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Braces Ads Boost Smiles

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, this is Kadeen and you are watching Raw with Hadeen. In this video, I am going to share with you the complete dentist or dental clinic Facebook ad strategy. I will show you how you can run Facebook ads for your dentist or dental clinic. If you are a dentist, I will tell you how you can optimize them successfully, improve return on investment, and use important tools to manage your business.

Fundamentals and prerequisites:

Before starting your ads, there are a few things you must have. First, you need to have an optimized Facebook page with all the necessary information like phone number, connected WhatsApp, posts, and reviews. Second, you need a well-optimized website with landing pages. Third, you need a Google My Business page.

Competitor research:

The first step in running Facebook ads and creating a Facebook ad strategy is doing competitor research. You can use the Facebook Ad Library to spy on your competitors and get inspiration from their ads. You can also use Canva Pro to create awesome graphics for your ads.

Creating the ad:

After creating awesome graphics, you can go to Facebook Ads Manager and create an awareness campaign. You can select the region, age, and gender of your target audience. You can also add your Instagram page and select the ad format (video or image). You must add the website URL, headline, and call-to-action button. After that, you can publish the ad.


Some of the important tools you can use to grow your business efficiently are Calendly, Book Like A Boss, Bluehost, Big Spy, Canva, Upwork, Appipi, and Hubspot.

In conclusion, creating a successful Facebook ad strategy for dentists or dental clinics requires doing competitor research, creating awesome graphics, and targeting the right audience. You must also have an optimized Facebook page, website, and Google My Business page. Using the right tools can help you manage your business efficiently and grow your customer base.

Benjamin A.D - Brave Face (Ft. Young Adz)

Music is a universal language that can evoke powerful emotions and bring people together. It has the power to heal, inspire, and uplift us. Music has become an integral part of our lives, and we listen to it when we're happy, sad, or even just need some background noise. This article explores the impact of music on our lives and why it's so essential to us.

Music and its impact:

- Music is therapeutic and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

- Music can evoke memories and transport us to a different time and place.

- Music has the power to inspire and motivate us, whether it's in the gym or at work.

- Music can bring people together and create a sense of community.

- Music can be a form of self-expression and can help us connect with our emotions.

- Music can be a source of comfort during difficult times.

Why music is essential:

- Music is a form of art that can bring beauty and meaning to our lives.

- Music is a way to express ourselves and connect with others.

- Music can help us cope with our emotions and experiences.

- Music is a source of entertainment and enjoyment.

- Music can help us learn and remember information.

- Music can inspire us to be creative and think outside the box.

In conclusion, music has a significant impact on our lives, and it's essential to our well-being. Whether it's listening to our favorite song or playing an instrument, music has the power to bring joy, comfort, and inspiration. So let's continue to appreciate and embrace music in all its forms.

NEW Kelly Loeffler ad highlights Senator wearing leg braces, eyepatch as a young girl

Low ESR X capacitors are widely used in electronic devices to suppress electromagnetic interference and improve reliability. However, understanding the characteristics and applications of these capacitors can be challenging. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the phrase low ESR X, the benefits of using these capacitors, and their role in various electronic applications.

What does low ESR X mean?

- Low ESR X refers to a type of capacitor with low equivalent series resistance and high self-resonant frequency.

- These capacitors are designed to handle high-frequency signals and reduce noise in electronic circuits.

Benefits of using low ESR X capacitors:

- Improved reliability and performance in electronic devices.

- Reduced electromagnetic interference.

- Longer lifespan of electronic components.

Applications of low ESR X capacitors:

- Power supplies and converters.

- Automotive electronics.

- Telecommunications equipment.

- Medical devices.

- Consumer electronics.

Common features of low ESR X capacitors:

- X1 and X2 rated capacitors are commonly used in applications with AC voltage up to 250V.

- X capacitors are designed to be connected between line and neutral, while Y capacitors are connected between line and ground.

- Capacitance values range from a few picofarads to several microfarads.

Challenges of working with low ESR X capacitors:

- Limited availability and higher cost compared to other types of capacitors.

- Careful selection and placement is required to ensure proper functionality and avoid failure.

Low ESR X capacitors play a crucial role in suppressing electromagnetic interference and improving the reliability of electronic devices. Despite their higher cost and limited availability, their benefits make them a popular choice in various applications. Understanding the characteristics and applications of these capacitors can help designers and engineers make informed decisions when selecting components for their electronic projects.

