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born pretty dropshipping

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Must Try! How To Use Born Pretty 15ml Non Stick Hand Extension Nail Gel - Multifunction Nail Gel

foreign [Music]. today I will be showing you two ways on how to use born pretty 15 mL non-stik hand extension nail gel. so make sure you touch that subscribe button and hit that notification Bell so you don't miss out on my new video. and I want to say thank you everyone who subscribed to my channel and watching my videos, because we finally hit the 100 000 subscribers, so I owe it to all of you guys. so thank you so much. so first make sure to dream buff and clean your nails [Music] and then next is apply nail prep dehydrator- foreign [Music]. air primer [Music]- foreign. apply a thin layer or base coat and then cure for 60 seconds [Music]. so now I'm gonna show you the first way on how to apply born pretty nasty canned extensional gel as extension nail gel use with dips mold- foreign. first stik the extension nail gel with tips mold [Music]. then press it with your fingers or nail pusher [Music]. next is put on your fingernails and adjust it to get the effect you want- foreign [Music]- under UV or LED lamp and then remove the tips mode. repeat the same process with the other nail. take the extension nail gel with Clips mold and then press it with your finger or the nail pusher foreign. next is put it on your fingernails and adjust it to get the effect that you want. [Music]. cure it under UV or LED lamp for 60 seconds and then remove the tips mold. the second way on how to use born pretty non-stik extension nail gel is, as the extension nail gel used with nail form foreign. so first is, take extension nail gel and then rub it with your fingers- but don't worry, because it won't stik on your hand, it is non-stik- and then extension your fingernails with nail form however long you want it to be. so I'm Gonna Leave the link below on my description box so you guys can check it out. and don't forget to use my code Rose DIY 13 to get 10 off when you shop at born pretty official store here for 60 seconds, [Music] and then remove the nail form. repeat the same process with the other nails. [Music]. take extension nail gel and then rub it with your fingers. extension your fingernails with nail form and however you long you want it. and the next is cure it under UV or LED lamp for 60 seconds. [Music]. remove the nail form and then repeat the same process with the other nail. born pretty, non-stik hand extensional gel comes with four different colors, which is clear: milky white, nude and pink. the one that I am using now. it is the nude color. it lasts up to 30 days. foreign X is: file the nail and shape it to get the shape you want. born pretty, nonstik hand extension nail gel can be used as extension nail gel with nail form or tips mold. it can also be used as scarf with 3d effect and it is shapeable. you can also apply it with nail powder or with chrome powder. you can also mix it with nail sequins or flowers with the glitter effects. you can also use it as a rhinestone glue gel. it serves as adhesive to apply rhinestones. born pretty, nonstik hand nail gel is soft but not stiky. it is elastik and multi-function. and then apply top coat and cure for 60 seconds. [Music], foreign [Music]. [Music]. thank you. [Music] and that's it, everyone. don't forget to check the link below on my description box for this products. I leave the link for the UV lamp, for the nail extension gel, for the dehydrator, for the nail primer, for the base coat and for the top coat, and don't forget to give me a thumbs up. subscribe and thank you for watching. [Music], thank you. [Music]. whoa, whoa.

Born Pretty - Laser Rainbow Cat Magnetic Gel Polish Swatches & Review || 20% Discount Code MMX20

[Music]. hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. it's manisha here. so today i'm going to be doing a review for a couple of born pretty store um gel polishes. so these are part of the laser rainbow cat magnetik gel polishes currently, um, there are. how many colors have they got? at the moment, eight different colors. so i've got colors number five- that's the um product code there on the side. you want to make note of that. we'll have the direct link for these and we can find them down below. and i've also got color number seven. so quite recently i did actually do a review for another color on this range and that was color number eight. that's it there and the swatch for that one is um, this one along here. so i'm going to actually turn off my main desk link because what happens is it stops that rainbow effect from appearing. so i'm just going to switch it off and then that'll give you a better overview of what the um, you know with the holographic, what it actually looks like and it is very, very pretty. now this um number right here i used in three different ways. so i wanted to do um, you know, just sort of try out and see what different effects we can do. so. this was with a um, the magnet running up and down the side of the nail to create quite a wide cat eye. and this was just the polish, i think, on its own. i didn't do anything on that one. and then the third one here was your the regular cat eye. when you um, just grab my magnet, when you hold the magnet on a um slant like that, and that's what you get. so i want to just sort of show you these two, two new colors alongside this one, just so you get a bit more of an overview of um, how great the product is. um, so the two colors i've got today- a one is actually a um. i'll just show you one here, actually one of them's