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Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How To Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping Jewelry (In 2022)

hey guys, mike bastille here, and in this video we're toking about how to make money on shopify drop shipping jewelry and, more importantly, how beginners can earn 100 to 700 per day more with that. after the intro: hey guys, how's it going? mike vasile here. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online? sign up for it in the link below. so a couple years back, i was really excited to start like a drop shipping company, but only centered around jewelry. it was really interesting. it was like with my sister and i just thought, oh my god, we can make a bunch of money. you know, i saw this website right here, pura vida bracelets- that essentially sells these bracelets right here for like 12 or 30 dollars. and the craziest thing is, you could literally find the exact same bracelets on aliexpress for as little as like one penny. so it's like, oh my god, this is a huge opportunity. and not only that, but just recently, this exact same company just sold for 130 million dollars, right, so think about this, right, there's huge opportunity in the fact that. okay, here is, you know, like a simple bracelet, and here's the actual product that you could get for like literally dirt cheap. now how can you actually reverse engineer to go ahead and try it? so that's literally what i did. uh, we did a bunch of things in the beginning, but one of the things that i want to share with you is, if you did not think that jewelry was a lucrative business, or you never thought in a million years that you were going to sell jewelry online or dropship, i want to encourage you to just watch this entire video, because you will see exactly just how powerful it will be with very, very little risk to you. now, the first step you need to understand is you need to understand that drop shipping is just a form of market research. so, for example, when i first saw this exact company right here, i did the hard way. okay, you could decide if you want to do the easy way or the hard way. i chose the hard way. i literally went to um aliexpress, a company in china that actually gets a bunch of suppliers and products that are over there and ships it over you. do you actually go ahead and sell in the us? i literally bought a bunch of different variations, you know, like so many different variations and i just like like several thousand dollars worth, and i literally shipped it to my place and for the next couple of days- me, my sister and her friends- who were all like like late high school, like early college years- we were all just like taking pictures just trying to sell these bracelets. the problem with that is not a lot of these bracelets were actually what people wanted, right? and not only that, but we also wasted a bunch of money on products that we did not know was actually going to sell. so what i wish i did in the past would actually just go ahead and create a shopify store. shopify store is easy because i mean, if you think about, this exact website that is literally valued at 130 million dollars, according to forbes- is also built on shopify right. within literally five minutes, you could go ahead and create a custom website and just put all your ecommerce products, instead of me literally getting hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of inventory and jewelry from china. i wish i would have just got like you know the top, you know five or ten right, and instead i would have just taken pictures of that and just put it on my website and then i would decide to see if it would sell or not. if a product would sell, i would then go ahead to china, take the customer's money and then order it from them and then i would ship them to the customer directly. but if you really think about it, after a couple of weeks and a couple of months you'll start to realize that there's certain variations and certain different designs that actually do well more than others. at that point, that is when i would actually go ahead and decide to buy more of that in bulk and then create like custom packaging. like if i just type in jewelry packaging, i can even just order a bunch of these like cool artsy jewelry bags and send them over, and that way, when people actually go ahead and receive it, it's only going to be like an extra, like two cents or like 30 cents or whatnot, but it's gonna give customers a better- you know- feeling when they're actually going ahead and buying it. so the first step is actually drop shipping to find out which one of these are going to be your best sellers, because if you do not, you are going to spend a lot of time and a lot of money literally wasting it away, not knowing exactly what to do. the second thing i would actually do is, once you get those samples, literally take professional pictures. right, you can even use your iphone. iphones are like super amazing nowadays. the thing about aliexpress- if you literally just dropped it from aliexpress, which is like a bunch of chinese suppliers, this is what everyone else is looking and they kind of look, you know, very cheesy. right like what we did is we literally took some of the products and we had my sister and her friends wear. we created like lifestyle pictures. we created like a strong brand around it. well, you guys got to understand, when you're dropshipping, for you to succeed, especially this year, more so