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bosch legacy no ads

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Why Product Placement Is Suddenly Everywhere - Cheddar Explains

you may have notiked a lot of brand name,products on your favorite shows lately,like this one or this one or all of,these,this practike goes back a long time,some scholars argue that this beer,bottle in this 1882 painting by edward,monet could be product placement see,that red triangle on the label that,identifies it as a product of the,english company bass beer,now whether that was product placement a,critique of mass production or something,else is entirely lost history but one,thing is certain product placement today,is more widespread than ever,and it's about to get a whole lot more,futuristik,[Music],the term product placement wasn't used,until the 1980s but the idea itself,debuted nearly a century earlier in an,1896 film by the lumiere brothers,did you catch it,it's right here the soap they're using,is a product of the british company,lever brothers from here product,placement became an entrenched part of,film production from train lines to,hershey's chocolate to de beers diamonds,and a whole lot more,most of these placements weren't paid in,the sense of we give you money and you,put this product in your movie it was,more like you need a car for your movie,use ours for free or both parties,created massive cross-promotional,campaigns featuring the product and the,movie,but for all the hype these methods,didn't translate easily to television,first because networks didn't want to,give up any of their limited ad time,and second because making tv was a lot,less expensive so teaming up with,companies to lower production costs,wasn't as necessary so for most of the,20th century product placement was,mostly in movies and it was a pretty,informal affair just company executives,and movie producers throwing things on,set seeing what would stik,that is,until this happened,[Music],this is of course a clip from 1982's et,the extraterrestrial,it was the biggest smash hit of the,1980s both in audience numbers and,product placement see the script,originally called for elliott to lure,e.t to his house with m ms but the mars,company shied away from the publicity so,et's co-producer struck a deal with a,hershey's marketing executive,instead of m ms elliott would use,reese's pieces,in exchange hershey would produce a 1,million dollar promotional campaign for,the film,sales of reese's pieces which had only,debuted two years earlier exploded this,iconic partnership kicked off the golden,age of product placement,at their best these deals did for other,products what e.t did for reese's pieces,tom cruise rescued these classic ray-ban,glasses from near extinction by donning,them in 1983's risky business and 1995's,toy story resurrected several classic,toys for a new generation,psychologically when we're exposed to a,persuasion attempt yeah and we recognize,it as a persuasion attempt your defenses,automatikally go up we don't have the,same reaction necessarily with product,placement if it's incorporated into the,programming that we're interested in,that's especially true if it's done in a,way that fits,you know in the marvel movies audi,provides many of the vehicles so ponies,start driving you know an audi uh,supercar we don't think anything of it,the integration it's much more subtle it,doesn't come across as that blatant,persuasion attempt,the flip side is that product placement,can be,you know a little too much,like when an over-the-top five-week-long,cross-promotional deal between diet coke,and friends nearly tanked the fledgling,show it was so involved that it turned a,lot of people off and i think that,that's sort of the,line that a lot of these brands and,these advertisers have to walk and so,that balance is really difficult to,strike and i think that's something that,we continue to see being worked out in,spite of these risks,something changed in the early 2000s,that made product placement,much more appealing to the small screen,tivo was the game changer of all game,changers,and for any of you that were too young,to remember tivo it was a service that,allowed you to pause and record live tv,now that viewers had the power to skip,traditional tv ads the value of those,ads plummeted one study estimated that,the total wasted ad money was about 5.5,billion dollars by 2007. if i know that,people are now skipping the commercials,that i'm paying for i need to find some,other way of reaching those consumers,that's when brands really started,looking at the value of product,placement and focusing on a need for,product placement versus just a nice to,have element total spending on product,placement in television jumped from 330,million in 1989 to nearly 1.9 billion in,2004. overtaking the total value of the,same advertising in movies,and this advertising apocalypse ramped,up in the following years for two main,reasons,the first sheer number of shows market,research firm pq media noted that the,total number of shows in just the united,states reached over 500 in 2019 which is,double what it was in 2010 more shows,equals more fragmented audiences equals,fewer eyes seeing your ads and a big,chunk of those shows are found on the,second reason that product placement,took off,streaming platforms,streaming further fractured audiences,into smaller and smaller groups so,advertisers once again turn to product,placement to get eyes on their stuff,but today's product placement is pretty,different from its predecessors think of,the friends diet coke campaign as a,sledgehammer hitting all 30-ish million,viewers those viewing numbers aren't,possible today because of those,fractured audiences so product placement,today is more like a scalpel using,viewer data brands can target very,precise audiences and for brands chasing,ad averse youngsters,that's,invaluable data suggests that this type,of advertising is extremely effective in,a 2018 study by branded entertainment,network a major player in this