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Building A Team for Your Store

Published on: December 7 2022 by Nick Peroni

Building A Team for Your Store

Building A Team for Your Store

we want welcome to the next lesson
toking about building a team this is
definitely gonna be a great lesson where
I think you're gonna learn a lot of
fantastik information and as an intro to
get started with this I want to tok
about just kind of the idea of having a
team because this could look a few
different ways right a lot of this is
based on your goal and what you want and
what you're trying to grow into some
people are very in love with the idea of
being a solopreneur right where you are
running and managing a business you're
outsourcing as much as you can you're
traveling the world and you're living a
life based on experience right and some
people are in love with the idea of
building a large organization or having
some type of corporate structure where
they show up every day to an office and
they keep regular hours and they have
regular employees and you know they
basically live there and they operate
there out of their office neither one is
right or wrong right it's all complete
personal preference of what you want to
do both of them can be scaled to a large
amount now I've been on both sides of
this mix okay and I personally enjoy the
solopreneur lifestyle a lot more alright
I actually so my and let me okay so let
me clarify I've never built like a a
major corporation or anything like that
but I've built a team up to about sixty
people where we were managing the photo
booth company that I toked about we
were managing teams across about ten
different cities with you know like five
people in each city that were
independent contractors and then a team
of you know anywhere from five to ten
people that were our office people that
were managing customer service you know
somebody that we had for finance
somebody that we had for sales somebody
that we had her graphic design right so
I've built a team into that and I know
what it's like to have to manage all
these different parts of
you know different departments basically
and and keeping on top of that I
personally didn't like that it got to be
very corporate right I got the being
like okay we have to have calls every
Monday morning and you know you're
you're basically you're constrained to a
schedule and I this is me toking with a
little bit of bias of course because
there's also great things to that type
of lifestyle as well if you continue to
scale that you can run out of really
nice office space where you're
constantly able to come in and create
content and have a nice office with a
desk and you know see employees and
create a great company culture and there
there's all you know like there's a lot
of good things that can come along with
that too if that's if that's what you
like and that's what you're looking for
but it's definitely higher stress levels
in my opinion right it's higher stress
levels there's more to manage just more
going on and it's it's going to require
more of your time and attention and
focus just on managing your team right
now the other side of it is the
solopreneur and this doesn't mean that
you don't need to have a team you're
always going to need support to be able
to operate past a certain level right
but you know you you're still you're
it's less right you're gonna be
basically dividing out tasks and
outsourcing them and you are not you're
not constrained to any hours you're not
really trying to create a company
culture right you're basically living
your life you're doing whatever you want
for me that looks like right now
traveling the world speaking at events
I'm partnered in with a lot of major
companies right and so I see that side
of the world too I know how it works and
like it's just a matter of what you want
okay so that's then and that's a
personal decision but I'm gonna give you
both sides of it here and really most
importantly I'm going to give you the
fundamentals of what you need to to
operate a team how that looks and and
how you delegate tasks and also how you
create leadership right because my
leadership background comes from being
in in the Army the United States Army
and serving a year in our
as a veteran I was a sergeant there and
so I was trained in the some of the
nation's absolute best discipline and
leadership training that exists today
and I'm very I'm very proud of that
right I don't say that cocky I said
because I'm proud of it and I learned a
lot in that training about how to be a
leader and and what it means to be a
leader and that translates very well to
the business world okay to the corporate
world to the solopreneur world whatever
world you're in if you're trying to run
and operate a business and you have
people that are working for you and that
you're a meeting right like you are you
are managing that okay and for me
honestly that's why you know I love the
solopreneur life but for me econ
empire's is it's like my team in a way
right I have so many partners and so
many things going on within ecommons
and so people that that there's there's
a lot of responsibility there on me and
so there's a lot that I've learned and I
want to put that all into here and again
I want to put this in context of saying
that by by no means am i trying to act
like my team is bigger than it is at
this point right like teams are gonna
operate different if you and you'll see
that teams are gonna operate different
if you start to get to a certain level
and for me where I've been able to
create a lot of leverage is through
partnerships right so if you actually
look at the the things that I'm involved
in the companies that I'm involved in
and partnered in my team is actually
massive okay but what am I personally