than any year ever, you need to create a strong brand around your product and that's why you know, just like literally taking a couple of cents, shipping it to you and taking pictures that are really high quality, you know, with like models or your cousin or your daughter or your sister or whatever, like i use my sister and her friends because i was a cheapskate, right, and i literally just paid them chipotle. that would add so much to your branding. now the third step that you need to understand what to do is you get to figure out how to actually go ahead and partner with influencers. so, if you see this, the reason why you know purevita ended up becoming so valuable is because they weren't just like running facebook ads, like what most dropshippers actually go ahead and do. they built a strong community around influencers that were going ahead and promoting their you know, bracelets like. if you look at this right here, you'll literally see them get like tik-tok influencers and instagramers and travel influencers. like all these people they literally use like models and instagram influencers and whatnot and people with audiences to go ahead and promote these products for them and they create like a brand around it where they can literally get a bunch of press for free, like the fact that you know pure pura vita has that strong brand. literally, influencers will shout them out for free just because it looks like artsy and beautiful. and that's one thing that you also gotta understand with like jewelry is: you know women love sharing jewelry. they love showing it off, they love sharing it on social media. that is free marketing. if you could leverage on that opportunity, it is huge. now the third step on exactly how to do that is: shopify will give you promo codes for that. you could go ahead and create and you could give out to certain influencers so that if someone purchases through that promo code, you could find out exactly which influencers are bringing in the most money. when that is the case, you can literally make a deal with the influence and be like: hey, i will literally give you 50 of all the profits for all the sales that you generate through your special promo code. now, this is actually huge, because a lot of influencers don't actually know how to make money. like, for example- i use this example over and over again- i just type in cat tips. right, see, i'm like selling cat jewelry. right, what i would actually go ahead and do if i was selling cats jewelry is i would literally create promo codes in my shopify account. then i would go over to all these people that have a bunch of views and very little subscribers like: look at this, 2.8 million views.

Flipping Furniture and Starting A Home Decor Business using Shopify Dropshipping 2022

if you want to get started drop shipping using us-based suppliers and manufacturers, you're in the right place. guys, we don't use china, never have, never will. okay now, two of the biggest niches we always get asked about is furniture and home decor, and you can see this is our main website. we have furniture, we also have home decor, but we have bath and faucets, we have lighting, we have storage and we also have kitchen. but what i want to show you is each of these can be broken down. that's what we do now on our main site. we have, like i said, we have different niches, uh, different categories, i should say. but on our other websites, what we do is we'll take, we'll do a whole website of sofas and loveseats because they're of you. i can get 10 suppliers and have thousands and thousands of products to sell on a website, so we'll do a whole website of just sofas and lobsters and come over here just to bath. we literally have websites with all toilets and accessories and when people see the domain, you'll see whatever toiletscom. so when they come down, you know that's what they're searching for. they're going to find a website dedicated exactly to that. tubs: we have websites dedicated to that. okay, lighting. you coming in lighting chandeliers. we have whole websites dedicated to chandeliers. okay, um, you come in the kitchen. we have whole websites dedicated to anything that you can that you would need in the kitchen, from sinks to faucets and whole websites full of just home decor. but, like i said, this is a main website that we have. but then when we niche down, that's where the real money is. when you niche all the way down and you and people know when they get there exactly what it is that you do. now you can see on here we have home office. we have lighting sale going on- um, president's day- 70 off. we have a spring sale- 60 off. we have a clearance over here going on. uh, let's see, we scroll down another breakdown in the website so you can navigate through it halfway through. we have that. you can shop by the rom, shop by the style. we have everything broken down. we also have a flash sale. this is a real flash sale. when this thing has zero, these products will no longer be on sale. this isn't one of those fake marketing tactiks. okay, you can see, save 310 dollars. uh, big money. all right, now we come over here. now, like i said, you can actually all right, these are the sofas that we have and what i want you to realize, you can actually do a whole website of just these products. okay, now we're working with 30 margins on average, some or more. we have suppliers that go up to 40, some 45, some 50.. okay, some are lower, some are 20, some are 25, but we'll take an average of 30.. okay, now