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Boost Revenue by Injecting Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this study, Kurt Thomas from Berkeley and other institutions explore the threat of web injection, specifically in regards to ad injection. Ad injection is the practice of tampering with a user's web browsing experience in order to monetize them without their consent. The prevalence of ad injection is high, with approximately 5% of all clients visiting Google having an ad injector installed on their machine. The study also identifies the players involved in the ad injection ecosystem, including the top ad injection scripts and affiliate programs. These affiliate programs distribute the ad injection software through bundling, social engineering, and even malware distribution. The study found that 17% of the binaries identified as doing injection were also flagged for some other form of malicious behavior. Advertisers and ad networks are also negatively impacted by ad injection, with major brands such as eBay and Walmart affected. The study concludes by recommending actions to combat ad injection, such as pulling extensions from the Chrome Web Store and reaching out to advertisers and ad networks to disincentivize the practice altogether.

How does dynamic ad insertion works in Youtube, Facebook, Netflix?

Hello everyone, welcome to Reach Goals. Today, I will be discussing a system design for inserting dynamic ads into YouTube or Netflix videos. In this article, I will be exploring the scope of the system design, various methods of bidding for ads, server-side ad injection, and the distribution of ads to the client network.

Scope of the System Design:

Dynamic ad insertion is a technology that allows us to insert advertisements within video streams while distributing them to clients. There are two types of ad bidding methods, header bidding, and the waterfall model.

Header bidding or parallel finding is a process where a JavaScript code in the player passes header information to multiple ad networks. The winning bid is then sent back to the publisher's server. The publisher's ad server connects back to the advertiser server, and the ad is finally served to the client.

The waterfall model is another bidding method where publishers provide spaces for ads, and the bidding starts from one network to the other. If the bidding wins in the first network, it starts displaying the ad from that network. If it cannot find a network, it points to the default network, where some advertisements are available.

Distribution of Video or Audio:

There are six steps involved in distributing video or audio from the source to the audience. These include capture, compression, packaging, conversion, distribution to the CDN network, and finally, playing in the client's device.

Insertion of Ads in Streaming Videos:

The packaged video is received at the media server, where it undergoes several operations, including changing the protocol, codec, and creating multiple bit rates. It also creates videos of different qualities based on the different users' devices. Once the video gets converted, it gets distributed to the CDN network. The server-side ad injector modifies the manifest file to insert ads at a specific time and includes all the information related to the ad.

In summary, dynamic ad insertion is a useful technology for inserting ads into video streams while distributing them to clients. There are different bidding methods, and the insertion of ads requires several steps, including modification of the manifest file. By understanding this system design, businesses can effectively advertise their products and services to a broader audience. Thank you for reading this article.

How to Inject JavaScript Adsense Ads to Your WordPress Website

How to Add JavaScript to Your Website for AdSense Ads

Recently, people have been asking how to add JavaScript to their websites, specifically for AdSense ads. This article will guide you through the process of adding AdSense ads to your WordPress website using widgets and the Header and Footer plugin.

Adding AdSense Ads to Your Sidebar:

1. Go to the widgets option in the main menu of your WordPress website.

2. Choose the sidebar option.

3. Scroll down to the text box and select it.

4. Paste the AdSense JavaScript code into the text box.

5. Hit the add widget button.

6. Name your ad and click save.

Adding AdSense Ads to Your Header and Footer:

1. Install the Header and Footer plugin on your WordPress website.

2. Go to the plugin settings in the dashboard.

3. Select the before and after content options.

4. Paste the AdSense JavaScript code into the input box.

5. Use the inspect element tool to find the div marker where you want the ad to appear.

6. Paste the div marker in the input box.

7. Add any desired tweaks, such as spacing, using the div style option.

Adding AdSense ads to your WordPress website can be easy with the use of widgets and the Header and Footer plugin. By following these simple steps, you can start making money off of your website through AdSense ads. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Injecting Godlike Consistency Into Ad Accounts? (100% possible)

Hey, what's up? It's Mirror here. Thank you for tuning in to my video today. I want to talk about campaign structure and how to maximize profits, minimize wastage, and minimize costs. It's been a hot topic amongst my clients and students, especially with CBO tuning in a few weeks. I want to give you clarity on how you should structure your campaigns in terms of testing, scaling, and retargeting.

- The importance of campaign structure in maximizing profits and minimizing costs.

Cold Traffic:

- The three types of campaigns in media buying and advertising: cold, warm, and hot.

- The importance of splitting lookalikes and interests in testing phases.

