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brazzers best ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

top 10 New Brazzers prnstars / hottest new prnstars

[Music]: lily lou, born in february 3rd 1997. she is 25 years old. she is from america. the 125 pound actor is 5 feet 1 inch tall. ava sinclair, born in september 5th 1997. she is 25 years old. this actor is from america. she is 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 112 pounds. gianna gray, born in june 10 1996. she is 26 years old. this actor is from america. she is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs pounds. caitlyn bell, born in february 19, 1985.. this american actor is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 121 pounds. she is 37 years old. maddie may, born in december 22 1993. she is 29 years old. she is from america. the actor weighs 112 pounds and is 5 feet 1 inch tall. nicole kidd, born in july 22nd 1989. she is 26 years old. she is from america. nicole weighs 110 pounds and is 5 feet 7 inches tall. kaylee gunner, born on january 9th 1997. she is 25 years old. she is from america. her height is 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is pounds. jenna starr, born in february 14 1987. she is 35 years old. she is from america. her height is 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is 114 pounds. mona's are born on july 6, 1989. she is 33 years old. she has iranian-american nationality. her height is 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is 123 pounds. azul hermosa, born in september 15 1992.. she is 30 years old. she is from america. azul weighs 128 pounds and is 5 feet 7 inches tall. [Music] you.

