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block gmail ads

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

How to Stop Promotional Emails on Gmail Easily 2022 || How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Gmail

[Music]. hi everyone, welcome to my new video. in this video i'm gonna show you how to stop promotional emails in your gmail, and you can do it easily. you can find here: this is my email and sometimes it can be kept here in your google. you can find here in the google box. if you use android, then just click on here. next, just click on gmail option and whenever you come here, you can find such kind of interface. i'm gonna show you that way. yes, you can find here such kind of interface for anybody who come here. next, at the top of the site, you can find here promotions, promotions emails. that means these ads or this email for promotioning their products or something else. then, first of all, select whose email is not necessary for you, if you think that is, this email is not necessary for you. so just make a list, because a number of email you will find here that is here in promotion box, such as it comes from google, it comes from there is one ownercom and it comes from realme, and you can see here there is a number of text comes here that is unroll me. so i am going to show you, step by step, how you can block it easily and you can do it foot fully. first of all, i'm gonna select this in first one that is english class 10101.com. this is not necessary for me, so i'm going to stop it. how you can stop this? first of all click on here in the emails and you can find here such kind of email, because this sends just for promotion. and scroll down- if you use phone then zoom in it and at the bottom the side you can find here unsubscribe. if you unsubscribe these mail you will not find any kind of meal from these mail. so just click on. i'm going to jim juminate for show you here you can see unsubscribe. so just click on it and subscribe. okay, then you can see here unsubscribe from email notification. you will not find any kind of email or notification from this email and that will also go back and select. so i'm going to select another one and scroll down and you can find here there is unsubscribe. so just click on it. you can see this one unsubscribe. so thank you so much for watching my video.

How To Turn Off Personalized Ads In Your Google Account

how to turn off personalized ads in your google account. the first thing you need to do is open up your browser and navigate to googlecom. once you're here, guys, navigate to the top right hand corner here to where it says sign in and sign into your google account. so simply left click on sign in and enter your google account information to log in. i'm just going to do that now, guys. as you can see, guys, i'm now signed into my google account and i'm back on googlecom. once you're also signed into your google account, navigate to the top right hand corner here to your google account's profile picture, and left click on the profile picture. once you've done that, guys, navigate to where it says manage your google account and left click on it. once you've done that, guys, you'll be taken to the home section of your google account. the section of our google account that we need to be in, guys, is data and privacy. so simply navigate to the left hand side here to where it says data and privacy- it's the third option down here- and left click on it. once you're in the data and privacy section of your google account, scroll down until you see where it says ad settings. it should be in the middle of the page in ad settings, you can choose whether the ads that you see are personalized based on things like interests and brand preferences. as you can see, guys, ad personalization is currently turned on, and there's a little note here in the ad settings by google which says: we protect your privacy. content from google drive, gmail and google photos is never used for any ad purposes. all right, guys. to change the ad personalization from on to off, all you need to do is look for where it says add personalization, and to the right hand side here there is an arrow. simply left click on the arrow. once you've done that, guys, you'll be in the ad settings of your google account for ad personalization. underneath it says: google makes your ads more useful on google services, such as search or youtube, and on websites and apps that partner with google to show ads. you can find out why you are seeing an ad by simply left clicking on this hyperlink text here to get some more information from google. as you can see, guys, there's a toggle here for ad personalization. it's currently toggled on and we'll toggle it off in just a moment. i'm simply going to left click on the arrow here next to advanced just to see the advanced ad personalization settings. so, as you can see, the advanced setting here is currently check marked and it says: also use your activity and information from google services to personalize ads on websites and apps that partner with google to show ads. this stores data from websites and apps that partner with google in your google account. for this advanced ad personalization setting, guys, i'm going to be turning it off also to do this, simply uncheck mark this box here. you'll then be greeted with a little notification from google which says: exclude non-google activity. when you exclude non-google activity, google won't store your future browsing data from websites and apps that partner with google, including those that show ads from google. with your google account. google won't use your google account activity and information to personalize ads on the websites and apps that partner with google. you'll still see personalized ads on those websites and apps, but they won't be based on your google account activity and information. so that's exactly what i want, guys. as you can see, you have two options. the first one is cancel and the one right beside it is exclude. i'm going to be clicking on exclude and again you're greeted with another little window here which says: non-google activity: excluded. your google account activity and information will not be used to personalize ads on non-google websites and apps. google is one of many ad networks that personalizes ads based on your activity online. go to ad choices to control ads from other ad networks. so you can do that here, guys, by simply left clicking on the add choices hyperlink text here for this video, guys, i'm just going to left click on. got it great. so we've turned off the add personalization advanced setting here, but we still need to turn off and toggle off add personalization, which is currently on. to do this, guys, look for where it says add personalization is on and simply left click on the toggle here. you'll then be greeted with a window here which says turn off personalization. when you turn off ad personalization, you'll still see ads, but they may be less useful to you. you'll no longer be able to set preferences for ads or advertisers. choices that you've made for ads won't be saved with personalization off. ads that you see can still be based on general factors like the subject of what you're looking at, the time of day or your general location. you have the option to keep add personalization on or turn it off. of course, guys, for this video i'm going to be turning it off. so all i'm going to do is left click on turn off. and finally, guys, once you've done that, at the top here it says add personalization is off. it may take some time before this change is reflected across our systems. you can also turn off ads personalization for the google ads that you see when you are signed out and 100 plus other online ad networks by visiting ad choices. so again, guys, it gives you that option here to do just that by simply left clicking on the hyperlink text here. that's beyond the scope of this video. for this video, all we're going to be doing is turning add personalization off, and that's exactly what we have done, guys. all i'm going to do is left-click on. got it? fantastik, guys. that pretty much concludes the video. so, as you can see, under ad personalization it now says you turned ad personalization off. you can turn it back on to make your ads more useful to you. and on that note, guys, that finally concludes the video on how to turn off personalized ads in your google account. if you enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a like comment down below and, most importantly of all, subscribe to support the channel. i'll see you on the next video. [Music] you.

