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booster 2 theme shopify free

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of installing and customizing the Booster Stream theme on your Shopify store. With Booster Stream, you can increase your conversion rate, which means more sales and revenue. Here's what we will cover:

- Starting a Shopify store can be complicated, but Booster Stream can help

- Booster Stream turns visitors into customers and doubles conversion rates


- Login to your Shopify developer account and create a new development store

- Upload the Booster Stream theme and publish it

- Customize the theme to fit your store's branding and design


- Upload your logo, slider images, section images, product pictures, and testimonial images

- Customize the header section, including the desktop and mobile logos, search bar, social icons, and card options

- Resize the logo and adjust the spacing between the header menu and slider

- Change the card icon, mobile number, support email, and text message

- Booster Stream is the best converting Shopify theme on the market

- By installing and customizing it, you can increase your conversion rate and revenue

- Don't forget to like and subscribe for more video tutorials.

Shopify Booster Theme Review: A Non-Affiliated, Test-Driven Review (+Tutorial)

Booster Theme: A Detailed Review

- Booster Theme is a popular Shopify theme with robust customization features

- Free themes on Shopify lack customization, making paid themes like Booster more appealing

- Booster Theme doesn't offer a free trial anymore, but we took a deep dive into its features to help you decide

Key Features:

- Lookbook feature for shoppable images

- Pre-made content blog sections for easy customization

- Sales notifications to increase conversion rates

- Countdown timer to create urgency

- GDPR cookie bar to avoid legal issues

- Currency converter for international sales

- Upsell and cross-sell personalized recommendations

- Customizable cart page for better user experience

- Smart mega menu for easy navigation

- Block list for blog updates

- Free plus shipping option to increase sales


- Multiple theme and feature options for customization

- Beautiful and responsive page design with a focus on sales boosting

- Feature-rich theme saves merchants money on additional Shopify apps

- Affordable price for feature-rich theme


- Installation process can be overwhelming and complicated

- Live chat support is not available, and reply times can be slow

- Theme updates can negatively affect store

- Child themes are not equally distributed in quality

- Booster theme does not support editing custom pages

- No longer offers a free trial

Booster Theme is a great option for merchants looking for a feature-rich Shopify theme with a focus on sales boosting and conversion optimization. While the installation process can be complicated, the affordable price and extensive features make it worth the investment. The lack of live chat support and limitations on custom page editing may be a downside for some, but overall Booster Theme is a solid choice for Shopify stores.

Shopify Online Store 2.0 - Booster Theme 6.0 is Now Compatible!

Hey guys, it's Mark from the Booster team. I had a conversation with some clients this morning and they asked me when the Booster team will be available on OS 2.0. Well, I have some good news for you.

Bullet points:

- Booster team is already available on OS 2.0 since two weeks ago.

- The architecture of the Booster team was already adapted to the new OS 2.0 from Shopify.

- Booster theme 5.0 was already made for the new OS 2.0 from Shopify.

- It took us less than half a day to switch to OS 2.0.

- With OS 2.0, you have section everywhere which means you have control over everything.

- The localized delivery feature is available everywhere now.

- Booster team is fully adapted to OS 2.0.

- We released our team updater this morning which works with Booster 5 and Booster 6.

- It's super easy to switch to OS 2.0 with Booster team.

- We focus all our energy to make sure that your store is always top-notch and updated to all the market trends.

So, don't wait anymore and grab your Booster team before we increase the price. Booster team is going to be upgraded to $500 instead of $250. The ones that are going to take Booster team at $250 today are going to keep this price forever. It's pretty cool, isn't it? Thanks for watching, guys!

5 Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping 2022

Choosing the right Shopify theme for a dropshipping website can be time-consuming and frustrating. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Shopify themes for dropshipping in 2022, their features, pros, and cons. Let's get started!

Top 5 Shopify Themes for Dropshipping in 2022:

1. The Dropship Theme: Designed specifically for dropshipping websites, the Dropship Theme is a fast conversion theme with a loading time of 992ms. Its focus on speed and data-driven features helps generate sales. The latest version offers modern themes, scarcity elements, swatches, description tabs, currency switching, and country blocking.

2. Booster: This easy-to-use theme is great for dropshipping websites dealing with fashion, pets, jewelry, and more. Its hyper-fast loading time and clean design provide a user-friendly interface. Booster comes with marketing features like Lookbook and geo-personalization, as well as conversions like cart countdown and GDPR cookie box.

3. Turbo: A premium theme preferred by Shopify Plus merchants, Turbo is versatile, easy to use, and provides fast speed and high-impact visuals. Its features include smart page reloading, predictive search, megamenu, and built-in newsletter popup. Turbo offers a clean, user-friendly, and high-performance website.

