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brandsgateway dropshipping review

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How to purchase a dropshipping order?

hi, this is olivia with bronze gateway, and in today's video i will show you how to purchase a drop shipping order. so there are two ways to purchase a drop shipping order, one way being the order being forwarded directly to our plugin. so in this case you need to go to your profile, then select the orders field and once you do have an order that is forwarded, it will look like this order over here, with the status incomplete. the next step that you need to do is finalize the order by paying for it. so this is your order. on the left side you can see the products that are inside the order and on the right side you can choose the shipping method. you can choose economy, express or upload your own shipping label. once you're done, click on proceed to checkout. then on the left side, you will see your billing address and if you scroll a bit down, you will see the shipping address. the shipping address is automatikally forwarded through the plugin. in case you want to ship it to your billing address, just uncheck this button over here and the order will be dis dispatched to your billing address. on the right side, you can change the shipping method here once again, and then on the bottom you can choose the payment method, so you can pay for the orders by paypal, by debit or credit card or by bank transfer. once you've set your payment methods, you need to agree to our terms and conditions and then click on place order. in case you are paying by a bank transfer, you can find the information for our bank account over here on this page. another way to purchase an order is going directly on brandsgatewaycom. then you can search our inventory and select the products that you wish to purchase. for example, let's choose this jeans. over here, you can select quick order and add the desired size and quantity to your card. for example, if i want to purchase two products of this, you can change the quantity over here and then click on add to cart. the product is successfully added to your cart and then you can. on another product, you can select more info and the product with its descriptions will be displayed. i will add this product to my cart as well, and when you're done with selecting all the products that you want to purchase, you can go. you can select your cart and click on checkout. the next step is fulfilling the billing address- uh- and the shipping address. so in this case, the billing address is selected. if you wish to ship to a different address, just select this over here and then fulfill the information required. on the right side, again, you can choose the shipping method. in this case, we have products from two different warehouses, so you can choose one, one shipping method for the product that is coming from our warehouse in italy, milan, and then you can choose a different payment, a different shipping matter, from the warehouse that is in italy, florence, and then the next step is the payment method, which is the same with the previous case of explained for the purpose of this video. i'm going to select bank transfer one more time and agree to the terms and conditions and click on place order. with this order is successfully placed, once we receive the payment for it, we will dispatch your order. the orders are dispatched within 24 hours of the placement of the order, and the delivery time is one to three business days within countries that are inside the eu, to seven business days for countries that are outside the eu. if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team by email at support- friendsgatewaycom, or by whatsapp.

How to Make $1 Million in a YEAR Selling Brand Products (NO Paid Ads or Traffic Required!)

hey guys. so in this video we're going to be toking about how to build a million dollar a year business legally selling branded items that are copyrighted and trademarked. i get this question a lot because, understandably, people want to sell products that already have a fan base and already have loyal customers. that way, all they have to do is source the products and then sell them directly to those customers, and i understand this appeal because i made lots of money doing this myself. this here is an example of an item that i used to buy. i used to buy a range of different nintendo ds flash cards, and they were super easy to sell because people were already buying them. however, usually when people ask me about this, they want to know if they can sell super popular billion dollar items like nike shoes or iphones and ipads. they want to go to apple and purchase their ipads at discounted wholesale rates and then resell them onto customers for a profit. well, i'm going to be upfront with you: you're not going to be able to do that. not only do companies like apple have really strict restrictions on who they sell their products at wholesale rates too, but- spoiler, companies like apple don't actually sell the items at true discounted rates. they sell them almost at cost to big retailers like best buy. companies like best buy don't actually make money off of their ipads- they're normally lost leaders instead. the way that they make their true money is through accessory upsells. so no billion dollar brands are, unfortunately, very difficult to buy in bulk at discounted rates, but branded items from seven figure, eight figure and even nine figure brands. these are the types of items that you could buy at wholesale discounted rates and these are the types of items that you want to be selling now. wholesale buying and reselling was never my sole focus, however, i've got friends that make millions of dollars every year doing this, and one of them is dan meters. it may sound crazy, but dan and his business partner, eric, have sold over 16 million dollars on amazon alone. in fact, last year they made over five million