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Boost Engagement with FB Video Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Facebook video ads are highly effective, but creating a great ad is crucial for success. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know to create a great Facebook video ad that also works on Instagram.

Equipment Needed:

- Smartphone with camera

- Tripod

- Lavalier mic

Video Format:

- Square or vertical format

- 60 seconds or less

The Structure of the Ad:

1. The Hook: Grab the attention of your ideal future customer by using contrarian takes, leaning into fears, or evoking curiosity.

2. Connect with their Pain or Struggle: Show that you understand their pain or struggle.

3. Your Solution: Explain your solution and the benefit it provides.

4. Your Call to Action: Tell them what to do next to get the thing.

Editing Tricks:

1. Add a timer bar and subtitles for retention.

2. Cut out anything unnecessary or repetitive.

3. Use different zooms and sound effects to increase retention.

Creating a great Facebook video ad is all about understanding your audience's pain points and providing a solution that resonates with them. Use these tips to create a video ad that engages your audience and gets them to take action.

How to Create Successful Facebook Video Ads: A 3-Step Formula

Are you struggling to make Facebook video ads work? In this article, we will explore techniques that only cost one dollar a day. We will also learn from one of the world's leading experts in the field.

Main points:

- Facebook is about maximizing the power of relationships through a three-step funnel: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

- To build trust, share your knowledge, gratitude, and uplift other people. Humanizing your brand is key because people buy from other people.

- Use the why how what formula in little snippets that are 15 seconds to one minute to engage your audience.

- The 60-second why video is a powerful tool that anyone can use to get their message across.

- Boost your video content for one dollar a day for seven days to test if it resonates with your audience. If it works, gradually increase your ad spend.

- To get a home run, aim to stop people from scrolling and get them to engage with your content. A strong signal to the algorithm will lower your ad prices.

- After building engagement, create a remarketing pool and invite your audience to buy your product or service. Let the algorithm do the work for you.

By using the techniques outlined in this article, you can create compelling Facebook video ads that engage your audience and build trust. Remember to focus on humanizing your brand, sharing your knowledge, and gradually increasing your ad spend. With persistence and experimentation, you can find your home run and achieve success on Facebook.

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

Are you struggling with Facebook ads? Do you feel like you're wasting your money and not seeing any results? Well, fear not because in this article, we're going to share with you eight powerful hacks, secret strategies, and protips that will get your Facebook ad performance to look like a pro in 2023. We've reached out to some of the smartest Facebook ad experts to hear directly from them what's in their 2023 Facebook ads Playbook. So, let's steal from the best and duplicate their big-time results.

Pro Tips:

1. Lead ads - Lead ads are a great way to cut your lead costs and get high-quality leads. Facebook's new and improved lead form ads are incredibly effective, highly targeted, and easy to set up. Plus, it keeps people on the platform, which makes Facebook happy and gives us cheaper impressions.

2. Build your email list - Building an email list is crucial for service-based businesses. It's the most cost-effective way to get repeated exposure to your customers, establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and fill your open spots faster.

3. Reels ads - Instagram is all in on video, and reels ads generate 67% more engagement than any other type of Instagram video. It's a perfect fit to use with the lead form objective and a great way to get your ad out to more people for less money than any other type of ad.

4. Surround sound retargeting - Surround sound retargeting is a fantastic way to build up those repeated touchpoints with your customers. It's all about creating different ads that hit on something different, such as a testimonial, pain point, benefit, or social proof. It may not produce great results right away, but it

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022 - How To Make Facebook Ads With Your Phone

In this episode, Davie, the founder of The Oodie, teaches viewers how to shoot the perfect ad for their product. He emphasizes the importance of emotionally engaging the customer while explaining the product's solution to their problem. Davie recommends researching competitors and using free trial programs like AdSpy to figure out what works well. He highlights the four key elements of a Facebook ad: the hook, the solution, social proof, and the call to action. Davie advises viewers to plan out their day and make a key shot list before shooting their product. He emphasizes the importance of making the first three seconds of the ad poppy and engaging. Davie shows viewers how to shoot ads cheaply using an iPhone and how to edit them using apps like Splice, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. Finally, he showcases five types of ads: text-based, cinematic, authoritative, UGC, and slideshow.

How to Create Facebook Video Ads People Will Watch

How to Create a Facebook Video Ad That Sells like Crazy and Doesn't Look like a Commercial

- People hate ads on Facebook

- Learn how to make a Facebook video ad that sells and feels native

Ways to Create Native Content:

- Interviews and text on screen videos

Writing Scripts:

- Five-step system: headline, shareable info, more shareable info, details, clear call to action

- Keep it tight, only three lines per text slide and four or five words per line

Creating the Perfect Headline:

- Seed system: specificity, empathy, emotion, deliver

- Specificity creates click expectation

- Empathy creates emotional identification

- Deliver ensures promises are fulfilled

- Use the seed system for endless story ideas

- Watch videos for more in-depth information on scripting and headline writing

NEW Facebook Video Ads Feature!

Meta has released new video ad features on Facebook, and this article delves into these features and the data they provide.

The article discusses the new Facebook video ad features released by Meta and the insights they provide.

New Features:

1. Video Engagement: This feature shows new data points like two-second continuous video plays and cost per three-second video plays. It is a useful metric to gauge engagement and compare three-second video plays to total video plays.

2. Breakdown: The new breakdown feature offers valuable insights by allowing users to see how many viewers watched the video on autoplay versus those who clicked to play. The data shows that click-to-play viewers tend to watch longer.

3. Video Sound: This feature displays how many people watched the video with the sound on versus off. Viewers who watched with the sound on were more likely to consume more of the video.

What The Data Means:

The data suggests that video ads are not the only effective ad format. Advertisers should consider testing video ads against other formats to determine which produces the best results. If video ads are the preferred format, it is essential to get the message across quickly and incorporate captions into the ad.

The article offers tips to improve video ad performance and invites readers to check out a Facebook advertising agency for assistance. Additionally, it links to another video discussing successful Facebook ad creative.

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Facebook Advertising Strategy: Why Traditional Lead Generation Is Failing You and How to Fix It

- Facebook advertising strategy is not working as well as it used to

- The old strategies and tactics are no longer effective

- Facebook lead ads, once a terrible choice for businesses, are now amazing

Audience Quality:

- Focus on acquiring quality leads

- Combination of relevance, motivation, and capability

- Conversion mechanism is needed to turn leads into customers

- High Level software is the number one software for this

Optimizing Facebook Ads:

- Advantage campaign budget (ACB) is the new version of CBO

- Advantage placements (default option) is good, but manual selection can lead to better quality leads for less cost

- Optimize text person swaps around ad copy for personalization

- Test different lengths of copy (short, medium, long)

- Test different visuals (images, videos, gifs, carousels)

- Set ad set budget, not ACB, to control budget allocation

Market Message Match:

- Nail your market message match to make ads more effective

- Link to a video for step-by-step instructions on how to do this

- Traditional lead generation is one of the least effective marketing strategies

- Selling to a hungry crowd is key

- Test audience, copy, and visuals to find the winning combination

- Nailing market message match is crucial for success

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