number, color number five, which is that beautiful purple color, and and then color number seven, which was an aqua blue. i've actually gone ahead and done it already on my nails because i couldn't wait. i was just itching to get into them after i tied out the black one and um, yeah, it hasn't disappointed at all. it's really, really pretty. i've just put some hand cream on so it's kind of dulled the shine a little bit, but the um, the holographic effect is quite stunning and- and now this was done with the- the wide eye effect, where you just sort of run the, the magnet, along the side of the nail and it kind of brings um the magnetik partikles kind of to the surface but gives a wider cat eye, and i quite like that effect. but if you want to do something more subtle or traditional, you can just kind of hold the magnet on a diagonal and get that stripe coming through. so what i'm going to do without further ado, is swatch these two colors- um, but i thought it would be quite nice just to try them over- and a similar colored base, because i did find- and from when i use this one here at the black colored one, it was quite sheer and it did actually require um. i think i did three coats for the um. you know the actual um review last time. uh, just a little bit of information as well before i do forget. um, these are seven milliliters in size. um, as i mentioned before, there's eight colors and um. they're currently retailing at um 6.99 and i have got my 20 off discount code, which is mx20. so you are more than welcome to use that store wide and you can use it on any products at born pretty store, whether they're full priced or discounted, and that'll get you a further 20 off, whatever the listed price is. so this is what you can see. so this is color number five going on here and you can see from the swatch it is um on the sheer side but it's still nonetheless it's very, very pretty indeed. i'm gonna run the magnet alongside it just to get that wide cat tie. as i mentioned before, even though this is the first coat is quite sheer, but just to kind of get that cat eye going. now with these bingo gel polish, you will need to cure them in your lamp and it depends, lamps do vary, so definitely check out what, um, your lamp instructions are and i thought for today's swatch i'll do it over some a similar colored base as well, just to see if, um, if indeed, you can still get that really cool um cat eye effect coming through. so i've just got a purple gel polish base here that i've done for another swatch. please don't ask me what the color is because i can't remember, but i'm going to just put the magnet on an angle and, as you would, just for a cat eye effect, just doing that there, and that actually didn't take too long to get that effect and isn't that pretty. i do quite like um, that one too, and of course that base color is showing through um quite well too, so i'm just going to go ahead and cure that. so the beauty of doing it um the other way, over a similar color gel base, is the um. you will be ready in no time with your nails because you're only going to be doing your gel polish and then a coat of um, this one, to get that effect, whereas this one i did find um you know, and i'm finding here with this one as well, you kind of probably gonna need like three um coats to um get it completely up actually inside. you still see my finger moving around under there. anyway, i'll swap those two over, pop that amp back on, but you can see how pretty that one is. so it is quite versatile. you can use it in a couple of different ways, and or you can actually just use it as, as you don't have to use a magnet necessarily um, you just won't get that magnetik effect with it. so with the blue one, you've already seen it swatched on my um, or one nail, should i say rather. so that's color number seven, but i thought it'd be quite nice to pop it over a um a similar color base as well. so i'm going to go ahead and do that over this one here, and you could totally leave it like this and um, just have it without the magnetik effect, because that alone is very, very pretty indeed. but it would be quite nice to, to you know, use your magnet with it and and sort of see what kind of effects we can get from it. so i'm just going to use the other end of the, the magnet, to move the um, the partikles around a little bit and see if i can get a little bit more of a sort of like an e-shape happening with this. i'm not very good today. it's not really doing what i wanted to do, but anyway it gives you a little bit of an idea. if you don't like how that's turned out- because it's not um cured, you can actually just go ahead and just wipe over the top of it. and that's the great thing about gel polish is it's not set in stone until you know you're ready to actually cure it. i'm just going to give that another go see if i can get those to kind of move a little bit better than what i did before. oh, just lost it again. [Music] so finicky. what i might just do is run that around, kind of got it in that corner. i'm trying to get it to go into like an s shape. oh, i've just got to touch the nail too. now i'm getting a direct mess anyway. but that gives you a little bit of an idea of how you can do um, a different pattern with the magnetik effect. pull that out of the lamp, pop that one in um. so with that purple one, i'm actually going to go ahead and do a third coat on it, because i feel like it's just still not not opaque enough for my liking and i think when i do on my own nails, i definitely will be doing um, either three coats, or a coat of a color underneath and then this one over the top again. i'm just going to run that magnet along the edge and it just gives it a really nice cool wide eye and cat eye as effect to a concentrated one that's up there. it's going to cure that again. and i'm going to move on to the um, the color that i um did in the other video. so i will definitely link that video for you so you can check that one out too. and this was color number number eight, and it was definitely a more on the black side, sort of like a really dark charcoal black. um, as you can, i'll pull out that swatch in a minute and you can see. but i thought it'd be quite cool to try it out over um straight black and see how nice it looks. so i'm just going to go ahead and do that like so. so again, i mean, am


