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Book Dropshipping: A Hassle-Free Way to Sell

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Are you interested in drop shipping and making 10 million dollars? In this series, we will teach you how to go from zero to 100k with drop shipping. But before we dive into the technical aspects of setting up your Shopify store and running Facebook ads, we need to focus on the fundamentals of real marketing skills. In this article, we will discuss how to set the baseline of your knowledge and recommend some books to help you improve your skills.


To achieve success in drop shipping, you need to develop your marketing skills and set a strong baseline for your knowledge. Without this foundation, you may struggle to make sense of the information you learn on YouTube or other platforms. So, what can you do to improve your fundamentals? Here are some tips:

- Read books on marketing, business, and copywriting to expand your knowledge and skills.

- Work on your ability to make proper decisions and think critically.

- Join a community of like-minded individuals to receive feedback and support.

Book Recommendations:

Here are some book recommendations to get you started on improving your marketing skills:

- The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert

- Over Deliver by Brian Kurtz

- Direct Response Marketing by Dan Kennedy

- The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

- The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

- Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

- On Advertising by David Ogilvy

- Business Made Simple by Donald Miller

- Principles by Ray Dalio

By focusing on your fundamentals and improving your marketing skills, you can set yourself up for success in drop shipping. Reading books and joining a community of like-minded individuals can help you expand your knowledge and receive feedback to improve your decision-making abilities. Stay tuned for the next article in this series, where we will dive into the technical aspects of setting up your Shopify store and running Facebook ads. Don't forget to comment, like, and share this article if you found it helpful!

5 Books That Made me a Millionaire

In this video, the speaker discusses how reading books can transform a person's mindset and overall growth. They believe that taking the time to sit down and read a physical book can build discipline and provide valuable nuggets of knowledge. The speaker then goes on to discuss five books that have played a major role in shaping their thinking.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad - This book provides a foundation for financial literacy and focuses on wealth-building concepts such as making your money work for you and understanding assets versus liabilities.

2. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion - This book explores the psychology behind influence and persuasion, providing valuable insight for those interested in marketing, sales, or business in general.

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People - This book focuses on putting the focus on the other person when interacting with them, becoming a better communicator, and avoiding arguments. It can help in personal relationships as well as in business.

4. The Millionaire Next Door - This book provides insight into how real millionaires live and how they became wealthy. It emphasizes the importance of frugality and living below your means.

5. The Third Door - This book explores the concept of creatively persevering through obstacles to achieve your goals, which is a common theme in successful company and individual autobiographies.

In addition to these books, the speaker also mentions books on Christianity and autobiographies of successful individuals and companies. The overall message is that reading books can provide valuable knowledge and growth opportunities, and taking the time to do so can build discipline and lead to success.


When starting out in ecommerce, it can be difficult to find valuable information that is also affordable. This article aims to provide a list of resources for learning ecommerce skills for less than $100.

Direct Response Marketing:

- The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert (free)

- No BS Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy ($6.97)

- Ben Settle Podcast (free)

- Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy ($9.98)

- Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins ($4.29)


- Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman ($12.79)

- The Copywriter's Handbook by Bob Bly ($13.51)

- This Book Will Teach You How to Write Better by Neville Medhora ($5)

- The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy ($9.95)

Paid Traffic and Facebook Ads:

- Facebook Blueprint (free)

- Ads Alchemist Blog (free)

- Study successful Facebook Ads and funnels of businesses in your niche (free)

Mindset and General Resources:

- Andrew Tate video (free)

- Efficiency by Wall Street Playboy ($9.99)

- Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely ($5.19)

- How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams ($6.97)

These resources provide a wide range of information and skills for those looking to learn ecommerce on a budget. With less than $100, individuals can gain knowledge on direct response marketing, copywriting, paid traffic and Facebook Ads, as well as mindset and general resources.

The UGLY Truth About Dropshipping That No Guru Will Tell You

In this video, the author answers the most commonly asked questions about dropshipping, including the ones that most people won't give you a straight answer on. The author provides a complete view of what it takes to run a profitable dropship store.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an ecommerce business model where an online store does not carry inventory for the products it sells. When an order is made, the online store purchases the products from a wholesale supplier who then ships the order directly to the end customer.

Is dropshipping legal and legit?

It is 100% legal as long as you use legitimate dropship suppliers. Dropshipping is legit and safe.

Does it require a seller's permit and a business license?

In the US, you absolutely need a seller's permit in order to legally sell online. If your locality requires a business license, then you must get a business license as well. Your dropshipping business is a real business and must be registered as such.

How profitable is dropshipping?

The margins for dropshipping are much less than other ecommerce business models, with typical margins between 10 and 30 percent compared to 50 to 66 percent for private label and traditional wholesale. The best products for dropshipping are higher ticket items that yield more revenue per sale.

Is dropshipping worth it?

Despite the low margins, dropshipping can be a great way to get started selling online for less than three bucks. It is worth it for product research, and you can easily test a bunch of products to see what sells, then private label or carry inventory for your best selling products and keep more of the profit.

How do dropshipping payments work?

