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block twitch ads chrome extension

Published on: August 3 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, it's Social here and I'm back with a new video. Today, I'm going to show you how to block Twitch ads. This is an updated version of my previous video, as the older version doesn't seem to be working well anymore. People have been experiencing black screen issues, but don't worry, I've found two new methods that will help you block those annoying ads.

So, let's get started with the best method to block ads without any delays or issues. The first thing you need to do is install the Purple Ads Blocker. Despite its poor reviews, it actually works. Just add it to your Chrome browser, and if you're using Firefox, there might be a version available as well. Once installed, click on the Purple Ads Blocker icon and go to settings. You don't need to change anything here, just keep all the settings as they are by default.

Now, go to any Twitch stream and voila! The ads will be gone. I've been using this method for the past couple of weeks, and I haven't seen any ads since. Remember, if you've followed the steps from my older video, make sure to remove those settings as well. Go to options, then filters, and get rid of whatever is there. Also, check the advanced settings and make sure it looks like the default or simply click on reset to default settings.

If this method doesn't work for you, don't worry, I have an alternative. Remove the Purple Ads Blocker from Chrome and download the Alternate Ultimate Player for Twitch. Add it to your Chrome browser and remove the Purple Ads Blocker. Now, open any Twitch stream and you'll notice that the ads are completely blocked. However, you won't be able to view any videos on the channel, so you'll have to disable the extension if you want to watch videos. Keep in mind that there might be a delay in the chat and stream if you use this method, and you won't be able to use the reduced delay option.

I hope these methods help you enjoy your Twitch experience without any ads. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching, and see you in the next video! Peace out, guys!

How to block Ads on Twitch - Twitch Adblock

Recently, I came across an extension called Twitch Adblock, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. If you're tired of those annoying ads popping up while you're trying to enjoy your favorite Twitch streams, then this extension is for you. I've been using it for about a week now, and it works like a charm.

So, here's how it works. First, you need to search for Twitch Adblock on Google. It should be one of the first options that come up. Once you find it, simply click on the add to Chrome button and it will be installed on your browser. Don't worry if you're using a different browser like Microsoft Edge, it works there too.

After installing the extension, go ahead and open up Twitch. You'll notice that those pesky pre-roll ads are nowhere to be seen. Instead, you'll see a small text saying blocking ads until the pre-roll ends. And the best part is, all the controls on the video player will work just like normal. You can watch your favorite streamers without any interruptions.

But what about mid-roll ads, you may ask? Well, Twitch Adblock has got you covered. If someone starts playing mid-roll ads during a stream, this extension will block them too. No more annoying interruptions in the middle of your favorite content.

If you want to customize the settings of Twitch Adblock, simply click on the extension icon. You'll find options to turn it on or off, and even the choice to show or hide the blocking ads text. It's all up to you.

However, there's one thing you should keep in mind. Twitch and ad blockers are constantly engaged in a cat-and-mouse game. Twitch can make changes to their code, rendering the ad blocker ineffective. In such cases, the developers of the ad blocker need to update their code to match Twitch's changes. So, if you install the extension and it doesn't work right away, give it a couple of days. It's possible that Twitch made some recent changes, and the developers are working on updating the extension to adapt to those changes.

In conclusion, Twitch Adblock is a fantastic extension that saves you from the annoyance of ads while watching Twitch streams. It's easy to install, works seamlessly, and even blocks mid-roll ads. Just keep in mind that it may take some time for the extension to catch up with Twitch's updates. Give it a try and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Block ALL Twitch Ads in 1 Minute (2023)

This is going to be a super quick video on how to block Twitch ads, and this method works so well. It's incredibly easy to do. I used to do it using PowerShell and the command prompt, but there's a recently updated extension that works even better. So, I wanted to make a quick video about it. Let me show you how it works.

- Go to the XQC stream on Twitch.

- You'll see that there's an ad playing. Let's see how many we get.

- We have one 12-second ad, but it's probably 15 seconds.

- Now, let's go to Pain's stream. There's another ad playing.

- This one is two ads, so it would be 30 seconds.

- Now, let me show you something.

- Go to your browser's extensions, whether it's Opera or Google Chrome.

- Look for an extension called Purple Ads Blocker.