overseeing every single day is is going
to be what I like to keep within my
focus in my lane for the branding and
the strategy and the vision and the the
basic operations that I like to manage
and control right and I let my partner's
manage and control all the other
operations within the organizations that
I'm partnered with okay so getting
started team operations alright that's
how I like to call it team operations is
about segmenting your business into
specific tasks and training a team to
execute those tasks efficiently without
all right the best way that a team
functions is without you all right you
see you want to be in charge you want to
be the leader and well it's not about
being in charge it's about leading right
because teams need a leader that's
always gonna be true there always needs
to be a leader without a leader things
tend to fall into chaos and nothing gets
done right and this is your business
okay so nobody's gonna care about your
business as much as you do you have to
be the leader because your team it's
it's foolish to think that any amount of
money or incentive that you give your
team is gonna make them care as much as
you care right it might make them care
more and and there are certain things
that you can do to create a culture and
make people really want to work hard for
you but they're never going to care as
much as you do about the business that
you created and and you know because
that's your vision that's your future
what you're trying to do their vision
and their future might look completely
different to them okay
so your team is only gonna be as good as
you as a leader all right
building and running a team is about
leadership even at the solopreneur level
right because if you can't be a leader
of your own operations and and what
you're outsourcing then you're never
gonna make it very far past a certain
point right so if your goal is to be
able to scale and have consistency and
and sustain something at a heightened
level then you need to understand how to
segment your business and how to be an
effective leader break your business and
the compartments okay so this is how it
breaks down for a Shopify store at a
basic level all right I'm not like you
know we're not we're not trying to tok
about here a Shopify store at a level of
like you know 50 million dollars a year
I'm creating this education for people
that are looking they get to the six and
seven figure level okay and this is
basically what your business is going to
break down into these compartments you
have the store structure and content all
right this is going to include number
one building the store and then two
ongoing operations
keep this door updated during different
promotions new products that are being
added if you have a blog updating site
layout right so store structure and
content then there's market and product
research ok importing products and
descriptions media buying which is
Facebook Ads but it can be any media
media buying is your advertising ok so
Facebook Ads Google Ads
Instagram ads all these things would
fall under the media buying category
social media management graphics and
videos order fulfillment customer
service now the ones that are in bold
are the ones that are easiest that
outsource and should be the first to go
ok customer service order fulfillment
when I say order fulfillment I mean yeah
that can kind of go with customer
service but depending on the volume of
orders you're doing you might have
somebody who specifically monitoring
like customer service emails that are
coming in and you might have somebody
that's specifically monitoring your
inventory and you're like your new
products coming in new products going
out that kind of thing so these are the
ones that can go the quickest though and
the reason they can go the quickest is
because they don't really require any
critikal decision-making ok it's just a
process that you have to teach them once
you teach them the process then it's the
same every single time right we toked
about customer service in the last video
which included social media management
and all you have to do to teach somebody
this is you have to decide how you want
to handle it in your business you have
to go through the motions of actually
handling it and being part of it
yourself in the beginning and then
bringing somebody in and teaching them
to do it exactly how you did it now yes
it's true that you could probably put
somebody through to like to watch some
of these videos and they would have a
decent understanding of it
I personally believe one of the
strongest leadership qualities is
leading from the front ok meaning that
you will
have done whatever you ask somebody else
to do on your team all right now it
doesn't necessarily mean you can't hire
an expert right I'm not saying that they
oh you know you can't hire an expert to
coming in and handle something for you
but I've just always believed when it
comes to training people that I'm going
to have some sort of part in it some
sort of knowledge in it before I before
I pass it off to somebody else okay so
you because if you don't then how can
you expect them you know like what
standard are you holding them to so
leading from the front and and making
sure that you are getting these first
tasks outsourced is is fairly simple
right because for most of us you're
starting bootstrap anyway where you are
handling all of this when we start out
we're all handling all of this okay and
and it's easy to hand it handle it at a
low level remember that the reason that
when we start out we can handle all
these tasks is because we're handling
them at a low level you know five
thousand ten thousand dollars a month
twenty thirty but once you start to get
to like fifty thousand dollars a month
