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Boosting Shopify Plus Revenue: Strategies for Growth

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform used by almost 2 million stores. However, there is some mystery surrounding Shopify Plus, the highest tier of the platform that costs upwards of $2000 a month. In this article, we will explore what Shopify Plus is, its advantages, and whether it is worth the cost.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the highest tier of the Shopify plan and is used by rapidly scaling stores like Kylie Jenner's cosmetic stores, Netflix, and MVMT Watches. It offers advantages such as being extremely fast and reliable, especially during promotions that direct millions of visitors to the site. Additionally, it allows users to spin up to nine completely different stores under one account, with different currencies, languages, apps, and offers.

Advantages of Shopify Plus:

1. Fast and reliable during high traffic periods.

2. Ability to spin up to nine different stores under one account.

3. Automated processes with apps like Launchpad and Shopify Flow.

4. Lower credit card fees.

Automated Processes:

Launchpad is an app that allows users to create flash sales in advance to ensure they work before the actual launch date. Shopify Flow is an app that automates repetitive tasks like notifying the builder of a product to order more stock. Shopify Scripts allow users to pre-code features like buy one get one free.

Higher Level of Service:

Shopify Plus members have access to a higher level of service, including sales consultants, solution engineers, and merchant success programs with Shopify account managers. These services help users determine if Shopify Plus is right for them, ensure all systems work together, and offer advice on how to grow more effectively.

Is it worth the cost?

The cost of Shopify Plus is upwards of $2000 a month. It is worth it if a user is making roughly $800,000 per month in revenue, especially if the majority of transactions are domestic credit cards. However, it may not be worth it if a significant portion of transactions come from third-party gateways or PayPal. Ultimately, it becomes a numbers game, and users must do the math to determine if Shopify Plus is worth the cost.

Shopify Plus offers advantages such as being fast and reliable during high traffic periods, automated processes, and a higher level of service. However, it is only worth the cost if a user is making a certain amount of revenue, and the majority of transactions are domestic credit cards. Users must do the math to determine if Shopify Plus is worth the cost.

What is Shopify Plus? | Your ecommerce enterprise platform

Welcome to Shopify Plus, the cost-effective enterprise commerce platform that is revolutionizing the way the world's largest brands do business. With Shopify Plus, you get a powerful, flexible platform and an entire team of commerce experts at your disposal.

Selling Everywhere:

- Shopify Plus delivers a flexible platform that lets you sell everywhere your customers are.

- Upload your entire product catalog and optimize listings for search engines.

- Choose from hundreds of responsive themes or build your own for a tailor-made experience.

- Customize your online store using intuitive drag and drop technology or access the code directly.

- Innovative features like augmented reality, 3D models, product videos, product recommendations, and automated promotions boost average order value.

- Backed by the world's most powerful checkout, including accelerated checkout with Shop Pay.

- Expand your online presence globally with hyper-local experiences, localized languages, and currencies.

Selling on More Channels:

- Connect to online marketplaces and social channels like Facebook and Instagram.

- Create separate storefronts for individual geographies to customize content for each market.

- Power your in-person sales and create an omnichannel buying experience using Shopify Point of Sale.

Managing Your Business:

- The organization admin gives you a high-level picture of how you're performing every time you log in.

- Manage your team by adding users to your org and assigning them roles with dedicated access to specific tools and stores.

- Save time with automation tools that turn manual tasks into automated workflows.

- Orchestrate workflows using simple if-then logic in the visual editor.

- Use Launchpad to schedule product drops, theme changes, and discounts for store-wide sales and promotional events.

- Access tailored learning resources and tap into our network of certified partners and apps to optimize your operations and widen the scope of your business.

- Fully integrate across all your existing systems, extend Shopify's out-of-the-box functionality, and scale alongside some of the biggest brands in the world.

Shopify Plus is more than just a commerce platform. It's a comprehensive solution that empowers you to push the boundaries of commerce and slingshot your business into the future. So whether you're just getting started or already crushing it, partner with Shopify Plus and take your brand to the next level.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus | How to upgrade to Shopify Plus

- Gillian from Merchant Growth team at Shopify introduces Shopify Plus

- Over 10,000 leading brands use Shopify Plus for power, reliability, and flexibility

- Benefits of upgrading to Shopify Plus

Front End Features:

- Customizing checkout with liquid file and Google Tag Manager

- Using Shopify Scripts for advanced discounts

- Examples of merchants increasing conversion rate with scripts

Back End Features:

- Managing multiple stores in organization admin

- Adding, modifying, and removing staff accounts

- Access to nine free expansion stores for selling in different currencies and languages

- Using Shopify Flow for e-commerce automation

- Creating custom workflows without coding

- Examples of businesses saving time with Flow

- Using Shopify Scripts for custom promotions

- Creating promotions and events with Launchpad

- Expanding business with Wholesale Channel

- Access to Shopify Plus Academy for training resources

- Encouragement to upgrade to Shopify Plus or speak with an expert in the live chat.

