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Block Ads on Roku: Easy Guide

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Hey YouTube, today I'm going to show you how to turn off automatic ads on your Roku TV or any Roku device. Follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your remote's cursor is working correctly.

2. Press the home button on your remote.

3. Scroll down to settings using the down button.

4. Press the right button to access privacy settings.

5. Click on the file that says limit ad tracking.

6. Check the box to ensure that advertisers will not try to sell you stuff when watching TV.

7. Go back to the smart TV experience.

8. Make sure that the enable auto notification option is turned off.

9. Turn off use info from TV inputs.

10. Check other settings on your system, such as network, picture settings, inputs, audio, and parental control.

How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

- Introducing the new channel and the topic of the video

- Acknowledging English is the speaker's second language and it's their first video

The Problem:

- Watching TV on demand is filled with ads

- You cannot watch anything without watching at least a few ads

- You cannot rewind or do anything without watching ads

The Solution:

- Changing the DNS server to block ads

- Going to settings, network, and advanced settings to edit DNS server

- Using a DNS server with a blacklist to block ads

- No ads at the beginning or in the middle of the video

- The downside is losing the ability to rewind or pause the video

- The speaker hopes the solution helps viewers who hate ads

- The speaker will be posting videos weekly about technology and gadgets

- Encourages viewers to subscribe and leave comments

- Thanks viewers for watching and bids farewell.


If you access streaming sites on your Fire Stick or Android TV device, the biggest issue you may face is adverts. These websites offer free streaming content, but they make their money back through advertisements. This article will discuss how to block all of these adverts, video-based adverts, pop-up adverts, and trackers to improve your browsing experience.

Steps to Block Adverts:

1. Open the Silk browser on your Amazon device.

2. Press the context key and select the menu option.

3. Click on the settings option.

4. Scroll down and click on the privacy and security option.

5. Click on the use secure DNS option and choose to use a custom DNS server.

6. Enter the URL for the AdGuard DNS server (https://dns.adguard.com/dns-query).

7. Turn on the do not track option for extra security.

8. Enjoy your streaming sites without any adverts.

Advantages of Blocking Adverts:

1. Faster browsing experience.

2. Safer and more private browsing experience.

3. No pop-up adverts or video-based adverts.

4. No trackers, so websites cannot track your activity.

Blocking adverts on your Amazon device is easy with the Silk browser. By using a custom DNS server, such as the AdGuard DNS server, you can enjoy a faster, safer, and more private browsing experience. This simple trick will block all of the annoying adverts, pop-ups, video-based adverts, and trackers. So, give it a try and enjoy your streaming sites without any interruptions.

How To: Removing Roku Advertisement Themes

In this quick video, we will discuss how to get rid of pop-up advertisements while using Disney Plus. Recently, the platform changed its theme multiple times, including the Avengers and Disney Bus themes. Although these themes may be enjoyable for some, others may find them annoying. So, we will guide you on how to turn off the enable beats and themes to get rid of them.

Steps to Turn off Pop-up Advertisements:

Here are the steps to follow to get rid of pop-up advertisements while using Disney Plus:

1. Go to settings.

2. Click on themes.

3. Select custom settings.

4. Turn off enable beats and themes.

By following these simple steps, you can turn off the pop-up advertisements and enjoy your favorite shows and movies without any distractions.

Additional Notes:

It's important to note that if you turn off the enable beats and themes, any promotional themes or holiday themes will also be turned off. So, keep that in mind before turning off this feature.

Moreover, if you still find the pop-up advertisements annoying, you can revert to the default theme by going to power settings and clicking on revert to the default theme.

Getting rid of pop-up advertisements on Disney Plus is a simple process. By following the steps mentioned above, you can turn off the enable beats and themes and enjoy your favorite shows and movies without any distractions. So, give it a try and let us know if it helped you in the comments below.

Roku hacks you aren’t using (but should)

In today's fast-paced world, streaming services have become a popular choice for entertainment. With a variety of options available, Roku has emerged as one of the leading streaming platforms. Let's explore the features of Roku and why it has gained so much popularity.

Features of Roku:

1. Roku Channel: The Roku channel is a free streaming service that offers a variety of movies and TV shows.

2. Twitch: Twitch is a popular streaming platform that offers live streams of video games and other content.

3. iOS and Android: Roku has apps available for both iOS and Android, making it easy to stream content on the go.

4. Chromecast: Roku also offers Chromecast support, allowing users to stream content from their mobile devices to their TV.

5. Netflix and YouTube: Roku offers easy access to popular streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

Why is Roku so popular?

1. User-friendly interface: Roku's interface is easy to use and navigate, making it a popular choice for all age groups.

2. Affordable pricing: Roku offers affordable options for streaming devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

3. Variety of content: Roku offers a variety of streaming options, including free and paid services.

4. Compatibility: Roku is compatible with a wide range of devices, including TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

In conclusion, Roku has become a popular choice for streaming services due to its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and compatibility with a wide range of devices. With the variety of content available, Roku offers something for everyone.

How to block Ads WITHOUT Adblock or software using your router!

In this article, we will be discussing how to disable ads using your router. This method is more effective than using extensions or plugins, which can be detected by some websites. By changing your DNS addresses, you can block ads at the source and enjoy a nearly ad-free browsing experience.


1. Log into your router using the address or by googling your router model number to find the correct address.

2. Use the default login information (username: admin, password: admin) or the login information you have previously set.

3. Navigate to the WAN tab and check if it allows you to change your DNS addresses.

4. Visit the website alternatedns.com to get the two IP addresses for ad-blocking.

5. Copy and paste these IP addresses into the primary and secondary DNS slots in your router settings.

6. Save your settings and you're done!


1. Load up a website that previously had ads, such as YouTube.

2. Disable any ad-blocker extensions or plugins.

3. Watch as the ads are completely removed, proving that the DNS addresses are doing all the blocking.

4. Turn on the ad-blocker extensions or plugins to see that they remove ads as well, but not as effectively as the DNS addresses.

Using DNS addresses to block ads is a highly effective method that can save you the hassle of dealing with ads on every website you visit. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can enjoy a nearly ad-free browsing experience.

Stop the excessive youtube ads on your smart TV. / Roku Nothing to buy, no complicated setups.

Are you tired of watching ads on your smart TV while watching YouTube videos? Do you want to watch ad-free content without paying a monthly subscription fee? In this video, we will show you how to get ad-free YouTube content on your smart TV for free.


1. Understand how your computer works and how to map a network drive.

2. Check if your router has a media server on it.

3. If you have a modern router, you can easily map a network drive to your media server.

4. If your smart TV has a USB port, you can download the content on your computer and copy it over to a thumb drive.

5. Search for a YouTube converter website such as convert YouTube to mp3 mp4 online.

6. Find the video you want to download and copy the URL.

7. Paste the link on the converter website and hit start.

8. Select the quality you want and click on download.

9. Once the download is complete, copy the video to your smart TV using a USB or a mapped network drive.

10. Enjoy ad-free YouTube content on your smart TV.

By following these simple steps, you can get ad-free YouTube content on your smart TV without paying a monthly subscription fee. You can either map a network drive to your media server or download the content on your computer and transfer it to your smart TV using a USB drive. With this solution, you can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos without any interruptions from ads.

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