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bogo ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

BOGO Deals Presentation

thank you for taking the time to learn about bogo deals. we are excited to share with you our newly launched business. bobo deals is an online marketing platform that helps businesses get more traffic to their websites and social media pages. we are passionate about helping others. we enjoy watching people succeed. we love creating videos, ads printing, designing processes and procedures, and all that has to do with business development. we believe that relationships are the foundation of everything we do. we take a people over prophet's approach and are here to serve the greater good for all the travelers out there. we will be operating internationally. our mission- our mission is to help as many people in small business as possible save money on the things they want and need, while creating a sustainable income for themselves. our vision- our vision is helping millions of people save billions of dollars internationally while boosting the world economy. our core values: passion- we love what we do, and that is helping people. creativity- we love to bring ideas to life. integrity- we do what we say. all of our values revolve around your success. all right, let's tok about what we offer to businesses. our bogo business program has so much value for your business, so let's see how we can help drive traffic to your website and social media pages for signing up with bogo deals. you get a business directory, a buy one, get one promotional offer, a web page, a bogo bot to assist you, an invitation to our private facebook group, a great referral program, our buy and promote program, a pay it forward gift away model, our monthly newsletter, our bogo membership, a profile with a bogobot monthly results in progress reports so you can see our performance from month to month. we know that was a mouthful, but let's take a look at the top four features that we offer your business as part of the bogo business program. you get many great business boosting features. number one: bogobots. two: buy and promote program. three: referral program for monthly reporting. let's check out the bogobot. the future is here with amazing bots that help with connecting, informing, guiding, storytelling, selling, administration, automation, training, surveys and much more. the bots can tok to thousands of people at the same time while collecting data for more custom bots, upgrades are available for very specific bot roles. here is a short preview of how it works: just click on the bot and it opens up. the bot begins communications and then guides you to where you want to go. you can check out the link on this page to see it work live. you will quickly understand why many businesses are excited now about our buy and promote program. here's how it works. we buy your products or services throughout the year. we promote it for one full month on our website. at the end of the month, we then gift it to our members. we use a pay-it-forward model to empower those who bring value. in short, we buy, we promote, we give it away to our members. our referral program: every time you refer us to businesses or people, you get paid, month after month after month, residual income. we teach you how to maximize that income. with a proven system. we guarantee financial growth every month. finally, let's tok about monthly reporting. we all want to know if the program is working and to what degree. have no fear, we want to share the stats with you every month. we will go over the analytiks with you and show you the results, and there's more. here are the five best reasons to register your business with bobo deals. now why would you want to do business with us? well, we have a few reasons. reason number one: no cost. two: no contract. three: processes and expectations. four: membership and auto upgrades. and five: works for you model. so first, let's look at everyone's favorite reason. there is no cost for businesses. no cost to get started. but we do have awesome upgrades available at a cost. we create your bot web page and profile. you approve everything before it goes live. you pick what your bogo offer will be. we can help with ideas. you set the terms and conditions to suit your business needs. another great reason is no contract for businesses. we are confident in our system to promote your business with no cost and no contract. there are no risks. you can leave the program at any time, hassle free. our goal is to bring you results. we want to earn your loyalty. great, now we look into our processes and expectations. we have created a detailed system for every program to keep you in the loop on what to expect next from bogo deals. we work with integrity and do what we say. our goal is your success. we make it easy for you with our step-by-step proven system. time for you to enjoy the benefits as a member. save half on life with your bogo membership. auto upgrade to vip and unlimited, as you refer us, auto upgrades to your bogo bots to assist you even more. increase your monthly income with no cap. learn more about membership in the coming slides. finally, let's check out our works for you model. all you have to do is send out your profile or web page to businesses and people. your bogobot will guide them through the system and answer their questions. your bogobot gathers info, books, meetings and even closes deals for you. we will create campaigns that assist you. you will receive monthly reports that show results. we know that was a lot of information, so let's wrap this up with our three memberships: the bogo membership, the vip membership, the unlimited membership. so as a bogle member, you get a buy one. get one free platform to save half on life. 10 bogo bucks a month with each bobo buck valued at twenty five dollars in savings. a profile page with a bogo bot: chances to win upgrades: save up to two hundred and fifty dollars a month. bobo bucks refresh back to 10 bogo bucks every month. our referral program for residual income- all that for only nine dollars a month. upgrade to a vip membership and get a bobo platform to save half on life. 20 bogo bucks a month. a profile and web page: bogobot- amazing monthly giveaways: save up to 500 a month. bobo bucks accumulate to save for bigger deals. our referral program for residual income: great upgrade for only 27 a month. unlimited is as unlimited does a bobo platform to save half on life. unlimited bogo bucks, amazing monthly giveaways. savings are unlimited. fully customized bogo bought for your profile and webpage. our referral program for residual income- incredible value for only 97 a month. what are you waiting for? it truly is risk-free. be part of the solution. sign up with bogo deals today and let's work together in taking advantage of this unique and exciting opportunity. thank you for taking the time to learning about bogo deals. we look forward to working with you.

Why Facebook Bans Ad Accounts (The Truth!)

