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Boost Sales with Free Dropshipping Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will be discussing how to find fast video creatives for any product you want to drop ship.


- Why Video Content is Important

- How to Find Video Ads for Your Products

- Using CJ Dropshipping

- Finding a Specific Niche

- Building Your E-commerce Business

Why Video Content is Important:

Video content has become essential for e-commerce businesses. It has become the king of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Images or static posts don't perform as well as videos or reels. Video content is important because it allows you to showcase your products or services in a visually appealing way.

How to Find Video Ads for Your Products:

Finding video ads for your products can be challenging, especially if you don't have a camera or you don't know how to shoot videos. However, there is a quick hack that can help you find fast video ads for any product you want to dropship.

Using CJ Dropshipping:

CJ Dropshipping is an excellent resource for finding video ads for your products. It has a category called Video Products, where you can find potential products to sell that already have video creatives. This category is perfect for those who are just getting started and don't have any product selected yet.

Finding a Specific Niche:

It is important to find a specific niche to sell additional products and services. Don't just pick a random product to sell. Focus on a specific group of people who would be interested in your product. For example, if you sell a giant cooler for the pool, your specific niche would be people who have pools at their homes.

Building Your E-commerce Business:

Building an e-commerce business takes time and effort. You need to have upsell products, order bump products, down-sell products, and subscription products. If you want to learn more about building an e-commerce business, you can pick up the eCommerce Empire book or join the Commerce Empire Builders team.

Video content is important for any e-commerce business. Finding video ads for your products can be challenging, but using CJ Dropshipping can help you find fast video creatives for any product you want to dropship. It is important to focus on a specific niche when building your e-commerce business. Remember, your empire starts now.

How I Create $1k/Day Dropshipping Video Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

In this article, the author discusses how to create high-converting dropshipping video ads without spending any money on outsourcing. The article includes an introduction, followed by a step-by-step guide to creating an effective video ad. The author suggests using industry secrets to gather intel and figure out the product's value proposition. They recommend using Amazon reviews to find out what problems the product solves and the inner motivations behind purchasing it. The article also includes tips for creating a good script, such as writing a hook that grabs the customer's attention, introducing the product as the solution to the problem, and listing the benefits that the product provides. The author suggests adding social proof and a call to action at the end of the ad. They also recommend using InVideo, a free video editing software that has over 4,000 pre-made templates to choose from. The author explains how to find good clips to use in the video ad and how to resize them in the editor. They suggest duplicating the ad section three times to have different angles to catch the viewer's attention. The article concludes by emphasizing the simplicity of getting video ads off the ground and encouraging beginners to use this method.

How To Find Videos For Dropshipping Products

- Welcome to the channel

- Explanation of the video topic

- Offer for questions and requests

Finding Videos for Dropshipping Products:

- Difficulty in finding videos for dropshipping products

- Low-quality videos on AliExpress

- Searching through dropshipping ads

- Benefits of using professional videos

- Using Facebook Ad Library to find videos

- Filters to narrow down search

- Example of finding a video for hiking shoes

- How to download the video as a file

- Summary of video topic

- Offer for upcoming video on editing videos

- Reminder to contact for questions or requests

- Thank viewers for watching

Create WINNING TikTok Video Ads For FREE (Shopify Dropshipping)

Title: How to Create Highly Converting TikTok Video Ads for Dropshipping Products

In this article, we will discuss how to create highly converting TikTok video ads for dropshipping products. We will cover the importance of video ads when testing products, how to find proven video ads, and how to create your own unique video ads using free resources.

Importance of Video Ads:

When testing products, it is crucial to have good video ads to ensure accurate results. Without quality video ads, it's difficult to determine if the product is not working or if the ads are not performing well. Thus, having proven video ads is essential to test products and ensure their success.

How to Find Proven Video Ads:

To find proven video ads, search for relevant keywords or phrases related to your product on TikTok. Look for videos with 1 million or more views and a good number of likes. Copy the URL of those videos and download them using a website like snaptik. Once downloaded, use a video editing software like Premiere Pro or inVideo to cut the videos into small scenes, mix them together, and create new videos.

