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Boost Sales with Free Dropshipping Traffic

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

How to Generate Free Organic Traffic for Your Online Business

Are you struggling to generate traffic to your online business? Are you tired of spending money on ads that don't convert? In this article, we will show you how to generate free organic traffic to your website and improve your product pages on Shopify.

Step 1: Have an Active Google Merchant Center Account

- Utilize the free listings section of the shopping network on Google

- Google Merchant Center allows your products to appear in free listings

- Track the progress of how many free clicks you are getting from Google Merchant Center

Step 2: Utilize SEO Titles and Descriptions

- Enter up to 70 characters in the title and 320 for the description

- Include a good variety of keywords linked to your product

- Make sure the words link to the product and are relevant

Step 3: Use Google Keyword Planner

- Find good keywords to put into your titles and descriptions

- Utilize the monthly search results for these keywords

- Include relevant information within the title and description

Building out multiple organic and paid avenues of traffic will all add up and help the overall performance of your business. Use high-quality images to stand out from the competition.

Generating free organic traffic to your online business is not an overnight process, but it is worth spending a little bit of time on. With these simple changes to your Shopify store, you can gradually build up a source of organic traffic that will add up very nicely. Utilize Google analytics to track your organic sales progress and make sure to build out multiple traffic sources to increase your revenue and customer base.

How I Make $3,092/Week With FREE Traffic On Shopify (No Ads)

As a new Shopify store owner, running ads can quickly become expensive. However, there are ways to generate sales for 100% free. Using these methods, the author is generating an extra $3,000 per week with their Shopify store. In this article, they share their exact free traffic methods and how you can set them up yourself to start making sales this week.

Method 1: Affiliate Influencers

- Send out your product for free to influencers with a small to medium-sized following on YouTube.

- Provide them with a link that gets them 20-30% commissions on every sale they generate.

- Look for smaller channels that are easier to get in contact with and not demanding a big upfront payment.

- Manage your affiliates using the app Go Affiliate Pro.

Method 2: Viral Content on Instagram and TikTok

- Ride the trends that are going viral every week and apply them to your product in a creative way.

- Zen Bodies is a great example of a brand that's doing six figures a month with primarily viral content and no ads.

- Use SEO optimizer to add a bunch of different things to your site that gets it to rank higher in Google.

Method 3: Organic Search Traffic on Google

- Use a unique brand name that doesn't have much competition.

- Accelerate the process of ranking higher in Google by getting as many people as possible to post your product.

- Use SEO optimizer to help your site rank higher in Google.

- Use Social Snowball to turn your customers into affiliates and make extra money.

Using these three free traffic methods, you can generate sales without spending any money on ads. While it may take some time to see results, the benefit is creating a perfect storm that allows you to make a bunch of money from free traffic. Don't sleep on these methods and start implementing them today.

Shopify Dropshipping - BEST FREE TRAFFIC 2022

Hey guys, it's Wi-Fi Brad and welcome to my first video. In this video, I'm going to share with you my experience of making money online through Drop Shipping. I have been doing this for about a year and a half and have made thousands of dollars using Facebook Marketplace and recently, Shopify Drop Shipping. In this article, I'll be explaining how you can make money online too.

Making Money Online:

1. Facebook Marketplace:

- Start making Facebook reels about your product. The video should be of higher quality and the product should be viral.

- Find viral products and make videos about them or edit already existing videos and post them.

- Post at least 10 videos a day with different hashtags.

- Eventually, some videos will go viral and you can make thousands of dollars.

2. Shopify Drop Shipping:

- Shopify Drop Shipping is better than Facebook Drop Shipping as there are fewer bands.

- Create an online store and add products to it.

- Promote your store on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

- Use ads to attract customers to your store.

- Monitor your store regularly and adjust prices if needed.


- Wi-Fi Brad has made thousands of dollars using Facebook Marketplace and Shopify Drop Shipping.

- He posts at least 10 videos a day on Facebook Marketplace.

- He has made $292 today and $944 yesterday using Shopify Drop Shipping.

- He advises creating high-quality videos and finding viral products to make money online.

Making money online through Drop Shipping is not easy but with the right approach and a little bit of effort, it can be done. Wi-Fi Brad has been successful in making thousands of dollars through Facebook Marketplace and Shopify Drop Shipping. His advice of creating high-quality videos and finding viral products can be useful for anyone who wants to make money online. So, start your journey today and who knows, you might be the next Wi-Fi Brad!

How To DropShip With $0 | FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course

There are numerous Drop Shipping tutorials available on YouTube, but most of them are outdated, too long, or taught by individuals who lack knowledge of e-commerce and only aim to sell their courses. In this video, the goal is to avoid such BS and show step-by-step how anyone can start Drop Shipping for free.

Step 1: Finding a Good Product:

The best way to find a good product is by searching on TikTok, where an established audience already exists for a viral product. Search for TikTok made me buy and filter the most liked videos from the last week. Find products that have recently gone viral, indicating massive customer interest. Products that solve a problem or make you go wow are the best options.

Step 2: Finding a Supplier:

Search for the product on AliExpress and choose a supplier with the best reviews and the lowest shipping costs. Ensure that the product is not owned by a brand and is profitable.