in this video i'm going to explain the real reason why facebook bans so many ad accounts. it's not because they don't want small advertisers advertising on the platform, which is something you hear from a lot of people and it's just not true. but your ad account is way more likely to get banned if you are a small advertiser. so to understand what's going on here, we need to understand what facebook or meta is. what's their objective? what are they looking to achieve? yes, they want your money. you, as an advertiser, are their customer. their users are not their customers. that's actually their product. we're their customers. they care about us a lot and facebook actually told us that during the ios 14 release that the majority of the revenue and profit and the massive profits they generate from that revenue come from small and medium-sized businesses. it's not like they just want to work with big, large corporate entities- that's not the case at all. but above taking your money, the highest priority thing is that they retain the users on their platform because that's their product and they absolutely want to police it closely. they absolutely want to make sure that they can maintain a good user experience. they don't want any advertisers doing things that put users off and make users on facebook and instagram, and maybe, in the future, whatsapp, go: ah, i don't want to use this platform anymore. that's the thing they're really trying to avoid, and because of that, ad accounts get banned when facebook thinks that an advertiser within that ad account is going to do something: create ads. that's going to lead to a poor user experience, and that's why they've created this facebook advertising policies document, which i've got in front of me right now. i'd strongly recommend you check this out. if you haven't already been through it and you are advertising on facebook and instagram, i'll include a link in the video description and from this you can see- i'm not going to go through all the points, but from this you can see- that facebook's trying to make sure that we don't include anything in our ads that could be even slightly controversial, anything misleading, anything that's going to lead to a bad user experience, and that can go from things that are really quite controversial- and obviously not the stuff that people want, like illegal products and services- all the way down to much more minor things that a lot of people wouldn't have an issue with. okay, and facebook's looking at this through the most sensitive lenses. there's many things that you think: well, how on earth is that misleading or how on earth could that be controversial or offensive to some people? well, me and you might agree on that, but there might be some people that might find it that way, that might find that controversial, might find it offensive, and that's who. facebook is sort of bringing the line down towards um, and this is understandable. i'm actually kind of glad that facebook polices things closely, because there's been a lot of advertisers on facebook and instagram that have not behaved properly, shall we say? a lot of drop shippers- not all dropshippers, obviously, but some dropshippers that have been misleading around how long it's going to take for the product to deliver, to arrive, and then, when it does arrive, it's no way near as good of quality as you were led to believing in. these sorts of things have happened and facebook's trying to get rid of all that sort of stuff, along with the more obvious ad account bans that that take place, and it helps protect the integrity platform, helps protect us as facebook advertisers, because we don't want users going. i never buy anything from a facebook or instagram ad because they're all rubbish. that would be terrible for all of us. so this is important now is facebook system for working this out and working which ad accounts should be banned or which one shouldn't way overly sensitive, 100. it is flawed and it leads to a lot of ad accounts being banned when they shouldn't be. but facebook meta are taking the approach that they'd rather be safe than sorry and all this stuff, and that's what we're dealing with. and because facebook has millions of advertisers, there's no way they could hire enough people to review each individual ad individually. as a person, ai does a lot of this work and it gets it wrong all the time and facebook is aware of this. okay, so they've got um, like their support documentation here. if we scroll down, you know, troubleshoot and disable that account, scroll down to this section down here, and we they've got a section here saying what to do if you think your ad account was disabled by mistake, and you can um request a review where you are effectively saying: look, i think that i got it wrong here, can you please get a person to take a look at this? and and uh, and meta will go ahead and do that for you. so don't take it personally. if you do get an ad account, ban, appeal the decision. if you haven't made any mistakes, then you're going to get it back. if you've made big mistakes, then you are unlikely to get it back. if you've made small mistakes, facebook will probably say: you made these mistakes, don't do it again, you'll be fine. but i want to highlight this section here: repeated violations: if we find that that account is repeatedly trying to run ads that don't comply with our policies, we may determine the advertiser represents a risk. the platform, which is exactly what i'm toking about, that's what they're worried about. it presents a risk to the platform and facebook really earns on the side of caution here. if they suspect that your ad account represents a vista platform, they're just going to go ahead and ban it straight away. so a good thing to do as a facebook advertiser is to keep an eye on account quality, which is linked through here or you can access it from within your facebook ad account, and in account quality you can see, for example, number of rejected ads. all sorts of useful information's worth keeping an eye on this. now i have to say that meta does bend the rules a lot, and they do it primarily based on two factors. the first is location: advertisers in certain locations give facebook meta a lot more issues when it comes to following advertiser policies than others, and if you happen to be advertising for one of those in one of those locations, you might see that your ad account is more likely to get banned. your ads are more likely to be approved, not because of anything you've done but, unfortunately, because of what people near you have done. um in in establishing that precedent. okay, so that's the first thing. second thing is budget. facebook will allow you to get away with more stuff. if you spend more on the platform, or have spent more on the platform, you are far less likely to get rejected ads in here in ad accounts that have a history of large ad spend. does that seem fair? no, but it is understandable. you see, facebook is always weighing up the risk versus reward. are they willing to take a slightly larger risk on an ad account that is spending a lot more with them? yes, much in the same way that you might take on a more difficult client if they've got a partikularly large budget. or you know you might meet special requirements for that really large order of product. because it's a really large order of products, you're willing to do that. facebook is a for-profit business and that's what they're doing it. they're weighing up that risk versus reward. also, with larger advertisers, they can- um, they can- dedicate more manpower to it, actually getting human beings to review that sort of stuff. larger ad accounts tend to get better access to reps and things like that, so it's not a one-size-fits-all approach here at all. there are definitely tears, definitely things that larger ad accounts can get away with, and often when you see ads pop up and you think how on earth has that gotten approved, most of the time it's because it's coming from an ad account with a lot of spend history and, as i said, they bend the rules the long term.