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Step-By-Step Gmail Ads 2020 Tutorial

what's up everyone, welcome to the Surfside PPC youtube channel. today we may be going over gmail ads. so Gmail ads are run directly through Google ads account and they're a form of display advertising. so in this video I'm going to show you some examples of Gmail ads, some best practikes, and I'm actually going to create a gmail ads campaign in this video. so I want to get started by showing some ad examples. so if you want to watch the actual campaign being built, then you want to fast forward to this video a little bit. so what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna open up an email that I've already opened. so this is a gmail advertisement for honey calm. so this was in my inbox for my gmail account and I clicked on it. when you open the advertisement, once I click on the ad, the advertiser is charged. so it doesn't matter if I do anything after I click on the advertisement. once I open this email, the advertiser is gonna be charged and you can see here you have a business name at the top, you have an image. if we come down, you have the subject line right here, you have a description line right here and then right here is a call to action button: unlock coupons. when I click here, I'm gonna go to honey coms landing page. you're also gonna see over here on the right hand side there's a little bit of a description for the actual advertiser. so this is what a gmail ad is gonna look like once you click on it and it expands and opens up the actual emore email portion of the advertisement. so what I want to do next is look at a few examples of Gmail ads, some different ways you can format your advertisements and how they're gonna look in your Gmail inbox. so let's say you open up your Gmail inbox and you go to the social tab or the promotions tab, you won't see any Gmail ads in your primary tab. so they're only gonna show in these two tabs right here, and this is essentially what they're gonna look like. so you can see right here at the top we're gonna expand these a little bit. so if we look at it in a larger portion, you can see right here is the business name, the actual advertiser. you have a subject line right here, bolded, and then you have the description portion right here. so once I click on one of these advertisements it's gonna charge the advertiser. so if I click on this, lumi buy pampers ads and we open it up. this is what its gonna look like so you can see. you have the image at the top. it looks very similar to honey's advertisement, just a different image and different subject description line, everything like that. but the format is always going to look pretty similar. for Gmail ads. now there are different types of advertisements you can create. so what we can do if we come over here looking at another example, these are both actually retargeting ads for me and I've been too chewy calm. I've been to Avery calm recently so I'm getting remarketing ads from both of these different advertisers. so chewy pet pharmacy. I think this is a great advertisement: 20% off prescription pet products, all for code rx 20 licensed pharmacists. so if I'm looking for prescription pest products, I can click through here and take advantage of this 20% off promotion. now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open up the Avery ad, because I recently went to Avery comm, so let's just say I'm interested in more of their products. I click on the advertisement. you can see they're using a different format where they're listing some of the different types of products they have for sale, so their actual labels and stikers. so I can click on any of these links and it's bring me two separate landing pages on the Avery com website. so there's different ways to set up your gmail ads, and the way you set them up is gonna be based on your business, your products and your services and how you're promoting to your potential customers. so what we want to do next is get into the actual campaign building process so we can create our own gmail ads. so we're gonna start right