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Boost Sales with Automatic GIF in Shopify

Published on: February 12 2024 by Automatic Discount & Gifts (ADG)

Boost Sales with Automatic GIF in Shopify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Automatic GIF in the Automatic Discount App?
  3. How Does Automatic GIF Work?
  4. Limitations of Automatic GIF
  5. Setting up Automatic GIF
  6. Customizing Automatic GIF
  7. The Benefits of Using Automatic GIF
  8. Customer Experience with Automatic GIF
  9. Pricing and Availability
  10. Conclusion

🎁 What is Automatic GIF in the Automatic Discount App?

The Automatic Discount App has introduced an exciting new feature called Automatic GIF. This feature allows Shopify store owners to automatically add a gift to a customer's cart when they meet certain criteria. With Automatic GIF, you can easily offer buy one, get one free promotions or provide customers with free gifts for specific purchases. This article will explore the functionality and benefits of using Automatic GIF.

🎉 How Does Automatic GIF Work?

Automatic GIF works by creating a new rule within the Automatic Discount App. When creating a rule, you can select a specific product or variant to offer as a gift. Upon meeting the requirements of the rule, such as adding a certain product to the cart, the gift will be automatically added to the customer's cart as well. This removes the need for customers to manually add both the product and the gift to their cart, simplifying the purchasing process.

🔒 Limitations of Automatic GIF

While Automatic GIF offers convenient ways to provide gifts to customers, there are some limitations to be aware of. First, the feature can only be applied to a single variant product or a specific variant of a product with multiple variants. This limitation is in place to prevent cheating and misuse of the feature. Additionally, the gift must be selected from a specific product inside the rule, limiting options for customization. However, despite these limitations, Automatic GIF provides a valuable tool for running promotions and offering free gifts.

⚙️ Setting up Automatic GIF

To set up Automatic GIF, navigate to the Automatic Discount App and create a new rule. Select the desired gift product or variant and enable the "Automatically add the gift to cart" option. It's essential to ensure that the rule requirements match the specific product or collection you want to base the promotion on. Once you've set up the rule, publish it, and make sure it's active on your store.

🎨 Customizing Automatic GIF

Automatic GIF offers several customization options to make the feature seamlessly integrate with your store's branding. You can change the title, colors, and text inside the button displayed to customers. Additionally, within the global settings, you can further customize the messaging and choose between a "Continue Shopping" or "Check Out" button. These customization options allow you to create a unique and visually appealing experience for your customers.

💡 The Benefits of Using Automatic GIF

Using Automatic GIF comes with various benefits for both store owners and customers. Firstly, it simplifies the purchasing process for customers, as the gift is automatically added to their cart without any extra steps required. This convenience can lead to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Secondly, the feature enhances promotional opportunities by allowing store owners to run buy one, get one free promotions effortlessly. Finally, Automatic GIF helps prevent customers from bypassing the promotion by adding both the product and gift manually, ensuring fair and accurate discounts.

🛍️ Customer Experience with Automatic GIF

From a customer's perspective, Automatic GIF provides a seamless and rewarding experience. When adding a qualifying product to their cart, customers will be prompted with a clear message informing them of the free gift they are eligible for. They can then easily proceed to checkout and see the applied discount. The simplicity and transparency of Automatic GIF contribute to a positive customer experience, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

💰 Pricing and Availability

The Automatic GIF feature is available within the Automatic Discount App for a one-time fee of $24.99. Once purchased, the feature can be utilized indefinitely to run promotions and offer free gifts to customers. Store owners can conveniently access the feature through the app's interface and customize it to best suit their branding and promotional goals.

🏁 Conclusion

Automatic GIF in the Automatic Discount App provides an efficient and user-friendly way for Shopify store owners to offer gifts and run promotions. By automatically adding gifts to a customer's cart when they meet specific criteria, store owners can simplify the purchasing process and create a delightful customer experience. With customization options and the prevention of cheating, Automatic GIF proves to be a valuable tool for engaging customers and driving sales. Try out Automatic GIF in the Automatic Discount App today and start enhancing your promotions!


  • Introducing Automatic GIF, a new feature in the Automatic Discount App that automatically adds a gift to a customer's cart.
  • Simplify the purchasing process by automatically applying the gift when the customer meets specific criteria.
  • Customization options allow you to tailor the feature to match your store's branding.
  • Benefits include increased conversion rates, enhanced promotional opportunities, and fair discounts.
  • Customers enjoy a seamless experience with clear messaging and transparent discounts.


Q: Can I offer multiple gifts with Automatic GIF? A: No, Automatic GIF is currently limited to offering a single gift per qualifying purchase.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the Automatic GIF feature? A: Yes, you can customize the title, colors, button text, and more to match your store's branding.

Q: How can I prevent customers from cheating the promotion? A: Automatic GIF ensures fair discounts by automatically adding the gift to the cart based on specific rule requirements.

Q: Is Automatic GIF available for free or is there a cost involved? A: Automatic GIF is available for a one-time fee of $24.99 within the Automatic Discount App.

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