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I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It

- افتتحتُ أول مطعم مجاني في العالم. وإذا لم يكن ذلك كافيًا، دفعت أيضًا للناس ليأكوا في مطعمي. لم نفتح حتى الآن، وأخبرتنا الشرطة للتو أنه كان عليهم إيقاف. مقدار ميل من حركة المرور وتوجد ألف سيارة مصطفة في الطابور. ضعها في الأعلى, نعم - نعم. لم يسبق لي أن قمت بإدارة مطعم من قبل. المال لك، المال لك، المال لك, المال لك. حريّ بك أن تأتي للحصول على "بيست برغر". كيف حالكم, يا شباب؟ مراحب, ماذا يمكنني أن أقدم لكم؟? كل ما لدينا هو البرغر. سأعود خلال لحظات. نريد أربع وجبات من البرغر. - [عمال المطبخ] أربعة - أربع وجبات برغر - لم يسبق لي أن فعلت هذا في حياتي. - نحن نجعل أول زبائننا ينتظرون. يا شباب, آسف على تأخيركم، تفضلوا مائة دولار - شكرًا لك. - ربما عليك أن تعطيهم مائة إضافية، فسيتطلب الأمر بعض الوقت. - قال "كريس" إنّ الأمر سيتطلب بعض الوقت، فإليك مائة أخرى. - يا إلهي - مرحى. يا "مستر بيست" - لدينا وجبات برغر الآن. - لدينا برغر. - إليكم وجبة برغر. - الطبخ أصعب مما كنت أتوقعه. سيكون عليك تأخير الناس. - شغّل مقطع الطابور. لن يكون هناك تأخير، نحن نوقف حركة المرور. - فكّر في الأمر. - يا إلهي, الطابور طويل جدًا, يا "كارل"، عليكم أخذ البرغر والبدء في توزيعه. أنتما الاثنان، اذهبا. - مرحبًا، مرحبًا، تفضّل. - مرحبًا. - مرحبًا، لقد نفدت الكمية مني، يا إلهي، حسنًا. - مرحبًا، من يريد البرغر؟? شكرًا لك. تريدون برغر؟? - لن أكذب، اعتقدت أن امتلاك مطعم سيكون أمرًا أسهل. إنه نوعًا ما صعب. - تفقّد المنطقة في الخلف. تفقّد المنطقة في الخلف. - تفقّد المنطقة في الخلف. - انظر إلى بضاعتنا. تصويب، رزمة كبيرة من النقود. - وووو، وووو, "جيمي". - يا إلهي، ذلك مدهش. أعطِهم رزمًا من النقود. - رزمًا من النقود. - أنا مذعورة. - الأمور تأخذ وقتًا طويلًا، لذا سنبدأ بالذهاب إلى السيارات. - لديّ المال. - انتظر، أريد برغر. - إليك البرغر, وبعض النقود. وداعًا، سررت بمقابلتك. - شكرًا لك. - تفضلي, استمتعي. ليس لدي برغر الآن, ولكن تفضل مائة دولار. - شكرًا, يا أخي. - نعم, يا رجل, أحب قميصك، تفضّل. - شكرًا لك. - عفوًا, يوجد الكثير من الناس، لا بدّ لنا من إعداد برغر أكثر. ثلاثة، اثنان، واحد. تفضّلوا, حسنًا، أغلقه, أغلقه، أغلقه. علينا الإسراع لنواكب مستوى الطلب. اكتبوا تعليقًا بالأسفل: إذا سبق لكم العمل في الوجبات السريعة, الأمر مرهق. أين النكهة؟? هذا آخر واحد لديّ، انتهى الأمر. هذا كل شيء. - سمعت أنّ نقودك نفدت, يا "تشاندلر". - نعم، ماذا عن ذلك؟? - تفضل 200,000$. - ماذا؟? - تفضل, يتعين أن يتدبر أمره - رائع. - حتى وصول البرغر، استمر في إعطاء النقود، حسنًا. - حسنًا، لا بأس في ذلك. عليّ توزيع المال لأننا لا نملك طعامًا جاهزًا. حسنًا, واحد، اثنان، ثلاثة، أربعة، امسك آسف، لا يوجد لدينا طعام. - "براد" - في هذه الكيس، سأضع برغر. وفي هذه الكيس, سأضع مجموعة من سماعات "آيربودز" والكثير من النقود. لنرَ ما يختارونه. مرحبًا،, هل تختار هذه الكيس على اليسار أم هذه الكيس على اليمين؟? - الكيس على اليسار - هذه؟ حسنًا، تهانينا. هذه الكيس فيها برغر وبطاطس مقلية. وهذه الكيس فيها الكثير من المال وسماعات "آيربودز" تفضّل - نعم, توجد أكثر من واحدة هنا. ماذا؟? ألا يزال بإمكاني الحصول على الطعام، هل لا بأس في ذلك؟? - حسنًا, لا يزال بوسعك أخذ الطعام، تفضل? - شكرًا, يا أخي، اللعنة - أردت التأكد من الطابور, لكن الأمر هو أنّ كل شيء بقي على حاله، توجد سيارات كثيرة. لم يسبق أن شاركت هذا العنوان. فقط الناس يرون اللوحة المنصوبة في الواجهة. ♪, ووو ♪ - لديّ ثلاثة حتى الآن. أعلم، أعلم. - مرحبًا، هل تريدون برغر, يا شباب؟? - أسأت بالفعل تقدير عدد الناس الذين سيأتون لتناول طعام مجاني. سأتصل بجميع أصدقائي، نحن نريد دعمًا. يا شباب، لديّ أخبار جيدة. "بيليز" هنا للمساعدة. - [أطفال] ياي, - أعلم أنه لم يسبق لكم إعداد الطعام من قبل،, لكن جهزوا البرغر معًا. تعال إلى هنا, وابدأ العمل. ابدأ بتحضير الأشياء. أعطِني الكاميرا. اذهب لتحضير بعض البرغر. - اذهب، نحتاج إلى المساعدة. - حسنًا، حسنًا. - كم من المال وزّعت من النافذة؟ - الكثير. - كم وزعنا من الطعام؟ - الكثير. - سأفلس. - يمكنك تقاضي المال من الناس. اخرج من هنا. اقترحَ أن نتقاضى المال مقابل الطعام - لا - اخرج من هنا, اذهب. لا أريد أبدًا أن أسمعكم تتحدثون عن تقاضي المال مرة أخرى. انتظر, يا "تيري"،. هل تمسك كاميرا, يا رجل؟? - اترك تلك الكاميرا من يدك. لست مصورًا. - أمسك الكاميرا. يا "تشاندلر", اذهب لتصوير الأمور. - حسنًا, أحب الإمساك بهذه الكاميرا. إنها مهمة سهلة, حقًا. أعني أنّ الجميع يستطيعون فعل هذا. - بالنسبة لمطعم غير منظم ومليء بالناس الذين لا يملكون أدنى فكرة عما يفعلونه، سأقول إننا نبلي بلاء جيدًا. - حسنًا،. كم عدد الناس؟? يا إلهي - يوجد أعداد كبيرة من الناس. - يا إلهي - يوجد الكثير من الناس. يبدو أنكم, يا شباب, آخر من في الطابور, فكّرت في إعطائكم تصبيرة لتنتظرونا - حسنًا. - حسنًا،, شكرًا لك. - رائع - تبقى لدينا برغرين، يا شباب - شكرًا لكم - فقط لتنتظرونا. حسنًا, علينا العودة. "جيمي" يحتاج إلينا - حسنًا - يحتاج المزيد من البرغر. - نحتاج إلى المزيد من البرغر. - ضع البرغر في كيس وإليك بعض رزم النقود. - نفدت رزم النقود, لذلك وضعنا المال هناك. - شكرًا لك، مع السلامة. - شكرًا, مع السلامة. - كم وزّعنا من المال؟? اتصل "إريك" بكل طاهٍ يعرفه. وهم ينتظرون في الخارج. هل نحن مستعدون لإدخالهم؟? - دعنا, ندخلهم. - حسنًا, نحن على وشك إحضار جيش. حسنًا،, تفضلوا جميعًا. يستمرون بالدخول. - أنت تتابعين البريد. أنت تتابعين صلصلة الخردل - استمر في إدخالهم. - أنت تتابع الشوّاية - استمر في، ماذا؟? أنت تتابع الإيجار - كم عدد الأشخاص الذين لدينا؟? - أنت تتابعين الجبنة. - يا إلهي. - أنت تتابعين البرغر - لا يتعين أن نعاني بعد الآن. الآن لدينا الكثير من يد العون هنا، ونستطيع أن نواكب الطلب. سنفتح نافذة ثانية. سنبدأ باستقبال السيارات على كلا جانبي المطعم. هل تريد ترأس هذا الجانب, يا "كريس"؟? - أنا جاهز. - حسنًا، لنفعلها. لديك منافسة الآن, يا "كارل"? "كريس" يفتح في آخر الرواق. - ذلك ليس "كريس". - يلزمنا كيس مليء بالنقود هنا. - تفضّل بعض النقود لك ولنافذة "كريس". لهذا الزبون التالي، سنعطي جهازي "آيباد", لأننا لن نسمح لنافذتهم بإحراجنا - اللعنة على نافذتهم. تفضل جهازا "آيباد". أتمنى لك يومًا رائعًا. - شكرًا لك. - نافذته تبلي بلاءً, حسنًا. - نعم, مرّ- وزّع "آيبادات" من نافذته للتو. - حسنًا، أعطوني "آيبادات". - فكرة جيدة. تفضّل بعض منتجات "أبل" التي يمكنك توزيعها? - حسنًا, لدي شطيرة "بيست برغر", واحدة فقط, لكن يوجد الكثير من النقود هناك. ثم يوجد هنا "آيباد" جديد كليًا - اذكر اسم مطعم آخر. يبدو كهذا. وهذا. كل من طلبوا الطعام اليوم, محظوظون. - مرحبًا. - مرحبًا. - هذه هي حصّالة النقود. - ماذا؟? لا, - يوجد نقود هناك. - هل أنت؟? لقد أعطانا حصّالة نقود. - نقود، نقود. - ماذا لدينا، تبقت أربع ساعات. وأنهينا ثلث المهمة. فقط, علينا التخلص من كل هذه الكعكات. بدا هذا? حسنًا, أعتقد ذلك. هل كان لكلماتي صدى؟? - نعم - حسنًا. -. كيف تسير الأمور؟ كيف تسير الأمور؟? - كيف الحال؟? كم عددكم؟ خمسة؟? - نحن خمسة? - صُدمت سيارتهم في أثناء الانتظار. - ضربت سيارتنا من جانبها. - ضُربت سيارتكم من جانبها؟ هذا مستحيل. ضُربت سيارتهم من جانبها في أثناء انتظارهم. - مهلًا،, حقًا؟. انتظروا، هنا. - واه -, يا إلهي. - لقد ضُربت سيارتكم من جانبها. هل انتظروا من أجلكم, أم-- - لا، هي واصلت الطريق. - حسنًا، لدينا أخبار جيدة. انتظروا لحظة, ربما, أو ربما لم أشترِ سيارة إضافية لإعطائها لأحد ما. هذا الصباح, ذهبتُ مع صديقي، وقلت في نفسي، "أعتقد أنني سأوزع سيارة. هل يمكنك شراء واحدة؟". وهو اشترى لنا سيارة. إذا كنتم تسمعونا, يا من تصيحون، هذه هي السيارة التي اشتريتها. اشتريت تلك السيارة هذا الصباح بدافع إعطائها لأحد ما. وبما أنّ سيارتكم ضُربت من جانبها، أعتقد أننا يمكن أن نعطيها لكم أيضًا. - ممم - نعم. - لا، لأنني كنت هنا أتذمر بشأن كيف أننا سنصلح سيارتي. شكرًا لك. - العفو, هل تبكين؟? ستجعلني أبكي? - لا، الحصول على هذا، حقًا،. لقد عملت بجد حتى أحصل على ما لديّ. لا أحد يعطيني شيئًا. - يا إلهي, لا أستطيع استيعاب هذا, لكن هل تودين تفقّد سيارتك الجديدة? - إنها رائعة، أليست كذلك؟? - شكرًا, جزيلًا لكم. أنتم نعمة من الله، حقًا. - [رجل] تفعل ماذا؟? نعمة، نعم, اشتركوا في "مستر بيست"،. فعلتُ ذلك للتو. - من الواضح أنّ إحدى السيارات نفد وقودها في أثناء الانتظار. سنملأها بالوقود. سمعنا أنه نفد وقود سيارتكم, يا شباب - نفد وقودنا قبل فترة. - حقًا؟? حسنًا، "كريس" سيملأها لكم. ذلك مضحك. "كريس" لم يعد يعمل في المطعم. أنت من تعبئ الوقود. سأتركك في عناية "كريس". سأذهب لتوزيع بعض الطعام. - يداي لا تستطيعان فعل الكثير، لن أكذب عليكم. - إذن، سمعت أنّ سيارتكم تعطّلت. إنها تشتغل،, لكن تنطفئ, فهمت? - يوجد الكثير من الناس يشاهدوننا. أشعر بالخوف من إعطائهم المال تفضّل: تحويل، تحويل، تفضّل. يوجد الكثير من الناس يشاهدون تفضّل 10,000$ لإصلاح سيارتك. يحيط بنا مئات الناس أعطيته للتو 10 آلاف. أعتقد أننا, لغرض سلامتنا، يتعين علينا العودة إلى الداخل - علينا بلا شك أن نعود إلى الداخل. - مع أننا, كنا نسرع لإطعام الناس بأسرع وقت ممكن، كان هناك حرفيًا طابور من السيارات لمسافة 20 ميلًا، وباختصار، ربما كنا نعيق حركة المرور قليلًا. وبعد الحديث مع الشرطة المحلية، الذين ساعدونا,