dollars with their strategy of buying wholesale branded trademark products and reselling them. what they do is called reverse wholesale, and it is a three-step process, and in this video i'm going to go through it with you step by step. [Music]. step one: locate high profit, high potential, branded items on amazon. so what sort of product would have high potential and have high profits on amazon. well, let me switch over to my computer and show you an example, okay, so here we are on my screen. so step one: dan finds products that are already selling successfully on amazon, like these dog treats from cadet pit and, as you can see, with jungle scout. they are selling around 400 units a month, which means that it's making over 14 000 a month in sales. but he also looks for something else. he looks for products that are selling well but are poorly optimized for sales and conversions, like: look at this listing, it is bad. it has an extremely bad title, like: let's compare it to the similar product here. this is a super descriptive title that showcases some of the benefits of it: premium grade, odor free, all natural. these are benefits. so compared to that title, this title is terrible. and if we come and look at the photos, there are only two photos. there could be six photos here and these photos are in such low definition that you can't zoom in on them, and not being able to zoom in on photos has a big negative impact on sales and conversions on amazon, and you know- i'm not going to go into too much detail- like you can see that these bullet points here are terrible and if we scroll down the page, you'll see that the description is non-existent. i mean, this item it's so popular, but because it looks so unprofessional, it will be turning a lot of buyers off. it's a huge wasted opportunity for cadet patch, like they clearly know nothing about selling on amazon, but that also means that there is huge potential here. all right, so that's step one: identifying brand products that have huge sales but have terrible product pages, because we're going to be able to capitalize on that later on. step two: create a wholesale account with cadet pet. so what we now do is we go to cadet pet and we ask them if we can open what's called a wholesale account with them as and can we get their permission to go to their wholesale distributor and purchase these dog treats at wholesale, discounted rates so that we can then go and resell them for a profit? and reaching out to a company to ask this is actually really simple. let me show you on my screen. so i'm here on google now to contact them to ask to open a wholesale account. all you literally have to do is google them and then come to the company website and then click contact us and reach out to them with the contact form, like it's that simple and it's not hard or scary at all. but here is the truth. while it's so much easier to get approved to open a wholesale account with a company like cadet pet that does millions of dollars a year rather than billions of dollars a year like amazon, they normally don't just approve anybody. in fact, you usually need to have some experience in the niche, right, right, no, no, you can get around this. you can do what dan does and what he teaches his students to do, and that is to make a proposal. hey, i'll come in and i will edit your amazon product listing to improve it and massively increase your sales, but in exchange for me doing that, let's make a deal: my business, me. i get the right to buy these retriever roles at discounted rates from your wholesale distributor so that i can then go and resell them on amazon. i will send these items into amazon for you and i will manage your item listing and i will increase your sales. and so what you do is you negotiate the simple deal with a company like cadet pet that clearly knows nothing about selling on amazon, because it works out as a win-win for both parties. step three: optimize the listing, purchase the products and make money. of course, he goes in and he edits the listing to be better. he adds some nicer photos, he adds in a better title, he adds some bullet points and he adds in an actual product description. he then purchases these retriever roles at wholesale discounted rates and then ships them into one of amazon's fba warehouses. amazon's fba warehouses are incredible. they store these items for you and each time a customer buys one of your items that you're storing in one of their warehouses, they find the item that they have stored, they package the item up and then they ship it to the customer. when you're selling on amazon, this is how they automate your business. you ship your products into their warehouses and then they take care of the customers orders for you. at this point, it's basically a source of passive income, because all you've got to do is manage your inventory. when it gets low, you go out there, you purchase more products and you ship them into amazon. it's upfront work for long-term gain. this is a very different strategy to what i was using when i was wholesale buying and selling, and i think it's pretty cool, especially because i've seen so many of dan's students have so much success, and so i asked him if he would come onto a video today to go even deeper into his strategies, and he said yes. so i'm going to switch over to my interview that i just did with dan. hello, dan, thank you so much for coming out today. i know you're a busy guy, so let's just jump straight into it. uh, so my first question for you is: can you please show us an example of a product that you're currently selling, and can you show us how much profit that you're actually making from it? hey, sarah, thanks so much for having me on today. i've really been looking forward to this interview and i'm excited to get started. so, yeah, let's jump right in. we can tok about a product, but we can't identify the product or brand, because we've done this once before with one of our other exclusive brand.

