,sign so here I am on this website,thinking well they have a gated portal,and we can see they have a map they have,which is minimum advertised pricing,available units is 22 so we can see,certain things but really we can't see,too much until we log into the account,making me think that this is a good,supplier we're moving down the trail,here of evidence and investigating it,that's kind of how I treat it we see,that there is no setup fee we're not,

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5 Best Free Dropshipping Suppliers [+International Shipping]

are you currently Drop Shipping and,looking to cut down some costs by using,free Drop Shipping suppliers or maybe,you haven't started Drop Shipping yet,and are looking for the best free Drop,Shipping suppliers because you have a,strict budget in both cases great job on,finding this video here I will show you,some of the best Drop Shipping suppliers,that will allow you to drop ship their,products without you having to pay,membership fees like this video,subscribe and click the Bell icon so you,can get notified whenever we upload new,contents on the channel now let's start,with the list of best free Drop Shipping,suppliers number one AliExpress,AliExpress is almost the go-to supplier,for dropshippers,it's probably one of the most,established e-commerce marketplaces and,is visited by buyers from all over the,world,the main reason why AliExpress became so,popular is its diverse and massive,catalog of products they offer for low,wholesale prices AliExpress is entirely,free to use and offers the following,payment options at checkout most debit,or credit cards PayPal web money wire,transfer Western Union and local payment,methods now let's look at its pros,one major advantage of AliExpress is its,massive product catalog,pretty much every product you can think,of can be found on there,if you didn't know already you can get,4.3 to 5.9 cashback on all your,AliExpress orders which is great to save,some money the following are AliExpress,cons,long shipping times dishonest suppliers,and the fact that other drop shippers,can easily copy you the next free Drop,Shipping supplier I have for you is CJ,Drop Shipping CJ Drop Shipping is an,all-in-one solution that will help you,source and ship your Drop Shipping,products they offer a wide range of,products and multiple cool features for,drop shippers to use CJ Drop Shipping,you won't have to pay a monthly fee and,you will be able to use the following,payment methods to buy products there,credit or debit cards PayPal and wire,transfer now let's look at CJ Drop,Shipping Pros,they offer an app and also have,warehouses in 26 different countries,which can really help you to ship your,products faster and cut down your,shipping fees the following are the,challenges of CJ Drop Shipping and even,though they claim to have excellent,customer service there are stories from,people who didn't get any response to,their support emails coming at number,three on our list is Wyo,Wyo is an all-in-one Drop Shipping,platform that does business in a,slightly different way they offer a wide,catalog of products but what makes them,unique is that they are offering you a,service where they will Source purchase,and stok products for you what's more,they offer a 100 guarantee of being,cheaper than AliExpress Wyo also offers,both Shopify and woocommerce integration,so it will be easy to import products to,your store if you're using these,e-commerce platforms and that's not all,Wyo also does custom product photos,labels and package inserts for high,volume clients to use Wyo you only have,to pay the product price so there is no,monthly membership fee Wyo accepts the,following payment methods PayPal,payoneer bolito bankario and bank,transfer,let us look at some of the pros of Wyo,on their homepage Wyo guarantees to be,cheaper than AliExpress and have a,relatively faster shipping time the,following are the cons of Wyo it can be,hard to tok to wyo's customer support,as a result of language barrier for the,most part,at number four on our list of best free,Drop Shipping supplier comes hyperscued,this is a great company similar to Wyo,that aims to be a One-Stop Drop Shipping,solution,it's basically a service that will do,everything A Drop Shipping agent usually,does in other words hyperscule will The,Following Source your desired product,from factories perform quality control,customize your packages store your,products in their fulfillment Warehouse,automatikally sync your order,fulfillment ship your orders using,relatively fast shipping methods and,finally provide refund services so here,are its pros,it is a great service for private label,businesses it has faster shipping and,you don't have to worry about product,defects,hyperscu will give a 100 refund for,defective products like the other,suppliers hyperscu has its cons,ay have higher product prices and,charges a two percent handling fee at,the moment of uploading this video that,charges are waived,the last free supplier on the list is,deal Xtreme on a first look they really,look like AliExpress but unlike,AliExpress dlxstream is focused on,providing awesome deals in the gadgets,and electronics niche,but don't be disappointed if you aren't,looking for tik products they also,offer products in niches like Beauty and,health if you search for long enough you,will be able to find some pretty amazing,deals on this platform for example I,found this portable gaming mouse for,only 4.49 including fast 7 to 18 days,shipping like AliExpress this platform,is completely free to use and they offer,the following payment methods credit for,debit cards PayPal and local payment,methods let's have a look at its pros,CLX stream offers a lot of great deals,with low prices and uses various,shipping methods to get the products to,their customers as fast as possible,however they have some flaws,it could also