SOCKIE'S BRACES COME OFF (are they straight?) w/The Norris Nuts

Sookie is getting her braces off and the Norris Nuts are excited to surprise her. They talk about their daily life and share funny stories while preparing for the big reveal.

Main Points:

- The Norris Nuts talk about their daily life, including stealing each other's clothes and fighting.

- They discuss surprises and dream vlogs, including going to Dubai, getting a wolf cut, and getting a new puppy.

- They show off house plans for their future home in Queensland, which includes a skate park, basketball court, and kids playroom.

- Sookie finally gets her braces off and everyone celebrates.

The Norris Nuts share their daily life and dreams while preparing for Sookie's big reveal. They show that even though they fight, they still love and support each other. The future holds exciting possibilities for the Norris Nuts, including their new home and continuing to make videos for their fans.

REACTING TO OUR FIRST VIDEO (2017 = Sabre 12 years) w/ The Norris Nuts

- Nora Music's first video was four years ago.

- They didn't live in a normal house, but rather shared a bedroom with mattresses stacked up.

- They used a backdrop instead of their normal house to hide their living conditions.

- They were scared of getting judged by viewers.


- They created the Little Army.

- They are super sensitive to short references.

- They used to take growth hormones.

- They used to measure each other on the wall to see if they were growing.

- They used to live in a room full of mattresses.

- They used to go behind the kiosk to eat chocolates.

- They built a massive castle for their London army.

- Nora Music is grateful for their army of viewers.

- They designed their fashion with passion.

- They have been through struggles, but continue to create content.

Orthodontic Marketing in 2020 🦷 DOMINATE Your Local Market With These Strategies

In this video, Keaton Walker, a digital marketer who services orthodontists, shares his tips on how to market your orthodontic practice in 2020. He recommends running Facebook and Instagram ads, specifically running a giveaway, a cost calculator campaign, and a virtual consultation campaign. He also suggests optimizing your Google My Business listing by increasing positive reviews, geotagging photos, creating citations, and posting regularly. Google Ads are also recommended, with campaigns for Invisalign, braces, and general orthodontic searches. Finally, email marketing campaigns are suggested, with reminders and discounts for potential patients and soap opera sequences. Walker emphasizes the importance of investing in marketing, even if it doesn't show immediate returns, as the social ROI can be significant in the long term. Overall, he recommends spending around $5,000 per month on marketing and finding a knowledgeable agency to help you navigate the process.

I Bought The First 5 Things TikTok Ads Recommended To Me

Buying the First Five Things TikTok Ads Recommend to Me

- Safiya is buying the first five things recommended by TikTok ads

- She has done similar experiments with other social media platforms in the past

- TikTok ads vary in quality and relevance

- The experiment will test whether TikTok's algorithm can accurately recommend products

Ad 1: Pizza Hut's Tastewear Collection

- Safiya is surprised to receive an ad for Pizza Hut's clothing line

- She decides to buy the plaid jumpsuit, T-shirt, slides, and necklace

- The items are inspired by Pizza Hut's decor

- The clothing is more expensive than expected

Ad 2: What the Boxio Mystery Electronics Bundle

- Safiya receives an ad for a mystery electronics box

- The company claims to offer returned and liquidated electronics in each box

- Safiya orders the $75 small box, which guarantees a tablet, MP3 player, or fitness tracker

- The product seems well-targeted, as Safiya has interacted with similar content before

Ad 3: Bee Gone Wax Ear Wax Remover and Camera

- Safiya receives an ad for an ear wax remover with a camera

- She is interested in the device and decides to buy it

- The camera connects to an app on her phone

- The device has unexpected features, including filters and relaxing music

Ad 4: Summerskin Wireless Self-Curling Hair Iron

- Safiya receives an ad for a wireless hair curler

- The device automatically curls hair when a strand is inserted

- Safiya decides to buy a knockoff version of the product from a website called Summerskin

- The website seems sketchy, but Safiya is committed to the experiment

Ad 5: Harney & Sons Butterfly Pea Tea

- Safiya receives an ad for butterfly pea flower tea

- The tea turns blue when steeped and pink when lemon is added

- Safiya buys the tea, which also comes with samples of other teas

- The tea tastes earthy but not great

- Safiya has received a range of ads from TikTok, some of which were well-targeted and others less so

- She is excited to try out the products and see if TikTok's algorithm accurately predicted her interests

- The experiment shows the power of targeted advertising and the potential for social media platforms to connect consumers with products they might not have found otherwise.

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