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Boost Your Shopify Store with Facebook

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Have you been struggling to set up your ads for your dropshipping business? Are you looking to drive traffic to your website and start generating profit? Look no further! In this article, we'll break down step-by-step how to set up and run profitable ads for your online store.

- Importance of setting up profitable ads for dropshipping business

1. Finding a Trending Winning Product

- Key factors to consider when selecting a product

- Importance of having a product that solves a problem, has high profit margins, a wow factor, and room for improvement

2. Advertising the Product

- Importance of creating engaging advertisements

- Utilizing resources such as viral ecom ads

- Creative testing and its benefits

- Determining the best thumbnail and video through click-through rate, cost per unique link click, cost per thousand impressions, and average video watch time

3. Setting up Purchase Campaigns

- Utilizing campaign budget optimization

- Setting the budget and naming the campaign

- Selecting pixel and conversion event

- Starting the campaign at midnight

- Importance of staying up to date with running profitable ads

- Personal mentorship opportunity with the author

- Final thoughts and encouragement to take action.

Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping | Master FB Ads In 25 Minutes

Facebook Ads for Shopify Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

Facebook ads are hands down the best way to grow a Shopify store, but for beginners, they can be extremely confusing and hard to understand. After running my own ads for a few years and spending over a million dollars on just Facebook ads, I'm going to be sharing my entire strategy in this article and I'm going to make it as simple and beginner-friendly as possible.

- Facebook ads are the best way to grow a Shopify store, but can be confusing for beginners

- I will be sharing my strategy to make it easy to understand

Phase 1: Optimization

- Refining your product, landing page, and creative for the highest chance of success

- Focus on products that are already selling well on Facebook and Instagram

- Focus on products that have been launched in the last two to three months

- Find products that have room for improvement

- Have a trustworthy branded website

- Make a good video creative

Phase 2: Interest Testing

- Showing your product to an audience that is likely to buy it to gauge interest

- Find at least three

How to Run Facebook Ads for Shopify 2023 (FULL Setup & Tutorial)

Before running Facebook ads, there are several steps to set up. First, create a Facebook business page for the store. Then, create a Facebook business manager account and a Facebook ad account. Next, create a Facebook pixel to track customer activity on the store and optimize the campaign. Once set up, create the campaign and ads.

To create a Facebook business page, log in to Facebook and click Pages on the left sidebar. Then, click Create New Page and give the page a name and category. Fill in as much information as possible for the page to keep ad accounts healthy.

To create a Facebook business manager account, go to business.facebook.com and click Create an Account. Type in the business name and email address.

To create a Facebook ad account, go to Accounts in business manager, then Ad Accounts, and click Add to create a new ad account. Give it a name and choose the currency, then click Create.

To create a Facebook pixel, go to Data Sources in business manager, click Pixels, and then Add. Connect the pixel to the Shopify store using the partner integration option. Verify the domain and Shopify domain.

To optimize ads, set up conversion events using the pixel, such as purchase, initiate checkout, add to cart, and view content. Then, create a campaign with a sales objective and an ad set with a target interest and budget of $10 per day.

In the audience section, narrow down the location and target interest for the ads to show up. By following these steps, a successful Facebook ads campaign can be created and monitored daily for optimal results.

How to Promote Shopify on Facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook and Shopify in Three Simple Steps

In this video, Poly shares a strategy on how to promote Shopify on Facebook and make an extra $1,166 per day with just three simple steps.

Step 1: Open a Shopify Store and Choose Products

- Open a basic Shopify store with a few products for testing

- Use targeted ads on Facebook to reach specific audiences

Step 2: Offer Free Shipping

- Create an ad with an image of the product and Free Shipping Today as the headline

- Target audiences in areas where shipping costs are high

- Use reverse psychology to make the offer more appealing

Step 3: Track Results and Adjust Budget

- Monitor Facebook dashboard to track checkouts, conversion values, and ad spending

- Start with a low budget of $5-$10 per day and adjust as needed

- Watch the full training video on how to use Shopify and Facebook ads for success

Making money on Facebook and Shopify doesn't require a large budget. With targeted ads and a few simple strategies, anyone can start earning extra income.