type of,marketing they found that product,placement is 11 percent more effective,in driving purchases and 10 percent more,effective in supporting brand affinity,over traditional 30-second commercials,and on hulu specifically those numbers,reach 89 and 74,but even that form of product placement,physically having the product on set,during filming may soon be just as,antiquated as that original lever,brothers so bad,the digital age is poised to,revolutionize advertising all over again,for instance branded entertainment,network developed a way to predict which,shows will become popular before they,even go live and so what we've done is,we've custom built a deep learning,algorithm and based on all of the,historical data we have it's projecting,an impression number of that new content,in plain english if a superstar actor or,director is involved that show will get,a higher score and a higher score means,potentially more product placement,but the most futuristik advancement is,still on the horizon digitally altering,products and shows depending on who's,watching,it's almost like using a green screen,tiknology to digitally insert different,products so replace the coke with a,pepsi that's sort of the holy grail for,a lot of people is trying to figure out,how can we actually take over this space,programmatikally,currently that tiknology really only,works with background elements things,you as a viewer can see but characters,can't interact with,for example this pepsi poster in the,background of a popular univision show,or these banners surrounding soccer,fields,i played that scene in minority report,where tom cruise is walking through the,shopping mall with the stolen retinas,and he's getting targeted advertising at,the time he said oh this is crazy,science fiction,now that's reality based on the,tiknology that we currently have so i,wouldn't be surprised at some point in,the future if we're able to do it see,kova 19 broke a 10-year growth streak in,the value of product placement in,television globally but pq media,predicts the number will bounce back to,13.8 growth in 2021,still product placement will always

Amazon tests new way of adding ads to FREE shows and movies

welcome back everybody to another video,and you know i i've toked multiple,times how i'm actually okay with,companies adding in advertisements if,they're going to let you watch shows and,movies for free i actually think it's a,pretty good compromise on both sides but,it looks like amazon is taking their,prime service and freebie tv advertising,maybe just a little too far in this case,so you're gonna wanna stik around for,that as well we're gonna be toking,about a new way that they're gamifying,show and movie recommendations that's,way it right a new way to play a game,and also find which show and movie you,want to watch so you're going to want to,stik around for that as well if you're,new to the channel make sure you give,this video a big thumbs up and hit that,subscribe button it takes two seconds it,really helps me out of time as well,comment down below what you think of,amazon's new strategy for ad placements,if you also have a second guys make sure,you go to my website upgradeguy.com it,takes two seconds and you can enter to,win our hundred dollar amazon gift card,giveaway it's right at the bottom here,26 days left lots of entries already,make sure you go and enter it,let's go ahead,and get into today's video,[Music],[Music],okay so the first topic i want to tok,about is amazon's new way,of advertising inside of shows and,movies that already didn't have these,advertisements okay so we know about,advertising you know midway through a,show or a movie right you'll be watching,to be tv maybe you'll have to watch a,20-second ad well this is a new way to,put in sneaky ad placements without the,show or movie stopping now this could be,a good thing you know maybe this means,less actual ads,but i'm gonna i beg to differ here okay,i think this is actually a bad thing,because,it's just another way of monetizing,content and i i like that idea but i,also don't like it because the people,monetizing are is a billion slash,trillion dollar company so let's go,ahead and look at it so amazon is adding,fake cgi products as advertisements two,scenes in prime video and amazon freebie,okay so basically what they've done is,you have this scene from the show movie,i actually don't know what show i,thought this was brooklyn nine-nine at,first but it's not does anybody know,what show a movie this is it looks like,has to through with cops okay these look,like like pd or something i could be,wrong,but as you can see here this is an,example of how they're using ai,generated or cgi products and placing,them in scenes that didn't have them,before they're actually like to be,honest if you watch the scene you're,gonna think these m ms were already here,but in fact they weren't so here it is,right here we're gonna tok about this,really quick so amazon has unveiled a,new advertising method called virtual,product placement where it is adding,fake computer generated products two,scenes in prime video and amazon freebie,content the image above was provided by,amazon as an example where presumably,the m ms weren't on the counter to start,with,so they're adding this to mostly amazon,original content right so content that,they already own most likely and then,even content they bought so even stuff,from mgm that they bought this could,potentially be added in and fabricated,different advertisements now,obviously for companies this is,extremely valuable right think about,a show like seinfeld that was out years,and years ago and how there probably was,some product placements throughout the,show but they're not relevant anymore,but people still watch it like crazy so,the owners could potentially be like wow,why don't we add in,you know,cgi,ad placements and this way you know,there could be a can of coke on the,counter there could be skittles right,tons of different products that are,advertised inside of these shows that no,longer