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brandafy dropshipping

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

How to Properly Buy a REAL Pre-Built Shopify Dropshipping Store w/ Adsellr

you've seen my multiple videos across multiple channels, of me exposing and roasting and tearing apart these pre-built shopify stores and how terrible they are and how much of a ripoff it is. well, the number one comment i got from all those videos is: okay, this is fake, thanks, but where did i get a real one? i didn't have a good answer to that question. in fact, all the pre-built stuff i saw was garbage until today. so let's tok about how to buy a pre-built shopify store the right way. [Music]. make me a deal. if you get any value or information out of today's video, hit that like and subscribe button and today's video is brought to you by ad seller. yes, this is a sponsored video, but you're going to see why i chose the sponsorship now. listen. i've had opportunities for people to sponsor my videos for pre-built shopify stores before and, trust me, i've said no and i say no to 90 of the companies that reach out. but this company i was like you know what. i'll give them a shot. i'll check out their store and it's one of the better shopify stores i've ever seen. ever i'm toking better than some of like the high profile professional drop shippers. you see their videos and you see their stores. i mean, this is next level. so let me kind of read you the description of what ad seller really is. ad seller is an e-commerce agency who specializes in user-generated content, pre-built shopify stores and other e-commerce marketing and production services. okay, so you don't want to sit here and listen to me blab and stare at my ugly face. i got a pimple. no one wants to look at that. so what i'm actually going to do is i'm going to tell you all about the store, all about the company, all about what they can do for you in their package. it's not just a store. you also get other things included with it, including a 10 000 follower instagram page, which i, of course, have access to. i got my store, i got my instagram page and they are fantastik. so i'm just going to kind of screen record what the store looks like. so that way, i have time to explain to you everything you need to know and you can thoroughly look through all of the pages and really analyze the store. and then, after i'm done toking about the store, we're gonna walk through the instagram page that i got and, of course, there's also marketing material that you can purchase alongside with it. so let's roll the footage now as far as ads and stores go. most other services charge you hundreds of dollars for content and what these companies do is they turn around and they hire someone on fiverr to make a crap video or a crap store for five bucks and that's what you end up getting. they're simply the middle man just pocketing the difference. ad seller actually has an in-house creative team that hand creates all of the advertising content. in fact, they were actually started as a video production company, so it's no wonder they blew the competition out of the water. it's a 90-day difference between the stores we've gone through with. you know people like mikey cass and what i'm going to be showing you today. so with the 17 pre-built shopify store scam, you may or may not ever receive your store. with ad seller, the delivery time is only five business days and in fact i got this door- you're seeing right here- in four business days. you order some of the scam ones. you might get it in 10 minutes or less because they're all copy and paste. they take no time to build, but these are handcrafted. so maybe you think this is a long time- and to some people it is, but keep in mind it takes hours and hours and hours of manpower to create a truly good store, unlike the copy and paste insta delivery crap you may have gotten before. so let's tok about some kind of advice going into the store and we're going to tok about what niche to choose. so you should choose the niche that you are most familiar with yourself, so you can get the best understanding of the mindset of your customer and therefore appeal to them with your products. point is, it's up to you now. ad seller doesn't recommend you choose a luxury or apparel niche, since they require expensive branding and a large budget with endless competitors. so they've got your back and won't let you do anything stupid now. up front drop shipping isn't for everybody, so here's the full picture to see if you really have what it takes. what someone should consider before buying one of these pre-built shopify stores is: do they have enough time to manage a successful business, for example, sitting behind a computer screen every day, answering emails, fulfilling orders, dealing with angry customers, etc. it's not all fun, like many people believe, and it takes a lot of effort. it can get very tiring. drop shipping is not for everyone and for some people it might be better to start a more hands-on business, as opposed to an e-commerce drop shipping store. what monthly expenses you should expect after buying the pre-built shopify store is, of course, the 29 per month shopify subscription, buying a domain, which is going to be about 14 a year, plus any additional fees for marketing campaigns, third-party shopify apps, etc. the stores made on fiber often include grammar mistakes, low quality images, poor sales funnel, little branding and more. worst case scenario, you'll receive an identikal store with your competitors and that's an immediate disadvantage for you. i know low prices may seem entiking, but this is no place to cheap out after all. if this is your tiket to potential financial freedom- of course not guaranteed- don't you want to give it the best shot you've got and build a real store, not a hollow one? that is garbage and short term? now, simply buying a pre-built store isn't some cheat code. it's more of a major mistake. in time saver, you got to understand there is risk, just like anything else. you still have to put in the work every day for marketing, fulfilling orders, answering customer questions, staying active on social media, writing