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bogo ap shopify free

Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we learned how to create a BOGO offer, which stands for Buy One Get One. This offer allows customers to purchase one product and receive another for a discounted price or for free. Here's how to create the offer:

1. Click on the Create Offer button.

2. Select the Discount Offer option.

3. Choose the BOGO offer type.

4. Set a short description for internal use.

5. Choose the collection or product variant for the offer.

6. Set the quantity and select the collection/product for the offer.

7. Choose the discount percentage.

8. Save the offer.

You can also choose to display an upsell pop-up or an offer table on the product page. It's important to note that the discount will be applied to the cheapest item in the group when multiple products are purchased.

If you have any questions or concerns, our support team is available to assist you. Thank you for watching!

Best Shopify Discount Apps 2022

In this article, we will be discussing the top discount Shopify apps that can help add more functionality to your store and incentivize customers to make purchases. We will be looking at the top three discount apps, examining their Shopify listings, descriptions, key features, screenshots, pricing, and reviews.

Top Discount Shopify Apps:

1. Bulk Discount Code Generator:

- Allows you to generate sets of unique discount codes to prevent coupon abuse.

- Saves time and effort by generating large sets of unique discount codes with just a few clicks.

- Offers personalized marketing with unique codes that can only be used once.

- Has a good UI on the back end that matches Shopify's theme.

- Currently has 276 five-star reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 stars.

- Completely free to use.

2. Unlimited Bundles and Discounts:

- Allows you to bundle products together with discounts to boost sales.

- Offers more functionality than basic coupon generation.

- Increases the conversion rate of your Shopify store by setting up product bundles with different types of discounts.

- Motivates customers to buy multiple items at once and offers discounts to do so.

- Increases the average order value for your store's profitability.

- Requires zero coding to install and ready bundles do not mess with your theme installation.

- Offers advanced metrics, such as purchase reports, add to cart reports, bundle reports, order reports, and discount reports.

- Fully optimized for mobile.

- Pricing ranges from a free plan, which is limited to one bundle, to an advanced plan of $29.99 per month, based on your Shopify plan.

- Has an overall rating of 4.8 stars with over 1,100 five-star reviews.

3. Sale and Discount Manager by Heart Coding:

- Perfect for product discounts and scheduled sales.

- Allows for fast updating of up to 100 products per minute.

- Allows you to select discounts and apply them store-wide for collections or single products.

- Allows you to schedule your sales.

- Offers easy filtering and scheduling sales.

- Provides a nice overview of the discount manager.

- Allows you to customize your own tag on how it will appear on the product image.

- Offers flat pricing at $9.99 per month with a seven-day free trial.

- Offers scheduled sales, product discounts, no theme changes, advanced product filtering, and the ability to customize your own sale tag.

- Has an overall rating of 4.8 stars with 295 five-star reviews.

These are the top discount Shopify apps that can help add more functionality to your store and incentivize customers to make purchases. Each app offers unique features, pricing, and UI that can help you improve your store's sales and profitability. So, choose the one that best suits your store's needs and start seeing the results.

DISCOS | Smart BOGO Buy X Get Y - Shopify App - Buy X Get X Campaign Creation

In this video, the presenter guides the audience on how to create a new type of campaign called My X Get X. This campaign offers customers a discount on their next purchase when they buy a specific product.

Steps to create a My X Get X campaign:

1. Go to the campaign tab and click on Create Campaigns.

2. Choose My X Get X as the campaign type.

3. Type in the campaign name and customize the pop-up heading and description.

4. Select the product to which the promotion will apply.

5. Choose the offer type - percentage, new price, or amount.

6. Customize the offer to make it free.

7. Enable the batch if desired.

Creating a My X Get X campaign is a simple and effective way to offer discounts to customers. By following the steps outlined in the video, anyone can set up this type of campaign and increase their sales.

DISCOS | Smart BOGO Buy X Get Y - Shopify App - Campaign Buy X Get Y Creation

In this article, we will explore how to manage and create campaigns on Google. We will go through the different sections and configurations needed to create a successful campaign.