here in Google Ads. so we're gonna open up our Google Ads account now and what we want to do is start by creating a new campaign now. I would highly recommend coming into tools and settings first, going to measurement here and making sure you're tracking for conversions in your account. I have videos on my channel about conversion tracking. I'll put those links in the video description so you can easily find them. if you're not using conversion tracking already, but you want to make sure you're optimizing for conversions so you can start to tell when you are spending money in your campaign, whether or not you're driving sales or leads or whatever your key performance indicators are, I would highly recommend starting with conversion tracking. so we're gonna create a new campaign and we're gonna come in here and the first thing you want to do is select a goal that would make this campaign successful to you. if you're using conversion tracking, you either want to use sales or leads, depending on the types of conversions that you're driving. now for mine, I'm gonna be choosing leads. you can also use website traffic for this goal if you're not using conversion tracking. so we're gonna choose leads here. we're going to come down. the next thing you want to do is select display here. so we're gonna do display. you have three options: a smart display campaign, a standard display campaign and a gmail campaign. so we're gonna choose Gmail campaign and we're gonna enter our website here. I'm going to doing this today for my website, farmhouse goals, calm and ultimately, my goal is to send people to this landing page where I have an April sale use promo code: April 20 2014: percent off and free shipping. so I want to drive people to this promotion using Gmail ads. so we're gonna create a new campaign here and click on continue. okay, so we're running a display campaign. our type is gonna be Gmail. our goal is gonna be leads. so the first thing you want to do is name your campaign, select your location targeting and select your language targeting. that's always where you generally start with your Google ads campaigns. once you have that all set, you want to come down to your bidding strategy. now for bidding strategies. I've gone over this a lot in the past, but generally what I like to do is focus on conversions and start by manually setting bids. so this is gonna be the CPC enhanced bid strategy. now, if you do have a lot of data already in Google Ads, you've driven a lot of conversions. you may just want to start with the target CPA or target return on adspend bid strategies available here. you can also use the maximize conversions bid strategy, but I generally prefer to start with manual CPC using enhanced CPC so I can set my bids really low to get started and then increase them over time. I generally think that driving more clicks for my partikular business is gonna help me drive more conversions in the long run. and one of the downsides I see with maximize conversions or target CPA and target return on adspend is my average CPC tends to be a little bit higher than I want to in the beginning of the campaign. so I'm gonna start with manual CPC using in hand CPC. so that's gonna be the bid strategy for this campaign budget. so, essentially, how much do you want to spend each day? usually, what you want to do is take your monthly budget and divide it by 30. so if my monthly budget is $300, then my budget is gonna be ten dollars per day here. so just set it based on your monthly budget, set your daily budget and if you multiply it by 30, that's about how much you're gonna spend for the month. so that's gonna be our budget here. so we have our bidding, our budget set, we have our languages and location set, so we're gonna keep scrolling down. next is gonna be additional settings. so if you click on additional settings, you can set your add rotation, your ads, scheduled start and end dates, you can set your device targeting, any campaign URL options and you can also use dynamic ads. so you have- if you have- a dynamic feed for your website, for example, if you're running an econ.

