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Buffalo News Car Ads: Your Ticket to Quality Wheels

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

David Kaplan, a car enthusiast from Amherst, New York, is the proud owner of a Playboy car that is a tribute to his grandfather, Lou Horowitz. The Playboy was the first car that Horowitz ever built, and it was designed to be a fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive vehicle. Although the car company went bankrupt in 1949, Kaplan has been collecting Playboy cars for two decades and hopes to keep his grandfather's dream alive for future generations.

Main points:

- Lou Horowitz and his partners built the first Playboy car in a garage on Ellicott Street in Buffalo, New York in 1947.

- The Playboy was designed to be a fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive car that could seat three passengers and had a four-cylinder engine that put out 40 horsepower.

- The company moved to a larger facility on Kenmore Avenue in January of 1949 but went bankrupt just six months later.

- David Kaplan has been collecting Playboy cars for two decades, and he currently owns three of them.

- Although two of the cars are in running condition, one is still in its original primer and has not been finished.

- Hugh Hefner named his magazine Playboy after the tiny car company in Buffalo, New York, that was founded by Kaplan's grandfather.

David Kaplan's Playboy cars are not just a collection of vintage vehicles; they are a tribute to his grandfather's dream of building a fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive car that could help people get where they needed to go. Although the company went bankrupt in 1949, Kaplan is determined to keep his grandfather's dream alive by preserving these rare cars for future generations.

Buffalo Taxi: Russian Advertisement

The importance of time management cannot be overstated in our fast-paced world. It allows us to be more productive, reduces stress, and enables us to achieve our goals. However, managing time effectively can be a challenge for many people.

Sub-heading 1: Understanding the Benefits of Time Management

- Increases productivity

- Reduces stress and anxiety

- Helps achieve goals

- Improves work-life balance

Sub-heading 2: Common Time Management Mistakes to Avoid

- Procrastination

- Lack of prioritization

- Multitasking

- Poor planning and organization

Sub-heading 3: Tips for Effective Time Management

- Set clear goals and priorities

- Use a calendar or planner

- Eliminate distractions

- Break tasks into manageable chunks

- Learn to say no

Sub-heading 4: Tools and Techniques for Time Management

- Pomodoro Technique

- Eisenhower Matrix

- Time blocking

- Mind mapping

Sub-heading 5: Overcoming Time Management Challenges

- Seek help and support

- Take breaks and practice self-care

- Review and adjust your time management strategies

Effective time management is essential for success in both personal and professional life. By understanding its benefits, avoiding common mistakes, and implementing practical tips and techniques, anyone can improve their time management skills and achieve their goals. Remember, time is a precious resource that should be used wisely.

Man gets out of car to taunt bison at Yellowstone

- Summer vacation warning about getting too close to wild animals in Yellowstone National Park.

- Despite warnings, people are still getting dangerously close to these animals.

- A recent incident of a man taunting a bison has sparked outrage and concern.

Why getting too close to wild animals is dangerous:

- Dozens of people are injured by wild animals every year despite warnings to keep a safe distance.

- People often underestimate the strength and aggression of these animals.

- Animals may strike back if taunted or provoked.

- Interactions may be dangerous for the animals as well.

Examples of dangerous interactions:

- Video of a man taunting a bison in Yellowstone National Park.

- A woman from California was gored by a bison at Yellowstone after getting too close.

- Tourists at Yellowstone put a baby bison in their car, causing it to be euthanized.

The importance of keeping a safe distance:

- The best way to view wildlife is from a safe distance.

- Experts recommend staying at least 20-30 yards away from any animal.

- We are privileged to have national parks where these animals can still exist, so we should respect their space.

- Getting too close to wild animals is reckless, dangerous, and illegal.

- Keep a safe distance to protect yourself and the animals.

- Remember to enjoy these national parks responsibly.

Emergency in the USA! Crazy Blizzard in Buffalo, NY and Snow Storm in Michigan

Blizzard Warning: Winter Storm Set to Hit Western New York

- Strong winds and heavy snowfall are expected to hit parts of the Midwest and Northeast

- Areas like Nebraska and Minnesota have already been affected, with warnings issued for Western New York

- Officials are urging residents to take the warnings seriously and prepare for the storm

- Buffalo's mayor has declared a state of emergency and advised people to stay indoors

- Some areas have already experienced power outages and flooding, with road closures expected

- Travel bans have been put in place in some areas, and residents are advised to stay off the roads if possible

- The storm is expected to last 24 hours, and residents are urged to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families

Best Christmas Ever - SNL

After a long day of hosting Christmas, the kids are finally asleep. The author expresses gratitude for their partner who helped with the dishes and reflects on the excitement of the day.

