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block twitter ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Twitter's Ad Pullback Has Elon Mad

Elon Musk has said there's been a massive drop in revenue. He blames it on activist activist groups pressuring advertisers over content moderation issues, even though nothing has changed yet. Who's leaving out? He's leaving: GM is leaving, Pfizer is leaving. Really big names are leaving, Emily And, to your point there, Elan was tweeting yesterday. We did a full thing. What do advertisers stand behind? Free speech or politikal correctness? Those are the only two choices that I actually think it's probably a little bit of a false choice for these brands. They are looking at Twitter as a place to put dollars and find some return on that unspent. That return is gonna be kind of number one in their minds. as we've seen Twitter- The business kind of, you know- convulsing over the last week, with laying off about half of the workforce, with questions around who is leading different departments And with Elan trying to counter that by assuring advertisers that they will be moderating content on the platform, It seems like a lot of these big names are deciding right now. Take a pause, And I would say this is a pretty problematik thing for Twitter. You'll remember the last earnings report they had- They. they actually thought revenue decline from your prior in that quarter, And now Elan is taking a company that is private and will have about a billion dollar interest bill every year for the debt that they use to take this company private. So advertisers, here are the lifeblood. Ellen's coming in with a little bit of perhaps sloppiness at them for leaving the platform, but they will absolutely need those dollars moving forward. All right. so we're toking Volkswagen, Pfizer, General Mills. Let's tok about the layoffs. employees started getting emails early, early in the morning that they were being terminated. Who's getting let go? Is it that 30, seven hundred number that we've been reporting Right now? it seems like it's inching toward that 30 700 number. And you have some teams like you mentioned at the top, like the communications team that had been completely gutted, losing about 88 of their 90 employees. So you have folks kind of all the way across the board. And, Emily, one of the reasons why advertisers might actually be pausing is sort of related to how well this is being handled. It is typical in a acquisition or in a change of leadership for the new leaders to come in to kind of take a survey of the land and to kind of approach these things a little bit differently, The way that Ellen has come in with these kind of e-mails, sometimes overnight, for employees and what some employees are looking at as kind of a coin flip, has injected a lot of somewhat quiet chaos into the business. So we're seeing the cuts across the board. There are some areas he's saying and urging, perhaps for that obvious advertiser audience, that he is bringing the tools back online for content moderation and areas like that that he has put make here to reference in the last 48 hours, But it does seem like it's pretty broad, based across the company in terms of word, that those headcount cuts are coming from. Meantime, Twitter is being sued in a class action lawsuit by employees who say their termination is wrongful or that at least under California employment law, he can't make big changes like this before 60 days have passed. Can you explain the lawsuit to us And how good of a case they have? Sure, In the state of California, where we're read both our Emily right now, there's something called a war notike where employers have to give a 60 day notike before laying off above a certain threshold of people that Twitter certainly clearing that threshold. This is a lawyer who is bringing this class action suit, who actually has let its suit against Musk for over a similar matter for layoffs at Tesla. You'll remember he, Elon Musk, told our very own editor in chief that he saw that suit is trivial, So you can imagine what he- how he might perceive this suit today. That lawyer did from back just this afternoon and say that she's happy to see that some of the severance packages are actually paying out employees over the number of days- some employees over the number of days that are legally required. So it seems like there could still be some activity on that case, But certainly with the swiftness of the decision that was made, there are a lot of questions raised around legality, both here in the state of California and, you can probably imagine, in some of the other countries where Twitter has offices as well.

