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budweiser super bowl ads

Published on: January 25 2023 by pipiads

Budweiser has been a staple of American culture for over a century, and their Super Bowl commercials have become just as iconic as the beer itself. From heartwarming stories to hilarious gags, Budweiser has created some of the most memorable ads in Super Bowl history. Let's take a look at 10 of their most famous Super Bowl commercials.

1. Wassup (2000)

- A group of friends greet each other with the now-infamous catchphrase Wassup?

- The commercial became a pop culture phenomenon and even spawned a feature film.

2. Clydesdale Respect (2006)

- A Clydesdale horse pays tribute to the victims of 9/11 by bowing in front of the New York City skyline.

- The emotional ad struck a chord with viewers and earned Budweiser widespread praise.

3. Puppy Love (2014)

- A puppy and a Clydesdale form an unlikely friendship and refuse to be separated.

- The heartwarming ad quickly went viral and was praised for its emotional resonance.

4. Whassup Wasabi (2001)

- The Wassup guys return for a sequel, this time with a spicy twist.

- The ad was a hit with viewers and helped solidify the Wassup catchphrase as a cultural touchstone.

5. Frogs (1995)

- Three frogs croak the letters Budweiser to the tune of We Are the Champions.

- The catchy jingle became an instant classic and was parodied countless times.

6. Rocky (1999)

- Rocky Balboa returns to the ring for one last fight, with the help of his trainer and a few Budweisers.

- The ad was a hit with sports fans and helped reinvigorate the Rocky franchise.

7. Lost Dog (2015)

- A puppy gets lost and embarks on a journey to find its way home, with the help of the Budweiser Clydesdales.

- The emotional ad once again struck a chord with viewers and earned widespread praise.

8. Instant Replay (2003)

- A group of friends replay a hilarious moment from a party, complete with a Budweiser in hand.

- The ad was praised for its clever use of humor and pop culture references.

9. Respect (2002)

- A tribute to the victims of 9/11, with the Budweiser Clydesdales kneeling in front of the Statue of Liberty.

- The emotional ad earned widespread praise and was seen as a powerful tribute to the resilience of the American people.

10. Brotherhood (2013)

- A Clydesdale horse bonds with its trainer and refuses to leave his side.

- The emotional ad once again struck a chord with viewers and earned widespread praise for its heartwarming message.

Budweiser has created some of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials of all time, from the iconic Wassup to the heartwarming Puppy Love. Their ads have become just as much a part of American culture as the beer itself, and they continue to captivate and entertain viewers year after year.

TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPER BOWL ADS 2020 - Best Ten Superbowl LIV Commercials

For this year's Super Bowl, advertisers paid over five million dollars per 30 seconds of airtime. That's more than most people make in a year! But was it money well spent? Let's take a look at the top 10 funniest ads from Super Bowl 2020 and decide for ourselves.

Top 10 Funniest Ads from Super Bowl 2020:

1. Pringles – Stack Pringles Flavors to Make New Ones

- The Pringles ad encourages viewers to stack different flavors of Pringles to create new flavor combos.

2. Little Caesars – Delivery

- Little Caesars claims that their delivery service is the best thing since sliced bread, but when a new best thing comes along, chaos ensues.

3. Avocados from Mexico – Shopping Network

- The Avocados from Mexico ad parodies a shopping network, offering ridiculous products for your avocado, such as a music box and a luxury yurt.

4. Mountain Dew – Zero Sugar

- The Mountain Dew ad introduces their new zero sugar drink with a hilarious musical number.

5. Bud Light Seltzer – The Bud Light Seltzer Test

- Bud Light's ad features taste testers trying their new hard seltzer, with hilarious results.

6. Reese's – Take 5

- The Reese's ad promotes their Take 5 candy bar, which includes chocolate, peanuts, caramel, peanut butter, and pretzels.

7. Amazon Alexa – Before Alexa

- The Amazon Alexa ad imagines a world without Alexa, where people must actually do things for themselves.

8. Rocket Mortgage – Jason Momoa

- The Rocket Mortgage ad features Jason Momoa in a hilarious spoof of his own muscular image.

9. Cheetos – Can't Touch This

- The Cheetos ad features MC Hammer and a man who can't stop eating Cheetos without leaving evidence on everything he touches.