The Weirdest GOOGLE Searches

I am very bored. I'm real bored. I also saw jackseptikeye do this, where him and his lovely girlfriend googled random things. now my girlfriend doesn't like being in videos with me anymore because I set her pink sheep on fire and made her cry, so I will be here alone. everyone keeps saying that's blood on the walls. by the way, it is not blood. I am NOT a serial killer. I have never murdered anyone. never have I murdered someone. so I asked you guys on Twitter: what is some random crap I should Google? that would make me laugh like I just want to do a stupid reaction video. you and I sit down together and Google some weird stuff. I'm probably gonna have to blur 95% of it and I don't want a channel strike. Google, it's looking so pretty. Google blue waffles. I love waffles. I love waffles so much. waffles is one of my favorite type of food. I look forward to googling blue waffle. oh my god, oh my god. mistakes. I have made so many mistakes. why would my fans lead me astray like this? I thought we were friends. why is it blue? they're not supposed to be blue. if you're too young to understand, go ask your parents to google it, for no, don't do that. it's just something that's really disgusting. don't google it. that's all these guys know. that's all it is. that's all it really is. this blue waffle left. that's all it is. why do penguins not lie? I've always wanted to know why do penguins not fly? scientists believe penguins can't fly because they likely had little or no threat from predators in their past. that means they never evolved to fly because they didn't have anything to fly away from. so what you're telling me? penguins are the laziest animal and they're right for the taking chickens getting expensive, and that's because chickens can fly. sorry, by my logic, if we hop on a boat down Antarctika, these birds can't fly. wait, maybe we give him a prep. all I'm saying is: I don't to leave this earth before I can eat. wanna eat a penguin? doesn't that just look delicious? laze beam and fresh fanfictions. fresh is 17 years old anyway. who writes that should be in jail. I will not Google that. apparently this actually exists. that's illegal. that's illegal. this got. this guy wants me to Google corn. mmm, that's some good corn. this one was actually so disgusting I had to blur the word so you wouldn't Google it yourself. oh, no, no, no, no, no. I needed the doll. I need an adult adult me, please. I might throw up, I'm gonna do it. oh, sweet corn. we're back to corn. oh god, I missed you. how many deaths per year come from coconuts? that's actually a good question. a hundred and fifty 150 people die each year from being hit on the coconut by a coconut. that's just inappropriate. now is not the time for a pun. people died, okay, wait, no. like. how many people cut like shark attack? 66, you telling me coconuts are deadlier then a shark attack. wait, wait, wait, wait. no, 66 people get attacked every year. only six people die. you are telling me coconuts are 30 times more deadly than a shark. where are these coconuts coming from that these attacks are so unpredictable? surely, if there's many people are dying, you would simply learn to not walk under coconuts. no, this is a Google video. so much fun. we're learning so much stuff. moviestarplanet, why would you make me google this? why would you make me do this? overweight sheep- this is like a farmer's forum where they tok about the Sheep. Oh sir, acid chunky boy looks more like a Claire. see, I never knew she could get fat. I've learnt so much. Burger King foot lettuce. what is this? a video? Burger King foot lettuce. the last thing you'd want in your burger King burger is someone's foot fungus, but as it turns, oh really, I'm a connoisseur of lettuce and I've gotta say foot fungus really just adds that, pouring a little bit of flavor, a little bit of fiber. a for chatter. upload the photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastik bin of lettuce with the statement: this is the lettuce you eat at Burger King. admittedly, he had shoes on, but that's even worse. I'm with this guy. just donate lettuce, donate grain. Thanks corn hub, Oh, corn hub, feeling corny, oh, yeah, yeah, yes, that's some black corn. yes, goose teeth. I just learned goose geese have teeth on their tongues. you know, guess, right? yeah, if you don't know, they're Birds, they're in the same family as ducks. we get it, we get it. then they are not scary, yeah, or are they? they have teeth on their tongues. images seconds before dis are stuff that's scary to me than a crocodile. I would rather fight a crocodile with my fists than a geese. that's genuinely disgusting. I'll never I'd watch this from scissors and enough are can trust him. I see the title is a jerk. I will like this video. do chickens sneeze? I actually just sounds like a good thing to know. that scared me a little bit. I'm learning in so many intelligent things. I can now tell everyone that chickens can sneeze. I know this now. a huntsman spider. these little guys are friendly. they don't, they literally cannot hurt you. all these guys do is eat bugs. these guys are your best friends. you see it, you go on the toilet, one drops on your lap. don't freak out. give him a high-five, let him go about his business. there is nothing scary about that. that's just a good guy spider. yeah, they're giant, but they're friendly. why did my dad leave me? let's find out. why did my dad leave? as a father who left someone, geez, I'm glad he could be honest. yes, there are many reasons and sometimes excuses, why a father would leave a son or a daughter. sometimes it's because circumstances have changed and your father thought it best for him to leave. the only person that can really answer that is him. so basically, he's going to get the milk. he ain't coming back. I like how like these people are actual professors with PhDs, like they're actually seriously answering this question. this was obviously posted as a meme and there's so many PhDs and professors published. author. like actually seriously answering this question. EAL, slap, calm. it's a man getting slapped by an eel and you control it with your mouse. how have I never seen this website before? yes, yeah, I could sit here for hours just slapping him. cute, innocent little ginger kid. Wow, Wow, Wow. you know you need to relieve some stress. come slap, barrier, be, bah, bah. take it. Barry says tourists, anything like. how many people have seen this? how many times has this guy been slapped? you know I want to code like a boy or something just keeps this guy getting slapped all day, every day. I mean this is definitely animal cruelty. you definitely should not use eels for this, but it's pretty funny. same time, I spent a good part of the last like hour going through all of these 1,800. most of them are just trying to tell me who. google boobies, Google boobies- things people have found in fast food. I don't think we're gonna get pictures of the actual food, which is really disappointing. there was a tooth in in a chunk of fries. there was human skin in a burger from Arby's. someone at McDonald's found a deep fried chicken head. someone found a dead mouse in their subways. [Applause]. someone found a deep-fried mouse in Popeyes. this guy said: Google yourself. lace beam net worth. my net worth, apparently, is twenty million dollars. twenty million dollars. oh, that's funny that I'm not gonna pretend like I'm poor or nothing, but 20 million dollars like if you google me, it's like literally all net worth. it's all just net worth. all right, I'm pretty tired. this was a fun time. when you're kinda bored, you can Google weird stuff. if you think I didn't Google enough weird stuff, leave yourself some comments, send me tweets on Twitter and maybe we do a part two where I google even weirder, more traumatizing things. as you can tell by my eye link mode, which I can't find a cure for, I am cooked, so I must end the video here. this video had no point, but I thought it was pretty funny. I google this stuff so you don't have to. I'm gonna bed.

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Jeremy’s Razors: The Greatest Commercial Ever

