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brazzers ads october

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

My First Sale Promoting Adult Offer on Pornhub (I Made $2.99)

all right, guys. so today is a very exciting day because i want to show you one of my adult offer. all right, so in my channel i actually do post two videos on ph and i just want to share to you guys an update version of that video, because some of you guys already know that my account actually got banned by ph because i uploaded someone else's content. and if you uploaded someone else's content- ph model program- they don't allow you to do that. if you want to make money with model program, you gotta make your own video, guys. so find a partner and just make your own video and i think from the adsense alone, from advertisers putting their ads on your video, you can make a significant amount of income. all right, i cannot tell you how much income you can make, but it's definitely close to full-time income if you do it seriously, both you and your partners. if you are female, it's you can do it solo, it's even easier, but if you're a male is a bit harder. if you do it solo, you need a partner, guys, and some of you have questions that: do you need to upload your partner's id as well? yes, you need to upload your partner id as well, so you both get verified into the model program. now i got rejected, right. i got banned by the model program. it's not the end of me, right? since i get banned by ph model programs, i cannot sign up to the models program anymore. so i just created a new account and i just promote adult offers in ph platform, and this one is r18 is a japanese adult site, all right. so i refer people to this website so that they can purchase the video- full version video. so what i do, or what i did, is that i just upload a trailer of that full length video. so i uploaded video. i edit the video in shortcut. if you don't know how to use shortcut, i already have a full tutorial in my other video. i will leave it in the link description below. so i just added that video, guys, in the shortcut. so i just align the video. it's just a trailer- and then i upload it into ph. so when people watch, at the end i just put in a link to this website, putting my affiliate link, and when they buy i get a commission. as you can see right here, i have 2.99 commission, which is my first sale. i was just trying this out, guys. i will refresh this page for you so that you can, you guys can see it's real. let me refresh the page. so this one is today. let me put it: last 15 days, as you can see, it's 2.99. it's actually on where is it? okay, it's on october 7th. as you can see, i have 12 unique clicks. i get one rebuilds. i don't know if this one is a membership that they take or they just purchase the whole video. okay, i cannot show you the page because you know i i need to blur it. right, this is on youtube. i cannot put it. i cannot show it to you guys. if you want to promote what, that offer is definitely possible. it's not just this website. there are like thousands of websites out there, the famous one, like brazers, reality kings, what else? there are so many guys and they have a flip program. if you just scroll down at the bottom of the website, you can sign up for the affiliate programs. now, this is obviously if this is something that you like to do. you know, if you keep watching a dog adult video, right, you can definitely promote it. if you want, it's up to you. i actually refer people at the end of the trailer video to my website. all right, i created a website and then when people visit that website, i tell them to click on the image on that website and then they go to this page. let me show you the video on ph and of course i need to blur a lot of things, as you can see. this one have 20k views, 94 lights. this one is just 1k 2k views. i think this is the video that is responsible for the sales. you know it take off. some videos you upload to ph they just won't take off. some of them will take off menu. sometimes you get hundred thousand of views. even i see some people affiliates. they have millions of views, but a lot of them they are not promoting anything. if you promote an adult offer, you can definitely earn some passive income. now if you can make your own video, it's even better. guys, it is easier to earn money with ph. so if you can make your own video, go ahead. do that way. it's. it's so much easier than promoting affiliate or first, because if you have your own video right, you can build a brand. you know there are a lot of models right here. they are just ordinary people. they already have a brand. you know it's like: uh, is this, is that youtube right? just for adults? so yeah, guys, that's it for this video. i just wanted to share to you that affiliate marketing is possible whatever product you're promoting, as long as you love that niche. you know, if you are doing it on a daily basis, you can definitely monetize that passion or hobby of yours. even, you know, promoting a dog offer, you can definitely do it as well. if you go back to my ph page, i can. i only have a few videos. some of them get copyright strike, but it's okay though, because