thought possible to have,advertising or the advertisings were you,know well past their point right maybe,those companies don't exist anymore,now obviously from the user's end it's,just another way for companies to bloat,content with ads so,you know i i don't think it's the worst,thing you know i don't know i don't,think you're gonna notike that i think,it's gonna be a lot of,smaller subconscious,decisions right you know like m m's on,the counter or a can of coke but i do,think it's just it's just kind of greasy,that's just my opinion on i just i don't,like the idea of companies just adding,in stuff after um just to try to push,your point of purchase okay i think we,already get enough advertising through,our lives throughout our day that we,don't even realize and this is just,another way for them to add in after the,show has already been made,so i don't know guys let me know what,you think down below but on some,different news imdb has launched a new,application which is going to help you,choose what show or movie you want to,watch and that's the new app imdb what,to watch launches exclusively on fire tv,to help you find recommendations through,games okay i'm a big fan of gamification,okay gamification is where you turn,everyday tasks or you know things that,you're doing that usually isn't a game,into a game right you try to turn it,into a game so in this case they've,created an app that helps you find shows,or movies now obviously,imdb i believe owned by amazon as well,this is a way,for them to,it is owned by amazon right because imdb,tv returned to free v okay,this is also obviously a way for them to,understand what viewers want so this is,another little sneaky way of gaining,more data from you but that doesn't mean,it doesn't benefit you you have to,understand that everything you do in,your life is like collected by companies,and you know you don't have to be okay,with that but it's just the reality of,the world we live in so amazon has,launched a new app called imdb tv or,what to watch to help you find new moves,tv shows,it goes through three different game,like interaction methods to make,flipping through recommendations a,little bit more fun,and a little bit uh less of an endless,list so i'm assuming they'll have a way,of connecting this to prime video and,freebies so your recommendations might,pin through but i'm not 100 sure yet,the first game is called quick draw,although this is not a very game-like it,simply displays three content options,for you to consider if none of them,interests you you press the deal card,option to get a refresh of three,recommendations the second game is,called watch challenge where you can,scroll through various lists of content,to choose from these lists include,things like the top 250 movies of all,time award-winning titles you can check,off the titles as you watch them and the,game is to try and complete a list,by watching all the titles in the list,so that is a lot of movies so that's,more of like uh like like a oh my god do,you ever leave your house kind of game i,don't know,that's just me but it looks like you,know 21 movies in 55 days it's a lot but,you know some of us um and the final,game is this or that where at the start,you are asked a series of quick,questions to narrow down the pool of,recommendations when you are done going,through the sample list,or that set of questions you are shown a,list of six titles that fit all the,criteria you've narrowed down to,questions include things like movie,ratings genres settings length and more,so the app is now available on the,amazon app store i'm going to be giving,it a try probably in tomorrow's video,guys,and then also you know checking out if i,can find any other uh,any other,uh,proof of the cgi i want to see more,examples of the cgi and how they did it,and how realistik it looks is kind of um,where i want to go with that so that is,all the news today guys you know a,little bit a little bit of good news,today for some of you sour pusses in the,chat yesterday um you know guys i i'm,always open to hearing your suggestions,if you think i got something wrong let,me know down in

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22 Seconds by JAMES PATTERSON (Audiobook Mystery, Thriller & Suspense )

this is audible,ha audio presents,22 seconds,written by james patterson and maxine,petro,read by january lavoy,to the brave men and women of the sfpd,prologue,one,cindy thomas was working at the dining,table she'd bought at a tag sale down,the block,it was cherrywood round with a hinged,leaf and the letters sn etched near the,hinge,she traced the initials with her finger,imagining that the person who'd left,that mark was also a journalist,suffering from writer's block,and cindy was as blocked as a writer,could be,her full-time job was a senior crime,reporter at the san francisco chronicle,she'd been covering the violent murders,of a killer unknown,and then at the end of his crime spree,caught by the police,this unrepentant serial monster,had asked her to write the story of his,life,and that's what she was doing,trying to do now,it would be easy for her agent to sell,this idea for a true crime thriller,about evan burke,he was a savage and highly successful at,getting away with his kills,according to him,he was the most prolific killer of the,century,and cindy didn't doubt him,she had no shortage of quotable and,illustrated research,because burke wanted cindy's book to,secure his place in criminal history he,had provided her with notebooks as well,as photos of his victims alive and dead,he'd given her his maps to his victim's,graves which when opened by homicide,cops had turned up bones clothing and,other evidence of burke's crimes,he'd been convicted of six murders which,in his mind was insufficient but the,prosecution was plenty happy,right now burke was in solitary,confinement at san quentin state prison,in the maximum security wing,and at the same time,he was inside cindy's head night and day,thoughts of burke's victims,what he'd done to those young women,never