The TRUTH About the History of Dropshipping

Sarah. You know it's funny. When I'm going about in my day-to-day life, going shopping or whatever, I'm thinking "Oh yeah, I feel pretty young". Then I sign onto YouTube and see the drop shipping videos that it has suggested to me. Suddenly, well, I start to feel really, really old. I'm sure a lot of my viewers here who are over the age of 21 understand how I feel that way. sometimes In this industry I feel ancient, Like a lot of young drop shippers today. I got into the industry when I was just a teenager, which means that I've actually been in it for quite a long time. But the one consolation that I have for the loss of my teenage vitality, energy and sharp mind is the wisdom that I have acquired through experience, or at least that's what I like to tell myself. I'll tell you now. the history of drop shipping teaches us a lot, and it gives us some very important lessons that are still relevant today. Now, my guess is why you've been watching this. you've probably be thinking, "Well, why is Sarah wearing this"? Well, it's because, my friends, today we are going on a journey back in time to see how drop shipping began, how it's changed over the years and what that means for us today. So let's go straight to the beginnings of drop shipping and see where it all began, and it's origins may surprise you. Now, to be honest with you, I have yet to actually test this contraption and go back in time, but according to my calculations, we have at least an 87% chance of making it back safely in mostly one piece. Alright, let's do this. Flower crown Tie dye shirt. Yes, yes, it worked. My time machine worked. We've made it to the 70's. I'm sure that most people who watch my videos think about drop shipping as something that you do on the internet, But what they don't realize is that it's actually been around way longer than that. One of the reasons why I find it so strange that people think of drop shipping as some "get rich quick" scheme is because it's been around for years and years. It is not some "new secret money hack" and, in fact, probably the first companies to take advantage of drop shipping on a major scale, where mail order companies- Yep. Some of you over the age of 21 may remember how, back in the day, before the internet and mainstream online shopping, you used to get booklets sent to you in the mail and you could order items directly from it, And something that a lot of people don't know is that these mail order companies were engaging in drop shipping. You see, there were big companies like JC Penney and Sears that had gotten into the mail order business as well, and what they realized was that they needed to have an efficient way to ship out individual items to customers. So in the 60's and the 70's, these companies started to create these revolutionary fulfillment centers to do exactly that. These fulfillment centers, or storage warehouses, were designed so that you could store lots of items in bulk, yet very quickly find an individual item that a customer had ordered. and the ability to do this has a term in eCommerce world, and that is to pick. You pick, pack and ship an item out to your customer. These fulfillment centers made this a game changer. A lot of people think that Amazon invented these pick and pack warehouses, but they didn't, Though, of course, they are now the best in the world at it. Well, what happened was that there were mail order companies at the time, like Compucard, that looked to these fulfillment centers and they thought, "Oh hey, what if we worked with them as well"? They could list their items for sale in the mail order catalogs for a mark-up price and when a customer ordered an item, they would purchase it from the fulfillment centers and have it shipped directly to the customer. And you know what It worked. And that is where mass scale drop shipping was born. But what happened to it next? Let's find out. Pigtails, choker necklace, Spice Girls- Yes, yes, it worked, We've arrived. We've arrived in the 90's Now. when I was six years old, my parents got the internet for our house and for little old New Zealand that was super early. A lot of my friends wouldn't get the internet in their house for another five years. And for those of you out there that are watching, that were also around for the birth of mainstream internet, you remember that it took quite a long time for eCommerce to become commonplace. Back then it was considered kind of shady to give your credit card details out online, even if it was for a big store and a big brand. What if my credit card details get stolen? How I can trust it with this person that I can't see? They're were a lot of fears about buying things on the internet, But obviously over time attitudes changed and it became more and more acceptable to purchase things online and as more and more people did this, the drop shipping com boom began to explode and the bubble began to grow. The com bubble was a