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Block YouTube Ads with Ublock Origin

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the presenter teaches how to block ads on the internet, which can sometimes be misleading and even install malware and spyware on your computer. The presenter recommends the use of the free and open-source video editor called Shotcut, which sometimes comes with ads on its download page. The ads can be distracting, but they can also be blocked using the Ublock Origin extension, which is available for different browsers. The extension is lightweight and does not slow down your computer. After installing it, the ads become invisible, and the extension even tells you how many ads it has blocked on a given page. The presenter also mentions the Brave web browser, which is focused on privacy and pays users for browsing the internet. The presenter encourages viewers to leave their comments and questions below and promises to make a future video about Brave.

STOP Using Adblockers! Use uBlock Origin Instead

Today we're discussing the benefits of using uBlock Origin, a wide-spectrum blocker designed to not only block ads but also malicious websites. uBlock Origin is different from traditional ad-blockers as it doesn't solely focus on ad-blocking. It serves as a gateway to block the wave of malicious websites that exist on the internet.

One of the key features of uBlock Origin is its filter lists, which are designed to list categories of things that need to be blocked. These lists are updated continuously by maintainers, such as Peter Lowe and Ming Dlong, who rely on donations to keep the project running.

uBlock Origin only works on chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, as well as Firefox. It works better on Firefox due to how its internal APIs for extensions work.

To configure uBlock Origin, new users should check their filter lists and enable the ones they prefer. The ad guard user URL tracking protection, easy list cookie, and other color options can also be adjusted.

While uBlock Origin is effective at blocking most ads and malicious websites, there are times when certain websites may not work. In these cases, advanced users can override the default decisions of uBlock Origin and allow or block specific items on a page.

Overall, uBlock Origin is a powerful tool for those looking to block ads and protect themselves from malicious websites on the internet. Its filter lists and

The Essential Guide to Advanced Blocking with uBlock Origin

- Welcome to the world of advanced blocking with uBlock Origin.

- uBlock Origin is a powerful and lightweight blocking extension used mainly against ads.

- It is available for all major web browsers.

- This article will provide you with an introduction to advanced blocking with uBlock Origin.

How to Access Advanced User Mode:

- To access the advanced user mode, click on the gear icon in the top left corner.

- Check the I am an advanced user option.

Dynamic Filtering:

- uBlock Origin offers dynamic filtering, which provides users with more control over what to block.

- Dynamic filtering is different from static filtering, which uses filter lists.

- Dynamic filtering offers two main columns: global and local.

- The global column applies every change globally, while the local column applies only to the current website.

- Each row has a different type of content to filter.

- There are three small columns with different colors: green, gray, and red.

- Green means to allow this type of content always, regardless of filter lists.

- Gray means not to do any dynamic filtering, but still apply static filter lists.

- Red means never allow this type of content, regardless of filter lists.

Types of Content to Filter:

- All requests: applies to all types of requests below.

- Images: filter all images.

- 3rd party: filters every request from third-party websites.

- Inline scripts: filters all scripts embedded in the main document of the website.

- 1st party scripts: filters all external scripts pulled from the same domain name of the current website.

- 3rd party scripts: filters all external scripts pulled from different domains than that of the current one.

- 3rd party frames: filters all frame elements pulled from a different domain than that of the current web page.

Top Level Domains:

- The different top level domains present on the current web page can be filtered.

- Clicking the plus icon next to all shows subdomains for even more precise control.

- The plus and minus icons next to the domain names are indicators for content already being allowed or blocked.

Making Changes and Saving Rules:

- Changes made to dynamic filtering require reloading the web page for them to take effect.

- There are two icons in the top left: an eraser and a lock.

- Click the lock to make previous changes permanent, or click the eraser to revert the changes.

- Dynamic filter rules can also be changed in a list.

- Go to the uBlock Origin settings and click on the MyRules tab.

- Go to Temporary rules and click Edit.

- Type in the source domain, destination domain, type of request, and the action (allow, noop, or block).

- This list works the same as the user interface, but it is easy to copy or export to a file.

- Advanced blocking with uBlock Origin provides users with more control over what to block.

- Dynamic filtering offers two main columns: global and local.

- Each row has a different type of content to filter.

- Top level domains can also be filtered.

- Changes made to dynamic filtering require reloading the web page for them to take effect.

- Dynamic filter rules can also be changed in a list.

Google Will Soon Kill Ad Blockers With Manifest V3 - What to do!

- Many people have become aware of or reminded about Manifest V3 and its impact on ad blockers.

- In January 2023, Chrome will disable Manifest V2 APIs, which will affect ad blockers and user script managers.

- Google claims this change is for safety and security, but it may be more about money.

- There are options to prevent the abuse and still use Chrome.


1. Switch to a different browser, like Firefox or its forks.

- Firefox is a truly different browser, not based on Chrome's web engine.

- Mozilla has committed to supporting Manifest V2 extensions.

- If more people switch to Firefox, it can gain more market share and control over the web.

2. Switch to Brave, a browser based on Chromium.

- Brave has built-in ad and tracker blockers.