you can see- i already did this, but i'll do it again- 1819, we'll see, just take an average of 30 percent. we're looking at 545. that's how much we'll make just for this one sale. now we also have products that are more than 18, 19, 1 819. we have some, we have one um, here's one here. this one is on clearance: 23.79. so you do the math. we, if the other one was five, whatever, for eight, four thousand, eight hundred, this one's definitely gonna be more. okay, now you can come over beautiful product page. you can see up here nice description. okay, we have um nice pricing and we have a firm that is to get people to want to spend their money. okay, they um- i forget how farm works, but i think by now pay later, something like that. but, um, the customer, they know, they know what they have to do. i put it on there just so they can have the option. okay, now we have bathroom sinks. you can do a whole website of just this stuff. okay, these are nice, beautiful, different price points. let's take this: 419- okay, and it's on sale. okay, 419, uh. let's see 4, 19 times the 0.30. okay, 125, a sale. okay, beautiful, nice products. it's beautiful and, guys, that's that's why i like working with us manufacturers- is high quality products, okay and you can see, look nice. and on this one, on this product page, you can see these product pages are beautiful, beautiful photos. um, save twenty dollars. another coupon, guys, when you get into this website, you wanna, you wanna pull it out that credit card, you know. you wanna have everything that entikes the firm. you wanna give them discounts, you wanna run sales. you want them to stay once they hit the website. you want them staying, you don't want them leaving. okay. now here's home decor. you can do a whole website of home decor, whole website. i have suppliers that have tons and tons of products. okay, different products, different, uh, price ranges on these. okay, let's go this one's 79, okay, 79, let's go with that. 79, uh, 79 times okay, 23 dollars each sale. now, there's some people that only sell a high tiket and they will not. some people now, high tiket for some people is 200 to a thousand. i know some people that high tiket, they won't sell anything less than 800, nothing less. all right. so some people, high tiket is 200 to 200, above, mostly 200 to a thousand. some people will, will, they won't do anything less than 800, you know. so i, i like to do different prices myself personally. um, let's see. and then beautiful product page. that's what i just the product i just showed you. nice product page. okay, here's lighting. okay, you can do a whole website of lighting. there is websites of just lighting. i think there's one lampscom or something like that is nothing but lights. okay, you get. that's why i say you can break each section down. beautiful product page. okay, now i want to show you this. now, these are people that i was just i was showing you flipping furniture. okay, now, look at these people. look at all the work they're doing. there's a guy. look at this guy, look how exhausted he is. you know, look at all of this work these people are doing, because you know what they're doing. they have to either get a new home or a truck. they're going on craigslist they're going to find used products and then they have to clean it because the person might smoke, they might have pets, they might just be a nasty person. so then they have to sit there, they have to clean all of this stuff. then, after they clean all of this stuff, then they have to, uh, sand it and paint it and, oh my god, to sell one product they might spend two hundred dollars, fifty, they may spend fifty dollars to get it, make three hundred dollars. look at all that work. and you can come over here and get brand new stuff directly from the manufacturer and never even have to touch it. you don't have to clean it. it's brand new. not to do all of that stuff and it's in this and the pricing is better and you're making higher margins and you don't have to touch it. you don't have to go to somebody's house, you don't have to drop it off, you don't deliver, you don't have to see these people. all you do is have your manufacturer deliver it directly to your customer. now, that was the flipping furniture. okay, it's too much work. then they go to facebook. they have to sell it. then, after they sell it off, they get it on craigslist, they put it on facebook. then, after they go to facebook, what do they have to do when the person buys it? either they have to uh, deliver it to the person and have the person come get it. now, if they have the person to come get it, huh is the chance the person won't show up. i've seen a lot of people on these videos. they get stood up waiting for somebody. they're standing out of storage with a sofa and that, with this, with this sofa in it, waiting for the guy, never shows up. uh, sometimes they have to deliver this stuff. what, what? the method that i showed you is gonna go directly to the customer. i don't know why these people don't do that. i don't know why they don't just set up a website and drop ship a lot of the stuff and do this on the side and go out and get this and people would buy from them because they trust them, you know, and they would make a lot of money because their whole website- i mean their whole channel- is about furniture. so just set up a website with the furniture directly from the manufacturer and do this on the side. maybe they have to pay, they wouldn't even have to spend mon.