blog posts, doing seo work and constantly expanding your brand and online presence. now why buying a one product store is not a good idea. the more products your store has, the more options there are for your customers to purchase, and generally, more products equal more sales and more traffic, since there's more content on your website. so there is a one product package and then there also is a general package, and the general store package is what i got. now. with the general store, of course, it's a fantastik store. as you can see, it is going to include a 10 000 follower instagram account, 30 shopify themes, full seo optimization and it's going to come with reviews with 50 plus orders and order tracking page, so you're going to get kind of full service there. and, of course, ad sellers- user generated ads that are created in-house are fantastik, and you can see one right here. this nerf dog toy is one of my dog's favorite toys. she loves to play tug-o-war with it and it's great for fetch too. it's perfect for cheering her up whenever she's been at home all day or just for playing in general. it's made of a high quality rope, so it's also great for helping with her teething. it also has a squeaker inside. if you are a dog owner, definitely check out top paws. they have so many cool pet products. [Music]. this builds social proof, builds trust helps associate your brand with positive emotions and a friendly face. so let's tok about the store itself now. it's not necessarily pre-built, that's just kind of a catchy marketing lingo. um, it's more like custom made. that's why it takes so long. so you're gonna kind of give them the information you want and pick your niche and then they're going to custom tailor it to your needs. so pre-built is not true. they're going to build it once you, you know, get in contact with them and they're going to custom make it to you. and that's a big difference. so why would someone buy a pre-built store instead of just building one on their own? well, you don't have time or the knowledge to build a high functioning, high converting website. you might not understand seo, you mig.

I Tried Making Money With A Pre-Built Shopify Store (Scam?)

every single day, i get ads for pre-built shopify stores, and the pitch is always the same: for just 17, they'll give you a store that is instantly ready to make money. now, as someone who makes a living from e-commerce, i've always thought it sounded a little bit too good to be true. so today i'm going to be buying one of these stores, launching some facebook ads and seeing if we can make some money with it all. to answer one question: are pre-built shopify stores worth your money? let's find out. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire journey of growing my ecommerce brand. so if you're interested in starting your own online store, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. so i'm gonna go wait until i get an ad from one of these guys and then we're gonna buy our store a few moments later. all right, i was just listening to some music on youtube and i finally got the ad that i was looking for for my boy, mikey cass. he's giving away eight of these pre-built shopify stores, so i want to get it before it's too late. quick shout out to mikey as well. i i've known this kid for a while, so no hate in this video or anything like that. the store is actually only 17 and it comes with 32 products, 180 paid theme. honestly, it looks like a pretty good deal to me. i'm about to put in my credit card information and i'll let you guys know what happens after we got them. let's go, my store is purchased, so i'll let you guys know when my store is finished and we'll take a look at what we got. yes, sir, i just got the notification that my pre-built store is ready to go, so i got my laptop loaded up here and we're gonna go ahead and take a look. also, i gotta say the story came pretty quickly. it took less than 12 hours to get delivered to me, so i'm curious to see what we're gonna get. so, to keep this challenge as authentik as possible, i think it's only right that we try to pick one product from the store and launch it on facebook ads. i mean, after all, this is the exact template and products that generated him over a hundred thousand dollars a month, so it's gotta work a little bit right. all right, the pre-built store is ready to go. i got my email. the store is called shop dash reload. may not entirely sure what that means, but i hope that the story looks good. basically, i just have to go through and create a staff account real quick, so let me set that up. just accepted the invite. i have no idea what to expect. i didn't add any specifications, i'm just getting what he delivered, so i'm excited. let's get a quick drumroll real quick. before we look at this store, let's see what we've got, okay. okay, it's not not that bad. actually it's a general store. we have a couple different categories. we got a bunch of products already uploaded. it's quite random in the sense of how it's laid out. there's no real branding. the categories are very much scattered around, but in terms of a blank template, it's it's not a bad starting point. so, honestly, for 17 bucks it's not half bad, and it has a bunch of products preloaded into there. let's see if there's any apps added for us. so, yeah, we have a few apps ready to go. i mean, hey, if you're just starting out, this is not a bad point. to begin at, my biggest complaint with this store and my biggest fear about making money with it is the fact that it is so broad, it's super general and it's gonna be really hard to get a good conversion rate on a store like this. the only way to really make a lot of money with a general store like this is to have a banger product. to be honest with you, so far none of these products stand out to me, but i'm gonna do a quick scan and try to find at least one product that i think is worth promoting to try to make money with this store. after looking through every product uploaded on this store, i don't really see that much potential with any of them. to be fair, if you bought a store like this, you could just upload your own products and use the design template