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The Best Dropshipping Supplier Vendor with Fast Shipping - Dropshipville Review

hello, guys, and welcome, welcome. welcome to another video here today where i'm going to be sharing with you guys an amazing, amazing, amazing dropshipping platform that you guys should definitely, definitely check out now. this is a platform that we have personally collaborated with. as you guys know, we have a drop shipping program at the run boutique academy, but what we've done is we've actually merged with this platform to start dropshipping some of our inventory. of course, we're still doing that through the wrong boutique academy, but some of our inventory actually, guys, you can actually drop shipping directly from this platform without necessarily being a wrong boutique member, because we've been receiving a lot of queries from you guys asking us: how do i dropship the inventory without actually being a member? i already have an online store, but i want to sell your inventory, but i don't really want to. you know, go with the web design option and all the other things that come with the membership. if you're that person, then the good news is you can now drop ship our inventory via dropshipbuildcom, because this is the website is wwwdropshippingcom, and, as you can see, you can actually find inventory in the uk, you can find inventory in china, you can find inventory in the united states as well. so this is a new platform that basically connects you with different vendors in the usa, uk and china. now i know some of you guys have been following me have heard me tok about salpire. cellpayer is a directory. so it's a directory that gives you a list, kind of like a vendor list, but, like you know, a more sort of sophistikated version of a vendor list. you gain access to different vendors that you can contact directly to purchase from. however, with dropship view, you get to buy inventory directly via this platform. okay. so, although you're being connected to the vendors, it doesn't tell you who the vendors are, but you can go and just shop directly from the vendors. okay, and drop shipping is more of a drop shipping platform as opposed to a wholesale platform, hence why the prices are not really like wholesale. wholesale prices, um, it's more of like drop shipping type prices. so this is perfect for those of you guys who want to get started with your boutique. you want to do drop shipping, but you don't want to buy all that inventory in bulk. you can just literally come on here, guys, like, if you wanted to sell clothing, look at this beautiful, beautiful floral set. guys, if you wanted to sell this floral set. you can see right here the price is 18 for this product, okay, and you can buy just one product. you don't have to buy in bulk or any of that- and it actually tells you where the products are coming from. so it gives you a good indication of how long shipping is going to take. you can just come here, select the size, then it tells you how long shipping is going to take. so you know, you are aware of how long shipping is going to take. so if you wanted to dropship this product, then you can equally tell your customers that, okay, this product is going to take, on average, 10 to 20 days to get to you. okay, so that's a great thing about this platform: it tells you exactly how long shipping is going to take for every single product, okay, and where exactly the products are coming from. so if you wanted to say, you know, drop ship this product. i've seen this i'm 2p set. the summer now been sold in a bunch of places for like 49 guys, 39. like you could get away with 39 for this two piece set. it's beautiful, beautiful, it's great quality and i love it because you can actually see what the real product looks like on a mannequin. so let's say you wanted to sell the stupid set for, let's say, 39, which is a good price for that to be said. um, trust me, then you could be making a good profit of twenty one dollars. guys, sell the product, your customer pays you, you come to dropship bill. you select the size right, add to cart, pay at checkout, drop ship, build and ships the products directly to your customer. guys, and you keep your profit. it's as simple as that. it's really really easy, guys. one thing i always recommend, of course, is that you buy um a sample. so if you wanted to sell this dress, i recommend that you buy one for yourself. of course, you need to have you know, you need to know the quality right, you need to see how durable the material is. and this is also great, guys, for like social media content. if you're taking like um, doing things like tiktok, you need to have something on hand. right, you can just be showing people your website. you want to try the products. take some cute pictures, take some flat lists, do some videos, dance on tiktok, like. you need samples, guys, even when you're drop shipping, this, just because you're drop shipping, doesn't mean that you're not running the business at the end of the day. so you want to invest on some samples? eighteen dollars for a two piece set like this, guys? honestly, i, it's a no-brainer right and you can make a good, decent profit for this dress, guys. you can make a decent profit for the stupid set, guys, um, so if you wanted to buy from the uk, i can just select uk, for example, as you can see, there's products here from the uk. and if i wanted to sell this two-piece set, okay, the drop shipping price for that product is 9.99. okay, i already know that those two piece sets are selling anywhere from 19 um 19 pounds plus. so let's just say i wanted to sell this for 19 pounds. right, then. what i'll simply do, guys, is i'll order a sample of this product. so i'll order and pay 9.99 for this product. so i can just order it in my size, pay 99.99 for the product, right, take some pictures, copy the description, copy everything and then paste that