[Music]. ah, do you remember when there were two genders and only one and a half of them had to shave their mustaches? oh hi, i'm jeremy, boring, ceo and god, king of the daily wire. harry's razors used to advertise on our shows. they're a great product and we were happy to do it. that's before some peon who works for me went and said that boys are boys and girls or girls and that was just too much for harry's. they condemned our views- views held by millions of americans and virtually every human who's walked the planet until about 15 minutes ago- as inexcusable, and they dropped their ads from our network because of what they called values misalignment. you're damn right. our values are misaligned, and it's not just harry's either. gillette razors used to be the best a man could get. then they decided that men are too toxic, unless you're the kind of man who teaches his daughter to shave her beard. if that makes sense to you, keep buying gillette. but if you've had enough of the woke and you're tired of paying companies like harry's and gillette to hate you [Music] and buy my new razor instead. behold jeremy's razors. yes, they're real, yes, they're fabulous. but, jeremy, you say you're a stealth silver fox with a salt and pepper beard. that's the envy of lesser men. you're damn right, i am, and i want to be clear that shaving with the jeremy's razor won't actually make you look more like me. could make you look more like this guy, though, and that's the most homoerotik moment you'll ever get from a jeremy's razor commercial. what kind of man shaves with a jeremy's razor? i don't know how. about cowboys, firefighters? those guys have shot osama bin laden. i mean no, none of those guys have ever even heard of a jeremy's razor, but imagine how much more manly they'd be if they had. [Applause]. right now, you're probably wondering if this whole thing is a joke. sure it is. that doesn't mean it isn't real or that it won't be the best shave of your life. harry's razors doesn't want your business. i do. they seem to hate you, and i well, i can't say that i love you, but i don't mean you any specific harm. [Music]. our country's in trouble. conservatives are being cancelled by hollywood, the media, universities and now harry's razors. stop giving your money to woke corporations who don't think you deserve their product. give it to me instead. [Music]: head over to ihateharryscom and pre-order your founders series, razer and shaving cream set today. [Music] you

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TVF's Celebrities in College: Johnny Sinns | Ep 12 ft. Shivankit Parihar

Not again. No, Absolutely wrong. I have explained so many times: In linear equation, the line can never be above the X axis, Johnny. did you understand? Understand, Johnny? Give me, This is X axis. It can never be above this, Never. Sir, may I come in? Hey, Mia, Come Sit Please. Please come Hi. I am Johnny - The traitor - No Sinns, The one who has not committed any sin. By the way, you are looking beautiful, Thank you. I got my facial done, That's why Great. By the way, your handwriting is as bad as you are beautiful. Are you a failure? Yes, You are right, But it's not mine, It's my two ex-boyfriends' handwriting. They used to write my assignment. That's why I failed. The first one was Chinese, So it's not clearly visible. Try this. And this is my other ex-boyfriend's. Oh, This is Japanese, Don't worry, I will not let you compromise. next time I will write your assignment with my big handwriting. Come on, Everybody. keep your assignment on the bench Right now. If anybody has not done the assignment, I will raise my hands. Let me warn you. Sorry, sir, I didn't do my assignment. What, Oh man, You can't finish a simple assignment. Damn. I forgot to do my assignment. Now he will punish me hard. Johnny, Will you please do my assignment too? Yeah, Sure, Why will he do your assignment? He is doing my assignment, Can't you see Assignment? Yes, If he does mine, your aunt won't die. Ladies, Please Relax, I can do your and her assignment together. Come on, Bring it on Assign. Wait, Sunny Leone, listen, Isn't his stamina amazing. My ex-boyfriend's pen's ink would get over quickly. But Johnny is special, Right? Yes, As such, Johnny uses marker pen. Johnny, don't shave your moustache, Otherwise I won't tok to you. Will you tok to me? Ms Priya Rai, your son has harassed us to no end. His attendance is so low that leave alone appear for the exams. I won't even let him anywhere near it. What are you saying? He is my husband's smart and brilliant boy. Your husband's son is really brilliant, But he has troubled me to no end. Whenever he sees me, he asks: when are oral exams? When are oral exams? Why do you want to know about oral exams, Madam? he is never seen in the class. Yes, At times I see him playing doctor game wearing a lab coat. At times I see him playing teacher game. But yesterday he crossed all limits when he came to the bathroom to repair the commode. I didn't go there. I was called. I always go whenever I am called. Great, That's really great, But you could have at least waited for me to get up from the commode. Ms Priya Rai, your boy entered the bathroom without knocking. Johnny, Johnny, Yes, stepmom, Is he speaking the truth? No, stepmom, Shall I take out my slippers? No, stepmom. - Let me give you a lesson. - Oh, yeah, Yeah Yeah, We have been standing since two hours for the interview. It doesn't take so long, It's not so easy. People wet their pants during placement interview. Did you understand? They are not playing Ludo inside. Check And mate, sir, You play carrom really well, Shall we start the interview? What happened? Did you have an accident? Do you see that building? I slipped in the bathroom of that building, sir. Oh my God, How Sir the principal saw me doing LHS is equal to RHS with his daughter. Thereafter I could prove neither the theorem nor my innocence. We don't understand, Johnny. In your area of interest, instead of engineering, you have written delivery guy, doctor, plumber. Was there any special reason for that Confusion, sir? I am really confused. since childhood, sir, When I asked my father's opinion in 10th standard, he gave me cumin seeds Once my father was not at home. so my stepsister explained to me lovingly To do commerce. Then I understood clearly And I went for science. For three years I couldn't solve 3-Sum. I got more confused, sir. My friends supported me, sir. When I saw they are doing BCom, I did Btik. I slogged for 8 years to complete the 4 years course, sir. My confusion compounded, sir. Then I thought it's better to do MBA and go for doctorate. But I have no regrets, sir. If you reject me because of my confusion, I don't have any problem As it is. from here I will go to ATM to fill IES form. Look, This I-want-to-do-everything attitude of yours is not good for our company. But if you assure us, like a true engineer, that you won't do any work but you will shave off your moustache, then something is possible Perhaps. Sir, I have completed the journey from Jaswant Sinns to Johnny Sinns with great difficulty. I won't be able to do your 9 to 5 job Because I have to stay awake the whole night and watch movies. So you keep your front desk job. I will keep my moustache and multi-personality disorder, sir. Thanks, It's okay. Come on, Munni, Wait. Since past 25 years I have conducted many interviews. People lie blatantly to get the job. I also changed my backhand positions. Where have you come from? Which category's job would you like to do? Shall we discuss that. Thank you, sir. Welcome to Blazzers, Mr Johnny.