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How To Make A BOGO Deal With A Specific Product In WooCommerce

hi, there, it's Josh. go back here and today I'm going to take you through how to make a WooCommerce BOGO coupon. and specifically it's a wicker, almost BOGO coupon that works with just a single product. so we're toking about a buy one- get one deal in the truest sense. say, if you buy a one set of sunglasses, you want to get another one, 50% off. so let's run with that as our deal, and I'm just in the back end of my demo site here. so let's add a coupon and we're gonna call this BOGO single. now I don't want to give a discount here because I'm actually using this BOGO deals feature in advanced coupons. advanced coupons is an extension for WooCommerce, adds extra features to your, your coupons, your standard coupons, and that's what you see down the side here with all these extra little tabs. so advanced coupons- plug-in calm if you want to learn more about that tool. so in the BOGO feature, we basically have three different trigger and apply types. now a buy one- get one basically relies on you buying something to get something. so the trigger is buy and the get is your apply type. so that's the basic way that a BOGO coupon works. now today we're just going to focus on these specific products, but I will link up some other videos in the in the show notes here. if you're watching this on youtube, you can look in the description and there'll be other links to other videos there for the different types. so a specific type: let's go with the the sunglasses web sunglasses and what I want to do is buy one pair of sunglasses and I want to get a another. let me just click Add there and I want to get another set of sunglasses and I'm going to give a percentage discount on this one. you can do over I price, you can do percentage discount, you can do a fixed discount. you could do override for us to 0 if you wanted. if you want to give a second pair for free, in this case I'm going to do 50%. so let me just add that. and now the other thing you gotta look at here is the additional settings. so whether you want this deal to be repeated more than once or if it's only eligible to be to be given once in a cart. this is a notike that you can show customers. when they've triggered a BOGO deal, but they haven't, they put the extra products into their cart. so the the get part of their BOGO. you can actually give them a little message, though. I might actually put a message here to say something like: you can get a second pair of sunglasses for 50%, okay, so you can also add a button to this notike. so what you might actually do is go ahead and put the view sunglasses product and you could let's go and find the sunglasses, and I'm going to grab the link from that and put it directly in here so when somebody clicks on that button, it takes them directly to that that page for that partikular product. now I'm going to click publish here and we'll test it on the front end of the site. okay, so I'm on the front end of the site here. I'm going to just add my sunglasses product to the cart. now, if we go visit cut, and I'm going to enter my logo single coupon code. now what we're expecting here is that we can see this message. so this is the message that I've defined, because I've triggered the get part of my deal by adding one of the sunglasses to the car. I haven't actually put in the to get now, sorry, I've triggered the buy part of my deal because I've added the sunglasses of the cart. I haven't actually triggered the get part of my deal. so let's just upped quantity to two and see what happens. now this should give us the discount of $45, cause they're $90 each, and you'll see that it's. it's now adjusted the total, so 135 in total: seven, ninety plus 45. so that's how you basically do a work, and most BOGO deal with a single product and show some nice messages and stuff like that to your customers so they can be guided through the process of of how to actually add one of those products. [Music]. [Music].

13 Minutes Of B2B Marketing Strategies | Gary Vaynerchuk At INBOUND