Create Pre Roll Videos Ads Campaign in Twitter Ads | Free Digital Marketing Course

let's see the different advertisement campaigns and their twitter ads. okay, so, just open twittercom and go to twitter. you can directly visit adstwittercom also. okay, so, these are the different goals or objectives that we have. okay, so reach: okay, we can reach, you know, maximum number of people, okay, by creating this rich campaign. okay, so there are other campaigns like video views, pre-roll views, app installs, engagements: okay, uh, under consideration. okay, followers and, finally, is the app re-engagement under the conversions? okay, so the one thing that we need to do basically to create a campaign with the twitter is to create a tweet. okay, first of all, we need to post a tweet. what are the content you want to promote? you want to promote a video content? you have to post a tweet of content that contains video. okay, so, something like that, and if there is any creative that is not matching with your goal, we will not be able to create that advertisement. with respect to twitter. okay, so we tried the video views literally earlier. okay, let us give it a try. about pre-roll views: okay, so you can link our advertisement, okay, with any premium content that we have already published. okay, so you can publish a content which is considered as a premium content or which is offered for paid services. okay, people cannot watch your content for free, but you can promote other video content or image content with respect to your advertisement by using a pre-roll views, which means, like, before watching the video. okay, we will be able to see a, you know, uh, a part of the content that is shown to people. okay, which is similar to video, which is what we can call it as. okay, videos is basically promoting the video, with the ten second view. that is against view, one minute view on something like that, okay. so pre-roll views are basically okay, the part of the video content that are automatikally shown to people before, you know, showing the complete content. okay. so this also has the other options, okay, like targeting budget scheduling: okay, creating an ad group and, finally, launching the campaign: okay, so, where your ad, with the premium, you know, content campaign name: okay, so free road test. this is the campaign. so the payment source: the credit card or debit card- okay. so remember, with respect to twitter, you need to have your valid payment method. okay, added insight, that's very important. without the payment method, you can go and create ads with the twitter, but once you go to the publish page or the confirmation page. it will ask you for the payment details, but you will be stuck there, okay, you will not be able to proceed for creating another campaign or you will not be able to, you know, execute it for even practike purposes. so it's very important to make sure that if you are practiking with the twitter, okay, so don't hit the, you know, publish button or something like that. if, whatever, if you do what? if you have a credit card in place, you'll be charged ongoing, okay, and if you don't have a payment method, you'll be struck in the payment method option, so you will not be able to proceed. okay, so, based on our requirement, you can do that by default. it takes dollar 100 budget, okay, and so the difference between the daily budget and the total budget: okay, if your campaign is an ongoing campaign, which means it has no end date, you can spend money by calculating daily basis. okay, 100 per day, 15 per day, 200 per day, something like that. okay, daily budget is mandatory if you don't have a amd date. if your campaign is ongoing, okay. total budget is optional, which means you can defend both the daily budget and total budget, okay. however, no, defining total budget is an optional case. the daughter budget plays a role only when you have your end date for the campaign, for example, one week, 10 days, 15 days. preferably people run the campaign with the total budget. who has time constraint? which means like, oh, they want to run the campaign only till you know, 20th of this month, the 21st of this month. after that, they do not want to run even based programs, something like that. okay, so you budget, you define your total budget and the default start date is taken based on the time when you create the campaign. and if you want to add the end date for the campaign, it is optional. so click on the specified time and you can stop it automatikally. it goes to the 11 to 2021. okay, if you do not want this, you can go over and delete it as usual. always, okay. so, daily budget: okay. fast thing: okay. the speed in which your advertisement is being delivered: okay. basically, if you are running an ongoing campaign and if you want to show your auto response to people throughout the day, select this standard option, because the budget- daily budget- is evenly distributed for the whole day, okay. and the next one is the accelerator. accelerator in the sense. if you are running with time constraint, okay. a campaign that needs to be delivered in a shorter period of time? okay, something like that. then you need to go with the accelerated uh strategy: the speed in which your content is being delivered so that the complete budget is used effectively to reach your goals within the stipulated time. okay, and there is something called brand settings. okay, choose a vertikal that describes your brand, example, airlines or the travel industry. okay, so let me see, is there any defined one? okay, so, no, okay, business is nothing called a business here. okay, let me choose from the categories which they have already given: consumers: dating, dining, financial services, gambling, gaming, health, pharma, media, entertainment, politiks, retail, um, tiknology, telecommunication, travel. at least they should have added something called a business, but it's not there. okay, let me go with the tiknology. okay, i consider this one as a tiknology, okay, so next. so name your campaign for your ad group. okay, so we need to name this ad group leaders. ad groups are internal stuff. okay, we generally don't need to. you know, worry about adding the ad group name if you have more ad. good name, very, you know, conscious effort is required to differentiate between one ad group to the right group. okay, so the ad group name. we can give it this like: okay, pre-roll test. okay. so again with the campaign level, we did some you know conditions like start, end date, budget and other stuff. okay, if you want to run multiple ad groups and manage the budget of each and every ad group on the schedule separately, go ahead and configure under the ad groups at group level. if not, okay, go ahead with the campaign level itself. that we did in the previous screen. okay. so automatik bit is recommended with unit. okay, per six second pre-roll view, which means when your video is being played, okay, your content will be shown for three seconds, six seconds, something like that. okay, so for every time when somebody at least views the six seconds of the whole you know video, it will be considered as a view to the people which is similar to you know video views. okay. so there's something called frequency cap, one of the logic where the number of times your advertisement is shown to a person is restricted to some extent. okay, frequency can. okay. so custom cap in the sense like when a person looks at this advertisement, other video, okay, he can see this advertisement only two times for seven days. okay, the person can see this advertisement only two times for seven days what i can do. i can make it as only two times per day, or i can make it as this person can see my image five times, or video five times per day, because when i try to keep the product brand image in people's mind, showing to them at least five times per day is a good strategy. okay, if you believe i'm not trying to brand my business, but i'm trying to show the people to collect, you know, uh, application from those interested people. i can go with two or one per day or per seven day. that's purely your choice. okay, so that is one option. okay, so, if you come down. so there are other options like target people who match. so demographics, people's gender, age. okay, the location which you want to ta.

