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bulk ebay listing vs manual dropshipping

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

Over the past few weeks to even months, a big question that we've been getting asked by everyone is do we still bulk upload or do we just strictly do manual and what have we seen has been getting us the best results.

Manual Listing:

- Basic and slower way to put items into your shop

- Allows for more control and easier to put review images in

- No cap to how many items you can post without getting charged a lot

Bulk Uploader:

- Can post a lot of products extremely fast

- Changing images is a little more difficult

- Has a lot of bugs and issues that take time to fix

- Doesn't perform as well as manual listing

- Manual listing performs better by a mile

- Bulk uploader tends to spend too much time trying to fix things and doesn't get the best results

- FBM Fox is good for bulk uploading, but currently looking for a better software to replace Z Drop for manual listing

- Keeping it simple and producing results is better than spending all day trying to fix things

- Let us know what you use and what has been performing the best for you.

IMPORTANT: eBay Dropshipping Is RISKY! (Do This Instead)

In today's video, Sam discusses the biggest risk that eBay drop shippers need to be aware of. As a seasoned eBay seller of nine to ten years, Sam has experience with both drop shipping and importing stock in bulk. In this article, we will summarize Sam's video and cover the key points.

Sam introduces himself and explains that he will discuss the biggest risk of starting an eBay drop shipping business. He emphasizes the importance of being aware of this risk, especially for beginners who want to make money on eBay.

Risk 1: Suppliers Running Out of Stock Overnight

One of the biggest risks of eBay drop shipping is that suppliers may run out of stock overnight. If a customer buys an item that is out of stock, it can affect your eBay account if you have to cancel the order after the customer has already paid. To avoid this, it is crucial to monitor the stock levels on your supplier's website closely. Sam recommends using automation software like AutoDS to keep track of stock levels.

Risk 2: Unable to Test Quality Before Shipping

Another risk of eBay drop shipping is that sellers are not able to test the quality of the product before it is shipped out to the customer. Sam suggests reading customer reviews on the supplier's website to get a better idea of the product's quality. He advises going through all of the negative reviews to see if there are any common issues that could affect the customer's satisfaction.

Risk 3: Supplier Changing Shipping Times

Suppliers may change their shipping times after a seller has listed an item on eBay. To avoid customers waiting for extended periods, it is essential to monitor the transit and delivery times. Sam recommends using automation software like AutoDS to monitor the maximum shipping days and make the item out of stock in your eBay account automatically.

Risk 4: Drop Shipping from Unauthorized Retailers

Sellers are not allowed to drop ship from places like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, or August if they are based in the UK. eBay considers these companies to be direct competitors. Using a tracking number from Amazon to ship to your customer on eBay can alert eBay's system, causing your eBay account to be restricted. To avoid this, Sam suggests changing the tracking number that Amazon provides.

Starting an eBay drop shipping business comes with risks that sellers need to be aware of. Monitoring stock levels, quality control, and shipping times are essential to avoid customer dissatisfaction and eBay account restriction. Using automation software like AutoDS can make the process more efficient. Finally, sellers must avoid drop shipping from unauthorized retailers like Amazon.

[PRODUCT REVEAL] This ONE eBay Listing made me $1,000 PROFIT - Manual eBay Dropshipping

- In this video, Ali shares his success with dropshipping on eBay without using any software and with only a few hundred products in his store.

Product Success:

- Ali dropshipped a laundry sink from Lowe's onto eBay and made over 200 total sales and over $500 in total profit.

- The key to making sales is to keep up with competitors and list quality items, rather than focusing on listing more and more items.

Profit Breakdown:

- Ali combined two customer orders to get the order total to $50 on Lowe's, allowing him to use a $10 off $50 Lowe's coupon and bring the cost per sink down to $24.98.

- He sold the sink on eBay for $32.18, making just over $3 in profit per sale.

- With 216 total sales, Ali made $648 in total profit before factoring in cashback earned from using websites like Giving Assistant or Top Cashback.

- By listing just 500 quality items and making $200 in total profit on each over the course of a year, it's possible to make $100,000 in profit without using software.

- Focusing on quality listings and keeping up with competitors is more important than listing more and more items.

- Dropshipping can be profitable without using expensive software and by listing just a few hundred quality items.

- It's possible to make $100,000 in profit with just 500 quality listings making $3.85 in profit per sale.

Find 200 DropShipping Products Daily, eBay Product Research 2023 Full Guide

In this article, we will explore the latest and most up-to-date guide on how to do eBay product research. We will use a tool called Zeke Analytics to show you step-by-step how to find hot-selling products. We will also cover the following:

- Three different angles to approach eBay product research: dropshipping, Amazon to eBay dropshipping, and wholesale

- How to use Zeke Pro to find products from different suppliers, such as Amazon and AliExpress

- How to do manual product research by using the Product Research tab in Zeke Analytics

- How to filter products by feedback, successful listings, and total sales

- Tips on finding diverse and seasonal products to sell

Let's get started by logging into Zeke Analytics. Once inside, we can access the Weekly Best Sellers list and the 500 Best Selling Items list for inspiration. We can filter these lists by location and category.