it's free anyway, it won't cost any money. so if you want to earn more income, right, you just need to be consistent. keep posting your videos on this website and then refer them to your affiliate program. now, depending on your affiliate offers, you have to do your job right. like, for example, it's like it's lucy video, right, this lucy video. you need to be relevant with the video that you put onto you ph. you guys probably have already seen a lot of this video like compilation videos on ph. they're all real, guys. what you can do instead, you can edit the videos you can put on your affiliate links. you can shorten the affiliate affiliate link url. actually, if this is something that you guys are interested, you can let me know. maybe i will create a tutorial video, but unfortunately i obviously cannot upload it into youtube because you know, youtube doesn't allow adult stuff. uh, maybe i will host the video on somewhere else, i don't know. guys, if there's enough demand, i i will definitely do a tutorial video for you guys, i just wanted to share to you these little things. that is like quite nice thing actually. since that i know it works, i can promote this even harder. anyway, guys, that's it for this video and i will see you on the next one. [Music]. hey,

Top 10 best and most beautiful Indian Prnstars in 2022

number 10: carmen bella. carmen bella is an indian adult actress career started in 2015. born on march 19 1995 in new york, united states, carmen bella is 26 years old as of 2022. height of 1.7 meters. she weighs about 122 pounds. number nine: maya bazin. maya bazin is an indian adult actress career started in 2019. born on the 14th of february 1987 in bhaktipur, nepal, maya bazin is 34 years old as of 2022. height of 1.6 meters. she weighs about 112 pounds. number eight: priya anjali rai. priya anjali rai is an indian adult actress career started in 2007. born on december 25th 1977 in india. priya anjali rai is 43 years old as of 2022. height of 1.6 meters. she weighs about 121 pounds. number seven: cali sudra. cali sudra rai is an indian adult actress born on may 27 1987. cali hails from barcelona, catalonia, spain. cali sudra is 34 years old as of 2022. height of 1.6 meters. she weighs about 121 pounds. number six: shazia sahari. shazia sahari is an indian adult actress career started in 2010. born on october 25th 1984 in chicago, illinois. shazia sahari is 37 years old as of 2022. height of 1.65 meters. she weighs about 114 pounds. number five: bell knox. bell knox is an indian adult actress career started in 2013. born on june 9th 1995 in san antonio, texas, usa. bell knox is 26 years old as of 2022. height of 1.63 meters. she weighs about 95 pounds. number four: leah jay. leah jay is an adult actress career started in 2006 born. born on the 31st of august 1986 in croydon, england, united kingdom. leah j is 35 years old as of 2022. height of 1.57 meters. she weighs about 95 pounds. number three: janice griffin. janice griffith is an adult actress career started in 2013 born born on the 3rd of july 1995 in new york city, new york, united states. janice griffith is 26 years old as of 2022. height of 1.6 meters. she weighs about 99 pounds. number two: marina maya. marina maya is an adult actress born the 17th of july 1992 in london, uk. marina maya is 29 years old as of 2022. height of 1.65 meters. she weighs about 130 pounds. number one: sunny leone. sunny leone is an adult actress career started in 2011. born on the 13th of may 1981 in sarnia ontario, canada, sunny leone is 31 years old as of 2022. height of 1.63 meters. she weighs about 54 kilograms. [Music] you.

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fans. that took it too far. I feel you guys, I take it too far all the time. yeah, that's exactly what I mean. but I can understand being obsessed with somebody. I feel so weird about these. I care, yeah, I'm sorry. we breath, love you. that's whether this gum I spit all over it, but I mean some people really take it too far. we got this guy over here, guys. I think he likes Miley Cyrus. that's a grown-ass man who's probably a dad. it wouldn't surprise me if he's not Miley Cyrus tattooed right here- and I think these are her songs or her albums on both his shoulders. he's got her damn face. he seems like the type of dude that will walk around in a tank top or a wife-beater and just have all of them on display. no shame. I don't know about you guys, but he looks proud of all this. yeah, yeah, Oh, Miley, please notike me. so apparently Miley has heard of him and admits that the whole thing has leaves her feeling creeped. sure she creeped out by you dude. shame, flattered. she ain't like: oh my god, let me hop on that. did she like? no, a fan tried to pull Beyonce into the crowd in a concert in Brazil. Beyonce was getting close and personal with her fans. when one decided to go a step further- dance, I actually grabbed her and yanked her. you just want a hug. he's little excited. we're security. I bet he went to jail. least he met her. he grabbed her, hugged her, hook- the real good. she looks so terrified, but I'm trying to do a damn show here and you're not a fan. spent six hundred eight dollars for a water bottle Justin