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Twitter Ads Conversion Tracking

one of the most important things advertisers can do is track our conversions. we need to be able to prove all the work that we're doing is really positively impacting the business, and twitter ads is no exception. so conversion tracking in twitter allows us to measure cross-device conversions after someone has viewed or engaged with a promoted tweet. now let's run through the setup. i have my twitter ads account open and this is one i just set up to play around with, just using my personal twitter account. but no matter what account you're in, to start setting up conversion tracking, we need to go to tools and, of course, conversion tracking. before we even start setting up any types of conversions, we need to make sure that the universal website tag is installed on your website and to find that we can click on this link. right here it says view code and installation instructions. now, depending on what kind of website you have or what cms you use, you can just highlight the code, copy it and then paste it on the bottom of all your pages. it says right in the instructions in the first paragraph. it needs to go right before the closing body html tag. the way i typically add this conversion tag to a website is using google tag manager. so let's hop into my google tag manager account and we can show you how to do it this way. once you're in your tag manager account, you can click on new tags. let's name our tag really quick. under tag configuration, go up to the magnifying glass and then we could search for twitter there. under the more option, we see twitter universal website tag. that is exactly what we need. first thing we need to do is enter in our pixel id. now there are two ways to get your pixel id. one. i don't have the browser part of the url showing in this video, but when you are logged into your twitter ads account, the last component of that url will be your twitter id. the second place where you can find your twitter id is exactly what i have blurred out within the html code portion for the twitter universal website tag code. so i'm going to copy my twitter id and go back to google tag manager, and now i have pasted it into the tag, we'll go back to individual conversions later on. for the most part, i just want to get this tag added to every page of my website, so i'm going to leave it as page view and then, when i go down to triggering. we can click on this block. i'm going to select all pages, click save. before i submit, i always like to preview my tag, so we can click on the preview button and then let me open my website. we can see in the preview mode right here that the page loaded and my twitter universal tag has fired, so i know it's working. so now, jumping back into google tag manager, we can leave preview mode and then let me publish my tag. we can click submit- name my version, just so i know what changes occurred in case anything goes wonky after i submit. and now i can click publish and now my twitter tag is live on every single page of my website. so let's hop back into twitter ads again. since i now have the website tag on every page in my website, i'm going to click on return to conversion tracking and since i just created it, the website tag is still pending, but now i'm going to go up to create new conversion event. so, on my personal website, the only conversion action that i consider important that a user can take is filling out the contact form, and this conversion on my website is a url based conversion. this is the easiest kind of setup if you're using the twitter universal tag. so, as always, we need to name our conversions. looking at the options for the type of conversion, we have a few options to select. we see there's page visit, purchase, download, sign up and custom. this is just a way for you to put your conversion types into specific categories. mine, tiknically, is a site visit. they do have to visit a specific page on my website to fill out this form. by default, we're going to use the universal website tag and that's already selected for us. you'll see why this makes things really easy. for whatever reason, if you're not allowed to get the universal tag on the website, you can use a single event website tag, but i've never run into the situation of not being able to put the universal tag on the website. to me, if you can put the universal tag on the site, you really don't need to do a single event website tag, so i'm just going to go back to the default. next, we can include traffic that meets any of the following conditions. there's all website visits, which i definitely do not want to track as my conversion. so we can update the selection. you can choose an exact url or the url contains from my conversion action. after someone fills out the contact form, they are sent to a dedicated confirmation page. i want to make sure that portion of the url for the confirmation page is added to this part of the goal setup. if need be, you can add additional conditions. you're going to have the same options: exact url or url contains. you can add several conditions and that's fine. just keep in mind, the conditions work as an or factor. so i don't have any downloads on my site, but let's just pretend that i do and also pretending that this is the download confirmation url. in this scenario, if i leave this as the goal set up, i'm letting twitter know: count this as a conversion if someone fills out my contact form or download something on my website. again, you cannot set it up where the user has to perform both actions to count as a conversion. so keep that in mind. next, you can set up your goal attribution window. the post engagement window can go anywhere from