and more it starts to become too much
for one person to handle and also be
trying to scale the business at the same
time okay because the the higher the
volume the more intense the tasks are
here right like in the beginning all of
this stuff can generally be him about
one person social media management order
fulfillment customer service like all
these things okay but as you start
running lots of ads and getting lots of
reach social media management be can
become a part time job in and of itself
right graphics and videos can become a
full-time job in and of itself order
fulfillment and customer service can
become their own part-time jobs or
full-time jobs in and of themselves and
these are things that you can outsource
or you could hire one person that like
handles all of it as a full-time thing
but the the higher that you scale it
you're gonna start needing to have
people to dedicate specific time and
focus to each one of these okay and your
goal is always going to be want it to be
the time the person at the top right
because you're focused on
right in this scenario here these are
the income producing activities up here
finding new products launching new
products and scaling new products right
that's an income producing activity and
these are more difficult to outsource
because a lot of the VA that are out
there they like you have to have a
really specific process here if you're
gonna try to outsource this because it's
hard to outsource product research to
somebody who's never actually found a
winning product right like they just
hire somebody and say hey you know I
want you to look for these types of
products that that can work but it's
more difficult to train them because
they don't necessarily know exactly what
they're looking for if you're not giving
them an exact process right because
they've probably never found and scaled
their own winning products okay so media
buying as well media buying is one that
is especially now in today's social
media world you've got to be careful
trying to outsource media buying there
are so many charlatans out there and you
know overnight experts that are
basically coming in and saying yeah I
took this Facebook Ads course pay me
five thousand dollars a month and I'll
help you scale your store right so you
got to watch for that maybe you're
buying is a tough one to outsource
because it requires a lot of trust and
you've got to already be at a certain
level to to afford somebody who's good
and those what they're doing so that's
why those ones are a little bit more
challenging all right your team is
what's going to allow you to scale while
maintaining freedom in your life that's
why you want to be able to outsource as
much as possible now I'm toking about
this in terms of outsourcing right
because in my opinion it's a longer
journey to start a company where you're
gonna have employees okay employees is a
whole different set up where you're
hiring people you've got to set up your
your legal and your taxes and your whole
structure has got to be it requires more
steps it requires a more complex
accounting system there there's a lot of
things about that we're not toking
about that in in this lesson in this
course okay I believe in the outsource
be a model I learned that from Tim
Ferriss and I really believe it
still to this day I think that you can
run and manage and operate a great
business into this the seven-figure
level without needing to actually hire
any type of employee right you can just
work with independent contractors and
and have your agreements that are set up
now here's a look at my current team now
I've actually evolved a little bit from
this but I think that the reason I kept
this as it is is because I think that
this is the the model example of what
not why should say the model example but
a model example of what you can try to
to duplicate and set up within yourself
alright so at the top is you okay
strategy and vision media buying and
structure like I said media buying is
gonna be a more difficult one to
outsource and it's great to outsource
this if you can like if you have a brand
especially with drop shipping right
trying to outsource media buying if
you're just doing general drop shipping
is difficult most good media buyers are
probably not going to want to work with
just a general dropship store because
you're not building a brand right you're
just testing random products and so
there's no consistency in that and media
buyers don't want to work with somebody
that is just randomly testing stuff so
generally that's gonna be more for when
you are actually running a consistent
brand and you are you're spending a lot
in advertising per month okay now it can
be with drop shipping but like if you're
doing it as a drop shipper then you need
you probably have a really good process
in place already of the types of
products you're selling how you're
finding these products how you're
scaling these products and you're
probably already operating at a high
level yourself and looking to bring in
somebody else that you can train to do
exactly what you do okay so that's
that's you at the top that's gonna be
handling these things now it's important
to remember okay on this note of media
buying this is a
big conflict I see in my opinion in the
online marketing world right now you you
have like different different types of
groups and I'm not listen I'm not a
hater I'm not one to disparage any other
group but what I see that I find
interesting in some of these other
groups is they're they're made up of
people that are media buyers and even
within e-commerce right you have people
that that is their specific skillset is
they run an agency where all they do is
you know Facebook ads or Google ads or
the you know some type of advertising
and they work with established brands to