Bieber drank from why I don't get it a fan- bought it online and just stood and only taken one sip of it. I wonder if the person finished it or just like left it. like, oh my god, Justin, oh my god, Justin Bieber put his lips on this water bottle. [Music]. that was best experience of my life. like, I don't get it. anybody could just be like: hey, Beyonce, drink out of this cup. who wants it? maybe they're getting his DNA out of it and they're gonna like clone him or something. okay, that would be worth $600. okay. a mom tattooed her neck for Jonas Brothers tikets, not even because she likes him, but to get tikets for her daughter. so our radio station had a contest offering tikets for whoever could show the most devotion to the bands. she tattooed the band's name and their logo onto her neck to win the tikets first, seven-year-old daughters. this is ridiculous. it's okay, honey, I got you a tattoo- is cheaper than the tikets. does that be on your neck forever? why? on your damn neck, hi bad, like your elbow crease. what are the roles in your tummy? some somewhere? nobody will ever see, but everybody's gonna see this. be like damn. why don't like Jonas Brothers so much, are they even a band? still, I hope we're kid got the tiket cuz you're tall, good for nothing, so I feel like it's Justin Bieber. at what direction that have the craziest fans? cuz it's all little girls. we got Harry. you want to marry me. he's 13, 14 year old girl looking at her face. surely she gotta think: for the camera man, marry me. I wonder if these girls actually think: hmm, maybe he'll notike me and he will marry me. I mean, you could always dream, right, but she wanted to go to Harry Styles grandma's funeral to take a pic with him and was one of his grandma's friends. granddaughter, grandma, you got to take me. I gotta meet my future husband. he's so upset and she just like, oops, I dropped my phone today. I'm so sorry about your grandma, but at least I got to meet you right. a man spends a hundred fifty thousand to recreate Kim Kardashian's signature power: girl, girl, girl, girl. first of all, I don't think you needed to spend that much. second of all, I don't think it was worth it. I think you look more like jay-z's butthole. you ain't cute. you looking like a mess right now, I'ma be honest. somebody's saying Ke$ha their teeth. she made an earring out of it and then encouraged other people to send her teeth. I love my fans sending me teeth so I can make jewelry out of them. do you know? there's some crazy people that will actually rip out their damn teeth and send it to you. who do you encourage people to do that? I've seen this before. this is the worst tattoo in the history of tattoos. Drake actually saw this and he was hoping it wasn't real and said he thinks the artist who put the tattoo on her as an [ __ ]. yeah, man, she seems like hella proud of it. I mean, she even shaved off her eyebrows, so so you don't see anything on her face but the drink. I don't want the eyebrows to distract from my tattoo. holy, oh, my god. a fan. I bought Vegemite toast been by Neal Horne, I don't know how to say his name. he's from one direction, I think. brah. hundred [Applause] thousand dollars. damn, should like. follow these people around like the last place they went to get their happy in food. sell it for hundreds of thousands. don't make that money to Africa and world hunger. yeah, they bought it off eBay cuz they really wanted his damn toast polka this much money to spend again. it's like he put his mouth on it. this is the closest I will ever get to his mouth. okay, I ain't that desperate. so Christina Aguilera's album wasn't doing too good and this guy single-handedly bought 250 copies to try to boost sales. it didn't do much, but I mean, eat you a nice guy for trying. someone gave their baby, their firstborn, to Dolly Parton. she came home and found a baby in a basket on her doorstep and had a note that said: my name is Jolene, my momma has left me here and she wants you to have me. she, I don't know, I don't want this, and then she called him a services. she liked to stand baby off my doorstep. I try be a mother, my titties too fake to feed this poor child. someone broke into Madonna's house and all they took was a can of Red Bull. shininess of wings, but I wanted Madonna's wings. hope she at least put her mouth on it or some. I mean you gonna go to jail over a can of redbull? oh whoa, this girl needs to chill. but I mean it's kind of relatable. so I can't really tok this Buster's too high. I'm gonna fall. I got one back there too. it's like that's the only way you'll ever know. all right here. what strangely looks like one of my cousin's is that Zane. see, see, that's one I know. we got more tattoos. we got Harry Styles damn face all over her arm, and this ain't even for concert tikets. see, I don't know if this is a fan- with somebody through tampons at Harry Styles, that's all Harry. I feel bad for this dude. I would like guys. if I was him, y'all probably turn them gay. with all this bull I'll be like. I never want to see another girl again. I don't like girls anymore, like if I was constantly being harassed like this. Oh the wires, these are the worst. these are the worst. please