as little as one day to as long as 90 days and for the post view attribution window it's the same length of days. you can go as little as one or up to 90 days. but if you really don't care about view through conversions at all. you do have the ability to turn that off if you're happy with your setup. click on their terms and conditions after you've read through every single word of them, right, and then we could save the conversion event. now we can see that the conversion event has been created. so let's go back to conversion tracking again, and that's how easy it is to set up website-based url conversions. but what if your conversion actions on your website aren't url based? sometimes, when you're working on an account, you went around when they set up the website or the landing pages and the conversion actions that are important to you can sometimes fire with events and you have to track those events with google tag manager. there is a way that you can do event-based goal tracking with your twitter ads and we're going to run through that. so i went back to my website. yes, my super old haven't updated it in like six years website, but on one of the pages that i actually do keep up to date, there's a section where you can watch a playlist video of many of the appearances i've made on webinars or podcasts, that sort of thing. so, for whatever reason, let's just say that action is important to me. if a user visits this page on my website and they start watching videos from my playlist. i want to consider that action a conversion, especially when i'm thinking about twitter and potentially more of a top of funnel approach. having someone engaged with the video could be an important action to know that my top of funnel campaigns are working. so let's create a new goal in twitter ads that is going to be based off of an event action a user can take on my website. we're going to want to create a new conversion event. i already have this thing named. since i don't see a video views option right here, i'm just going to leave it as custom now. when i went through the universal website tag goal setup, you saw that the only options were website visit goals. for this option, we want to use the single event website tag and to potentially save you some time, you do have the option to automatikally create a tailored audience from the single event tag. we have already posted a video that goes through all the targeting options.


Block ALL Ads on iPhone in ANY APP iOS 15 - (FREE - Late 2021)

what's up, guys musa here. so today, in this video, i'm going to show you how to block ads on your iphone, and thank god, we find a way to block ads on iphone. so this method will block pretty much every ad on every app, like every game, every app which shows you ads. so i will show you before and after results, so let's dive right into it. so if i search for wall craft, this app is full of ads. for example, if i open just this wallpaper boom, you will see an ad. and if we just close this and again if we open an other wallpaper- for example, this boom- again another ad. i just hate these ads. so let's just close this and go into another app. so now i will open a movie app, and if you don't know how to watch free movies on your iphone, you can watch my video up in the cards. in that video i showed an app which allows you to watch free movies on your iphone and, by the way, you cannot download it from from app store anymore, so you have to watch the video to see how to download this app. so it's a movie app. if we just open this loki series and if i just play here and you can see the movie is playing. so if i just fast forward it, so if we just boom, you can see that there is an ad. so okay, now let's see how to block these ads. you have to download an app which is called luna vpn and you cannot download it from app store. so you have to follow this method to download the app. just open safari. you cannot use chrome for this purpose- and you have to open safari and just go on googlecom and write luna vpn. download iphone, so you will see this link. just open this link which says amben networks. click on that. you can see the luna vpn and just scroll down until you see this: install luna. just click on that. now just scroll down again and write your age, for example, anything, and now just click on add blocking vpn profile. you will allow this. i'm also going to allow this so that you can see what to do next. now go into settings and here you can see profile downloaded and you can see luna vpn. just click on install and you have to put in your password and click install again and here you can see your luna vpn. just click on that and you can see your vpn here. so if you just click on this vpn, you can see your luna vpn and it says connected and you can confirm it. and now let's go to the app again, wall craft. let me see if it's open. no, it's closed. so now, if we open wall craft again, if we just click on this wallpaper, you can see there is no ad. and we will go down and open another wallpaper. you can see there is no ad, for example this one: there is no ad whatsoever. you can open any wallpaper and it doesn't show any ad. now let's go to the movie app, which i just opened earlier. you can see the movie is playing and there is no ad whatsoever. if i just fast forward it, you can see there is no ad and this method is legit. so this was the video. thank you so much for watching, guys, and please consider subscribing to my channel so that i can grow this channel and comment below if you find this useful and tell me whether this method blocks ad for you or not. you can watch my other videos by visiting my youtube channel. and again, thank you so much for watching and i will catch you guys in the next one. peace out.