do advertising for these brands and
there's a difference okay
there's a difference between being an
advertising agency and trying to build
your own brand now is an advertising
agency a brand in and of itself of
course right like of course they are
brand in and of itself and and they are
building a brand but what I'm trying to
say is that you as an entrepreneur you
as the CEO of your business okay you're
gonna need to make a decision at some
point of what your core competency is
right your core competency does not have
to be media buying okay that is
something that if you are building a
real brand and you're building something
of value you can hire a media buying
agency alright and I see this a lot
there's like this argument that happens
back and forth between these experts
that are out here that are like these
guys that spend a lot on ads and it
makes them feel somehow superior to
everybody else okay but that that's not
it doesn't have to be your focus right
like for me I'm building EECOM empires
EECOM empires is quickly turning into a
very big Empire in and of itself and I
know we'll be with the things that are
happening right now with the dropship
app and the print-on-demand app and some
other crazy things that are coming right
my my goal my focus is not being the
best media buyer that's not what I
that's not personally where I see myself
within my own business as my core
competency now I understand
I can do it to a level of being able to
make a very nice living which is why I
still have my own Facebook Ads training
in here because I know that I can teach
the average person that knows nothing or
very little or has been struggling with
Facebook Ads how to get the you know
making six figures a month or seven
figures a year in sales with Facebook
advertising right but it doesn't mean
that I want to necessarily take it past
there myself right my goal as an
entrepreneur it's not to be a media
buyer my goal is an entrepreneur is to
be the CEO of a brand and be able to
bring in media buyers right like if you
it's it's all about what you want to be
and there's nothing wrong any any single
way that's the difference I don't
discriminate some of these other people
you'll see out there will make it seem
like you know you can't you can't have a
conversation and e-commerce if you
aren't somebody spending a certain
amount of money per month but that
that's ridiculous because you can hire a
media buyer right you know if you look
at if you look at somebody like let's
let's just pick an example I'm trying to
pick a relatable example but it let's
let's just say for example any any brand
that you look at like Nike
okay let's seem like he is just a really
large example I know this is like a
juggernaut company but if you look at
Nike okay the CEO of Nike or the any of
the exec board right like Nike has an
entire exec board obviously none of
those people are worried about media
buying there's a media buying team
within Nike okay it's not the CEOs job
to go out and buy ads so obviously Nike
operates at a super super high level
where but you that's that's the point
that I'm trying to make okay you do not
have to be focused on that as your core
competency you just need to be good
enough at it to get to a certain point
and then you can decide if that's your
core competency and that's really where
you want to focus or you can decide if
you want to be somebody that is like the
yo and the visionary the founder of the
company that's dis building big brand
ideas and attracting the best to be able
to work with you right I could go out
there at any point right now and find a
great media buying agency or a great
media buying individual that would be
willing to work with me to grow my brand
all right and so I know I spent a few
minutes toking about this concept but I
think it's really important because the
deeper you get in this e-commerce world
you're gonna see this back and forth
between like these expert media buyers
that that think that they are like doing
something so special right when really
their core competency is just media
buying and that's only one core
competency of a business so you have to
decide really what your core competency
is going to be and how how you plan to
grow and execute that and then from
there how do you plan to bring other
people in to support you in the areas
that also need to drive your business
right traffic is one of them operations
is one of them vision is one of them
they're like there's multiple things
that are going to need to come together
okay so anyway that's that's enough for
being at the top and what that means
other things that you want to have
all right so product research importing
product product descriptions this is the
life of a drop shipping or
print-on-demand business okay you are
bringing in new product ideas once you
have a product idea so the way that this
worked here with my team is had two guys
that were you okay so it was one guy
really it was two people but the one guy
was using the software to go find
product ideas and then putting all these
ideas every day onto a Google sheet all
right then I would go through the Google
sheet I would look at it and say okay I
like this one I like this one I don't
like the rest of them the ones that are
approved they would then get passed down
to the graphics and video team now what
we did is we had outsourced to a video
marketing agency right that was
producing us videos for like 10 bucks
each for testing okay so it would get
passed through them they would make the
video all right
that video would get passed back to the
product research team and then get
shared with the other guy or actually
I'm sorry that with the girl right it
was a guy and a girl so it would get
shared with the girl who was in charge