don't do this. I don't care how much you like somebody. this damn girl forensic killed her dog. she added everybody in one direction. follow me, I'll break my dog's neck what somebody needs to take this damn phone and this one the dog is not gonna see tomorrow. if I can help it, you are supposed to come back for me, Liam. jeez, she threatened to kill a dog if this dude wouldn't meet her. why won't you follow me? should I kill myself? okay? okay, y'all need to stop with this. even I get stuff like this, like people will treat me okay. I'm tired of living. sorry, I love you. you're my favorite youtuber and it's just like: why am I supposed to do? it puts you in a really bad situation and it's like I'm sure Harry doesn't even read his notifications. how many notifications does this dude get? a second, do you really think he's gonna see any of this? what is this? oh, my god, when you hear Justin Bieber sings Esposito, Wow, I bet your hair isn't the only thing. that's the line. yeah, my shirt. I'm wearing a long shirt today. I swear One Direction fans. I don't get it like I don't. is that because they think they're cute or their music is good? I remember when One Direction first blew up there on that show, Big Time Rush, and I think that's how they, like their career started. but oh damn, even boys, boys like them too, I mean by anyways. that's all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, no matter what you like, no matter who you like, no matter what wei.

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hi everyone and welcome to my channel. if you're looking to stream adult content and you want to find out what is the best app for this on your fire stik, then stay tuned. this application is for over 18s only and is something i have been asked about by many of my subscribers. if this is not what you're looking for and you are easily offended by this type of content, this video is not for you. but i do have plenty more videos on my channel that you will be interested in, so please go and check out the rest of my channel. if you want to continue and take a look at what is one of the best adult streaming apps for your fire tv, android streaming device or mobile phone, then grab your tissues and let's go and take a look. you can use the clickable sections below to skip ahead to any specific part in this video. if you're looking for a new vpn service, why don't you check out the links in the description below this video? clicking on these links can not only give you a great discount off of your next vpn subscription, but clicking through these links also helps to support my channel due to the content of this application and the topic. a lot of images and parts of the screen will be censored. i also cannot say the name of the app, but i will show you what the app looks like and we will discuss how to get it on your devices and some of its features. to install this app on your fire tv or android device, it's really easy to do by using the downloader app. if you haven't got downloader installed, please see the link above or below me to view my downloader tutorial. with downloader open, type in the code 28907 and then press go. when this download page loads, click in the search box and type this in, press the back button on your remote and then you will see your search results. there are two different versions: one for your fire stik, fire tv or android tv, and the other for mobile devices and tablets. so make sure you take a look and click on the correct red download button for your device. i'm showing you this on my 4k fire stik, so in this example i'm going to install the fire stik version. click on install when the box pops up and then click done. click delete two times to remove the installation file, as it's no longer required. open the app up and, as this is an adult streaming app, you will need to confirm that you are over 18 years of age to enter. with the app open, you have a few different sections listed down the side that you can go into and browse, but if you are interested in something in partikular, the search feature works really well and i would recommend using it by typing in a few keywords based on your interests. there are a few preferences that you might find useful, such as setting your preferred media player and enabling a pin so that you don't get anyone trying to use the app. that shouldn't be. once you've created your pin number, you will need to restart the app for the changes to take effect. to do that on a fire tv, go into your device settings, choose applications, manage installed applications, select the app and then choose force stop. now, when you open the app again, you will be prompted to enter the pin number. if the pin is entered wrong, you will get an incorrect pin message at the bottom of your screen to keep it locked down to unintended viewers. i hope that you enjoyed and found this video useful. if you didn't, you shouldn't have been watching, as i did warn you at the start that this was not for everyone. thank you for watching. don't forget to give this video a like and subscribe to my channel, making sure that you turn on notifications so you don't miss out on any of my latest releases. [Music] you.

