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Brads' 2021 Black Friday Ads: Unbeatable Deals Await

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, and Walmart is known for offering some of the best deals around. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 Black Friday deals at Walmart for 2022.

1. 4K Ultra HD TV for $149: A 50-inch TV for this price is a showstopper deal. The display looks great in-store, and Walmart is offering aggressive pricing this year.

2. Gateway Notebook for $149: A 2-in-1 laptop with an 11.6-inch touchscreen is a steal at $149. This laptop is available in multiple colors, including blue.

3. Kids Tablet for $69: Walmart's on-brand kids tablet is surprisingly good and offers a fluid screen motion. It's discounted by 46%, making it a challenger to the Fire tablets.

4. Samsung Tablet for $139: This 10.5-inch tablet is available at a $60 discount and is an excellent option for teens or adults.

5. MSI Gaming Laptop for $500: With eight gigs of RAM, a 256-gig solid-state drive, and an Nvidia graphics card, this gaming laptop is an excellent option for gamers.

6. Acer 32-inch Curved Monitor for $165: This curved monitor is an excellent option for a home office.

7. TCL 65-inch Class 4 Series Ultra HD Smart Roku TV for $228: A high-end TV brand that offers great value at a Black Friday price.

8. LG 55-inch Class LED 4K TV for $298: One of the least expensive 70-inch TVs you can find anywhere this Black Friday.

9. Vizio 70-inch Class V Series Smart TV for $448: A high-end TV with better refresh rates that offer excellent value.

10. Home Theater Projector and Screen for $49: A home theater projector accompanied by a 100-inch fold-up projector screen is an excellent option for movie nights.

Walmart's Black Friday deals this year offer great value, and shoppers can save big on electronics, laptops, tablets, and home theater equipment. With these top 10 deals, shoppers can make the most of their Black Friday shopping at Walmart.

Top 25 Best Black Friday Deals 2022 🤑 (Updated Hourly!!)

The Black Friday deals of 2022 have just dropped, and we are excited to share the top 25 deals with you. From TVs to laptops, tablets, vacuum cleaners, and more, there are plenty of fantastic deals to be had this year.

Top 25 Black Friday Deals of 2022:

1. Insignia 32-inch 4K Smart TV for $99.

2. Lenovo Chromebook for $79 or $99 with touchscreen.

3. Hulu subscription for $2/month for a year.

4. Pre-lit artificial Christmas tree for $30.

5. 2022 Apple MacBook Air for $1049.

6. HP laptop for $299.

7. Amazon Kids Tablet for $69 or $129.

8. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet for $40.

9. Apple iPad 10.2-inch for $269.

10. Crocs for 25% off.

11. Bath and Body Works candles for $10.60 each.

12. Clinique fragrance set for $34.

13. Men's rechargeable electric shavers for $35.

14. Hoover Max Life vacuum for $59.

15. UFI Robovac for $119.

16. Shark self-emptying robotic vacuum for $299.

17. Samsung phone for $429.

18. Apple Watch SE for $149.

19. Apple Watch Series 8 for $349.

20. PlayStation 5 bundle for $50 off.

21. Nintendo Switch for $100 off.

22. LG 65-inch 4K Smart TV for $398.

23. Vizio 65-inch Smart TV for $448.

24. Apple AirPods Pro for $149.

25. JLab Go AirPods for $9.88.

Black Friday 2022 is shaping up to be an incredible year for deals. Whether you are looking for a new TV, laptop, tablet, vacuum cleaner, or gaming console, there are plenty of discounts to be had. Be sure to take advantage of these deals before they are gone!

Black Friday deals

- Black Friday deal shortages have been widely reported

- There will still be plenty of deals and options for shoppers this year

- Shopping expert Casey Runyon from Brad Steele's shares her top deals and tips

Top Black Friday Deals:

- Instant Pot at Kohl's with Kohl's cash

- Blackstone tabletop propane grill at Walmart

- Macy's Charter Club cashmere sweaters for $40

Comparison to Last Year's Deals:

- Discounts are slightly less, but not extreme

- Inventory issues may require shoppers to have a plan B

Alternative Gift Options:

- Air fryer alternatives: Instant Pot, gourmet air fryer, Kosari air fryer, Ninja Foodie Tender Crisp

- Robot vacuum alternatives: Bissell Spin Wave, Yuffie brand

- KitchenAid stand mixer alternatives: Hamilton Beach, Dash Delish, Frigidaire retro stand mixer

Where to Find More Tips:

- Visit bradsdales.com and check out the More for Less blog

- Download the mobile app for shopping anytime, anywhere

What to Expect This Black Friday

Black Friday Deals 2021: What to Expect and How to Get the Best Deals

Black Friday is just around the corner and shoppers are eager to know what deals to expect this year. With the pandemic affecting supply chains and causing shipping delays, many are wondering if they will be able to score the same great deals as in previous years. To find out more, we talked to shopping expert Casey Runin from Brad's Deals.