How to Create Your Own Unique Video Ads:

After creating new videos using proven scenes, remove the original sound and add your own text and text-to-speech. Use a music track that suits your video type and click confirm to create your highly converting TikTok video ad.

Creating highly converting TikTok video ads for dropshipping products is crucial to ensure accurate testing results and product success. By finding and using proven video ads, and creating your own unique video ads, you can test products more effectively and increase your chances of success in dropshipping.

How I Create $100,000/mo Dropshipping Video Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

be heard clearly and to match the footage in the video. This is where editing comes in. I'll use Adobe Premiere to edit the audio and make sure it's aligned with the video. Once I'm done with that, I'll add some text to the video, highlighting the benefits of the product, and then add a call-to-action at the end. The call-to-action will be something like Click the link in the description to get your own wireless earphones today! Finally, I'll export the video and post it on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

In conclusion, making a good video ad is crucial for the success of any business. You need to do your market research, understand your target audience, and create a video that highlights the benefits of your product. With tools like in video and Adobe Premiere, it's now easier than ever to make a great video ad. So, don't waste any more time, start creating your own video ads today and watch your business grow!

How To Get FREE Video Dropshipping Ads Made In 2022! Step By Step

Hey guys, in today's video we'll be discussing how to create high-converting video ads for your dropshipping stores. We'll cover ad angles, collecting resources, and editing your ad to generate sales.

- Creating winning video ads can turn any product into a winning product

- Advertising is about how you advertise, not just the product selection

- In this tutorial, we'll cover how to create winning product video angles, collect resources, and edit a completed dropshipping ad

Ad Angles:

- Understand what has already been said about the product

- Use tools like PP ads and Facebook Ad Library to research

- Download existing video clips

- Look for clean cuts of video without text

- Create 5 lines of copy per video

- Match one piece of video with one line of copy

- Produce 3-5 ads that look clean and good

Collecting Resources:

- Use Amazon customer reviews to discover new ad angles

- Download all of the different video clips onto your computer

- Make a collection of those different clips

- Put all of those clips together

- Create a nice 10-30 second ad that shows all of that

Editing Your Ad:

- Use tools like CapCut to edit your ad

- Upload all of your videos

- Edit them by adding text, audio, stickers, effects, and transitions

- Match the text with the video

- Produce 3-5 ads that look clean and good

- Start becoming a master inside of your niche

- Contact influencers to mention your brand name and use the product

- Find influencers on Instagram using hashtags

- Put them on a weekly retainer if their ad is good

- Use Store Funnels to create unlimited general stores and funnels

- Hire an editor or use our team to

How to Create High Converting Shopify Dropshipping Video Ads in Under 20 Minutes

Today, I'm going to show you how to create high-converting video ads for your dropshipping store. These ads will help you make your first sales with dropshipping. Let's get started!

Step 1: Find a Video Ad that's Already Doing Well

- Look for a video ad that's selling a potential product you want to sell

- Recreate the ad with your own twist

- Use a tool called Dropper Spy to find video ads for certain products

Step 2: Install the Easy AliExpress Video Finder Chrome Extension

- Find videos on AliExpress for any product

- Download the videos you want to use for your ad

Step 3: Use InVideo for Video Editing

- InVideo is a free platform with over 4,000 templates for any niche

- Use a template related to your product

- Upload your footage from AliExpress and drag it onto the template

Step 4: Add Captions and Trim Your Footage

- Keep scenes no longer than 3-4 seconds

- Add captions that highlight the benefits of your product

- Make sure to turn off any background noise from your AliExpress video

Step 5: Duplicate Your Scenes and Change Your Footage and Captions

- Duplicate your scenes and change the footage and captions for each scene

- Make sure the scenes are no longer than 3-4 seconds

In conclusion, creating high-converting video ads for your dropshipping store is an effective way to make your first sales. By finding successful video ads, using the Easy AliExpress Video Finder Chrome Extension, and editing your footage with InVideo, you can create ads that highlight the benefits of your product and entice customers to make a purchase.

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