be difficult to track your,order,however this will also depend on the,shipping method you chose,so there you have it the five best free,Drop Shipping suppliers to scale your,Drop Shipping business,an important question now would be how,do you connect a Drop Shipping supplier,to your Shopify store the truth of the,matter is that some suppliers in this,list will have their own Shopify app an,example is CJ Drop Shipping which makes,it pretty simple to connect it to your,Shopify store you can just download the,Shopify app to connect the supplier to,your Shopify store however what if your,chosen supplier doesn't offer a Shopify,app in that case there are other options,available to connect them to a Shopify,store you can use one of the following,Shopify apps in your Shopify store API,drop importify and DSM tool as you can,see I focused on showing you how to,connect different Drop Shipping,suppliers to a Shopify store because,Shopify is the most frequently used,e-commerce platform,if you don't have a Shopify store yet,sign up by clicking the link on the,video description to get a free trial it,might interest you to know that this,list is directed to those looking for,Drop Shipping suppliers of General,products,as a bonus to you I've compiled a list,of the best Niche Drop Shipping,suppliers without membership fees here,they are pet stores USA printful,printify silberts and geekbuying these,suppliers would serve you better when,you're going for a niche product I hope,this video helped you both in finding,and picking A Drop Shipping supplier to,work with let me know your thought on,the comments section like this video,subscribe and click the Bell icon so you,can get notified whenever we upload new,contents on the channel see you on the,next one

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Dropshipping Hair Vendor | HAIR VENDOR | Hair Review

one thing about this hair company that i,like if you're someone i want to start a,drop shipping hair business you don't,have money but you want to start a hair,business maybe you have a customer base,or maybe you're already doing weeks or,you're already doing installation and,you want to start here business but you,don't have a lot of money i would,definitely definitely recommend this,hair vendor their quality is good their,shipping is fast and their customer,service is on point,hi bosses welcome back again to another,video if you're new here hello,welcome my name is matilda and in this,channel we tok about business,development entrepreneurship free,vendors everything as a whole how you,can be your own boss or how you can,navigate live like a boss so if this is,something that you are interested in,please don't forget to hit that,subscribe button make sure you like and,notification make sure you turn it on so,you don't miss an upload from me so in,today's video i'm doing a hair review i,know i have given you guys a lot of load,a lot of hair vendors and i can,guarantee you 80 percent of the vendors,i've given you guys i have used their,hair before that is why i come on here,and recommend them to you guys so one of,the hair vendors i have recommend to you,guys reach out to me that i want to give,to me some bundles that i can use for a,review i was like yes and this video is,one of my favorite vendors so i was,super happy to like work with them so,thank you very much almena here for,gifting me this hair so they sent me,three bundles and a closure and i used,two and a half bundle to construct the,wig and this wig is really really thick,for two and a half on the wig like if,you can see and also when i received the,hair i was like i'm just gonna come on,here and just do a review just like that,i have to put the hair to a test like i,have to put it through the process,actually construct the wig and use it,for a week in this natural state color,like the color the hair came with which,is like color 1b like if you know it's,like this natural hair color and then,after a week i was like it is awesome in,australia and i want to like go for like,a brownish type of hair and i grabbed,myself a 20 volume developer and a,bleaching powder and i decided to bleach,his hair i was going to put a hair dye,on it but after i bleach the hair and,then this is the color the hair gave me,and i love it i'm like i'm not putting,any more color on this one because it's,already giving the color i'm going for,so i only just bleach the hair and it's,giving me a really luxurious brown color,and i love it so if you haven't heard,about them before or if you don't know,almena hair almena hair is a china based,hair company and they sell hair as well,as wigs you can also do a custom made,wig with that you can tell them hey i'm,looking at getting three bundles can you,make it into a wig for me and they will,do it and also one thing about this hair,company that i like if you're someone i,want to start a drop shipping hair,business you don't have money but you,want to start a hair business maybe you,have a customer base or maybe you're,already doing weeks or you're already,doing installation and you want to start,here business but you don't have a lot,of money i would definitely definitely,recommend this hair vendor their quality,is good their shipping is fast and their,customer service is on point and they,are willing to offer you free photos,that you can use on your website so if,you don't have photos to post on the,website so you don't get a copyright or,someone just send you a message on,instagram like while you're using my,photo they are willing to give you,photos for you to use on your website,and then the thing about it let's say,they charge you 200 200,for a partikular hair you can always put,the price on your website as 300 350 and,when the customer order for me you can,only just send them the 200,they will do the packaging the shipping,and then they're not gonna add anything,to it like