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Best Dropshipping Suppliers 2022 | Best Review (2022)

best drop shipping suppliers right now. hey guys, welcome back to the youtube channel. in this video, i'm going to be showing you the best drop shipping suppliers that are currently available, so let's get into it now. everyone knows about drop shipping by now. everyone knows this is a great business model where you don't even have to hold inventory to begin your own business and you can get started right away with these kinds of supplies and with these kinds of outsourcing methods. now, what are the most essential parts of a drop shipping business? of course it's going to be your product, and where do you get your product from? from a supplier. now, where do you find the best suppliers for your products? well, in this video, i'm going to give you guys a run-through of some of the most popular and best drop shipping suppliers available, and starting off at number one- this is in no partikular order, but you probably have heard of alibaba. now i'm going to take alibaba to the last and we're going to discuss alibaba at the end, because i want to show you guys these other platforms that i find to be super helpful, especially if you're looking to generate your business in the eu or us, then these shipment methods or these suppliers are a better of the option for you guys. but we will go on to alibaba later on in this video and i'll tell you guys the pros and cons of using alibaba for your suppliers. now to get started, our first platform is s pocket, or spock it as you might call it. it is a amazing platform with multiple different integrations available from shopify, wix, woocommerce, big commerce, alibaba, kmo, square, equine, squarespace, aliexpress. so whatever platform you are using to build your actual online store, you can easily integrate s pocket into it. and if we go on to our s pocket account, though i already have signed up. you can sign up with your facebook or your gmail account and this is going to be your dashboard, so from here you can see your us slash eu products. then you also have all the express section, so you can install this and browse aliexpress products on s pocket as well. so that is a really helpful integration that they have created. and on s pocket you can find anything. so let's say, we want to go into women's clothing. you can see, if i just click on women's clothing, i have so many different fields that i can pick from. so let's say, i want to take a look at dresses, so i'm just going to click on dresses over here and then you have different filters that you can also apply, so you have ships from. so there are two shipping shipping locations that you can select- either the eu or usa. so, depending on the kind of business that you're running- so maybe you want to focus most of your consumers to be in the eu or maybe you want them to be in the us- depending on that, you can select the appropriate shipping place. so let's say, i want to establish my business in the us, so i will just select the us, and what this enables you to do is that you get a very, very, very short shipping time, so your products will be instantaneously shipped. it won't take very long for the product to reach the customer. the customers will feel a lot more satisfied when they don't have to wait for like five weeks for their product. they usually get their product within one week or two weeks, under one week usually in most circumstances, but in some occasions you know it might be delayed. but they have a very wide variety of products and the prices are decent. but i do find that now, as pocket recently has upped their prices quite a bit of products that i usually would see for around 20 and 30 dollars are now going somewhere around 40- 45 dollars, so i have been aware of that as well. you can definitely still find amazing products on s pocket. i'm not saying you can't, but you need to keep a eye out for certain over hyped product on this pocket. but most products are still pretty good and you can see on your left over here you have your import list so you can start importing your product onto your ecommerce store. it's a very simple integration. you won't have to wait to integrate it in a different manner or download photos and then upload. it's just a very simple process of just simple integration directly onto your website. so it's very easy and very intuitive to manage your entire drop shipping business with s pocket. now going on number two, we have modulus, so modeless is another very, very popular drop shipping supplier and the pricing on mod list is also very good and it's a simple setup process. all you have to do is click on start for free over here and then you can sign up via your email address. so we're just going to click on over here and let's say you want to be a retailer and now you can just sign up with your first name, last name and all that information over here. so we're just going to do that and i'm going to show you guys how simple it is to actually start your business like this. and then you can see over here they ask you if you have your ecommerce store created. so i'm just going to go with other and i'm just going to click on wix and now you can see i am ready to become a retailer on model list. modelist also has a very intuitive platform. you can see on your left you have different categories. you have your my product list, so