- Add this extension to your browser.

- You don't need to change any settings; it's ready to go.

- Make sure the extension is enabled in your browser's settings.

- You can also enable it in incognito mode if you use that.

- Now, let's go back to Twitch and refresh Pain's page.

- Remember how we had two 30-second ads? Look, there are no ads now.

- Sometimes, you might see a black circle for a little longer. It's just blocking more ads.

- Let's try it on Shroud's stream.

- No ads.

- Let's try it on XQC's stream.

- No ads.

- Summit's stream? No ads either.

- This extension is called Purple Ads Blocker, and it works beautifully.

- Get rid of those annoying Twitch ads.

- I hope you found this video useful. Enjoy your day!

- See you in the next one.

Chrome extension development to remove YouTube ad: Skip Youtube ad via chrome extension

YouTube Ad: An Annoying Distraction or a Skippable Nuisance?

- YouTube ads are often seen as the most annoying thing when watching a video.

- These advertisements can appear at the start or in the middle of a video, causing distractions.

- YouTube offers a premium plan to remove ads, but is there a way to skip them without paying?

Creating a Chrome Extension:

- As software professionals, we can develop a Google Chrome extension to skip YouTube ads.

- To start, create a folder in your system and open it in a code editor like VS Code.

- The main file for a Chrome extension is the manifest.json file.

- In the manifest file, provide the extension name, description, and version.

- Next, write the content script section, which contains the JavaScript file that will be executed.

- Define the run at section to specify when the script should execute (e.g., when the page load is complete).

- Use wildcard or specific URLs to determine where the script should be executed.

- Finally, specify the required permissions for the extension, such as accessing open Chrome tabs and HTML content.

Skipping YouTube Ads:

- To understand how to skip ads, we need to examine YouTube's HTML structure.

- The countdown ad container is present, followed by the hidden skip button container.

- By removing the display none style from these elements, the skip button becomes visible.

- Clicking on the skip button programmatically skips the ad and starts the original video.

- Create a JavaScript file (e.g., script.js) to select and interact with the skip button.

- Check if the button exists on the page and log a message for debugging purposes.

- Programmatically click on the skip button to skip the advertisement.

- Run the code in intervals to handle ads that appear in the middle of a video.

Importing and Testing the Extension:

- Import the developed extension in Chrome by clicking on the extension icon.

- Select Manage Extensions and then click on Load Unpacked.

- Choose the workspace folder where the extension is located.

- The extension will be added to Chrome, and you can see it in the extension list.

- Open a YouTube video to test the extension.

- The ad should be skipped automatically, and the original video will start.

- Check the console for the Ad detected message.

- Modify the script to fix any issues, such as the ad still showing for a second.

- YouTube ads can be a major annoyance while watching videos.

- By creating a Chrome extension, software professionals can skip these ads without paying for a premium plan.

- The extension manipulates the HTML structure of YouTube's ad containers and skips the ad programmatically.

- Testing the extension ensures a seamless viewing experience, with ads automatically skipped.

- If you have any questions or need further assistance, please leave a comment.

How To Block Ads With Adguard On Edge, Firefox & Chrome

Are you tired of browsing the internet and being bombarded with annoying ads? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to one of the best ad blockers out there - Ad Guard. We will show you how to get and use this powerful tool to enhance your browsing experience. So, let's dive right in!

Getting Ad Guard:

If you are using Microsoft Edge, simply go to Extensions in the settings menu and search for Ad Guard. Alternatively, you can visit the official website and install it from there. Links for Ad Guard extensions for Firefox and Chrome can also be found in the description below.

What does Ad Guard do?

- Blocks all ads, speeding up page loading

- Protects your privacy by blocking spyware, adware, and dialer installers

- Shields you from malware and phishing attempts

- Provides answers to frequently asked questions and reviews for your reference

Using Ad Guard:

Once you have installed Ad Guard on your browser, you will notice an icon representing it. The number displayed on the icon indicates the number of ads blocked on the current website. Clicking on the icon opens the Ad Guard window, where you can check for filter upgrades, pause protection, access settings, and view statistics.

