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Boost Your Facebook Ads Success with Higher AOV!

Published on: November 20 2023 by Konstantinos Doulgeridis

Boost Your Facebook Ads Success with Higher AOV!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Mistake of Perfectionism in Advertising
  3. The Importance of Producing True and Honest Content
  4. The Account That's Not Going Well
  5. The Cost per Purchase Dilemma
  6. The Impact of the Funnel on Facebook Ads
  7. Understanding the Role of Facebook as an Intermediary
  8. The Need for Funnel Optimization
  9. Taking Responsibility for Results
  10. Adapting to the Ever-Changing Facebook Landscape
  11. The Constant Struggle of Ecommerce


The Reality of Imperfect Advertising on Facebook: A Lesson in Honesty and Funnel Optimization

In the world of advertising, there's a common mistake that many advertisers, including myself, often make. We try to create an image of perfection, making it seem like everything is working seamlessly. But today, I want to break away from that trend and be completely transparent with you. I'm going to share with you an account of mine that is not performing well, and explain why it's important to produce true and honest content without fearing the outcome.

1. The Mistake of Perfectionism in Advertising

One of the biggest mistakes we make as advertisers is striving for perfection. We want to showcase only our successful campaigns and hide the ones that didn't meet our expectations. However, this approach is far from authentic and can prevent us from truly connecting with our audience. It's essential to embrace imperfection and share our failures as well, as it allows us to grow and learn from our experiences.

2. The Importance of Producing True and Honest Content

In order to maintain the integrity of my content and stay true to myself, I believe in being honest with my audience. This means accepting that not all of my accounts perform well and openly sharing those instances with you. While it may not be the outcome I desire, it is what it is. After all, my main priority is to produce genuine content that resonates with you, regardless of the ups and downs.

3. The Account That's Not Going Well

Now, let's dive into the specific account that I want to discuss today. This account is not delivering the results I had hoped for, and it's essential to understand why. After successfully reducing the cost per purchase, I realized that the average order value from the store was not sufficient to generate positive outcomes. This has inevitably led to the client's dissatisfaction and the impending loss of the account.

4. The Cost per Purchase Dilemma

When analyzing the account's performance, it's clear that reducing the cost per purchase is not the sole factor for achieving favorable results. Even when achieving a cost per purchase of $22.94, the return on ad spend (ROAS) was only 0.67, which is far from ideal. This prompts the question: What needs to happen to attain a cost per purchase of $5 and see significant improvements?

5. The Impact of the Funnel on Facebook Ads

The root of the problem lies within the client's funnel. It's crucial to understand that Facebook acts as an intermediary, bringing traffic to the website. While effective ads and targeting can influence results, a poorly optimized funnel can hinder conversions and ultimately compromise the success of a campaign. It's important to acknowledge that Facebook can only do so much, and the rest depends on the functionality and appeal of the funnel itself.

6. Understanding the Role of Facebook as an Intermediary

To clarify, Facebook plays a significant role in driving traffic and exposing your product to potential customers. However, it cannot guarantee conversion rates or the success of your campaign. The responsibility lies in crafting a compelling offer, designing an enticing landing page, and ensuring a seamless user experience. As an advertiser, it's imperative to recognize this balance and take accountability for the funnel's performance.

7. The Need for Funnel Optimization

While optimization is a crucial aspect of Facebook advertising, it's evident that there are limitations to how much it can influence the final outcome. There comes a point where the cost per purchase reaches a threshold that cannot be further reduced. In such cases, it's crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of the funnel and identify areas of improvement. Sometimes, the problem doesn't lie solely within Facebook ads but rather stems from other elements of the business.

8. Taking Responsibility for Results

It's essential to refrain from solely blaming Facebook ads when results are not as expected. As advertisers, we must constantly evaluate our funnel, our offer, and our business model to ensure they align with our audience's preferences. While Facebook provides the platform, it's our responsibility to optimize our campaigns and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the digital landscape.

9. Adapting to the Ever-Changing Facebook Landscape

In recent years, Facebook has become increasingly expensive, particularly with the introduction of iOS changes. It's imperative for businesses to adapt their strategies, alter their funnels, and keep up with the evolving landscape to remain profitable. The days of inexpensive advertising on Facebook are long gone, requiring businesses to invest time and effort in finding innovative solutions and optimizing their processes.

10. The Constant Struggle of Ecommerce

Ecommerce is an ever-evolving space where challenges are bound to arise. The pursuit of success is a constant struggle, demanding continuous problem-solving and adaptation. As e-commerce entrepreneurs, we understand that the journey is never-ending, and there will always be hurdles to overcome. However, it is through these challenges that we grow and discover new opportunities for improvement.

In conclusion, it's crucial to embrace honesty in our advertising efforts on Facebook and avoid the trap of perfectionism. By being transparent about our successes and failures, we can engage our audience in a more authentic and meaningful way. Remember, Facebook is just the platform, and success lies in optimizing our funnels and continuously adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. So, let's embrace imperfection, take ownership of our results, and work towards creating powerful, effective, and honest advertising campaigns on Facebook.


  • Encourages authenticity and transparency in advertising
  • Highlights the importance of funnel optimization
  • Acknowledges the limitations of Facebook ads
  • Emphasizes the need to adapt to evolving digital landscapes
  • Provides valuable insights for e-commerce entrepreneurs


  • Lack of specific strategies for funnel optimization
  • Could provide more examples and case studies for better illustration


  • The mistake of striving for perfection in advertising
  • The significance of producing honest and authentic content
  • The impact of funnel optimization on Facebook ads
  • Taking responsibility for results and avoiding blame
  • Adapting to the changing Facebook landscape in the age of iOS changes
  • The constant struggles and challenges faced by e-commerce businesses


Q: Is it necessary to strive for perfection in advertising on Facebook? A: No, striving for perfection can hinder authenticity and prevent meaningful connections with the audience.

Q: Can Facebook ads guarantee successful outcomes? A: Facebook ads act as an intermediary but do not guarantee conversions. The effectiveness of the funnel plays a crucial role in successful campaigns.

Q: How can businesses adapt to the evolving Facebook landscape? A: Businesses must continuously evaluate and optimize their funnels, keeping up with changes in the industry and consumer behavior.

Q: Are there limitations to Facebook's influence on ad outcomes? A: Yes, there comes a point where the cost per purchase reaches a threshold that cannot be further reduced, requiring businesses to focus on other elements of the funnel.

Q: Is it essential to be transparent about both successes and failures in advertising? A: Yes, embracing honesty and sharing failures allows for growth and authenticity in advertising efforts.

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