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Boost Your Business with Elk Grove Shopify

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, Nia shares her plans for budgeting in May. She discusses her goals, including saving $500 and paying off $1,200 in debt. She also talks about her income sources, including her primary job, YouTube, and Etsy. Nia goes into detail about her expenses, including home and car payments, utilities, and grocery and eating-out budgets. She also discusses her savings plan, which includes the budget mom and nearest 10 savings challenges. Additionally, she mentions her debt payoff plan and her

Budget With Me | June 2021 | Stuffing Cash Envelopes | Savings Challenges | The Budget Mom Workbook

for this month we're adding $120 to our gas envelope, which includes funds for filling up the car and any unexpected gas expenses.

Moving on to debt, we have $310 to pay off on our Discover card and $25 left on our Barclay card. We also have ongoing student loans that we're focusing on paying off this year.

In terms of savings challenges, we're doing both the 52 week challenge and the Budget Mom savings challenge. For the 52 week challenge, we're saving $165 this month and for the Budget Mom challenge, we're doing the Heads or Tails challenge which involves

2022 Budget Planner Series | Goals

Hey planner friends! It's Nia, and welcome back to the 2022 budget planner series. Today, we are talking about goals. Before we jump into goals, let me share a couple of quick things with you.


1. Save $15,000 (in pencil)

- $5,000 for emergency fund

- $10,000 for house and sinking funds

2. Pay off debt (no dollar amount yet)

- Mac computer

- PayPal

- Kohl's and tax debt

3. Increase retirement contributions

- Before tax: $100 increase

- After tax: $50 increase

4. Generate $50,000 in revenue

5. Create and stick to a budget

6. Journal daily

7. Make the bed daily

8. Practice a skincare routine at night

9. Establish a hair care routine

10. Complete the five-year plan by February 1, 2022

11. Create an end-of-life plan by March 1, 2022

12. Efficiently use Instagram

13. Practice lettering weekly

14. Finish photo class by July 2022

15. Declutter and purge

16. Create a student loan tracker by January 15, 2022

17. Read 12 books

18. Get Shopify website up and running

19. Take a trip/vacation (contingent on cousin returning home)

20. Sticker of the month sub

21. Incorporate savings challenges

- 5k savings challenge

- Moneyopoly/Saveopoli

- Need to add 2 more

These are my 17 goals for 2022, and I will continue to work on them throughout the year. I hope this inspires you to set your own goals for the year and achieve them. Share your goals with me in the comments below, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more content. See you next time! Bye!

2021 Budget Planner Series | Business Budget & Taxes

Hey planner friends, it's Mia! Welcome back to the 2022 budget planner series. Today, we will be discussing the business budget.

Previous Series Topics Covered:

- Goals and things to do in 2022

- Emergency funds

- Sinking funds for the year

- Debt tracker with our focus debt

2021 Business Budget:

I used a setup that didn't work for me as I didn't like how my expenses were organized. Also, I noticed some additional expenses that I hadn't expected.

Revenue Sources:

- Studio Bliss Co

- YouTube

Total Revenue Goal: $50,000 before taxes and fees


- Memberships: $5/month or $60/year

- Silhouette and Design Studio memberships: $144/year

- Microsoft: $84/year

- Canva: $155/year

- Quickbooks with TurboTax: $204/year

- HP Instant Ink: $6.50/year

- Shopify (placeholder): $348/year

- Google and Apple storage: $56/year

- Collab sales: $160/year

- Vinyl: $200/year

- Sticker paper: $2,000/year

- Blades: $80/year

- Mats: $72/year

- Art: $300/year

- Sesh box items: $2,000/year

- Miscellaneous: $500/year

Total Expenses: $7,213

Estimated Taxes: $12,500

Business Budget Total:

- Revenue: $37,400

- Taxes: $12,500

- Total Profit: $17,687

I hope this breakdown of my business budget was helpful to you. Remember to estimate high on your taxes to be safe and always look for ways to improve your profit margin. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more budget planner series videos.