you have the product that you want to import. your syncing list, your archive products and pricing rules, so they have certain pricing rules placed as well. so you have like a decent profit margin that you can make with model list and you can see there are so many different products available over here. and for the purpose of keeping everything very similar, let's search for dresses over here at model list as well. now, once i search for addresses, you can see i have suppliers so i can take a look at the specific suppliers i want, and then i can also take a look at the shipping, so maybe i want it to be shipped from the united states or canada, so i can select the country as well. and if you want a smaller shipping time or a lower shipping time, then you definitely should select the country that it is being shipped to. so if your brand or product, you know, or if your store basically focuses on the us, then you're just going to select us to make sure that your products are very, very quickly delivered to the customers. and you can see you have brushes over here and you will easily be able to notike the price difference between s pocket now and modulus. uh, the prices on model list are quite lower than s pocket, but obviously this depends on the kind of product that you look for. it depends on the quality of the product and all of that other stuff as well. so i'm not saying that these are, you know, any of these are bad options. they're all good options, but you need to be wary of what you are doing by yourself as well. now you can see there are quite a few different options and the prices are ranging anywhere from under like five to six dollars to anywhere under fifty dollars and, depending on the kind of dresses, there are, like, different shipping rates as well, there are different retail prices that they're going to estimate as well. so you can see this is like a set, a mother daughter sleeper reset or something. the price for you is going to be around four to seven dollars, but it is going easily for fourteen dollars at a retail and this gives you a good estimate of the profit margins that you have with each product. now, moving on to our next drop shipping supplier is snailcoo. so cellu is also very popular and this lineup is very simple. although salehoo, just like s pocket, i feel like it is getting a bit expensive, so i have stopped using salehoo and i find the pricing on salehoo to be a bit too much. so you can see, if you take a look at the sale who directory, the annual access is 67, so you're going to be paying 67 every year and then you get a lot of access to market research labs month by month sales trends. but if you don't sign up for all of this, then you don't get a very good or pleasurable experience on sale for now, and this just tota.

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5 Best Home and Garden Niche Hot Products for Dropshipping | Sell This Now 2022

[Music]. hello everyone, this is mawson and in this video i am going to tell you what are the top five home and garden niche hot products for shopify drop shipping which are hot right now. so let us start. number five: cracked glass repair kit. our cracked glass repair kit can help you by injecting nano level resin repair fluid to restore the original hardness of the windshield. fast repair speed. small cracks and debris can be easily repaired to prevent the broken area from expanding. professional quality and lasting effect: invisible repair. number four: natural rod knight and king jasper apple watch band. this apple watch strap is handmade with the gorgeous jasper gemstone. jaspers can bring in confidence and self-esteem and make you release negative energies that are built up. jasper allows us to face and deal with irrational fears and allows us to access inner peace, happiness and a sense of completeness. number three: plastik strawberry straw water bottle. sip those refreshing drinks in style with this adorable strawberry cup. these plastik cups are perfect for all of your cold summer beverages and include a lid, a straw and a charm. if you choose, lay by the pool or hang around the house and stay as cute as can be while you stay hydrated. this summer holds 500 milliliters cold beverages. only hand wash, not dishwasher safe. number two: lead keychain flashlight. when you need lighting and find that there is no flashlight around, when you are walking in the dark without a light or you are looking for something that has fallen under the bed, you need our mini lead flashlight keychain. portable and easy to use, our mini led flashlight keychain is a perfect flashlight to have while night walking, hiking, fishing, camping or emergency use. number one: powerful decontamination foam cleaner. it removes stuck on dirt, dust, fingerprints and any unwanted stain, while leaving a non-greasy, matte finish. it also contains superior uv protection that prevents fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful uv rays. that last for three months. bonus flower and feather canvas. flower-faced woman canvas is an abstract painting of a female figure inspired by the enigmatik beauty of nature and feminine energy. this artwork represents the strengths and beauty that can be found in women. this canvas print is created using a high quality ink that is durable and water resistant, so it will hold up to wear and tear. thank you for watching and subscribe to mawson for more such videos.