If we want to do Amazon to eBay dropshipping, we can use Zeke Pro's Turbo Scatter feature to scan for products that meet our criteria. We can set filters for supplier, category, review score, selling rank, price, profit margin, and the number of products we want to find.

We can also use Zeke Pro's Autopilot feature to automatically scan for products from suppliers such as AliExpress and compare them with eBay listings. Again, we can set filters for minimum and maximum price, quantity sold, and the number of products we want to find.

For manual product research, we can use the Product Research tab in Zeke Analytics. We can start by typing in a keyword, such as electric blanket, and then click on Search. We can then filter the results by sell-through rate, successful listings, average product price, and total sales. We can also check the seller's feedback and store to find the supplier for that product.

Finally, we should look for diverse and seasonal products to sell. These products may have a higher demand during certain times of the year, such as winter. By using Zeke Analytics and following these tips, we can find the best products to sell on eBay and increase our profits.

How to Ship an Order When You Dropship or Sell on eBay - Order Processing

In this video, Kurt Buchannon demonstrates how to process an order in an eBay store after receiving a sale.

Processing an Order:

- Check the notification bell for an item paid to ship now.

- Use the SKU grid to locate the item by name or supplier.

- View the sales record to get the buyer's information.

- Add the item to cart and ensure the EB cash back button is active.

- Proceed to checkout and add the buyer's address.

- Use PayPal or gift cards to check out.

- Check the order and place it.

- Wait for the tracking number from the supplier.

- Once received, add the tracking number to the eBay store.

Processing an order in an eBay store is straightforward when following these simple steps. Using a trusted supplier like Target can make the process even easier. Remember to add the tracking number to the eBay store once received, and always ask for feedback from buyers.

Walmart to eBay Dropshipping Automation | This Walmart Product Research Tool is a GAMECHANGER!

In this article, we will discuss Walmart's eBay dropshipping automation strategy for beginners. We will learn how to find items using the autopilot product research automation tool and how many items to list every day. We will also discuss the risks and challenges associated with listing too many items too fast.

Key points:

- Beginner strategy fits anyone who is starting dropshipping or anyone who is starting to use bulk listing and automation for the first time.

- In the first month, you should not list more than 300 items, which means you can list 10 items per day.

- When sourcing from Walmart, you should focus on products with high demand, low competition, and selling price above $35 to guarantee free shipping.

- Use autopilot to scan for products with the chosen filters and optimize the listings as much as possible before uploading them to eBay.

- Autopilot feature is available on the Enterprise plan in Zig analytics and currently has 50% off for the first month.

In conclusion, Walmart's eBay dropshipping automation strategy for beginners is a great way to start dropshipping or to use bulk listing and automation for the first time. By following the key points mentioned above, you can optimize your listings and achieve better results in less time with the help of autopilot. Don't forget to take advantage of the 50% off for the first month on the Enterprise plan in Zig analytics.

Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Automation Software | Find & List products in BULK [Beginners Guide]

Hey awesome friends! In this video, I will be discussing strategies for beginners who are using Amazon as a supplier. These strategies will be helpful for sellers who have just created their eBay account or haven't worked with bulk listing before.

Listing Risks:

When we bulk list on eBay, we must be aware of the risks and challenges. Listing too many items too fast can cause account suspension and low sales. Listing Vero items can also cause restrictions and put your account at risk.


In your first month, do not list more than 300 items. You can list 10 items per day to consistently list your items. Focus on high-quality items to achieve sales fast and send signals to the eBay algorithm.

Types of Products:

Focus on two types of products: traffic products and bread and butter products. Traffic products generate hype and boost your account ranking. Bread and butter products generate most of the profit.

Autopilot Feature:

The autopilot feature is a huge time-saver without compromising on quality. It is available on the Enterprise plan of Zig analytics and currently has a 50% discount for the first month.


1. Go to Zig Pro autopilot and run the first scan with Amazon as the supplier.

2. Choose the categories and leave out Amazon devices, books, CDs, videos, Apple products, and sports collectibles and software.

3. Select the sales minimum, average rating, and best-selling ranking.

4. Filter out risky items and select the selling price range for traffic and bread and butter products.

5. Export selected items to CSV file and optimize the title, prices, description, and images.

6. Connect the Lister to your store, exclude risky words and Vero brands, and upload selected items.

Listing on eBay can be challenging, especially for beginners. However, with the right strategies and the help of the autopilot feature, you can achieve success and grow your business. Remember to focus on high-quality items and optimize your listings to build a strong and high-performing store. Keep moving forward and see you next time!

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