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Boost Sales: Shopify Google Ads for Dropshipping

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Google Ads using AdWords is one of the best ways to get consistent results with Shopify drop shipping. There's no denying Google Ads is an incredible advertising platform where you can sell dropshipping products and potentially transition your entire Shopify store over to a brand. However, many people who dropship don't even consider it as an advertising outlet. Let's be honest, when you first sign up for Google Ads, the advertising platform is very intimidating. I remember back when I first started using AdWords, it looked like a crazy maze that I would never figure out. But I'm happy to say that I was not only able to figure it out, I was actually able to develop some incredible advertising strategies that I'm going to be sharing with you in this video.

- Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform for dropshipping products

- Many dropshippers don't consider Google Ads due to its intimidating interface

- The author has developed successful advertising strategies for Google Ads

Creating a Google Ads Account:

- Switch to expert mode for more optimization tools

- Create a campaign without a goal's guidance for more control over campaigns

- Select website visits as the campaign type

- Name the campaign based on the information it will contain

- Set target location to the United States for better performance

- Use manual CPC bidding strategy for lower budgets

- Add site linking extensions to increase click-through rate

Creating Ad Groups:

- Name ad groups based on the keyword being targeted

- Set default bid higher at the beginning for better optimization

- Optimize keywords for broad, phrase, and exact match types

- Create 10 different ad groups for better performance

Creating Ads:

- Use keyword in the first headline and pin it as the first position

- Include supporting information and a special offer in headlines

- Add numbers in descriptions for better viewer attention

- Keyword stuff slightly in descriptions

- Google Ads is a powerful tool for dropshipping advertising

- Proper optimization and keyword research are important for success

- Use site linking extensions and optimized ads for better performance.

$200k In 1 Month - Shopify Dropshipping Google Ads Case Study (2022)

In this article, we will discuss how the author generated over $200,000 in revenue in the last 30 days on both his US and UK Shopify dropshipping sites combined. The majority of the revenue was generated from Google Ads. The author will share some tips on how he was able to scale his business to this level.

Why Google Ads is the best platform for dropshipping:

- Google Ads is consistent all year round

- No need to produce a ton of content compared to other social ad platforms

- Low maintenance ad platform compared to others

- The new Performance Max campaigns allow you to scale at an unprecedented rate

The structure of your Shopify store website:

- Start with a specific niche and gradually broaden it

- Be patient with increasing your Google Ads budget

- Consider introducing your best selling products to other ad platforms like Facebook and Bing Ads

Google Ads is the author's preferred ad platform for dropshipping due to its consistency, low maintenance, and ability to scale quickly with Performance Max campaigns. Starting with a specific niche and gradually broadening it is a good strategy, and introducing your best selling products to other ad platforms like Facebook and Bing Ads can also be beneficial.

How I Got A 32 ROAS From A Brand Search Campaign - Setup Guide - Google Ads & Shopify Dropshipping

In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a brand search campaign for your Google Ads account. We will go over how to set up this campaign and the benefits it can bring to your business. Here are the main points we will cover:

- The importance of having a brand search campaign for your Google Ads account

How to set up a brand search campaign:

- Go to the new campaign screen and select Sales

- Choose Search and enter your website URL

- Name your campaign Brand search

- Choose bidding options and campaign settings

- Enter your branded keywords and create your ad

- Add extensions to your ad

- Set your budget and publish your campaign

Why brand search campaigns are important:

- Dominate your brand name on Google

- Generate cheap results

- Help optimize other campaigns

- Capture warm traffic

- Low daily ad spend

- Brand search campaigns can bring massive results to your Google Ads account with low costs and easy setup. Start one today and see the benefits for yourself.

Google Shopping Ads Complete Tutorial For Shopify Dropshipping

Google Shopping is a highly effective advertising platform that is often overlooked by dropshippers due to the initial commitment that can feel overwhelming. However, it offers double to triple the return on ad spend compared to other advertising platforms.

