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block ads on twitch

Published on: December 27 2022 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to block Twitch ads in just one minute. We will introduce an extension that can be added to Opera and Google Chrome browsers to block ads on Twitch. With this extension, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming without annoying ads.

How to block Twitch ads:

Follow these simple steps to block Twitch ads:

1. Add the Purple ads blocker extension to your Opera or Google Chrome browser.

2. Enable the extension in your browser settings.

3. Open Twitch and enjoy uninterrupted streaming without ads.

Features of Purple ads blocker:

Here are some features of the Purple ads blocker extension:

- It works on both Opera and Google Chrome browsers.

- The recent update makes it easier to use without any settings to be changed.

- You can use it in incognito mode.

- It blocks all types of Twitch ads.

Advantages of blocking Twitch ads:

Here are some advantages of blocking Twitch ads:

- You can enjoy uninterrupted streaming without ads.

- It saves you time by skipping ads.

- You can focus on the content of the stream.

Blocking Twitch ads has never been easier. With the Purple ads blocker extension, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming without any ads. This extension is easy to use and works on both Opera and Google Chrome browsers. So, install the extension today and enjoy your favorite Twitch streams without any interruptions.

How to block Ads on Twitch - Twitch Adblock

Have you ever been annoyed by ads while watching streams on Twitch? Well, there is a solution! In this article, we will be discussing the Twitch Adblock extension, how it works, and some things to keep in mind while using it.

How to Install:

- Search for Twitch Adblock on Google and click on the first option.

- Click on Add to Chrome and install it on any chromium-based browser.

- Go to Twitch and check if it's working. If not, restart your browser.

How it Works:

- A pre-roll ad will show a message saying Blocking ads until it ends.

- Mid-roll ads can also be blocked.

- The video player controls will work like normal.


- Click on the Twitch Adblock icon to open settings.

- Turn it on/off and choose to show/hide the blocking message.

Things to Keep in Mind:

- Twitch can change its code, causing the extension to stop working temporarily.

- If it doesn't work at first, give it a couple of days before trying again.

The Twitch Adblock extension is a useful tool for those annoyed by ads while watching streams. It's easy to install, and the settings can be customized to your preference. However, keep in mind that it may not work if Twitch changes its code, but the developers behind the extension will eventually update it. Give it a try and enjoy ad-free streaming!

Is Adblock Piracy?

Linus Media Group, owned by Linus Sebastian, recently shared a tweet about their 2021 revenue makeup, with YouTube Adsense being 18%, other affiliates and ads being 5%, Facebook ads being 2%, sponsored projects and in-video sponsor spots being 35%, merch being 32%, Floatplane being 4%, Amazon associates being 3%, and other revenue being 1%. One viewer expressed surprise that Adsense made up such a large portion of their income, to which Linus replied that ad-blocking is the same as piracy, as both involve not paying for the content. This statement received backlash from some viewers, who disagreed that ad-blocking is piracy. However, Linus clarified that he did not mean ad-blocking is illegal, but rather that it is a form of piracy. He also compared it to pirating Netflix, as both involve not paying for the content. Some viewers expressed agreement with Linus, while others disagreed. Ultimately, the issue remains controversial and open to interpretation.

Adblock para Twitch... Será que funciona? Não ver propagandas na Twitch... Não ver Ads nunca mais...

- Twitch has increased the number of ads on its platform, causing frustration among streamers and viewers.

- However, there are ways to avoid these ads, such as using an ad-blocker extension.

Benefits of using an ad-blocker extension:

- No need to sit through 10 minutes of ads per hour of streaming.

- Can choose to support streamers by subscribing, rather than being forced to watch ads.

- Extension works on desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Brave.

How to install and use an ad-blocker extension:

- Look for a free ad-blocker extension, such as Adblock Plus, in your browser's app store.

- Install the extension and enable it on your browser.

- Enjoy Twitch streams without any ads!

- If you're tired of sitting through endless ads on Twitch, an ad-blocker extension is a simple solution.

- It's important to remember to support streamers through other means, such as subscribing or donating, if you want to continue enjoying their content.

- By using an ad-blocker extension, you can watch Twitch streams without any interruptions and focus on the content you love.

STOP Using Chrome: Ad-blockers Will Stop Working Soon

A lot of people are reliant on Chrome and chromium-based browsers, but it's time to stop. In this article, we'll discuss why and what the alternative is.

Why Chrome and Chromium are a Problem:

- Chromium is the heart of most browsers on the market, including Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, and Edge.

- Google controls what happens with each browser.

- Google is rolling out a new update called Manifest V3, which will disrupt ad blocking.

- Ad blocking platforms will have a hard time making their stuff work, and many ads will get through.

- Adblock is the only ad blocker that will work, but it whitelists ads behind the scenes.

- Cookies and trackers will be nearly impossible to block.

What the Alternative Is:

- Firefox is the best alternative to Chrome and chromium-based browsers.

- There are different varieties of Firefox, including Ice Dragon.

- Downloading and installing Firefox is easy, and you can import all your passwords and history seamlessly.

- Switching to Firefox will improve your browsing experience and protect your privacy.

It's time to wean yourself off of Chrome and chromium-based browsers and switch to Firefox. With the new update, ad blocking platforms will have a hard time making their stuff work, and many ads will get through. Adblock is the only ad blocker that will work, but it whitelists ads behind the scenes. Cookies and trackers will be nearly impossible to block. Switching to Firefox will improve your browsing experience and protect your privacy.

Twitch Broke The Adblock

Twitch Finds Workaround for Ad Blockers, but the Battle Continues

Twitch has found a workaround for ad blockers, but this is just one step in an ongoing battle between ads and ad blockers. As the ad blockers get better, websites find new ways to detect them, and the cycle continues.


- Ads are a multi-billion dollar business, while ad blockers are not.

- While there will always be a way to avoid ads, it will become harder and harder for the average person to do so.

- The ad density on Twitch has gone up in the past year, but there has been a decline since the pandemic began.

- YouTube is growing more than Twitch, but there are many factors at play.


- The amount of ads on Twitch is causing some users to watch less.

- Twitch should punish users with ad blockers by making them wait longer, rather than denying them altogether.

- A price war is not good for anyone, and price fixing/matching is common in the industry.

The battle between ads and ad blockers will continue for years to come, but ultimately, ads will likely win out due to their profitability. While Twitch should consider the user experience when it comes to ads, the reality is that they need ads to support their platform. As for users, they will need to decide whether dealing with ads is worth it for the content they want to watch.

[ ✔ CHECK DESC ✔ ] Twitch AdBlock - How to block Twitch Ads [UPDATED!] (Works on All Browsers)

In this article, we will discuss two methods to block Twitch ads. The first method involves using the Purple Ads Blocker and the second method involves using the Ultimate Player for Twitch.

Method 1: Purple Ads Blocker

- Add Purple Ads Blocker to your browser

- Keep the settings at default

- Go to a Twitch stream and the ads will be gone

- Remove any previous settings from older methods

- If the method doesn't work, move on to Method 2

Method 2: Ultimate Player for Twitch

- Remove Purple Ads Blocker from your browser

- Add Ultimate Player for Twitch to your browser

- Go to a Twitch stream and the ads will be blocked

- There may be a delay in chat and stream viewing

- To view videos on the channel, disable the extension

By using these two methods, Twitch users can enjoy their streaming experience without any ads. Give these methods a try and let us know if they worked for you in the comments below. Happy streaming!

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