When you sign up with a dropshipping supplier, you'll be asked for a form of payment, typically a credit card or direct transfer. Payment terms are the best way to pay a dropship supplier, as some suppliers will offer you payment terms which mean you don't have to pay for your products until 30 or 60 days later.

Where do you find dropshipping suppliers?

There are four main ways to find suppliers, including using a search engine, a directory like Worldwide Brands, attending wholesale trade shows, or using a print on demand company. You can also use a dropship company as a middleman who automatically connects you to a dropship supplier.

When should you use dropshipping?

Dropshipping is best used to collect data for potential products to private label or to buy wholesale. Because dropshipping allows you to instantly sell hundreds of products online without any upfront costs, you can easily test a bunch of products, find out what sells, and then private label your winners.

What are the best dropshipping companies?

Most dropship companies are middlemen who help online store owners quickly list products from ecommerce marketplaces like AliExpress, Taobao, and 1688. The author provides a list of his favorite dropshipping companies.

Who pays for shipping when dropshipping?

Every dropship supplier charges their own shipping rates, so you can either eat the shipping cost yourself or pass the shipping costs along to your customer. Shipping costs can vary greatly depending on the supplier.

How do returns work with dropshipping?

You are responsible for processing returns and providing customer service for defective merchandise, even though drop shippers take care of product fulfillment. You must ask your supplier for a return authorization number and then have the customer send the product back to your supplier with the RMA number clearly marked.

Can you use multiple dropship suppliers?

You can use as many dropship suppliers as you want as long as your orders are routed correctly and as long as you set the proper expectations with your customers. You must pay the cost of shipping for each package shipped.

Why is dropshipping good?

Dropshipping is a risk-free way to sell products online, and you don't have to handle inventory, shipping, or fulfillment. There's little or no upfront investment, and you can literally start a dropshipping store for free with platforms like Shopify. Dropshipping is also an excellent business model for dipping your toes in the ecommerce waters without a large budget.

Why is dropshipping bad?

The margins are low, at 10 to 30 percent, and customer service, product quality, and delivery are entirely at the mercy of your dropship supplier. There's little or no brand recognition with a dropship store, and you will face pricing pressure from other competing retailers offering the exact same goods.

What big stores use dropshipping?

Almost every large retailer leverages dropshipping to a certain extent,

5 Books That Made Me A Dropshipping Millionaire

In this video, the speaker shares five books that helped make them a drop shipping millionaire. The books are:

1. Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz - This book explores how one's self-image affects behavior and provides strategies, such as visualization, for improving self-image.

2. 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall - This book offers advice on how to optimize time and resources to make more money while working less.

3. Often Drunk, Never In Doubt by Donny Deutsch - This book emphasizes the importance of confidence and having a clear vision for oneself.

4. The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump - This classic book offers insights into how Trump structured his deals and approaches business.

5. Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson - This book explores how to combine information products, physical products, and personality to build a successful e-commerce business.

The speaker offers to cover two more secret books if viewers comment seven below the video. They also offer a link for viewers to book a free strategy session to help scale their e-commerce business and Facebook ads. The video ends with a call to subscribe to the channel and leave thoughts in the comments.

How to Sell Books on Your Website: Shopify Lulu Xpress Setup

Are you interested in selling print books on your website? Well, you can do that through the Shopify Lulu Express app! You can fulfill print-on-demand orders through your website - pretty cool, right?

If you want to learn how to do it, stay tuned! Full disclosure: this video is exclusively sponsored by Lulu. If you would like to order any print-on-demand books directly through Lulu, you can visit my affiliate link at dalinx.com/Lulu and use DALE20 to take 20% off your print-on-demand order.

Stick around to the very end because we're going to show a full overhead tutorial of how to integrate Shopify and Lulu Express on your website so that way you can start selling print-on-demand books right away!

Why Sell Through Your Own Website?

There's the traditional way of doing things, which is self-publishing through avenues like Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, or even through Lulu's website.

Versus something that's called dropshipping. Now, you might be somewhat familiar with dropshipping - a lot of sites have been doing it these days. And by way of an app called Shopify, you can fulfill any kind of orders for people through your website, and you get to keep all the profit sans any amount that costs to run your shop through Shopify.

The big issue you're going to run into is that right there, typically Shopify runs about $29 per month for you to have it. But I'm going to show you a simple way of using their lite version.

Shopify Lite is actually only nine dollars per month, and if you have your own website, you can utilize that option and then you can host whatever it is that Shopify has. So that way, you can start using their whole checkout model.

How to Set Up Shopify Lulu Express:

1. Go to Shopify.com/Light and get a free 14-day trial into your email, a password, and a store name. Then click Create Your Store.

2. In the next step, tell a little bit about yourself. Select all the appropriate answers in the drop-downs, then click Next.

3. Now add an address so you get paid, then click Enter My Store.

4. Once you're in your account, select Apps in the left side panel, then click the Visit the Shopify App Store button in the top right.

5. Choose your Shopify account, then search for Lulu Express. Remember, it's Lulu Express - select the Lulu Express app, then click the Add App button.