Deals to Look out For:

- Instant Pot: Get it at Kohl's for $60 and receive $15 back in Kohl's cash.

- Blackstone Griddles: Walmart is offering a tabletop propane 22-inch for $117.

- Charter Club Cashmere Sweaters: Prices may have increased, but they are still a great deal at $40.

- Air Fryers: If you can't find the Ninja Maxx, get the Instant Pot for $49 or check out Gourmia and Cosori.

Comparison with Last Year:

Prices have increased slightly and some retailers may have limited inventory, but there are still deals to be found. Keep an open mind and explore different brands to find the best deals.

Will Deals Get Better Closer to Christmas?

While retailers may offer better deals later, the biggest deals tend to happen during Black Friday and the following week. Take advantage of extended return policies and track your purchases to ensure you get the best deals.

Creative Solutions:

Consider purchasing gift cards, as retailers may offer promotions on them this year. This can be a great way to save money and ensure you have a guaranteed way to purchase items, even if they are out of stock.

Black Friday deals may look a little different this year, but there are still ways to save money and get great deals. Keep an open mind, explore different brands, and take advantage of extended return policies and gift card promotions. Happy shopping!

Stand out from the Canva Clones

In this article, we will explore the basic rules of good graphic design, which are essential to keep in mind when using Canva. We will also look at the common issues that arise with using Canva and how to overcome them. Lastly, we will discuss ways to create unique and eye-catching designs using Canva.

Basic Rules of Good Graphic Design:

- Keep your color palette simple

- Avoid colors that clash

- Embrace the magic of white space

- Use a visual hierarchy to prioritize important information

- Use simple and readable fonts

- Ensure logos are readable and viewable at different scales

Issues with Using Canva:

- Using generic templates leads to a lack of uniqueness

- Overuse of certain templates and designs creates a Canva clone effect

- Limited design options can lead to similar-looking designs

Creating Unique Designs with Canva:

- Use Canva's design tools to create custom designs

- Mix and match design elements to create unique combinations

- Experiment with different color palettes and font combinations

- Incorporate your own branding elements to make designs more personalized

By following the basic rules of good graphic design, avoiding common issues with using Canva, and exploring ways to create unique designs, you can elevate your designs and stand out from the crowd. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things to create designs that are both visually appealing and unique to your brand.

ADLEY’S MYSTERY CAFE!! Chef Adley is the BOSS! neighborhood play doh restaurant! cops vs robbers

Welcome to Adler's Mystery Cafe, where the food is delicious and mysterious! In this article, we will take a look at some of the exciting and unique experiences that happen in this cafe.


At Adler's Mystery Cafe, you can find a wide variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. From pizza and ice cream to spaghetti and hamburgers, there is something for everyone. And don't forget to try the mysterious gingerbread grapes!

Customer Interactions:

The customers at Adler's Mystery Cafe are always interesting and fun. From the cute little boy who loves spaghettios to the cool guy who plays guitar, there is never a dull moment. And who could forget the unicorn who ordered the specialty lobster pizza?

Chaos in the Kitchen:

In the kitchen at Adler's Mystery Cafe, things can get a little crazy. From cooking orange juice in the pizza oven to putting fish eyeballs in the soup, the chefs are always coming up with new and unexpected ideas. And sometimes, the customers even join in on the fun!

Cleanup Time:

After a busy day at Adler's Mystery Cafe, it's time to clean up and get ready for the next day. With dishes piled high and food

Black Friday Mystery Bags ~ Peachy Cheap 2019 & 2018

Hello friends, in this article, we will be discussing a Peachy Cheap black Friday grab bag that was purchased in 2018 and 2019. The contents were filmed but never posted or edited, so we will be showcasing them in this article.


- Three different washi tapes from different companies

- Puffy stickers with a little boy theme

- Decorative brads with bulldog and other designs

- Card stock stickers and chipboard alphabet

- Pebbles ABC stickers in bright pink

- Good vibes stickers with a llama design

- 33 die-cut cardstock pieces with nautical theme

- Christmas set with 30 cardstock pieces

- Fun journaling cards from Bo Bunny

- Southern Weddings Project Life for scrapbooks

- 24 sheet paper pack from Prima Marketing

- Stencils with a lady and flowers design

- Christmas-themed double-sided paper from Teresa Collins

- Poolside 12x12 foil on acetate from Crate Paper

- Clear stickers for planners from Domestic Bliss

- Dad stickers from Simple Stories

- Masquerade Party double-sided paper from Teresa Collins

Although some of the items may not be useful for everyone, the Peachy Cheap black Friday grab bag was worth its cost and provided a variety of fun craft supplies for different projects. It's always exciting to receive mystery bags and discover new things to create with. Remember, you matter, and don't forget to check out Peachy Cheap's daily deals and email sign-ups for more surprises.

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