of importing the product to the store
and creating the product description so
she would see this video to see the
direction that we were going with it and
she would create a product description
around it and get it on the store ready
to go I would be notified I would get
the video and then I wouldn't the ad on
Facebook to test it okay that was the
basic structure the basic team of what
we're doing and all of these here
product research graphics and video can
all be out sourced and that's that's
what I did right and then finally down
at this level you have customer service
and fulfill order fulfillment
so VA team that can scale with me social
media management same thing so I work
within a VA agency right where you can
bring in multiple people what I mean by
scale with me as I mean as the company
where the business grows it's not hard
for me to go just say hey I need another
VA and get them trained and have them
ready for a print-on-demand store keep
in mind that you're gonna need a graphic
or a graphic design team I've worked
with both so the graphic designer was
was based on a profit share based on
designs but then also worked with a
design team out of the Philippines now
that gets me designs produced at a
really affordable rate and that's all
stuff that I cover in in the
print-on-demand module anyway so
breaking some of these down a little bit
more we already toked about some of
this in the last lesson but order
fulfillment social media management
customer service these are all things
that can go basically as soon as you get
to the point that you can afford it all
right I would say that you want to have
customer service and and start getting
some of these things covered when you
get to the 50 orders plus a day range
again order fulfillment is is different
if you're using wheel but it's still
nice to have somebody who's going in and
looking at your orders every day and and
kind of making sure that there are no
Falls no errors that tracking is working
and and everything is good social media
management we toked about it's
moderating comments or running on
running ads so in the customer service
section we toked about the different
types of comments you're gonna see and
having somebody that goes in and respond
to those comments every day with product
links or you know answering questions
sorry about that
answering questions or responding the
negative comments social media
management can also consist of content
for fan pages and then as well
responding to messages directly in the
fan page messenger customer service
grows we toked about this customer
service will grow as your order count
grows have a KPI expect about 10 to 30
percent of customers to look for order
up to dates and be prepared as you grow
and have somebody ready constantly to
make sure your customer service is
covered now here's an example of an
advanced business team all right
this is credit editor for Ezra Firestone
from something within his organization
and you can see I and this is not this
is not the level that I am at yet with
my organization but I'm somewhere in
between this and this now all right but
for me I don't have employees like he
does you can see he's got multiple
employees now he's the CEO right so this
is this is important to understand I
think really important because Ezra does
he you know he is involved in the
advertising for his company but as you
can see he has a chief marketing officer
right so having a chief marketing
officer means he's not handling it all
okay his core competency is as the chief
executive officer all right
then he also has chief tiknology
officer he
the chief financial officer there is a
chief strategy officer a chief operating
officer right so he's operating and
managing this business with an entire
board of executives okay and then under
that there's even teams for each one of
these breakdowns okay so there's a
director of content marketing there's a
development team there's two like
there's two different people there's a
development team here and then there's a
wordpress developer and even a lead
developer okay so they have three
developers on their team project manager
for his apps right director of brand
engagement over here they have their
social media team there's a team lead
and then one person on the team they
have their entire support team right so
there's a team lead and then six people
on the support team for their boom by
cindy joseph and then they have down
here this is like this is a split really
okay because there's like the boom boom
by Cindy Joseph there's the full
marketing of what he does with smart
marketer then there's the zipa phi and
the apps i think is what all out of this
pertains to so there's a lead copywriter
with two people on the copywriting team
there's a lead designer and then there
is a customer support team for the apps
as well so this is a big structure right
now with me okay with me I am like I
said not working with a board of
executives having all these different
all these different chief Keef's that
are reporting directly to me but for me
it's it's partnered in right so like I
would have a level of separation here
with say a level separation here with
motif okay
and and motif is the company that I'm
building the merge hero app with so
there's a layer of separation there with
motif and then motif within that there's
a development team right so there's a
lead developer and an entire development
team of like ten people and then there's
chief operations and management and then
you know like all these different things
customer support account manner
your board of executives there's a lot
of different operations happening and
the layer of separation for me is
partnering with motif right and so no
matter what the strategy is that you're
