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Blocked Ads: A Better Browsing Experience

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

How to Get Rid of Ads with Agar

Are you tired of ads popping up everywhere? Do you want to protect your family and network from ads? In this article, we will show you how to block ads at the source using Agar.

The Problem with Ads:

Ads are not only annoying, but they can also compromise your security and privacy. When you visit a website, your DNS server not only provides the IP address for that site, but also for any ad servers associated with it. This means that your ISP can see every website you visit, including those with ads.

How Agar Works:

Agar is a DNS server that responds with nonsense when your browser requests an ad server or ad content. This technique, called a DNS sinkhole, blocks all ads from appearing on your network.

Setting Up Agar:

Agar can be installed on a Raspberry Pi, cloud machine, or Docker. Once installed, you need to change your router's DHCP settings to use Agar as the DNS server. You can also configure Agar's settings, such as enabling DNSSEC and adding custom block lists.

Agar is a powerful tool for blocking ads and protecting your privacy and security. By using Agar, you can control what content is accessible on your network and prevent ads from appearing on any device connected to it. Say goodbye to ads and hello to a safer, more secure internet experience.

Is Anthony Davis the Defensive Player of the Year? | AD's Top Blocks and Steals | Lakers Highlights

The article discusses multiple basketball games and highlights the defensive skills of player Anthony Davis. It includes a mix of idioms and colloquialisms, as well as some repetitive phrases. The article begins with an introduction and includes bullet points and a conclusion.

The article discusses various basketball games and focuses on the defensive skills of Anthony Davis.


- Davis has been blocking shots and making steals throughout the games.

- He is shown to be a great defensive player.

- Lakers have been emphasizing defense.

- Davis has been blocking shots left and right.

- Lakers have been struggling with turnovers.

- Davis has been stealing the ball from opponents.

- Lakers have been trying to stop opponents from scoring.

- Davis has been instrumental in this effort.

- Lakers have been working hard to get back on defense.

- Davis has been helping with this effort.

- Lakers have been winning games.

- Davis has been a key player in these victories.

Overall, the article highlights the importance of defense in basketball and the role that Anthony Davis plays in helping the Lakers win games.

How to block ads on Google Chrome for good 🔥 My top 6 tools

- Advertisements are a common annoyance when browsing the internet.

- However, there are various ad blockers available that can help fight back against these ads.

- This article will explore some of the top ad blockers and VPNs with ad blocking capabilities.

Ad Blockers:

- AdBlock: The best ad blocker on the web, with a simple yet dependable browser extension that can block all or specific ads.

- Ghostery: A great option for blocking both ads and trackers, with customizable settings and opt-out buttons.

- uBlock Origin: User-friendly and memory-efficient ad blocker that can effectively block any ads.

VPNs with Built-in Ad Blockers:

- NordVPN: One of the highest quality VPNs with its own ad blocker, CyberSec, which is great at blocking annoying ads and protecting against botnet control.

- Surfshark: A reliable VPN with its own ad blocking software, CleanWeb, that provides a clean browsing experience.

- Windscribe: A high-quality VPN with R O B E R T, a customizable server-side domain and IP blocking tool that is great for ad blocking and custom access rules.

Ad Blockers to Avoid:

- uBlocker: Redirects users to sponsored sites, defeating the purpose of an ad blocker.

- Hola Ad Remover: Free app that likely collects user data to make money.

- Ad blockers and VPNs with ad blocking capabilities can make browsing the internet a cleaner and safer experience.

- It is important to avoid ad blockers that may redirect users to sponsored sites or collect user data.

- If you want to support your favorite websites or content creators, consider pausing your ad blocker while on their page or watching their content.

Block EVERY Online Ad with THIS - Pi-Hole on Raspberry Pi

In this article, we will be discussing how to set up Pi-hole, a DNS-based filtering tool that can block advertisements, tracking, and even known malicious sites and malware on your entire network. We understand that many people may already have ad blockers installed on their devices, but Pi-hole offers a network-wide solution.

- Pi-hole can block ads, tracking, and known malicious sites and malware on your entire network

- Pi-hole is a DNS-based filtering tool that stands between your DNS provider and your device

- Pi-hole is highly customizable and can work on almost any Linux system in a Docker container or in a VM

- Pi-hole is designed to be compatible with most systems

Setting up Pi-hole:

- Pi-hole can be deployed on a cheap embedded computer like the Raspberry Pi Zero

- You will need a micro SD card, micro USB power supply, and a micro B to Ethernet dongle

- Install Raspbian, change the default password, and configure a static IP for your Pi

- Run Pi-hole's one-line install command, select your default network adapter, and choose your desired upstream DNS provider

- Pi-hole's blacklists allow you to block tracking services, adult sites, and malicious sites and malware

- Pi-hole's admin panel offers analytics, device usage, manual black and white listing, and configuration options