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How to Stop Unwanted Mails ? தேவையற்ற மின்னஞ்சல்களை நிறுத்த | Tamil Tech

[Music] double take you to channel keys ringing, a subscriber number comes up. every girl could've a little bit in Hickman agon, then we'll go up gates Underwood, everyone gets it on. star of this, 27 long become Vodacom individual number possible. the patina here is the mathematikal evident upon a bit more videos without propellers on, for example, some real tik tips obtains earlier in urban. so clearly still chill, calm. so in the episode Flamel patina follow his model basic on wishing a letter Nepali important Renault visionary, yes, minute open, welcome. so Paula period have a path rating a collector on the mister editing a eople in the playlist opportunity and sold random Bettina easily years and in a safety video patina key legal in America, dracania. so here couldn't understand she video over a video of a partner upon underwent, ok, legal K turned out on the karmic accelerator tiknology me record, use my network a table own very theoretikal Apollo upon long the richest empanada boom. that's a clear example. nor cream monsters, calm of time show up into the politiks agility, just open era colossal. a very poor analogy rule the Moodle MOOC. put the main from the one the day. ok, you know the email address around the efficient I use penumbra left at the stop. fantastik is actually when the soldiers have been to the polar Caterham that it so you do in the pattern or mail around with it, but number in and become either polar polishing and when they can deform is important. I you come up in 2011, ta, please stop control center. than at the solo Quran we will be eternally in the basic animation halted in three clamps at 88 areas. every wicked TFEU sprinters in masala poem, curricula chinny-chin. every shingle meaning a partikle photo. first to mérida gmail account login. Brannigan would look on ordinary emails, patina fool on Philippe yonder under a big medicine am be available Arkham. so yeah, we'll make second minion to pass in Imperium. now on the Chimera octagon narrator, condo pack, a nice catch. a commando chip in a new dive umbrella sitting here. so over male, a partikular play front of F. so we'll get every letter. maybe a dip into the first electronic conga, partly on the made on this it on a bench electronica prompt. other open burning up who remain of open pond ordinary will carry on, for example, as a North Korean Alex, a deal. attention on a serious opponent will be traveler and related meaning of Xfinity. enough under NATO, open Bonnie will, upon the popping on the mail, icky live and the hooligan unsubscribed. another option to come and unsubscribe personating it just occasionally. bosom, maximum sized element, Naveen patina, originated in the questions kept on landing a coup. Thawra name unsubscribe. melodrama, humility, animate. I'm the partikular site under mail window. wherever other in the stadium between ape and such - yo chill, so enter the chamber. desert in numerous. it was six learning over login. Poornima between Solana. welcome to the login. Bernie Taupin, delete umbrella. nice lady on the unsubscribe put up on hitting that impo in a can't escape a new male. were they of interpersonal de in the state right say let's go and watch Netflix. money Ning, a kilobyte block of inner option to come either for tuning and blocking on the Panny glom, suppose y NX block monastik, a form on the virtual images from the Turkish. we're aware I didn't the verb in omotola, opening in a pond in página the moon'll option. filter messages like this a beam or option tricking Hanina. click on 'edit Arkham? here's another. in fact, Lena hooray company, another way. they remain. ladies endocrine. Thomas, Pam Perna, top one retailer changing use. mana clamp is a polar years. many unique remain sending a filter, hundred company usable. so you're going to pass on in the partikular melody near futsal ability and the first letter first it could appear any negative at the rate of the enemy delivering them. this is related. is you and the other, me in the Union, filter under the filter pan into joining other court affected, although Williger, subject leader, chi-wah, regular in the other cheek fill troponin, oh my lucky. low under a search message is another cheerful troponin mop into the poll. okay, come Albert, women, lava patina will go over ala attachment elegy Rinda and attachment notike. even among the filter panel, morphine Caden. so like says everybody. an option to click on Odin empathy, no, first optional. okay, in boxes keep spawning a beam. option with other click Pentagon, other to prom but inner delete up into the option to extend its image. click punting now in the partikular major editor, anonymity of a milkmaid, one column, sorry. as opposed to skip item of hormones between on automatik and delete item easy llama. I reckon America may looming in here q-tip and an all-male meaning a self in a-- glamping of Athena, the hysterical, just to create fills record authority, emphysema, Elam, a limit delicate, so is it almost a simple on a regime now, even in a dark tower, easiest in Jordan. Athena in order may Lester career yella made new month under partikular, image address related and element is Delta Chi Sonia, first up since another poll on to scrape anagram company lady block running an operation will attik, attik in an awesome Paulo filter Pawnee program. so he preening American turning on the cleaner, a churning. now wilkiewicz, important on a male Ning any met on the or online a job, cm, all of the in a polishing will trickle number room and the narration LaSalle acute period. our company par normal regular containing amendment to the person in different dominant learn the efficient running Houston are magic lamp so male upon the clean hardship on the upper partikular habitat. Columbia, so uniqueness on a tumble tik tips on the will preach upon and again and under Gator the our break alligator comer to melamine Nanda Gopal appear. come in the regime useful and convene on brand. when we look in the machine here is noted in the reserve and city is the polar wind Impala. additional signal on city as an Engel direct our through numbers over sharpen. I'd known super up till a team in the video is just for sharpening an underlying remove the usable, a basic machine, martyrdom, advance to America to yell at image energy ketone. so in the video, polarizability, ladies in a media called venom, Abdullah, DN and reasoning. a dial mechanic, male polynomial, a tequila common parlance seek, remand everyone in here the puck LOM, individual predictive analytiks or, like kourounis, individual number number resharpening. I mean the media Apollo, you know, Paulo, the morning interesting on important, on a machine algorithm, like other things, we will send a grain Volga thermal foreign tiknology.