nothing that will show the,customer that you're buying or you're,doing a drop shipping so i would,definitely definitely recommend them if,you're thinking about starting a drop,shipping business the last thing i want,to say i always say this make sure you,always buy samples before you buy from,any vendors so you know what to expect,so you yourself see the hair in real,life like you feel the texture you feel,the quality you are satisfied before you,go ahead and make a huge purchase or,before you go ahead and use this,partikular vendor for your drop shipping,business so i'm going to wrap this video,here today i hope this is helpful if it,is please don't forget to subscribe and,make sure you like and notification make,sure you turn it on and share if you,think someone might need this video or,this video is going to help someone,sharing is caring as i always say and,the number you see on the screen is,almena hair so you can always reach out,to them on whatsapp and let them know i,send you to them so they can give you,the best customer service i will also,leave your number down below in the,description and also in the comments,because i don't want you guys to toss it,with me as you have been toking with me,with all these contacts i've been giving,you said you're not seeing the number,correctly or you guys are telling me you,can't find them on whatsapp that's why,i'm putting it on the screen as well as,the description as well as the comments,so i'll catch up with you guys later,stay blessed stay safe peace and,hold up,i don't want to waste what's left,[Music]

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

my name is isabella i am the owner of,two six figure earning online businesses,and today i'm gonna be showing you how,to build a successful drop shipping,store with zero dollars without shopify,and with zero ads so that means zero,dollars that you guys can start this,store with and you will not have to,worry about dumping any money to start,this project i actually care about your,pockets a lot of gurus on youtube,recommend using shopify which i do not,recommend since they do have monthly,fees i don't recommend getting shopify,or using shopify unless your business is,already a six figure earning business,there are so many free website hosts out,there that you guys can use for free,which i'm gonna be showing you guys how,to utilize one of those today so people,do charge over thousands of dollars for,courses just like this one so in,exchange for this information today i,just ask that you hit that like button,and subscribe to my channel so i can,continue to make videos like this for,you guys so why should you start a drop,shipping store is this the right,business model for you i recommend drop,shipping for those that are just,starting out selling online that don't,want to invest any money up front that,you want to start a side hustle and the,great thing about drop shipping is that,you can do it from anywhere in the world,you can target the united states and be,in a completely different country and,then you don't have to worry about,inventory or shipping products yourself,in this video you will learn how to find,winning products to sell to find your,niche you're going to learn how to,create a free logo and name i'm also,going to show you guys how to set up a,free online store zero dollars monthly,that you guys can use i'm also going to,show you guys how to add the products to,your online store how to fulfill your,drop shipping orders once an order is,placed how to market your online store,for free never buy ads guys and i'm also,going to go over this one thing that a,lot of people don't go over which is,kind of just the legal side of drop,shipping and the tax basics of drop,shipping which it's not going to be,advice with that point i'm just going to,tell you guys what i personally did,nothing in this video is actual legal,advice,this is just what i personally did so,let's find a product to sell and let's,figure out what your niche is going to,be so i utilize a couple different ways,and you guys can do this either on your,cell phone on your smartphone or you,guys can do this on your computer it,doesn't really matter and when i'm,researching products to sell i use tik,tok,i use aliexpress and alibaba to research,i use amazon just to see trending,products and then i also use google so,you're gonna be using these four things,today that you guys can all do from your,laptop or phone so what is drop shipping,i'm gonna tok about this quickly just,for beginners that are unsure about the,drop shipping model so a customer will,place an order on your website on your,online store in order for 200 obviously,we don't work with these big numbers,typically they're smaller products but,this is just an example so the customer,places an order on your store for 200,and then you're going to go to your,supplier you're going to find this,product online for cheaper so you're,going to charge 200 in your store for,this product but you found a supplier,that has it for 150. so you're going to,place the order for your customer for,150 you're going to take their 200.,instead of you shipping the product the,supplier is going to ship the product,and then the supplier ships the product,directly to your customer so your store,is just the middle man between the,customer and the supplier and for doing,this you get to keep 50 profit of this,sale so if you guys are familiar with my,channel i always say it's 25 the product,and 75,how you market it so the questions to,ask yourself is how entertaining is this,product can you relate this product to,your own life,what content can you actually create,with this product and how much content,can you create with this product because,the marketing side of it is more,important than the product itself so the,top niche categories for 2022 and,probably beyond 2022 is beauty pets,tiknology