- To make Pi-hole the default for your entire network, change the settings on your router

Testing Pi-hole:

- Pi-hole can block ads on devices that don't have or allow ad blocking

- You can manually change your DNS settings on each device on your network to use Pi-hole

- Pi-hole can also block ads on mobile apps and smart TVs

- Pi-hole's URL blocking can be customized to block specific ads

- Pi-hole can be used to block domains or pop-ups that you don't want your kids or employees to access

- Pi-hole is a powerful tool for blocking ads, tracking, and malicious sites and malware on your entire network

- Pi-hole can be set up on a cheap embedded computer like the Raspberry Pi Zero

- Pi-hole is highly customizable and compatible with most systems

- Pi-hole's admin panel offers analytics, device usage, manual black and white listing, and configuration options

- To make Pi-hole the default for your entire network, change the settings on your router

Google Will Soon Kill Ad Blockers With Manifest V3 - What to do!

- Manifest V3 and the upcoming changes to browser extensions

- Chrome's plan to disable Manifest V2's APIs in 2023

The Situation:

- Many extensions, including ad blockers, currently use the older Manifest V2 framework

- Google's reason for disabling Manifest V2's APIs is to provide more security and safety

- However, this change will also kill ad blockers and user script managers like Tampermonkey

- The real reason for this change is likely to be about money, as Google makes billions of dollars from serving ads and collecting user info

Options for Users:

- Switch to a different browser, like Firefox or its forks

- Use Brave, a Chromium-based browser with ad and tracker blockers built-in

- Use ad blockers built with Manifest V3 APIs, like uBlock Origin Light, but with less ad and tracker blocking capability and potentially less convenience

Why Firefox is a Good Option:

- It's a truly different browser with a different web engine, giving Google less control over it

- Mozilla has committed to supporting Manifest V2 extensions

- More people switching to Firefox would help even out the browser market share and give Mozilla more control over the web

- Chrome's decision to disable Manifest V2's APIs is a significant change for browser extensions

- Users have options, including switching to a different browser or using ad blockers built with Manifest V3 APIs

- However, Firefox offers the best option for those who want a truly different browser and more control over their web experience.

Why Google Will Never Block AdBlock - The Real Motive

- Adblock has cost Google billions of dollars every year.

- Despite this, Google has not taken any steps to stop Adblock.

- A quarter of users in the US use some sort of ad-blocking service.

How Adblock Works:

- Adblock filters all requests to display something on a website.

- It blocks requests related to advertising.

- Adblocking services use lists of domains that serve ads and block requests from those domains.

- Users can add domains to lists or block certain aspects of a website.

Why Google Stays Silent:

- Google makes money from ads when a user clicks on them.

- People who use Adblock are unlikely to click on ads anyway.

- Isolating this demographic out and not showing them ads can lead to a higher click-through rate for the average user.

- This higher click-through rate leads to advertisers bidding higher and paying more for each click, which benefits Google and website creators.

- Google takes 40% of ad revenue while 60% goes to creators.

- Despite losing billions due to Adblock, Google still benefits from users who use Adblock.

Why Google Won't Block Adblock:

- Blocking Adblock would go against Google's entire business model.

- A big portion of the user base would leave and all the money invested in these users would be lost.

- Google sees their money-losing services as investments to grow the user base.

- Eventually, Google hopes to profit from the data collected from users.

- Google's advertising revenue makes up 83.3% of Alphabet's total revenue.

- Blocking Adblock would hurt Google's reputation and trust with users.

- It would also hurt audience retention and impact the amount of data collected on users.

- Overall, Adblock may be harmful to Google in the short term, but blocking it would have long-term repercussions that Google believes will be much worse.

- Google likely will never block Adblock.

Remove ADS From Android Phone! Paano iBlock ang ADS and POP UP ADS sa Android Device

Music personalization is a technology that allows users to customize their music listening experience. However, it is important to note that this technology comes with certain restrictions and guidelines to ensure that user privacy is protected.

Guidelines for Music Personalization:

1. Do not use advertising IDs to build user profiles

2. Do not show personalized ads for foreign music

3. Respect user privacy and do not collect unnecessary data

4. Provide users with the option to opt-out of personalized music recommendations

Why these guidelines are important:

1. Protect user privacy: Using advertising IDs to build user profiles can lead to the collection of sensitive information, which can be misused by third-party advertisers.

2. Ensure fairness: Showing personalized ads for foreign music can create a bias in the music recommendations, limiting users' exposure to diverse music genres.

3. Build trust: Respecting user privacy and providing them with the option to opt-out of personalized recommendations can help build trust and improve user satisfaction.

Music personalization is a powerful technology that can enhance the music listening experience for users. However, it is important to follow guidelines to ensure user privacy and fairness. By respecting user privacy and providing them with the option to opt-out of personalized recommendations, music personalization can be a valuable tool for both users and businesses.

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