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boost mobile black friday ads 2018

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

HUGE Metro By T Mobile Black Friday Deals 2018

Metro By T Mobile is offering some amazing Black Friday deals this year. Customers can save big on promotional unlimited LTE plans and instant rebates on various devices.

Promotional Unlimited LTE Plans:

- Customers can save up to $30 per line when activating four lines on the unlimited LTE promo plan for only $30 a line.

- Four lines for $120 and five lines for $150 are also available.

- Customers get unlimited LTE, Amazon Prime, and Google One.

Switcher Instant Rebate Offers:

- Instant rebate of $200 on LG q 7 plus and Samsung Galaxy a six.

- Instant rebate of $100 on all Apple phones and tons of Android phones.

- Excludes LG q 7 and Samsung Galaxy a six.

Buy One Get One Free Android Offer:

- Most precious and enter it phone with everyday low price 99 to 299.

- Upgrade qualify as a buy one or go in the store as a new customer to qualify as buy one.

- Buy one phone and get another for free, but must be activated on a new line of service and requires a 50 or 60 LTE plan. Limit two per account.

Port One Get One Android Offer:

- Port and get the same discount on a second Android phone with price in between $99 to $299.

- Eligible phones for get one must be Android phones with an EDLP of $99 to $299.

- Instant rebate of $200 on LG q 7 plus and Samsung Galaxy a six.

- $600 rebates on all other Android phones priced $99 to $299.

- Get one phone must be activated on a new line of service and requires a new 50 or 60 unlimited LTE rate plan. Limit two per account.

Device Price Drops:

- Effective from November 15th.

- LG settle for $149 from $179.

- Samsung Galaxy j7 star from $179 to $149.

- Alcatel 7 from $129.99 to $99.

These Black Friday deals from Metro By T Mobile are worth checking out for those looking to save on their phone plans and devices. Make sure to take advantage of these offers before they end.

Metro Pcs Black Friday Deals 2016

In this video, the presenter gives viewers an idea of the prices and deals available on Black Friday at MetroPCS. He addresses the fact that he doesn't usually cover deals and prices, but has received many comments asking about MetroPCS Black Friday 2016 deals. The deals are available from November 19th to December 4th.

Deals and Offers:

- MetroPCS is offering two free phones if you switch or port in your number from a different carrier.

- Samsung Galaxy on five and LG k7 are the best options for the free phones.

- MetroPCS offers 30 for eight gigabytes if you add a line. However, the phone must be active on the 50 or 60 plan.

- Existing customers can add a line and get one free phone per account. This offer is only applicable for those with the 50 or 60 on the plan.

- Customers can get 60 off on the LG G styler 2 plus and ZTE zmax.

- The ZTE zmax is only 39 dollars after the discount.

The presenter encourages viewers to visit their nearest store and find out more information about the deals available. He thanks viewers for watching and requests them to smash the thumbs up if they found the video helpful. He also requests them to subscribe for more videos.

Cricket Wireless Holiday Black Friday Specials & Deals Discussion 2018 LIVE W LADY RED

In this article, we will be discussing Cricket Wireless, its best-selling phones, port-ins from different carriers, and the experience of a Cricket Wireless representative, Miss Lady Red.

Best-selling Phones:

According to Miss Lady Red, the two best-selling phones at Cricket Wireless are the Moto E5 Cruise and the LG Fortune 2. These two phones are popular among customers due to their affordability and simplicity.


Miss Lady Red also mentioned that Cricket Wireless receives port-ins from different carriers, including Straight Talk, Verizon, and AT&T. However, she mentioned that a local carrier called Mobile Nation has been causing a lot of problems for customers due to its limited 3G service and few towers.


Miss Lady Red mentioned that she started doing how-to videos and tutorials on her channel to help customers who had trouble with their phones. She also talked about her experience with different phones, including the Moto E5 Supra, ZTE Blade X, and Samsung Galaxy Prime. She highly recommended the Moto E5 Supra due to its long battery life and great video quality.

Cricket Wireless offers affordable and simple phones that are popular among customers. They receive port-ins from different carriers and have a representative like Miss Lady Red who is dedicated to helping customers with their phones. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable phone, Cricket Wireless might be a great option for you.

Metro By T-mobile Black Friday Specials, Buy one Get One and Free upgrade For 2018

In this YouTube video, Stik discusses the upcoming Black Friday deals from Metro by T-Mobile. He starts by explaining the current plans offered by Metro, which include two unlimited plans priced at $50 and $60. He also mentions that the Black Friday deals are only available for those who sign up for unlimited plans.

The first promotion Stik talks about is the rebate offer for those who switch their numbers to Metro. Customers can get up to $200 off on select phones, including the LG Q7 and Samsung Galaxy A6. Regular Android phones are eligible for a $100 rebate, while Apple phones are eligible for a $150 rebate.