Step 3: Building a Shopify Store:

Create a Shopify account and make a custom email for your store. Use a free theme and create a simple but effective logo on Canva. Import your product to Shopify, decide the selling price, and write a product description following the Gift, Reason to Buy format. Get rid of all sections except the header, product information, and reviews on the product page. Add a countdown timer and card animation feature through Vitals 40 and set up a chatbot using Tidio. Use white as the primary color, no more than two additional colors, and Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana fonts. Change the button shapes to variant pills and add a slight drop shadow.

Step 4: Promoting Your Product:

Promote your product through organic content on social media by creating two to three TikToks per day showcasing the product's usefulness. Repost those videos to other platforms and contact influencers in your product's niche to promote your product through affiliate marketing. Use re-edited content, where you download videos of other people using your product and edit them into your brand's style ad.

With these steps, anyone can start Drop Shipping for free and potentially make a significant amount of money. It is essential to find a profitable product that solves a problem or makes you go wow, create an effective Shopify store, and promote your product through organic content and affiliate marketing.

how i made $8,000 (profit) with tiktok organic dropshipping.

How We Made $8,000 Profit on Our Shopify Drop Shipping Store with Tick Tock Organic Traffic

- Explanation of how $8,000 profit was made on Shopify Drop Shipping Store without paid ads and only Tick Tock organic traffic.

Finding the Product:

- Found the product organically on the Tick Tock feed through basic word of mouth marketing.

- A lot of influencers ordered the product from Amazon and marketed it without getting paid.

- Ordered a few samples of the product to test the quality and built a one product brand around it.

- Created 10 to 20 Tick Tock videos and posted 2-3 times per day for 2 weeks.

- Managed to get 5 orders within the first couple of weeks.

Content Strategy:

- Focused on quality over quantity and posted once per day on Tick Tock.

- Took time to craft content to blend in with the feed of the target audience.

- Used the app Inshot to edit videos.

- Used 4-6 hashtags per video and used trending sounds.

- Consistent and realistic posting schedule.

Store Creation:

- Simpler store is better.

- Custom photos of the product to help consumers visualize how it can be applied to their lifestyle.

- Take specific photos that really help the consumer visualize how it can be applied in their lifestyle.

Additional Tips:

- Reach out to a private supplier to start fulfilling orders once you generate consistent sales.

- Ask for unexpress shipping.

- Reach out to multiple suppliers and have a few suppliers fulfill one to two orders to split test.

- Split test to see which supplier can fulfill the product faster and has better communication.

- Join multiple e-commerce and Drop Shipping Facebook groups to find private suppliers.

- Follow the steps taken to make $8,000 profit on a Shopify Drop Shipping Store with Tick Tock organic traffic.

How To Make Over $4,000 A Week Dropshipping With FREE Traffic (3 Best Ways) | Shopify 2022

In this video, Alex shares how to bring in over $4,000 a week on your store without spending any money on ads. He discusses free versus paid traffic and owning traffic versus buying it. He also covers the three best free traffic sources to use today.

- Alex shares how to make over $4,000 a week without spending money on ads

- Discusses free versus paid traffic and owning traffic versus buying it

- Mentions the three best free traffic sources to use today

Paid Traffic:

- Need enough margin and upsells to cover cost of acquiring a new customer

- Nearly every dollar you bring in with free traffic is pure profit

- Free traffic sources are just as abundant as paid ones

- Owning your audience means you don't have to buy new customers

- You can market to this audience time and time again

Top 3 Free Traffic Sources:

1. Instagram

- Target different audiences on Instagram

- Start with scheduled posts

- Create viral content, but don't sell on your posts

- Interact with your audience

- Sell on your stories and highlights

2. Email Subscribers

- Build an email list

- Market to subscribers at any point they're on

- Use Shopify app to send emails

- Can manually set up promotions or have it done automatically

3. SEO

- Allows you to rank higher up than your competitors on Google

- Use the right keywords and make sure everything's set up correctly

- Rank high on Google for free clicks

- Learning to market at virtually no cost makes your store more profitable

- Leave a like and subscribe for more ecom content from Alex

- Check out the ecom resources linked in the description

See How This Shopify Dropshipping Store Made Over $7MILLION WITH FREE TRAFFIC

In this YouTube video, Camille Style, known as The Econ King, showcases and analyzes a Shopify store that has made over seven million dollars in revenue, with 90-95% of the traffic being organic. The store's profit margin is around $60,000, which is achieved through a hybrid model of selling 80% of products in bulk and drop shipping the remaining 20%. The store primarily focuses on selling Xiaomi phones and accessories, and has a simple, techy website design. The owner uses Shopify Exchange to sell the website, and has been in business since 2014. The store's traffic sources are mostly organic, with referrals, search (potentially through SEO), and direct traffic being the main sources. The store is not currently running any paid ads on Facebook or Google. The owner uses apps such as Product Review, Klaviyo for email marketing, GDPR compliance, mobile app builder, abandoned cart protection, and TinyIMG SEO image optimization. The store's profit margins are very high, with the owner potentially

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