to my own website. i'm gonna have the price as 19.99 on my own website. so when a customer comes to my website, they pay me 19 pounds and 99 cents. right, then i come back to dropship bill and i only pay them 9.99 and then i check out. i then key in my customers shipping address at checkout so that the shipping is going to be reflected on whatever the supplier is charging here. so the supplier here is charging 4.49, so i'm gonna be charging 449 as well for shipping. so the customer covers for the shipping regardless. so now, if my customer pays me 19 pounds and 99 cents, i then come to dropship bill. right, i only pay them 9.99. this means that my profit is 10 pounds. do you guys get what i mean? so when i go to check out, when i proceed to checkout, all i'm going to be doing here, guys, is i'm going to be cleaning my customers details- look my billing details, sorry, here- and then, for the shipping details, i can ship to a different address, of course, which is now going to be my customers address. so drop ship view are then going to ship the item directly to my customers, so they don't ship with any invoices, because that's what drop shipping suppliers do. they do not ship products out with any invoices, labels, logos, flyers, none of that. okay, so that's the whole point of drop shipping, okay now. so what some people do is they get the item shipped out to them first and then they package it and ship it out to their customers, but it's just gonna cost you extra. so, personally, i'll rather just have that as my customer's address, because it's gonna save me having to pay extra for shipping. right, customer has already paid for shipping, so i keep 10 pound profits. i keep my customers details here, i check out dropship view, then ships the item directly to my customer, because that's the shipping details that i have here on file, and i keep 10 pounds profit. guys, that's how simple it is. that's how drop shipping works. i don't have to buy no inventory in bulk if i don't want to, okay. i always recommend, though, that you guys, you know, buy some samples, right, so i could come here and actually buy this for 9.99 and use that for, like, social media, for marketing and things like that, and even take my own pictures again, which i highly recommend that you guys do so. find the products that you want to sell or that you want to drop shape. as you can see, you can purchase individu.

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Why Dropshipping Is a Huge Scam

I truly think that dropshipping is just a huge scam. so dropshipping has kind of taken over the internet in a way. they're an obscene amount of people starting drop shipping, both as youtubers and as gurus and as consumers. you know, people who want to make an extra buck, people who want to make some passive income and there's just a crazy amount of people who have started drop shipping. most people are using Shopify as their ecommerce platform and they're using all the express to source their products. but what happened? over time, so many people start a drop shipping and got into this business model that it just became super oversaturated and very difficult to succeed in. but because of this huge trend, there were also a lot of youtubers and gurus who piggybacked on this trend and created courses and YouTube channels to market themselves and say how much they know about Shopify drop shipping and basically just steal money from people. and this is one of the biggest problems with Shopify drop shipping. there are so many youtubers and gurus who are just saying it's super easy to start Shopify drop shipping. all you need is to find these products and you know, run some Facebook ads and you'll become successful. right well, that's not the case at all. I just posted a video why people should stop Shopify drop shipping and I just felt a need to make another video like this. it's just mind-boggling how many people are selling number one trash products from Aliexpress- just absolute garbage products that no one would ever buy. they run Facebook ads and they just wonder why no one's buying their product. they're selling bad products. they have bad customer service, super long shipping times that our website looks super sketchy. why would someone buy from your store? and this is the whole premise of why Shopify drop shipping is starting to slow down and people are not making any sales. long shipping times: everyone is selling the same bad products. like no wonder people aren't making money off Shopify drop shipping and people are starting to leave. I'm starting to leave Shopify drop shipping. it just doesn't make sense anymore, and it's it's just. I'm starting to wonder why there's so many people who are still being sold into this. there's so many people who were selling courses as well, which is making it that much worse. please do not buy a course. you do not need to buy a course to become successful in Shopify dropshipping. okay, there's so much information online. you do not need a mentor. you do not need a course. I also wonder why so many people are going into Shopify dropshipping. there are so many business models and you're really not a true entrepreneur if you just follow what everyone else does, right? I mean, if you see a YouTube video and you follow that exact business model and you know there's tons of people doing the exact business model, you try to piggyback on it and you try to make a quick buck here and be passive income or whatever you like. that's not the true meaning of an entrepreneur, right? an entrepreneur creates new ideas. an entrepreneur solves a problem. people aren't doing that with Trump. if I drop shipping anymore, people are just doing it for the quick 50 bucks here, which just doesn't make sense to me, and so you may be wondering what gives me the authority to say it. and I'm doing the same thing, right? I have a YouTube channel. I'm toking about this. well, you