How Hackers Used Porn Ads to Extort Millions From Embarrassed Victims🎙Darknet Diaries Ep. 44: Zain

JACK [MUSIC]. Ransomware is a special type of malware. It’s kind of new and different compared to other malware. While most malware is quiet, downloading silently in the background, hiding itself from the victim, ransomware is the opposite. The moment it installs on your system, it announces it’s there in the loudest and boldest way possible. Ransomware locks down your computer completely, rendering it unusable. The purpose is to shout out that is has taken over your machine and until you pay a fee, you’re not getting it back. There are so many stories right now about businesses and government departments that are getting hit with ransomware and it costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. Russian railways got hit, banks, hospitals, governments, towns, The mobile phone operators got hit. Universities in China were hit, FedEx got hit in the US, Telefónica in Spain and Renault in France. They’re all infected and their data was held ransom. But what about the everyday person, the person who has a laptop and uses it in evenings and after work and goes on the internet to do shopping and other stuff? What happens when we are targeted by an internet thug? This story is about exactly that. It’s a story about individual users being hit with ransomware on their own computers, and the criminal behind it was a teenage boy in his bedroom. There’s a twist to this story, one that gave this criminal a hook to threaten and frighten his victims into paying ransom fees. It’s an example of social engineering at its best, or maybe its worst. JACK. (INTRO). [INTRO MUSIC]. These are true stories from the dark side of the internet. I’m Jack Rhysider. This is Darknet Diaries. [INTRO MUSIC ENDS] JACK. This is a story about a guy named Zain Qaiser. The year was 2011.. Zain was seventeen years old, living at home with his parents in Barking, which is in East London, UK. At the time, he was studying Computer Science at City University, which is right in the middle of London. He spent most of his time on his MacBook Pro. City University was one of the first in the UK to offer degree courses in Computer Science. More than that, they have one of the highest rates of graduate employment. Those who complete their courses are getting good jobs in InfoSec and going off to have great careers. Zain would not complete his courses or graduate, or go off to have a great career. [MUSIC]. There’s a whole secret malware economy that exists in the dark parts of the internet. You can hire a hacker or buy exploits. you can pay for botnet usage or you can buy and sell stolen data from people. Online criminals today will often only be one part of the supply chain. One exploit kit found for sale on the dark web is called Angler. Some really clever hackers made it. We think it was probably Russian-made. Here’s how it works. it starts by somehow getting you to visit a malicious website. Now websites you can visit can tell a lot about your computer. They can check what version of Flash you’re running or Java, and if you go to a website that has the Angler Exploit Kit running on it, it’ll do just that. It’ll check what software versions you’re running. It’ll basically scan your computer for out-of-date software. It’ll check your Adobe PDF Reader version, then your Silverlight version, then your Java version, then your Flash version. If it sees any of these are out of date and have a known vulnerability, it moves onto Step Two. It will try to exploit that vulnerability and gain access to your computer. Let’s dive into this for a second here. One of the vulnerabilities the Angler Exploit Kit will use is what’s called a Use After Free vulnerability. This is where the program had some data in its memory, but it’s done with it and freed it, but somewhere in the program is still a reference to that part of the memory. Okay, suppose you were eating popcorn with a friend watching a movie. You’ve got a bowl of popcorn on your lap and you’re sharing it with them. They take a handful- [00:05:00]. then you take a handful. then they take a handful. then you take the last handful. The popcorn is gone, The bowl is empty. but your friend doesn’t know it. They still think there’s popcorn in the bowl. so you play a little trick on them and put a bowl of spaghetti on your lap. instead, When they go to reach into the popcorn bowl, they stik their hand in the bowl of spaghetti. This is kind of what Use After Free vulnerabilities are like sorta. Your friend was programmed to reach into the popcorn bowl, thinking there was something there, but there was nothing there. In software world you can put some commands in that bowl, so when the software reaches for it it executes those commands you told it to. Kind of brilliant, huh. Okay, enough with the bad analogies. Angler is an exploit kit, meaning it doesn’t just contain one exploit, but instead it looks all over your computer for any exploit it can use. It might have dozens of possible exploits to try, and if it finds one, it then runs commands on your computer that it shouldn’t be able to run. This is where Angler sort of stops. Its job is really just to get in and execute the payload. A payload could be anything, though: it could be to steal user data or passwords, it could be to tie your computer into a botnet, or it could be just to delete everything on the