Internets WEIRDEST Websites

this video begins. I just wanted to get my mate brenton say g'day. okay, you go, come in you. good day, there you go. yes, that was my mate, Brenton from make-a-wish being a legend, just wanted to make sure he got a shout out. i am very bored. i am insanely bored. roughly one week ago, i went number one trending worldwide searching random crap on google. me googling blue waffles was number one worldwide trending. i was above Wonderwoman, though laze beam doing random, weird things on the internet has to happen again. okay, let's see if we can get number one worldwide trending once again. make sure to like and share this to all your friends so we can get number one like last time. I found this website where you can slap a dude with an eel. I just keep slapping him like this. kids channels, cope, are coming in hot number one trending, please be yeah. so like this is clearly the peak of content like this got number one worldwide trending. you know we've got to come back. we've got to do it again. more of this type of content, apparently. so, yes, I asked you on Twitter. I'm bored. what are the dumbest, most useless, randomest websites I should look for? on the invisible care, move your cursor to find the invisible cow. it's hiding behind at the shouting gets louder. why is this website screaming the word cow at me? so it's like a warmer, colder kinda game, Marco Polo kinda game, getting way out of boys. we gotta find you. oh, it's getting quieter. I will find this cow. yeah, this is the type of content I was toking about, like there's no way this can get number one worldwide trending right me trying to find an invisible cow. we're getting closer. my cursor just changed. I think we found him. you can't hide from me, cow. we got it move. ladies and gentlemen, we got a f to pay respects for this cow. guys, he's now gonna be eaten. that was a fantastik first web site. I was very happy with that. this person said: yet calm. what kind of misuse of the word y8 is this? I can buy McCafe premium roast coffee: 3498 bargain. yet calm is a bargain shopping website. why? yet you don't need a reason to eat? G is a state of mind. this is a disgrace. this is disgusting. patience is a virtue, doc org. this is from Ilsa, my girlfriend. then we'll say: if this is good loading, please wait. [Music]. is it like broken or something? [Music]: patience is a virtue. finished, and this is what I got. I waited for like a solid hour in this. I've got a cat failing to jump now. that was really worth it. I'm glad I'd literally waited for 87 years that website to finish. this man suggested meets being calm. that's illegal. we all know what that is. I didn't grow up yesterday. all I can say his children, don't look at it. ah, I remembered it being bad, but snow level just showed. system eights, pin plows, bridge body. he mayn't. Kade said the useless web. take me to a useless website. oh, my god, this is perfect. I love being a youtuber. when you find something that'll just do all the content, please take me to a useless website. hi, need to be calm. yo, let's start a band. okay, what if i zoom in now? the tuber ain't so tiny. big brain can't wait for this to be number one. yeah, yeah, I need more websites like that. thousand percent. take me to another one, car not tweet this calm. [Applause]. I will not tweet this. my twitter is exclusively for me, toking about anxiety and posting random complaints about fortnight. I will not tweet whatever this is. ah, the website where you draw a stikman. let's see how this stikman goes. go on another bench, a little stik man. oh, look at him. wha, ah, a box. it's fun. and you draw a key in my hand. how do I tell him he doesn't have hands? um, this is a key, use the key. well, oh my god, this is incredible. he opened the box with the key. draw a balloon in my hand. why is he gonna work out? he doesn't have hands. there you go. you have a blue nail. I don't think the balloon worked. Oh My gods, had chick. ah, that's a dragon. I'm gonna give him a big sword. get him with your sword. yeah, attack diving with the darn. stik him with the pointy end. this is actually incredible - this