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Bloopers 2.0 | Tip For Tip Episode 50

Published on: December 17 2022 by BitBranding

In this episode of Bloopers 2.0 Tip For Tip, we will be discussing some common mistakes people make while giving tips and how to avoid them. Giving a tip is not just about the amount of money you give, but also about the way you present it. So, let's dive into the tips for giving tips!

Tips for Giving Tips:

1. Be genuine: Tips should be given as a token of appreciation and not as a way to show off your wealth. Be sincere and genuine while giving tips.

2. Timing is everything: Make sure you give your tip at the right time. It's not a good idea to give a tip when the service is not up to the mark.

3. Be aware of cultural norms: Different cultures have different norms for tipping. Do your research before you travel to a new place to avoid any cultural faux pas.

4. Don't be too stingy: While it's important not to over-tip, being too stingy can also be perceived as rude. Tip generously for good service.

5. Avoid giving unwanted advice: If you're giving a tip for service, stick to that. Don't give unwanted advice unless specifically asked for.

6. Always say thank you: It's important to acknowledge the person who served you and thank them for their service. A simple thank you can go a long way.

Giving a tip is a way to show appreciation for good service, and following these tips can help you do it right. Remember to be genuine, aware of cultural norms, and always say thank you. Happy tipping!

- This is episode 50 of TipForTip, where we normally answer marketing questions, but today we're showing bloopers.

- Aaron and Christian are hosting the episode, with special guest Joey Walls from 3D Perspective.


- The hosts joke around and mess up their lines, with Aaron saying he's still 25 years old.

- Christian struggles with his pin and jokingly blames it on Aaron distracting him.

- The hosts talk about the importance of muting their phones and avoiding glare on glasses.

- They laugh about an incident involving spiked drinks and a complaint telephone call.

- The hosts make fun of each other's introductions and singing voices.

- They discuss how to express emotion in marketing, using lightning bolts and flashy graphics.

- The hosts joke about their height and starting a new business club.

- This episode was all about showing the funny and lighthearted side of TipForTip.

- Despite the bloopers, the hosts still managed to give some tips on marketing strategies.

- Tune in next time for more helpful advice and maybe even more bloopers.

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