that they provided. but i think the whole point of selling a pre-built store, especially to a beginner who's never made money with shopify, is that it's all ready to go, ready to run ads and make money with. so, out of all the products, i like the led safety flares the best. i think this product is easy to market. it's already proven to sell online and the product page that they made is not half bad. and to keep the challenge legit, i'm not even going to make a single change to this product page, as much as i want to change the images, add some reviews, get rid of this. i want to test this store 100 as is to see if we can generate some sales with it. to launch this product, i'm going to need a video ad for facebook. i'm going to take some time tonight. i'm going to cook up a fire ad and then tomorrow i'm gonna launch this product live with you. then we're gonna look at the results and see if we made any money with this store. see you tomorrow. i just finished cooking up this video ad and i think it came out pretty decent. now, this only took me about 30 minutes to do. so this is not some steven spielberg level content, but let's take a look at it. so after that, i just show that it's used by law enforcement to add some trust to the product. i show the features and the benefits of this specific version of the product and then i just give a call to action saying: get yours to keep you and your family safe. this exact video layout is the same one that has generated me millions in sales on my e-commerce journey. so if you're looking to advertise a product, this is exactly how i would do it. now i'm gonna take this ad and launch a hundred dollar a day facebook testing campaign and i'll jump back on once that is all set up. [Music]. i just finished launching the ads for this product, so let's take a look. so i just did a simple 100 a day testing campaign. i chose some really broad interest with the big four countries. this is just a good way to gauge if people are somewhat interested in a product and validate its potential. then for the ad, i simply took the video i created, i came up with an attention grabbing copy and then i just threw the link to the store in the ad. so these ads are sitting in review right now across our fingers that it gets approved, and i'll update you once we get some results. poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east. it's officially been a full day of running ads and i have some results to share. in total, i spent about 92 dollars to make back a whopping amount of zero dollars. unfortunately, we couldn't get any sales with the pre-built store. let's look at this situation and see what went wrong. if we look at the stats of the video and how it's performing, you'll actually see that this thing's kind of busting- busting. i mean, it has a two percent ctr which, on a product test is above average and shows that people are interested in this product. in total, we had 104 people visit the website and only four of those people added to cart. so what this shows me very clearly is this: people want to buy the product, but they're losing trust when they make it to the website. the video ads sold them on the product, but by the time they made it to the website, something fell off and they lost interest, and this was my number one concern in the first place. so i think at this point, just so i don't go broke, i'm gonna go ahead and shut off the ads and, on that note, i think we can call it a wrap on this challenge. to answer the question that we started this video with, i don't really think a pre-built store is worth it. what i recommend is learning the skills to design and make a beautiful website on your own. not only is this going to allow you to create a unique website that nobody else has, but it truly unlocks a door for you to have a career with e-commerce. it's no different than somebody trying to sell you a fitness or diet plan that's going to get you ripped. sure, it might feel like it's helping you a little bit, but the only thing that's really going to get you those results is showing up in the gym and putting

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I Bought a Fully Done Shopify Store From Fiverr .... 🖥

in today's video, we're going to be doing something different, a little bit more unusual in comparison to the other videos on my channel. today, we're going to be buying a pre-built store from Fiverr. for those of you unfamiliar with, fiber is basically a platform, a website, where you can either work as a freelancer, promote your services or bry services, just as digital marketing, graphic design, video, a design or Shopify store builds. that's what we're going to be doing in today's video. we're also different various services as well. now, I must say off the bat, this is my idea that I didn't come up with. this was actually I an idea a bigger youtuber came up with. his name is be a heads up, and I thought this video, this concept, was quite cool and I would want to check it out myself and see if a different freelancer on fire can perform better or worse, because the fiber freelancer in his video didn't really put up such a great job and I want to see if different fiber freelancers can do a better job and if the store looks good, they have a good product. I'm actually going to be giving away this store to one of you guys. all you guys have to do is like this video. comment. hash tag fiber store and also subscribe to the channel. and Before we jump into today's video, right here is the last video. it's giveaway winner congratulations- to write me a message on Instagram so we can schedule your consulting call. so I'd say let's dive into the video. so now we want to load up fiber. fiber, as I've mentioned, is a freelance service marketplace for business and this is already on my personal account. so we're gonna simply go on fiber and, as you guys can see, we have lots of different things that we can choose from. we can go either: go with graphics and design, logo design, brand style guides, portraits, characters, cartoons, comics- so many things to choose from. digital marketing, social media marketing, web analytiks, whatever- writing, translation, video, animation, music, audio