- The need for a separate creative testing campaign for cold traffic.

- Tips on scaling cold campaigns.

Warm Traffic:

- The simplicity of using the best cold ad as a warm ad.

- The different types of warm campaigns: DPA, Instagram and Facebook engagers, video viewers, and view content.

- The need to work on objection handling and product showcasing for view content.

Hot Traffic:

- The importance of having a separate hot campaign for retargeting.

- The use of DPAs for e-commerce and static image ads for objection handling and product showcasing.

- The possibility of structuring the hot campaign with different messages based on the time since the customer initiated checkout.

- The optimal account structure involves three types of campaigns: cold, warm, and hot.

- The need for separate campaigns for lookalikes and interests in the testing phase of cold traffic.

- The importance of objection handling and product showcasing for view content in warm traffic.

- The benefits of having a separate hot campaign for retargeting.

Inject 2 - FREE download for iOS & Android

- In this article, we will be discussing the Inject 2.0 system and its capabilities to perform magic and mentalism using a borrowed phone.

Features of Inject 2.0:

- Infinitely customizable app for magic and mentalism

- Allows for performing any effect on a borrowed phone

- 17 reputation-making effects included

- Can perform an image search of anything

- Gives the performer the ability to hack the web

Demonstration of Inject 2.0:

- Greg Rustam II introduces himself and the Inject 2.0 system

- Creates a customized business card image for the audience member

- Asks the audience member to imagine any card and zooms in on his address to reveal the imagined card

- Shows the audience member how Inject 2.0 can perform practically any effect

- Demonstrates the app's image search capability

- Encourages the audience member to try hacking the web using Inject 2.0

- Inject 2.0 is a powerful tool for magicians and mentalists to perform amazing effects using a borrowed phone

- Its customizable features and reputation-making effects make it a valuable addition to any performer's toolkit.

Real Tricorders, AT&T Injects ads, Facebook Copyright matching Ep. 36

- Technology advancements inspired by Star Trek.

- Mouth Lab: a new device for medical professionals.

- AT&T caught injecting ads into public Wi-Fi hotspots.

- Facebook plans to offer payment to content creators and add their own form of content protection.

- Self-healing material for space.

Mouth Lab:

- Device capable of assessing vital sign indicators, blood oxygen levels, and more.

- Newer versions planned to include saliva analysis, blood sugar readings, respiration, biochemical analysis, and metabolic rates.

- Bringing advanced data into the hands of medical professionals everywhere.


- Caught injecting ads into public Wi-Fi hotspots.

- Claimed it was only for a test after being caught.

- Poses a huge security risk.

- Would you accept ads on top of existing ads for free internet?


- Plans to offer payment to content creators.

- Looking to add their own form of content protection.

- Almost 70% of Facebook's most popular videos have copyrighted content.

- Will Facebook be able to take on YouTube?

Self-healing material:

- Micrometeoroids pose a huge threat in space.

- New material can automatically fix holes in spaceships.

- Allows astronauts enough time to find and repair the hole without leaking valuable oxygen.

Bonus story:

- Google plans to update Chrome to stop auto-playing video ads.

- No more annoying small one-inch ads playing at full volume.

- Nothing is more annoying than auto-playing video ads and auto-playing music.

- Technology advancements inspired by Star Trek continue to shape our world.

- Mouth Lab brings advanced data to medical professionals.

- AT&T poses a huge security risk by injecting ads into public Wi-Fi hotspots.

- Facebook plans to take on YouTube by offering payment to content creators and adding their own form of content protection.

- Self-healing material offers a solution to a huge threat in space.

- Google plans to update Chrome to stop auto-playing video ads, a long-awaited change.

Blubrry Advertising Insertion Demo

Blueberry offers two types of ad insertion services for podcasters: simple pre-roll ad insertion and full ad insertion. The former is free for Blueberry professional hosting customers, and it allows podcasters to have a pre-roll ad that they can change out whenever they want or have it run for a set period of time. The latter offers more advanced features such as mid-roll and post-roll ads, and it requires beta testing. To set up pre-roll ad insertion, podcasters need to select their show by campaign and upload the pre-roll mp3 file. They can choose which episodes to put the ad in and start the campaign. To set up full ad insertion, podcasters need to add campaigns for pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. They can upload the ad files and tag them with the time hack. Blueberry recommends using a tag editor with a comment field to edit the tags. Each file is tagged with the time for that file, so podcasters can have different insertion points for different episodes. When podcasters look at their stats, they can see the number of downloads for each version of the ad.

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