How To Run Facebook Ads EFFECTIVELY for Your Shopify Store In 2023 ( Facebook Ads 2023 Tutorial)

Let's face it, running effective Facebook ads is hard work. Many YouTubers don't tell you that having success with Facebook ads goes beyond just running the ads themselves. Since the iOS 14 update, it has become even harder to find and track your target audience. In this article, we will discuss the real strategies and concepts behind running Facebook ads that are guaranteed to work for any type of Shopify store or e-commerce business.

- Running effective Facebook ads is a challenging task that requires more than just running the ads themselves.


- Conducting market research in your industry before running Facebook ads is essential to saving money and analyzing competitors' mistakes and successes.

- Analyze your competitors' ads by studying their creatives, call-to-actions, and headlines.

- Discover your target audience's preferences and interests to improve interest-based targeting, especially since the iOS 14 update.

Setting Up Your Facebook Ads:

- Make sure to set up your Facebook pixel to track your ad's success.

- Optimize your home and product pages for purchases and have a lead magnet to capture new customers' emails.

- Choose your ad objective based on where your customers are in the sales funnel, such as traffic, awareness, engagement, leads, app promotion, or conversions.

- Create custom and lookalike audiences based on your email list or pixel data.


- Interest-based targeting is a useful method to find your target audience.

- Choose one country to target, and keep your

Facebook Ads Tutorial Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Strategy)

In this video, the creator shows how to run Facebook ads for dropshipping products. They have spent around $14,000 and made back $75,000 from one product in two months. They start by creating a business manager to store all ad accounts, pixels, and Facebook pages under one roof. The creator then explains how to create a Facebook pixel and link it to the Shopify store. They also set up the columns to look at the correct metrics before running ads.

The creator then explains the structure of a campaign, ad set, and ads. They create a new campaign and choose the marketing objective as conversions. They name the campaign after the product and add the break-even point and realized values. They also add the interest related to the product, set the daily budget, and choose the placements.

For the creative part, the creator adds a video and thumbnail to the ad. They also add the primary text, which is the text that goes above the ad. The primary text explains the benefit of the product in a short, simple, and to-the-point way.

In conclusion, the creator provides a step-by-step guide on how to run Facebook ads for dropshipping products. By following this guide, anyone can start running Facebook ads and achieve success in their dropshipping business.

Facebook Ads Tutorial For Shopify Dropshipping In 2022 | Step By Step

In this video, Andy emphasizes the importance of targeting the right audience when running Facebook ads for your Shopify store. He shares his strategy for setting up a basic Facebook ad that will help pinpoint a specific audience to direct traffic to and hopefully receive better results.

To get started, the first thing you need to do is set up your Business Manager, which acts as a big organizing folder that encompasses all your data. You can create up to two of these business managers per personal Facebook account, and once you have access, you can view and edit any data within it.

Next, you need to set up your Facebook Pixel, which is a piece of code that Facebook gives you to place on the back end of your Shopify store. The pixel tracks every single conversion event onto your website, such as add to carts, purchases, and page views. Without your Pixel, Facebook has no idea who visited your website and no data to work with, resulting in a high cost per purchase.

After setting up your Pixel, it's time to create your first Facebook ad campaign. Andy recommends optimizing for conversions and targeting a cold audience with a single interest. He suggests going broad with your audience when first starting out and setting a daily budget per ad set.

For the ad creative, Andy recommends using a video that showcases your product and writing engaging copy that connects with the audience. He also emphasizes the importance of changing the call to action to Shop Now to make it obvious to viewers what action they should take.

Finally, Andy suggests duplicating your ad set nine times with different interests to identify which interests are working best for your product. By following this strategy, you can target the right audience and potentially receive better results from

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