programming, tik, business, lifestyle- anything you could even think of someone to outsource your projects over. if you're not very good at one specific service, you can definitely find it in this service on fibre. so for those of you that haven't used this platform yet, definitely recommend it to you. never wonder good? well, we're gonna be looking for is a Shopify store, where you're just gonna type it in the top- our Shopify store- and search for it and, as you guys can see, lots of different service types pop up so I will design a Shopify logo for your store. we'll build a highly converting shop, light drop shipping store, Shopify store design, etc. so we want to choose under service options. first of all, we want to filter only Shopify, so we don't want to necessarily out WooCommerce, mag, Nano or site builder, and we would also like a relatively quick delivery to one, two, maximum two days, and we should also want to have an english-speaking country, obviously, because heavens don't really speak or do Hindi or French, or just also going to choose express deliveries. so up to three days or even up to 24, so that you guys can see lots of different sellers, and we want to mainly gold sellers that have four point eight, 4.7 stars. enough, we have lots of different sellers. five, five, no stars, 5.0 year 53. we use 122. we use 216 reviews, 44 reviews, lots and lots of different drop screen stores that we can choose from. obviously you can go with a more high tiket price point, such as like 410 euros or 260 heroes or 99 euros or a thousand euros, but we're gonna be looking at a more affordable price point to its really have like a steel type thing of a store. so we're going to be mainly looking at a price range somewhere between 20 euros to even up to 87 euros, which would approve late. somewhere between 30 and 80- 90 dollars, so we're gonna actually sort by best selling. what is very interesting to see if these guys have so many rubies- over 100 to hundreds- usually people don't always leave previous and therefore they sell a lot more than there are actually reviews. so this one starts off at 70 euros- could be interesting. asset ecommerce could also be interesting, starting at 89 euros. we're looking. actually this one looks quite well. I like the way this header looks- for 47 euros and 18 cents could be an interesting one. I will scroll down to the end of the page see if we can find anything more interesting, more appealing and, by the looks of it, not really so we're actually gonna go with this one for 47 euros and 18 cents and we basically click on it. - this guy is a level 2 seller, so he's been in this for a longer time: member since 2016, from Bangladesh, for been 7 starts from 842 reviews, certified Chavez, fine experts. so that is very trustworthy, very good to find. but look, I don't know if I want to have such a big pride, right, I'd actually more like to have one product source, so we're gonna continue searching. okay, so I think I found the seller, the freelancer I want to go with. I'll create premium one product Shopify store, drop shipping- 409 stars from fortune reviews- a little bit low, but I want to check this guy out. and since in this thumbnail he was really referring himself as a Shopify expert, Shopify partner- about this cake. aren't you bored of fabricated stories and some products that you want to be unique? you are at the right gig now. one of the best methods of making money online is with a branded long product store. I agree, it's a new trend in 2019: sell one winning product. it's a trend that you should ride on if you want to stay ahead of the competition. my services include one product drop shipping store which converts very well. custom theme installing apps, contact form, currency converter, SEO title, meta tag, conversion boosters, website logo. make your store ratings, drive my personal support. and after product. I'm an experienced Shopify partner. 100% satisfaction guarantee, unlimited revision, discounted price- save money for marketing. so my pre owned service at discounted prices until 15- dreariest moorhead life. so we're just gonna get this. it costs us for some euros, so that is roughly $60 and we get six pages, one product, design, customization, responsive design, content upload, set up payment gateway for plugins and extensions. so I think we're gonna go with the seller and you will just pay for and look right now, yes, other extras, such as a premium theme, which I am quite interested, and I think I'm gonna go with extra fast one-day delivery. it takes three days, so I just we can wake that time and yeah, so we're gonna order now. okay, so I've typed him a short message: don't have a store name or domain yet. please, accordingly, choose that for the brand product. looking forward to the results. Cheers vilius. so kind of small message, and now we're ready to start the order. so, what a date is November 5th and I'll see you back on November 5th, I guess. so I guess I'll see you guys as soon as the order is done and we're back. so it's been two days since I ordered the store on Fiverr and, yeah, managed to finish it up one day earlier, and this is gonna be my live reaction to the store, as I haven't taken a look at it yet and I want to capture the reaction live. hopefully it's good. I really hope so, because I'm gonna be giving away the store to you guys if it is good. as I mentioned, all you guys have to do is leave a like, comment, hash, tag, fiber store and be subscribed to the channel. very close to 500 subscribers- that would be very great if we could hit that more, like in the video. so I'd say let's jump into the story. so ready, right on fiber deliveries here. use the delivery to make sure you have exactly what you need. so, right off the bat, he did message me in advance asking if I had a product that I would choose from, if I would prefer, and he did send me a product, a store. it was actually this backpack that it covered and one of my videos in one of my previous product videos. it's this anti-theft backpack. a decent product, definitely, so not too bad right there, okay, so here's the messes I have just on your store. here's the list what I did find produ.