How to Filter & Block Unwanted Email in Gmail

each day you receive thousands of email messages, but not all of them are helpful or even wanted. it could be that you're still on an email list from a former project, or you just receive messages from a complete stranger, and even though gmail has a pretty good spend management, there's still times you're gonna get messages that you don't want. before we continue, remember that you can get professional templates with enviro elements, which give you unlimited downloads of presentation templates, such as these word print tables you're seeing, and even more elements like website teams or photos. hi, i'm sergio salla and welcome to enviroplus. if you receive from quantum messages and you use email, in this video i'm going to give you all the steps you need to eliminate all those unwanted messages. so there's basically two sources of unwanted messages: from contacts that you knew or you know, and contacts that you don't know. unwanted messages from people that you know can happen when you leave a job, of a project and your email stays on their mailing list. unwanted messages from people that you don't know it can come from spammers that somehow they get your email address, and spammers may use a tool to search the web for email addresses posted online. then they send spam messages to the address they have found. so quick note about cyber bullying: if you're receiving threatened emails, do not delete it. you need to save the message as an evidence of what's going on and then you have to report it to your online service provider. if threats are being made, you can involve law enforcement. just go to the us department of health and human services site, stopbullyinggov to learn more about cyberbullying. so now we'll review how to create a filter in gmail to block messages from someone by email address. start by opening the message from the sender you want to block and then click on the tree dots icon and just a drop menu will display- find where it says block and then name option, and then a confirmation message will display indicating the future messages from this sender will be marked as spam. so just click on block and when you do so, it will ask you if you want to move it right away to the spam. so we're just gonna click on move to spam and if we go to the menu on the left, you're gonna find the folder spam and now any message from the sender. it will be directly sent to spam. block a sender. go back to the message and then reopen the three dots and just click on where it says on blocks and the name. but you can also do it here in this gray confirmation area. so just click on unblock sender. it will ask you if you want to unblock and then just click on unblock and it will go again to the main inbox. now let's look at how to filter emails in gmail automatikally. you can also use the filter to send messages from a specific sender straight to a certain label. for example, perhaps i want to filter all the messages from a former employee, so they will automatikally go to a certain label. so here's how to do it: click the arrow on the right of the gmail search bar to display the advanced gmail search box, start typing the name of the sender that you want to filter and then, where it says create filter, just click on it and then it will give you many options of how you want to filter your message. for example, you can start it, you can delete it, you can always mark it as important. so we're gonna do is just play the label so we can filter through a message. i'm gonna create a new label, so we're gonna name it um, former employees and then create. and now, every time that i get a message from this sender, it will go automatikally to this label. so now let's learn how to block unwanted group emails, because you may find yourself on an email list that you'd no longer wish to be on, so it can be hard to find messages. there are subscriptions. that's because they're likely spread over several folders or labels, and you can use gmail search future to find all messages with an unsubscriber link. so if you go to the search bar, just click and type on subscribe and then it will find all the emails that have an unsubscribe link. and then, if you want to subscribe from a message, there are several ways to do it. the first one is to find the subscribe link. if you open the message that you want to subscribe, just go to the bottom and you're going to find a link here where it says unsubscribe here, and once you click on it you will be able to discontinue any other message from them. also, gmail can detect an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. it will display a square link at the top of the email next to the sender email address. so just click on the unsubscribe link and it will prompt a message so you can confirm your own subscribe. so now gmail has sophistikated algorithms in place to send some messages straight to your spam folder. you can find messages with no content, with misleading email addresses, or messages that appear to be phishing for your personal information. but if you want to do it yourself, let's learn how to flag a message spam. so just open the email that you consider spam and then on the top bar you're gonna find the second icon that says report spam. just click on it and it will send it directly to the spam folder. so it can happen you accidentally send a message to the spam folder. if you want to get it back, just click on the message and then click on the gray area that says report not to spam and it will send it back to your primary tab. now there's a special category of spam messages that are partikularly harmful. these are scam and phishing messages, and scam messages contain an offer that is false. a phishing message goes one step further. it uses the email to gather your personal financial information. an example is a message that claims to be from your bank, asking you to click a link or enter your account number. if you get to find one, just open the message and go to the three dots and just find where it says report phishing and find a way that these messages won't be sent anymore. knowing how to stop spam and how to filter unwanted messages is an important part of making your gmail secure. it also helps by keeping your inbox organized so you can respond only to the messages that you actually want. remember, you can get unlimited downloads of easy to use created templates with photos, presentation templates and more. with embattled elements, we have millions of created digital assets. with a simple commercial licenses, you can cancel any time. thanks for watching. i'm sergio sala and if you like this video, don't forget to like and subscribe to this embattled top plus channel if you want to know more ways to improve your gmail workflow. see you, ciao you.

