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Published on: February 20 2023 by pipiads

I Tried Making Money With A Pre Built Shopify Store Scam

As an e-commerce expert, I have always been skeptical of pre-built Shopify stores. However, to answer the question if they are worth your money, I decided to buy one, launch Facebook ads, and see if I can make some money with it.

The Purchase:

After seeing an ad for a pre-built store for just $17, I decided to buy one. The store came with 32 products and an 180 paid theme. The store was delivered within 12 hours and looked like a good starting point.

The Product:

After scanning through the products, I decided to choose the LED safety flares as the product to launch on Facebook ads. The product page was not bad and already proven to sell online.

The Ads:

I created a simple video ad for the product and launched a $100 a day testing campaign on Facebook. The ad had a 2% CTR, above average for a product test.

The Results:

Unfortunately, after spending $92 on ads, I didn't get any sales with the pre-built store. People lost interest when they made it to the website, despite being sold on the product through the ad. This showed that pre-built stores are not worth the money.

I do not recommend buying pre-built Shopify stores. Instead, learn the skills to design and make a unique website on your own. This will not only allow you to create a unique website but also unlock opportunities for a career in e-commerce. Don't fall for the pre-built store scam.

How to Properly Buy a REAL Pre-Built Shopify Dropshipping Store w/ Adsellr

How to Buy a Pre-Built Shopify Store the Right Way

Pre-built Shopify stores have a bad reputation for being terrible and a rip-off. However, a company called Ad Seller has changed the game. In this article, we will discuss how to buy a pre-built Shopify store the right way.

Why Ad Seller is Different:

Ad Seller is an e-commerce agency that specializes in user-generated content, pre-built Shopify stores, and other e-commerce marketing and production services. Unlike other services that charge hundreds of dollars for content, Ad Seller has an in-house creative team that handcrafts all of their advertising content. This results in a high-quality, professional store that is delivered in only five business days.

Choosing Your Niche:

Ad Seller recommends choosing a niche that you are familiar with so that you can better understand your customer's mindset and appeal to them with your products. However, they do not recommend choosing a luxury or apparel niche due to expensive branding and endless competitors.

Considerations Before Buying:

It's important to consider whether you have enough time to manage a successful business, as running an e-commerce store takes a lot of effort. Additionally, there are monthly expenses to consider, such as the $29 per month Shopify subscription and any additional fees for marketing campaigns or third-party Shopify apps.

Why Buying a One-Product Store is Not Ideal:

The more products your store has, the more options there are for customers to purchase. This generally results in more sales and more traffic since there is more content on your website. Ad Seller offers a general store package that includes a 10,000 follower Instagram account, 30 Shopify themes, full SEO optimization, reviews with 50+ orders, and an order tracking page.

Buying a pre-built Shopify store can be a major time-saver, but it's important to understand that there is still work involved in marketing, fulfilling orders, and expanding your brand. Ad Seller is a great option for those looking for a high-quality pre-built store with a fast delivery time and in-house creative team.

I Tested 2 SHOPIFY Stores From Fiverr... Here's What Happened

In this article, we will be discussing the results of a test conducted on two different stores purchased from Fiverr, one for $25 and the other for $250, and compared side by side. The test was conducted using Facebook ads with the same ad creative and a budget of $100 per store. Here are some highlights:

- The goal of the test was to see which store would perform better in terms of conversions.

- The stores were purchased from Fiverr at different price points and compared in the previous video.

Testing with Facebook Ads:

- Each store was given a budget of $100 for Facebook ads with the same ad creative.

- The only difference between the stores was the pricing, which was changed to $79 and $95 cents for both.

- The same targeting and ad layout was used for both stores.


- Both stores received sales.

- The $25 store had a higher unique CTR for most interests.

- The $250 store had a higher unique CTR for engaged shoppers.

- Both stores had a decent unique purchase rate, but there was room for improvement.

- The test showed that both stores were profitable with the given budget.

- The test showed that it is possible to purchase a store from Fiverr and make it profitable with Facebook ads.

- The results also showed that it is important to test different interests and fine tune the ad creative to improve conversion rates.

- Overall, the test was successful in showing that it is possible to make a profit with a cheap store from Fiverr, but it requires effort and testing.

I Bought And Tested 3 Stores On Fiverr... Here's What Happened - Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, the content creator is ordering stores from Fiverr and testing out three different products. They first search for the products on CJ Dropshipping and AliExpress and use a tool called Saturation Inspector to find unsaturated products. They then order ads from Top Notch Ads and search for Shopify store gigs on Fiverr to order from. They end up ordering from two different sellers and discuss the packages they chose.