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I Bought A Custom Dropshipping Store from AliDropship

there's been a lot of videos recently where you start paying people on Fiverr to create them a drop shipping store. now, in this video, I haven't paid somebody on Fiverr. I've actually gone and bought a custom store from Ally dropship. I'm going to go and review how that stories and if I think it was worth the money. so the first thing I done was I went over to the ally dropship website, over to their custom store area. now they have three different packages. they've got the $2.99 package, the foreign online package in the $8.99 package and, as far as I can see, the only difference between the packages are that you get more products on your store, so you get 50 products, 100 products and I think it's 200 bucks. and then for the final package, I think they set up more social media accounts for you, so they're adding, I think, YouTube and a few extra ones like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for you as well. now, obviously, because I'm a big bowler, that I went straight for the $4.99 package, naturally, you know, but that's what a big baller would do- strain for the 100 products and we're going to see what we get. and I think le drop should have some weird marketing ploy because all of the personal managers for these stores seem to be these good-looking Eastern European women, and they've got them on their YouTube channel as well. and I don't know about you, but any fool that would just go and buy a $499 store just so he could be in contact with a good-looking Eastern European woman. that's just kind of sad. not listen, I'm not mentioning any names. I don't know anyone that would personally do that, but if you, if you have somebody that would do that, that's pretty sad. so you know, stik to business. I'm hoping I get the one guy who's a personal manager. that is what I I'm hoping for. this guy's having a field day at work. he's loving life. he's working with these five hot women in the office all day. hey, let's go for drinks afterward, baby, we're gonna love it. you said it, friend. so I've got to purchase my store and now we wait. so a few days later, Ally dropship contacted me and they wanted me to fill out a survey and basically, on this survey, you have to just go and you pick the colors of your brand, you go and pick what type of logo you like and you go and add any extra information in there. now, one extra piece of information that I put in there was that I wanted my store to be subtle like mammas and papas, so the stores crating is going to be surrounding and baby accessories and all those types of things. and I said I wanted to be subtle- black mammas and papas. now I just want you to remember these words: I want it to be subtle, black mammas and papas, and by subtle I mean no flashy colors, no big outrageous logos and all those types of things so nice and subtle. so after I've entered that in, I completed this survey and then a few days later they contacted me again via Skype to ask me to go and fill out a Google sheet and basically, on this Google sheet you have to go and fill out a bunch of different things. so you have to go and pick your domain name, you have to go and pick the mail provider that you want to use- that MailChimp or pepé Post and all these types of things- and what you want to use is your admin password for your WordPress website and all those types of things. so I went and I filled out the Google sheet and then, when you fill that out, then they set you up with something called Basecamp and basically it's basically like a checklist of all of the things that they have to do so you can go and have a look at the progress of your store and how the project is getting on. so they'll say: we have complete the logo for you, it's being taped, we set up the social accounts, we've imported the products, blah, blah, blah. so I have to say, in terms of the communication side, with a leadership, that's really good because they keep you up to date with how your store is doing and, if anything, they're probably contacting me more than I was contacting them chasing me for things, because I was quite a lazy person with this and I'd always forget to go and respond to them and those types of things. so I have to say, on that front, they are pretty good. now one quick thing I'm going to show you, before we actually go and look at the store, that they gave me one of these Skype messages that I sent them. I specifically said: hi, Anna, I don't want to focus too much on clothing. I don't mind some clothing within the categories, but I want a lot of products to meet: baby accessories, for example, baby nail trimmers, white noise machines, baby nose mucus clearers and these types of products. so I specifically said I don't want to focus on clothing, but a boom but of being. a few days pass and they send me my store and here we are, we have the store, so let's go and have a look at now. the first thing. let's just go back firstly to. I said I want it to be nice and subtle, like mothers and puppies. let's go, let's show us picture of Mamas and Papas website: nice and subtle, black, white and grey, actually just pretty much white and grey and a few light blues in there. and then let's go and look at my store. there's there's something, there's something I can notike. that's not too sorry. there's a very bright pink color and also this kind of the logo is just a bit. yeah, you know it's not horrible logo, but it's a bit out there. let's say it's. it's certainly not