computer. In short, if you have outdated software on your computer and visit a website running the Angler Exploit Kit set to destroy your computer, your computer will then be infected in seconds and begin deleting files. Scary stuff. Seventeen-year-old Zain Qaiser thought this was cool, though, and thought this had potential to make him some money. The problem was the Angler software was sort of hard to get at the time. In early 2012,, Zain was very active in chat rooms and forums using his username KNG, but with an exclamation point for the ‘i’. He had an idea and he wants to put his plan into action. [MUSIC]. Zain makes contact with the Russian creators of Angler and tells them he has the skills and experience to make them a lot of money. You provide the malware, he said, and I’ll get it infected on a lot of computers. Zain tells them that he’s experienced in social engineering and that he’s good at manipulating people to get what he wants and he’s got no problem doing it. He’s a native English speaker and knows how the online advertising industry works. Zain suggested a split of the profits. It was a partnership pitch and one of the Russians were open to hearing this pitch. An agreement was made. Zain got started on his plan. He got the Angler Exploit Kit, which is good at getting into the victim’s computer, but that’s all it’s good for. You still need a payload or an action once the machine is exploited. Zain decided to weaponize Angler with Reveton. Reveton is a powerful ransomware that will encrypt an entire user’s hard drive with a password. Then you have to pay money to get that password to decrypt it. This worked perfect for Zain. Now he has a weaponized exploit kit all set up on a website waiting for anyone to visit it to get infected. But how do you trick someone to go to your website to get infected? His idea was to buy online ads that point people to his malicious website. Where would he buy those ads? On porn websites. The Russians provided him with some fake identities and documents and credentials so he could convince legitimate advertising agencies that he was just an everyday advertiser. This is a typical example of malvertising. Once people click on this link, they get redirected to a malicious website and the computer would be infected with that Reveton ransomware that Zain equipped into Angler. Now if you’re going to demand a ransom payment, you need to have something your victim is willing to pay for. Sure, if you locked up someone’s computer and say, pay me to unlock it, that may work. but Zain’s plan was a little more diabolical. The Reveton ransomware is sometimes known as the Polic.

The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

this video is brought to you by warby parker. see how easy that is: just a logo and a quick shout out. that's it. i don't have to clickbait you all with fake promises and bosoms and stolen assets. i don't have the sink that low youtube does. i'm sick of it. [Music]. mobile game ads are a plague upon the internet and with every passing day it gets worse. it gets so much worse. they're everywhere: youtube, facebook, google, twitter, in your videos, in your news feed, on the sidebars of every website you visit. they're misleading, deceptive, pandering. you can't trust any of them. what you think might be a cool game with hot girls and fun gameplay is, oh god, no, another candy crush clone. where are the hot girls? you promised me hot girls. this isn't an fps at all. oh, can i solve this puzzle? sure, let me try. oh, um, this game is nothing like the advertisement. i've been bamboozled again. the majority of these mobile game ads rely on fraudulent claims that depend more on shocking and slimy promises than actual quality when it comes to their product. they don't care if most people turn the game off after trying their free to play game, as long as these mobile games can get their hooks into a handful of targeted users and squeeze them with microtransactions, they'll get their money's worth, and then some like to a mind-blowing degree. the mobile game industry practikally dwarfs every other facet of the gaming industry when it comes to revenue. consoles, they wish. pc gaming, oh, not even close. allow me to put it into perspective for you. in-game, one of the highest grossing films of all time made around 2.7 billion dollars worldwide. when it comes to box office revenue, monster strike, a mobile game, has grossed nearly 8.7 billion dollars worldwide. that is three times the amount of end game. that is insane. so now we're stuck in a very precarious situation: low quality mobile games that cost virtually nothing to make, that utilize predatory tactiks in order to track down consumers with addiction problems and then get them hooked on microtransactions by promoting deceptive and manipulative advertisements with false promises. so that's the situation: awful games that cost a fraction of what console or pc games require, while instead funneling money towards marketing in a very misleading manner. the entire system is corrupt and so many websites are complicit in the process, especially youtube. the audacity of youtube to police the videos of content creators and fire off punishments blindly, while claiming that actual human beings have reviewed said content. oh, yeah, yeah, sure they have. look at this one. oh, this thumbnail of your samba spock. it's too raunchy. it violates our community