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Boost your Facebook ads with Canva's eye-catching designs

Published on: November 17 2023 by Canva

Boost your Facebook ads with Canva's eye-catching designs

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Facebook ads are essential for businesses
  3. Types of Facebook ads 3.1 Image ads 3.2 Carousel ads 3.3 Collection ads 3.4 Lead ads 3.5 Instant Experience ads 3.6 Video ads 3.7 Story ads
  4. Creating a Facebook ad in Canva 4.1 Choosing a template 4.2 Adding visuals and text 4.3 Adding a call to action 4.4 Optimizing for mobile 4.5 Collaborating on a design 4.6 Downloading and publishing the ad
  5. Additional Facebook ad options for Pro and Canva for Work subscribers
  6. Conclusion

How to Create a Stunning Facebook Ad in Canva

Are you a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur? If so, you probably know that wearing many hats is a necessary part of running a successful business. One important hat to wear is the marketer's hat, and Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for increasing exposure and generating sales for your business. If you're new to Facebook advertising and feeling overwhelmed, don't worry! In this article, we'll walk you through the process of creating a stunning Facebook ad using Canva, a popular design tool. By the end of this article, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to create Facebook ads that convert.


Facebook ads have become a vital part of the marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. With one of the largest user bases and relatively affordable advertising options, businesses can't ignore the potential of Facebook as an advertising medium. Whether you're a total newbie or have some experience with Facebook ads, Canva provides an easy-to-use design platform to create professional-looking ads.

Why Facebook Ads are Essential for Businesses

Before we dive into creating Facebook ads, let's discuss why they are essential for businesses. Facebook ads offer a large pool of active users, allowing businesses to target specific groups of users who are likely to be interested in their products or services. Additionally, Facebook ads provide various formats, including image ads, carousel ads, lead ads, and even ads in Messenger, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the most effective ad format for their goals. By leveraging the power of Facebook advertising, businesses can significantly increase their brand exposure, reach a wider audience, and ultimately generate more sales.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a range of ad types to suit different marketing objectives. Understanding the different types of ads can help you choose the right format for your business. Some popular types of Facebook ads include:

1. Image Ads: Image ads are simple yet effective in grabbing the attention of your target audience. They consist of a compelling visual and a concise copy that explains what your business is and what you're selling. Image ads are great for showcasing products or services in an eye-catching and visually appealing manner.

2. Carousel Ads: Carousel ads allow you to showcase multiple images or videos within a single ad. This format is perfect for businesses that have multiple products or want to tell a compelling story through visual content. Users can swipe through the carousel to view each image or video, making it an engaging and interactive ad format.

3. Collection Ads: Collection ads are designed to encourage discovery and shopping. They feature a primary image or video with additional product images displayed underneath. When users tap on the ad, they are taken to an Instant Experience where they can interact with the products and make a purchase.

4. Lead Ads: Lead ads are designed to capture user information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, directly within Facebook. They contain a lead form that users can fill out without leaving the platform, making it convenient for users and businesses alike. Lead ads are an effective way to generate leads and build an email list.

5. Instant Experience Ads: Formerly known as Canvas ads, Instant Experience ads provide an immersive and interactive experience for users. They allow businesses to create a full-screen experience that combines images, videos, and other multimedia elements to tell a captivating story and engage the audience.

Creating a Facebook Ad in Canva

Now that we've covered the importance of Facebook ads and the different ad types available, let's delve into the process of creating a stunning Facebook ad using Canva. Canva is an intuitive design tool that allows users to easily create professional-looking designs, including Facebook ads.

4.1 Choosing a Template

When starting a new ad design in Canva, you have the option to choose from thousands of ready-made templates. Simply type "Facebook ad" in the search bar and browse through the available options. Canva offers templates for various ad types, including image ads, carousel ads, collection ads, and more. Select a template that aligns with your brand and advertising goals.

4.2 Adding Visuals and Text

Once you've chosen a template, it's time to customize it with your own visuals and text. Upload your business logo, product images, or any other graphics you want to include in the ad. Canva also provides access to a media library with over a million professional stock photos and illustrations, ensuring you have a wide range of visual options for your ad. Add relevant and compelling text that explains your product or service and includes a clear call to action.