staying in the middle right that's the
strategy I'm teaching here is that you
are staying in the middle of it and you
are finding your core competency and
then you are building a team around that
as an entrepreneur okay keep yourself at
the top and start outsourcing the parts
of your business that you don't want to
be involved now when you're outsourcing
you need to be asking the right
questions to get to know people in this
hiring process all right and the right
questions in my opinion are not only
pertained to somebody's skills and
talents because a lot of times you can
see that in their their resume and and
what they give you as like their work
experience you need to ask the types of
questions to make sure this person is
gonna fit within the culture of what
kind of company are trying to run are
they gonna fit within the expectations
of your standards that you keep right
your the core values that you expect
people to adhere to you you want to have
a conversation and make sure you're
gonna get along okay then you can create
training videos to train people remotely
right this is what I've always done you
learn it first and then you teach it
okay and again this is operating at a
lower level I'm not toking about like
you know recording a video to train your
CFO obviously you hire somebody that's
qualified to be of CFO and they do what
they do right I'm toking about at a
level of like say you're getting ready
to hire your first customer support
person you record yourself going through
the process of the customer support you
write down and create all the templates
and then you bring them in and you teach
them how to use it you show them how it
was done in the video you make sure they
don't have any questions afterwards and
then you let them go through on a trial
run correcting them as they do it and
then you know kind of move them into the
process right document your systems and
processes that's what this is all about
you want to
as many templates as possible as you can
for everything and then you want to
document your systems and processes this
is generally called an SOP okay standard
operating procedure and that's just a
fancy term for basically writing your
process down step by step all right so
like for example creating a store you
write your process down step by step
that you go through from brand new
getting that store creating that domain
and then setting up your pages and then
adding your products right like you
create it and you write it all down
simple the idea with a system or a
standard operating procedure is that as
long as you are hiring somebody with the
right qualities and the rights
experience you can hand them this SOP
and they will be able to go execute
right that's the idea of an SOP because
it makes it so that if you lose somebody
in your business you can simply replace
them with somebody that's qualified and
they'll be able to pick up without any
real slack because everything has
already been recorded and a procedure
that works the same way every time make
sure you set clear expectations with the
people that you hire from the very
beginning okay
letting them know what you expect and
what happens if those expectations are
not met and also letting them know like
in what for example with customer
service you have to let somebody know in
what timeline you expect them to respond
to emails right so if your goal is to
have all the emails answered within 24
hours then you need to let them know
from the beginning hey listen I just
this is this is our goal all emails will
be answered within 24 hours if you ever
feel like you are overloaded to the
point that you can't get to all the
emails within that time period then you
need to come let me know right away
if because then we're gonna have to
bring somebody else in and if you're not
letting me know and we're not getting
all these emails done then we're gonna
have to have a tok about what needs to
happen right so that's a clear
expectation having performance
indicators like we toked about
I don't know if we did toking about
performance indicators basically and
that you know like so for email is your
performance indicator would be how many
of the daily emails were responded to
within 24 hours is it a hundred percent
is it 50 percent 75 percent right like
it's a performance indicator don't let
them know how they're doing having a
clear vision for your brand and your
team for sure you want to make sure they
feel part of the team right even if it's
just the VA right you want to treat them
as if they are an important part of your
team and and have a vision that includes
them then not everybody's gonna stik
with you and that's fine they don't have
to but you want to have a vision that
includes them in case they do want to
stik with you and then of course
following tasks closely while people are
starting so you can let them know if
they're doing mistakes and how they can
do a better team communication software
that I like is slack slack is really
simple as you set up multiple channels
that you can name for the different
different channels that you need in your
business and then have different team
members join different channels and have
ongoing conversations now I want to tok
about creating systems and processes
alright a little bit more specifically
because creating systems and processes
is at the very foundation of not only
any business but certainly your team
operations these are not necessarily the
only three things but I think that I
have these three principles here because
these will create consistency and
sustainability in any business if you're
mastering these three principles all
so number one don't scale quicker than
you can support number two build a solid
infrastructure to grow with number three
create systems and processes so scaling