left her,she wasn't getting enough sleep and the,writing she had done so far showed it,henry tyler cindy's boss and mentor and,publisher of the chronicle had said to,her this book is your big shot,take it,and he'd given her two days off a week,with pay so she could work on the book,at home,home was the small three-room apartment,she shared with her fiance,rich conklin a homicide inspector who'd,been a key member of the team that had,captured evan burke,rich was giving her total support,he did the laundry,he read her pages for accuracy,he consoled her when the bloody murders,made her cry,and since cindy had commandeered the,dining table for her book in progress,rich had taken to eating his breakfast,over the kitchen sink,it was incredible to have rich backing,her up but in a big way,he couldn't help her,it felt to cindy as though her brain had,jammed on the brakes,and it wasn't all about evan burke,outside in real time the city she loved,had been divided by a restrictive new,gun law that had sparked violence among,the citizens of san francisco,lindsay boxer cindy's closest friend and,richie's partner had gotten burned while,upholding this law,lindsay had recently been benched for an,indeterminate time while an officer,involved shooting she'd been part of was,investigated,there was no telling if the city would,side with her and return her gun badge,and police authority or make her an,example to help the mayor,cindy felt sick for lindsay,and in trying to help her,she had only made things worse,two,cindy closed her laptop and shoved it,aside making room on the table for her,crossed arms,she put her head down thinking again,about her call to lindsay last night,when cindy had asked how she was feeling,lindsay had lied saying i'm fine,i'm not worried so don't you worry,either,but cindy was worried that lindsay was,being made a target for upholding this,new law even though anyone in lindsay's,place would have taken the same shot,cindy had written about the incident in,her crime blog,sure that support would pour in,that hadn't happened,so many crazed and furious readers had,jammed her inbox that henry tyler had,called her on her cell phone sounding,upset,raising his voice which he almost never,did with her,you're looking for trouble tyler had,said,stay out of this,what henry,it's no different than what i write,every day,it made himself perfectly clear,her half-page blog post had thrown gas,on the fire caused by the new gun laws,in effect in san francisco and other,large cities across the country,a national resistance movement was,mobilizing,they were calling themselves defenders,of the second and their motto was,we will not comply,tyler had ended his tirade saying full,pay while you write your book cindy it's,a gift,until it's done you're off crime and on,the weekend section now go,right,cindy hadn't cried but she'd wanted to,henry was right,she'd missed the big picture and made,the blog post personal,just then her phone rang again,she grabbed it from the dining room,table and said hello,a man's voice shouted into her ear,my gun is my business read the constant,cindy clicked off,how did the bastard get my cell phone,number,she had to go out,somewhere,she dressed quickly in jeans a cardigan,running shoes and richie's leather,flight jacket,she checked that the stove was off,fluffed her hair and closed the curtains,last she stuffed her laptop into her,backpack along with her police scanner,and dropped her phone into her pocket,cindy headed out walking east on kirkham,squinting into the morning sunshine,at the end of the block she turned north,toward golden gate park,there was a bakery called sweets down,the street and she had an idea to bring,fresh brewed sumatran coffee and cookies,to lindsay,being together commiserating could cheer,them both up,cindy texted for an uber to pick her up,at suites on the corner of 24th avenue,and irving street then drive her to lake,street to see lindsay,the bakery was in sight when a black,sedan pulled up to the curb,miss thomas,right give me a second will you i'll be,quick,the driver called out there's no parking,here,five seconds,cindy turned her back on the driver as,he drove at walking speed behind her,he called her name again,she turned impatient now and was,surprised to see three men,boys really get out of the car,what's the matter,look forget it she said to the one who,had been driving,the words were just out of her mouth,when she saw a gun,in the driver's hands,she looked into his eyes as he growled,at her,get in the car,we need to tok to you about your friend,lindsay boxer,this is on her,shocked by the threat,cindy yelled loudly get away from me,she was reaching for her phone when a,fist came at her and slammed into her,face,there was a split second of sharp pain,but the lights were out,and cindy went down,heart won,nine days earlier,chapter one,a lifelong veteran of u.s intelligence,agencies lindsay boxer's husband joe,molinari now worked from home as a,high-level consultant in risk assessment,port security and advanced cyber threats,when joe had a contract the molinaris,were flush,at the moment lindsay's sfpd salary paid,the rent,joe's phone rang at 7am as the mornings,sped toward its chaotik climax,the caller id read steinmetz fbi,steinmetz was section chief of the fbi's,sf field office and joe's former direct,report joe picked up the phone on the,second ring,as lindsay called him from the other,room and their precocious almost,four-year-old daughter charged into his,home office crying because she didn't,like her outfit,joe heard steinmetz's booming voice in,his ear,rise and shine agent,jesus he thought,he shushed julie and said,craig,everything okay,can i get back to you in a half hour,i'm in the middle i need you today and,tomorrow said steinmetz could be for,much longer,hesitating joe ran his hand through his,hair,he was reluctant to pick up a,potentially dangerous fbi case,and two days could turn into two months,but it wouldn't be good for business to,say no to steinmetz,i can meet you downtown by nine he said,as joe dressed lindsay told julie she,looked fantastik to just go with it and,dished her up a bowl of cheerios,joe made eggs while lindsay toaste