period of a few years where some online stores with fancy names popped up out of nowhere and made huge promises to investors, riding on the hype of this new thing called eCommerce. Basically, these stores came to investors and they said to them: "Hey, we're gonna become super successful and really profitable off of this new thing called eCommerce, as long as you give us some money right now so that we can grow". And investors did give them money. They gave them a lot of money. Probably the most notorious player in the com bubble was petscom. It was an online store dedicated to selling pet supplies. Petscom were very clever. they were able to raise millions and millions of dollars over their short two year lifespan by creating a huge marketing hype campaign. They even spent millions of dollars to run ads for the 1999 and 2000 Super Bowl games, which made their little sock puppet mascot famous across the USA. But here was the problem For petscom and other com bubble casualties. they had a great domain name, they had a website and they had a fantastik marketing team, But they didn't have a warehouse and they didn't have inventory. So what did they do? Just like the mail order companies, they turned to drop shipping. Unfortunately, unlike for the mail order companies, drop shipping did not work out this time. Why? Well, because it had become very expensive. Up until the age of the internet, customers didn't really mind if it took four to six weeks for the items to arrive. Simply having items shipped to their door was a huge novelty. but by the 90's, things had changed and big companies and brands wanted to make the shipping times faster. So USA fulfillment centers stepped up their game so that they could match these expectations, and the results were that the costs for drop shipping also went way up. And for petscom it was a huge disaster: They were selling items for a third of what it cost them to buy it and ship it to the customer. By the end of 2001, it wasn't just the Spice Girls who had disappeared. these eCommerce companies that had been relying on these expensive drop shippers had disappeared as well, along with the trillions of dollars invested in them. Yes, it's looking quite bleak right now, but great things are born out of disasters. So let's continue on our journey and see how drop shipping managed to bounce back. Yes, yes, We have arrived. We've arrived in the 2000's, during the rise of Amazon and Ebay. Now, if you ask me today, I would tell you that drop shipping on Amazon and Ebay is a bad idea, But for a while there it was great. So far on our journey into the past, we've seen that multi-million dollar companies have taken advantage of drop shipping. But what about individuals like you and I? Well, at this point, working with Chinese drop shippers wasn't easy, and so us and the West were still shackled with working with expensive USA based drop shippers. So the average Joe like you or I couldn't afford to not only create and build our store and then run it and m

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Novità Born Pretty 🆕📦 collaborazione

[Musica]. Ciao ragazze, Eccomi tornata in un nuovo video. benvenute, bentornate sul mio canale oggi. video collaborazione- azienda bonfritti. andiamo a vedere insieme che cosa mi hanno mandato e questa volta vi voglio far vedere anche come utilizzare alcune cosine che sono veramente rimasta sorpresa. Ebbene, insieme allora, questi di imballaggio via. Questa è una base Rubber. andiamo a vedere la Packaging, bellissimo. andiamo a vedere il suo colore. l'altra volta è sempre da 15 ml, la torta, questa base me l'hanno inviata Clear [Musica]. invece questa volta me l'hanno inviata rosata ed è veramente molto bella. comunque sul sito sono presenti moltissime colorazioni di queste base, in cui vedete queste Clear, e questa è questo Rosato. adesso io volevo farvi vedere anche che al suo interno, vedete, c'è scritto anche come utilizzare insomma, questo prodottino. qui comunque è una Rubber base gel e il suo codice rbg 05. Allora, questo è prodotto che mi ha incuriosito moltissimo. mi è stata inviata già quello Clio e ho incominciato a testare e a studiare un pochino Come poter utilizzare questo prodottino. qui vi prendo anche quello che mi ha inviato l'altra volta, in modo tale che li mettiamo anche a confronto e ve li faccio anche vedere. e sono da 15 ml. Allora, questo è la formato Clear. Poi vi spiego, poi vi faccio vedere come usarlo, Ok, e questo Invece, questo come codice ve lo lascio sempre sotto con il link di questo, perché trovate tutte le correzioni. poi invece questo qui c'è sempre, da 15 ml, però è un rosa molto bello. Adesso vi spiego le sue caratteristikhe e poi anche di questo andremo a vedere insieme come utilizzarlo. Io con questo ho realizzato questa e te l'ho fatto su Tip per una questione di comodità. Allora, questo Pratikamente è un extension Nail gel, pratikamente a un gel solido, non attacca alle mani, permette dell'allungamento sia con la Dual Form che con la Nike form, può essere usato anche per anelarti in 3D e non ha dispersione. quindi può essere anche decorata con le polveri e poi- comunque- questo Diciamo già- il solido- si può anche al suo interno si re glitter, tutto quello che noi vogliamo, e può anche essere usato come colla per gli strass. adesso, questo io l'ho realizzato pratikamente usando una Dual, una Dual form o prodotto che, se non è usato bene, può dare, può dare dei, degli ottimi risultati o perlomeno velocizzare. Ecco, velocizzare la nostra proteina Alcune volte è trovare prodotti che ci permettono di velocizzarci nel nostro lavoro. Quindi questo l'ho dato col Clear. quindi sul sito sono