The second promotion is the buy one get one free deal for Android phones priced between $99 and $299. Customers can add a new line or upgrade an existing one and get the second phone for free. The phones must be of equal or lesser value, and the offer is not valid for Apple phones.

Stik also provides updates on the prices of some phones, including the LG Stylo 4, Samsung Galaxy J7 Star, and Moto E5 Plus.

In conclusion, Metro by T-Mobile is offering some great Black Friday deals for those looking to switch or upgrade their phones. Customers can save up to $200 on select phones and get a free Android phone when they purchase one. The deals are only available for those who sign up for unlimited plans.

Affiliate Marketing Holiday Sales Site Tutorial For Black Friday Ads And Cyber Monday Promotions

Do you want to learn how to make money this holiday season with affiliate marketing on big sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, you're in luck because I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. In this article, we'll be discussing how to build a simple Black Friday ad that drives inexpensive traffic to your site, and how to entice your audience to click on your affiliate links.

- With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, it's important to know how to make money through affiliate marketing.

- In this article, we'll be discussing how to build a simple Black Friday ad that drives inexpensive traffic to your site.

- We'll also be discussing how to entice your audience to click on your affiliate links.

Key Points:

1. The importance of getting inexpensive traffic to your site

- Advertising on bulk websites like Yahoo and MSN can provide cheap clicks.

- Enticing ads that deliver on their promise can pique curiosity and lead to clicks.

2. Building a simple Black Friday ad

- Turning off a coming soon page to make your site live.

- Choosing a simple theme that directs the audience's attention to your affiliate links.

- Using clipart to customize your theme and make it more appealing.

3. Enticing your audience to click on your affiliate links

- Creating ads that draw attention to your deals and promotions.

- Using compelling copy and call-to-action buttons to encourage clicks.

- Offering exclusive deals or discounts to your audience to entice them to make a purchase.

- Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge opportunities for affiliate marketers to make money.

- By building a simple Black Friday ad and enticing your audience with attractive deals and promotions, you can drive traffic to your site and increase your affiliate earnings.

- Remember to keep your ads simple and focused on your affiliate links, and to offer exclusive deals or discounts to your audience.


Good morning, it's Laurie from Passionate Penny Pincher. The Black Friday ads have started to leak and there are some incredible deals. However, it's important to know how to get the deals and how to know what a good deal is. Many people struggle with knowing when a price is truly a good deal. To help with this, we have created the ultimate Black Friday cheat sheet with a list of all the best deals. We are updating it as more deals come out so you don't end up paying too much for something on sale elsewhere.

Hot Deals:

- Nintendo Switch bundle at Target for $299, but at Kohl's for $239

- Air fryers: Kohl's has a 5.2L air fryer for $52.99, which is better than Target's deal

- Cordless vacuum: Dyson V8 Absolute for $169.99 at Target

- Echo Dot third generation for $24 at Kohl's and Target

- Apple watch Series 3 at Target for $199.99

- iPad Mini for $49.99 at Target with a free $150 Target gift card

- Beats headphones for $179.99 at Kohl's and Target

- Canon DSLR camera for $269.99 at Kohl's and $399 at Target

Make sure to click the link in the video to get your free Black Friday cheat sheet with all the best deals. We will keep updating it as more deals come out. Don't waste time going through all the ads, use our cheat sheet to know what a good deal is. Also, don't forget to hit the share button for a chance to win one of two $10 Amazon gift cards. Thank you for watching and happy shopping!

17 Top Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Shopify Sales

Welcome to today's discussion on how to boost your sales in your Shopify store during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are some important facts and statistics to consider:

- Black Friday brought in 6.2 billion dollars of online sales last year, which is a 23.6% growth from the previous year.

- 40% of all holiday sales were made during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

- Consumers aged between 35 and 44 spent an average of 413 dollars each over that weekend.

- Over 165 million people shopped during that weekend last year.

Given these figures, it's crucial to take action as soon as possible to maximize your sales potential during this period. Here are 17 ideas to help you achieve this:

1. Start your promotions early to be part of the pre-Black Friday preparation.

2. Begin a huge email signup promotion to build your list quickly.

3. Create a gift guide to showcase your products.

4. Offer free shipping to entice customers.

5. Create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers.

6. Use social media to reach out to potential customers.

7. Offer exclusive discounts to your email subscribers.

8. Partner with other businesses for cross-promotions.

9. Personalize your emails to make them more engaging.

10. Use countdown timers on your website to create a sense of urgency.

11. Use retargeting ads to reach customers who abandoned their carts.

12. Create bundles or packages to encourage customers to buy more.

13. Create a sense of scarcity with limited stock availability.

14. Use influencer marketing to promote your products.

15. Offer loyalty rewards to incentivize repeat customers.

16. Use customer reviews and testimonials to build trust.

17. Follow up with customers after their purchase to encourage repeat business.

In conclusion, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important opportunities to boost your sales. By implementing some or all of these ideas, you can make the most of this period and increase your revenue. So, start taking action now and see the results for yourself!

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