guidelines. shame on you. now you're not gonna get paid now, excuse us- while we take money from a company that is breaking the exact same rules, while also using stolen art of an underage character while advertising towards children. i'm going crazy, i'm losing my mind. how is this so brazenly allowed? i even had my own thumbnail format, stolen by a company and then promoted all my videos. so, yes, i have a problem with mobile game ads, mobile games themselves and the websites that allow these crimes against humanity to flourish. so why don't you all join me as we take a deep dive into the corrupt and disgusting world of mobile game ads? oh, don't worry, youtube, i won't show anything in my video that you haven't already promoted on your own website. so we cool. and if my video does get age restricted or possibly unlisted, then i don't know what i'm going to do. the irony might make me explode [Applause]. so what are the origins of mobile game ads? when did they start? what were they first initially like and when did they descend into the state of madness that we suffer today? for the record, a big part of the story is unsurprisingly related to the history of mobile games as an industry and its meteoric rise in popularity. now that is a topic that can be its own video. which, ta-da, there it is. i recently launched a new channel with my friend where we tok about video game stuff, so go check out what's ruining mobile games right over there. link is in the description: saber spark 64- like like the old mario game- god, i'm old. now for this video. i'll bring up some of the main points from that video in order to better explain the state of mobile game ads, since the two topics are interconnected and have one without the other, unfortunately, so long ago, like i'm toking, 10 years ago, there used to be a time when mobile games required upfront payments in order to play the game. we saw this in the early 2010s, but then mobile game companies decided to scrap this model of business and instead go for in-game microtransactions. the games are free, but you can spend money in the game in order to buff up your stats and whatnot, whatnots. you don't have to wait five minutes to play the game. you can just spin tokens with actual money and boom, you're back into the fray. thanks bubble witch saga and candy crush. you all ruined everything. this business model would eventually become the main form of generating revenue for the mobile game industry. not only can you sidestep apple or google when it comes to their fees for using their app stores, but these companies now have access to customers who might spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a free-to-play game, instead of paying three dollars for an entrance fee like before king. the company that owns candy crush and bubble witch saw their revenue increase from 62 million dollars in 2011 via facebook to 1.8 billion dollars in 2012 from ads and in-app purchases on mobile. it was abundantly clear now to mobile game companies: there was some big, lucrative money to be made via microtransactions. said money would be used to unleash a tidal wave of advertisements. now, i remember the first wave of mobile game ads back in the early 2010s. there was actual effort at first with stuff like clash of clans- nothing mind-blowing but leagues above the trash we see nowadays. i often wondered when why things started to change with the tone of mobile game ads. we went from somewhat decent commercials to the insanity of mafia city and hyper sexualized ads, for like every other mobile game advertisement out there. why did this happen? well, these mobile game companies are running into the same issue that traditional television ads ran into in the mid-2000s, where people started to become numb to regular ads so they had to start getting increasingly bizarre just to get the attention of people. until, oops, now all the ads are bizarre, which means people are starting to tune them out again due to overexposure. now mobile games face far stiffer competition than traditional tv ad slots. since buying ads on social media is cheaper, more companies can afford to do it, and since mobile games are cheaper to produce, more companies are vying for attention in these slots. mobile game ads only have a few seconds to make an impression on viewers, so they have to go super hard. unlike a tv ad which has like 30 to 60 seconds of air time, mobile game ads only have like five seconds of pre-roll on youtube, or a fraction of a second to grab your attention while you're scrubbing on your twitter newsfeed. so poor animation, outlandish scenarios, imitations of popular properties or blatant sexual imagery are all powerful tools to stop you dead in your tracks and force you to pay attention. another common tactik is to bait the viewers. creativity or intelligence- oh. only three percent of people can solve this or 96 of people will fail. these are common titles to poke at your ego and make you stop and take a look. and the opposite tactik can also be used with false gameplay on display making obvious mistakes. well, guess what? it causes viewers to stop and gawk at the stupidity on display. your brain is just trying to figure out what the hell it's even looking at. but that is enough for the advertiser to make an impression on you. they got their split second. now you're familiar with their brand. some companies don't even bother to take the