presenti Clear, questo colore che si chiama Smoke Pink e molti altri colori. li mettiamo da parte perché dopo andremo a provare insieme con questo Rosato, e così faccio vedere bene come utilizzare un. non vi servono pennelli, cioè proprio una cosa molto, molto innovativa. Quindi mettiamoli qua e comunque, come dicevo, può anche essere usato per attaccare gli strass, Ma che nell'arte in 3D usa tipo una sorta di plastilina. adesso, io non ha, non sono bravissimo dalla plastina, non c'è neanche mai provato. Sinceramente. però ho provato a realizzare questo con questo Clear, diciamo un po' natalizio in questo bastoncino, e questo apre un po'. provato ad applicare le polveri e comunque si riesce bene a strofinare la polvere. Mettiamola qui e proseguiamo in questo. questo è qui extension gel, questo Pratikamente è un gel in boccetta, belli, Se mi permette, con rinforzo. Insomma permette di allungare e l'unica cosa molto partikolare di questo hotel, il colore che secondo me è meraviglioso Perché ancora lattiginoso, con dentro delle bellissime scaglie oro, e anche questo andremo a provarlo insieme. poi vi farei vedere questo che secondo me anche questo merita Merita. Mi è piaciuto un sacco quando l'ho aperto: questo è pratikamente il Shine glitter painting gel. il nome era il bpg 03. siete pronte? Perché è bellissimo? Guardate che meraviglia: oro, bronzo, Ma è veramente molto bello. adesso ultimo prodottino e poi andiamo a vedere insieme come poterli utilizzare. questo qui è un Jelly Thermo gel che il jtg01, ed è un grigio che come diventerà, andiamo a vederlo insieme. quindi prepariamoci, le tip sono Preparate, la mia Tip, Io inizierei a provare questo color termico, così iniziamo a vedere un po' come. Diamogli una gitata. Comunque, la boccette da 7 ml. uso la Tip trasparente quando Stendo i colori, almeno soprattutto quando Appena arrivano, per capire anche la loro coprenza. ok, Allora, prima passata, se mi chiaro, mando il lampada. uscito dalla lampada, vado a dare assolutamente una seconda stesura, perché è molto chiaro [Musica] e mando, Guardate, mando in lampada per 30 secondi. Ok, uscito dalla lampada, Adesso bisogna fare pratikamente da grigio, così diventa bianco. cioè io vado a sigillare la Tip con Questo che vedete, usato perché mi è stato malato molto tempo fa dall'azienda bonpritti, che il top coat del Super Top Coat, e anche questo prodottino è da questo, è da 10 ml, anche questo lo trovate sul sito. è bello lucido questo top, perfetto. mando in lampada, vedete che già incomincia a sfumarsi perché sente più fresco. mando in lampada per 60 secondi il top. Ok, uscito dalla lampada, vedete che completamente bianco, proseguiamo con la stesura di questo punto. Shine glitter painting gel. è un painting, quindi ottimo per disegnare, Perché i painting sono molto, come caratteristika hanno il fatto che sono molto scriventi. io adesso, in questo caso, voglio provare a utilizzarlo come gel color, perché tanti painting possono essere tranquillamente usati anche come gel color. quindi inizio a prenderne poco, vedete, lo sto anche tirando molto, non è che sono stata abbondante- e devo dire che fa il suo. bellissimo, questo colore, molto bello. Ok, io come prima passata direi che lo manderei in lampada per 30 secondi. cioè è bellissimo, Molto bello, questo prodottino. uscito dalla lampada, seconda stesura, e poi Rimando tutto in lampada, andiamo in lampada tutto per 30 secondi. Ok, finito la sua polimerizzazione, vado a riprendermi il lucido, sigilliamo tutto quanto e mando in lampada. Ecco, qua, uscito dalla lampada, Guardate che bello, molto bello, Molto coprente. quindi direi promosmo due funzioni in uno, perché appunto abbiamo sia un gel color glitterato che un painting per, appunto, le nail art. Questo è il numero GP 03, Adesso, proseguiamo così. questa base appunto, abbiamo detto, è la Quick extension gel, pratikamente un gel in boccetta. Ok, tunati, Appunto, perché, essendo colorato, andiamo a vedere insieme: Ecco, ho le scaglie, orate, sono semplicemente stupende, Secondo me. questo qui anche usato leggero, come decorazione, proprio tirato fine, secondo me può anche essere usato così, non per forza come un gel, perché vedete che farvelo, vedere meglio le scaglie. adesso andiamo a vedere come se stessimo facendo, appunto, usando questo gel. in questo caso dice di non aiutarmi col pennellino, ma usare solo quello in dotazione. Ok, andiamo leggermente a rinforzare un po' qui e proviamo a capovolgere. Vediamo come si autolivella anche questo prodottino, qui è da 7 ml, Ed eccolo qua. vedete, molto carino. mando in lampada, per questo caso per 60 secondi. uscito dalla lampada andiamo a sgrassare perché lascia lo strato di inibizione. bello come effetto. Ripeto, secondo me anche usato come passate leggera per decorare. smetti, si può fare, perché non è spesso come prodotto. e mando in lampada. ti amo che scada la lampada. e andiamo a vedere questa base Rubber. uscito dalla lampada con il suo lucido, Ecco qui, Eccolo qua, andiamo a vedere insieme questa base Rubber. Allora, questa base Rubber sul sito è presente anche Clelia, ve la faccio vedere come la faccio rivedere. quella Clear, comunque, che può essere anche questa interessante con lo stesso link. comunque, poi trovate i colori. questa è fatta così. Mi piace molto il loro pennellino. Ok, e noi adesso andiamo a utilizzare questa qui rosata, la Rubber. la Rubber base era potuta usare come base gel oppure come semipermanente rinforzato. Ok, prendo la tip, andiamo a fare lo stesso lavoro che ho fatto con quella faccio pure. questa è ovviamente più densa rispetto a quella che vi ho fatto vedere prima. Quel gel: andiamo a prendere una quantità in.