10. Hyundai – Smaht Pahk

- The Hyundai ad showcases their new feature, Smaht Pahk, which allows drivers to park their car using just their voice.

Overall, the Super Bowl 2020 ads were filled with humor and creativity, making for an entertaining viewing experience. Whether or not they were worth the millions of dollars spent on them is up for debate, but one thing is for sure – they provided us with some much-needed laughter and entertainment.

10 Funny Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials

In this article, we will be analyzing a collection of commercials and advertisements for Bud Light beer. We will be examining the language and techniques used in these advertisements to sell their product.

1. Catchy Phrases and Slogans:

- The great taste that won't fill you up and never let you down

- Refreshingly smooth Bud Light

- For the great taste that won't fill you up and never let you down, make it a Bud Light

- Unquestionably good

- It's the sure sign of a good time

- Just right taste of Bud Light

2. Advertising Techniques:

- Humor: Bud Light commercials often use humor to grab the viewer's attention and make them remember the product.

- Product Placement: In some of the commercials, Bud Light is strategically placed in a scene or event to create a connection between the product and a particular activity or social situation.

- Emotional Appeal: Some commercials play on the viewer's emotions to create a connection between the product and feelings of happiness, relaxation, or excitement.

- Celebrity Endorsement: In some commercials, Bud Light features well-known celebrities to promote the product and create a sense of familiarity and trust.

3. Unique Language and Phrases:

- Contractions: I'm, can't, won't

- Idioms: First round's on me, fist bump

- Transitional Phrases: Okay, so, here we go

- Interjections: Wow, cool, applause

- Colloquialisms: Yo, dude, bad dog

Bud Light advertisements rely heavily on catchy slogans, humor, and emotional appeal to sell their product. They use unique language and phrases to make their commercials stand out and be memorable. Additionally, Bud Light often strategically places their product in social situations or events to create a connection between the product and the viewer.

Rhetorical Analysis of Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial - 2015

- This article will analyze the 2015 Budweiser lost puppy commercial and its use of rhetorical strategies.

- The target audience and purpose of the advertisement will be discussed.

Target Audience:

- The target audience may not necessarily be American audiences who are 21 and older, but anyone who may eventually become a paying customer.

- The audience may be beer drinkers who have an affection for puppies and the classic American Dream image of sharing a cold brew with a buddy next to a dog and horse on a farm.

Rhetorical Strategies:

- The commercial uses pathos to evoke emotions from the audience, particularly with the introduction of the puppy and the relationship between the puppy, owner, and horse.

- The juxtaposition of scenes, with the puppy lost in a busy city and the owner frantically searching for him, adds to the emotional impact of the commercial.

- The use of animals, particularly the horse, adds to the ethos of the argument as animals are seen as less manipulative and more genuine in their emotions.

- The final shot of the man drinking a Budweiser with the horse and puppy reinforces the idea of friendship and the importance of cultivating them with Budweiser.

- The Budweiser lost puppy commercial effectively uses pathos and ethos to evoke emotions and reinforce the idea of friendship and the importance of cultivating them with Budweiser.

British Couple Reacts to 10 Famous Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 most famous Budweiser Super Bowl commercials. From cute dogs to talking frogs, these commercials have captured the hearts of viewers around the world. So sit back, grab a Budweiser, and let's dive into the world of Budweiser Super Bowl commercials.

List of Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials:

1. Clydesdale Donkey

2. Wassup?

3. Fired

4. Frogs

5. Lost Dog

6. Puppy Love

7. Dalmatian

8. Whassup Again?

9. Airport

10. Horse and Puppy Friendship

1. Clydesdale Donkey

In this emotional commercial, a donkey dreams of being a Budweiser Clydesdale. Despite being rejected, he continues to practice the Clydesdale walk and eventually gets his chance to shine.

2. Wassup?

A classic Budweiser commercial, Wassup? features a group of friends checking in on each other while enjoying a cold Budweiser. The catchphrase Wassup? became a cultural phenomenon.

3. Fired

Two horses are fired from their job of delivering Budweiser, but they take it in stride and enjoy a cold Budweiser together. The commercial features the famous catchphrase Cam who got canned?