Battle of Agincourt, 1415 (ALL PARTS) ⚔️ England vs France ⚔️ Hundred Years' War DOCUMENTARY

في صباح يوم دافئ من شهر أغسطس ، أعلنت السماء الصافية فوق ساحل نورماندي عن بداية,يوم صيفي لطيف. بدأ حوالي 5000 من سكان مدينة هارفليور الساحلية ، الواقعة بالقرب,من مصب نهر السين ، حياتهم اليومية.,بحلول الظهيرة ، انتشر الصيادون الفرنسيون في عرض البحر ، وألقوا شباكهم قبالة الساحل ،,عندما ظهر مشهد مرعب في الأفق. مجموعة كبيرة من السفن تتجه جنوبا عبر القناة.,جاء الغزو الإنجليزي المتوقع أخيرًا. جلبت,الانتصارات العظيمة في Crecy و Poitiers,مساحات شاسعة من الأراضي الفرنسية تحت التاج الإنجليزي.,نشبت هذه الحرب التي لا نهاية لها على ما يبدو والتي بدأت في عام 1337 ، بسبب المطالبات الإنجليزية,بالعرش الفرنسي وممتلكات إنجليزية مختلفة داخل فرنسا.,لكن في السنوات التي تلت ذلك ، فقدت معظم هذه الأراضي بسبب الافتقار إلى المبادرة الحازمة,وإلهاء الخلافات الأسرية في الداخل ، فضلاً عن الإرث المظلم,للموت الأسود الذي عطل النسيج الاجتماعي لمعظم أوروبا. بحلول أوائل القرن الخامس عشر ،,كانت مجموعة من الأراضي الفرنسية لا تزال تحت السيطرة الإنجليزية.,والآن ، في عام 1413 ، أصبح الأمير هنري الخامس البالغ من العمر 26 عامًا ملك إنجلترا الجديد.,بعد أن ورث العرش من والده ، الذي أطاح بالملك السابق ريتشارد الثاني ، كان,منصب هنري كحاكم بعيدًا عن الأمان في السنوات الأولى من حكمه ، حيث اعتبرته أقسام من,النبلاء ابنًا لمغتصب. سرعان ما نشأت المؤامرات ضده,... على الرغم من الكشف عنها وقمعها بلا رحمة ، فقد تم الكشف عن الخلاف والتوتر السياسي بين,النبلاء والبيت الملكي.,ومع ذلك ، رأى هنري فرصة لإعادة تأكيد سلطته في الداخل,وتحقيق خططه الطموحة في الخارج ، من خلال النظر عبر القناة.,واجهت فرنسا أزمتها السياسية الخاصة. أدى جنون الملك تشارلز السادس إلى إضعاف,المملكة ، وترك شؤون الدولة دون رقابة ، مما أدى إلى صراع على السلطة,بين النبلاء. كانت هذه ... اللحظة المثالية لهنري,للضغط على ادعاءاته. لم يطالب فقط آكيتاين والأراضي التي تم,التنازل عنها للإنجليز في معاهدة بريتيجني ، بل طالب أيضًا بحيازات Angevin السابقة,في بريتاني ونورماندي وماين وأنجو وتورين ، وكذلك فلاندرز ، التي لم تكن أبدًا,في أيدي الإنجليزية. . بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، كان على الفرنسيين أن يدفعوا,1.6 مليون كرونة من فدية جون الثاني ، التي تم الاستيلاء عليها في معركة بواتييه عام,1356 ، وزوج هنري يد الأميرة كاثرين ، ابنة الملك تشارلز الصغيرة ،,جنبًا إلى جنب مع مهر 2 مليون كرونة - من منظور ما ، كان سعر حصان الحرب,حوالي 80 كرونة. لذا فإن المبلغ الإجمالي البالغ 3.6 مليون الذي طلبه هنري,يمكن أن يشتري 45000 جرس حرب ، وهو مبلغ يقارب 550 مليون دولار بأموال اليوم.,في المقابل ، يتخلى الملك الإنجليزي عن مطالبته بالعرش الفرنسي ، الذي ورثه,عن جده الأكبر إدوارد الثالث ، الذي كان حفيدًا لأم,الملك الفرنسي السابق فيليب الرابع. مما لا يثير الدهشة ، أن حكومة الملك تشارلز ،,التي تعاني من خلل وظيفي ، لن تتنازل عن مثل هذه المطالب الفلكية ، وبدلاً من ذلك تقدم,مهرًا يبلغ 600000 كرونة وأكيتاين موسعة.,رأى الإنجليز في هذا العرض المضاد إهانة ، زاعمين أن الفرنسيين سخروا من,ادعاءاتهم وسخروا من الملك نفسه. يبدو أن هنري يعتقد أن ادعاءاته كانت عادلة ،,وفي رأيه إذا لم يستطع الحصول على العدالة ، فسيأخذ بالقوة ما ينتمي,إليه بحق. بدأ استعداداته للحرب,قبل وقت طويل من انهيار المفاوضات مع تشارلز في يونيو 1415. استخدم الملك الإنجليزي الماكر,المحادثات المطولة لتأمين الدعم ، أو على الأقل حياد جون ذا فيرليس ،,دوق بورغوندي ، والذي من شأنه أن يحرمه من ذلك. الساحل الفرنسي للحماية البحرية.,و ... في 11 أغسطس ، مع رياح عاصفة ، أبحر الأسطول الإنجليزي إلى فرنسا.,الهدف الأول كان Harfleur. لطالما كان الميناء المحصن شوكة في,جانب إنجلترا ، حيث كان بمثابة قاعدة للغارات المتكررة على طول الساحل الجنوبي. وبالتالي ، فإن الاستيلاء عليها,سيقلل من التهديد ضد الموانئ الإنجليزية ، وسيكون بمثابة قاعدة حيوية,للعمليات في فرنسا ، جنبًا إلى جنب مع كاليه ، الواقعة في أقصى الساحل.,بعد ظهر يوم 14 أغسطس ، نزل جيش الملك هنري بالقرب من مصب نهر السين ...,عند الهبوط في نورماندي ، تم اتخاذ قرار بتطويق المدينة وقطع,التعزيزات والإمدادات المحتملة. تم إرسال شقيق هنري ، توماس ، دوق كلارنس ،,لمنع الاقتراب الشرقي ، بينما ظل الملك لنشر,الجسم الرئيسي للجيش. كان لابد من,تقريب أسلحة الحصار و 12 بندقية من الجدران لتكون فعالة ضد دفاعات Harfleur القوية. كانت المدينة ، التي يبلغ,عدد سكانها 5000 نسمة ، محمية بجدران بسمك 4 أمتار ، ودفاعات مائية ، و 24,برجًا ، مع ميناء محمي جيدًا ، وحامية من 250 رجلاً.,طالب هنري في رسالته بالاستسلام ، محاولًا زرع الخوف في أذهان,الجماهير من خلال الاستشهاد بقانون كتابي يمنحه الحق في وضع سكان المدينة,تحت السيف إذا رفضوا الاستسلام ، بسبب حقه في العرش الفرنسي.,في هذه الأثناء ، عندما تقدم توماس لمحاصرة البلدة على الجانب البري ،,ظهرت قوة إغاثة. انطلق 300 جندي فرنسي على عجل نحو,البوابات تحت قيادة راؤول دي غوكورت. على الرغم من وجود حاشية صغيرة ، إلا أن وجود,هؤلاء الجنود المحترفين من شأنه أن يقوي عزيمة الجماهير.,عازمًا على مقاومة الجيش الغازي ، أغلق الفرنسيون بوابات السد لإغراق,الوادي إلى الشمال. لم يستسلم هارفليور لمطالب هنري,بالاستسلام ... بعد فترة وجيزة ، أطلق قطار الحصار الإنجليزي العنان,للجحيم على المدينة. على مدار أيام قليلة ، ألحق القصف,أضرارًا جسيمة بالجدران والأبراج ، حيث وصلت بعض المقذوفات إلى,المباني الواقعة في وسط المدينة. أصبح التهديد بالموت من أعلى حدثًا يوميًا,للسكان. لكن سكان البلدة والجنود ردوا,بتجهيز البنادق والمنجنيق والمحركات على الجدران والحصن.,لقد ضايقوا وألحقوا خسائر فادحة بفرق هنري التي لا يمكن تعويضها من المدفعية,وأطقم محركات الحصار ، الذين اضطروا إلى الاقتراب من الجدران ليكونوا فعالين ، وبالتالي وضعوا,أنفسهم في وضع ضعيف في متناول الفرنسيين.,في الليل ، قام المدافعون المرنون بإصلاحات محمومة لدفاعاتهم المتضررة ، مما,أثار دهشة وإحباط المحاصرين الإنجليز.,وبحلول أوائل سبتمبر / أيلول ، بعد حوالي 15 يومًا من الحصار ، حولت حرارة الصيف المياه,في الوادي الذي غمرته الفيضانات إلى الشمال إلى مستنقع راكد وقبيح مليء بالأمراض.,مع استمرار الحصار دون تقدم يذكر ، بدأ الزحار في تدمير الجيش الإنجليزي.,أجبر الوضع الرهيب هنري على اتخاذ تدابير عاجلة.,وأمر بحفر ألغام تحت الأسوار بهدف تدمير الأنفاق لتقويض,دفاعات المدينة. ومع ذلك ، أصيبت طواقم التعدين الخاصة به بالإحباط,بسبب الأنفاق المضادة التي حفرها الفرنسيون. كان سكان المدينة العنيدون يشقون,طريقهم في نفق لاعتراض الأعمال الإنجليزية وإتلافها ومهاجمة طواقمهم ، وتخريب جميع المحاولات,لتقويض أسوار