Taugen sie was? | Born Pretty UV Lacke Review | MachMalRosa

hallo zusammen. es freut mich, dass wir wieder dabei seid zu einem neuen video von mir hier auf mach mal rosa. wie ihr seht, zeige ich euch hier gerade ein paar uv lacke, denn ich habe welche von bonn tritt, die zugeschickt bekommen. netterweise, da durfte ich mir vierfarb lacke aussuchen. wie seht ihr hier jetzt, und so sehen die aufgetragen aus. ich schreibe euch die namen noch mal in die video beschreibung, da könnt ihr alles genau nachlesen. und dazu habe ich auch noch natürlich base und top korb bekommen. die sind hier quasi von der basislinie, und dazu habe ich noch hier diesen sehr fans die top coat bekommen. die verpackung ist einfach wunderschön. ich fange jetzt erstmal an dem base code auf, meine natur nägel aufzutragen. die hab ich vorher schon vorbereitet. falls ihr dazu ein video haben möchtet, dann lass mich das gerne in den kommentaren wissen. da lasse ich so ein kommentar da, wo ihr dann daumen hoch draufdrücken könnt. ich trage den jetzt sehr dünn auf und massieren quasi so ein bisschen in die neue platte ein, so dass wir nachher eine gute haftung haben, und härte den jetzt gleich für 60 sekunden aus. das mache ich immer, wenn ich neue produkte ausprobieren, einfach um auf der sicheren seite zu sein, dass sie auch wirklich ausgehärtet sind. manchmal reichen eigentlich schon 30 sekunden, aber ich will lieber sicher gehen, dass alles gut ausgehärtet ist, und ich finde, 60 sekunden sind da eine gute faustregel. nachdem das erledigt ist, trage ich jetzt eine schicht quasi aufbau auf. also ich gebe doch mal eine schicht base code auf, und zwar gebe ich so ein tropfen auf die nagelplatte und verstreiche diesen tropfen komplett über die gesamte fläche. das sorgt dafür, dass die nagelplatte nachher ein bisschen glatter ist von der oberfläche her, und dadurch lässt sich dann der uv lack, der farblaser auftragen. er sieht ein bisschen gleichmäßiger aus, und man hat nicht so viele wellen und dellen in die hand am ende immer um, so dass sich der base code auch ein bisschen ausgleichen kann und härte das danach aus. ihr seht es noch mal auf meinem zeigefinger. also ich habe einen kleinen tropfen aufgegeben und verstreiche den jetzt mit dem pinsel. wichtig dabei übrigens, den pinsel nicht richtig aufzudrücken, also nicht so wie bei einem normalen lack, den man jetzt aus der drogerie kennt. da drückt man ja den pinsel so ein bisschen auf die nagelplatte auf. hier schwebt der pinsel quasi nur über dem base code und zieht den so hin und her, manipuliert den. jetzt drehe ich wieder meine hand um, und dann geht das ganze wieder in die uv lampe. nachdem ich das mit allen engeln gemacht habe, trage ich jetzt die fahrpläne auf. ich habe zuallererst mir hier ein weiß ausgesucht, ganz bewusst also zum einen, weil wir ja noch ein gutes weiß gefehlt hat, und weil ich das ausprobieren wollte- weiß im auftrag häufig sehr zickig ist, es ist gern mal streitig, ist härtet oft nicht gut aus wegen dem pigment da drin, und ich wollte einfach mal ausprobieren: taugt dieser lag etwas oder nicht? und wie man hier schon beim auftragen sieht, wie auf meinem swatch stik, ist eigentlich das pigment auf jeden fall da. das ist auf jeden fall nicht verwässert oder zu durchsichtig. das ist auf jeden fall wirklich ein stark deckende lack. hier habe ich erst mal nur eine schicht aufgetragen, hier seht ihr es aber schon mit zwei schichten. das habe ich leider nicht aufgenommen. und gleich schauen uns das ganze natürlich auch noch auf dem fingernagel an, weil der swatch stik, finde ich, verhält sich immer so ein bisschen anders als so ein richtiger natur nagel. er hat jetzt natürlich nur so eine helle weiße farbe als untergrund. da sieht alles ein bisschen schöner darauf aus, finde ich, weil der echte natur nagel ist natürlich viel rosa nach unten drunter. jetzt haben wir hier so ein wunder, wunder, wunderschön ton. das ist ja sowas von mainz. ich habe auch tatsächlich ein kleid genau in diesem farbton gekauft für eine hochzeit, jetzt bald ansteht, und ich bin verliebt in solche farben. ihr wisst ja, ich liebe neutrale farben. dann