How To Create Gmail Sponsored Ads or Gmail Ads

hey guys, Jay silver, here at wank marketing. today we're gonna be discussing how to set up Gmail promotional ads, Gmail sponsored ads, and it's just called Gmail ads it's- they've had a few different names of it. basically it's just the ads that we run in Gmail which I'm going to show you. this is all part of a series which I created that shows you guys how to scale your business. we're kind of going: we want to add another million dollars to the bottom line and so what we're doing is scaling. I did two posts earlier that showed you guys some of the things we've done, and this is the third part. there's gonna be a lot more. after going through what I like, after doing kind of a chart of exactly what we do to scale businesses, I realized there's so much more. I'll probably have to write a book on it. I'll have so many more videos coming out. it might be like a year series, but this is basically part three. we've had some big scales. we went from a hundred leads now we're all the way up to five hundred leads per week. that was our last week count. now I expect that to go back down to 300 to 400, but we've almost three times our leads per week by just putting a small increase into the budget, the overall campaign budget. so we are gonna jump in to how to set up a gmail sponsored ad. this was a big portion- not a huge portion, but it made a significant difference. on our ads were two AdWords accounts when we created these gmail sponsored ads. not a lot of people are doing it. therefore, the opportunity is wide open for companies. he'll jump on board. so I want to show you. here's our test account. so first thing I'm gonna do is jump in here and go to your campaign, go down to Display Network. only. okay, cuz your Gmail sponsored ads are on the Display Network. let me show you guys what Gmail sponsored ad looks like. first off, just so you get a fill. so, over here, increase the size. so this is a gmail sponsored ad or gmail ad, so they show up right here at the top of your promotions page. sometimes people don't have these, so it shows right up the top of their inbox. these are based off of what is contained in the email, so let's assume that you're out there searching for a whiteboard video. if those are within the emails or have something to do with it, a lot of times my ads can show up here, for why draw? okay, so video production: if you're toking about getting a new website, you can mark it to people right here. you can mark it to your lists- remarketing, you can upload lists, things like that. okay, so you click on one of these and bam, here's an image that pops up. now, something that we found is interesting: what you most sponsor to add is the fact they can save it to their inbox or they forward it and share it with other people. we've got a lot of good leads from people finding our ad under the Gmail promotion and then forwarding it on. here's a different look. you can do this. do a headline and then a simple call to action, which will probably set up something like this. got it? so here we go. we're gonna call this Gmail's adds just a gmail eyes display. our objective: always we wanted to take an action on our website. so I click that. I'm gonna don't, won't load anything, we're just gonna go to the United States. we're gonna enable. I'm gonna take that off for now, just so we have it. today we're doing ten dollars a day. save and continue' okay, our first ad group is gonna be gmail keywords. smacks dollar going to display keywords. let's go video marketing, online marketing, so you're gonna find related keywords. this is the Display Network, so you are restricted. it's not like you can target one specific keyword, so just, I'm gonna go down here. actually, I don't want free online online mark being online marketing marketing agency. okay, so you get the point there. you can narrow further, but we're just, we will narrow further, but for now, that's what we're gonna set up. okay, now, once you get to this spot here, you're gonna go skip ad creation and you're gonna go to this spot. now. what you want to do is go