Creating Google Shopping Ads:

1. Click the plus sign to create a new campaign without any goals guidance.

2. Select shopping for campaign type and ensure your merchant center is linked.

3. Set up a purchase conversion action under campaign performance.

4. Select standard shopping campaign and manual CPC bidding with no enhanced CPC.

5. Set a daily budget that reflects a five-day product test.

6. Select your target location and exclude other locations.

7. Create a negative keyword list to control what Google targets.

Search Term Exclusions:

1. Go to your campaign, click into the ad group, and then the product group.

2. Click on keywords, then search terms, and exclude any irrelevant or unprofitable search terms.

3. Take note of the profitable search terms and implement them into your product title and description.

4. Your Google Ads will become more targeted and profitable over time.

Google Shopping is a valuable platform for dropshippers to advertise their products. By creating effective ads and using negative keyword lists, dropshippers can maximize their return on ad spend and generate a consistent income.

How Performance Max Generated Over $90,000 For My Shopify Store In 1 Month

Hey guys, it's been four years since my last video and a lot has happened since then. I used to make FIFA videos but now I'm focused on Shopify dropshipping. In this video, I'll be sharing my performance max strategy for Google Ads.

Campaign Setup:

- Select performance max campaign type

- Set budget to at least $30/day, recommended $100/day

- Choose conversion value bid strategy

- Ensure conversion tracking is set up correctly

- Use all products or group products by category or profit margin

- Add images, headlines, descriptions, and call to action

- Test at least three different audience signals per product group

- Use website data, keyword groups, in-market segments, competitor URLs, or no signal for audience signals

- Allow for a learning period of 4-6 weeks before making changes

- Patience is key, don't overcomplicate or constantly fiddle with campaigns


- Performance max allowed me to break through a ceiling with smart shopping campaigns and double daily revenue

- Testing different audience signals in separate asset groups helped me identify which ones were working well and which ones to kill

- No audience signal also surprisingly worked well for me

- Patience and not constantly making changes is important for success

Overall, performance max has been a game-changer for my Google Ads campaigns and has helped me scale my business. Testing different audience signals in separate asset groups has been key to identifying what works and what doesn't. Patience and not constantly making changes is important for success.

Complete Google Ads Tutorial For 2023

In this article, Anton Crowley from dropshiplifestyle.com discusses the different types of Google ad campaigns that can be created. He focuses on the campaign types that he uses for the best results. Crowley warns that this article is more advanced than his typical content, and asks his audience if they prefer this kind of content. He also suggests starting with Google Shopping for newer store owners.

Crowley suggests creating three different types of audiences: cold traffic, warm traffic, and past customers. To create these audiences, he recommends using Google Ads and Google Analytics. He provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up these audiences.

Crowley explains that display ads can appear on over 3 million websites, apps, Gmail, and YouTube. He provides examples of standard and dynamic display ads. He suggests creating display ads for warm audiences of previous website visitors and display ads for warm audiences showing monthly promotions.

For the warm ads for previous website visitors, Crowley recommends creating a campaign without a goal's guidance, choosing display as the campaign type, and selecting purchases for campaign performance optimization. The audience targeting should be the website visitors for the past 30 days.

For the display ads for warm audiences showing monthly promotions, Crowley recommends creating a campaign without a goal's guidance, choosing display as the campaign type, and selecting purchases for campaign performance optimization. The audience segments should be website visitors 180 days.

Crowley also suggests creating search text ad campaigns for cold traffic and search campaigns for cold audiences. He provides instructions on how to set up these campaigns and suggests creating search text campaigns for top-selling products. He also recommends video ad campaigns targeting warm audiences of previous website visitors and past customers.

In conclusion, Crowley provides a series of

Google Search Ads Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial Step By Step | Get 5x ROAS Easily

In this video, Ryan discusses the importance of having the right approach when creating search ads. He emphasizes that they may seem easy to create, but they can be tricky, and without the proper strategy, one can burn through their budget quickly.

Main Points:

- Before starting a search campaign, it is essential to have a profitable shopping campaign.

- Structuring ad groups by the intention behind the purchase or search is more effective than separating them by each keyword.

- There are different methods for finding search terms and intentions, such as using the Google search bar, Chrome extensions, and shopping campaigns.

- When selecting keywords, it is crucial to avoid using generic keywords and go for low volume, long-tail keywords.

- Bidding strategies should depend on the average volume of keywords used.

- Ads should be relevant and include the keywords used in the ad group.

- Extensions such as sidelinke, call, and location should be included to improve ad performance.

In conclusion, Ryan stresses the importance of relevancy, using proven keywords from shopping campaigns, and targeting different intentions when creating search ads. He also recommends optimizing and adjusting campaigns over time for better performance.

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