habe ich hier auch noch so ein glitzer lag. ich würde sagen, das ist wie so ein top. also das ist kein top coat, sondern das ist einfach so ein lac leman, gut über andere farben auch noch darüber geben kann, weil er nicht so hoch kommentiert ist, aber er gibt einfach einen tollen effekt. hier seht ihr auch den schimmer, der schockiert. so blau rosa finde ich einfach sehr, sehr hübsch. [Musik]. und zum schluss haben wir hier noch einen silbernen lack, einen blitzer lag. also ist nicht einfach nur silber, sondern silberglitter, und der soll tatsächlich im dunkeln noch mal richtig krass reflektieren. ich hab das auch ausprobiert. eine richtig gute aufnahme konnte ich davon nicht machen. also es hat eigentlich den effekt nicht so gut wiedergegeben in der kamera, aber ja, das reflektiert auf jeden fall recht schön, aber es jetzt nicht so richtig krasser unterschied. aber wie man sieht, das ist auf jeden fall ein richtig toller glitter lag, ein silberner glitter. so sehen die ganzen dann am ende aus. auf den spot stiks habt ihr ja schon am anfang des videos gesehen, und jetzt tragen wir das ganze endlich mal auf die fingernägel auf. ich fange mit dem newton, war ja klar, oder was ich mich als erstes daran waage, denn ihr wisst, ich liebsten, trage ich jetzt erstmal hier ganz vorsichtig auf. ich habe alle lacke nach der in zwei schichten aufgetragen. das mache ich generell bei uv lacken. also, ich habe ganz selten mal einen uv lack, den ich wirklich nur in einer schicht auftragen muss. ich finde, die brauchen das, und ich finde, das sieht auch so meistens am schönsten aus, und selbst und normalen lack, also kein uv lack, sondern so normalen nagellack, würde ich auch in zwei schichten auftragen bringen. hier sehen wir dann auch das weiß. ich finde, das trägt sich erst mal, wenn es noch nicht ausgehärtet ist. na, da sieht es immer so. ein bisschen streif ich aus, aber das ist generell wirklich bei so farben wie weiß, neonfarben, manchmal auch schwarz, so dass die erst mal so ein bisschen komisch wirken. das weiß, er hat sich super gut ausgeglichen in der zweiten schicht. hier seht ihr es wie ich: die zweite schicht auftragen, und dann trage ich die restlichen nägel auch auf. hier noch mal eine news: auf dem mittelfinger, auf dem kleinen finger, habe ich dann den silbernen gitter aufgetragen, und auf das weiß auf dem zeigefinger trage ich gleich eben diesen schockierenden glitter auf, weil ich mir davon erhofft habe, dass man den effekt noch etwas krasser sehen kann, bis zum weißen untergrund. [Musik]. genau hier seht ihr mich diesen changierenden lack auftrage. der lässt den weißen- und v lag dann nicht mehr ganz so weiß- strahlen, weil er noch wie so eine resonanz leichten unterton hat. ich werde, ich sagen, geld, weil richtig gelb sah der auch nicht aus, und jetzt nach einer woche ungefähr tragen- ich schaue da gerade drauf, ist ja auch nicht gelb. also, der ist halten wir nicht weiß weiß ganz schwer zu beschreiben, und den ringfinger denn mache ich einfach nur, bin lieber, ist einfach nur ganz unauffällig. nachdem ich auf einen nagel in zwei schichten aufgetragen habe, geht es jetzt natürlich zum top coat, und wie ihr seht, haben wir hier so ein richtig schönes luxuriöses fläschchen. ich teste aber auch quasi die basislinie aus. beide top codes sind am ende bleibt, das heißt, man muss sie nicht noch mal ab, china ist keine schutzschicht mehr drauf, sondern man ist quasi gut thurgau. danach kann man einfach seiner wege gehen und muss nicht noch mal ein abklingen, was ich richtig praktisch finde. mein lieblings top coat aktuell bisher waren nämlich so einer, dem man noch mal abliefern musste, und das kann nicht immer sehr lästig, und ich fand, dass manchmal der glanz dann nicht ganz so da war, und das ist hier nicht der fall. ich habe beide top codes ganz normal aufgetragen und aushärten lassen, also alles nur in einer schicht, und habe darauf geachtet, dass die so ein bisschen ja glättend um draußen- das ist das ergebnis- übrigens nach fast einer woche tragen. also ich hab dir schon getragen, so sie glänzen ganz normal. ich finde, sie sehen auch sehr sauber und orden.