subtle with certainly not mammas and papas esque. so first things, you know, the first thing, I know this is I've already been ignored. okay, fair enough, we know we'll let that slide. point number two: I don't want to focus too much on clothing. what are the three categories that we see as soon as we comment to the site: boys clothes, girls clothes, baby clothes, ah, and then, if we go into the more section, maternity dresses, Wow, okay. so 50% of the products that they imported for me are clothes, so I guess, in a way, I don't want to focus too much on clothes. well, 50% of them are not clothes, so I guess they've given me what I wanted in a way. okay, no, that's fine. you know we'll let that slide once again. we'll let that slide. let's go and have a look at the design. it's pretty sleek. it's it's not bad. they've got, within the necessary pages, everything we need. now let's just have a look at some of the products. I wanted some decent kind of viral ish products. you know, the typical ones that you can market through Facebook, and we got the dry pressed, disposable baby wipes sets. wow, these are gonna pop off on Facebook. these gonna go crazy. millions of views, billions, billions of views is a matter of fact. these, this product is gonna be the first product on Facebook to get 1 billion views. why would you import this isn't to the store. I just some of the products. some of the products. selection is very dubious. let's just say that you can buy these at Tesco for about 2 pound. for those of you, the America Tesco is just, it's just a normal, your everyday subió, your average joe's supermarket, some where I shop. so, and once again we've got this one baby handprint and footprint makers- not bad, yeah bet, you know we could do something with that. and you know this one over here keeping your child on a leash like a dog. I'm sure many people would want to do that. and then over here we've just got this deep v-neck dress for pregnant women, even though she doesn't look one day pregnant, it says. you know, like I said, some other product selection is just very, ever so slightly dubious. now let's just go and have a look at some of the product pages. so let's just go for this high chair over here. I'm gonna go over to this high chair and see, you know, if the product pages are any good. so you know, I'm not too convinced and I'm not too happy with the homepage in the products so far, but the product pages might be good as well. so we scroll down and what do we see here? 113 pounds, okay. so let's go into the mindset of a shopper. now let's do some roleplay, let's try- and you know we're gonna really try- and channel the mind of a shopper. so I'm gonna be a month I'm gonna be a mom that's based in the US, ma.

I Bought And Tested 3 Stores On Fiverr... Here's What Happened - Shopify Dropshipping

hey guys, what's going on in this video? we're doing something that no one has ever done and that's ordering stores from fiverr. all right, all right, a lot of people have done it, but no one has tested like three of them in the same video. so that's what i'm doing. but yeah, without further ado, let's go straight into the video. alright? so in order for us to order a store from fiverr, we'll at least first have to find the product. so i'm gonna go on a few really, really tough hours and search for some products, i'll show you them and then we'll go over to the stores. maybe the ads first, i don't know, we'll see. and uh, yeah, that's pretty much it. i guess that means i got some work to do. so see you soon, i guess. [Music] many hours later. okay, so after scrolling cj, drop shipping- not drop us by this time. usually i would search on drop a spy, but you know, for building like stores on fiverr, it doesn't really matter too much. if you guys want to use droppers by link in the description, it's really good. but yeah, so i'm on cj and i found three products that we're gonna be testing and having the stores built for. so the first one is an electric like head massager that's also led and stuff. i haven't seen this product before. it looks really interesting. i kind of feel like i should have seen it by now, but i haven't. so i think this one's actually got some really good potential because it's pretty cheap. it's like, i don't know, we're getting one for nine dollars, like less than ten dollars. i guess we can sell one for like 35- 30 minimum. so we got a nice mark up there, uh. the second product i've seen a lot of times is this like straight hair comb, comb, i don't know. um, yeah, we're getting one for like 13.. so, yeah, not too expensive, pretty decent. i feel like it could sell. so, yeah, let's give it a go. and the final one i've seen like similar products. i've never seen this exact design. it's like an eyelid massager or something like that. it's supposed to make you look younger. people love looking younger. i guess yo guys, it's me from the future. i just wanted to show you guys one of the stores that i've been working on with a client, right, so he came to me with a product doing like 300 a day, uh, on april the 8th, and we partnered up and we managed to scale it to 1k a day in less than like 10 days and then we took it to 2.4k and we kind of had like a down date. then we scaled it up all the way up to 4.5 k and then it was doing like really good 4.5 k again, and then we kind of had to scale down because of like facebook issues and stuff, but it's still done like one to 2k a day pretty profitably and this is the main campaign in facebook. so, as you can see, it's done 117 000 in