game can do this. he died. draw rain cloud above the foil, alright, alright, allow me to draw a rain cloud. okay, oh, it's a rain cloud. yeah, don't worry, it's putting out the fire. like I know I'm immature, but that's kind of like. what's so funny about this? take me to another useless web site, please. bees, bees, bees. oh my god, Oprah has sent bees on everyone. the audience is terrified that lady's being stung in their eyeballs. oh, praise, a monster. those poor people. weed or confusing calm. sell me something weird or confusing, please. it's a yodeling pickle. unicorn canned meat. okay, so we know unicorns don't exist. so what meat is it? what animal is this from? is the from a rhinoceros fish? a [ __ ]. it took me to a book about crafting items with Pat hare. cat bounce- calm, it's a bunch of bouncing cat make it rain. that's incredible. I can throw the cats and make them bounce ready. yay, yay, ah, this is what. yet calm should have been. yeah, oh, my god, that thing reached supersonic speeds. I'm I ran out of cats. i eated them all. the that's the finger. this website's flipping me off. hey, no, screw you, buddy, no one flips me off and gets away with it. back to element. I deleted him from the code. that's what you get. no one flips me off and gets away with the body. is my computer on? yes, dammit, I didn't know that. thank you for telling me. ninjaflex- oh, it's a little ninja and a flexing arm. see, no, I thought this was gonna be one of those ninja flexing private jet tweets. it's not hate the man. successful, he's allowed to be successful. I just really want to thank this web site for doing all the hard work for me. let's go get ourselves another useless website. it's just a middle finger again. inspect element' delete that. it's gone forever. I win eyes the website, but you can pet a dog. I deleted the dog. no comm press in dire situations when your whole channel gets deleted by Coppa [Music] point-to-point accom. so this website detects where your pointer is and then finds an image of someone pointing at that exact spot. I'll put my pointer up there. yeah, hey guy. Oh, making a Hawaiian shirt pointing right at it. right, what if we move it over to here? yeah, all right. who has a catalog of these images? ash is terrifying. that man is literally a demon. this is just so random. added. they collect these photos. it's so weird. Chihuahuas spin. calm, you're sat through two spins. three spins me, mate bra. later, cookie clicker. oh man, you get lost on this for hours. I'm starting to get addicted to cookie clicker. I've already hired three grandmas to cook more cookies for me. maybe I just got distracted for an hour playing cookie clicker. oh, I get 35,000 cookies a second. I've got cookie factory's cookie morons, cookie bombs and enslaved army and grandmas to harvest me cookies. even got cookie Banks, a cart. stop clicking cookies. all right, back to the video. I look like Barack Obama. calm, I'm gonna say no, it's the eyes. it's the only thing that's different. but yeah, you don't look like him. I'm sorry the board button. go ahead and press the board button. what is your IQ? okay, I guess I'll take an IQ test really quick. all right, I completed the IQ test in seven and a half minutes. get my results. gonna pay twenty dollars, I'm gonna do it. I'm just gonna do it for the culture. the real IQ test is: are you stupid enough to pay for this? yes, yes, I am. I'm really actually quite curious. I really want to. I have an IQ of 150. yes, my brain is good. who needs education? I got a massive brain. average or normal range of IQ for 25 year old is 90 to 110. i excuse, i q-- scores of 120 are considered superior. how does it feel all those teachers that told me I would go nowhere? I am of above-average intelligence. let that sink in. honestly, forget every other website. I'm just playing cooking. click on. ya know, guys, I've decided I'm just forget everything else. forget my youtube career, forget number one trending, forget meets. been playing cookie clicker. actually liked this video. if you want more lays beam, those random things. I mean, you guys are pretty bad at sending me in random websites, bu.