4. Motion: Motion's minimal design and personalizability make it a great choice for dropshipping businesses dealing in clothing, health and beauty, and home and garden. It provides cart and checkout options, merchandising, and product discovery, as well as marketing and conversion options like blogs, cross-selling, and customizable contact forms.

5. Debutify: Debutify is easy to install and use without any coding or designing skills. It is suggested for dropshipping businesses as it helps generate sales from website traffic. Its design is great, and it provides features like a currency converter, product sliders, customizable slideshow, and customizable header, all free of cost.

Choosing the right Shopify theme for a dropshipping website can be challenging, but these top 5 themes offer a variety of features to help businesses succeed. From speed and personalizability to marketing and conversion options, these themes can provide the necessary tools to increase sales and website reach.


In this video, we will learn how to set up the Booster theme for Shopify stores. We will customize the theme according to our vision and keep only those sections that we need to show on the home page. We will also style the page and add products to the best-sellers section.

Customizing the Theme:

- Click on Customize to see all the sections that can be controlled from the left panel.

- Disable or enable sections as per your preference.

- Keep only a few sections to keep the homepage neat and clean.

- Add dividers to show a line and create more space on the page.

- Customize the header section to add a logo and change the background color to white.

- Change the background of the page by adding a custom file in the assets and creating a new style rule.

Product Pages:

- Customize the product page by selecting the Product Page section from the Customize menu.

- Disable or enable various options on the page such as shaking effect in the attribute button.

- Enter the license key that you get from the Booster team under the Theme Settings license key.

Adding Pages:

- Create a new page, such as About or FAQ, and add it to the main menu.

The Booster theme for Shopify stores is a great tool to engage customers and showcase products. With its customizable options, you can create a neat and clean front end and customize your pages as per your preference.

Booster theme for Shopify - Product Demo

Hey everyone, my name is Mark and I am part of the team behind the Booster Theme. We have been working on this theme for the past five years and we have been continuously improving it. We believe that our theme is more than just a theme, it is a complete solution for marketing. In this article, I will be discussing the various features of the Booster Theme.


1. Integrated Features: The Booster Theme comes with various integrated features such as GDPR, Netiz Bar, Messenger Chat, Free Shipping Bar, Countdown Timer, Dynamic Titles, etc.

2. Flexibility: With the Booster Theme, you have complete control over how your store looks. You can change the spacing, the card style, the layout, and even the background effects.

3. Section Everywhere: The Booster Theme allows you to have sections everywhere. You can decide whether you want to show a section on mobile, desktop, or both.

4. Lookbook: The Booster Theme has an integrated lookbook feature that allows customers to see how products will look in their real environment.

5. Performance: The Booster Theme is optimized for speed and performance. It has a 99% performance rate and loads in less than a second.

6. Multi-Tab Shopping: The Booster Theme has solved the problem of refreshing the page when customers add items to their cart from multiple tabs.

The Booster Theme is more than just a theme. It is a complete solution for marketing. With its various features and flexibility, it allows you to create the online store that you envision. Additionally, its optimization for speed and performance ensures that your store will load quickly, and the multi-tab shopping feature eliminates friction during the shopping process.

The Highest Converting Shopify Theme Of 2022?

In this article, we will be reviewing the Sportswear Max Shopify theme from Theme Ocean. As a marketplace for multiple Shopify themes, Theme Ocean offers various themes for sale in different niches at different prices. We will take a closer look at the Sportswear Max theme and share our opinion on its features and benefits.

Features of the Sportswear Max Theme:

- GT Metrics gives an A+ rating

- Cart page includes trust badges

- Carousel or tab for product organization

- Sales pop-up for social proof

- Split banners for different categories

- Product images on the category page

- Newsletter and latest news sections

- Compare button for product comparison

- Real-time visitor count for social proof

- Order countdown to create urgency

- One-click checkout for easy purchasing

- Motivator for free shipping

- Mega menus and label building options

- Frequently asked questions and about us pages

- Color and filter options for easy navigation

Benefits of the Sportswear Max Theme:

- Boosts social proof and trust among consumers

- Provides a seamless shopping experience

- Increases the chance of making successful sales

- Customizable for different niches and businesses

- Affordable pricing compared to similar themes

Overall, the Sportswear Max Shopify theme from Theme Ocean is an excellent choice for clothing and fitness companies or any business looking to boost their social proof and trust among consumers. With its various features and benefits, this theme provides a seamless shopping experience and increases the chance of making successful sales. Its affordable pricing compared to similar themes makes it an even more attractive option for businesses.

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