revenue and we've only spent like thirty eight thousand dollars in ads. so the ros is like 3.09. so if any of you guys are doing like 400 a day or more in revenue and you'd like to scale your store, uh, dm me on instagram or email me. i'll have my email in the description and we can get in touch and see if we can work something out. um, or if you just want to get on the mentorship, uh, feel free to dm me on instagram as well. and yeah, that's pretty much it. back to the video. and yeah, i also found the products on aliexpress, so i can do this. so, if you guys don't know, there's a tool called saturation inspector and it's so good. so it's in the chrome web store, so check them out. i'll have a link in the description as well. but yeah, it basically tells you, like how many other stores are selling your product, and this product seems to be like very untapped. it's only managed to find like two stores selling this exact same product and the really cool thing is like it gives you the link to the store so you can click on the link and it takes you to the product page and then you can see if it's horrible, if it's good, and if it's good you can like copy some of it. so it's really awesome for descriptions too. if you're like not creative, like me, then you can come in, steal a bit from this guy, a bit from this guy, and make your own description. so all right. so for the other product, it only found one store selling it. so we did pretty good. we found some unsaturated products and then the final one's probably going to be a bit more saturated, because i've seen it a few times. but yeah, let's see. and all right, it's pumping up 12 stores, all right. so only 12 stores sell on this one, which is not too much. so i think we should be safe it's. we're not selling two sacher products. this site is like. i don't know which language this is. this is something arabic, i think. if you guys want to check out, saturation inspector link in the description. and yeah, so you know, we have the products now. for time's sake, i'm going to be ordering the ads before ordering the stores, just because we're going to be waiting at least like a day or two for the stores, maybe even more so if i order the ads after that, then we're going to be running even more so. so i'm just going to order the ads beforehand and then we'll order the stores, i guess. and uh, yeah, that should be it. then we're going to be ready to go. so we're going with top notch ads. if you guys want to use top notch ads as well, i'll have my affiliate link in the description. i think i can just call it marco to say like five dollars off. so yeah, as i always say, the split tester package is always the best. yeah, so we're gonna be ordering three, uh, split testing packages and we're gonna be adding the ad copy. so, just so i don't have to write the ad copy myself, it's like 10 bucks, so not too bad. let's add the car and there we go. so let's check out nice, all right, now that i've placed the order, i'm just gonna fill out the like product submission forms. so this is gonna take a few minutes, see you guys, once i'm finished. all right, so after a decent amount of time, i finally submitted all the forms. so i guess now we can finally go to fiverr and find some gigs, maybe order some stores and, yeah, see how they turn out. so let's go there. all right. so we're on fiverr and let's search for, like shopify store and let's see what comes up. um, all right, 426 euros, that's a bit expensive for one store. 18, wow, 1700 euros, dude, that's like 2 000 or something. yeah, let's scroll a bit and let's see if we can find something that's like not incredibly expensive and looks good actually. but yeah, i'll scroll through and i'll update you guys once i found something. so, yeah, let's see a few inches later. okay, so i think i've found the first actual like listing. it did take a while, like there are a lot of bad ones, but this one's got 1400 reviews. i think this is like the best reviewed, like the highest number of reviews listing. i've found it's a level two seller, which means they've completed at least 50 orders on time with a minimum 4.7 rating. if someone's new to fiverr, um, yeah, that's what it means. and uh, yeah, two orders in queue, uh, the packages it's like 70 bucks, 110 bucks, so, yeah, it's not that big of a price difference. but you get like 10 more products, one more page and you get like responsive designs. so, yeah, premium is just standard, with more like products and stuff. so, i don't know, it's probably good as well. but let's just stik the standard, because i'm buying like three stores and, yeah, so i'm gonna be ordering from this one. now we gotta find like two more that we're gonna be using. so, see you guys soon, a few moments later. all right, so i think i found like the second person we're gonna be buying from. so the basic package is only 35 bucks, which is like super cheap. yeah, you get like three pages, 10 products, right, 10 products is really good, um, but it's not like responsive design, stuff like that. so i'm not sure what that means. but you know, i feel like it should be better. so standard is only 70 bucks, so it's not that bad at all and you get 20 products and stuff like that. so we get. we also get like five plugins here, which is awesome. uh, it's a level one seller but like really good ratings as well. so four orders in queue, that's quite a lot. yeah, i gotta find the next one, so see you soon. i hope soon after all. right, so we're on the fi.

Buying a Pre-Built Ecommerce Store – is it REALLY worth it?

