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Boost Credibility with Social Proof Ads

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Hi everyone, I'm Michael Yuasa, the founder of Antarctic, a digital agency based in New York City. Today, I'm going to teach you how to create Facebook ads that will maintain their social proof, such as comments, likes, and shares, even after you edit and test new messaging within your ads.

Challenges with Facebook Ads:

- One of the major challenges with running Facebook ads is that if you put up a new ad set and they start to gather social proof, any subsequent changes will delete all the social proof that had been gathered.

Examples of Successful Ads:

- Crown Hat NYC: we've had this ad running for over a year, with 231 comments and 107 shares. We've continued to update this creative moving forward.

- God's Love We Deliver: this non-profit client has 74 comments and 256 shares, and we've continued to make edits to the ad to gather donations.

How to Set up Ads to Preserve Social Proof:

1. Create a folder in your Ads Manager called Do Not Turn On to house your ads that you will edit.

2. Create an ad set and a new ad with your desired creative.

3. Once you submit the ad and it's approved, go to the Facebook post with comments and copy the post ID from the address bar.

4. Create a new ad campaign, using the post ID in the campaign name.

5. When creating the ad, select Use Existing Post and enter the post ID. This will bring in the ad from the creative folder that's not turned on.

6. Publish the ad and any subsequent changes can be made in the Do Not Turn On folder, which will preserve the social proof.

Creating Facebook ads can be challenging, but with the right setup, you can maintain social proof even after making changes. By creating a separate folder for editing and using existing posts, you can ensure your ads continue to gather comments, likes, and shares.

How to Add Social Proof to your Facebook Ad

How to Share a Link Directly from Your Facebook Ad to Your Friends and Family

Launching ads on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to increase your audience reach and promote your business. However, getting more engagement and social proof on your ads can be challenging. In this article, we will discuss a technique that can help you get more likes, comments, and shares on your Facebook ad by sharing the link directly with your friends and family.


- Encourage people who already like your organic content to add comments onto your ad.

- Add comments and likes onto the ads to create more validity, trust, and social proof.

- Share the link to your ad with people through text message, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other communication platform.

Steps to Share a Link Directly from Your Facebook Ad to Your Friends and Family:

1. Go to your ad account and make sure your ad is out of draft and either in review, learning, or active.

2. Preview your ad and click on the arrow and Share a link.

3. Toggle it to the right to allow sharing and copy the link.

4. Share the link through text message, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other communication platform.

5. Encourage people to like, comment, and share your ad to increase engagement and social proof.

Sharing your Facebook ad link with your friends and family is a simple yet effective technique to get more engagement and social proof on your ad. By encouraging people to like, comment, and share your ad, you can increase the validity, trust, and social proof of your ad and reach a wider audience. Give this technique a try and see how it works for you!

11 Ways to Use Social Proof in Your Marketing

When consumers research a new product or service, they often rely on what other people have to say. They want proof that the product or service does what the brand claims it can do. Making promises to prospects is no longer enough. Consumers need proof - social proof. In this video, we'll share what social proof is and 11 powerful ways to use social proof in your marketing.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people mimic the action and behavior of others when faced with uncertainty. When consumers begin researching a new product or service, they're looking for social proof. As a marketer, you can help prospects easily find the proof they're searching for. We call this proof-based marketing, a modern marketing strategy for building trust with prospects to increase leads and sales.

11 Powerful Ways to Leverage Social Proof:

1. Customer Reviews: Customer reviews can build trust in your brand and increase your online reputation. Over 93% of consumers take online reviews into account before making a purchase. Encouraging your customers to write reviews is highly beneficial.

2. Data and Numbers: Share essential data from your product and services, such as the number of customers you've helped or how long you've been in business.

3. Awards: Sharing your awards may encourage visitors and leads to go with your brand over another.

4. Real-Time Sales Notifications: Create a real-time shopping experience online with sales pop notifications.

5. Testimonials: People trust what other people have to say about your product or service. Include testimonials in your marketing to show real people who had a positive experience.

6. Customers Logos: Boost trust in your business by leveraging your customers who have well-known brands.

7. Case Studies: Show data-driven results from your satisfied customers.

8. User-Generated Content (UGC): UGC is a powerful form of social proof that is created by your customers and shared online.

9. Endorsements: Inquire with social media influencers in your niche to see if they'd be interested in trying your product.

10. Highlight Popular Choices: Provide information on your ecommerce site to assist with these decisions by highlighting popular options and including a fit guide.