should watch my channel trailer on this YouTube channel. basically, the purpose of my channel is to empower entrepreneurs with the truth. I don't believe in selling courses or any of that. you know. I don't want to do that. I don't want to be that guru here. I want to be known as the person who actually toked truth into everyone right and who actually brought people back to reality, and that is the goal with this video and every single video on my channel. for the longest time, I've told people they need to start selling unique products. they need to start looking at me marketing channels, otherwise they're gonna fail, and the time has finally come. in fact, I may even advertise this video. there's no really wait for me to make money off this video. I'm not running ads or anything. I'm not monetized on YouTube, but I may run out. I may advertise this video on YouTube, just so people, so awareness is brought to this issue, right? so I may actually spend 50 to 100 dollars and if you're seeing this in an ad, that's why. also. another thing I wanted to add is that Shopify does not necessarily equal dropshipping. Shopify is just an e-commerce platform. it's the business. it's really two of them together and people thinking that it's really easy to make money. that it's cause that's causing the problem. so those are my current thoughts. if you enjoy this, subscribe down to my channel like this video for more videos like this and I'll see you in the next one.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

so in this video, i'm gonna start a brand new shopify drop shipping business and attempt to take it from zero dollars to over one thousand dollars in just one week. and i'm not going to be using any money for this challenge, and i know a lot of people think you can't start a drop shipping business without any money, but we're gonna prove them wrong in this video and i'll be starting the drop shipping business completely from scratch and walk you through the entire step-by-step process, and at the end of the video, i'll show you exactly how much money the business makes. honestly, i'm hoping it's gonna make over a thousand dollars, but we're just gonna have to wait and see. so i have a lot of stuff that i have to get done today, and the very first thing i want to do is just find a good product to sell, and then after that, i'm just going to find a good supplier. then i'm just going to create my online store with shopify and then after that, i'm going to start creating advertisements, and for this challenge, i'm basically going to be using pinterest, instagram and tiktok and just basically post viral videos on there for free. and yes, this method does work well, since i do use it on my current drop shipping businesses that make over six figures. okay. so the first thing i want to start by doing is trying to find a good product to sell and, honestly, as long as i can create viral videos with the product and it has high demand, it's something i can work with. and, honestly, i find about 99 of my viral products on tiktok, so i'm going to kind of show you my strategy and how you can do this yourself. so kind of what i do on tik tok is just search up tiktok made me buy it- then i'll just click on that little hamburger icon in the top right corner, then i'll just change the date posted to this month and now it's going to show you a bunch of relevant winning products that are selling right now. and some other hashtags you can do this with is amazon fines, drop shippers exposed and tiktok viral products. but anyways, i'm going to take the next 20 minutes to try to find some good products to sell and once i do find something, i'll come back and update you okay. so, honestly, i found a ton of really good products, but there is one that stood out to me the most, which is the cordless hair curler. and for anyone who doesn't know? the cordless hair curler is really convenient for females, since you can kind of touch up your hair anywhere you go, and there's so many stores on tiktok selling this product, so if they're doing well, i'm sure i can also do the same. all right. so the next thing i want to do is find a supplier that i can get the product from, and so for this video, i think i'm going to use spocket. so i found the cordless hair curler on spock it for 28 dollars and 30 cents, which is really good, and the shipping times are only seven to 14 business days, which is also ideal, and i think i'm gonna sell the product on my store for 59.99. now i've actually seen a lot of stores sign this product for over a hundred dollars, but because i do want to sell a lot of product in a short period of time and i don't want it to be too expensive, i think 59.99 is a good number to stik with, and if my customers do see that other stores are selling it for over a hundred dollars and i'm only selling it for a fraction of that cost, i'm sure they'd rather buy it from my store. now i do want to add one other product to my store, and i'm thinking just to make it an upsell. so, anyways, i found this heat protectant spray and i think it goes really well with the cordless hair curler, and i'm thinking to sell it on my store for 19.99, and it's only going to cost me eight dollars and 27 cents, which is pretty good, and if you do need a supplier for your drop shipping store, i'll leave a link for spock it in the description of this video. but, anyways, now i got the product, which i'm happy about, and so the next step now is to actually start building my shopify store, and i do want my store to look like an actual brand, and so it is going to take me a little bit of time to build it. so, anyways, i'm going to start working on the store right now and then i'll update you tomorrow once i'm done. all right, so it's the second day now and i finally finished the store and i made it look very simple and clean, and i'm going to show you the page that the customers get redirected to. so, anyways, i