Turn $50 Into $500 With Twitter Ads (Step-By-Step Twitter Ads Walkthrough) | Affiliate Marketing

I am gonna show you how to make some freakin money on Twitter. today. I will be showing you how to turn fifty dollars into five hundred dollars on Twitter every single day. fifty dollars in a 500 every single day, using the power of reaching the three hundred and thirty million people that use Twitter every single day, and I'll be showing you how to reach them and sell them products that you can earn Commission's on. so you can turn fifty dollars in ad spend into five hundred dollars in commissions for you, and you can get paid via PayPal. yet check, you can get the money via bank wire to your bank account. and I'll be going over my 3-step system- people product place, the people product place system- and I'll be going over everything right here on my computer, walking you through step by step by step: exactly how you reach the people, the place you sell them and the products you can sell them that can earn you money, how the money will be getting to you. everything will be laid out front. to finish, this will be a long video, and another disclaimer is: this video can be done anywhere in the world, no matter where you're from, no matter how old you are, no matter how young you are, no matter where you're citizen of doesn't matter. but disclaimer is: you will need fifty dollars because we will be setting up a website in this video, setting up an ad, so you'll need fifty dollars to play along. but if you play full out, I promise you this will be one of the most life-changing videos in learning marketing you've ever been through in your life. and hold me to it. stik with me. we'll be going into this in just a second here. let's get it. [Music]. whoo-hoo, I get really excited about marketing, if you've notiked, because I love marketing and my goal is to be the number one marketing teacher in the world, and in this video I'll be showing you how you can turn $50 in ad spend and registering website into 500 dollars in commissions that you can put in your PayPal account, bank account or you can receive via a check that goes to your address. using Twitter ads to reach the 330 million people that use it every day. and the great part about ads is that they are scalable, they are fast and they're effective. let's get into this. scalable is a big thing. this whole training is sort of a preview for what you would receive in my 6-week course. you're looking for a step by step thing at the end of this video. if you want more, make sure to check out my super affiliate system: six-week training course and I give more resources. I give more ad templates to give more everything about how you can take yourself from zero to hero and learn the skills you need and get the resources and support and coaching that you'd need to be successful in this industry. before we get on my computer, let me tok to you a little bit about how this whole setup works. so, first of all, people. we need people to sell to, we need a place to sell them and we need a product in which we can earn commissions from selling the people we've already toked about. we're gonna be reaching them through Twitter ads. okay, we pay money and we get an ad in front of hundreds or thousands of people. the place we will be selling people is a website, and I'm gonna walk you through how to set up a website. now, if you've never set up a website before but you're committed to taking action- I promised you is- I will show you everything, step by step, about how to go through this process and set up your website that is functional without doing any programming and that will sell people on a product that will earn you commissions. are you committed, if I show you all that, are you coming to going in, going all in and actually doing this and making one of the biggest steps that you'll ever make in terms of marketing your marketing career? and just type in I'm all-in in the comments below: if you're all-in, if I hold true to my promise and show you everything step by step, that doesn't require any programming, let me know if you're committed to going all-in on this video. last part is we're gonna set up a product and the product that will pay you commissions is an affiliate offer, and the reason why this is so great is because, with every other business model, you either have to dropship, you have to order products in advance, or you have a warehouse, or you have to send them to Amazon or buy them from Alibaba, or you have to offer customer service, or you have to have an actual address for people to ship returns to. that is really annoying and that'll be really difficult for you to do. you don't need a company to do this. the product will be selling. it's my book. it's called work at home secrets and it is a workbook. it has exercises showing people over a hundred different ways that they can get started for themselves working from home. this is something that almost everybody would want and it's very low barrier to entry. so it's gonna be very easy for you to sell it if you can't get somebody to buy something that cost $1.00 on the internet got to work a little bit harder, but I'm gonna show you. here's an example. on page 36, it shows people 15 different ways that they can actually sell products online and do task based work that'll pay them to work from home. so this is a great book to sell online. it only costs one dollar and that is the product you'll