Features of Ad Guard:

- Block ads on specific websites

- Open filtering log to review blocked content

- Report issues you encounter

- Check website security

Understanding Filters:

Filters are a set of rules that determine which ads, banners, pop-ups, and trackers are blocked. These rules can also be language-specific. For more detailed information on filters, you can refer to the provided link.

Exploring Settings:

Ad Guard offers various settings for customization, but the default settings work perfectly fine. However, if you wish to explore further, you can adjust general, theme, blocking, privacy, security, and other language-specific settings. You can also help with the development of Ad Guard filters and access additional features.

In conclusion, Ad Guard is an excellent ad blocker that enhances your browsing experience by blocking ads, protecting your privacy, and ensuring website security. With its user-friendly interface and customizable settings, Ad Guard is a must-have tool for a seamless internet experience. So, why wait? Get Ad Guard today and enjoy ad-free browsing! Don't forget to like and subscribe for more helpful content. See you next time, and take care!

Twitch Broke The Adblock

So anyway, Twitch has finally found a workaround for ad blockers. This cat and mouse game has been going on for the last 15 years. Ad blockers get better, websites get better at detecting them, and then ad blockers find another way around it. It's a constant battle. But I think ads will ultimately win out because they are a multi-billion dollar business, unlike ad blockers.

However, avoiding ads will become harder and harder for the average person. You'll end up spending more time avoiding ads than actually watching the content. Twitch has increased its ad density over the past year, which has led to negative feedback from users. People would rather ALT tab for 30 seconds than watch an ad.

If Twitch wants people to stop using ad blockers, they should punish them. For example, they could make the stream cut for a longer time if you have an ad blocker, but only for a shorter time if you don't. This would incentivize more people to get rid of their ad blockers.

Some users think that aggressive ads are killing Twitch's growth, but I believe there are other factors at play. Twitch is still growing, and people are still making content and sticking around as viewers. It's a male-dominated space focused on video games, which is narrower than YouTube.

Ultimately, Twitch needs to find a way to balance ads and user experience. Punishing users for having ad blockers and creating longer loading screens after commercial breaks could be effective strategies. However, there's no guarantee that ads won't continue to be a nuisance, as seen in the decline of cable TV due to the availability of ad-free alternatives like streaming services.

In conclusion, Twitch has found a workaround for ad blockers, but the battle between ad blockers and websites will continue. Ads will likely win out due to their multi-billion dollar business, but avoiding ads will become increasingly difficult for the average person. Twitch needs to find a balance between ads and user experience to maintain its growth. Punishing users with ad blockers and creating longer loading screens could be potential strategies. However, there's no guarantee that ads won't continue to be a nuisance, similar to the decline of cable TV.

Twitch Ad Block | Block All Twitch Ads | Working

Hello YouTube! Are you frustrated with the abundance of ads on Twitch? Do you want to block them? Well, today I'm going to show you how to do just that with an ad block that also works for YouTube ads. It may require a bit of finicky work, but I'll guide you through it.

First, open the Chrome Store by searching for it in your browser. Look for an extension called uBlock Origin. It should be the first one or the one with 25,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. Click on it and then click Add to Chrome.

Next, click on the puzzle piece icon to access your extensions. Find uBlock Origin and click on it. Then, click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner. This will take you to the settings page.

Once you're on the settings page, navigate to My Filters. Here, you'll need to copy and paste the text I have provided in the description. There are two parts, so label them as one and two. Paste the first part in the designated area and click Apply Changes.

Now, scroll down until you see the Advanced section. Check the box that says I am an advanced user. This step is important as it won't be checked for you. Then, click on the three gears icon.

A new menu will appear, which may seem complicated at first glance. However, it's actually quite simple. In the description, you'll find a link under the second part. Copy and paste that link into the User Resources Location section in the menu. Make sure to delete the existing text and paste the link exactly as it is provided.

Don't forget to click Apply Changes at the top of the page. And voila! You're done! Say goodbye to ads on Twitch, even from creators you're not subscribed to. You'll also notice that uBlock Origin automatically blocks YouTube ads.

However, Twitch is known for finding workarounds for ad blockers, so it's possible that you'll need to repeat these steps in the future. But for now, enjoy your ad-free experience on Twitch!

No more annoying unskippable ads during your favorite streams. You're welcome!

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