المدينة.,فوق الأرض ، أمر الملك الإنجليزي بإقامة,الأبراج الخشبية على الحائط لشن هجوم على المدينة.,لكن بحلول هذا الوقت استمر الحصار لمدة شهر. على الرغم من أنها لم تكن طويلة وفقًا لمعايير العصور الوسطى ،,إلا أنها تطلبت وقتًا وموارد أكثر مما توقعه هنري.,الظروف غير الصحية ، وإمدادات المياه الملوثة ، وكما اقترح مؤرخ معاصر ،,"الآثار السيئة للفاكهة غير الناضجة والعنب والمحار" ، استنزفت الجيش الإنجليزي. ووجود,الآلاف من الرجال والخيول والحيوانات الأخرى على مقربة ، جنبًا إلى جنب مع,النفايات التي تنتجها ، خلق ظروفًا كانت جاهزة للإصابة بالعدوى. تسبب تفشي مرض,الزحار في وفاة الكثيرين ، بينما أصيب كثيرون بالمرض. تم إعاقة الإيرل والفرسان والسهام,والرماة على حد سواء ، مع منح العديد منهم الإذن بالعودة بالسفن,إلى إنجلترا للتعافي ، بمجرد انتهاء الحصار.,ومع ذلك ، أشارت الأنباء عن الزحار في هارفليور إلى أن الحصار بدأ,يؤثر على المدينة أيضًا. لكن ... على الرغم من الحرمان والقصف,والمرض ، احتشد المدافعون ، وأطلقوا طلعة جوية على أعمال الحصار الإنجليزية.,بقيادة Gaucourt ، أشعل الرجال الفرنسيون النار في حصار هنري ، قبل أن يتراجعوا,إلى الدفاعات الآمنة. يواجه الإنجليز الآن احتمال,إقامة مطولة تحت جدران هارفليور. بالنسبة لهنري ، كان الآن أو لا!,شن الملك هجوماً يائساً على الأسوار الموجودة خارج البوابة الرئيسية ، مدعوماً,بأمطار مستمرة من الأسهم. تمكن رماة السهام الإنجليز من إشعال النار في أحد,الأبراج باستخدام سهام قابلة للاشتعال ، مما أعطى الرجال الذين لا يركبون الأذرع,اليد العليا. تلا ذلك قتال عنيف ، حيث حاول الفرنسيون طرد,الإنجليز. لكن ، بقيادة جون هولاند ، إيرل هانتينغدون ،,سيطر الغزاة على تحصينات البوابة ، مما أجبر المدافعين على التراجع إلى المدينة.,في اليوم التالي طالب الملك بالاستسلام للمرة الثانية. مرة أخرى ، تم رفضه.,شعر هنري بالإحباط ، وأطلق الأبواق,للقوات لتحضير هجوم كامل ، وأمر البنادق المتبقية بالحفاظ على قصف ثابت,وعدم السماح للمدافعين بأي نوم. خوفًا من احتمال,اقتحام المدينة ، حيث سمح القانون التوراتي بذبح السكان إذا رفضوا,الاستسلام ، تذبذبت قطاعات من السكان. على الرغم من أنه كان مصمماً على,اقتحام المدينة ، إلا أن هنري شعر بالارتياح عندما وافق المدافعون على بدء المفاوضات. استمرت المحادثات,لمدة يومين حتى 18 سبتمبر ، وافق مسؤولو البلدة على التنازل عن هارفليور إذا لم تصل,قوة إغاثة بحلول 23 سبتمبر. أرسل راؤول دي غوكورت رسائل ، لكنه تلقى رسالة,تفيد بأن الجيش الفرنسي لم يجمع بعد ما يكفي من القوات لخوض المعركة.,لن تأتي أي

Kim Jong-Un brutally shoots an orchestra conductor 90 times in front of every artist in Pyongyang

and kim jong-un demanded the soldiers,using a shovel,to put and gather what was remaining,after the execution and take them away,and then what he did,was demanding every artist stand up and,go closer and then take a look around of,the side of the execution,so many of them were like fainting,peeing in their pants and,and do you know what this does when you,see something like,public execution once you are,traumatized for the rest of your life,hi guys welcome to my channel my name is,yami park,i'm a north korean de facto human rights,activist,so today i have a very important news to,deliver,i still somehow do not get it this is,happening in this 21st century,and north korea is so much so forgotten,from the rest of the humanity,we you have no clue what is happening in,the darkness,and there is only this like few news,that we get out,and made majorly from the border towns,and in the,capital so the news that i got in recent,days is that it's just heartbreaking kim,jong-un literally,executed the main conductor from an,orchestra,for 90 times,[Applause],after his execution if you shoot,somebody for 90 times,really especially these days those,bullets are so strong a human gonna lose,a shape,they are not even gonna look like a,human all is gonna,left is just a lot of pieces of,meat and bones uh on the ground and kim,jong-un demanded the soldiers,using a shovel to put and gather,what was remaining after the execution,and take them away,but during his public execution kim jong,ordered,every single artist go demand,watch this public execution i will tell,you why this man,the conductor got executed what could he,have,possibly done in this 23 getting get,killed in that,most cruel way this year on february,16th,that was a north korea is one of the,biggest holidays,that was when kim jong-il the second,king was born supposedly,so and there was something new happened,again kim jong-un his wife,little zoo who was disappeared for last,13 months,certainly reappeared on that birthday,and then,kim jong-un took her to visit his,father's grave in the morning,and afternoon attending this performance,by this orchestra,it's called,and often we think it's like north,korea's girl group,but yeah so this group is designated to,have a performance,in front of kings and there's a huge,orchestra and there's a main conductor,and the man who died was tohonu his name,is,zhou and he was a humble kid,after each these performances with kim,attending,north koreans all have to do this,gathering after,and assess and analyze which,part that kim kim jong liked the most,which part he didn't like the most and,learning and then,try to get better but in this time,sometimes,kim jong-un personally says oh i like hd,singer maybe i like this,part about the whole performance this,time kim jong-un said,somehow he really liked they did,something new magic with the shadow,magic,so they do some like tricks with the,shadow,and north korea and artists are trying,that for the first time this year,somehow kim jong-un was very impressed,impressed by it,however the in this delivery of the,meeting,in front of old artists people were,saying okay this is the part where,the deal leader liked the most so,letting the people know and there's some,prize,to get if you were liked by kim,but this conductor said i'm not even,sure that was no huge deal why would he,compliment on such a thing but it wasn't,like he was standing up and telling,everybody about that he was just like,more,toking to his like close friend in the,orchestra,and of course this friend was a spy and,reported on him,this is a tricky thing this happened to,actually my own mother,my mother uh when kim your son died the,first,came in 1994 i was like infant few month,old infant,my