4.3 Adding a Call to Action

A crucial element of a successful Facebook ad is a clear and compelling call to action (CTA). A CTA tells your audience what you want them to do next, whether it's signing up, following, downloading, or shopping. Without a strong CTA, your ad may grab attention but fail to generate the desired action from viewers. Canva offers various text styles and designs to create eye-catching CTAs that align with your brand and ad visuals.

4.4 Optimizing for Mobile

With the majority of Facebook users accessing the platform via their mobile devices, it's essential to optimize your ad for mobile viewing. Ensure that your ad design is responsive and visually appealing on both desktop and mobile devices. Consider the size and placement of visual elements, text readability, and overall user experience on smaller screens. Canva makes it easy to preview and adjust your ad to ensure it looks great on all devices.

4.5 Collaborating on a Design

If you want to collaborate with colleagues or get valuable feedback on your ad design, Canva allows you to add collaborators and give them editing or commenting access to your design. This collaborative feature enables seamless teamwork and ensures that you create the best possible ad design. Share your design with others by clicking the share button, adding their email addresses, and inviting them to provide input or make changes.

4.6 Downloading and Publishing the Ad

Once you've finalized your Facebook ad design, it's time to download it and publish it on Facebook. Canva offers various file formats for download, including PNG, JPEG, and MP4 (for animated or video content). If you've connected your Facebook business page to Canva, you can publish your ad directly to Facebook without leaving the platform. Alternatively, you can download the ad and manually upload it to your Facebook page.

Additional Facebook Ad Options for Pro and Canva for Work Subscribers

If you're a pro or Canva for Work subscriber, you have access to additional Facebook ad options. Canva allows you to resize your existing ad design to fit other Facebook ad formats, such as Facebook Stories. This feature saves time and effort, as you can repurpose your design for different ad placements or experiment with different formats to increase engagement.


In conclusion, Facebook ads are a powerful tool for businesses to increase exposure and generate sales. With Canva, creating stunning Facebook ads has never been easier. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this article, you can confidently create Facebook ads that convert, regardless of your level of experience. Don't be afraid to think outside the box, experiment with different ad formats, and have fun with the design process. We can't wait to see the amazing ads you create!


  • Facebook ads are essential for businesses to increase exposure and generate sales.
  • Canva is a user-friendly design tool that simplifies the process of creating stunning Facebook ads.
  • Different types of Facebook ads, such as image ads, carousel ads, and lead ads, offer various formats to suit different marketing objectives.
  • Canva provides ready-made templates, a media library, and customization options to create visually appealing ads.
  • Adding a compelling call to action (CTA) and optimizing the ad for mobile are crucial for success.
  • Collaboration features in Canva enable teamwork and feedback for creating the best ad design.
  • After finalizing the design, the ad can be downloaded and published on Facebook.
  • Pro and Canva for Work subscribers have access to additional Facebook ad options, such as resizing and experimenting with different formats.


    Q: Can I create Facebook ads without any prior experience? A: Yes, Canva makes it easy for beginners to create Facebook ads with its user-friendly interface and ready-made templates.

    Q: How can I make my Facebook ad stand out? A: To make your Facebook ad stand out, include eye-catching visuals, a clear and compelling call to action, and catchy copy that resonates with your target audience. Experimenting with different ad formats and being creative can also help your ad grab attention.

    Q: Can I collaborate with others on designing a Facebook ad using Canva? A: Yes, Canva allows you to add collaborators and give them editing or commenting access to your design, enabling seamless collaboration and valuable feedback.

    Q: What should I consider for mobile optimization of my Facebook ad? A: Consider the size and placement of visual elements, text readability on smaller screens, and overall user experience on mobile devices. Ensure that your ad design is responsive and visually appealing on both desktop and mobile devices.

    Q: Can I use Canva to create ads for other social media platforms besides Facebook? A: Yes, Canva offers templates and design options for various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. You can easily adapt your Facebook ad design for other platforms using Canva's resize feature.

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