kids,gifts photography and fitness i'm going,to show you guys a couple of examples,and let's dive right into this tutorial,and i'm going to show you guys how you,guys can find products to sell in 2022,so i want you guys to go on to google,and type in tiktok trend discovery,we're going to search for that right now,so it's this one right here trend,discovery hot content on tiktok click,on this tiktok is definitely the most,popular social media right now meaning,that there are people that are running,ads on it although we are not going to,run ads on it because we don't have to,tiktok shows your videos without you,having to pay for ads that's the beauty,of tiktok so but we're still going to,use what people are running ads as just,as a reference to see so i'm just going,to click select all,here i'm gonna select united states,because i personally target the united,states when i was drop shipping and then,go ahead and just scroll down,and we're gonna try to see and look for,products and you guys can see a lot of,these um people i think they're selling,mostly digital products or apps so you,guys can get a lot of different ideas of,things that people are selling on tik,tok and what people are actually buying,ads for even though you're not going to,buy ads what's crazy is that all of,these things the people that they bought,these ads they didn't have to do this,because tiktok pushes out your,content if you have good content it'll,push it out this is actually the type of,product i recommended in one of my,previous videos on my youtube channel,people really love anything that you can,create content-wise that's something,satisfying and that also adds value,which is why i love this person's,content how they're promoting this,product again they could have did this,without buying ads and could have made,their business viral without buying ads,which is how i grew my business on tik,tok but you guys know that if you've,watched my other videos i don't,recommend buying ads because it does,harm your profit margin and i tok about,this more on my youtube channel if you,guys want to get a reasoning of why i,don't agree with buying ads so i found,this smart hula hoop on tiktok it was,a trending item so i decided to look,into this product and because this stuck,out to me as a drop shipping product i,decided to base this video on this,product today just as an example to show,you guys now obviously with this kind of,product you do have to show your face,because you're showing off a fitness,type product,as you guys can see there's so many,products across tiktok that you guys,can still,sell without showing your face if you,guys are unfamiliar with my business,this is my e-commerce story body fold,that i grew just from tiktok without,paying for any ads as you guys can see,the link is in my bio right here and you,guys can see how i did my bio and,everything but you guys can see that i,sell and i make sales this one got one,million views and i don't even show my,face now i do sell products that i ship,myself which i explain why i do that on,my youtube channel but i just want to,show you guys an example that you guys,can sell products online without showing,your face i hardly ever show mine very,rarely do i show mine like right here,but that's a very rare occurrence and my,most viral videos don't include my face,and one niche that might work good for,one person,might be different for another so the,first thing that i do when i find a,product that might be a potential,product to sell is i google it so i,typed in hula hoop exercise to see what,would come up,so you guys can see right away this dh,gate listing came up and if you guys are,unfamiliar with dhgate dhgate is very,similar to aliexpress so obviously

This Guy Makes $1,000,000/Month Selling Hoodies..

so last week i got a pretty interesting,dm,it was actually a dm from justin,phillips justin is one of the,co-founders of a brand called support,black colleges support black colleges,for the past eight months we've been,doing bigger ever,to support historically black colleges,we love this this is a brand that's all,about supporting black education and,bringing awareness to the,amazing hbcus out there him and his team,have started a crazy movement they're,making millions of dollars a year with,this company they've gained,hundreds of thousands of followers and,they've collabed with countless,celebrities and even got their clothes,in nba 2k,so i decided to fly out to atlanta and,tok with justin to see how he built,this business and my flight's actually,leaving,soon so let's go,all right guys so we just got to atlanta,and now we're about to head over to,justin's warehouse and see how he runs,his business so let's go,all right guys we just got to the,support black college's warehouse or,this is my boy justin right here,i want you guys to meet this guy so,introduce yourself to the people yeah,i'm justin phillips one of the,co-founders of a business called support,black colleges and our main goal is to,inspire,uplift and raise awareness for our hbcus,and if you don't know what hbcu is it's,a historically black college or,university,so that's what we're all about here man,yeah this brand is doing extremely well,and today we're going to kind of break,down what they're doing and how he's,running this operation,so you guys can get some inspiration for,starting your own online business,[Music],all right bro so let me know a little,bit about how you got started with this,business because you've been running,this for how long,yeah we started in 2012. so a little a,little,while now yeah yeah you went to hbcu,yeah so i went to howard university and,actually i wasn't,a part of the original founding of the,business so my business partner and his,cousin they started it together,right i was just a friend i wanted to,help out i had a digital media,background and that was my thing so i,made