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Bundle Products in Shopify: A Guide

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to create product bundles in Shopify. We will cover two methods: one involves coding, and the other involves using an app. We will also discuss the trade-off involved in creating product bundles and the pricing plans offered by Shopify.

Creating Product Bundles:

Method 1: Coding

- Log in to your Shopify store and click on Online Store.

- Click on Actions and then click on Edit Code.

- Duplicate your website code to avoid losing any data.

- Find the product section and search for unless.

- Copy and paste the code provided in this article and save.

- Add three snippets called Product Bundle, Product Bundle Collection, and Bundle Price.

- Copy and paste the code provided in this article for each snippet and save.

- Go to Customize, click on Add Section, and add the Product Bundle section.

Method 2: Using an App

- Search for bundling apps on Shopify.

- Choose an app like Bundler by Golden Date or one of the many other options available.

- Install the app and give it basic permissions.

- Create product bundles using the app's interface.

Trade-off and Pricing:

When creating product bundles using the coding method, you will have to trade off inventory tracking. This means that you will not be able to track your inventory. Shopify's pricing plans start at $29 per month and go up to $299 per month, depending on your needs.

Creating product bundles in Shopify can be done using either coding or an app. The coding method involves a trade-off in inventory tracking, while the app method is simpler and more user-friendly. Shopify's pricing plans are flexible and can accommodate businesses of all sizes. We hope this article was helpful in guiding you through the process of creating product bundles in Shopify.

How To Bundle Products On Shopify Tutorial

In this video, the presenter shows how to bundle products easily on Shopify. They begin by demonstrating how to create multiple products and then proceed to bundle them using Shopify's built-in features.


1. Create multiple products in the Products section of Shopify

2. Update the quantity of these products to ensure they appear on the website

3. Create a collection to group the products by category

4. Download and install the Shopify Fulfillment Network app

5. Use the app to bundle the products together

By following these steps, you can easily bundle your products on Shopify using the built-in features and the Shopify Fulfillment Network app. This will help make it easier for customers to find and purchase related products on your website.

How To Create Product Bundles In Shopify (Simple Tutorial 2023)

If you want to create bundles of your products in your Shopify store, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll show you how to add products and create bundles using the Bundler application.

Adding Products:

- To add products to your store, go to your Shopify dashboard and select Products.

- Click Add product and fill in the required details.

- You can also import products from a supplier by going to the Home section and selecting Import list.

Creating Bundles:

- Install the Bundler application from the Shopify app store.

- Select Create bundle and choose a bundle preset.

- Add the bundle name, title, description, and discount percentage.

- Select the products you want to include in the bundle and save.

Activating Bundles:

- Before publishing the bundle, pause it to ensure everything is correct.

- If you have a premium subscription, you can customize the landing page.

- Once you're ready, activate the bundle and make sure it appears in your online store.

With Bundler, it's easy to create bundles of your products in your Shopify store. Adding products is simple, and the application allows you to customize your bundle's discount and landing page. Remember to activate your bundle and make sure it appears in your online store. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Don't forget to like and subscribe for more Shopify tips and tricks!

How To BUNDLE Clothing Store Products Inside Shopify [NO APP]

Product Bundling: Increase Your Average Order Value for Your Clothing Store

Product bundling or completing an outfit is a great way to increase your average order value for your clothing store. In this article, we will show you a way to do this without any app using meta fields and custom product pages.

Creating Meta Fields:

- Go to Settings and then go to Meta Field.

- Create three different meta fields that complement a product, for example, Complete the Look 1, 2, and 3.

- Set the content type to reference a product.

Selecting Handpicked Products:

- Go to the actual products and handpick and select complementary products for each meta field.

- Save the products with the handpicked products.

Customizing the Theme:

- Go to Online Store and then customize the theme.

- Add a multimedia collage block to the product page.

- Connect dynamic source to the complete the look meta fields.

- Save the product page.

Creating a New Product Page Template:

- Go to Products and then create a new template.

- Name it Complete the Look.

- Set it to hide the multimedia collage block by default.

- Save the template.

Using the New Product Page Template:

- Go to the product page and select the Complete the Look template.

- Save the product page.

In conclusion, product bundling is a great way to increase your average order value for your clothing store. Using meta fields and custom product pages, you can handpick complementary products for each product and showcase them on the product page. With this method, you can provide a free option that doesn't require any additional apps or anything like that and just allows you to showcase the products that you want.

Best Shopify Bundle Apps 2022 - Top Bundle Apps for Shopify

In this article, we will be discussing the best Shopify bundle apps that can help increase your revenue and profitability. Bundle apps allow you to put more products in a customer's cart and increase the average order value. We will be pulling from our blog article on the 39 best Shopify app bundles to make it easy for you to find the best bundle app for your store.

Top 5 Shopify Bundle Apps:

1. Bundlerdash Product Bundles:

- Benefits: Increased order value, ability to choose bundle discount, compatible with subscriptions

- UI: Clean and effective

- Pricing: Free plan with unlimited bundles, premium plan at $7/month

2. Bundles by Gazebo:

- Benefits: Good reviews, ability to perform

- UI: Basic, screenshots available

- Pricing: Up to $99/month for stores with 30,000-100,000 orders/month

3. Wide Bundles:

- Benefits: Ability to track different variants and products, improve varying design, put on product page

- UI: Customizable, good for clothing stores

- Pricing: $14.99/month

4. Bundlebear:

- Benefits: Simple way to have quantity breaks and create product bundles

- UI: Different options for customization

- Pricing: Free 14-day trial, $19.99/month plan

5. MVC Bundles:

- Benefits: Clean UI, good back end for configuration

- UI: Good display on product page

- Pricing: Pay as you go at beginning (35 cents per $10 generated), $99/month plan with per order transaction fee

These top 5 Shopify bundle apps are all great options for increasing revenue and profitability. Each app has its own benefits and pricing, so it's important to try them out and see which one works best for your store. With these bundle apps, you can bring certain customers together and increase your margins overall.

Let Your Customers Create Bundles On Your Shopify Store

- Justin Cener introduces a way to increase average order value on Shopify without spending more money on ads or generating more traffic.

- The strategy involves leveraging custom product bundles and kits to encourage customers to spend more money.

- The app used for this strategy is called Tier Bundles, which allows for infinite possibilities of custom bundles.

Benefits of Using Tier Bundles:

- Increases average order value without spending more money on ads.

- Encourages customers to buy multiple products at once.

- Fully customizable with no coding or technical skills required.

- Offers different discount options, including buy more, save more.

- Gives customers full control over their bundles, including the ability to add or remove products.

How to Use Tier Bundles:

1. Install the app by pressing the add app button.

2. Set up the basic settings, including where to redirect the customer after the bundle and where to display the bundle.

3. Add products to the bundle, including the main product and any additional products.

4. Set up swap products, which allow customers to choose different variations of a product.

5. Set up discount options, including tiered discounts for buying more products.

6. Create the bundle and enable it to make it live on the site.

7. Customers can then customize their own bundle, adding or removing products as they please.

Tier Bundles is a powerful app that allows Shopify store owners to increase average order value and make more money from every click. By offering customers the ability to create custom bundles and kits, Tier Bundles encourages customers to buy more products at once, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable options, Tier Bundles is a must-have app for any Shopify store owner looking to boost their sales.

Wide Bundle Shopify : L'application qui va DOUBLER vos bénéfices

In this article, we will be discussing an application called White Bundle that can be helpful for your Shopify store. This application allows you to create bundles and packs for your products,

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