Shopify Plus' Head of Revenue, Mark Bergen chats with #GaryVee on #MarketingForTheNow episode #9!

Mark expresses his excitement to be speaking with Zubin and Gary, acknowledging the challenges of the pandemic and the importance of innovation in the ecommerce industry. He praises Zubin's company and its advancements, and requests a state of the union of ecommerce.

Main Points:

1. The ecommerce industry is growing rapidly, with double-digit percentages of retail sales being made online. Many industries are still relying on traditional go-to-market models, but there is a lot of innovation happening in direct-to-consumer models.

2. The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards ecommerce, with up to 25% of retail sales now going online. Many businesses that were unprepared for this shift are now struggling, while those in industries like home fitness and office equipment are thriving.

3. Legacy retailers that were built on outdated systems are finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of innovation, but many are making efforts to become more agile and adaptable.

4. Manufacturing companies are also getting in on the ecommerce game, with some launching direct-to-consumer channels in a matter of days. Mark emphasizes the importance of focusing on top-selling products rather than trying to tackle everything at once.

5. Online experiences are becoming more retail-like, with brands leveraging their retail staff to provide more personalized and engaging experiences for customers. Many small retail businesses are also being helped by manufacturers who are stepping in to provide guidance and support.

The conversation highlights the importance of innovation and adaptability in the ecommerce industry, particularly in light of the pandemic. The key to success lies in being able to provide a seamless, omnichannel experience for customers and focusing on top-selling products.

Top 5 Shopify Plus Stores that earn over $1M a year

In this video, Edwin from Resolutions Design talks about the top five brands on Shopify Plus, which is the premium service of Shopify meant for big established businesses generating millions of dollars per year. He first introduces the brand Bulletproof, which has a strong branding guideline and custom solution on Shopify Plus. The website has a well-crafted homepage that tells the story of the brand and acts as a directory for its products. The product landing page is also well-designed with attention to details such as button hover effects and canvas shadows. Edwin then discusses the second brand, Shop Penguin, which sells books and has a customized theme on Shopify Plus. The website has a vertical mega menu and banner for each collection, along with a clean product landing page with a unique add to basket button. Overall, these brands on Shopify Plus showcase the importance of branding, custom design, and attention to details in creating a successful online business.

Shopify Plus Pricing & Is It Worth It? | The Truth | IWD Agency

In this article, we will be discussing the cost of Shopify Plus and whether it is worth it for merchants who are doing over a million dollars a year. We will also be looking at some of the features that differentiate Shopify Plus from standard Shopify and other enterprise platforms.

Cost of Shopify Plus:

- The starting cost for Shopify Plus is $2,000 a month or $24,000 a year.

- The cost will vary depending on the online revenue generated by the merchant.

- Merchants doing substantially more than a million dollars a year will be paying substantially more than $2,000 a month.

Is it Worth it?

- Shopify Plus comes with an Account Manager and priority support, which is essential for merchants who could lose thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales if their site goes down, especially on big shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

- If you are an enterprise merchant, it is important to compare other platforms like Magento and BigCommerce before choosing Shopify Plus.

- Negotiation is possible with enterprise software, so it is essential to look for the platform that gives the best features and negotiate the best pricing.

- For smaller merchants, Shopify is a great platform and there is no rush to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

Other Features:

- In another video, we will be discussing the difference between Shopify Basic and Shopify Plus, as well as reviewing the features of other major enterprise platforms like Magento and BigCommerce.

Shopify Plus is worth the cost for merchants doing over a million dollars a year due to its priority support and Account Manager. However, it is essential to compare other platforms and negotiate the best pricing. For smaller merchants, Shopify is a great platform and there is no need to rush to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

Multi-brand Solutions for Enterprise Brands on Shopify Plus w/Escalade Sports

Hello everyone and welcome to the webinar on multi-brand solutions for enterprise brands with Escalade Sports. My name is Betsy Petrovic and I will be your host and moderator for today's discussion. We have a great group of panelists from Escalade Sports, CQL, and Shopify who will share their experience of migrating and supporting 11 websites on Shopify Plus.

During today's webinar, feel free to submit any questions you have through the Q&A at the bottom and our panelists will answer them in the last 10 to 15 minutes of our discussion. Lastly, we are giving away an Escalade Sports portable foaling set, which is actually a fun mashup game between football and bowling and is Escalade's 11th brand on Shopify Plus that just recently launched.

Escalade Sports faced a big

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