hey guys, welcome back to my channel. in today's video i'll be reviewing two new polygels that i got from aliexpress. one is called msk number 11 and one is from born pretty and it's like a glittery poly gel, and this is the slip solution i'll be using, as well as the you are sugar base coat. so i started off with working on the thumb and i decided to use that pinky color. i did get on aliexpress and i ended up actually paying a really little amount for it. however, it is only 15 grams. that's probably why. but i found it very easy to work with. it wasn't very stiky, but it was very delicate. so a slight little push and it moved a lot. so you need to really watch out for it. um, and also, you realize that when i was trying to apply it onto the nail, it didn't want to stik too much. it was a bit, because it's not too stiky, didn't want to really grip onto the nail, but nevertheless it's still very nice and very cheap. for how much i got out? i can't remember how much i got it from before, but i did get on aliexpress. so, yeah, it's actually quite nice. when i was buying it i didn't realize it's going to be sparkly. it i just thought it would be like a nudie color. i was showing you guys how i take off the tip from the little stand, so i start peeling off the sides first until the nail can just easily come off. otherwise you end up just stiking your nails in the poly gel and it just becomes a big mess. so i pretty much did the same thing for the index finger as well. i just wanted to share some news. i have ended up investing some money into those realistik silicon hands. um, i came across them form from candy coat, the kind of the company the company called the candy coat. they also do gel polishes and it was 100 pounds. but thankfully i have an amazing boyfriend in my life and he ended up finding the exact one on aliexpress for 30 pounds, which is amazing. so i ended up doing that and, yeah, the only reason i know it's the same is because they used identikal pictures from aliexpress on their website. so i'm pretty sure that they are just dropshipping the hands on their website. so, yes, i ended up saving myself some coins. so if you guys also want to save yourself some coins, i do really recommend. when it comes, i will do a little unboxing and review for you guys so you know what it's like and the quality. i mean, even if the quality isn't too amazing, i wouldn't be actually complaining, as long as it just does the job, because i only did pay 30 pounds, but yeah. so here i started using the born pretty poly gel for the middle finger and the ring finger and, oh my goodness, this poly gel looks amazing. i couldn't believe my eyes. it's also better quality than the msk. it's much more thicker and much more stiky in a way, but in a good way. so when i was actually applying it onto the nail, it like didn't move about too much. like where i put it it stayed, which was very nice, um, but yeah, i just thought it looked amazing. i literally wouldn't mind having all of my nails in this polygel. loved it. i think it was beautiful. i might actually invest into more of born pretty polly gels because they're really good price for the quality and they also had- and they also had like- much more different variations of this glittery type of poly gel. so i will be having a look for those. after doing each poly gel nail, i was prepping my own nail and then applying base coat. just, i was just doing it after doing each end of an individual nail, just because i wanted it to stay on properly. [Music]. oh, [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. when doing these nails, make sure you pick the correct tip, because i ended up actually picking a one size too small for the pinky and you will see that it's actually slightly too small when i put it on. but luckily i am taking them off because i do have work later and i cannot work with such long nails, so luckily i won't be keeping them on. but if i was keeping them on i would be slightly annoyed, but luckily, when it came to the filing and actually doing it, you can't actually see too much. that's quite nice. i just love how pink and delicate this msk polygel was. i just thought it was just really pretty, a really pretty polygel. [Music]- mountains, [Music]. but here i [Music]. once all the nails out of the lamp, i started filing them. so i just wanted to get rid of any apollo gel that was just stiking out and not being smooth, and i was also working on the shape and i was just wanting to make it a bit more sharp. um, and yeah, just filing it down to whatever shape you want or just fixing the shape you already have. and once i was done with the filing, i picked up a buffer and i also buffed all the nails down as well before i applied the top coat. and then, once the top coat was applied, i showed you guys at the end what the nails look like. so i'll just let you guys enjoy me filing down the nails and then applying the top coat. i remember the ocean, [Music], that we were traveling, [Music]. so if you want something to hold on, to gotta find it first. but here i am, cause i've been laying under palm trees waiting for the summer- nowhere. there's nowhere to go, cause i am happy on this island [Music], [Music]. so [Music] [Applause], [Music]. oh so [Music], memories, [Music]. so if you want something [Music], right guys. so this will sum up this whole video. i hope you guys enjoyed it and i hope you guys go off and buy some born pretty polygel, because i really recommend it. it was amazing. so yeah, thank you guys. so much for watching. don't forget to like, comment and subscribe, and i'll see you guys in the next video. bye, guys.