11. Press Features: Include press features on your marketing as social proof.

Using social proof in your marketing can increase sales, build trust, and grow your brand. There are many ways to leverage social proof, such as customer reviews, data and numbers, awards, real-time sales notifications, testimonials, customer logos, case studies, UGC, endorsements, highlighting popular choices, and press features. If you're interested in building a library of proof to leverage in your proof-based marketing strategy, check out our free webinar. Thank you for tuning in!

Social Proof - What and Why it’s so Valuable | Marketing 360

Social proof is the process of consumers checking out a business on social media before making a purchase or filling out a form on the website. Social proofing involves verifying the credibility, popularity, and professionalism of a business.

The Four P's:

1. Professionalism: Establish a professional social profile with a well-designed avatar, banner image, and fully-populated content. Post high-quality content regularly and highlight specific achievements of the business.

2. Popularity: Look popular by acquiring followers and receiving engagement on content. People are more likely to trust and choose a business that appears to be popular.

3. Proactive: Engage with the community proactively by responding to comments and initiating conversations. Also, follow others in the community, like their content, and leave comments to build a two-way street of engagement.

4. Promote: Invest money in promoting content to increase visibility and engage with the community outside of social media by promoting local charities and events.

Improving social proof on social media can help businesses attract and retain customers by appearing credible, popular, professional, and proactive. Building a strong social presence and engaging with the community can increase visibility and attract more followers and engagement on content.

Why You Should Add Social Proof to Your Social Media Advertisements

- The use of social proof in Facebook ads

- Examples of social proof in ads

- The effectiveness of social proof in advertising


1. The impact of social cues on advertising

- Experiment on WeChat to determine the boost from social cues

- Results of the experiment

- The effectiveness of social proof in generating lift in click through rates

2. Application of knowledge in advertising

- Differentiating budgets for products and services that display positive lift

- Inserting social proof into messaging on social media

- The importance of social structure in message dissemination

Bullet Points:

- Adding a single like to an ad increases click through rate by 33.75%

- Social proof or endorsement boosts relevance and effectiveness of advertising

- Studied 71 products over 25 categories with 37 million people in the experiment

- Brands can use social proof to generate lift in click through rates

- Differentiating budgets for products and services based on positive lift

- Importance of social structure in message dissemination on social media

How To Build Social Proof For Your Facebook Ad (Simple Strategies)

In this video, the speaker discusses how to get social proof on Facebook ads. He explains the importance of organic engagement in building trust and credibility with potential customers.

Tips for getting social proof on Facebook ads:

1. Test page posts as quickly as possible to find what works and stick to those.

2. Run an engagement ad to get more engagement and build social proof.

3. Use giveaways to get more engagement and exposure.

Why social proof is important:

Social proof makes ads look more legitimate and trustworthy to potential customers. When people see a lot of engagement, they are more likely to engage themselves, which leads to more conversions.

Building social proof on Facebook is essential for converting potential customers. Using organic engagement and giveaways are great ways to build social proof and make ads look more legitimate. Remember to test page posts quickly and stick to what works.

Tutorial: How to Reuse Facebook Ads With Social Proof - TribeTalk EP 78

One of the most powerful assets that Facebook advertisers have is an ad that gets a lot of engagement, including shares, likes, and comments. This creates social proof and builds trust with the target audience. However, when advertisers try to reuse those ads, they often lose all of that social proof. In this article, we will explore how to use the same high-performing ad against new audiences without losing all that social proof.

How to Reuse High-Performing Ads on Facebook:

Step 1: Create a Dark Post

To use this tactic, you need to create a dark post. A dark post is a post that is not public or published on your page. This allows you to split test against different audiences.

Step 2: Find the Permalink of the High-Performing Ad

Click on the ad and then click edit. Click the little icon with the arrow in a box and then scroll down to Facebook post with comments. Select the entire URL and find the post ID. Copy the post ID.

Step 3: Create a New Ad

Create a new ad just like you would for your normal Facebook ads. Choose whatever objective makes the most sense and click continue. Choose a new audience just like you would for a normal Facebook ad campaign.

Step 4: Use Existing Post

Go down to the ad section and click the option to use an existing post. Enter the post ID and submit. The ad appears with the same engagement and social proof.

By following these steps, you can reuse high-performing ads on Facebook without losing all that social proof. This allows you to carry that social proof with you wherever you go and whatever new audiences you want to test out. So, create a dark post, find the permalink of the high-performing ad, create a new ad, and use an existing post. Happy advertising!

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