have different color options here, and i also did add a sales timer to create sense of urgency. i also included a ton of high quality photos, which is really important, and i also added this to build more trust with the customers. and if you scroll down here, you can see i put what's included in the package, then i tok about the benefits of buying the cordless hair curler, then i added some frequently asked questions and then i also do have a 30 day money back guarantee. a lot of customers won't buy your product if you don't have this, so make sure you do. and if you scroll down here, you can see that i did include how the cordless hair curler works, so this just makes it look really easy and straightforward. and all the way at the bottom of the page i did include some customer reviews. now, i obviously did import these reviews to my store, but usually i do have real customer reviews. but that's pretty much it for the store and i think it looks pretty good. but anyways, now that i'm done with my store, the next important thing i have to do is add a shopify app called after sell to my store, and the reason i'm going to use after sell is because it can increase my revenue anywhere from 10 to 15, which is exactly what i want. and afterstok is for post purchase upsells, and if you don't know what that is. it's basically when you offer a customer a product to purchase after they've already purchased something from your store. for example, after someone purchases the cordless hair curler from my store, i can then offer them another product to purchase. so in my case, i could upsell the heat protectant spray, since it works well with the cordless hair curler. and post purchase upsells work so well because if a customer just purchased something from your store, they're more likely to purchase another item, since you already built that initial trust, and you can even give them a really good discount on the upsell offer, which will then make them want to buy it even more. now, one thing you never want to do with upsells is actually offer them to the customer before they've made a purchase. this will just end up confusing them and they might not end up buying the product at all. but the good thing about after sell is that the upsell offer only comes after a customer makes a purchase, which is exactly what we want. but anyways, i'm actually going to create an upsell offer using after sale for my store right now and kind of walk you through the process step by step. okay, so the very first thing you want to do is go to the shopify app store and just search for after cell and it should come up. so it's going to look like this: after sell, post purchase, upsell. so let's add the app. okay, so once you're in after sale, the first thing you want to do is click here on enable settings. then it's going to bring you to the shopify page. so just make sure you click on after cell, then just click on save. okay, back here, let's just refresh the page. okay, now the first thing we want to do is actually just set up our first funnel. click here on create and i'm just going to name this funnel: heat protectant. so here i want to click show this funnel to all customers. since i only do have one upsell product. okay, now i'm going to choose the upsell product and basically what i'm going to be upselling is this heat protectant spray. now, the cool thing here is, if the customer actually does end up purchasing this product, you can offer them another upsell, and if they decline this product, then you can offer them a downsell. now, since i don't have any other products, i'm just going to keep it like this, but you can add products in here. now. next thing i want to do is click here on edi.

How I Went From $0-$800 In 1 Day Dropshipping With NO MONEY

i went from zero to eight hundred dollars in just one day with shopify drop shipping without putting any money in ads, and this video is going to be absolutely perfect for beginners that are wanting to start their own online business. but you might not know exactly where to start. so the product that i sold was actually a portable washing machine and basically what this can do is you can put this little device in like a bucket or literally anything that you want washed, whether it's clothes, whether it's dishes, literally anything like that- and to find this exact product, all i did was i went on tik-tok and i searched up amazon must-haves and amazon best finds. the video had around 2 million views and the person was using this device to just wash clothes and, honestly, after seeing this product, i knew that i could market this product uniquely, something different that no one has really seen. so what i did was i marketed this product as a device that could wash your dishes, because when you guys are going through products on tik tok or just going through product research, your product should solve some type of problem that appeals to the masses of people, and i knew one thing that people didn't like doing was washing dishes, so i knew this product would be perfect to solve that problem and no matter what product you're trying to sell, it's really important for you to just make a list of all the problems that your product can potentially solve or just different benefits that the product has. so if you go on aliexpress, you can see that the product here is 15. i honestly think this is a pretty fair price to get the product for. but i want to look at different competitors that are also selling the same product as well. so on amazon, i can see that this product is being sold for around 22, and one thing to keep in mind, guys, is understand that even if the product is cheaper on amazon than what you want to sell it for, it's not a big deal, because with drop shipping, your main focus is to get the impulse of purchase on your site. a lot of people think that they would go on amazon to find the same exact product, but in general, as