be selling that you earn Commission's on. the way it works is you get somebody to spend a dollar and you will end up receiving thirty five dollars in commissions per month for generating that customer. thirty five dollars in commissions per month because there's a membership component to that. basically, you're gonna earn a lot of money. so let's get right into the system. I'm gonna zoom through this. this is a big commitment and once again, disclaimer here: don't watch this video if you're not willing to put $50 in, because we're gonna have to buy a website in this video. it's a whole process. and also, if you're watching on a mobile phone, I see you, I see most of you, I see the majority of my audience is sitting on their mobile phone in their dormitory on their bed kind of slouched, and you're watching this on portrait mode, right? please, for the sake of this video. I know you want to scroll through the comments. you're skeptikal, you want to see if everybody's doing it and it's working. flip it to landscape mode. or maybe this channel isn't for you- unsubscribe, it's fine, I don't care. and for everybody else, I really encourage you to watch this video on a desktop computer. we're gonna be going over a lot of stuff. you're gonna want to see what's on my screen. you're gonna want to pause the video, open up a new tab and play along to make this happen. so let's get on my computer, let's start making this happen. let's put this people, place product system into action and use it to make some money. I'm gonna walk you through every step and just another thing is that we're gonna be doing this in the opposite order. so first, we are actually gonna start with product. we're gonna start by signing up for the affiliate network. that's gonna give us our affiliate link for our affiliate offer. the second part is we're gonna set up our website to advertise and the third step is we're going to set up our ads on Twitter. so now our website can reach people and people can go to our website, click our affiliate links and buy the product that you are selling. so let's get into. it is gonna be fun, it's gonna be awhile. I'm really stoked and I hope to instill a love of marketing as well in you in this video, because I love marketing. it's made me a multi-millionaire, as you see around me made over a million dollars, Clickbank platinum last year, YouTube Ward- I'm a the two comma Club in click funnels from doing this, so it's really exciting. it's afforded me a really nice lifestyle where I live on multiple acres on a horse ranch in beautiful Malibu, California. I have a house. I just bought another house. I'm gonna buy another house. it's crazy and I've done this all from the computer and if you want to read more about my story, subscribe an.

Twitter Follower Campaigns

if your brand is pretty active on twitter but you're not getting a lot of engagement or you just want to amplify your message, this is when you may want to consider a followers campaign. now, the definition is pretty self-explanatory, because the main goal of this campaign type is to try to get as many new followers for your twitter account as possible. so in this video, we're going to cover how you can set up a followers campaign. we'll go over where this campaign type can appear and all the different locations on twitter will cover how the bidding strategy works for this campaign, as well as which ad formats are allowed for a followers campaign. the first thing i want to go over is where the ads for your follower campaigns can appear on twitter. the most common placement- and i have it highlighted right here- is going to be the who to follow section that shows up on your twitter home timeline. for some reason i'm getting promoted a home services account. but you see the format of the ad. it's just showing the twitter accounts profile image, just the name. the twitter handle underneath it's calling out that it's promoted. so you know it's an ad. and then the follow cta button, just like we see with some of the organic results below it. the second place where your follower ads could appear is going to be in your main home timeline. if i scroll down a little bit, we see a mcdonald's ad. if we look on the bottom of that tweet, we see it's promoted. now, unfortunately, i couldn't find a follower ad within my home timeline, but just showing you the placement. your ad will not be formatted like this. you will not have a large image or video. we'll get to add formats later, towards the end, while we're creating the actual campaign. but that is the second placement. and as i go up top and search for ppc, these search results are the third place where your follower ads can appear. as you can see, they're recommending some people to follow at the top, so your ad could appear right here. and then, if we go over to the people tab, we're seeing some of the same top results, but there could be promoted accounts showing up here as well. so now that we know the placements of our ads, let's go in and start creating a follower campaign so we can get a full understanding of how this campaign works, what we can target and what our ads will look like. okay, i'm in the paid media pros twitter ads account. i'm on the main overview screen. typically, this is where we would see all our campaigns laid out, but we're not running anything for ourselves, but to create a new campaign, we need to click on the create campaign button, which is in the upper right