Top 10 Jewelry Niche Products To Sell | AutoDS Dropshipping

selling jewelry is not just for retail stores. as a matter of fact, many dropshippers are making a whole lot of profit dropshipping jewelry products today, so if you've always wanted to tap into this niche, that's exactly what this video is for. i'm going to go over the top 10 jewelry products to sell on your drop shipping stores and, of course, we're going to tok about how to sell them also, so that your customers won't be confused by what the material is, what is real and what is fake. quick intro and let's go what's up. everybody hope you're all having a wonderful day today. my name is iran. from autods, i'm the content manager and i've also been drop shipping for the last several years, and in this video, i'm going to share with you guys the top 10 jewelry products to sell on your drop shipping stores. that are coming from autods's massive database and also from my personal experience. so one second before that: if you are new to our channel, this is the part where you need to subscribe to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that we have coming out in the drop shipping world. having said that, let's begin with the product list. now remember, when we're toking about jewelry. your customers want to know exactly what materials they are getting. so if you're drop shipping on ebay, shopify, facebook or any other platform, make sure that you have your item specifications so that your customers will know what the material is and there won't be any confusion on what's real and what's not when it comes to the diamonds, and whether it's real gold or gold plated, silver plated and so forth. and when i'll start sharing with you these product ideas right now, make sure to add at least 15 to 20 product from each product line that i'm giving you guys. that way, you'll be able to test, analyze the market and really find your next winner. so let's begin with the product list. what are the top 10 jewelry products to sell on our drop shipping stores? we've got so many endless niches when it comes to the jewelry niche, for example, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and so much more. so let's see how we're going to break this down and find the best winners from that list. so, coming up on number one on the list of the top 10 jewelry products, we've got the tree of life necklace. now, of course, necklaces are going to be on our jewelry products list, but we can't just tell you guys to go and import necklaces to your stores, because you won't know which necklaces are selling, because there are simply millions and millions of them. so we broke it down and we found this nice winner: the tree of life necklace. let's have a look at some of the suppliers that we can find this product from- and i want to remind you guys that autodia supports over 25 suppliers today, so you really have a reach to millions and millions of products. and here is the results for the tree of life necklace on one of the suppliers that we can work with. and, as you can see here, all of these necklaces have the symbol of the tree with a circle around it, that is, the tree of life, and this is a very hot product to sell right now. so one of the best necklaces that we can sell today are the tree of life and, as you can see here, most of them have only one variation inside the listing, which is fine. we'll just add them one by one, and i remind you guys again to add 15 to 20 tree of life necklaces. that way you'll spot your winners and then you'll find more products that resemble that necklace that just sold for you, maybe more variations, different colors and you will notike that the cells will start to multiply themselves. the more you research your products, the more you analyze and the more you add for testing. so i want to add all of them to my store, but i don't want to spend so much time doing it one by one. what i'm going to do is head over to google, write down auto ds helper and the first result will take you to our auto ds helper extension. all you need to do is install the extension, head back to the supplier page where you conducted a search, as you can see here, and there is an auto ds circle on the bottom right. so i want to grab all of these items. so, while i'm on this page, i'm going to click on the extension. then i'm going to click on extract and, as you see, all of the product ids from the product on this page have been extracted into this little extension. so we've got 76 products that i'm about to import to my store in just these few clicks. what i'm going to do next is click on export as csv and, as you can see, a csv file was downloaded onto my computer. i don't need to open it. simply head over to the autods platform. click on add products. then you've got the upload csv column over here and here. i'm going to click on it. navigate to that file that just downloaded. we can even drag and drop it. so i'm going to double click on that csv file processing csv 321 file is uploaded. the next part is very simple and very self-explanatory: choose your supplier source. so i got these products from amazon, from the us. now i have a choice to add all of these products as a draft, all of those 70-something products. the final option that we have is to hover over this arrow over here and here. you have the option, if you would like, to add all of those products in that csv file as drafts. that way you can continue optimizing these