recently, i've been targeted by a lot of done-for-you stores, pre-built store offers, and i'm curious if you've been, you know, targeted by these ads too. let me know. down in the comments below. i'm going to give you my honest opinion on pre-built stores and why you should or should not buy and purchase a pre-built store. [Music]. just to clarify really quickly: these stores that we're toking about here, these pre-built stores, from what i've seen anyway, are sold from scratch, so they don't have any data or sales that come with it. it's different from drop shipping stores that are sold on the exchange that already have been turning a profit for many months, if not years. okay, so let's break down what exactly you get if you purchase one of these pre-built done-for-you stores- and as a disclaimer, i should probably add that i do not sell any of these pre-built done-for-you type stores- okay, so the first thing that you apparently get is a unique store, so you get a, you know, a tail sword that's made for you. it's also a hands-off experience, so you do not need to do anything. everything's done for you from scratch, apparently, and some of these people also offer done for you facebook ads too. uh, so it's a pretty hands-off experience, so let's take it at face value. sometimes products are even selected for you, so product selection is, uh given to you as well, so everything is done for you. we're toking about the store ads and uh and the product selection. they market it in a way to say that all you have to do is just essentially fulfill the orders and do customer service, two pretty basic stuff that, uh, you can honestly just outsource to a virtual assistant. but yeah, that's what you're getting. you're getting everything done for you, as they say, and all you need to do is just the service part of things and fulfillment. so, on paper, it sounds pretty amazing, and i'm sure you might have stumbled upon one of these offers again. if you have, let me know down in the comments below, because i'm really curious, and if you heard of about one of these offers, they do sound really appealing, they sound attractive. you don't need to do anything and you get the expertise of these people that are, you know, selling these stores. so everything's done for you. and so it begs the question: does this sound too good to be true? by the way, give this video a like if you find it useful, insightful, and also subscribe and turn on the notification bell. if you haven't already, it is much appreciated. i'm not here to comment on whether or not this practike or this offer is a scam. honestly, i don't know. i, you know, haven't engaged in one of these offers and i haven't spoke to anyone who has purchased one of these stores, and i'm sure that some of these people actually do deliver a good uh and results, and i'm sure their intentions are good and well. but i'm here to answer whether or not you should actually purchase one of these stores, whether or not they're a scam or whether or not they actually work. i'm going to tell you whether or not you should actually purchase one of these stores either way, and the answer is no. you should definitely not buy a pre-built stores for a multitude of reasons that i'm gonna go through right now. the first and foremost points why you should not buy a pre-built store and have all the ads done for you is because you are probably new to this game and so you're not going to learn anything whatsoever. if everything's done for you, you don't know how to replicate those successes, you aren't learning anything, and learning the skill is so important. it's the same as the analogy as give a man a fish or teach him to fish so he can eat. the rest of you know his life. it is a very valuable skill nowadays and the opportunity to learn that skill and put into practike far outweighs the inconvenience of doing it yourself. yes, it is time consuming, but that time is being funneled into something very useful that you can use over and over and over again. the second reason you should not buy a pre-built store and done for your ads etc. is because it's not your vision. it's simply not your vision. how can someone even attempt to align a store and your ads to your own vision of a business? ultimately, you want your brand and your ecommerce store to reflect on your own vision for your products and brand, and that is the fun of the game. that is when it becomes your little baby that you want to nurture every single day. it's very hard for someone to like mind read you and take that vision from you and create something relevant to that vision. which brings me on to the third point, which is legality. you don't know unless you have. you know terms and conditions, very clear cut contracts and agreements, but most of the times you don't know what you're getting and you don't know if you actually own your, the assets that were created by someone else. so when i refer to the assets, i'm toking about the store. uh, you know the ads, the creative. you don't own it because someone else has created it. so there is a chance that your brand, your vision, that store that you're getting does not belong to you. and the worst case scenario is if it works extremely well and they approach you and they're like: wow, he's doing six figures, you know a month, let's, i'm gonna take that soil back from you like it's my store. you know that those type of scenarios could happen. so you have to be very careful about the legality behind these pre-built stores. again, i want to make it clear that i'm not bashing on these people who make pre-built stores. i'm sure some of them have great intentions and that legality is not an issue here, but i'm just telling you to do your due diligence and just to give you some sort of perspective so you're not burned, if that is, you know, a possibility. so the next point and reason and thing you need to be worried about when it comes to pre-built stores is: who is actually building these stores? you need to ask this question because, with the amount of stores that they're building or they're offering to build. i'm sure there's a lot of customers that they need to build these stores from, so you're probably mistaken if you believe that you're going to get that specific person to build that store, because building a sword takes time and it's not easy if you have a hundred customers asking for a store. so the chances are they are outsourcing this to maybe someone up work, maybe a friend, you know, i don't know. even worse or worse case scenario again: this could be a copy and paste type situation, where they just have a template and they paste it and change a few things, add your brand logo and stuff in there and that's your pre-built store. i really hope that's not the case, because that is quite low. that's not cool, especially if they're charging, you know, like thousands of dollars for these things. so just be careful about how they're being built and who's building your store. building upon that previous point again is: you have no clue how the store is structured. it's one thing to have the store visually appealing. it is another thing to see the back end operation or the back end coding as well. so what i mean by this is it can be a great, fabulous looking store, but it runs like crap. the the website speed is terrible, things are broken, functionality just does not work as well as it should. so when you have these things like a poor page speed score, you have poor converting elements, you have functionality that's not working well, then that means poor conversions and that therefore also means less sales, less profit. so it's one thing to have handed over a really beautiful site. it's another thing that it's converting well for you too. honestly, you're probably better taking your money and investing it into a course where you can learn it for yourself, because that's a skill that someone cannot take from you. that is a skill that remains with you forever and you can improve on that skill, and that is the way to learn e-commerce. it's really risky to get someone to do it for you, and so when push comes to shove a.