i am flabbergasted by the lack of practitionership in the actual creative ability and paid media amplification of creative to make a business action. i- for a lot of you that don't know- built my family's liquor business really on the back of google adwords. google adwords came out, i bought the word wine for five cents a clip and even though i was doing direct mail and doing local television and billboards, i get a lot of accolades in this ecosystem from building my dad's liquor store from a three to a 60 million dollar business. but the truth is i stand here tonight and admit to you- not excitingly- that it should have been 150 million dollars, because if i actually understood how unbelievable the arbitrage was on google adwords, i would have spent a lot more money on it and grew my business much more. but i was too patient. i did well, not enough. i did not go all in and i built a nice business, but in reality i left a lot on the floor tonight, as we sit here tonight. as we sit here tonight, the number one arbitrage in marketing in the world, and i don't give a. if you do b2b, how many people in b2b raise your hands? uh-huh, i know you. how many people in b to c, uh-huh. so even better, i'll, i'm go. this is why i do this. it allows me to go in a certain direction. b to b clients for me at vayner and the startups that i'm involved with are doing even better than b2c clients on social, specifically facebook. because there's one amazing thing about b2b: we- and i'm in it now with vaynermedia- we know the name of the customer, we know the businesses we want, we even know the decision maker we want. the problem is we suck, we get real lazy and we send bulk emails on linked in. can we make a pledge tonight? actually, you know what? let's do this. if you're willing to pledge to no more bulk email- horseshit, spec email on linkedin, stand up so i can clap for you personally. make a pledge, let's- let's wait- get up more this bulk email. don't sit back down, dude with the beard. get the back up. i see you, i'm toking to you. yeah, you, there we go. let's no, no, no, no, no, no, no. let's clap it up for this pledge. no more enough. thank you guys. best part is the doesn't work. how many people here have done email marketing in their career? raise your hands. are you looking for your seat? hey, you look for your seat, got it okay? how many people here have done bulk, have done email marketing in their careers? i'm just curious. in 1997, i had a 200 000 person email newsletter for wine library and wine librarycom that had 91.3 open rates- not because i was a hero, but because email marketing hadn't existed yet. the thing that i'm most fascinated by is that i know as a marketer- and i'm a marketer as a marketer- the number one thing, the thing that i know more than the sun will come up tomorrow, is that marketers ruin everything. it's what we do. when i saw that little ghost, i'm gonna up that ghost. i got you snapchat. i'm gonna ruin the out of this platform. you show me attention and i'll show you a place that i want to sell and that's how it gets changed. and bulk email in 2016 is insanity. nobody's opening that. and what? just because you have an algorithm that says hey gary- and, by the way, i saw 10 of these emails today- all the in this room that have the hey gary thing. that's in a different font than the rest of the email. you suck, right. i mean. enough of that, jesus b2b. i'm going to go tactikal because i want to leave with. i want to you know, lately i've been trying to get even more tactikal in my keynotes because i love the emails that i get where: hey, thank you so much, it helped my business. here's the tactik. i'm going to give you the best blueprint i have for b2b selling right now and i really hope it brings you some value. and i'll go into. i'm going to go into detail, i'm going to get a little nerdy. if you're in a b2b environment, you have to run facebook ads and you have to do it now. they cost about five to six dollars cpm right now. on average, the cost of these cpms will be 30- 36 months from now. i'm saying this because i know i'm gonna