down to a gallery. so over here on Gmail Ads, left hand side, just go to your keywords. we are gonna click on create an ad and I'm gonna go into ad gallery. right here you have your option: dynamic ads, video ads, general purpose, lightbox and Gmail ads. we're gonna create gmail ads. let's just do jima singer promotion. I, I've had good luck with this one. I've had really good luck with this one. I have some other companies running these ones, so just choose one that best fits you. use this one, okay, where do I want to send them? I'm gonna send them to homepage select image. now. you used to. it used to work really well because you had a logo that you could upload. well, that is not working right now. they have taken that away. as you sell them, my gmail promotions- there is no longer a logo. let's go back to it. there's no longer any type of logo here that it's showing up for. so there used to be a logo right here. well, they've gotten rid of that, so I don't really want to worry about that. advertising. I mean it. you're restricted to 15 characters, so I'll just put that. you- yeah, you want to put in some time to really figure out your exact headlined. your content. make sure it speaks to the benefits for the consumer. don't just put a bunch of your features. put your benefit, advertise your benefits, so produce so subject: now I might just run this for this artikle that I'm producing for you guys. okay, you can put in your image here. let's see if I have one. go to uploaded images. just going to throw this one in croc image, heck, okay, I'm gonna leave it as this. okay, so your headline, my man, just take this artikle headline and I'm gonna send it to my blog, obviously, but I don't have that blog page up yet. okay, oops, mess those two up, I'll have to go back and actually put the URLs. once this is done, then you can go into custom. but you can see, it's that simple. I do not know why we don't have it showing up right here. it's not updating, but well, okay. so if you want to check out your ad, it's coming, it's coming, should be coming. oh, it's not quite ready to preview. okay, so it's under review. so here's something. here's a key that you have to make adjustments to. so once your ads up, you need to go back in here to your Display Network, because right now you have your Display keywords. you're going after those. but a key to being on the Gmail and network you have to click on here you have to add a targeting. you have to tell AdWords where you want this to go and you're gonna put multiple placements- mailgooglecom- and that stiks it on the Gmail Network, okay. so something I want to bring up: you do have some topic pop change and do have remarketing options. you have demographics. you can go after certain demographics. I like to set up one that goes after keywords. then I also like to set up one that goes after competitors keywords. I like to set up topics. I don't really mess with topics and interest too much. I do like the remarketing option and then I have uploaded my custom list. so I'll take my whole entire contact list and upload them into here. so I don't know if I have that one on this account. so I would do a whole nother set. so I wouldn't. I would create another AdWords group, I wouldn't just run it under this one. but you're able to target your remarketing list there. those will pop up custom email lists. so Infusionsoft contacts, we've done so I can target all my custom lists if I'd like to and put there, put those ads in there, Gmail accounts- okay. so remember Gmail accounts will work great. we are seeing big click-through rate. so some big benefits of it is your click-through rate sometimes is a forty percent, which increases the click-through rate of your overall account. we're seeing our cost per conversion to be almost half what it is on our normal AdWords. it just gives you a chance to hit those people that have gone to your website or that are interested in your product or service or that have certain keywords or things within their emails that are associated with your product or service. all I know is that it's working, not a lot.