at a sustainable rate of growth this is
basically the idea that you don't want
to grow faster than you can support
because with paid advertising on social
media it is possible to scale very
quickly you could have a campaign yeah I
mean it's not it's it's still like this
it's not quite as crazy but it's it used
to be and still kind of is that you
could have a winning campaign and with a
two to three week delivery time from
aliexpress you could literally be
scaling that campaign and selling
hundreds of orders a day before the
first one even got delivered right
that's scaling at an unsustainable rate
of growth all right and I know I know
multiple examples like this I know one
example I'll change the numbers just a
little bit so that it's creating
anonymity this person within q4 which is
this is a great time for e-commerce and
q4 because the buying rate is in a
frenzy it's it's much higher so well
thank you for this person sold nearly a
million dollars worth of items right
fantastik but what happened is they had
major major supply issues and that ended
up resulting in poor quality items it
ended up receiving in a massive overload
of customer service that they couldn't
handle it ended up in logistiks problems
and there were repercussions that this
caused was a lot of angry customers very
confused business owner on what to do to
stay focused and a massive loss of money
of processors of Facebook page and
Facebook ad accounts right like all the
money that was made was basically lost
immediately you know because of major
major mistakes right so you you want to
be able to scale sustainable rate of
growth it's it's very cool to be able to
scale as quickly and make a lot of money
and I'm not saying that you that you
shouldn't scale as much as you can
but the point is that if you're scaling
quicker then you can actually support
and sustain there's a good chance that
you're just going to end up it's all
gonna crumble underneath you so scale at
a sustainable rate of growth and build a
solid infrastructure to grow all right
so as you're scaling you should be Bill
a foundation around you so that you know
you're going to be more sustainable okay
so what does this mean
getting your operations in order
fulfillment customer service money
management suppliers okay these business
models would drop shipping and print on
demand it's really the same thing at any
level in terms of how it functions and
how it works right the difference is the
more the higher you go the more people
you need involved to sustain at that
higher volume okay so for example with
product research right if you're running
a dropship store that is looking for
product ideas or even a print on demand
still aware you need to get new product
ideas in there a lot all right at the
very high level you just need more
people more qualified people doing
product research for you if you're
ordering and fulfilling a lot more
orders you need more people that are
working the help on the logistiks side
right if you're getting all these
customer service inquiries you're
getting phone calls you're getting chats
you're getting emails you need more
people to be able to help manage all of
these customer service tasks ok so that
infrastructure is something you want to
build as you go as it's kind of like
taking a step up and then paving this
step after you right so you're
constantly making sure that you can
build around yourself and and create
consistency there and then finally
creating systems and processes once you
start building a team everything is
about having a system a system is an
overall approach to your entire business
that keeps things moving from piece to
piece without pause like gears in a
wheel ok each part of the system has a
process right so processes equal systems
and all your systems should function
together as a business that way you have
no weak links in the chain all right so
everything like your customer service VA
and answering emails is a process right
your social meta social media management
VA and responding the comments is a
process and as far as the process goes
it should be done the same exact way
every time all these processes
into a system of having a good customer
service support team okay so we toked
about already you want to put this down
in writing right create a standard
operating procedure have it over and
down use Google Docs or you know so
Google Drive to just store all these
store like this information together and
then share it with new people as you
bring them onto your team the goal here
is to create something that any
qualified person could come step into
all you have to do is give them the
training material and they're able to
pick up on it areas you can start
processes or creating processes right
now customer service product research
and testing products and finally where
to find good members all right this is a
econ Empire's exclusive partnership with
free up and they are in you can see
right here the best marketplace for
pre-vetted ecommerce plant freelancers
so I like free up is that they only work
with pre-vetted ecommerce freelancers
they backup their work and anybody that
is on their platform and they have a
wide range of people that you can choose
from four different skill sets
okay so plus when you sign up with the
comment powers you can get $25 a $25
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since you pay by the hour so that's the
link there free up com is three e's
right free e up comm backslash econ
vampires and you can get sign up for a
free account for you alright that's
everything in this video thank you for
watching I hope you got a lot of really
good valuable insights out of this video
here and I will see you in the next one

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