have the video of this and in three years you're gonna see me share this clip and be and i'm gonna tag it. i told you so it's gonna be thirty dollars a cpm because everybody's gonna figure out how much attention is really on that platform. so the supply and demand curve is gonna change just like wine. now is a six, seven dollar word. got it okay? so now you're gonna run facebook ads and, first and foremost, you're not gonna outsource it to somebody else. you're not gonna find little susie- that's 23, in the office and be like you. you're young, you know social media. you're not gonna do that. you're gonna actually spend 10 hours and read and watch videos. it's crazy. you can learn anything. so many people like gary, but i don't know how to use the instagram product. i'm like: i get it, you go to google and you search it. okay, that's what you do. it's not super complicated. it's crazy. anything you don't know you can search in two seconds. everybody's crippled like they don't know it's there. you do that and so here you become a practitioner. you actually deploy the facebook ads yourself so you have some ability and knowledge. so somebody can't hose you. you need to be the person that knows it the best. you then target. there's a way to target employees of ev. one more time: b2b. raise your hands. you guys know who you're going after. i want you to target the employees of that company, one by one, the employees. now you take a step back. now you know you're targeting 15, 17, 22 different businesses. if you want to get really crazy, you target them one by one and you make videos or pictures just for that company. but if you want scale, you can put them all in a bucket. and now you're gonna make a video or a picture. you know a billboard or print ad or a television commercial and you're gonna make it. and what you're gonna do is you're gonna make the creative start with: does your cfo know, does your cto know? does your cio know? you know exactly who in that organization, in that organization, is the person that needs to see that content. and you're going to start the video or your picture with that statement and i promise you, for hundreds of dollars, depending on the size your business, sometimes for a thousands of dollars, that person is going to get 12 to 25 to 100 people forwarding them that piece of content. and that piece of content will be the gateway drug to your sales team to convert and close. it works every time. that's it, right. i can tok about you like that, right, it's practikal, black and white. you got it right. i can tok about one life and all that, but that's up in the clouds, right. that's like who gives a right? yeah, i care. okay, that's one good. next two: the single best arbitrage in marketing. and i want to take a step back. i want to make sure everybody understands. i. i think the slide was up there. we'll end with a slide. i day trade attention. i am not a tiknologist, i'm not a digital at this, i'm not a blogger- what the? i'm somebody who's obsessed with attention from when i was six years old and instead of standing behind the lemonade stands, i would sit and watch cars drive by and figure out where to put the signs. i'm sick, you know, to now. so i stand here and actually say, if you have the money in, i would say hubspot. if i ran the marketing, the number one thing that i would do is run a super bowl commercial. i stand here today as a marketer that trades attention and i believe that the number one deal in marketing today is actually a super bowl commercial. it's six million dollars, but the entire country, whether they watch it on youtube or during the game, will know exactly what you're up to. now. most people it up because they try to make some funny video for 30 seconds and then we forget. but that is, to me, the number one play. the number two play in the world is facebook video, because i believe that facebook video, not confined to 30 seconds, has the ability to build enormous awareness. vaynermedia had a very special thing happen last week. i don't know if any of you guys caught this, but when?