Bullet Points:

- They search for products on CJ Dropshipping and AliExpress

- They use Saturation Inspector to find unsaturated products

- They order ads from Top Notch Ads

- They search for Shopify store gigs on Fiverr

- They order from two different sellers

The content creator successfully orders stores from Fiverr and tests out three different products. They use various tools and resources to find unsaturated products and choose two different sellers to order from on Fiverr.

I Bought A Custom Dropshipping Store from AliDropship

In this article, we will review Ally Dropship's custom store package and see if it's worth the money. The author purchased the $499 package and will discuss the communication process, product selection, and overall design of the store.

Communication Process:

Ally Dropship kept the author up to date with the progress of the store through Basecamp and Skype messages. They were proactive in contacting the author and following up on things. However, the author was quite lazy and would forget to respond to them.

Product Selection:

The author specified that they didn't want to focus too much on clothing and wanted more baby accessories. However, 50% of the products imported were clothes, and some of the product selection was dubious. For example, dry pressed disposable baby wipes and a baby leash.

Overall Design:

The store design was sleek and had all the necessary pages. However, the author had specified they wanted a subtle design like Mamas and Papas, but there was a very bright pink color and a logo that was not subtle.

Overall, the author wasn't entirely satisfied with their purchase of the Ally Dropship $499 custom store package. While communication with the company was good, the product selection didn't align with the author's specifications, and the design wasn't subtle as requested.

Buying PRE BUILT SHOPIFY store from ADSELLR | Website Review

Have you ever seen ads for pre-built Shopify stores online? They promise to create a branded Shopify store for you with an initial investment. But the question is, are these pre-built Shopify stores worth it?


- Ad Seller is one of the most popular choices for pre-built dropshipping stores in 2022.

- We purchased a pre-built store from Ad Seller in the pet products niche.

- The store included 25 products, a 10k Instagram account, a 30 plus Shopify premium theme pack, nine pages in total, and an email marketing campaign.

- The delivery email included login details to the Instagram account, Shopify, and Gmail accounts, as well as the 30 pack of Shopify themes through Google Drive.

- The store design is better than what most beginners and dropshippers can come up with, and the reviews and tracking pages look clean.

- The products added to the store are specific to the niche, and the logo design is good.

- The Instagram account looks well-branded, and for under $10,000, the store is well-done.

- To make the most of a pre-built store, you still need to put in the work for marketing, SEO, writing blog posts, and being active on social media.

- Running ad campaigns on TikTok, Facebook, or Google Ads, and doing keyword research and writing blog posts will help you rank higher in Google search.

- Getting user-generated content for your store will help build trust and get sales.

- Link to Ad Seller in the description for those interested in checking it out.

Overall, a pre-built Shopify store from Ad Seller in the pet products niche was worth the investment for under $10,000. While you still need to put in the work for marketing and SEO, having a well-designed store with specific products and a branded Instagram account is a good starting point.

The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You Will Ever Need

Do you think Drop Shipping is hard? Well, you're not alone. Over 99% of people who try to make this business model a reality end up failing. But is it because this business model is too hard or too saturated? In my opinion, it's neither. The truth is that most people going into this business model are going in completely blindly or they watch some incomplete YouTube videos claiming to guide you on your way to riches. The truth is that right now is the absolute best time to be Drop Shipping.

Main points:

1. Find a product:

The first step of any Drop Shipping business starts with a good product. This process is vital to your success as a drop shipper. When you start your business, you want something that's going to sell easily, so you're not facing an uphill battle. You can find successful products that sell easily by using two proven strategies. The first method is using TikTok, which is a free method that will help a lot of beginners get off the ground. The second method is using a paid platform called Minia, which delivers you 10 products every single day from Facebook ads, TikTok ads, and even Pinterest ads.

2. Figure out your fulfillment:

After you've found the product, you also want to verify that there are good fulfillment options for that product. Part of Drop Shipping is actually getting that product delivered to your customer, so it's important to check out the shipping options before you move forward. You can do this by going on AliExpress and making sure your shipping is checked out before you make a decision.

If you follow and implement all the steps that I've taught you in each point of this Drop Shipping business, I guarantee you that you'll be set up for success. Keep in mind that this is just an overview, and if you want a click-by-click demonstration showing you how to set everything upright, I'm giving out 250 spots to my course for completely free. If you want to secure a spot, make sure to click the first link in my description and follow all the instructions so you can get access. Remember, the key to success in Drop Shipping is finding a good product and making sure your fulfillment options are solid.

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