mom heard a rumor that the kim song,died,not from exhaustion by working for the,people,like literally north koreans told me the,region told us that kim song died,from exhaustion and hunger and,starvation,because he was working so entirely for,the people,but somebody told her that actually kim,died from heart attack,not from the exhaustion so she told her,best friend,saying can you believe there are such a,people saying,these kind of bad things about their,leader,and then that lady reported on my mom,luckily my mom survived,however this time in north korean,settings is like this,there are three people i am watching,this friend but while i'm being a spy,i know that i'm being spied on by,somebody else,so even if i'm being a nice person not,gonna report on this,person this person gonna report on me,but if that person who doesn't report on,me someone got,deported on them so you are being spied,and spying on somebody,this system creates complete distrust,between people,we cannot even trust our own bag in,north korea,joyouni he spoke to his friend about,like he wasn't too impressed by the,shadow,magic and he reported and kim jong un,got so upset,so he said gather every single artist in,pyongyang,and once they got gathered he demanded,to shoot him for 90 times so each,ak-47 gun has like 30 30 shots inside,and,used it all and every artist had to see,from in front of their eyes so there,were times in 2013,there was a pleasure squad group that,kim jong-il gave a gift,to his son there were some rumors about,that group was not being lawyer,and they had some uh capitalistik,sentiment,in that group so kim jong-un got so,angry,but which that group was actually where,lizard his wife is from other than that,few people,and also this girls knew about the,secrets of,research before marrying kim jong-un so,that was,a main excuse for kim jong-un to kill,all of them,anybody knew the past of literature he,won't be gone,so he executed more than 10 artists in,that group,and few of them were even pregnant at,the time,after getting all these artists and,killing this,more than 10 10 of them after kill i,mean shooting them,that many times they don't even look,like a human,and then what he did was demanding every,artist stand up,and go closer and then take a look,around of the side of the execution,so many of them were like fainting,peeing in their pants and,and do you know what this does when you,see something like,public execution once you are,traumatized for the rest of your life,there is no going back once you see,something like that,there is no turning back ever in human,psychology,but this artist is not like they only,get to see this,once they see it so often,and imagine in the horror they are gonna,be,terrified to death and the only thing,they remember,at the point is like i will be obedient,as much as i can,so i will never dying like that,and that that is a thing that's what kim,jong is doing now,and why would he always persecuting,artists in the brutal ways,also that he thinks someone artist is,more,open-minded they are more prone to,corrupt,in their ideology so if the for normal,like general population we do thing,called a self,uh critikism sessions once a week but,for,artists once even two days that's how,kim jong makes sure the artist their,minds it doesn't get corrupt,and their anti-ideology of lifting,the party and the revolution and kim is,like,always on that point this is,unbelievable there is nothing we can do,to stop this kind of inhumane public,execution in north korea,but i think all i can do right now is be,the voice for the voiceless,and i really hope you guys use your,voice use your platform to raise,awareness about my people,so somehow international community can,understand,how grim the human rights situations in,north korea is,and come up with a better policy in,convincing china,to stop sponsoring this dictatorship in,north korea,so please share this video guys hit that,like button and let everybody know,what's happening to,my people and i look forward to seeing,you guys all next time

“You Are Not Expected to Understand This” with Torie Bosch

I'm Tori Bosch and I am the editor of,future tense which is a long-standing,partnership of new America Arizona State,University and slate magazine and what,we do is we look at the intersection of,tiknology policy and Society we have a,channel on slate heads up to the Slate,team here,um at slate.com future tense where we,cover the future and historically we,have live events of course they've,mostly been online for the past two,years so this is one of our very first,in-person events and it's really,wonderful to be back here at new America,uh we're here tonight to tok about a,book I edited for Princeton University,press called you are not expected to,understand this how 26 lines of code,change the world it's made up of 26,essays by tiknologists historians and,journalists about,specific events in programming history,so we have essays on the first police,beat algorithm on the code that tells,your Roomba how to navigate your living,room the first computer virus the JPEG,and much more and the title comes from a,famous code left in a comment left in,the Linux source code back in 1975.,um we're toking about code pretty,broadly here in the book so there are,lines of codes in the illustrations in,the book,um but we're really toking about kind,of the bigger picture that each line,represents,um the big idea is to help both experts,and non-experts think through how,tiknology is made by humans who are,sometimes brilliant and sometimes biased,and messy and sometimes just really,hungry to get to lunch and get their,work done,uh we're really lucky tonight to have,three contributors with us unfortunately,Elena batella is sick Elena if you're,watching we hope you feel better soon,but we have three really great speakers,as well so um the four of us are going,to tok for about 30 minutes or so and,then we'll open it up to q a both here,and online afterward please if you're in,person stik around have another drink,maybe buy a copy