4. Frogs

Three frogs croak the word Budweiser in unison, creating the iconic catchphrase Bud-wei-ser. This commercial became a fan favorite and is still remembered today.

5. Lost Dog

A heartwarming commercial about a lost puppy who finds his way home with the help of the Budweiser Clydesdales. This commercial tugs at the heartstrings and is a fan favorite.

6. Puppy Love

Another heartwarming commercial featuring a puppy who befriends a Clydesdale. The two animals have a special bond and the commercial ends with the tagline Best Buds.

7. Dalmatian

In this commercial, a Dalmatian is seen running alongside the Budweiser Clydesdales. The tagline Here Comes the King is used to describe the arrival of the Budweiser Clydesdales.

8. Whassup Again?

A sequel to the original Wassup? commercial, this one features the same group of friends checking in on each other while enjoying a cold Budweiser. The catchphrase Whassup? is used instead of Wassup?.

9. Airport

In this commercial, a man arrives at the airport and is greeted by a group of strangers who offer him a cold Budweiser. The commercial ends with the tagline Welcome to Bud country.

10. Horse and Puppy Friendship

A heartwarming commercial about a friendship between a puppy and a Clydesdale. The two animals share a special bond and the commercial ends with the tagline Best Buds.

Budweiser Super Bowl commercials have become a fan favorite, featuring heartwarming moments, iconic catchphrases, and adorable animals. From Wassup? to Lost Dog, these commercials have captured the hearts of viewers around the world. So, next time you crack open a cold Budweiser, remember the iconic commercials that have made the brand what it is today.

12 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time - Ads Compilation

The article features a compilation of various advertisements from different brands that aired during the Super Bowl. It highlights the use of humor, clever marketing tactics, and the different products being promoted.

Ad #1:

The ad features two men playing golf, and one of them is struggling. The other man asks about a deal, and the first man retorts with a comeback. The ad is for Snickers.

Ad #2:

The ad is for an online investment platform called Trey. The spokesperson introduces the platform and talks about its benefits.

Ad #3:

The ad is for Bud Light, and it features a group of people interacting at a party. The tagline is refreshingly smooth Bud Light, always worth it.

Ad #4:

The ad is for Tide, and it features various scenarios where people are wearing clean clothes. The tagline is It's a Tide ad.

Ad #5:

The ad is for CareerBuilder, and it encourages people to find a new job.

Ad #6:

The ad is for a secret society, and it features a group of people discussing their secrets. The tagline is how can we be a secret society if we can't keep our secrets?

Ad #7:

The ad is for Bridgestone tires, and it features a man driving his car. The tagline is Bridgestone or nothing.

The Super Bowl is a prime time for brands to showcase their products and services. The advertisements featured in this article use humor, clever marketing tactics, and catchy taglines to promote their products. From online investments to secret societies, the ads cover a wide range of topics and are sure to capture the attention of viewers.

THAT Budweiser Superbowl Commercial

Let's talk about Budweiser's anti-craft beer ad from Sunday's Super Bowl. The ad is embarrassing, filled with lies, and caused the company's share to fall 1.2 percent after it aired. The ad tries to portray craft beer drinkers as fussy and pretentious, but in reality, no beer drinkers look like the character they depict in the ad.

Budweiser claims they are not anti-craft beer, but rather pro-Budweiser. However, their ad clearly shows they see craft beer drinkers as the enemy. This portrayal may have repercussions for the craft beer industry, as breweries have to defend their beer and their right to be fussy over it.

The ad also claims that Budweiser's beer is brewed the hard way, but this is just a marketing ploy. There's nothing hard about pressing a button and waiting for Budweiser to be pulled into bubbles. In contrast, craft breweries have a harder time bringing their beer to market than Budweiser does.

Overall, the ad is just idiotic and does not reflect well on Budweiser. It may even damage the brewing industry as a whole by creating an attitude that is against consistent quality and the enjoyment of different beers. People should be proud to drink whatever beer they choose, whether it's Budweiser or a pumpkin peach ale.

In conclusion, the Budweiser ad is a poor attempt at marketing that does not reflect well on the company. Craft beer drinkers should not feel alienated by the ad and should continue to enjoy the wide variety of beers available to them.

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