Campaign Tab:

- This is where we manage and create our campaigns

- The campaign column displays the name and status of the campaign

- The type column shows the campaign types

- The display column shows where the pop-up will appear

- The action column allows for editing or deleting campaigns

- To create a new campaign, click the create new campaign button and choose mobile

Creating a URL Campaign:

- Set up the campaign info by typing in the name and changing the pop-up heading and description

- In the campaign configuration tab, set the status to active and choose where the pop-up will appear

- Set up the trigger and offer quantity, percentage discount, and batch customization

- Hit save and check the summary of the campaign

Adding a Tier:

- To offer a free product, add a new tier with a trigger quantity of 2 and a contrast quantity of 1

- Set the price of the free product to zero in the tier summary

Creating a successful campaign on Google involves setting up the campaign info, configuration, and batch customization. Adding tiers can also increase the effectiveness of the campaign. Remember to check the summary before hitting save.

BOGO - Discount on cheapest item | Shopify App

In this article, we will discuss how to create a bogo offer on the cheapest item, which means buy one get one, and the discount will be applied to the cheapest item.

Steps to Create a BOGO Offer:

1. Create a Smart Deal:

- Click on New Deal and select Bogo Discount Pairs.

- Buy any pair of two identical products, and one of them will be discounted by 50% or 100%.

- You can also consider a pair of different products, and the identical pairs will be prioritized.

- Mix and match will group one being the most expensive and two being the cheapest.

2. Apply Discount for Multiple Quantities:

- You can also apply the discount for multiple quantities of the same product.

3. Set Card Requirement:

- You can set a card requirement, meaning if this product or this collection is present in the cart, or if the cart amount or quantity is bigger than two.

4. Create a Promotion Rule:

- You need to create a rule that will trigger the application of this smart deal.

- Click on Automatic and create a new promotion.

- Click on Use a Smart Deal and select the deal you want to use.

- Choose the triggering conditions based on the number of items, customer tag, collections, and products.

5. Test and Activate:

- Name the promotion, test it, and activate it.

- The promotion will apply the smart deal based on the triggering conditions and check the additional restrictions inside the smart deal.

Creating a BOGO offer on the cheapest item can help increase sales and attract customers. By following these steps, you can create a smart deal and apply a discount to the cheapest item in the cart. Remember to test and activate the promotion to see the results in your store.

Tutorial: Creating Shopify Flash Sale Campaign with 'BOGO, Free Gift and Flash Sale' App

In this article, we will guide you on how to use the Wiz Commerce app to create a Flash sale campaign with BOGO free gift and Flash sale.


1. Log in to the Wiz Commerce app dashboard and click on the New Campaign button.

2. Select the Flash sale campaign from the first row and click on the Create a new campaign button.

3. Set up the campaign name in the promotion configuration section and select the products you want to apply for a flash discount.

4. Choose the discount format and enter a discount value for the selected products.

5. Schedule the campaign by setting start and end dates and times.

6. Enable the countdown timer to be shown on your store and click on Save to launch your campaign.

7. Check the progress and status of your campaign in the campaigns list.

8. Once the campaign ends, all the prices of products in the campaign will be reverted to the old price.

9. If you want to uninstall the app while having a flash sale campaign, you need to deactivate the campaign first.

10. You can remove the end date and time to launch a normal discount without an end date and time.

Creating a Flash sale campaign with BOGO free gift and Flash sale is easy with the Wiz Commerce app. Follow the above steps and enjoy growing sales with Wiz Commerce.

How to Create Shopify Bogo Discounts

In this Shopify tutorial, we will go over how to create BOGO discounts, both manual and automatic. Here's what we'll cover:

- Explanation of the tutorial topic

How to Create Manual BOGO Discounts:

- Accessing the discounts section in Shopify

- Creating a discount code that customers can enter

- Choosing the buy X get Y option

- Selecting a specific product for the discount

- Setting the discount as a percentage or free

- Setting limits on usage and eligibility

- Setting active dates

How to Create Automatic BOGO Discounts:

- Accessing the discounts section in Shopify

- Creating an automatic discount

- Choosing the buy X get Y option

- Selecting a specific product for the discount

- Setting the discount as free

- Setting limits on usage and eligibility

- Setting active dates

Important Notes:

- Limitations on automatic discounts

- Reminder to include specific products in the cart for discounts to apply

- Recap of tutorial content

- Call to action to leave comments or request further tutorials

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