long as you have that brand feel on your website, then you'll definitely get the sale. and one thing to keep in mind when selling this product is obviously be looking at the reviews for amazon so you can check the product quality. and if you go on the reviews here on amazon, you can see some people saying that it doesn't work or wasn't as powerful, and when i tested out the product, honestly i thought it was pretty good. but it kind of depends on exactly where you're putting the product at. if you're putting it in like a large sink, it might not work as well as putting it in a smaller area, and that's something that i really didn't figure out, like i said, until after i was selling the product. so to find other competitors and drop shippers that are selling the same exact product is you want to put the product name plus shopify and google, and what this is going to do is it's going to bring up other shopify stores selling the same exact product. so, right here we're on a competitor website and honestly, i think we could do a lot better than this website. but we can get some good takeaways from this and i just want to break it down real quick for you. when looking at competitors, you want to see exactly what marketing angle they're also taking with the product, and in the product description they're basically just saying: to wash dishes easily and efficiently with this product, and this is actually the same exact marketing tiknique that i use when selling this product as well. they also say that the product saves on electricity and it's also a stain removing product, a degreasing product and a lot of other futures. they also have some pretty good gifs as well. honestly, that's super, super important to have, because if you're selling a product that is supposed to be doing something, it's really important for the consumer to see how the product looks before they buy it. so with a product like this, i would definitely include at least three gifs on your website, and if you don't know how to create a gif, all you need to do is just take a video of the product and you can upload it to jiffycom. and another thing that i like to do as well is i like to find competitors that have a product that's similar, but maybe something that's higher quality, and i want to go in and use their product description and some of their marketing angles as well. and on this website, as you can see, it's extremely branded. it's called sonic soak. their home page looks absolutely amazing, so you can definitely get a lot of tips and a lot of tricks from this website. as you can see in the product description, they actually do a price chart, which is something that's super, super interesting and this looks like a real brand and a brand that is actually being pretty profitable. so you can really see how they're making their product description as high quality as possible and it just looks absolutely amazing and you can literally use the same exact marketing tikniques that this site uses. they actually say that you not only can wash- you know- silverware and stuff like that, and they're also saying that you can wash a bunch of other things like toys, watches and stuff like that, and you can use all of these tikniques not only in your website and product description, but also in your marketing for tiktok. so now that you got the product on amazon and you also looked at different competitors, it's time for you to make your own shopify site. you can go down in my description below to claim your 14 day free trial, and making a shopify website from their templates is pretty simple and, if you haven't already, feel free to check out the video where i tok about exactly how to build your own shopify store from scratch. so, lastly, to get sales for this product, we use tik tok and the really cool thing about this product is that it's pretty easy to make videos with it. you can make videos with this product, cleaning different things like plates, silverware, clothes, a bunch of different things, and anytime you guys are trying to find a product to market uniquely on tiktaar, you want to take some notes about what type of video concepts you can make before you start actually marketing the product. and one big mistake that i see a lot of beginners do is they try to recreate the same exact video over and over and over again. because with tik tok and trying to get your video pushed out, it's all about how much watch time and engagement that you can get in your video, and the only way that you're gonna get watch time is if you can grab people's attention and that they can watch your video all the way through, because the more watch time that you have, the more that tiktok is gonna push out that video on the for you page for new people to see. and that's why i truly love using tiktok to market products is because it doesn't matter if it's a fresh tiktok page or even posting for you know, three or four weeks, you can get a viral video to hit really in any time. so when marketing this product, i took all the different marketing angles by washing different things like dishes, silverware, clothes, all these different items, and i incorporated that in my tiktok videos and just testing different attention grabbers on my videos. and another thing that you want to do is you want to try to choose your target audience, and for me and for some of my videos, what i did was i tried targeting people that were more lazy than others, so maybe people that were in college or people that are less likely to just want to wash dishes- and with each video you can switch up your target audience as well and just test different things. when you reach a thousand followers, it's super, super important to make sure that the product page is in the link in bio. i see a lot of people put their home page and their tiktok bio. please don't make that same mistake that a lot of people make. and when starting a new tiktok account, here's a