Main Points:

- The author had the best Christmas ever, filled with joy from the moment they woke up.

- The kids loved their presents, especially Dana's playhouse.

- Hosting Christmas was enjoyable, despite the three-hour traffic and some family drama.

- The author gained weight from the delicious food and appreciated the effort put into the meal.

- The author felt the Christmas magic throughout the day, from the family being together to the kids' laughter and tears.

The author expresses their love and gratitude towards their family and thanks them for making it the best Christmas ever. The article ends with the author acknowledging that it may sound cheesy, but they truly felt the magic of Christmas.

Commercials 1993 WKBW Buffalo New York

This article is a collection of various advertisements and promotions for different products and events. From chewing gum that fights cavities to a musical event of the year, there is something for everyone in these ads. Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights.

Chew on This:

- Trident with Nutrasweet helps fight cavities when chewed after meals.

- My dandruff shampoo is recommended by doctors more than leading brands.

Eyewitness News:

- Eyewitness News at Five has a lineup of top reporters, including Keith Radford, Kathleen Layton, John Murphy, and Linda Pellegrino.

- The show is a must-watch for Western New Yorkers who want the latest news, sports, and weather updates.

Monday Night Football:

- ABC's Monday Night Football is the go-to show for NFL fans who want the best matchups and hardest-hitting action on television.

- Follow it up with Eyewitness News on Newschannel 7 for a complete sports update.

Alka Seltzer:

- Alka Seltzer is the fastest and most effective way to relieve acid indigestion, heartburn, and headache.

- Don't suffer through discomfort when you can get relief with Alka Seltzer.


- Blockbuster's holiday gift center has great games at great prices.

- Rent a game and get a coupon for $5 off any game purchase.

Ford Mustang:

- The all-new Ford Mustang is everything it was and more.

- Experience the thrill of the Mustang for yourself.

Levi's 501 Jeans:

- Levi's 501 Jeans are versatile and look just as good with diamonds and silk as they do with a t-shirt.

- Put them on and feel the easy act of courage.

Bigfoot Pizza:

- Get six toppings for the price of three with Bigfoot Pizza's Big Six Pizza.

- It's a legendary value that can't be beat.


- Kodak Gold Ultra 400 Film can catch the true colors in virtually any light.

- Don't trust your precious moments to anything less.

Designer Imposters:

- Prakrum's Dicker has the biggest names in fragrance at a fraction of the cost.

- If you like Giorgio, you'll love Primo.

1993 Billboard Music Awards:

- Watch your favorite stars perform their number one songs live at the 1993 Billboard Music Awards.

- Scheduled to appear: Aerosmith, Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Clint Black, Michael Bolton, Stone Temple Pilots, SWV, Billy Idol, Boys II Men, Tag Team, Garth Brooks, and Four Non Blondes.

Swiss LA:

- The festive special is back at Swiss LA with a plump quarter chicken, stuffing, and a Toblerone bar for only $6.85.

- It's a tradition worth celebrating.

Shannon Jackson:

- Don't miss the most exciting female performer of our time, Shannon Jackson, live at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium.

- Special guest Tony Tony Thomas will also be performing.


- For a limited time, buy the Super NES Superset and get five complete Mario games, including Super Mario World and Super Mario All-Stars for free.

- Experience the best in performance, handling, and mode 7 control with the Super NES Superset.

The Thruway and Buffalo Tomorrow!, 1951

Anyone who has driven around our state this summer knows that many of our roads are in poor condition and outdated. However, there is hope with the construction of the Thruway, a 535-mile superhighway that will link New York City with Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls.

Benefits of the Thruway:

- The Thruway will relieve traffic congestion in cities like Buffalo and provide a highway to new business and homes.

- The Thruway will be a military thoroughfare for safeguarding every part of the state.

- The Thruway will save time and money for manufacturers, merchants, and consumers.

- The Thruway will bring increased prosperity to all the citizens of New York State.

- The Thruway will be funded by those who use it, not state highway funds.

Construction Progress:

- Construction on the Thruway is already underway in some sections, and trucks are already saving time and money on the unfinished sections.

- The Niagara Thruway is being built along the Buffalo waterfront, and many other highway improvements are underway and planned for the Buffalo area.

- The Thruway will be a heart of a network of highways that will bring opportunities for the greatest expansion program in Buffalo's history.

The Thruway will be a modern and safe highway that will bring countless benefits in time, money, and convenience to the citizens of New York State. It will be a pleasure highway that will connect cities and towns and bring real driving pleasure to families. The Thruway will be a solution to our traffic problems and will bring increased prosperity to our state.

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