products before publishing them to your stores. or you can simply create and publish them, which means it will skip the draft section, and simply publish all of those products inside that csv file to your drop shipping store. or you can schedule it for a later date and time, which means all of those products inside that csv file, no matter how much you have, you can schedule to import them at any date and time of your choosing. that will leave you enough time to optimize the products until then and simply import it to your store whenever you want. so that way, your target audience will be able to see it only after you published it to your stores and you can edit the upload settings, which means you can simply do the optimization before adding them as a draft, publishing them to your stores or scheduling them for a later date and time. so go with whichever option suits you best. in this case, i'm just going to add them as a draft and that is all in just a few seconds. as you can see here, the csv file already began the import process and it will be in my drafts page very, very soon. now let's go back to the product list. after you learned how you can add as many products as you want in just a few clicks, and this is a really neat feature. now let's move on to product number two, and on product number two, we've got bridal jewelry sets. this is a great bundle packed item for anyone who's engaged about to get married. this is a great way to buy a few jewelry products at once in the same bundle pack. now, mainly, they will come with necklaces, earrings and bracelets- a combination of two or three. okay, and here we go. so we've got bridal jewelry sets. now, as you can see, some can come with necklaces and earrings, some can even have bracelets, and then there's just going to be a whole mix of all of these bundle packs together. so all you need to do is search for bridal jewelry sets. as you've seen, i've simply copied it from the blog, pasted it over here and i'm going to leave a link to the blog right below this video. but do stay tuned because i'm going to offer much more value in this video than there is on that blog artikle. as you can see, once again, bridal jewelry sets- great product, and they come with a cheap price tag because, you need to remember, these are not real diamonds. you can drop ship real diamonds, but that is a little bit more difficult because you will need to show certifications for customers who will want to see them. otherwise most will simply not buy them. but there are jewelry products that are expensive, still not real, not real gold, but gold plated, yellow or silver plated and so forth- and some can simply really be in high quality and then you can sell them for a highe.

Alibaba Dropshipping in 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

and this is revealing: a step-by-step tutorial for alibaba drop shipping: what it is and how. complete beginners, earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience- more at that. after the intro: hey guys, how's it going? my name's like facial. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's literally the fastest and the easiest way to make money online, sign up for it in the link below. we have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. so sign up for the link below. so here's the thing. when i was looking at ways to make money online, i understood one thing and then that i'm not the smartest person in the world and i'm not tik savvy, and i also did not have the time or the money to actually get started. so i needed to choose a business model that would be like the least riskiest approach, and drop shipping was one of those ways that i went ahead and tested and actually is one of the ways that completely changed my life, because you can see that with one business in the e-commerce space, we went from zero to sixth grand in the first month and then went from zero to 1.6 million in the first year, and we document all of this literally on my blog, my website, if you want to go and get the detailed notes in the links below- and it completely changed my life. right when people get started, they're like: but what did you do, mike, and how do i even get started? how can i go with no experience whatsoever to get my first hundred dollars a day to two hundred dollars to seven hundred dollars a day so i can do things like, for example, travel around the world? um, not have to work for a boss that undervalues me and instead just do things that i love doing with people that i care about. and this is exactly what i would tell them. and that's step number one. before you understand what alibaba drop shipping is, which is like a new opportunity, you need to first understand what drop shipping is, and it's very simple because you know back in the day, to start a business, you would have to do it kind of like the opposite of drop shipping. you would have to have a product idea- awesome. then you would have to go ahead and find that product idea awesome. then you have to take your own money or borrow a huge amount of money from the bank or your family and you would spend thousands of dollars on these products and then you would have all these products and then you're like whoa, i can't sell any of these and you lost a bunch of money. that's literally the plotline of pursuit of happiness with will smith. like, have you ever seen that movie? like, what happened is, here's this one guy, will smith. in the