them a twitter,instagram got him a few hundred,followers and then partikipated in the,first photo shoot and you know i just,kind of let them do their thing i did my,own thing,then a few years later my partner,currently his name is corey,he was like hey dude let's let's pick,this up let's take it seriously because,we kind of let it fall off yeah and then,i jumped into the business,brought the facebook instagram as google,youtube,and digital strategy and then that's,when we really started to take off about,two and a half years ago so where are,you guys at now i know you're doing,collaborations with nba,and all these celebrities tok to me,about this position you're in now yeah,now we're just fresh off the doing the,nba all-star game,so we had the opportunity to make all of,the gear for all of the all-stars so you,know lebron steph,giannis all of those guys and then i,mean i can't even,name any influencers that warned myself,you know,zion and missy elliott and chris paul,and rick ross like all of these people,so now you know we're just trying to,scale it up,yeah i know it takes a lot to run a,brand like this bro let's tok about,kind of a day-to-day of running this,business and maybe show me around the,warehouse on what you do yeah sure all,right let's do it all right,[Music],so first thing you do when you get to,the office each day oh man i sit down,check my to-do list check in with the,staff and then i just get to it bro,check out the on let's go jordan thank,you man,nice to meet you great operation you got,here bro thank you thank you,no thanks to him all right so now we're,in my office,and we can meet the team so we got my,boy tim he's the coldest in the game,with the camera he does all of our,creative direction all of our social,media content,he's that guy and then you got corey the,less attractive one of our collectors,and he's my business partner co-founder,of the business so that's my guy,next up after you do that what's the,next step what goes on out here yeah,i'll probably pull out my laptop,start designing some stuff check on our,inventory go check in with my blood,brother jason he's running a business,with us,and just kind of see how orders are,doing if we're shipping everything on,time,stuff like that yeah we gotta check out,the shipping operation over there we got,a ton of units so it gets serious over,there,[Music],this is the warehouse right oh yeah this,is where it is taught me through some of,this man how does it run how do you work,this,yeah so this is all of our inventory all,up against the wall you got small,medium large xl all the way up to 5x and,we use a program called finale inventory,to make sure we're tracking everything,properly,we use ship station to ship all the,orders but and this is everything right,here yeah,so with these hoodies how do you get,them made yeah so,right now we get the patches from,overseas and they're a chanel patch with,the adhesive backing,and then we heat press them onto the,hoodie and then we sew them down,just so they don't go anywhere but we,order the blanks either from,somewhere overseas as well or we usually,will do,a united states-based um inventory,supplier so yeah there's a ton of people,in my comments and my dms that want to,do clothing bro that's like one of the,number one things if you want to start,what's the number one tip for somebody,that wants to do clothing bro i know,it's a tough industry,yeah and that's tough i think the most,important part is just like figuring out,what type of person you are as an,entrepreneur because there's so many,different ways to make money in this,space,you can do high volume low tiket you,can do,you know exclusive drops you can do any,type of business so it really just,depends on,who you are as a person what type of,stress level you're willing to take and,what amount of time you're willing to,put and how much money you want to make,so depending on the answers to those,questions is going to tell you whether,you should do print on demand or,screen printers or drop shipping a bunch,of different things so i understand,understanding yourself and creating a,business that's in line with those,values exactly,that goes a long way hey man it's the,key yeah,[Music],all right bro so there's a lot of,entrepreneurs out there that are brand,new they're probably super motivated by,your story,tok them through the starting phases of,your journey though because,i know you weren't like this from the,start you had to come from somewhere,right,oh man yeah i like to attribute most of,it to my mom,i was raised in a single parent,household so my mom was grinding it out,she was um,doing i.t during the day and then she,was doing like bottle service at night,and then she was also a real estate,agent as well so seeing her kind of,grind and trying to put me through,school and all that stuff alone kind of,i guess gave me that,in your blood man it had to have been,because my um,she was started doing the real doing,real estate at her day job and then they,fired her because she was doing it on,the computers and whatnot,so then i would ask for things and she,would be like well you need to go make,you some money yeah,it so i'm from houston so i wanted a,grill like paul wall and like water,so i started selling candy as my first,business and then,two three days i made a couple hundred,dollars and then got my first grill,and then the third day they called me,into the office and was like,you can't do this and they poured all of,my candy out in the trash right in front,of my face so that was like,my first experience of rejection so then,you kind of you know grow up try,different things here and there try drop,shipping i wasn't very good at it,tried affiliate marketing just all these,other internet businesses but all those,failures just,gave me exposure to online marketing in,general and i used all of the knowledge,from,buying books and