Kya Banegare Crorepati : KBC | Angry Prash

INTRO MUSIC. Welcome, gentlemen and ladies, Welcoming all of you to a unique and Piggy's @#$ show- SORRY, An unique and mild indulging game Called Will you be able to become a millionaire? And today we have got seated a guy who is A student from pune (Mr Parshuram pande). We welcome you, Parshuram, Sir Namaskar (Polite way of saying Hello in India). So, parshram, Yes, Before we start this game, We made a small video clip on your life. We made a small video clip on your life. We would like to show it to you. Yes, Sure, Parshram pande, guy from a small village named beggars, point. Aye, I don't live in village, I live in city. Calm down, Parshuram, Sir, calm down. A poor boy from a small village. His father is crippled from both the legs And his mother is blind. Ayye, My father is a gold medalist on running. My mother is right there and she doesn't even require specs to see at this age. What is this, Dear computer? cut this part. Parshuram is so poor. He lives with his mother and his lame father and blind mother. His wife is dead And she left 7 naked kids. Wait a minute. I am not even married. How am I gonna supposed to have children? Stop this nonesense. Calm down, parshu, calm down, Listen, we have to do this for channel trp, Or else, when you will win millions, what we will get? goose egg Haye, Ya. so for TRP, you will get my mother, blinddad, lame, and me as @#$# boy. Dear computer, cut this part again. Parshuram, lets play this game. Will you be able to become a millionaire? So, parshuram, Here is the 1st question of this game for 1000 RS On your computer screen. here it is. It's about national anthem of USA. Which of these is the anthem of USA? Option A: Despacito. Option B: The Star Spangled Banner. Option C: Rinkiya ke Papa (check out this song, guys, it's better than Despacito). And Option D Are rerere. Radha is my life, Sir, I know. A is the anthem of Spain. I dont know what B is. I think I have listened C and D somewhere, Maybe from B and C, Maybe it's from one of them. If you don't know the correct answer, you can use (Life Line). haaye, Sir, I am gonna take a advise from expert Computer. Sir Parshuram is want to take an advice from experts. Dear computer, remove this life line. So here we have our expert, Sir Nagesh Nange, Also knwn as NAGU. yes, who is it? Parshuram Sir wants help from you. Listen, parshu, In life we dont give advices in free. You rub mine, I will rub your (No Homo) Means Means. you have to answer my question and I am gonna answer yours. Yes, ask Which among these were callled Mahatma Gopal Gandhi, Harilal Gandhi Or Mohan Das karam Chand Gandhi? Simple, it's Mohan Das karam Chand Gandhi. For today's night, my dinner is set up (Thanks to this money). What are you doing, Nagu, Sir? I am playing quiz a loco. On this hotseat, anyone can sit, regardless of financial condition. It's not partial, like you guys. Ok, I am gonna download this and try it. For now on, you have to give the answare. the question of parshu. Listen, Radha is my Life, So it's my personal National Anthem, And I have listened that rinkiya ke papa is the national anthem of Bihar. Once I bought American underwear And there were some stars on it, So maybe it's the stars spangled banner, So i think its B. Ok, so lock the B. So you want to Go with option B? YES, SIR, Dear computer, lock the option B. AMAZING, So you have won 1000 Rs. And our expert was very intelligent too. Slang for him, I mean Claps for him, Thank You. So, Parshuram Sir. yes, We have got to know that, that you were doing a odd level job, So much that you are even ashamed to take the name of it. Yes, yes. So What were you doing Today? the entire world wants to know it. Sir, what should I tell? I was doing engineering for the past 4 years And that was mechanical engineering. Mother crying and the audience, along with the anchor, feels very sad to know this breath stopping truth -(. it was very sad to know. I used to write assignments of 40 pages and used to mug up the equations 5 pages long. I used to apply deodorant on my underarm, but there was no girl in my classroom. A very, very sad thing happened to you, Parshuram, Sir. I expect you win at least the amount to open a tobacco store, So that there won't be any need for you to do mechanical engineering again. and the audience which are watching us right now, If you get to see a mechanical engineer anywhere the streets, Give him a bundle of clothes and a magical hug, Because those innocent guys really need your help. So let's play the game. aree re, Parshuram, sir, the hooter has rang. No problem, we will play this game again. Till then, Bye. (To be continued). So, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to become a millionaire, hit like If you are new, hit, subscribe And play loco with your friends and family. you can play it on any language. downloading link is in the description. we will meet you on another video with another topic. Till then, bye.