2023 Budget Planner Series | Business Income & Expenses

Hey planner friends! It's Mia, and welcome to Life with Nia. Today, we are continuing our 2023 planner budget series, and we're going to talk about the business budget. This can be complex, but I'm going to keep it simple. There are many unknowns, but we're believing for big things for Studio Blissco in 2023.


1. Tools and resources for budgeting: In a previous video, I went over the tools and resources that I use for budgeting, including various planners and online resources.

2. Thinking funds and annual budget: I previously went through my thinking funds and annual budget. I made a mistake in my annual calculation for sinking funds, but I corrected it. The annual amount for all expenses without sinking funds and cash envelopes is $5,009. With sinking funds, it's $6,120, and with cash envelopes, it's $6,560.

3. Business expenses: I broke down the business budget into three sections: taxes, recurring expenses, and irregular purchases. For business income, I'm expecting $2,900 a month.

4. Taxes: I estimated $725 a month for taxes, which comes to $8,700 annually.

5. Recurring expenses: I listed Shopify, Design Studio, three printers, QuickBooks, Apple and Google storage, Microsoft, Collab Sales, JMC, LYB, and templates as recurring expenses. The total monthly amount for these expenses is $291.95.

6. Irregular purchases: I estimated costs for blades, mats, sticker paper, mailers, cello bags, boxes, crinkle and tissue, and sesh box as irregular purchases.

Knowing your business expenses can help you plan for success. I hope this breakdown of my business budget was helpful for those starting a business or trying to understand their costs. Don't forget to join me for the next 2023 annual budget planner series video where we'll discuss emergency funds. Thanks for watching, and see you next time!

2022 Budget Planner Series | Annual Budget | Income & Expenses

Hey planner friends, it's Nia from Life with Mia. Today, I'm working on my annual budget for 2022. I've had to make some changes, but I'm excited to share my progress with you.

Budget breakdown:

1. Income:

- Primary source of income: $60,000 (with anticipated raise in February)

- Health stipend: $990

- YouTube: $2,400

- Other income sources: TBD

2. Expenses:

- Home: $21,900

- Utilities (water, sewer, trash): $2,100

- Gas and electric: $1,200

- Phone: $1,500

- Cable: $1,200

- Internet: $600

- Car: $6,300

- Car insurance: $1,600

- Home insurance: $300

- Gas: $1,500

- Groceries: $2,400

- Eating out: $900

- Household: $480

- Amazon Prime: $168

- Subscription boxes: $1,500

3. Sinking funds:

- P.O. box: $60

- Sam's Club membership: $45

- Health care: $100

- Bulk shopping: $200

- Personal development: $100

- Clothing: $300

- Black Friday: $500

- Birthday: $500

- Business savings: $2,000

4. Debt: $6,852 (minimum payments)

5. Business expenses: $7,213

Overall, my projected income for 2022 is $82,575, and my projected expenses are $75,160 (excluding business expenses). This gives me some wiggle room, but I have contingency plans in case I need to scale back on my savings or other expenses. I'm excited to tackle my savings challenges and share my progress with you in future videos. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

Plan With Me & Chat | Half Letter | April 18-24

Hey planner friends, it's Nia and welcome to Life with Nia! Today, we're planning in the half letter for the week of April 18th through the 24th. I'm using the Spring Planner Sesh kit from Studio Blissco, which may or may not be available for the collab sale this week. I also have a cute doll design that I plan on releasing some freebies around for May.

This week is busy with planner-related stuff, including my own collab sale and the launch of the Ella Jules Jewel Box and Erin Condren planners. I'm tempted to order the Bright Horizons colorful cover but with neutral pages, but I'm not sure if it's possible to customize it that way.

In other news, I ordered an Esteeped box after watching Ashley unbox it from Cloth and Paper. I also updated my Shopify landing page and got all my products listed, but I ran into issues with taxes and shipping profiles.

If anyone knows somebody that can help with setting up businesses and tax-related stuff, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this video and have a great week!

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