of the book if you're,so inclined and keep the conversation,going,so I'm going to introduce our,contributors in chronological order of,their chapters so first we have Arthur,damrich who is the director of the,Smithsonian institutions lemelson center,for the study of invention and,Innovation and starting in early 2023,he'll be the director of Arizona State,University's Consortium for science,policy and outcome so welcome to ASU,he's his chapter of you are not expected,is called space War collaborative coding,and the rise of gaming culture,then we have Charles dwan who is a,postdoctoral fellow at Cornell and a,senior policy fellow at American,University's program on information,Justike and intellectual property his,chapter is called a failure to,interoperate the Lost Mars climate,Orbiter,and finally we have will Aramis who is a,tiknology writer for the Washington,Post and my former slate colleague his,chapter is the curse of the awesome,button,I think we should start by having each,of you tell us a little bit about the,chapter and sort of the story behind it,so let's start with you Arthur are so my,story tells the chat my chapter tells,the story of space War which is a kind,of become lore become famous there's,actually a lot of Mythology about it,online we had the opportunity to,interview the surviving seven surviving,members of the eight people who coded,the game to hear their first hand,accounts and then have used that as a,basis for this so the the game is coded,on a PDP one so deck in outside Boston,had donated had given this,you know mini computer that wasn't the,term at the time it was,intentionally not called a computer,because computers at the time were room,size machines cost a fortune and they,were trying to actually Market this to,business as something useful for payroll,for accounting for routine operations it,was selling for 120 000 at the time,which would be a little over 1 0.1,million today so not a cheap piece of,equipment so there's this loose kind of,quasi-pre-hack or culture that's formed,around a Model Railroad Club some of and,railroading of course is about zeros and,ones switches about routing electricity,about doing some of the things that then,influence it but this this group and it,is all men some of them are students at,MIT others are just in the area kind of,working at MIT working at Harvard and,just discover this piece of equipment,and make a deal with the faculty member,who's in charge of it that says if we,write you a compiler you'll let us do,other stuff on it and they over a,weekend write the first compiler for the,PDP one and then start tinkering with it,writing various programs and they were,passionate about goofy science fiction,movies of the time they would go down to,South Boston to movie theaters and so,they come up with a space game and and,it's two planes two spacecraft that,shoot each other and they put a sun in,the middle and then the next one says,you know the Sonata exert gravity so he,adds that code and then another one says,well you ought to be able to escape,someone shooting you so adds hyperspace,and bit by bit not at the same time they,code up this pretty remarkable game that,again becomes legendary uh dect,eventually starts shipping it with each,of the PDP ones so when it's installed,at your corporation to show you that it,works they do it now why is that,interesting well in part because the way,they coded the game really pushed this,computer to the very limit and gaming,has done that throughout the history of,computing it has been crucial to pushing,computers to the Limit it's also been a,market maker so people have bought,personal computers because of the games,available to them let's be honest most,people didn't buy a personal computer in,the 80s and 90s to do spreadsheets,corporations did but not at home home so,you know the the chapter kind of tells,that story and then there's an,interesting second and third life to the,game itself to the code,which is,um there's an effort to make it into a,commercial game in that in California,they set up a pdp-1 and set up some,stations and try to get people to pay,for money that isn't very economically,feasible and then it influences one of,the early arcade games,that Atari produces which is a basically,an unplayable game it's a real mess it,then also has a life in the Atari 2600,at home there's a space war game and,then more recently of course through the,diligence of a number of really Avid,coder historians there is there are some,really remarkable emulators online where,you get a remarkably accurate given the,constraints I could go on but I'll stop,and you've played the game right I've,played the game I've played it against,my uh 15 year old daughter who can crush,me in just about any other video game,but not this one,although it didn't hold her attention,quite as long as the Nintendo does,Charles tell us about Mars,yeah so it's I don't think it's quite a,quite a space so hopefully that's a,little bit of something,um so yeah so I came across the story,many years ago I think a lot of people,have heard about the story where um just,a multiplication error ends up sending a,sending a space shut a spacecraft that,was meant to go survey Mars um awry and,the spacecraft ends up,um being lost costing you know millions,of dollars,um in in Lost space exploration funds,um but I was curious you know what,exactly happened with that and so you,know I started looking through a lot of,the reports that were generated after,the um after after the crash and you,know some of the artikles that were,written by the engineers,um and it turned out to be a very,interesting interesting sort of story,um what ended up happening was that NASA,was,um NASA was basically repurposing a,program that they used to estimate the,position of its spacecraft you know when,when the spacecraft is going through,space,um there are no street signs out there,so you have to figure out where the,spacecraft is basically by adding up all,the forces on the spacecraft this would,be sort of like trying to fig