movie he literally buys all these like medical trans, like microscope devices. right, he bought so many. he was like gonna get rich, but he couldn't sell it and because of that he lost a bunch of money. so all drop shipping is doing the opposite. you literally sell the product and only buy it after you've made a sale. i literally did this a lot when even i was a broke college student. i remember i was like selling things like, for example, this thing right here- you see this like backyard thing right here. look at this, 48 have been sold, right, the craziest thing about this: 48 have been sold at 614. but you could get the exact same product at walmart for 499. so this is just one use case of drop shipping, literally like copy and pasting this image on walmart, posting it onto ebay and wait for a sale. you didn't buy this thing on walmart yet. you just wait for sale. when you make a sale- look at this 614- go directly in your bank account. you then take the customer's shipping information and you buy it from the supplier at a lower cost, for 499. so, even though it's like a lot like- oh, i don't have 499 dollars, you're not spending your own money. you're only buying this after you've made us already made a sale and the money has been influxed into your bank account. does that make sense? and even just that alone? that's like what? 50 profit margins. he's making more than that on the back end because he's combining it with, like cashback sites and whatnot. but that alone, i mean 50 for 48 units old for just one product. that's the beauty of drop shipping, right in beauty bodies you could get started for like virtually very little risk and very little money in time. does that make sense? now you're probably wondering: well, what is alibaba drop shipping? well, all alibaba drop shipping is is just using sites like, for example, alibaba and aliexpress to be those suppliers. so like, for example, instead of using walmart, you use, for example, aliexpress and alibaba, and instead of using ebay, you use your own store, like, for example, on shopify, because you get to go ahead and get the email addresses which you could sell them more. so, right, and that's why we literally pivoted from the ebay method to the shopify method, because this was hosted on shopify and we were able to just do more sales with it that way, right? with that being said, you need to understand well what the heck is alibaba, what the hell is aliexpress. so alibaba is literally the biggest like e-commerce platform in china alone, and it's more for b2b, like business to business. so when i would sell, like, for example, grill mats and dog leashes and send them to amazon to go ahead and make money with that, i would literally go to alibaba and, for example, type in grill mats and i would literally strike a deal with these people from china to go ahead and make these grill mats for me. that i would literally buy like a hundred pieces- which is the minimum order quantity, as you can see- for like 18 to 20 cents and i would flip it over to amazon, for example, for, uh, like 20 bucks, right, so i'll get like a pretty healthy profit margin. but you're probably wondering: well, mike, that's the old way, isn't it? you're buying it first and then selling it. well, that includes why you know when you first get started. you can even use aliexpress, which is part of alibaba, but this is more like for b2c consumers, but they still give drop shipping prices. like: i can literally go and drop ship like grill mats directly from aliexpress. it might be a little bit more expensive, right, but you're still only dealing with like three dollars, 27 cents, 54 cents, so it's really not that big of a difference. many of which are probably the same supplier, even from alibaba. right, this is just for business to business. this is for business to consumers. but a lot of drop shippers that run facebook ads use aliexpress and that's the only difference. the next question people ask is: like: well, are these websites safe? well, there's multiple ways to make sure that you pick the safe ones, because, yeah, people do lose money because the supplier has garbage products or you know, the supplier is um. like. like you know, people take advantage of new platforms, especially if it's cross-country international relationships. that's why you want to make sure that you want to get vetted suppliers. so, for example, if you drop some directly from alibaba, you want to make sure that they have trade insurance, verified supplier, um as well as like one hour or less response time. if you just click on all of that alone, you're pretty much good to go right and then you can go ahead and communicate with them directly and you can find out how good they are communicating with aliexpress. it's really just um letting other people to figure out the best products for you and the best supplies for you and just you leverage them. like if i wanted to go and do grill mats, all i could do is just sort everything by orders, and i mean this one right here: 9 000 have already been sold, right, and? and the fact that 9 000 were already sold, that means that people know if this is a good supplier or not. so we can even see the reviews of the supplier. i mean, you can see how good this is. there's 30, there's 3 000 reviews, and the coolest thing about these reviews is they leave pictures of the product so you could see what actually people are getting when you're doing the drop.