6. Click the Install App button, then select Products in the left side panel.

7. Click the Add Product button and enter your book title at the top. Then enter your book description and format it.

8. Scroll down and enter the price of your book. In the next box, enter the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

9. Scroll down and enter the quantity of books you want available.

10. Scroll down and enter the weight.

11. Scroll down and fill in the customs info. You'll want to select United States since orders are fulfilled through Lulu Express in the United States. Then enter the HS code - it's 49011010 for print books.

12. Scroll back to the top and select More Actions, then click Connect with Lulu Express. It'll show you the connected product, and now you can choose the product type.

13. For this example, I'm doing a paperback book. Scroll down and insert your PDF interior.

14. Now choose the interior color. I selected black and white standard.

15. Choose the paper type. You have 60-pound cream or white paper and the other choice is 80-pound white coated, which is a thicker, more premium paper.

16. Now select the type of binding you want. I chose perfect pound.

17. Now choose cover finish, whether glossy or matte finish. I like matte finish.

18. Once you're set, Lulu Express will tell you how much the print cost is.

19. Scroll down and upload your book cover.

20. Again, you'll have to refer to Lulu Express's FAQ for formatting. Once it's set up loading, you get a preview of the print book.

21. If you're happy, click Save in the bottom right.

22. Now you get to see your product overview and how much your profit per sale.

23. Let's go back over to the products in the left side panel and select our product. We're going to add the front cover and any 3D images we have of the book for our product page.

24. Scroll back to the top, select More Actions, then click Embed on a Website.

25. Select the layout style for your website between classic, basic, and full view.

26. Click the Copy Code button in the bottom right. Go to your website and add a new page or post.

27. Title your page, then click the text box. Make sure you're set on text so you can use the Shopify HTML code you copied earlier.

28. Press the CTRL key and the letter V at the same time. This pastes it. Hit Preview to see how it'll look.

29. You can test out the Add to Cart feature, but it won't complete the checkout process until we sign up fully for Shopify.

30. Go ahead and hit Publish on the page. Right-click on the permalink, then select Copy Link Address.

31. Let's shorten this link and make it easy for people to find. I'm going to use the free Pretty Links plugin to create a short link. I'll make it selfpublishingwithdale.com/keywords/book1.

32. Let's go back to Shopify and make it official. They won't release our product until we sign on with them.

33. Click Select a Plan and choose Shopify Lite for nine dollars per month.

34. Feel free to choose other plans if you want to save a little money.

35. Now let's test it out - order a proof! Go to your product page, click Add to Cart, then Checkout.

36. Use your preferred payment method, then choose standard or expedited shipping. This cost will fluctuate based on where your customer lives.

37. Congratulations! You officially have set up print-on-demand books through your website.

The nice thing is you can sell it at a lower price point but still profit even better, so I kind of love that. Congratulations again! Now that we've gone through all that, I'm actually talking to Chelsea Bennett from Lulu University here on YouTube. When we talk a little bit about the whole Shopify thing when it originally came out about two years ago, I'll see in this next video or take a look at this other video. YouTube says you should probably look at that one if you've already seen this.

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

- Despite successful dropshipping case studies, some people still believe dropshipping is dead or not worth the effort.

- These assumptions are based on misunderstandings and can be overcome with the right knowledge and approach.

Assumption 1: It's Too Late and People Will Only Buy from Amazon

- Amazon is growing, but there is still room for successful dropshipping stores.

- Target the 44% of people who impulsively buy products online and create an emotional connection to your products.

- Successful dropshipping stores sell unique and interesting products that trigger emotions and impulse buys.

Assumption 2: Dropshipping is a Scam

- Dropshipping is a legitimate way to fulfill products and has been used by large retail stores for years.

- As an entrepreneur, you are not obligated to offer the lowest price, and pricing is subjective.

- A successful dropshipping store creates a marketing campaign that convinces customers that the higher price is worth it.

Assumption 3: Dropshipping is Saturated

- Product niches can be saturated, but not the fulfillment method of dropshipping.

- Successful dropshipping stores sell unsaturated products that trigger emotions and impulse buys.

- Large retail stores like Forever 21 failed not because of their fulfillment method, but because their niche was too competitive and saturated.

Assumption 4: Donald Trump's War with China Has Killed Dropshipping

- E-packet is still available and now Aliexpress has introduced a new shipping option, Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

- Aliexpress suppliers are also opening up their own fulfillment centers in the United States.

- There will always be alternatives to e-packet and dropshipping is not dead.

Assumption 5: Most People Who Dropship Will Fail

- 99% of people who dropship fail, but the main reason is because they do not invest the time and money needed to overcome the learning curve of marketing and sales.

- Success in dropshipping requires real-world experience gained from marketing and running ads.

- Those who succeed ask themselves if they are willing to invest the time and money needed to be successful.

- Dropshipping is not dead and can be successful with the right knowledge and approach.

- Target impulse buyers with unique and interesting products that trigger emotions.

- Overcome the learning curve of marketing and sales to succeed in dropshipping.

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