hand corner of your screen, like most of the main paid media platforms that are out there. we have to choose a campaign objective, and this one is pretty straightforward. under the middle consideration column, we need to choose followers. click next. first, i'm going to name the campaign. if i want to, i can change the daily budget. they automatikally put in 100 and if you want to set a total lifetime budget, you could do that as well. there's your option to have a specific start date and end date, and if we click on advanced, you can choose how you want your spend to be paced. the default option is going to be standard now, depending on your spend, and, of course, it's also going to depend on the reach that you're getting, depending on your targeting settings. with standard pacing, twitter is going to try to spread out the budget evenly throughout the day. if you switch it to accelerated, twitter will try to spend your money to your target audience as fast as possible. i'm good leaving it at standard, so i'm just going to click next. first let me go up and name my ad group and then you have optional settings at the ad group level for a different start and end date and a different ad group budget. but moving on, i'm going to scroll down a little bit. we see that the goal of this ad group is followers, because that is the campaign objective that we have selected. if i try to highlight it or change it, i can't. that goal is set in place. if i'm going down a little bit, we see that we pay by follower. this is another setting that we can't change. that is the only goal of this campaign type. if your goal really isn't to get as many followers as possible, then you should not choose this campaign objective to begin with, but bumping up the bid strategy. our two options are going to be auto bid, which is the default option, and, as you can see, there isn't any additional step i need to do with that bid strategy. but if we switch it to target cost, you can try to tell twitter to maintain your target cost per result with the bid amount that you enter within this field. i haven't chosen my specific target audience for this ad group yet, so most likely that bid suggestion is going to change as you start adjusting your targeting. and while i'm telling twitter i would like a 2.25 average cost per follower, it doesn't mean you're locked into that amount. you're just giving twitter information of what you would like that average cost per result to be to help twitter optimize towards those results. again, it is not a guarantee, so don't expect those exact results. i have no problem starting off with auto bid. let the campaign run for a little bit and if you're seeing that your cost per results are much higher than you expected, you can always go back in, edit your ad group settings and set a specific target cost to try to lower those numbers if you feel they are too high. but next i'm going to scroll down to demographics and i am not going to spend a ton of time on all of these targeting options because i did create a video about twitter targeting options and you can get a full, in-depth look of what twitter offers by watching this video right here. the first targeting section is demographics. we see gender, age, location- which defaulted to my country, and then the optional setting of language, and then, after demographics, we see the user must also match one of the following things below. first, you can choose your operating system. you can get down to specific device model and carrier. next, you will see specific custom audiences in twitter and these audiences you can create up within the tool section we see in the top navigation for certain app activities, your customer lists and website activity. website activity is most commonly going to be your page visit retargeting audiences. so we had a client once who wanted to boost their twitter followers to try and get more organic engagement, and the cheapest cost per results that they had were focusing on recent customers or users on their newsletter list or someone who performed higher level conversion actions on the website. the cost per follower or cost per result was a lot more affordable because people were already familiar with this brand. if they bought something or subscribed to a newsletter, they already had some sort of love or affinity for the brand, so it was easier for them to want to follow them on twitter. i understand why some people think that could be a waste of money because you're not going after just pure new customers. but that wasn't their goal of their campaign. the goal of their followers campaign was to start building a bigger community on twitter and it was easier for them to start doing that with users who are already familiar or in love with the brand. and once they started doing that, then they started to get more organic engagement. that leads to more sharing, more retweeting, thus spreading the news to a newer audience later on. so it still worked in getting new customers, but they started with their current customers first. just one strategy to think about. moving on to the other targeting features, you can target by specific keywords- follower, look-alikes- and that is not targeting an account's followers, it's targeting users who perform similar behaviors as that accounts followers. we see specific interests: movies and tv shows, events, conversation topics. there's a ton in each of these sections. so again, check o.