I Tried Dropshipping With $0 For 30 days

have you ever wondered if it's possible to become a millionaire with Drop Shipping, for a million dollars, millions of dollars from Drop Shipping? well, I know for a fact it's possible, because I went from a high school dropout to making over 1.5 million dollars in a year. by the time I was age 21.. and to show you that it's still possible today, I created a brand new Drop Shipping Store using zero dollars and I'm sharing the entire process transparently now. we just officially ended our first full month in business and we had a lot of ups and we had a lot of downs and, honestly, this reminded me of how hard it is to get your first business off the ground. so while a lot of people are going to be watching this video and impressed with the sales that I've gotten, just realize that this isn't an overnight success. this has been the last five years of me dedicating myself to this craft and I don't want this video to come across showing off. I know there's a lot of gurus out there who try to highlight how easy Drop Shipping is, and we both know these guys are not Drop Shipping, so just know that I'm gonna always keep 100 with you guys. now, any good Drop Shipping Store starts with a good product. I don't care how good your website is or how good your ads are, so I couldn't just find any product. to be successful in this challenge, I needed to find a product that matched the criteria of a winning product. usually when I am picking a product to sell, there's a few things that I look at. obviously, profit margin- if we don't have a good profit margin, then there's no way we're gonna ever be successful. and another piece of criteria that I think is important is that the product actually makes people's lives easier. so to locate this problem-solving product, I ended up going on tiktok and looked up hashtag. tiktok made me buy it and, honestly, I had to browse sometime to find something decent. but I knew we had found a winner when I found a tik tok post with literally hundreds of people asking where they could find the product and the video only had about a thousand likes at this point. now, honestly, this was kind of suspicious- a post with only about a thousand likes to have this many comments of people wanting to know where to buy the product- and I thought this was a great opportunity. hundreds of people were looking to buy this product and they didn't have someone to fulfill that demand. so I built a website on Shopify and I started my journey trying to get this brand sales using zero dollars Capital. now, I only really had one opportunity to become successful with this store, since our budget was zero dollars in order for us to create a profitable business. it meant attracting customers to our website without spending any money. now, this meant that the standard avenues for advertising, like Facebook ads, were completely out of the question, but what was possible was for us to create tiktok and Instagram real content completely organically and try to get the post viral so customers can see our product. so for the last 30 days, I spent a ton of time creating content and it actually went pretty well. so I want to go over the results and how much money we're able to make. so this challenge started on August 16th. this was our first day in business and I ended up posting up only one single tik tok on this day and, yes, I did not get any sales. this was definitely a stressful day for me. I was creating a brand new business from scratch again and, honestly, day two felt pretty similar. we made zero dollars in sales and I spent hours of our time and we weren't able to even manage to get one single sale, so I was feeling pretty disappointed around this time. but day three, things started to pick up. day three, on August 18th, I managed to get our very first sale, and this was when I realized that we were on to something. so I got super stoked and excited about creating this brand. so I ended up doubling down. on the 19th, I created two pieces of content, but unfortunately we were only able to get one sale for 56 dollars. and then the day after that, on the 20th, we were only able to get one sale again, even though I was posting more content now. up into this point, we had gotten zero sales from tiktok. our tiktoks were doing terrible, but our Instagram reels were actually getting to push out, so this was a good sign. we're getting a few thousand views on our Instagram reels, but for some reason we weren't able to crack into tiktok yet. now, day six was a super exciting day. we managed to get three sails for a total of 270 dollars, and this made me feel like we could really take this brand to whatever height we wanted to grow it to, and this brought me down a path of switching our content up. I started to focus on More Story based content, and this started to work really well. we were able to wrap the first week up at a total of 785.93, which personally I thought was a really good start to this challenge. I was feeling super excited and optimistik that this store could grow to a store that does six figures a month. so I really wanted to double down to get the best results we could in this Challenge, and that's also when I set a goal of trying to to make one thousand dollars in a single day throughout this Challenge, and this brought us into week two. on day one of week two, we ended up doing 159 dollars, and day two ended up being another Super solid day. we did 299 dollars in sales this day, which got me feeling really good. we were able to hit some consistent results at this point, and at this point we had generated over one thousand dollars in sales. and the best part about this is, since we weren't spending money on ads, almost 75 percent of the revenue was profit. day three of week two, we had a pretty similar day, and then, day four of week two, I started ramping up the content. I realized that our posts were doing well, but maybe we needed more volume. so on day four of week two, we managed to hit our best day yet at 364 dollars, which was a really good sign. we're almost 40 percent to our 1K a day goal. and then, day five, we managed to smash that record at 399 overall. during week two, we managed to get over two thousand dollars in sales, which meant for this two-week period we had done over two thousand and seven hundred dollars, and I already created a video covering up to this point. if all this sounds familiar. but what I'm about to get into is week three and week four, which ended up being a total twist, and I think it's gonna be something really exciting for everyone. going into week three, I was definitely nervous because we hadn't hit the goal that we set out for this challenge yet and while we were getting results, I wanted to show people that this business is really possible and that we can hit some big numbers. so I was seriously stressed to continue to create the best content that I could, and it ended up being a pretty stressful week. but here's how it ended up. going as far as sales, on day three of week one- such a disappointing day- we managed to get zero sales, but honestly, it felt like it was about time we stopped getting great holds. it seemed like everything was going pretty easy in the beginning of this challenge, so the fact that we weren't facing turbulence just meant that we weren't pushing hard enough. so the fact that I didn't get any sales today, I kind of just dismissed it and decided I'm just gonna keep pushing on. now, on day two of week three, we actually did end up getting a sale, but unfortunately we also did have a refund. so that's why we only made 14.99 on this day, which is just pretty natural. sometimes customers will end up ordering something and they'll want their money back, so we just gave them their money back. we're not going to worry about that and we're just gonna hold. day three is more successful. unfortunately, it wasn't and we managed to do zero dollars in sales yet again. so for this three day period, we had literally only made about 14.99 and I was feeling really bummed out at this point. I thought that maybe the store was over, maybe the product wasn't workin.