- Brave Shields do not rely on extension APIs, so ad blocking should continue to work after January.

- Brave may use the Enterprise policy on their fork of Chromium, delaying the death of Manifest V2 until June 2023.

3. Use ad blockers built with Manifest V3 APIs, like uBlock Origin Light.

- uBlock Origin Light has less ad and tracker blocking capability than the original.

- It may be less convenient to use and require explicit permissions on specific sites.

- There are other Manifest V3 ad blockers available.

- Chrome's disabling of Manifest V2 APIs will affect ad blockers and user script managers.

- There are options to prevent the abuse and still use Chrome, such as switching to a different browser or using a Manifest V3 ad blocker.

- Firefox and its forks offer a truly different browser with greater control over the web.

- It is important to be aware of the impact of Manifest V3 and choose the best option for individual needs.

How to use uBlock Origin to do more advanced advert blocking

- Teaching how to use an ad blocker called uBlock Origin

- uBlock Origin is the best ad blocker on the planet

- It's free and does a lot for something free

- Big respect to Raymond Hill, the creator

- Going to show how effective it is using Microsoft Outlook webmail as an example

How to Install uBlock Origin:

- Install through browser extensions

- Go to Chrome store and search for uBlock Origin

- Install and run

- Has incognito mode for anonymous browsing

The Problem with Adverts:

- Microsoft injects adverts into web pages

- Adverts can come from anywhere, even slow connections

- Adverts can be a source for malware

- Do not click on any adverts without an ad blocker

How to Use uBlock Origin:

- Click on the uBlock Origin icon

- Use options to block specific elements on the web page

- Be careful not to break the website

- Can remove multiple layers of adverts to reclaim space

- Can use uBlock Origin on other websites, like Yahoo and Google

- uBlock Origin is the best ad blocker for keeping your computer safe from malicious advertising

- Use it on Microsoft Outlook webmail and other websites to reclaim space and improve browsing experience

- Don't click on adverts without an ad blocker

- Stay safe and enjoy ad-free browsing.

uBlock Origin: Easy Guide to Unblocking YouTube/Twitch Channels

Ads on websites like YouTube and Twitch can be frustrating, and ad blockers can be a last resort against those who abuse the system. However, it's important to recognize that the majority of content we enjoy on these sites wouldn't exist without ads. The best alternative is to subscribe to premium services, but if you're not willing to spend money, whitelisting channels in uBlock Origin is a great first step.

Whitelisting Twitch Channels:

- Hold the Control key on Windows or Command key on Mac and press the blue power switch on the Twitch channel you want to whitelist.

- Go to the uBlock Origin Dashboard and the Whitelist tab.

- Search for Twitch and edit the entry by removing the front of the URL and adding an asterisk at the end.

- Apply the changes and check to see if the icon is greyed out, indicating a successful whitelist.

Whitelisting YouTube Channels:

- Install the Tampermonkey add-on for your browser.

- Click on the script link in the video description to install the script.

- Obtain a free YouTube API key through the Google Developer Console.

- Edit the script to include your API key.

- Load a video from the YouTube channel you want to whitelist and copy the user part after the ampersand in the URL.

- Go to the uBlock Origin Dashboard and the Whitelist tab.

- Create a new entry by typing in youtube.com, pasting the user part, and adding an asterisk at the end.

- Apply the changes and check to see if the channel is now whitelisted.

Whitelisting channels in uBlock Origin is a great way to support creators and enjoy content without being bombarded with ads. With these steps, you can easily whitelist Twitch and YouTube channels and enjoy your favorite content without interruptions.

Best Adblocker for Chrome

- Advertising has become more and more prevalent on social media platforms, especially on YouTube.

- This article will explore four of the best ad blockers for advanced computer users.

1. AdGuard for Chrome:

- Used by over 10 million users worldwide.

- Blocks ads on all websites, including YouTube and Facebook.

- Increases page loading speed and saves traffic.

- Blocks trackers and potentially dangerous sites.

- Customizable filters and easy-to-use interface.

- Provides usage statistics.

2. Ghostery:

- Multifunctional ad blocker focused on privacy.

- Blocks trackers and allows for customizable navigation options.

- Simple and efficient ad-blocking.

- Anti-tracking and cookie-blocking options.

- Advanced privacy protection for advanced users.

3. Adblock Plus:

- Classic ad blocker developed over 20 years ago.

- Blocks ads and annoying cookie notifications.

- Offers acceptable ads that are not intrusive.

- Limited functionality compared to other ad blockers.

- Free to use with optional donation.

4. uBlock Origin:

- Best performance in tests for saving traffic and page loading speed.

- Allows for customizable filters and advanced user options.

- Blocks more than 20 different elements on YouTube.

- Completely free and actively supported by developers.

- Less user-friendly interface than other ad blockers.

- Each ad blocker has its own advantages and disadvantages.

- AdGuard for Chrome and uBlock Origin offer advanced customization options.

- Ghostery focuses on privacy protection.

- Adblock Plus is a classic and reliable option.

- Choose the ad blocker that best suits your needs and preferences.

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